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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55640

Chapter 55640 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Murray, I.; Perperidis, A.; Brash, H.; Cameron, L.; McTrusty, A.; Fleck, B.; Minns, R., 2015:
Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry (SVOP): a novel technique for automated static perimetry in children using eye tracking

Burrell, J.R.; Hornberger, M.; Carpenter, R.H.S.; Kiernan, M.C.; Hodges, J.R., 2012:
Saccadic abnormalities in frontotemporal dementia

Gremmler, S.; Bosco, A.; Fattori, P.; Lappe, M., 2014:
Saccadic adaptation shapes visual space in macaques

Havermann, K.; Volcic, R.; Lappe, M., 2012:
Saccadic adaptation to moving targets

Hendel, T.; Gur, M., 2014:
Saccadic amplitudes during combined saccade-vergence movements result from a weighted average of the target's locations in the two retinas

Rahafrooz, A.; Fallah, A.; Jafari, A.Homayoun.; Bakouie, F.; Zendehrouh, S.; Gharibzadeh, S., 2008:
Saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements: computational modeling of a common inhibitory mechanism in brainstem

Valsecchi, M.; Gegenfurtner, K.R.; Schütz, A.C., 2014:
Saccadic and smooth-pursuit eye movements during reading of drifting texts

Semmlow, J.; Pedrono, C.; Alvarez, T.L., 2007:
Saccadic behavior during the response to pure vergence stimuli

Geurten, B.R.H.; Jähde, P.; Corthals, K.; Göpfert, M.C., 2014:
Saccadic body turns in walking Drosophila

Shaikh, A.G.; Ramat, S.; Optican, L.M.; Miura, K.; Leigh, R.John.; Zee, D.S., 2009:
Saccadic burst cell membrane dysfunction is responsible for saccadic oscillations

Pensiero, S.; Fabbro, F.; Michieletto, P.; Accardo, A.; Brambilla, P., 2010:
Saccadic characteristics in autistic children

Daye, P.M.; Blohm, G.; Lefèvre, P., 2010:
Saccadic compensation for smooth eye and head movements during head-unrestrained two-dimensional tracking

Noritake, A.; Uttl, B.; Terao, M.; Nagai, M.; Watanabe, J.; Yagi, A., 2009:
Saccadic compression of rectangle and Kanizsa figures: now you see it, now you don't

Binda, P.; Morrone, M.Concetta.; Bremmer, F., 2013:
Saccadic compression of symbolic numerical magnitude

Graupner, S-Thomas.; Pannasch, S.; Velichkovsky, B.M., 2012:
Saccadic context indicates information processing within visual fixations: evidence from event-related potentials and eye-movements analysis of the distractor effect

Schmitt, L.M.; Cook, E.H.; Sweeney, J.A.; Mosconi, M.W., 2014:
Saccadic eye movement abnormalities in autism spectrum disorder indicate dysfunctions in cerebellum and brainstem

Bittencourt, J.; Velasques, B.; Teixeira, S.; Basile, L.F.; Salles, Jé.Inácio.; Nardi, A.Egídio.; Budde, H.; Cagy, M.; Piedade, R.; Ribeiro, P., 2013:
Saccadic eye movement applications for psychiatric disorders

Abel, L.A.; Bowman, E.A.; Velakoulis, D.; Fahey, M.C.; Desmond, P.; Macfarlane, M.D.; Looi, J.Chee.Leong.; Adamson, C.L.; Walterfang, M., 2013:
Saccadic eye movement characteristics in adult Niemann-Pick Type C disease: relationships with disease severity and brain structural measures

Di Stasi, L.L.; McCamy, M.B.; Macknik, S.L.; Mankin, J.A.; Hooft, N.; Catena, Aés.; Martinez-Conde, S., 2014:
Saccadic eye movement metrics reflect surgical residents' fatigue

Findlay, J.M., 2009:
Saccadic eye movement programming: sensory and attentional factors

Jagla, F.; Jergelová, M.; Riecanský, I., 2008:
Saccadic eye movement related potentials

Träisk, F.; Bolzani, R.; Tallstedt, L.; Schworm, H.D.; Ygge, J., 2007:
Saccadic eye movement velocity measured with the infrared reflection and search coil eye-tracking systems in patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy

Schmitt, K-Uwe.; Lanz, C.; Muser, M.H.; Walz, F.; Schwarz, U., 2014:
Saccadic eye movements after low-dose oral alcohol exposure

van Zoest, W.; Hunt, A.R., 2011:
Saccadic eye movements and perceptual judgments reveal a shared visual representation that is increasingly accurate over time

Lohnes, C.A.; Earhart, G.M., 2014:
Saccadic eye movements are related to turning performance in Parkinson disease

McSorley, E.; McCloy, R., 2009:
Saccadic eye movements as an index of perceptual decision-making

Bowling, A.C.; Lindsay, P.; Smith, B.G.; Storok, K., 2015:
Saccadic eye movements as indicators of cognitive function in older adults

Ostendorf, F., 2008:
Saccadic eye movements illuminate chronometry of perceptual localization

Srivastava, A.; Sharma, R.; Sood, S.K.; Shukla, G.; Goyal, V.; Behari, M., 2015:
Saccadic eye movements in Parkinson's disease

Carvalho, N.; Noiret, N.; Vandel, P.; Monnin, J.; Chopard, G.; Laurent, E., 2015:
Saccadic eye movements in depressed elderly patients

Grabska, N.; Rudzińska, M.; Wójcik-Pędziwiatr, M.; Michalski, Mł.; Sławek, Jław.; Szczudlik, A., 2014:
Saccadic eye movements in juvenile variant of Huntington disease

Mullen, S.J.; Yücel, Y.H.; Cusimano, M.; Schweizer, T.A.; Oentoro, A.; Gupta, N., 2016:
Saccadic eye movements in mild traumatic brain injury: a pilot study

van Beers, R.J., 2008:
Saccadic eye movements minimize the consequences of motor noise

Sinn, P.; Engbert, R., 2011:
Saccadic facilitation by modulation of microsaccades in natural backgrounds

Fleuriet, Jérome.; Hugues, S.; Perrinet, L.; Goffart, L., 2011:
Saccadic foveation of a moving visual target in the rhesus monkey

Albert, M.V.; Catz, N.; Thier, P.; Kording, K., 2012:
Saccadic gain adaptation is predicted by the statistics of natural fluctuations in oculomotor function

Gurvich, C.T.; Fitzgerald, P.B.; Georgiou-Karistianis, N.; White, O.B., 2008:
Saccadic impairment in schizophrenia with prominent negative symptoms

McIntosh, R.D.; Buonocore, A., 2014:
Saccadic inhibition can cause the remote distractor effect, but the remote distractor effect may not be a useful concept

Cowper-Smith, C.D.; Eskes, G.A.; Westwood, D.A., 2013:
Saccadic inhibition of return can arise from late-stage execution processes

Bompas, A.; Sumner, P., 2011:
Saccadic inhibition reveals the timing of automatic and voluntary signals in the human brain

Buonocore, A.; McIntosh, R.D., 2008:
Saccadic inhibition underlies the remote distractor effect

Fleuriet, Jérome.; Goffart, L., 2012:
Saccadic interception of a moving visual target after a spatiotemporal perturbation

Lemos, Jão.; Eggenberger, E., 2013:
Saccadic intrusions: review and update

Temel, Y.; Visser-Vandewalle, V.; Carpenter, R.H.S., 2008:
Saccadic latency during electrical stimulation of the human subthalamic nucleus

Perneczky, R.; Ghosh, B.C.P.; Hughes, L.; Carpenter, R.H.S.; Barker, R.A.; Rowe, J.B., 2012:
Saccadic latency in Parkinson's disease correlates with executive function and brain atrophy, but not motor severity

Anderson, A.J.; Carpenter, R.H.S., 2011:
Saccadic latency in deterministic environments: getting back on track after the unexpected happens

Krismer, F.; Roos, J.C.P.; Schranz, M.; Graziadei, I.W.; Mechtcheriakov, S.; Vogel, W.; Carpenter, R.H.S.; Zoller, H., 2011:
Saccadic latency in hepatic encephalopathy: a pilot study

Kolesnikova, O.V.; Tereshchenko, L.V.; Latanov, A.V.; Shul'govskiĭ, V.V., 2010:
Saccadic latency in human with different profiles of functional asymmetry depending on visual space complicity

Bannerman, R.L.; Hibbard, P.B.; Chalmers, K.; Sahraie, A., 2013:
Saccadic latency is modulated by emotional content of spatially filtered face stimuli

Rodríguez-Labrada, R.; Velázquez-Pérez, L.; Seigfried, C.; Canales-Ochoa, N.; Auburger, G.; Medrano-Montero, J.; Sánchez-Cruz, G.; Aguilera-Rodríguez, Rúl.; Laffita-Mesa, Jé.; Vázquez-Mojena, Yé.; Verdecia-Ramirez, M.; Motta, M.; Quevedo-Batista, Y., 2011:
Saccadic latency is prolonged in Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 2 and correlates with the frontal-executive dysfunctions

Islam, N.; Plant, G.T.; Acheson, J.F., 2007:
Saccadic lateropulsion or ipsipulsion

He, L.; Donnelly, W.J.; Stevenson, S.B.; Glasser, A., 2010:
Saccadic lens instability increases with accommodative stimulus in presbyopes

Ibbotson, M.R.; Crowder, N.A.; Cloherty, S.L.; Price, N.S.C.; Mustari, M.J., 2008:
Saccadic modulation of neural responses: possible roles in saccadic suppression, enhancement, and time compression

Wilming, N.; Harst, S.; Schmidt, N.; König, P., 2013:
Saccadic momentum and facilitation of return saccades contribute to an optimal foraging strategy

Netto, A.Augusto.Tahan.de.Campos.; Colafêmina, Jé.Fernando., 2010 :
Saccadic movements in subjects with cerebellar disorders

Damyanovich, E.V.; Baziyan, B.Kh.; Sagalov, M.V.; Kumskova, G.A., 2014:
Saccadic movements of the eyes in children with attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome

Di Stasi, L.L.; Renner, R.; Staehr, P.; Helmert, J.R.; Velichkovsky, B.M.; Cañas, Jé.J.; Catena, Aés.; Pannasch, S., 2011:
Saccadic peak velocity sensitivity to variations in mental workload

Malsert, J.; Guyader, N.; Chauvin, A.; Polosan, M.; Szekely, D.; Bougerol, T.; Marendaz, C., 2013:
Saccadic performance and cortical excitability as trait-markers and state-markers in rapid cycling bipolar disorder: a two-case follow-up study

Sieben, A.; Crevits, L.; Santens, P., 2007:
Saccadic ping pong gaze in coma

Lee, A.K.C.; Hämäläinen, M.S.; Dyckman, K.A.; Barton, J.J.S.; Manoach, D.S., 2011:
Saccadic preparation in the frontal eye field is modulated by distinct trial history effects as revealed by magnetoencephalography

Shinomiya, Y.; Yamada, T.; Suzuki, K.; Komachi, Y.; Niida, T., 2014:
Saccadic reaction times in alternating cover

Diederich, A.; Schomburg, A.; Colonius, H., 2013:
Saccadic reaction times to audiovisual stimuli show effects of oscillatory phase reset

Caddigan, E.; Lleras, A., 2011:
Saccadic repulsion in pop-out search: how a target's dodgy history can push the eyes away from it

Keren, A.S.; Yuval-Greenberg, S.; Deouell, L.Y., 2010:
Saccadic spike potentials in gamma-band EEG: characterization, detection and suppression

Krekelberg, B., 2010:
Saccadic suppression

Klingenhoefer, S.; Bremmer, F., 2011:
Saccadic suppression of displacement in face of saccade adaptation

Abouaf, L.; Panouillères, M.; Thobois, S.; Majerova, V.; Vighetto, A.; Pélisson, D.; Tilikete, C., 2012:
Saccadic system plasticity mechanisms in Parkinson disease patients

Powers, M.; Grisham, D.; Riles, P., 2008:
Saccadic tracking skills of poor readers in high school

West, G.L.; Welsh, T.N.; Pratt, J., 2009:
Saccadic trajectories receive online correction: evidence for a feedback-based system of oculomotor control

Selen, L.P.J.; Medendorp, W.P., 2011:
Saccadic updating of object orientation for grasping movements

Di Stasi, L.L.; Catena, Aés.; Cañas, Jé.J.; Macknik, S.L.; Martinez-Conde, S., 2014:
Saccadic velocity as an arousal index in naturalistic tasks

Robert, M.P.A.; Nachev, P.C.; Hicks, S.L.; Golding, C.V.P.; Tabrizi, S.J.; Kennard, C., 2009:
Saccadometry of conditional rules in presymptomatic Huntington's disease

Temel, Y.; Visser-Vandewalle, V.; Carpenter, R.H.S., 2009:
Saccadometry: a novel clinical tool for quantification of the motor effects of subthalamic nucleus stimulation in Parkinson's disease

Pearson, B.C.; Armitage, K.R.; Horner, C.W.M.; Carpenter, R.H.S., 2007:
Saccadometry: the possible application of latency distribution measurement for monitoring concussion

Corsaro, D.; Michel, R.; Walochnik, J.; Müller, K-Dieter.; Greub, G., 2010:
Saccamoeba lacustris, sp. nov. (Amoebozoa: Lobosea: Hartmannellidae), a new lobose amoeba, parasitized by the novel chlamydia 'Candidatus Metachlamydia lacustris' (Chlamydiae: Parachlamydiaceae)

Chuang, C-Ming.; Wang, H-Er.; Chang, C-Huang.; Peng, C-Chi.; Ker, Y-Bee.; Lai, J-Erh.; Chen, K-Chou.; Peng, R.Y., 2013:
Sacchachitin, a novel chitin-polysaccharide conjugate macromolecule present in Ganoderma lucidum: purification, composition, and properties

Yang, S-Yun.; Liu, H.; Liu, R.; Zhang, K-Yun.; Lai, R., 2009:
Saccharibacillus kuerlensis sp. nov., isolated from a desert soil

Liu, Q-Qian.; Wang, Y.; Li, J.; Du, Z-Jun.; Chen, G-Jun., 2014:
Saccharicrinis carchari sp. nov., isolated from a shark, and emended descriptions of the genus Saccharicrinis and Saccharicrinis fermentans

Lee, F.J.; Rusch, D.B.; Stewart, F.J.; Mattila, H.R.; Newton, I.L.G., 2015:
Saccharide breakdown and fermentation by the honey bee gut microbiome

Best, T.; Kemps, E.; Bryan, J., 2010:
Saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults: a randomized controlled trial

Powell, A.K.; Zhi, Z-Liang.; Turnbull, J.E., 2009:
Saccharide microarrays for high-throughput interrogation of glycan-protein binding interactions

Yu, W.; Zhang, N.; Li, C., 2010:
Saccharide modified pharmaceutical nanocarriers for targeted drug and gene delivery

Abe, H.; Machiguchi, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Inouye, M., 2008:
Saccharide recognition-induced transformation of pyridine-pyridone alternate oligomers from self-dimer to helical complex

Lu, L.; Lv, F.; Cao, B.; He, X.; Liu, T., 2014:
Saccharide substituted zinc phthalocyanines: optical properties, interaction with bovine serum albumin and near infrared fluorescence imaging for sentinel lymph nodes

Fyrner, T.; Lee, H-Hsun.; Mangone, A.; Ekblad, T.; Pettitt, M.E.; Callow, M.E.; Callow, J.A.; Conlan, S.L.; Mutton, R.; Clare, A.S.; Konradsson, P.; Liedberg, B.; Ederth, T., 2012:
Saccharide-functionalized alkanethiols for fouling-resistant self-assembled monolayers: synthesis, monolayer properties, and antifouling behavior

Hartmann, M.; Betz, P.; Sun, Y.; Gorb, S.N.; Lindhorst, T.K.; Krueger, A., 2012:
Saccharide-modified nanodiamond conjugates for the efficient detection and removal of pathogenic bacteria

Kubler-Kielb, J.; Vinogradov, E.; Ben-Menachem, G.; Pozsgay, V.; Robbins, J.B.; Schneerson, R., 2008:
Saccharide/protein conjugate vaccines for Bordetella species: preparation of saccharide, development of new conjugation procedures, and physico-chemical and immunological characterization of the conjugates

Guo, B.; Pan, G.; Guo, Q.; Zhu, C.; Cui, W.; Li, B.; Yang, H., 2015:
Saccharides and temperature dual-responsive hydrogel layers for harvesting cell sheets

Pervez, S.; Aman, A.; Iqbal, S.; Siddiqui, N.Naveed.; Ul Qader, S.Ali., 2015:
Saccharification and liquefaction of cassava starch: an alternative source for the production of bioethanol using amylolytic enzymes by double fermentation process

Hama, S.; Nakano, K.; Onodera, K.; Nakamura, M.; Noda, H.; Kondo, A., 2014:
Saccharification behavior of cellulose acetate during enzymatic processing for microbial ethanol production

Kataria, R.; Ghosh, S., 2012:
Saccharification of Kans grass using enzyme mixture from Trichoderma reesei for bioethanol production

Pirota, R.D.P.B.; Baleeiro, Fávio.C.F.; Farinas, C.S., 2014:
Saccharification of biomass using whole solid-state fermentation medium to avoid additional separation steps

Singh, A.; Abidi, A.B.; Darmwal, N.S.; Agrawal, A.K., 1990:
Saccharification of cellulosic substrates byAspergillus niger cellulase

Juanbaró, J.; Puigjaner, L., 1986:
Saccharification of concentrated brewing bagasse slurries with dilute sulfuric acid for producing acetone-butanol by Clostridium acetobutylicum

Rani, R.R.; Jana, S.C.; Nanda, G., 1994:
Saccharification of indigenous starches by β-Amylase of Bacillus megaterium

Samayam, I.P.; Schall, C.A., 2010:
Saccharification of ionic liquid pretreated biomass with commercial enzyme mixtures

Ogasawara, Y.; Itagaki, S.; Yamaguchi, K.; Mizuno, N., 2011:
Saccharification of natural lignocellulose biomass and polysaccharides by highly negatively charged heteropolyacids in concentrated aqueous solution

Jagtap, S.Sadashiv.; Dhiman, S.Sudha.; Jeya, M.; Kang, Y.Chan.; Choi, J-Ho.; Lee, J-Kul., 2012:
Saccharification of poplar biomass by using lignocellulases from Pholiota adiposa

Yang, R.; Meng, D.; Hu, X.; Ni, Y.; Li, Q., 2014:
Saccharification of pumpkin residues by coculturing of Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30 and Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burdsall with delayed inoculation timing

Sengupta, S.; Naskar, A.K.; Jana, M.L., 1984:
Saccharification of untreated agrowastes during mycelial growth of mushroom Termitomyces clypeatu on solid beds

Jeya, M.; Kalyani, D.; Dhiman, S.Sudha.; Kim, H.; Woo, S.; Kim, D.; Lee, J-Kul., 2012:
Saccharification of woody biomass using glycoside hydrolases from Stereum hirsutum

Waddell, W.J.; Lachance, M.P., 1981:
Saccharin and bladder tumors

Buerge, I.J.; Keller, M.; Buser, H-Rudolf.; Müller, M.D.; Poiger, T., 2011:
Saccharin and other artificial sweeteners in soils: estimated inputs from agriculture and households, degradation, and leaching to groundwater

Rahimipour, M.; Talebi, A.Reza.; Anvari, M.; Abbasi Sarcheshmeh, A.; Omidi, M., 2014:
Saccharin consumption increases sperm DNA fragmentation and apoptosis in mice

Touyz, L.Z.G., 2011:
Saccharin deemed "not hazardous" in United States and abroad

Csakai, A.; Smith, C.; Davis, E.; Martinko, A.; Coulup, S.; Yin, H., 2014:
Saccharin derivatives as inhibitors of interferon-mediated inflammation

Yamashita, H.; Muroi, Y.; Ishii, T., 2013:
Saccharin enhances neurite extension by regulating organization of the microtubules

Swithers, S.E.; Ogden, S.B.; Laboy, A.F.; Davidson, T.L., 2013:
Saccharin pre-exposure enhances appetitive flavor learning in pre-weanling rats

Wong, R., 1985:
Saccharin preference of hamsters, gerbils and rats in the "two-food" situation

Morkūnaitė, V.; Baranauskienė, L.; Zubrienė, A.; Kairys, V.; Ivanova, J.; Trapencieris, Pēteris.; Matulis, D., 2015 :
Saccharin sulfonamides as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases I, II, VII, XII, and XIII

Plaza Valía, P.; Carrión Valero, F.; Marín Pardo, J.; Bautista Rentero, D.; González Monte, C., 2008:
Saccharin test for the study of mucociliary clearance: reference values for a Spanish population

Cohen, B.L., 1978:
Saccharin, cancer, and calories

C, B.J., 1972:
Saccharin: future uncertain

Gaballa, A.S.; Teleb, S.M.; Müller, T., 2007:
Saccharinato complexes of Ce(V) with 2-hydroxypyridine: synthesis, spectroscopic and thermal characteristics of [Ce(sac)2(SO4)(H2O)4] and [Ce(sac)2(SO4)(PyOH)2

Chen, S.; Niu, L.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Saccharofermentans acetigenes gen. nov., sp. nov., an anaerobic bacterium isolated from sludge treating brewery wastewater

Veyisoglu, A.; Sazak, A.; Cetin, D.; Guven, K.; Sahin, N., 2013:
Saccharomonospora amisosensis sp. nov., isolated from deep marine sediment

Liu, Z.; Li, Y.; Zheng, L-Qiang.; Huang, Y-Jian.; Li, W-Jun., 2010:
Saccharomonospora marina sp. nov., isolated from an ocean sediment of the East China Sea

Diani, L.; Colombelli, C.; Nachimuthu, B.Tamilselvan.; Donnianni, R.; Plevani, P.; Muzi-Falconi, M.; Pellicioli, A., 2009:
Saccharomyces CDK1 phosphorylates Rad53 kinase in metaphase, influencing cellular morphogenesis

Engel, S.R.; Balakrishnan, R.; Binkley, G.; Christie, K.R.; Costanzo, M.C.; Dwight, S.S.; Fisk, D.G.; Hirschman, J.E.; Hitz, B.C.; Hong, E.L.; Krieger, C.J.; Livstone, M.S.; Miyasato, S.R.; Nash, R.; Oughtred, R.; Park, J.; Skrzypek, M.S.; Weng, S.; Wong, E.D.; Dolinski, K.; Botstein, D.; Cherry, J.Michael., 2010 :
Saccharomyces Genome Database provides mutant phenotype data

Rine, J., 1994:
Saccharomyces and company

Liu, M.; Capilla, J.; Johansen, M.E.; Alvarado, D.; Martinez, M.; Chen, V.; Clemons, K.V.; Stevens, D.A., 2011:
Saccharomyces as a vaccine against systemic aspergillosis: 'the friend of man' a friend again?

Liu, M.; Clemons, K.V.; Johansen, M.E.; Martinez, M.; Chen, V.; Stevens, D.A., 2013:
Saccharomyces as a vaccine against systemic candidiasis

Dinleyici, E.Cagri.; Kara, A.; Ozen, M.; Vandenplas, Y., 2015:
Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 in different clinical conditions

Everard, A.; Matamoros, Sébastien.; Geurts, L.; Delzenne, N.M.; Cani, P.D., 2015:
Saccharomyces boulardii administration changes gut microbiota and reduces hepatic steatosis, low-grade inflammation, and fat mass in obese and type 2 diabetic db/db mice

Rajput, I.Rashid.; Hussain, A.; Li, Y.Li.; Zhang, X.; Xu, X.; Long, M.Yu.; You, D.Yu.; Li, W.Fen., 2014:
Saccharomyces boulardii and Bacillus subtilis B10 modulate TLRs mediated signaling to induce immunity by chicken BMDCs

Samonis, G.; Falagas, M.E.; Lionakis, S.; Ntaoukakis, M.; Kofteridis, D.P.; Ntalas, I.; Maraki, S., 2011:
Saccharomyces boulardii and Candida albicans experimental colonization of the murine gut

Zanello, G.; Meurens, F.; Berri, M.; Salmon, H., 2008:
Saccharomyces boulardii effects on gastrointestinal diseases

Sakarya, S.; Gunay, N., 2014:
Saccharomyces boulardii expresses neuraminidase activity selective for α2,3-linked sialic acid that decreases Helicobacter pylori adhesion to host cells

Demirel, G.; Erdeve, O.; Celik, I.Han.; Dilmen, U., 2015:
Saccharomyces boulardii for prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants: a randomized, controlled study

Szajewska, H.; Skórka, A., 2010:
Saccharomyces boulardii for treating acute gastroenteritis in children: updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Lolis, N.; Veldekis, D.; Moraitou, H.; Kanavaki, S.; Velegraki, A.; Triandafyllidis, C.; Tasioudis, C.; Pefanis, A.; Pneumatikos, I., 2008:
Saccharomyces boulardii fungaemia in an intensive care unit patient treated with caspofungin

Thygesen, J.Bjerre.; Glerup, H.; Tarp, B., 2013:
Saccharomyces boulardii fungemia caused by treatment with a probioticum

Canonici, A.; Siret, C.; Pellegrino, E.; Pontier-Bres, R.; Pouyet, L.; Montero, M.Pierre.; Colin, C.; Czerucka, D.; Rigot, Véronique.; André, Fédéric., 2011:
Saccharomyces boulardii improves intestinal cell restitution through activation of the α2β1 integrin collagen receptor

Canonici, A.; Pellegrino, E.; Siret, C.; Terciolo, Cé.; Czerucka, D.; Bastonero, S.; Marvaldi, J.; Lombardo, D.; Rigot, Véronique.; André, Fédéric., 2013:
Saccharomyces boulardii improves intestinal epithelial cell restitution by inhibiting αvβ5 integrin activation state

Ooi, C.Y.; Dilley, A.V.; Day, A.S., 2009:
Saccharomyces boulardii in a child with recurrent Clostridium difficile

Vandenplas, Y.; Brunser, O.; Szajewska, H., 2009:
Saccharomyces boulardii in childhood

Micklefield, G., 2014 :
Saccharomyces boulardii in the treatment and prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea

Chen, X.; Fruehauf, J.; Goldsmith, J.D.; Xu, H.; Katchar, K.K.; Koon, H-Wai.; Zhao, D.; Kokkotou, E.G.; Pothoulakis, C.; Kelly, Cán.P., 2009:
Saccharomyces boulardii inhibits EGF receptor signaling and intestinal tumor growth in Apc(min) mice

Thomas, S.; Przesdzing, I.; Metzke, D.; Schmitz, J.; Radbruch, A.; Baumgart, D.C., 2009:
Saccharomyces boulardii inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of human dendritic cells and T cell proliferation

Pontier-Bres, R.; Munro, P.; Boyer, L.; Anty, R.; Imbert, Véronique.; Terciolo, Cé.; André, Féderic.; Rampal, P.; Lemichez, E.; Peyron, J-François.; Czerucka, D., 2015:
Saccharomyces boulardii modifies Salmonella typhimurium traffic and host immune responses along the intestinal tract

Collignon, A.; Sandré, C.; Barc, M-C., 2011:
Saccharomyces boulardii modulates dendritic cell properties and intestinal microbiota disruption after antibiotic treatment

Guslandi, M., 2010:
Saccharomyces boulardii plus rifaximin in mesalamine-intolerant ulcerative colitis

Wu, D.; Teng, D.; Wang, X.; Dai, C.; Wang, J., 2014:
Saccharomyces boulardii prevention of the hepatic injury induced by Salmonella Enteritidis infection

Soylu, A.; Berktaş, S.; Sarioğlu, Sülen.; Erbil, Güven.; Yilmaz, O.; Demir, B.K.; Tufan, Y.; Yeşilirmak, D.; Türkmen, M.; Kavukçu, S., 2008:
Saccharomyces boulardii prevents oral-poliovirus vaccine-induced IgA nephropathy in mice

Lee, S.Kil.; Kim, H.Jong.; Chi, S.Gil., 2010:
Saccharomyces boulardii reduced intestinal inflammation in mice model of 2,4,6-trinitrobencene sulfonic acid induced colitis: based on microarray

de Avila, L.Farias.da.Costa.; Conceição, F.Rochedo.; Telmo, P.de.Lima.; Dutra, G.Ferreira.; de los Santos, D.Gil.; Martins, L.Helena.Rodrigues.; Berne, M.Elisabeth.Aires.; da Silva, P.Eduardo.Almeida.; Scaini, C.James., 2012:
Saccharomyces boulardii reduces infection intensity of mice with toxocariasis

Boyle, A.G.; Magdesian, K.G.; Durando, M.M.; Gallop, R.; Sigdel, S., 2013:
Saccharomyces boulardii viability and efficacy in horses with antimicrobial-induced diarrhoea

Berni Canani, R.; Cucchiara, S.; Cuomo, R.; Pace, F.; Papale, F., 2011:
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