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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55598

Chapter 55598 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mufti, J.; Hajarnis, S.; Shepardson, K.; Gummadi, L.; Taylor, L.; Curthoys, N.P., 2011:
Role of AUF1 and HuR in the pH-responsive stabilization of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase mRNA in LLC-PK₁-F⁺ cells

Ganesan, A.N.; Brooks, A.G.; Roberts-Thomson, K.C.; Lau, D.H.; Kalman, J.M.; Sanders, P., 2012:
Role of AV nodal ablation in cardiac resynchronization in patients with coexistent atrial fibrillation and heart failure a systematic review

Logge, W.; Cheng, D.; Chesworth, R.; Bhatia, S.; Garner, B.; Kim, W.Scott.; Karl, T., 2013:
Role of Abca7 in mouse behaviours relevant to neurodegenerative diseases

Srinivasan, V.Bharathi.; Rajamohan, G.; Gebreyes, W.A., 2010:
Role of AbeS, a novel efflux pump of the SMR family of transporters, in resistance to antimicrobial agents in Acinetobacter baumannii

Tegtmeyer, N.; Backert, S., 2012:
Role of Abl and Src family kinases in actin-cytoskeletal rearrangements induced by the Helicobacter pylori CagA protein

Cleary, R.A.; Wang, R.; Wang, T.; Tang, D.D., 2014:
Role of Abl in airway hyperresponsiveness and airway remodeling

Harmon, B.; Campbell, N.; Ratner, L., 2010:
Role of Abl kinase and the Wave2 signaling complex in HIV-1 entry at a post-hemifusion step

Sung, H.Jung.; Cho, Y.Kyung.; Moon, S.Jin.; Kim, J.Su.; Lim, C.Hyun.; Park, J.Myung.; Lee, I.Seok.; Kim, S.Woo.; Choi, M-Gye., 2012:
Role of Acid and weakly acidic reflux in gastroesophageal reflux disease off proton pump inhibitor therapy

Aranda, Jús.; López, M.; Leiva, E.; Magán, Aés.; Adler, B.; Bou, Gán.; Barbé, J., 2014:
Role of Acinetobacter baumannii UmuD homologs in antibiotic resistance acquired through DNA damage-induced mutagenesis

Zimmermann, T.; Sorg, T.; Siehler, S.Yasmin.; Gerischer, U., 2009:
Role of Acinetobacter baylyi Crc in catabolite repression of enzymes for aromatic compound catabolism

Wang, F.; Soprano, K.J.; Soprano, D.Robert., 2015:
Role of Acinus in regulating retinoic acid-responsive gene pre-mRNA splicing

Sundaramahalingam, M.; Ramasundaram, S.; Rathinasamy, S.Devi.; Natarajan, R.Pulipakkam.; Somasundaram, T., 2014:
Role of Acorus calamus and alpha-asarone on hippocampal dependent memory in noise stress exposed rats

Thissen, J-Paul.; Loumaye, A., 2014:
Role of Activin A and Myostatin in cancer cachexia

Gupta, B.Kumar.; Bharat, V.; Bandyopadhyay, D., 2010:
Role of Adenosine Deaminase Estimation in Differentiation of Tuberculous and Non-tuberculous Exudative Pleural Effusions

Brinda, R.; Vijayanandraj, S.; Uma, D.; Malathi, D.; Paranidharan, V.; Velazhahan, R., 2015:
Role of Adhatoda vasica (L.) Nees leaf extract in the prevention of aflatoxin-induced toxicity in Wistar rats

Ouafik, L'houcine.; Martin, P-Marie., 2008:
Role of Adrenomedullin in vasculogenesis and lymphangiogenesis: a new concept

Obukhova, O.V.; Lartseva, L.V.; Lisitskaia, I.A., 2011:
Role of Aeromonas in the monitoring of a hydroecosystem in the Volga-Caspian area

Tsai, H-Ju.; Hong, X.; Chen, J.; Liu, X.; Pearson, C.; Ortiz, K.; Hirsch, E.; Heffner, L.; Weeks, D.E.; Zuckerman, B.; Wang, X., 2011:
Role of African ancestry and gene-environment interactions in predicting preterm birth

Wegmann, M.; Santini, L.; Leutner, B.; Safi, K.; Rocchini, D.; Bevanda, M.; Latifi, H.; Dech, S.; Rondinini, C., 2014:
Role of African protected areas in maintaining connectivity for large mammals

Sahu, D.; Acharya, B.S.; Panda, A.K., 2010:
Role of Ag ions on the structural evolution of nano ZnO clusters synthesized through ultrasonication and their optical properties

Li, S.F.; Shao, Z.; Han, S.; Xue, X.; Wang, F.; Sun, Q.; Jia, Y.; Guo, Z.X., 2009:
Role of Ag-doping in small transition metal clusters from first-principles simulations

Goel, T.; Garg, S., 2009:
Role of AgNOR count and its correlation with serum PSA levels in prostatic lesions

Chu, L.; Xu, X.; Su, J.; Song, L.; Lai, Y.; Dong, Z.; Cappelli, D., 2009:
Role of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in glutathione catabolism

Furue, M.; Takahara, M.; Nakahara, T.; Uchi, H., 2015:
Role of AhR/ARNT system in skin homeostasis

Shioda, N.; Han, F.; Fukunaga, K., 2009:
Role of Akt and ERK signaling in the neurogenesis following brain ischemia

Chautard, E.; Ouédraogo, Zéwendé.Guy.; Biau, J.; Verrelle, P., 2014:
Role of Akt in human malignant glioma: from oncogenesis to tumor aggressiveness

Matheny, R.W.; Adamo, M.L., 2009:
Role of Akt isoforms in IGF-I-mediated signaling and survival in myoblasts

Cartee, G.D.; Wojtaszewski, Jørgen.F.P., 2007:
Role of Akt substrate of 160 kDa in insulin-stimulated and contraction-stimulated glucose transport

Yu, H-Ping.; Yang, S-Chin.; Lau, Y-Tung.; Hwang, T-Long., 2010:
Role of Akt-dependent up-regulation of hemeoxygenase-1 in resveratrol-mediated attenuation of hepatic injury after trauma hemorrhage

Schakman, O.; Kalista, S.; Bertrand, L.; Lause, P.; Verniers, J.; Ketelslegers, J.M.; Thissen, J.P., 2008:
Role of Akt/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin transduction pathway in the muscle anti-atrophy action of insulin-like growth factor-I in glucocorticoid-treated rats

Bhirde, A.A.; Hassan, S.A.; Harr, E.; Chen, X., 2014:
Role of Albumin in the Formation and Stabilization of Nanoparticle Aggregates in Serum Studied by Continuous Photon Correlation Spectroscopy and Multiscale Computer Simulations

Matsumura, Y., 2012:
Role of Allergen Source-Derived Proteases in Sensitization via Airway Epithelial Cells

Patel, J.D.; Galsky, M.D.; Chagpar, A.B.; Pyle, D.; Loehrer, P.J., 2011:
Role of American Society of Clinical Oncology in low- and middle-income countries

Thompson, G.H.; Florentino-Pineda, I.; Poe-Kochert, C.; Armstrong, D.G.; Son-Hing, J., 2008:
Role of Amicar in surgery for neuromuscular scoliosis

Thaker, H.D.; Cankaya, A.; Scott, R.W.; Tew, G.N., 2013:
Role of Amphiphilicity in the Design of Synthetic Mimics of Antimicrobial Peptides with Gram-negative Activity

Copur, A.Sinan.; Fulambarker, A.; Molnar, J.; Nadeem, R.; McCormack, C.; Ganesh, A.; Kheir, F.; Hamon, S., 2016:
Role of Anemia in Home Oxygen Therapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Miao, L-li.; Luo, L.; Wang, D-xin., 2010:
Role of Ang-2 in the rats model of LPS-induced acute lung injury

Liu, X.; Li, Y.; Wei, J.; Zhao, Y., 2013:
Role of Ang-2, Tie-2 and VEGFR-2 in angiogenesis in colorectal carcinoma and their prognostic value

Sharma, S.K., 2011:
Role of AngioJet rheolytic thrombectomy catheter: Mount Sinai Hospital experience

Safari, T.; Nematbakhsh, M., 2014:
Role of Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor on Nitric Oxide Production Response to Angiotensin II Administration in Ovariectomised Rats Treated with Estradiol

Macé, C.; Clément, L.C., 2014:
Role of Angptl4 in nephrotic syndrome: a two-faced protein

Guo, L.; Li, S-Ying.; Ji, F-Yun.; Zhao, Y-Feng.; Zhong, Y.; Lv, X-Jun.; Wu, X-Ling.; Qian, G-Sheng., 2014:
Role of Angptl4 in vascular permeability and inflammation

Sen, V.; Uluca, U.; Ece, Aın.; Güneş, A.; Zeytun, H.; Arslan, S.; Kaplan, I.; Türkçü, Gül.; Tekin, R., 2014:
Role of Ankaferd on bacterial translocation and inflammatory response in an experimental rat model of intestinal obstruction

Bizzarro, V.; Fontanella, B.; Franceschelli, S.; Pirozzi, M.; Christian, H.; Parente, L.; Petrella, A., 2010:
Role of Annexin A1 in mouse myoblast cell differentiation

Nakagawa, A., 1991:
Role of Anterior and Posterior Attention Networks in Hemispheric Asymmetries during Lexical Decisions

Batuello, C.N.; Kelley, M.R.; Dynlacht, J.R., 2009:
Role of Ape1 and base excision repair in the radioresponse and heat-radiosensitization of HeLa Cells

Tassi, E.; Zanon, M.; Vegetti, C.; Molla, A.; Bersani, I.; Perotti, V.; Pennati, M.; Zaffaroni, N.; Milella, M.; Ferrone, S.; Carlo-Stella, C.; Gianni, A.M.; Mortarini, R.; Anichini, A., 2012:
Role of Apollon in human melanoma resistance to antitumor agents that activate the intrinsic or the extrinsic apoptosis pathways

Schmidt, E.P.; Tuder, R.M., 2010:
Role of Apoptosis in Amplifying Inflammatory Responses in Lung Diseases

Singh, P.Kumar.; Kumar, R.; Sharma, A.; Arora, R.; Chawla, R.; Jain, S.Kumar.; Tripathi, R.Prasad.; Sharma, R.Kumar., 2011:
Role of Apoptotic Proteins in REC-2006 Mediated Radiation Protection in Hepatoma Cell Lines

Chauvigné, Fçois.; Zapater, C.; Cerdà, J., 2011:
Role of Aquaporins during Teleost Gametogenesis and Early Embryogenesis

Un Huh, S.; Paek, K-Hee., 2014:
Role of Arabidopsis Pumilio RNA binding protein 5 in virus infection

Kwon, S.Il.; Cho, H.Joo.; Park, O.K., 2011:
Role of Arabidopsis RabG3b and autophagy in tracheary element differentiation

Fasano, R.; Gonzalez, N.; Tosco, A.; Dal Piaz, F.; Docimo, T.; Serrano, R.; Grillo, S.; Leone, A.; Inzé, D., 2015:
Role of Arabidopsis UV RESISTANCE LOCUS 8 in plant growth reduction under osmotic stress and low levels of UV-B

Kumar, P.H.; Sahu, M., 2000:
Role of Aragvadhadi Sutra in the Management of Fistula -in-Ano

Wolff, N.A.; Lee, W-Kee.; Thévenod, F., 2011:
Role of Arf1 in endosomal trafficking of protein-metal complexes and cadmium-metallothionein-1 toxicity in kidney proximal tubule cells

Hsu, V.W., 2011:
Role of ArfGAP1 in COPI vesicle biogenesis

Kubo, M.; Kikukawa, T.; Miyauchi, S.; Seki, A.; Kamiya, M.; Aizawa, T.; Kawano, K.; Kamo, N.; Demura, M., 2009:
Role of Arg123 in light-driven anion pump mechanisms of pharaonis halorhodopsin

Neuhaus, F.C., 2010:
Role of Arg301 in substrate orientation and catalysis in subsite 2 of D-alanine:D-alanine (D-lactate) ligase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides: a molecular docking study

Clemens, M.; Phatak, P.; Cui, Q.; Bondar, A-Nicoleta.; Elstner, M., 2011:
Role of Arg82 in the early steps of the bacteriorhodopsin proton-pumping cycle

Alexander, J.Wesley.; Supp, D.M., 2014:
Role of Arginine and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Wound Healing and Infection

Rossi, F.R.; Marina, M.; Pieckenstain, F.L., 2016:
Role of Arginine decarboxylase (ADC) in Arabidopsis thaliana defence against the pathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas viridiflava

Sánchez-López, J.; Tordesillas, L.; Pascal, M.; Muñoz-Cano, R.; Garrido, Mía.; Rueda, M.; Vilella, Rón.; Valero, A.; Díaz-Perales, A.; Picado, César.; Bartra, J., 2014:
Role of Art v 3 in pollinosis of patients allergic to Pru p 3

Amin, A.; Ando, T.; Saijo, S.; Yamato, I., 2012:
Role of Asp187 and Gln190 in the Na+/proline symporter (PutP) of Escherichia coli

Ejzykowicz, D.E.; Solis, N.V.; Gravelat, F.N.; Chabot, J.; Li, X.; Sheppard, D.C.; Filler, S.G., 2011:
Role of Aspergillus fumigatus DvrA in host cell interactions and virulence

Mellado, E.; Alcazar-Fuoli, L.; Cuenca-Estrella, M.; Rodriguez-Tudela, J.L., 2012:
Role of Aspergillus lentulus 14-α sterol demethylase (Cyp51A) in azole drug susceptibility

Ouyang, Y-Bing.; Xu, L.; Liu, S.; Giffard, R.G., 2014:
Role of Astrocytes in Delayed Neuronal Death: GLT-1 and its Novel Regulation by MicroRNAs

Nakagawa, M.; Takahashi, S.; Narumi, I.; Sakamoto, A.N., 2011:
Role of AtPolζ, AtRev1 and AtPolη in γ ray-induced mutagenesis

Nakagawa, M.; Takahashi, S.; Tanaka, A.; Narumi, I.; Sakamoto, A.N., 2011:
Role of AtPolζ, AtRev1, and AtPolη in UV light-induced mutagenesis in Arabidopsis

Rodríguez, Jé.A.; Feria, L.; Jirsak, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Illas, F., 2010:
Role of Au-C interactions on the catalytic activity of au nanoparticles supported on TiC(001) toward molecular oxygen dissociation

Naccarella, L.; Buchan, J.; Newton, B.; Brooks, P., 2011:
Role of Australian primary healthcare organisations (PHCOs) in primary healthcare (PHC) workforce planning: lessons from abroad

Mehany, S.A.; Shawkat, A.M.; Sayed, M.F.; Mourad, K.M., 2010:
Role of Avastin in management of central serous chorioretinopathy

Torwane, N.Arjun.; Hongal, S.; Goel, P.; Chandrashekar, B.R., 2014:
Role of Ayurveda in management of oral health

Cuchacovich, M.; Pacheco, P.; Díaz, G.; Rojas, B.; Stoppel, J.; Merino, G.; Verdaguer, J.Ignacio.; Verdaguer, J.; Villarroel, F., 2007:
Role of Azathioprine in steroid resistant non infectious ocular inflammatory diseases

Jiménez-Vicente, E.; Navarro-Rodríguez, Mónica.; Poza-Carrión, César.; Rubio, L.M., 2014:
Role of Azotobacter vinelandii FdxN in FeMo-co biosynthesis

Askarova, S.; Yang, X.; Sheng, W.; Sun, G.Y.; Lee, J.C-M., 2012:
Role of Aβ-receptor for advanced glycation endproducts interaction in oxidative stress and cytosolic phospholipase A₂ activation in astrocytes and cerebral endothelial cells

Achkar, J.M.; Chan, J.; Casadevall, A., 2015:
Role of B cells and antibodies in acquired immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Ahn, S.; Cunningham-Rundles, C., 2010:
Role of B cells in common variable immune deficiency

Nikbin, B.; Bonab, M.Mohyeddin.; Khosravi, F.; Talebian, F., 2007:
Role of B cells in pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis

Mandik-Nayak, L.; Ridge, N.; Fields, M.; Park, A.Y.; Erikson, J., 2008:
Role of B cells in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis

Hinman, R.M.; Cambier, J.C., 2015:
Role of B lymphocytes in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes

Ren, R.; Liu, W.; Huang, L.; Liu, D.Tai.Li.; Choy, K.Wai.; Shi, J.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, B.; Guan, M.; Shields, C.L.; Pang, C.Pui.; Li, B.; Yam, G.Hin.Fai., 2013:
Role of B lymphoma Mo-MLV insertion region 1 in the oncogenic behavior of retinoblastomas

Rai, V.; Egelhoff, T.T., 2011:
Role of B regulatory subunits of protein phosphatase type 2A in myosin II assembly control in Dictyostelium discoideum

Cruz-Leal, Y.; Machado, Y.; López-Requena, A.; Canet, L.; Laborde, R.; Álvares, A.Marcelino.; Lucatelli Laurindo, Mía.F.; Santo Tomas, J.F.; Alonso, Mía.E.; Alvarez, C.; Mortara, R.A.; Popi, A.F.; Mariano, M.; Pérez, R.; Lanio, Mía.E., 2015:
Role of B-1 cells in the immune response against an antigen encapsulated into phosphatidylcholine-containing liposomes

Purmah, Y.; Seah, S., 2009:
Role of B-natriuretic peptide in perioperative assessment

Qureshi, M.A.; Laghari, K., 2010:
Role of B-scan ultrasonography in pre-operative cataract patients

Eurenius, K.E.J.; Ahlberg, E.; Knee, C.S., 2011:
Role of B-site ion on proton conduction in acceptor-doped Sm2B2O(7-δ) (B = Ti, Sn, Zr and Ce) pyrochlores and C-type compounds

Jeong, E.Gene.; Nam, H.Seong.; Lee, S.Mi.; An, W.Suk.; Kim, S.Eun.; Son, Y.Ki., 2014:
Role of B-type natriuretic peptide as a marker of mortality in acute kidney injury patients treated with continuous renal replacement therapy

Chaudhary, K.R.; Batchu, S.Nagarjun.; Das, D.; Suresh, M.R.; Falck, J.R.; Graves, J.P.; Zeldin, D.C.; Seubert, J.M., 2009:
Role of B-type natriuretic peptide in epoxyeicosatrienoic acid-mediated improved post-ischaemic recovery of heart contractile function

Hori, J., 2008:
Role of B7-H1 in immune privilege of the eye

Huang, D-Sheng.; Liu, J-Wei.; Geng, L.; Jiang, G-Ping.; Shen, G-Liang.; Yao, W-Feng., 2010:
Role of B7-H1 in pancreatic carcinoma immune evasion

Haung, X.; Wu, J.; Yu, J.; Xiong, K.; Ma, M., 2013:
Role of B7-H1 protein in immune privilege following corneal allograft transplantation in mice

Polívka, T.; Niedzwiedzki, D.; Fuciman, M.; Sundström, V.; Frank, H.A., 2007:
Role of B800 in carotenoid-bacteriochlorophyll energy and electron transfer in LH2 complexes from the purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Raffaghello, L.; Fuhlhuber, V.; Bianchi, G.; Conte, M.; Blaes, F.; Gambini, C.; Pistoia, V., 2013:
Role of BAFF in Opsoclonus-Myoclonus syndrome, a bridge between cancer and autoimmunity

Luo, R.; Liu, W.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Sun, C.; Zhou, L.; Li, Y.; Deng, L., 2015:
Role of BAFF in pediatric patients with allergic rhinitis during sublingual immunotherapy

Yang, S.; Li, J-Yong.; Xu, W., 2015:
Role of BAFF/BAFF-R axis in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Kant, A.K.; Graubard, B.I., 2018:
Complementary and compensatory dietary changes associated with consumption or omission of plain water by US adults

Torres, O.; Palomino-Morales, R.; Castañeda, S.; Vazquez-Rodriguez, T.R.; Morado, I.C.; Miranda-Filloy, J.A.; Amigo-Diaz, E.; Vicente, E.F.; Ortego-Centeno, N.; Fernandez-Gutierrez, B.; Martin, J.; Gonzalez-Gay, M.A., 2010:
Role of BANK1 gene polymorphisms in biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis

Zhang, S.; Bovshik, E.I.; Maillard, R.; Gromowski, G.D.; Volk, D.E.; Schein, C.H.; Huang, C.Y-H.; Gorenstein, D.G.; Lee, J.C.; Barrett, A.D.T.; Beasley, D.W.C., 2010:
Role of BC loop residues in structure, function and antigenicity of the West Nile virus envelope protein receptor-binding domain III

Homan, A.C., 2014:
Role of BCA in TIGER grant reviews: common errors and influence on the selection process

Zheng, X-fang.; Yi, L.; Wei, P-jian.; Jia, H-yan.; Li, H-wen.; Zhao, Y-lin.; Zhang, H-tao., 2012:
Role of BCG-depleted immunodominant antigens derived from M. tuberculosis in serological test for tuberculosis

Ni, J.; Xie, X.; Xie, J.; Hu, X-Ying.; Huang, Z-Qi.; Xia, R-Xiang., 2014:
Role of BCL-2, caspase-3 and NF-κB in astragaloside inducing apoptosis of human NB4 cells

Jain, M.; Kumar, S.; Lal, P.; Tiwari, A.; Ghoshal, U.C.; Mittal, B., 2007:
Role of BCL2 (ala43thr), CCND1 (G870A) and FAS (A-670G) polymorphisms in modulating the risk of developing esophageal cancer

Yuan, J.; Lv, H.; Peng, B.; Wang, C.; Yu, Y.; He, Z., 2008:
Role of BCRP as a biomarker for predicting resistance to 5-fluorouracil in breast cancer

Borroni, B.; Archetti, S.; Costanzi, C.; Grassi, M.; Ferrari, M.; Radeghieri, A.; Caimi, L.; Caltagirone, C.; Di Luca, M.; Padovani, A., 2008:
Role of BDNF Val66Met functional polymorphism in Alzheimer's disease-related depression

Ghitza, U.E.; Zhai, H.; Wu, P.; Airavaara, M.; Shaham, Y.; Lu, L., 2011:
Role of BDNF and GDNF in drug reward and relapse: a review

Karpova, N.N., 2014:
Role of BDNF epigenetics in activity-dependent neuronal plasticity

He, Y-Yan.; Zhang, X-Yang.; Yung, W-Ho.; Zhu, J-Ning.; Wang, J-Jun., 2014:
Role of BDNF in central motor structures and motor diseases

Kim, J-Min.; Stewart, R.; Bae, K-Yeol.; Kim, S-Wan.; Yang, S-Jin.; Park, K-Hyung.; Shin, I-Seon.; Yoon, J-Sang., 2011:
Role of BDNF val66met polymorphism on the association between physical activity and incident dementia

Koike, H.; Fukumoto, K.; Iijima, M.; Chaki, S., 2013:
Role of BDNF/TrkB signaling in antidepressant-like effects of a group II metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonist in animal models of depression

Tu, S-liang.; Yuan, H.; He, X-jun.; Ma, Y-yu., 2014:
Role of BH3-only gene in the oxaliplatin-induced apoptosis of colon cancer cells

Ren, D.; Sun, J.; Wang, C.; Ye, H.; Mao, L.; Cheng, E.H.; Bell, G.I.; Polonsky, K.S., 2014:
Role of BH3-only molecules Bim and Puma in β-cell death in Pdx1 deficiency

Huerva, V.; Velasco, A.; Sanchez, M.C.; Matias-Guiu, X., 2008:
Role of BIGH3 R124H mutation in the diagnosis of Avellino corneal dystrophy

Holtzclaw, J.David.; Grimm, P.Richard.; Sansom, S.C., 2011:
Role of BK channels in hypertension and potassium secretion

Lionetto, M.Giulia.; Giordano, M.Elena.; Calisi, A.; Caricato, R.; Hoffmann, E.; Schettino, T., 2010:
Role of BK channels in the apoptotic volume decrease in native eel intestinal cells

Mitterhofer, A.Paola.; Tinti, F.; Pietropaolo, V.; Umbro, I.; Anzivino, E.; Bellizzi, A.; Zavatto, A.; Poli, L.; Berloco, P.Bartolomeo.; Taliani, G., 2014:
Role of BK virus infection in end-stage renal disease patients waiting for kidney transplantation--viral replication dynamics from pre- to post-transplant

Qian, L.; Liu, X.; Wang, R., 2015:
Role of BK(Ca) channels in diabetic vascular complications

Grimm, P.Richard.; Irsik, D.L.; Liu, L.; Holtzclaw, J.David.; Sansom, S.C., 2009:
Role of BKbeta1 in Na+ reabsorption by cortical collecting ducts of Na+-deprived mice

Kucharska-Newton, A.M.; Monda, K.L.; Bielinski, S.J.; Boerwinkle, E.; Rea, T.D.; Rosamond, W.D.; Pankow, J.S.; Köttgen, A.; Heiss, G.; North, K.E., 2010:
Role of BMI in the Association of the TCF7L2 rs7903146 Variant with Coronary Heart Disease: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study

Aruga, J.; Mikoshiba, K., 2011:
Role of BMP, FGF, calcium signaling, and Zic proteins in vertebrate neuroectodermal differentiation

Park, H-Young.; Wu, C.; Yaar, M.; Stachur, C.M.; Kosmadaki, M.; Gilchrest, B.A., 2010:
Role of BMP-4 and Its Signaling Pathways in Cultured Human Melanocytes

Chen, X-Rong.; Wang, J-Wei.; Li, X.; Zhang, H.; Ye, Z-Yuan., 2010:
Role of BMP3 in progression of gastric carcinoma in Chinese people

Saini, S.; Duraisamy, A.Joseph.; Bayen, S.; Vats, P.; Singh, S.Bala., 2015:
Role of BMP7 in appetite regulation, adipogenesis, and energy expenditure

Agius, E.; Decker, Y.; Soukkarieh, C.; Soula, C.; Cochard, P., 2010:
Role of BMPs in controlling the spatial and temporal origin of GFAP astrocytes in the embryonic spinal cord

Hang, H-Lian.; Xia, Q., 2014:
Role of BMSCs in liver regeneration and metastasis after hepatectomy

Ghavami, S.; Eshraghi, M.; Kadkhoda, K.; Mutawe, M.M.; Maddika, S.; Bay, G.H.; Wesselborg, S.; Halayko, A.J.; Klonisch, T.; Los, M., 2009:
Role of BNIP3 in TNF-induced cell death--TNF upregulates BNIP3 expression

Azad, M.B.; Gibson, S.B., 2010:
Role of BNIP3 in proliferation and hypoxia-induced autophagy: implications for personalized cancer therapies

Logeart, D., 2010:
Role of BNP in heart failure diagnosis

Pereira-Barretto, Aônio.Carlos.; Carlo, C.Henrique.Del.; Cardoso, J.Novaes.; Ochiai, M.Eid.; Lima, M.Villaça.; Curiati, M.Cardoso.; Scipioni, A.Roberto.; Ramires, Jé.Antônio.Franchini., 2013:
Role of BNP levels on the prognosis of decompensated advanced heart failure

Feng, S.; Lin, L.; Jin, P.; Wu, Q.; Zhou, W.; Sang, H.; Shao, C., 2008:
Role of BP180NC16a-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in the diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid in China

Zhou, W.; Feng, X.; Xiao, C.; Li, S.; Wang, C., 2013:
Role of BPIFB1 in regulating inflammatory response of RAW264.7 cells infected by P.aeruginosa

Caronia, L.M.; Phay, J.E.; Shah, M.H., 2012:
Role of BRAF in thyroid oncogenesis

Capelli, L.; Marfisi, C.; Puccetti, M.; Saragoni, L.; De Paola, F.; Zaccaroni, A.; Chiadini, E.; Gagliardi, L.; Ferretti, G.; Zoli, W.; Ulivi, P., 2016:
Role of BRAF molecular analysis in the management of papillary thyroid carcinoma: analysis of cytological and histological samples

Sadow, P.M.; Priolo, C.; Nanni, S.; Karreth, F.A.; Duquette, M.; Martinelli, R.; Husain, A.; Clohessy, J.; Kutzner, H.; Mentzel, T.; Carman, C.V.; Farsetti, A.; Henske, E.Petri.; Palescandolo, E.; Macconaill, L.E.; Chung, S.; Fadda, G.; Lombardi, C.Pio.; De Angelis, A.M.; Durante, O.; Parker, J.A.; Pontecorvi, A.; Dvorak, H.F.; Fletcher, C.; Pandolfi, P.Paolo.; Lawler, J.; Nucera, C., 2014:
Role of BRAFV600E in the first preclinical model of multifocal infiltrating myopericytoma development and microenvironment

Kang, G.; Cho, E.Yoon.; Shin, J.Hee.; Chung, J-Hoon.; Kim, J.Won.; Oh, Y.Lyun., 2012:
Role of BRAFV600E mutation analysis and second cytologic review of fine-needle aspiration for evaluating thyroid nodule

Sharma, S.; Rajaram, S.; Sharma, T.; Goel, N.; Agarwal, S.; Banerjee, B.Dev., 2014:
Role of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations in epithelial ovarian cancer in Indian population: a pilot study

Pao, G.M.; Zhu, Q.; Perez-Garcia, C.G.; Chou, S-Ju.; Suh, H.; Gage, F.H.; O'Leary, D.D.M.; Verma, I.M., 2014:
Role of BRCA1 in brain development

Yu, V.M.; Marion, C.M.; Austria, T.M.; Yeh, J.; Schönthal, A.H.; Dubeau, L., 2012:
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