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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55576

Chapter 55576 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yoshino, I.; Ogihara, M.; Ikeda, N., 2010:
Right upper lobe resection via vertical incision made on the sternum

Khalil, M.W.; de Hoest, M.; Loubani, M., 2014:
Right upper lobe torsion following middle lobectomy: a rare complication

Lee, D.Kyu.; Kim, Y.Min.; Kim, H.Zoo.; Lim, S.Ho., 2013:
Right upper lobe tracheal bronchus: anesthetic challenge in one-lung ventilated patients -A report of three cases-

Inafuku, K.; Nishii, T.; Arai, H.; Inui, K., 2012:
Right upper lobectomy in patients with anomaly of the right main bronchus

Erlinger, S., 2010:
Right upper quadrant abdominal pain and fever. Genetic phospholipid deficiency

Abdullah, A.; Singer, J.I.; Koontz, S., 2007:
Right upper quadrant mass

Levy, J.M.; Hessel, S.J.; Spiegel, R.M., 1986:
Right upper quadrant pain

Patel, A.; Lefemine, V.; Chander, A.; Maw, A., 2009:
Right upper quadrant pain and fever following a fall in a 92 year old

Vivekanandarajah, A.; Bhatt, V.Raj.; Krishnarasa, B.; Murukutla, S.; Brenner, A.; Gupta, S., 2013:
Right upper quadrant pain and mass in a 41-year-old previously healthy man: a presenting feature of HIV-associated extranodal diffuse large B cell lymphoma with cardiac involvement

Cheyne, G.; Runau, F.; Lloyd, D.M., 2014:
Right upper quadrant pain and raised alkaline phosphatase is not always a hepatobiliary problem

Teasdale, E.; Robertson, K.E.; Harrison, E.M., 2014:
Right upper quadrant pain in a 21-year-old man

Lanitis, S.; Zacharioudakis, K.; Brotzakis, P., 2012:
Right upper quadrant pain with mild jaundice: is it always what it looks like?

Othman, S.A., 2013:
Right upper quadrant pain with normal hepatobiliary ultrasound: can hepatobiliary scintigraphy define the cause?

Koufakis, T.; Margaritis, A., 2015:
Right upper quadrant pain: a case where diagnosis was made from the chest X-Ray

Kalkur, S.; Raza, A.; Richardson, R.E., 2014:
Right upper quadrant pain? Think outside the liver: a case of diaphragmatic perihepatic endometriosis

Scarci, M.; Pilling, J.; Harrison-Phipps, K.; Tennyson, C.; Routledge, T., 2010:
Right upper video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy for early stage lung cancer

Chao, C-Ter., 2013:
Right upper-abdominal pain in a 97-year-old

Reiss, G.; Ramrakhiani, S., 2009:
Right upper-quadrant pain and a normal abdominal ultrasound

Fielding, C.M.; Angulo, P., 2015:
Right upper-quadrant pain in a patient with drug abuse, secondary syphilis and occult hepatitis B virus

Alvarez Múgica, M.; Bulnes Vázquez, Vónica.; Jalón Monzón, A.; González Alvarez, R.C.; Rodríguez Robles, L.; Martín Benito, Jé.Luis., 2008:
Right ureter within an inguinoscrotal hernia

Hoestje, S.M.; Bertsch, J.R.; Lakkireddy, D.R.; Holzbeierlein, J.M., 2008:
Right ureteral injury after radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation

Bautista-Hernandez, V.; Scheurer, M.; Thiagarajan, R.; Salvin, J.; Pigula, F.A.; Emani, S.; Fynn-Thompson, F.; Loyola, H.; Schiff, J.; del Nido, P.J.; Bacha, E.A., 2011:
Right ventricle and tricuspid valve function at midterm after the Fontan operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: impact of shunt type

Otahbachi, M.; Cevik, C.; Sutthiwan, P., 2010:
Right ventricle and tricuspid valve metastasis in a patient with renal cell carcinoma

Croti, U.Alexandre.; Braile, D.Marcolino.; Souza, Aônio.Soares.; Cury, Pícia.Maluf., 2008:
Right ventricle and tricuspid valve myxoma

Bernheim, A.Marcel.; Attenhofer Jost, C.Helena.; Zuber, M.; Pfyffer, M.; Seifert, B.; D.P.squale, G.; Linka, A.; Faeh-Gunz, A.; Medeiros-Domingo, A.; Knechtle, B., 2014:
Right ventricle best predicts the race performance in amateur ironman athletes

Carnero-Alcázar, M.; Silva Guisasola, J.Alberto.; Rodríguez Hernández, Jé.Enrique., 2010:
Right ventricle bleeding secondary to vacuum assisted therapy?, A.; Stefani, L.; Galanti, G., 2014:
Right ventricle chamber of young trained athletes: morphology and function

Golpe, R.; Pérez-de-Llano, L.A.; Castro-Añón, O.; Vázquez-Caruncho, M.; González-Juanatey, C.; Veres-Racamonde, A.; Iglesias-Moreira, Cón.; Fariñas, Mía.Carmen., 2011:
Right ventricle dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension in hemodynamically stable pulmonary embolism

Becattini, C.; Vedovati, M.Cristina.; Agnelli, G., 2011:
Right ventricle dysfunction in patients with pulmonary embolism

Serrano-Ferrer, J.; Walther, G.; Crendal, E.; Vinet, Aès.; Dutheil, Fédéric.; Naughton, G.; Lesourd, B.; Chapier, R.; Courteix, D.; Obert, P., 2015:
Right ventricle free wall mechanics in metabolic syndrome without type-2 diabetes: effects of a 3-month lifestyle intervention program

Dupont, Mël.V.M.; Drăgean, C.A.; Coche, E.E., 2011:
Right ventricle function assessment by MDCT

McCabe, C.; White, P.A.; Rana, B.S.; Gopalan, D.; Agrawal, B.; Pepke-Zaba, J.; Hoole, S.P., 2015:
Right ventricle functional assessment: have new techniques supplanted the old faithful conductance catheter?

Oghli, M.Ghelich.; Dehlaghi, V.; Zadeh, A.Mohammad.; Fallahi, A.; Pooyan, M., 2014:
Right ventricle functional parameters estimation in arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia using a robust shape based deformable model

le Tourneau, T., 2014:
Right ventricle impairment: are we changing the paradigm in organic mitral regurgitation?

Kalarus, Z.; Szulik, M., 2012:
Right ventricle in CRT - complicate what is simple, or simplify what is complicated?

Mital, S., 2008:
Right ventricle in congenital heart disease: is it just a "weaker" left ventricle?

Badano, L.P.; Ginghina, C.; Easaw, J.; Muraru, D.; Grillo, M.T.; Lancellotti, P.; Pinamonti, B.; Coghlan, G.; Marra, M.Perazzolo.; Popescu, B.A.; D.V.ta, S., 2011:
Right ventricle in pulmonary arterial hypertension: haemodynamics, structural changes, imaging, and proposal of a study protocol aimed to assess remodelling and treatment effects

Voelkel, N.F.; Natarajan, R.; Drake, J.I.; Bogaard, H.J., 2013:
Right ventricle in pulmonary hypertension

Simková, I.; Kaldarárová, M., 2015:
Right ventricle in severe pulmonary hypertension in congenital heart defects - different and specific

Seo, G-Won.; Seol, S-Hoon.; Song, P-Sang.; Kim, D-Kie.; Kim, K-Hun.; Kim, W.Gyeong.; Kim, Y.Mee.; Oh, S.Ju.; Jun, H-Jae.; Kim, D-Il., 2014:
Right ventricle inflow obstructing mass proven to be a synovial sarcoma

Scafuri, A.; Bellos, K.; Nardi, P.; Chiariello, L., 2009:
Right ventricle mass in a woman discovered after preeclampsia

Dryzek, Pł.; Mazurek-Kula, A.; Moszura, T.; Sysa, A., 2008:
Right ventricle outflow tract stenting as a method of palliative treatment of severe tetralogy of Fallot

Mazur, V.V.; Abramova, K.A.; Bazhenov, N.D.; Mazur, E.S., 2009:
Right ventricle remodeling in patients with hypertensive disease

Kostrubiec, M.; Kaczynska, A.; Pruszczyk, P., 2008:
Right ventricle remodelling and elevated D-dimer concentration in patients 6 months after first episode of acute pulmonary embolism

Nambakhsh, C.M.S.; Peters, T.M.; Islam, A.; Ayed, I.Ben., 2014:
Right ventricle segmentation with probability product kernel constraints

Iriart, X.; Montaudon, M.; Lafitte, Séphane.; Chabaneix, J.; Réant, P.; Balbach, T.; Houle, H.; Laurent, Fçois.; Thambo, J-Benoît., 2009:
Right ventricle three-dimensional echography in corrected tetralogy of fallot: accuracy and variability

Zachariah, J.P.V.; Pigula, F.A.; Mayer, J.E.; McElhinney, D.B., 2009:
Right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduit augmentation compared with replacement in young children

Raja, S.G., 2011:
Right ventricle to pulmonary artery shunt modification of Norwood procedure: Outcomes, concerns, and controversies

Raja, S.G., 2010:
Right ventricle to pulmonary artery shunt modification of the Norwood procedure

Haberka, M.; Malinowski, M.; Gąsior, Z.; Deja, M., 2016:
Right ventricle tumour presenting with progressive heart failure symptoms

Saltik, L.; Bayrak, F.; Guneysu, T.; Sevinc, D.; Oztunc, F.; Degertekin, M., 2007:
Right ventricle-dependent coronary circulation demonstrated with 64-slice computed tomography

Aeba, R.; Yozu, R., 2013:
Right ventricle-pulmonary artery conduit with intake port in the Norwood procedure

Frazier, O.H.; Tuzun, E.; Narin, C.; Cohn, W.E., 2010:
Right ventricle-sparing left ventricular resection and replacement with a continuous-flow rotary blood pump: an in vivo experiment

Askovich, B.; Hawkins, J.A.; Sower, C.Todd.; Minich, L.LuAnn.; Tani, L.Y.; Stoddard, G.; Puchalski, M.D., 2007:
Right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit longevity: is it related to allograft size?

Januszewska, K.; Kozlik-Feldmann, R.; Dalla-Pozza, R.; Greil, S.; Abicht, J.; Netz, H.; Reichart, B.; Malec, E., 2012:
Right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery shunt related complications after Norwood procedure

Bradley, S.M.; Erdem, C.C.; Hsia, T-Yen.; Atz, A.M.; Bandisode, V.; Ringewald, J.M., 2008:
Right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery shunt: alternative palliation in infants with inadequate pulmonary blood flow prior to two-ventricle repair

Singla, S.; Agrawal, M.; Sachdeva, R., 2014:
Right ventricle: the increasing importance of half brother of the left ventricle

Roche, S.Lucy.; Redington, A.N., 2013:
Right ventricle: wrong targets? Another blow for pharmacotherapy in congenital heart diseases

Manabe, O.; Yoshinaga, K.; Ohira, H.; Sato, T.; Tsujino, I.; Yamada, A.; Oyama-Manabe, N.; Masuda, A.; Magota, K.; Nishimura, M.; Tamaki, N., 2015:
Right ventricular (18)F-FDG uptake is an important indicator for cardiac involvement in patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis

Blanchard, D.G.; DeMaria, A.N., 2014:
Right ventricular 3-dimensional strain in pulmonary hypertension: the quest to see the future

Roberson, D.A.; Cui, W., 2007:
Right ventricular Tei index in children: effect of method, age, body surface area, and heart rate

Finsterer, J.; Stollberger, C., 2014:
Right ventricular ablation as a therapeutic option for left ventricular hypertrabeculation / noncompaction

Rutz, T.; de Marchi, S.F.; Schwerzmann, M.; Vogel, R.; Seiler, C., 2010:
Right ventricular absolute myocardial blood flow in complex congenital heart disease

Braiteh, F.; Row, M., 2009:
Right ventricular acrylic cement embolism: late complication of percutaneous vertebroplasty

Rich, S., 2012:
Right ventricular adaptation and maladaptation in chronic pulmonary arterial hypertension

Simon, M.A., 2010:
Right ventricular adaptation to pressure overload

Ozdogan, O.; Yilmaz, G.Meral.; Gurgun, C.; Kayikcioglu, M.; Cinar, C.Soydas., 2008:
Right ventricular adaptations along with left ventricular remodeling in older athletes

Rimensberger, C.; Carlen, F.; Brugger, N.; Seiler, C.; Wilhelm, M., 2015:
Right ventricular adaptations and arrhythmias in amateur ultra-endurance athletes

Dupont, M.; Tang, W.H.Wilson., 2014:
Right ventricular afterload and the role of nitric oxide metabolism in left-sided heart failure

Durmus, E.; Sunbul, M.; Tigen, K.; Kivrak, T.; Ozen, G.; Sari, I.; Direskeneli, H.; Basaran, Y., 2016:
Right ventricular and atrial functions in systemic sclerosis patients without pulmonary hypertension. Speckle-tracking echocardiographic study

Tadic, M.; Ilic, S.; Celic, V., 2014:
Right ventricular and right atrial function and deformation in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: a two- and three-dimensional echocardiographic study

Banse, H.; Holbrook, T.C.; Gilliam, L.; Raynor, K., 2012:
Right ventricular and saphenous vein thrombi associated with sepsis in a Quarter Horse foal

Gziut, A.I.; Pawlak, A., 2014 :
Right ventricular and tricuspid insufficiency following two ventricular pacemaker implantation

Ugaki, S.; Khoo, N.S.; Ross, D.B.; Rebeyka, I.M.; Adatia, I., 2014:
Right ventricular and tricuspid valve remodeling after bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis

Lee, C-Jung.; Lin, M-Tai.; Wu, K-Lang.; Wang, J-Kou., 2012:
Right ventricular aneurysm and large coronary arteriovenous fistula in a 3100 g infant

Karimi, M.; Farouk, A.; Stork, J.; Hennein, H.A., 2008:
Right ventricular aneurysm following modified Norwood-Sano operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Copie, X., 2009:
Right ventricular apex pacing: Is it obsolete? Dual-chamber pacing is not always the favourite mode in atrioventricular block

Sanaa, I.; Franceschi, Fédéric.; Prevot, Sébastien.; Bastard, E.; Deharo, J-Claude., 2009:
Right ventricular apex pacing: is it obsolete?

López-Candales, A.; Edelman, K.; Candales, M.Dolores., 2010:
Right ventricular apical contractility in acute pulmonary embolism: the McConnell sign revisited

Maraschiello, M.A.; Redfearn, D.P.; Baranchuk, A.M.; Simpson, C.S., 2010:
Right ventricular apical lead position is associated with prolonged signal-averaged P-wave duration

Liu, W-Hao.; Chen, M-Cheng.; Chen, Y-Lung.; Guo, B-Fang.; Pan, K-Li.; Yang, C-Hsu.; Chang, H-Wen., 2007:
Right ventricular apical pacing acutely impairs left ventricular function and induces mechanical dyssynchrony in patients with sick sinus syndrome: a real-time three-dimensional echocardiographic study

Matsuoka, K.; Nishino, M.; Kato, H.; Egami, Y.; Shutta, R.; Yamaguchi, H.; Tanaka, K.; Tanouchi, J.; Yamada, Y., 2009 :
Right ventricular apical pacing impairs left ventricular twist as well as synchrony: acute effects of right ventricular apical pacing

Ahmed, M.; Gorcsan, J.; Marek, J.; Ryo, K.; Haugaa, K.; R Ludwig, D.; Schwartzman, D., 2014:
Right ventricular apical pacing-induced left ventricular dyssynchrony is associated with a subsequent decline in ejection fraction

Pachón Mateos, Jé.Carlos.; Pachón Mateos, E.I.; Pachón Mateos, Ján.Carlos., 2009:
Right ventricular apical pacing: the unwanted model of cardiac stimulation?

Chen, D.; Tang, J.; Chen, S.; Lin, C.; Liu, L.; Zhang, Q.; Liang, Y.; Peng, H.; Chen, Y.; Wei, H., 2015:
Right ventricular apical versus right ventricular outflow tract pacing: impact on left ventricular synchronization

Hosseini, M.Tavakkoli.; Kourliouros, A.; Sarsam, M., 2010:
Right ventricular approach for securing the aortic homograft to the interventricular septum in bacterial endocarditis

Buckberg, G.; Hoffman, J.I.E., 2015:
Right ventricular architecture responsible for mechanical performance: unifying role of ventricular septum

Rodrigues, A.Clara.Tude.; Cordovil, A.; Monaco, C.; Guimarães, L.; Cury, A.; Naccarato, G.A.F.; Lira-Filho, E.; Fischer, C.Henrique.; Vieira, M.Luiz.Campos.; Morhy, S., 2014:
Right ventricular assessment by tissue-Doppler echocardiography in acute pulmonary embolism

Fayssoil, A.; Abasse, S.; Nardi, O., 2009:
Right ventricular assessment with echocardiography

Arrieta-Garcia, C.; Klein, L.W., 2011:
Right ventricular assist devices in right ventricular infarction: do they augment right ventricular function sufficiently to improve prognosis?

D.L.zzari, C.; Ferrari, G., 2007:
Right ventricular assistance by continuous flow device. A numerical simulation

Pedemonte V.O.; Aránguiz Santander, E.; Torres H.H.; Merello N.L.; Vera P.A.s.; Díaz N.R.; Kaplán M.J., 2008:
Right ventricular assistance with a centrifugal pump. Report of two cases

Molina, E.J.; Gupta, D.; Palma, J.; Gaughan, J.P.; Macha, M., 2008:
Right ventricular beneficial effects of beta adrenergic receptor kinase inhibitor (betaARKct) gene transfer in a rat model of severe pressure overload

Molina, E.J.; Gupta, D.; Palma, J.; Gaughan, J.P.; Macha, M., 2010:
Right ventricular beneficial effects of intracoronary SERCA2a gene transfer in an experimental model of heart failure

Celebi, A.Savaş.; Gülel, O.; Deren, Tğmaç.; Ulusoy, F.Vasfi., 2008:
Right ventricular branch misdiagnosed as non-dominant right coronary artery

Preobrazhenskiĭ, D.V.; Talyzina, I.V.; Sidorenko, B.A.; Nekrasova, N.I.; Vyshinskaia, I.V., 2009:
Right ventricular cardiac failure in hospitalized patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: prevalence and clinical and instrumental characteristics

Abbate, A.; Bussani, R.; Sinagra, G.; Barresi, E.; Pivetta, A.; Perkan, A.; Hoke, N.H.; Salloum, F.N.; Kontos, M.C.; Biondi-Zoccai, G.G.L.; Vetrovec, G.W.; Sabbadini, G.; Baldi, F.; Silvestri, F.; Kukreja, R.C.; Baldi, A., 2008:
Right ventricular cardiomyocyte apoptosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction of the left ventricular wall

Limongelli, G.; Rea, A.; Masarone, D.; Francalanci, M.Paola.; Anastasakis, A.; Calabro', R.; Giovanna, R.Maria.; Bossone, E.; Elliott, P.Mark.; Pacileo, G., 2015:
Right ventricular cardiomyopathies: a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis

Hamilton, R.M.; Fidler, L., 2009:
Right ventricular cardiomyopathy in the young: an emerging challenge

Gilljam, T.; Bergh, C-Håkan., 2009:
Right ventricular cardiomyopathy: timing of heart transplantation in Uhl's anomaly and arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Jivanji, S.G.M.; Daubeney, P.; Franklin, R.; Sheppard, M., 2015:
Right ventricular cavity near obliteration in neonatal severe biventricular hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Hasegawa, T.; Nakagawa, S.; Shoji, Y.; Kawata, H.; Hirata, N.; Kunihiro, T.; Ui, S.; Mitamura, H., 2008:
Right ventricular collapse caused by a dilated retrosternal gastric tube

Jaroszewski, D.E.; Warsame, T.A.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Chaliki, H., 2012:
Right ventricular compression observed in echocardiography from pectus excavatum deformity

Sade, L.Elif.; Ozin, Bülent.; Ulus, T.; Açikel, S.; Pirat, B.; Bilgi, M.; Uluçam, M.; Müderrisoğlu, H., 2008:
Right ventricular contractile reserve in mitral stenosis: implications on hemodynamic burden and clinical outcome

Sciaraffia, E.; Malmborg, H.; Lönnerholm, S.; Blomström, P.; Blomström Lundqvist, C., 2010:
Right ventricular contractility as a measure of optimal interventricular pacing setting in cardiac resynchronization therapy

Zhou, D-Zhen.; Wei, F-Ping.; Yuan, G-Hui., 2008:
Right ventricular desynchronization in patients with pacemaker syndrome

Mertens, L.; Khairy, P., 2013:
Right ventricular diastolic function in congenital heart disease

D.L.llo, L.; Floccari, F.; Polito, P., 2011:
Right ventricular diastolic function in dialysis patients could be affected by vascular access

Demirkol, S.; Balta, S.; Cakar, M., 2014:
Right ventricular diastolic function in patients with thalassemia major

Moenkemeyer, F.; Patel, N., 2014:
Right ventricular diastolic function measured by tissue Doppler imaging predicts early outcome in congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Rain, S.; Handoko, M.Louis.; Trip, P.; Gan, C.Tji-Joong.; Westerhof, N.; Stienen, G.J.; Paulus, W.J.; Ottenheijm, C.A.C.; Marcus, J.Tim.; Dorfmüller, P.; Guignabert, C.; Humbert, M.; Macdonald, P.; Dos Remedios, C.; Postmus, P.E.; Saripalli, C.; Hidalgo, C.G.; Granzier, H.L.; Vonk-Noordegraaf, A.; van der Velden, J.; de Man, F.S., 2014:
Right ventricular diastolic impairment in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Okumura, K.; Slorach, C.; Mroczek, D.; Dragulescu, A.; Mertens, L.; Redington, A.N.; Friedberg, M.K., 2014:
Right ventricular diastolic performance in children with pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with congenital heart disease: correlation of echocardiographic parameters with invasive reference standards by high-fidelity micromanometer catheter

Cotrim, C.; Loureiro, M.J.; Miranda, R.; Lohmann, C.; Simões, Oília.; Cordeiro, P.; Fernandes, R.; Almeida, S.; Lopes, Lís.; Carrageta, M., 2007:
Right ventricular dilatation during exercise. A new sign?

Dresden, S.; Mitchell, P.; Rahimi, L.; Leo, M.; Rubin-Smith, J.; Bibi, S.; White, L.; Langlois, B.; Sullivan, A.; Carmody, K., 2014:
Right ventricular dilatation on bedside echocardiography performed by emergency physicians aids in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism

Chrustowicz, A.; Simonis, G.; Matschke, K.; Strasser, R.H.; Gackowski, A., 2008:
Right ventricular dilatation predicts survival after mitral valve repair in patients with impaired left ventricular systolic function

Madias, J.E., 2011:
Right ventricular dilatation: an often neglected component in the electrocardiographic assessment of patients with heart failure

Singanayagam, A.; Chalmers, J.D.; Scally, C.; Akram, A.R.; Al-Khairalla, M.Z.; Leitch, L.; Hill, L.E.; Hill, A.T., 2010:
Right ventricular dilation on CT pulmonary angiogram independently predicts mortality in pulmonary embolism

van Dijk, J.; Knaapen, P.; Bekkering, I.; Götte, M.J.W.; Kamp, O., 2008:
Right ventricular dimensions and function in isolated left bundle branch block: is there evidence of biventricular involvement?

Edwin, F., 2010:
Right ventricular disruption after cardiac surgery

Karhausen, Jörn.; Nowak, M.; Couper, G.S.; Formanek, V.; Mirakaj, V.; Locke, A.; Shernan, S.K.; Rosenberger, P., 2008:
Right ventricular dissection diagnosed on transesophageal echocardiography

Lee, W-Jeng.; Chen, S-Jye.; Wang, T-Dau., 2008:
Right ventricular diverticula

Woods, J.; Monteiro, P.; Rhodes, A., 2007:
Right ventricular dysfunction

Siddiqui, M-Mujtaba.Ali.; Jalal, A.; Sherwani, M.; Ahmad, M.Zubair., 2013:
Right ventricular dysfunction after coronary artery bypass grafting is a reality of unknown cause and significance

Ríha, H.; Netuka, I.; Kotulák, T.; Malý, J.; Pind'ák, M.; Kellovský, P.; Kopác, F.; Hodr, D.; Szarszoi, O.; Kettner, J.; Al-Hiti, H.; Dorazilová, Z.; Marek, T.; Skalský, I.; Pirk, J., 2010:
Right ventricular dysfunction after left ventricular assist device implantation

Apitz, C.; Sieverding, L.; Latus, H.; Uebing, A.; Schoof, S.; Hofbeck, M., 2010:
Right ventricular dysfunction and B-type natriuretic peptide in asymptomatic patients after repair for tetralogy of Fallot

Guo, Y-kun.; Yang, Z-gang.; Shao, H.; Deng, W.; Ning, G.; Dong, Z-hui., 2014:
Right ventricular dysfunction and dilatation in patients with mitral regurgitation: analysis using ECG-gated multidetector row computed tomography

Smarz, K.; Zaborska, B.; Jaxa-Chamiec, T.; Maciejewski, Pł.; Budaj, A., 2013:
Right ventricular dysfunction and exercise capacity after inferior (posterior) wall acute myocardial infarction

Simon, M.A.; Pinsky, M.R., 2011:
Right ventricular dysfunction and failure in chronic pressure overload

Giannakoulas, G.; Karamitsos, T.D.; Pitsiou, G.; Karvounis, H.I., 2008:
Right ventricular dysfunction and functional limitation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Hilde, J.Mykland.; Skjørten, I.; Grøtta, O.Jørgen.; Hansteen, V.; Melsom, M.Nissen.; Hisdal, J.; Humerfelt, S.; Steine, K., 2013:
Right ventricular dysfunction and remodeling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease without pulmonary hypertension

Aktas, M.K.; Kim, D.D.; McNitt, S.; Huang, D.T.; Rosero, S.Z.; Hall, B.W.; Zareba, W.; Daubert, J.P., 2010:
Right ventricular dysfunction and the incidence of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapies

Cho, J.Hyung.; Kutti Sridharan, G.; Kim, S.Ha.; Kaw, R.; Abburi, T.; Irfan, A.; Kocheril, A.G., 2015:
Right ventricular dysfunction as an echocardiographic prognostic factor in hemodynamically stable patients with acute pulmonary embolism: a meta-analysis

Kjaergaard, J.; Akkan, D.; Iversen, K.Karmark.; Køber, L.; Torp-Pedersen, C.; Hassager, C., 2007:
Right ventricular dysfunction as an independent predictor of short- and long-term mortality in patients with heart failure

Palardy, M.; Nohria, A.; Rivero, J.; Lakdawala, N.; Campbell, P.; Kato, M.; Griffin, L.M.; Smith, C.M.; Couper, G.S.; Stevenson, L.W.; Givertz, M.M., 2010 :
Right ventricular dysfunction during intensive pharmacologic unloading persists after mechanical unloading

Toldo, S.; Bogaard, H.J.; Van Tassell, B.W.; Mezzaroma, E.; Seropian, I.M.; Robati, R.; Salloum, F.N.; Voelkel, N.F.; Abbate, A., 2011:
Right ventricular dysfunction following acute myocardial infarction in the absence of pulmonary hypertension in the mouse

Neragi-Miandoab, S.; Goldstein, D.; Bello, R.; Michler, R.; D'Alessandro, D., 2013:
Right ventricular dysfunction following continuous flow left ventricular assist device placement in 51 patients: predicators and outcomes

Jiménez, D., 2008:
Right ventricular dysfunction for prognosis in haemodynamically stable patients with acute symptomatic pulmonary embolism

Karaye, K.M.; Sai'du, H.; Shehu, M.N., 2013:
Right ventricular dysfunction in a hypertensive population stratified by patterns of left ventricular geometry

Cipriani, M.; D.C.iara, B.; Ammirati, E.; Roghi, A.; D'Angelo, L.; Oliva, F.; Moreo, A.; Bonacina, E.; Martinelli, L., 2014:
Right ventricular dysfunction in advanced heart failure

Karimova, A.; Pockett, C.R.; Lasuen, N.; Dedieu, N.; Rutledge, J.; Fenton, M.; Vanderpluym, C.; Rebeyka, I.M.; Dominguez, T.E.; Buchholz, H., 2014:
Right ventricular dysfunction in children supported with pulsatile ventricular assist devices

Giannakoulas, G.; Parcharidou, D.; Efthimiadis, G.; Karvounis, H.; Styliadis, I.; Parcharidis, G., 2008:
Right ventricular dysfunction in chronic heart failure

Kolb, T.M.; Hassoun, P.M., 2012:
Right ventricular dysfunction in chronic lung disease

McCabe, C.; White, P.A.; Hoole, S.P.; Axell, R.G.; Priest, A.N.; Gopalan, D.; Taboada, D.; MacKenzie Ross, R.; Morrell, N.W.; Shapiro, L.M.; Pepke-Zaba, J., 2014:
Right ventricular dysfunction in chronic thromboembolic obstruction of the pulmonary artery: a pressure-volume study using the conductance catheter

Pedrinelli, R.; Canale, M.Laura.; Giannini, C.; Talini, E.; Penno, G.; Dell'Omo, G.; D.B.llo, V., 2010:
Right ventricular dysfunction in early systemic hypertension: a tissue Doppler imaging study in patients with high-normal and mildly increased arterial blood pressure

Keller, K.; Beule, J.; Schulz, A.; Coldewey, M.; Dippold, W.; Balzer, Jörn.Oliver., 2015:
Right ventricular dysfunction in hemodynamically stable patients with acute pulmonary embolism

Perazzolo Marra, M.; Pengo, V., 2011:
Right ventricular dysfunction in patients diagnosed with pulmonary embolism

Mangi, A.A., 2012:
Right ventricular dysfunction in patients undergoing left ventricular assist device implantation: predictors, management, and device utilization

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Rigid, flexible and impossible zeolite and related structures

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Rigid- and polarizable-ion potentials for modeling Ru-polyoxometalate catalysts for water oxidation

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Rigid-floppy percolation threshold

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