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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55575

Chapter 55575 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Donelan, J., 1909:
Right and Left Rectangular Chisels for removing Nasal Wall of Maxillary Antrum, either as an independent procedure for the Cure of Antral Suppuration or as part of the Radical Operation through the Canine Fossa: Discussion

Lyon, T.D.; Quas, J.A.; Carrick, N., 2014:
Right and Righteous: Children's Incipient Understanding and Evaluation of True and False Statements

Ruiz-Casares, Mónica.; Rousseau, Cécile.; Derluyn, I.; Watters, C.; Crépeau, Fçois., 2010:
Right and access to healthcare for undocumented children: addressing the gap between international conventions and disparate implementations in North America and Europe

Chen, Y-Ting.; Huang, M-Wei.; Hung, I-Chung.; Lane, H-Yuan.; Hou, C-Ju., 2015:
Right and left amygdalae activation in patients with major depression receiving antidepressant treatment, as revealed by fMRI

Demir, M.; Ozmen, Gökhan.; Keçoğlu, S.; Günay, T.; Melek, M., 2012:
Right and left atrial appendage function in patients with atrial septal aneurysm without patent foramen ovale

Cianciulli, Tás.F.; Saccheri, Mía.C.; Lax, J.A.; Bermann, A.M.; Méndez, R.J.; Guerra, J.E.; Redruello, Héctor.J.; Dorelle, A.N.; Prezioso, H.A.; Vidal, L.A., 2009:
Right and left atrial appendage function in patients with mitral stenosis and sinus rhythm

Kristoffersen, U.S.; Lebech, A.M.; Gerstoft, J.; Hesse, B.; Petersen, C.L.; Gutte, H.; Kjaer, A., 2008:
Right and left cardiac function in HIV-infected patients investigated using radionuclide ventriculography and brain natriuretic peptide: a 5-year follow-up study

Joachim, N.; Rochtchina, E.; Tan, A.Grace.; Hong, T.; Mitchell, P.; Wang, J.Jin., 2012:
Right and left correlation of retinal vessel caliber measurements in anisometropic children: effect of refractive error

Triggs, W.J.; Ricciuti, N.; Ward, H.E.; Cheng, J.; Bowers, D.; Goodman, W.K.; Kluger, B.M.; Nadeau, S.E., 2010:
Right and left dorsolateral pre-frontal rTMS treatment of refractory depression: a randomized, sham-controlled trial

REISS, R.A.; DiPALMA, J.R., 1948:
Right and left failure; unilateral rises in right and left auricular pressure in hypervolemic cats following near lethal doses of quinidine, auricular fibrillation and epinephrine

Brown, S.M.; Pittman, J.; Miller Iii, R.R.; Horton, K.D.; Markewitz, B.; Hirshberg, E.; Jones, J.; Grissom, C.K., 2011:
Right and left heart failure in severe H1N1 influenza A infection

D.P.ola, L.; Silvado, C.; Souza, L.; Crippa, A.; Twardowschy, C.Alexandre.; Germiniani, F.; Mäder, M.Joana.; Palmini, Aé., 2008:
Right and left mesial temporal lobe seizures in one patient: bona fide semiological, interictal, ictal, and MRI evidence

Mercado, M.Angel.; Domínguez, I.; Arriola, J.Carlos.; Ramirez-Del Val, F.; Urencio, M.; Sánchez-Fernández, N., 2010:
Right and left partial iatrogenic injuries of the biliary tree. Therapeutic options

Hurschler, M.A.; Liem, F.; Jäncke, L.; Meyer, M., 2014:
Right and left perisylvian cortex and left inferior frontal cortex mediate sentence-level rhyme detection in spoken language as revealed by sparse fMRI

Paydas, S., 2010:
Right and left shifts for age in MDS

Barnes, C.K., 2011:
Right and left tetany cataracts

Pasipoularides, A., 2015:
Right and left ventricular diastolic flow field: why are measured intraventricular pressure gradients small?

Pasipoularides, A., 2013:
Right and left ventricular diastolic pressure-volume relations: a comprehensive review

Junqueira, Fávia.P.; Fernandes, J.L.; Cunha, G.M.; T A Kubo, T.; M A O Lima, C.; B P Lima, D.; Uellendhal, M.; Sales, S.R.; A S Cunha, C.; L R de Pessoa, V.; L C Lobo, C.; Marchiori, E., 2014:
Right and left ventricular function and myocardial scarring in adult patients with sickle cell disease: a comprehensive magnetic resonance assessment of hepatic and myocardial iron overload

Li, S-Juan.; Yu, H-Kui.; Wong, S.J.; Cheung, Y-Fai., 2015:
Right and left ventricular mechanics and interaction late after balloon valvoplasty for pulmonary stenosis

Vogel-Claussen, J.; Skrok, J.; Shehata, M.L.; Singh, S.; Sibley, C.T.; Boyce, D.M.; Lechtzin, N.; Girgis, R.E.; Mathai, S.C.; Goldstein, T.A.; Zheng, J.; Lima, Jão.A.C.; Bluemke, D.A.; Hassoun, P.M., 2011:
Right and left ventricular myocardial perfusion reserves correlate with right ventricular function and pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Hakacova, N.; Wagner, G.; Bacharova, L., 2014:
Right and left ventricular pressure overload as imaged by electrocardiogram

Abraham, A.; Kass, M.; Ruddy, T.D.; deKemp, R.A.; Lee, A.K.Y.; Ling, M.C.; Ha, A.; Beanlands, R.S.; Chow, B.J.W., 2010:
Right and left ventricular uptake with Rb-82 PET myocardial perfusion imaging: markers of left main or 3 vessel disease

Rethi, A., 1948:
Right and wrong in rhinoplastic operations

Wagh, M.D.; Rao, B.V., 1976:
Right angle bends in light pipes: analysis

Diamond, G.A., 2012:
Right answer, wrong question: on the clinical relevance of the cardiovascular history

Lowry, C., 2015:
Right answer, wrong question: special access, knowledge generation, and clinical trial legitimacy

Horwitz, R.I.; Abell, J.E.; Christian, J.B.; Wivel, A.E., 2014:
Right answers, wrong questions in clinical research

Dababneh, H.; Moussavi, M.; Hussain, M.; Kirmani, J.F., 2014:
Right anterior choroidal artery syndrome: revisited

Ducharme, S.; Hudziak, J.J.; Botteron, K.N.; Ganjavi, H.; Lepage, C.; Collins, D.Louis.; Albaugh, M.D.; Evans, A.C.; Karama, S.; Ball, W.S.; Byars, A.Weber.; Schapiro, M.; Bommer, W.; Carr, A.; German, A.; Dunn, S.; Rivkin, M.J.; Waber, D.; Mulkern, R.; Vajapeyam, S.; Chiverton, A.; Davis, P.; Koo, J.; Marmor, J.; Mrakotsky, C.; Robertson, R.; McAnulty, G.; Brandt, M.E.; Fletcher, J.M.; Kramer, L.A.; Yang, G.; McCormack, C.; Hebert, K.M.; Volero, H.; Botteron, K.; McKinstry, R.C.; Warren, W.; Ni, 2011:
Right anterior cingulate cortical thickness and bilateral striatal volume correlate with child behavior checklist aggressive behavior scores in healthy children

Woodward, S.H.; Kaloupek, D.G.; Schaer, M.; Martinez, C.; Eliez, S., 2008:
Right anterior cingulate cortical volume covaries with respiratory sinus arrhythmia magnitude in combat veterans

Moran-Santa Maria, M.M.; Hartwell, K.J.; Hanlon, C.A.; Canterberry, M.; Lematty, T.; Owens, M.; Brady, K.T.; George, M.S., 2015:
Right anterior insula connectivity is important for cue-induced craving in nicotine-dependent smokers

Strigo, I.A.; Matthews, S.C.; Simmons, A.N., 2010:
Right anterior insula hypoactivity during anticipation of homeostatic shifts in major depressive disorder

Mihos, C.G.; Santana, O.; Pineda, A.M.; Lamas, G.A.; Lamelas, J., 2014:
Right anterior minithoracotomy versus median sternotomy surgery for native mitral valve infective endocarditis

Ishiguro, Y.; Hyodo, M.; Fujiwara, T.; Sakuma, Y.; Hojo, N.; Mizuta, K.; Kawarasaki, H.; Lefor, A.T.; Yasuda, Y., 2010:
Right anterior segmental hepatic duct emptying directly into the cystic duct in a living donor

Busigny, T.; Robaye, L.; Dricot, L.; Rossion, B., 2010:
Right anterior temporal lobe atrophy and person-based semantic defect: a detailed case study

Irish, M.; Hodges, J.R.; Piguet, O., 2014:
Right anterior temporal lobe dysfunction underlies theory of mind impairments in semantic dementia

Rodriguez, E.; Malaisrie, S.Chris.; Mehall, J.R.; Moore, M.; Salemi, A.; Ailawadi, G.; Gunnarsson, C.; Ward, A.F.; Grossi, E.A., 2015:
Right anterior thoracotomy aortic valve replacement is associated with less cost than sternotomy-based approaches: a multi-institution analysis of 'real world' data

Ebner, L.; Huber, A.; Christe, A., 2013:
Right aortic arch and Kommerell's diverticulum associated with acute aortic dissection and pericardial tamponade

Halit, V.; Iriz, E.; Olgunturk, R.; Kula, S.; Tunaoglu, F.Sedef., 2009:
Right aortic arch and aberrant left subclavian artery

Kim, J.Bum.; Yang, D.Hyun.; Kang, J-Won., 2012:
Right aortic arch and an aberrant left subclavian artery arising from a Kommerell diverticulum complicated by acute aortic dissection

Lafouge, A.; Quarello, E., 2015:
Right aortic arch and ductus arteriosus: a case diagnosed during the first trimester of pregnancy

L.B.et, E.; Leobon, B.; Roubertie, Fçois.; Sigal-Cinqualbre, A.; Stos, B.; Houyel, L.; Serraf, A., 2009:
Right aortic arch and isolated left innominate artery from a left sided patent ductus arteriosus: a very rare aortic arch anomaly

Kanne, J.P.; Godwin, J.David., 2011:
Right aortic arch and its variants

Miranda, J.O.; Callaghan, N.; Miller, O.; Simpson, J.; Sharland, G., 2014:
Right aortic arch diagnosed antenatally: associations and outcome in 98 fetuses

Dainese, L.; Spirito, R.; Barili, F.; Fusari, M.; Trabattoni, P.; Sommaruga, S.; Andreini, D.; Cappai, A.; Biglioli, P., 2009:
Right aortic arch related to Kommerell diverticulum and internal carotid artery agenesis

Shiga, Y.; Miura, S-ichiro.; Hitaka, Y.; Saku, K., 2012:
Right aortic arch with Kommerell's diverticulum using 64-MDCT

Madan, S.; Kar, E.; Tadros, S.; Meza, M., 2010:
Right aortic arch with aberrant left innominate artery in a 4-week-old infant: contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography findings with three-dimensional reconstructions

Hegde, S.; Greenberg, B., 2014:
Right aortic arch with aberrant left subclavian artery and coarctation

Salamat, M.; Lyon, J.B., 2009:
Right aortic arch with anomalous left subclavian artery and left-sided patent ductus arteriosus (vascular ring) in an extremely low-birth-weight infant

Ming, Z.; Aimin, S., 2008:
Right aortic arch with coarctation in Chinese children

Sánchez Andrés, A.; Valdés Diéguez, E.; Carrasco Moreno, J.I.; Serrano Martínez, F.; Gutiérrez Sanromán, C., 2010:
Right aortic arch with ductal ligament and diverticulum of Kommerell

Gil-Jaurena, J-Miguel.; Ferreiros, M.; Zabala, I.; Cuenca, V., 2011:
Right aortic arch with isolation of the left innominate artery arising from the pulmonary artery and atrial septal defect

Mangukia, C.; Sethi, S.; Agarwal, S.; Mishra, S.; Satsangi, D.Kumar., 2014:
Right aortic arch with isolation of the left innominate artery in a case of double chamber right ventricle and ventricular septal defect

Kokotsakis, J.; Anagnostakou, V.; Nenekidis, I.; Lioulias, A., 2012:
Right aortic arch with mirror image aplasia of brachiocephalic trunk presented as subclavian steal syndrome

Higashikuni, Y.; Nagashima, T.; Ishizaka, N.; Kinugawa, K.; Hirata, Y.; Nagai, R., 2007:
Right aortic arch with mirror image branching and vascular ring

Baird, C.W.; Watts, L., 2008:
Right aortic arch with multiple ligamentum arising from Kommerell's aortic diverticulum

Iliescu, D.G.; Comanescu, A.C.; Tudorache, S.; Cernea, N., 2013:
Right aortic arch with patent right ductus arteriosus and normal heart

Kondrachuk, O.; Yalynska, T.; Yemets, I., 2009:
Right aortic arch with retroesophageal brachiocephalic artery

Simón-Yarza, I.; Viteri-Ramírez, G.; Etxano, J.; Roblero, P.Slon.; Ferreira, M.; Alemañ, G.Bastarrika., 2012:
Right aortic arch, Kommerell's diverticulum and aberrant left subclavian artery

Caceres, M.; Daggett, C.; Lutterman, J.; Gilbert, C., 2008:
Right aortic coarctation and ventricular septal defect: an unusual cause of tracheal compression in infancy

Singh, D.; Darbari, A.; Sharma, M.K., 2009:
Right aortic cusp aneurysm causing aortic valve regurgitation with complete heart block

Zeineh, M.M.; Kang, J.; Atlas, S.W.; Raman, M.M.; Reiss, A.L.; Norris, J.L.; Valencia, I.; Montoya, J.G., 2015:
Right arcuate fasciculus abnormality in chronic fatigue syndrome

Keeling, A.N.; Johnson, N.P.; Farrelly, C.; Mahajan, A.; Dill, K.E.; Losordo, D.W.; Malaisrie, S.Christopher.; Benson, A.B., 2010:
Right atrial Merkel cell carcinoma metastasis

Fong, L.S.; Mathur, M.; Bhindi, R.; Figtree, G.A., 2013:
Right atrial Merkel cell tumour metastasis characterization using a multimodality approach

Takemura, N.; Kono, K.; Tadokoro, K.; Shinbo, G.; Ito, I.; Abe, C.; Matsuhashi, N.; Iemura, T.; Nishikimi, T.; Horinaka, S.; Matsuoka, H., 2008:
Right atrial abnormalities in a patient with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy without ventricular tachycardia

Moon, J.; Hong, Y.Jin.; Shim, J.; Hwang, H-Jin.; Kim, J-Youn.; Pak, H-Nam.; Lee, M-Hyoung.; Joung, B., 2012:
Right atrial anatomical remodeling affects early outcomes of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation after radiofrequency ablation

Sodhi, K.Singh.; Sandhu, M.S.; Chawla, Y.; Khandelwal, N., 2011:
Right atrial and inferior vena caval thrombosis in a case of amebic liver abscess

Garcia-Covarrubias, L.; Salerno, T.A.; Robinson, P.G.; Ciancio, G., 2008:
Right atrial and pulmonary tumor embolism from renal rhabdomyosarcoma

Kolettis, T.N.; Tsourelis, L.P.; Stavridis, G.T.; Alivizatos, P.A., 2009:
Right atrial and septal reconstruction after tumor excision: the single-patch technique

Pagourelias, E.D.; Kouidi, E.; Efthimiadis, G.K.; Deligiannis, A.; Geleris, P.; Vassilikos, V., 2014:
Right atrial and ventricular adaptations to training in male Caucasian athletes: an echocardiographic study

Segers, D.; Galuzina, J.; Verdijk, R.M.; Manintveld, O.C., 2014:
Right atrial and ventricular angiosarcoma

Robles, P.; Rubio, J.Amador.; Jiménez, J.Julio., 2007:
Right atrial and ventricular compression by a hepatic hydatic cyst

Wertman, B.M.; Goland, S.; Davidson, R.M.; Siegel, R.J., 2007:
Right atrial and ventricular masses of unknown origin

Chatzis, A.C.; Milonakis, M.; Papadopoulou, K.; Giannopoulos, N.M., 2008:
Right atrial aneurysm

Santos, N.; Cunha, P.Silva.; Brancoa, Lísa.Moura.; Galrinho, A.; Timóteo, A.Teresa.; de Sousa, Lídia.; Cota, C.; Ferreira, R.Cruz., 2013:
Right atrial aneurysm after chest trauma: late presentation

Afonso, P.V.; Antrunes, M.J., 2008:
Right atrial aneurysm: case report

Sabzi, F.; Dadkhah, H.; Shojaei, S.; Mahdavi, M.; Poormotaabed, A.; Javid, N.; Dabiri, S., 2013:
Right atrial angiosarcoma with severe biventricular dysfunction and massive pericardial effusion

Olsun, A.; Duzyol, C.; Gur, A.Kemal.; Kaplan, M.; Tosun, R., 2007:
Right atrial angiosarcoma: a case report

Chen, S-Wei.; Chu, P-Hsien.; Shih, L-Gyu.; Lu, M-Sheng.; Shen, W-Chi.; Huang, Y-Kuang., 2012 :
Right atrial angiosarcoma: rupture and tamponade

Aryal, M.Raj.; Hakim, F.A.; Giri, S.; Ghimire, S.; Pandit, A.; Bhandari, Y.; Acharya, Y.Prasad.; Pradhan, R., 2014:
Right atrial appendage aneurysm: a systematic review

Sahin, T.; Ural, D.; Kilic, T.; Bildirici, U.; Kozdag, G.; Agacdiken, A.; Ural, E., 2010:
Right atrial appendage function in different etiologies of permanent atrial fibrillation: a transesophageal echocardiography and tissue Doppler imaging study

Kollias, V.D.; Theodoropoulos, S.P.; Yacoub, M.H., 2007:
Right atrial appendage myxoma following recent coronary artery bypass grafting

Dąbrowska-Kugacka, A.; Lewicka, E.; Faran, A.; Kozłowski, D.; Kempa, M.; Raczak, G., 2012:
Right atrial appendage pacing in cardiac resynchronization therapy - haemodynamic consequences of interatrial conduction delay

Lanjewar, D.N.; Ramraje, S.; Lanjewar, S.D., 2010:
Right atrial appendage thrombus with atrial infarct in a case of thyrotoxicosis: an autopsy report

Nigro, G.; Russo, V.; Politano, L.; Della Cioppa, N.; Manfredi, D.; Chianese, R.; D.C.iara, A.; Rago, A.; Arena, G.; Palladino, A.; Calabrò, R., 2009:
Right atrial appendage versus Bachmann's bundle stimulation: a two-year comparative study of electrical parameters in myotonic dystrophy type-1 patients

Ozer, O.; Sari, I.; Davutoglu, V., 2008:
Right atrial appendage: forgotten part of the heart in atrial fibrillation

Bonello, B.; Kempny, A.; Uebing, A.; Li, W.; Kilner, P.J.; Diller, G-Paul.; Pennell, D.J.; Shore, D.F.; Ernst, S.; Gatzoulis, M.A.; Babu-Narayan, S.V., 2014:
Right atrial area and right ventricular outflow tract akinetic length predict sustained tachyarrhythmia in repaired tetralogy of Fallot

Scott, R.Sjuve.; Jagirdar, J., 2007:
Right atrial botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma in an adult patient with recurrent pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcomas following doxorubicin therapy

Li, Y-Dan.; He, Y-Hua.; Li, Z-An.; Wei, P., 2014:
Right atrial cardiac rhabdomyoma with premature foramen ovale restriction: A case report

Lin, H.; Zheng, J.; Khaw, K.; Wrobleski, E.; Saia, J.; Ukrainski, G.; O'Beirne, P.; Ewing, L.; Bousanti, C.; Wehner, L., 2014:
Right atrial cardiac varix mimicking myxoma: differentiation using three-dimensional echocardiography

Martínez-Comendador, Jé.Manuel.; Castaño, M.; Garrote, C.; Gualis, J.; Martín, C.Esteban., 2016:
Right atrial cavernous hemangioma with a diffuse hemangiomatosis and interatrial communication

Kargar, F.; Aazami, M.H., 2008:
Right atrial chemodectoma with atypical chest pain: a 6-year surgical follow-up

Kiziltunc, E.; Abaci, A.; Acikgoz, E., 2012:
Right atrial compressing mass appearance: a rare aetiological cause

Rohan, V.; Bolin, E.; Hand, W.; Stoll, W.David.; McGillicuddy, J.; Chavin, K.D., 2014:
Right atrial compression due to diaphragmatic eventration after liver transplantation: successful treatment by diaphragmatic plication

Tayyareci, Y.; Bayazit, P.; Taştan, Cğla.Pinar.; Aksoy, H., 2009:
Right atrial compression due to idiopathic right diaphragm paralysis detected incidentally by transthoracic echocardiography

Streb, W.; Jarski, P.; Przybylski, R.; Głowacki, J.; Zembala, M.; Kalarus, Z.; Kukulski, T., 2007:
Right atrial diverticulum in an adult patient

Santamore, W.P.; Gefen, N.; Avramovich, A.; Berger, P.; Kashem, A.; Barnea, O., 2007:
Right atrial effects on right ventricular ejection fraction derived from thermodilution measurements

Oster, M.; Kogon, B.; Shehata, B.; Fyfe, D., 2009:
Right atrial fibroma requiring emergent intervention in an 8-week-old infant

Showkathali, R.; Tayebjee, M.H.; Grapsa, J.; Alzetani, M.; Nihoyannopoulos, P.; Howard, L.S.; Lefroy, D.C.; Gibbs, J.Simon.R., 2012:
Right atrial flutter isthmus ablation is feasible and results in acute clinical improvement in patients with persistent atrial flutter and severe pulmonary arterial hypertension

Urbanek, P.; Szumowski, L.; Puciłowska, B.; Kepski, R.; Szufladowicz, M.; Orczykowski, Mł.; Kabat, M.; Januszewicz, A.; Walczak, F., 2008:
Right atrial flutter or tachycardia?

Mohan, G.; Kasmani, R.; Okoli, K.; Elkambergy, H., 2008:
Right atrial foreign body: transvenous migration of Greenfield filter

D.M.ria, E.; Gaddi, O.; Navazio, A.; Monducci, I.; Tirabassi, G.; Guiducci, U., 2007:
Right atrial free wall rupture after blunt chest trauma

Soga, T.; Sato, Y.; Matsumoto, N.; Tachibana, E.; Watanabe, K.; Kikushima, K.; Nagao, K.; Orime, Y.; Saito, S.; Hirayama, A., 2007:
Right atrial free-floating thrombus in a patient with massive pulmonary embolism: a case of 'emboli in transit'

Kluge, J-Gerrit.; Jurisch, D.; Tarr, A.; Hagendorff, A.; Pfeiffer, D., 2012:
Right atrial free-floating thrombus in dilated cardiomyopathy

Baur, L.H.B., 2008:
Right atrial function: still underestimated in clinical cardiology

Sato, T.; Watanabe, H.; Okawa, M.; Iino, T.; Iino, K.; Ishibashi, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Yamamoto, F.; Ito, H., 2012:
Right atrial giant myxoma occupying the right ventricular cavity

Guray, Y.; Demirkan, B.; Guray, U.; Celik, G.; Korkmaz, S., 2009:
Right atrial giant vegetation protruding into right ventricle located on an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator lead

Güray, Yşim.; Demirkan, B.; Güray, U.; Boyaci, Aça., 2010:
Right atrial hemangioendothelioma: a three-dimensional echocardiographic evaluation

Baird, C.; Blalock, S.; Bengur, R.; Ikemba, C., 2012:
Right atrial hemangioma in the newborn: Utility of fetal imaging

Orlandi, A.; Ferlosio, A.; Pellegrino, A.; Spagnoli, L.Giusto., 2007:
Right atrial hemangioma: clinicopathological considerations of a case

Moreno, J.; Pérez de Isla, L.; Campos, N.; Guinea, J.; Domínguez-Perez, L.; Saltijeral, A.; Lennie, V.; Quezada, M.; de Agustín, A.; Marcos-Alberca, P.; Mahía, P.; García-Fernández, M.Ángel.; Macaya, C., 2014:
Right atrial indexed volume in healthy adult population: reference values for two-dimensional and three-dimensional echocardiographic measurements

Shakir, D.K.; Arafa, S.O.E., 2007:
Right atrial infarction, atrial arrhythmia and inferior myocardial infarction form a missed triad: a case report and review of the literature

Walpot, J.; Storm, C.; Bosmans, J.; Paelinck, B.P.; Pasteuning, W.Hans.; Wielenga, J.; Klazen, C.; Hokken, R.; Sorgedrager, J.; Teeuwen, J., 2008:
Right atrial inflow obstruction of the inferior vena cava due to atrial septal aneurysm and an elongated Eustachian valve

Thakkar, R.N.; Popat, V.B.; Orbegoso, C., 2009:
Right atrial intramural hematoma associated with aortic dissection

Pepelassis, D.; Leaker, M.; Sequeira, I.Buffo., 2007:
Right atrial invasion by hepatic tumour

Nomani, A.Zohair.; Toori, K.Ullah., 2015:
Right atrial invasion by metastatic esophageal adenocarcinoma with direct connection to liver

Trigo, J.; Gago, P.; Marques, V.; Faria, R.; Silva, J.; Ferrinha, R.; Pinto, Eénia.; Gomes, V., 2010:
Right atrial invasive thymoma

Nakata, T.; Fujimoto, Y.; Hirose, K.; Sakamoto, K., 2008:
Right atrial isomerism with infracardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous connection complicated by hiatal hernia

Yan, Y.Liu.; Tan, K.B.L.; Yeo, G.S.H., 2009:
Right atrial isomerism: preponderance in Asian fetuses. Using the stomach-distance ratio as a possible diagnostic tool for prediction of right atrial isomerism

Sato, T.; Tsujino, I.; Ohira, H.; Oyama-Manabe, N.; Yamada, Y.; Otsuka, N.; Nishimura, M., 2012:
Right atrial late gadolinium enhancement on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in pulmonary hypertension

Crespo Marcos, D.; Arias Castro, S.; Alvarez Martín, T.; Maroto Alvaro, E., 2009:
Right atrial lipoma in a 14 year old patient

Ceresa, F.; Calarco, G.; Franzì, E.; Patanè, F., 2011:
Right atrial lipoma in patient with Cowden syndrome

Joaquim, M.Rogério.; Braile, D.Marcolino.; Arruda, M.Vinícius.Ferraz.de.; Soares, M.José.Ferreira., 2010:
Right atrial lipoma resection and partial reconstruction using bovine pericardium

Sheikh, A.Y.; Schrepfer, S.; Stein, W.; West, J.; Lombard, J.; Burdon, T.; Pinsker, B.; Pelletier, M.P., 2007:
Right atrial mass after primary repair of an atrial septal defect: thrombus masquerading as a myxoma

Hotta, V.Tiemi.; Alberton, J., 2012:
Right atrial mass assessment by transthoracic echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance

Chan, J.; Kumar, J.; Cheng, A.; Yap, C-Hon.; Zhang, X.Bo., 2012:
Right atrial mass associated with a dialysis catheter

Massoure, P-Laurent.; Zapata, L.; Caumes, J-Luc., 2009:
Right atrial mass complicating aortic endocarditis

Ancona, R.; Comenale Pinto, S.; Caso, P.; D.P.lma, V.; Pisacane, F.; Martiniello, A.Roberto.; Quarto, C.; D.R.sa, N.; Pisacane, C.; Calabrò, R., 2009:
Right atrial mass following transcatheter radiofrequency ablation for recurrent atrial fibrillation: thrombus, endocarditis or mixoma?

Thompson, L.; Khawaja, Z.; Dickinson, K.; McWilliams, E., 2013:
Right atrial mass in patient undergoing chemotherapy

Yavari, A.; El-Mahy, H.; McWilliams, E.T., 2009:
Right atrial mass in the context of recurrent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: atrial myxoma presenting with atrial flutter

Hinton, J.W.; Lainchbury, J.; Crozier, I., 2013:
Right atrial mass--a venous thrombosis in transit

Baig, A.; Borra, S.; Moskovits, N.; Sadiq, A.; Moskovits, M., 2011:
Right atrial mass: a diagnostic dilemma

Al-Ebrahim, K.E., 2009 :
Right atrial mass: the dilemma of diagnosis and when not to operate

Danner, B.C.; Horst, M.; Ghosh, P.K.; Dapunt, O.E., 2007:
Right atrial mass: tumor or aneurysm?

Mansour, Z.; Gerelli, Sébastien.; Kindo, M.J.; Billaud, P.J.; Eisenmann, B.; Mazzucotelli, J-Philippe., 2007:
Right atrial metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma

Anwar, A.M.; Nosir, Y.F.M.; Chamsi-Pasha, M.A.R.; Ajam, A.; Chamsi-Pasha, H., 2010:
Right atrial metastasis mimicking myxoma in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

Achouh, P.; Grinda, J.Michel.; Emmerich, J.; Fabiani, J-Noel., 2012:
Right atrial metastasis of a testicular cancer

Nguyen, S.K.A.; Wong, F., 2012:
Right atrial metastasis of uterine leiomyosarcoma causing obstructive shock

Antic, D.; Vuckovic, M.; Elezovic, I., 2008:
Right atrial myeloid sarcoma causing superior vena cava syndrome

Haime, M., 2010:
Right atrial myxoma

Juneja, M.S.; Arunkumar, N.; Srinivas, C.N.; Rajan, S.; Ajit, M., 2008:
Right atrial myxoma arising from the inferior vena cava

Sabageh, D.; Odujoko, O.Olaniyi.; Komolafe, A.Oluwole., 2012:
Right atrial myxoma as a possible cause of hemorrhagic stroke and sudden death

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Competitions for Hospital Buildings

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Right maintenance and self-discipline of practicing dentist on the liability in medical damage of the tortuous liability (IV): medical authentication system for medical debates needs to be consummated

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Right maintenance and self-discipline of practicing dentist on the liability in medical damage of the tortuous liability (VII): is it a lawsuit for contract or for violation of right

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Competition should open up savings

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Right skills in the right place

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Right staff levels vital for good patient experience, says review

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Right temporoparietal junction activation by a salient contextual cue facilitates target discrimination

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Right test, right time, right patient

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Right the first time. ASHE's commissioning guidelines ease facility start-ups

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Right there all along. Latest IOM report lays out how to deliver safer, more effective care by using existing strategies, technology

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Right to a good death

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Right to a healthy city? Examining the relationship between urban space and health inequity by Aboriginal youth artist-activists in Winnipeg

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Right to a reply

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Right to an assisted death in the spotlight

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Right to assisted reproductive technology: overcoming infertility in low-resource countries

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Right to choose patients and duty not to neglect

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Right to die with dignity?

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Competition Thesis in Radiography and Electro-Therapy

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Right to dispense-Pharmacists and doctors agree standstill

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Right to experimental treatment: FDA new drug approval, constitutional rights, and the public's health

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Right to health and not to be harmed: a definition from evidence-based medicine

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Right to health and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Right to health care for vulnerable migrants

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Right to health care for vulnerable migrants

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Right to health care. What does that mean?

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Right to health litigations: a discussion on the observance of the principles of Brazil's Health System

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Right to health. Perspective of the statutory health insurance

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Right to healthcare: the way forward

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Right to human dignity

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Right to information and information privacy applications

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Right to know: reducing risks of fecal pathogen exposure for ED patients and staff

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Right to left shunting through communications between the left superior intercostal vein tributaries and the left atrium: a potential cause of paradoxical embolism

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Right to life, right to end of life: some considerations

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Right to privacy

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Right to protection from unsafe abortion and postabortion care

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Right to receive treatment in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998

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Right to reform

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Right to the heart: a case of accidental phenylephrine intoxication

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Right to the highest attainable standard of health

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Right to work--for less!

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Right tools for the job

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Right top pulmonary vein: evaluation with 64 section multidetector computed tomography

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Right trans-radial approach-working through arteria lusoria

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Right traumatic carotico-cavernous fistula with bilateral eye signs and post-treatment right pseudo Argyll Robertson pupil

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Right treatment, right patient?

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Right treatment; right patient; right time

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