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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55648

Chapter 55648 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Lawler, A., 2014:
Sailing Sinbad's seas

Shah, P.; Cross, V.; Sii, F., 2014:
Sailing a safe ship: improving patient safety by enhancing the leadership skills of new consultant specialist surgeons

Sun, H-Lin.; Sinclair, M.; Kernohan, G.W.; Chang, T-Hsin.; Patterson, H.; Paterson, H., 2011:
Sailing against the tide: Taiwanese women's journey from pregnancy loss to motherhood

Mbotho, M.; Cilliers, M.; Akintola, O., 2013:
Sailing against the tide? Sustaining sexual abstinence among Christian youth in a university setting in South Africa

Walach, H., 2008:
Sailing against the wind

Labriola, L.; Jadoul, M., 2015:
Sailing between Scylla and Charybdis: the high serum K-low dialysate K quandary

Carta, M.Giovanni.; Maggiani, F.; Pilutzu, L.; Moro, M.Francesca.; Mura, G.; Sancassiani, F.; Vellante, V.; Migliaccio, G.Mario.; Machado, S.; Nardi, A.Egidio.; Preti, A., 2014:
Sailing can improve quality of life of people with severe mental disorders: results of a cross over randomized controlled trial

Carta, M.G.; Maggiani, F.; Pilutzu, L.; Moro, M.F.; Mura, G.; Cadoni, F.; Sancassiani, F.; Vellante, M.; Machado, S.; Preti, A., 2014:
Sailing for rehabilitation of patients with severe mental disorders: results of a cross over randomized controlled trial

Feldman, A.M., 2010:
Sailing from bench to bedside

Nathanson, A.T.; Baird, J.; Mello, M., 2011:
Sailing injury and illness: results of an online survey

Smith, D., 2014:
Sailing into new waters

Eagle, A., 2010:
Sailing into the future. Nautical theme helps set hospital's course

Huang, Y-bin., 2011:
Sailing kilometers for success means a heavy responsibility to bear and a long way to go

Day, A.L.; Newman, D.A.; Heames, R.M.; Risdall, J.E., 2011:
Sailing new waters--Role Two Afloat medical facility. Enhanced counter piracy operations September-December 2010

Lhc, 1990:
Sailing out of the doldrums

Hobson, K., 2010:
Sailing past 90 with lots left to do

Spurway, N.; Legg, S.; Hale, T., 2007:
Sailing physiology

Legato, M.J., 2011:
Sailing the sea of synthetic biology: Dr. Venter and the Sorcerer II

Anonymous, 2013:
Sailing the seas for sight

Reiter, D., 2007:
Sailing the straits of approval: the nature of FDA approval and its implications for surgeons

Getz, G.S.; Kennedy, E.P., 2012:
Sailing to Byzantium: Eugene P. Kennedy (1919-2011)

Dinakar, C.; Portnoy, J., 2014:
Sailing to the port of best practice on the A/I practice parameters Mayflower

Lanier, B.G., 2009:
Sailing towards EMR: treasure island or iceberg

Lorenowicz, M.J.; Korswagen, H.C., 2009:
Sailing with the Wnt: charting the Wnt processing and secretion route

Stein, M.T.; OʼDea, T.; Snyder, D.; Dixon, S.D., 2015:
Sailing with young children: risk or adventure?

Hawkes, N., 2014:
Sailing without a lookout: cuts to the Office for National Statistics

Chance, B.; Desaix, P.; Herrreshoff, H.; Milgram, J.H., 1967:
Sailing yacht research

Bickerton, T.H., 1888:
Sailors and their Eyesight, including Colour-Blindness

Carter, M.Qiu.; Pham, A., 2018:
Complete Genome Sequence of a Natural Escherichia coli O145:H11 Isolate That Belongs to Phylogroup A

Baron, J.Hugh., 2009:
Sailors' scurvy before and after James Lind--a reassessment

Gibson, S., 2010:
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center: Devoted to advanced healing

Surber, C., 2010:
Saint Alphonsus trains to remain

Caire, M., 2010:
Saint Anne hospital and its gardens

Vaughn, S.N., 2010:
Saint Anselm and his students writing about love: a theological foundation for the rise of romantic love in Europe

Bou Khalil, R., 2013:
Saint Anthony of Qozhaya's cave: a pioneering shelter for the mentally ill in the Middle East

Hinze, B.A., 2007:
Saint Anthony's Fire and AIDS: Two Altarpieces and the Oft-Forgotten Goals of Medicine

Battin, J., 2011:
Saint Anthony's Fire or gangrenous ergotism and its medieval iconography

Battin, J.; Saint Anthony, 2010:
Saint Anthony's Fire or gangrenous ergotism and the iconography of Anthony from the origin to the present day

Lorette, G.; Saint Bartholomew, 2007:
Saint Bartholomew the flayed

Coyne, J.D., 2014:
Saint Bernadette, the Saint of Lourdes

Bonaparte, M., 1947:
Saint Christopher, patron saint of the motor-car drivers

Miller, J., 2011:
Saint Elizabeth's rich brew

Shaw, M.; Kern, E.; Warsh, R.J., 2007:
Saint Elizabeths goes green

Skrobonja, A.; S.F.ancis, 2012:
Saint Francis and his brethren: aids to the ill and guardians against diseases

Sampedro, A.; Barbón, J.J.; Saint Francis of Assisi, 2007:
Saint Francis of Assisi and trachoma

Magnon, R.; Saint John Cicade of God, 2007:
Saint John of God (1495-1550)

Pereira, Jé.Carlos.; Pradella-Hallinan, Márcia.; Alves, R.Cardoso., 2014:
Saint John's wort, an herbal inducer of the cytochrome P4503A4 isoform, may alleviate symptoms of Willis-Ekbom's disease

Newhall, J.E.Tuttle., 2011:
Saint Louis University Center for Abdominal Transplantation: 'show me' world class care

Wu, S.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, W.; Deng, S., 2018:
Complete Genome Sequence of an Atypical Porcine Pestivirus Isolated from Jiangxi Province, China

Ruebling, I.; Royeen, C., 2014:
Saint Louis University Interprofessional Education Program

Hadziabdic, S.; Borowiak, M.; Bloch, A.; Malorny, B.; Szabo, I.; Guerra, B.; Kaesbohrer, A.; Fischer, J., 2018:
Complete Genome Sequence of an Avian Native NDM-1-Producing Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Serovar Corvallis Strain

López, H.; Neira, J.; Morales, Mía.Alejandra.; Fabbri, C.; D'Agostino, Mía.Laura.; Zitto, T., 2015:
Saint Louis encephalitis virus in Buenos Aires city during the outbreak of dengue in 2009

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; Vinuesa-Silva, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J., 2015:
Saint Lucy in El Prado Museum (II). Saint Domingo de Guzmán and four saints (1405)

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; Vinuesa-Silva, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J., 2015:
Saint Lucy in El Prado Museum (III). Circle of Juan de Borgoña

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; García-Sánchez, J.; Saint Lucy, 2016:
Saint Lucy in the El Prado Museum (I). Altarpiece of the legend of Saint Lucy by the Master of Estimariu (1357-1385)

Perucho-González, L.; Santos-Bueso, E.; García-Sanchez, J., 2016:
Saint Lucy in the National Art Museum of Catalonia

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; García-Sánchez, J., 2016:
Saint Lucy in the Prado Museum (IV). The Virgin and Child with saint Lucy and a holy martyr. Carletto Veronese

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; Vinuesa-Silva, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J., 2016:
Saint Lucy in the Prado Museum (v). Stories of Mary Magdalene and saint John the Baptist by Jaume Serra (1356-1359)

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; García-Sánchez, J.; Saint Lucy; Boltraffio, G.Antonio., 2015:
Saint Lucy in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid (I). Portrait of a lady as saint Lucy. Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; Vinuesa-Silva, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J.; Saint Lucy; Veneziano, L., 2016:
Saint Lucy in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid (II). Portable triptych with a central Crucifixion

Santos-Bueso, E.; Sáenz-Francés, F.; Vinuesa-Silva, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J.; Saint Lucia, 2016:
Saint Lucy in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid (III). Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection. Saint holding a platter with roses

Dhillon, N.; Dua, H.S.; Singh, A.D.; Saint Lucy, 2009:
Saint Lucy, the Patron Saint of the Blind

Blokhina, N.N., 2014:
Saint Olga Moscow Children's Hospital

Sullender, R.S., 1981:
Saint Paul's approach to grief: Clarifying the ambiguity

Scholz, S.; Scholz, A.; Saint Peregrinus, 2008:
Saint Peregrinus as patron saint of ulcer patients

Khavinson, V.Kh.; Ryzhak, G.A.; Mikhaĭlova, O.N., 2013:
Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology: achievements and prospects (towards the 20th anniversary)

D.Pasqui, R., 2014:
Saint-Honore-les-Bains in otorhinolaryngology

Deridder, A., 2008:
Saint-Jacques de Besançon Hospital

Faure, P., 2009:
Saint-Louis hospital and the plague

Lister, A.L.; Pocock, M.; Taschuk, M.; Wipat, A., 2010:
Saint: a lightweight integration environment for model annotation

Stein, W.E., 2010:
Saints I have known

Veneziani, S., 2009:
Saints and diseases: an onomastic relationship

Fulcheri, E., 2008:
Saints and illnesses in faith and paleopathological evidences

Rumbaut, R.D., 1976:
Saints and psychiatry

Meserve, H.C., 1973:
Saints and sinners

Wilson, M., 2013:
Saints and sinners: the devil is in the historical details

Benton, K.William.Kim., 2009:
Saints and sinners: training Papua New Guinean (PNG) Christian Clergy to respond to HIV and AIDS using a model of care

Smith, K.A., 2009:
Saints in shining armor: martial asceticism and masculine models of sanctity, ca. 1050-1250

D.Luca, E., 2010:
Saints of scandal

Leeder, S., 2013:
Saints preserve us from food folly

Anson, B.J., 2014:
Saints, Satan and beasts in mediaeval medicine

Anson, B.J., 1947:
Saints, animals, the stars and demons in mediaeval medicine

Delaney, M.; McCarthy, M.B., 2014:
Saints, sinners and non-believers: the moral space of food. A qualitative exploration of beliefs and perspectives on healthy eating of Irish adults aged 50-70

Kitamoto, M.; Kato, K.; Sugimoto, A.; Kitamura, H.; Uemura, K.; Takeda, T.; Wu, C.; Nogaki, F.; Morimoto, T.; Ono, T., 2011:
Sairei-to ameliorates rat peritoneal fibrosis partly through suppression of oxidative stress

Kano, T.; Shimizu, M.; Kanda, T.; Hijikata, Y., 2011:
Sairei-to therapy on alloimmune recurrent spontaneous abortions and alloimmune-, autoimmune complicated recurrent spontaneous abortions

Hattori, T.; Sadakane, C.; Koseki, J.; Kase, Y.; Takeda, S., 2007:
Saireito probably prevents mesangial cell proliferation in HIGA mice via PDGF-BB tyrosine kinase inhibition

Stanley, H., 2012:
Sairey Gamps, feminine nurses and greedy monopolists: discourses of gender and professional identity in the Lancet and the British Medical Journal, 1886-1902

Schwarz, G.; Kowski, P.; Gernandt, H., 1997:
Saisonale Variation von Deuterium und Sauerstoff-18 in Luftfeuchte und Niederschlag über Antarktika

Kurtzman, C.P.; Robnett, C.J., 2012:
Saitoella coloradoensis sp. nov., a new species of the Ascomycota, subphylum Taphrinomycotina

Schutte, D.L.; Reed, D.; Decrane, S.; Ersig, A.L., 2012:
Saitohin and APOE polymorphisms influence cognition and function in persons with advanced Alzheimer Disease

Wang, Y.; Gao, L.; Conrad, C.G.; Andreadis, A., 2012:
Saitohin, which is nested within the tau gene, interacts with tau and Abl and its human-specific allele influences Abl phosphorylation

Munari, F.M.; Revers, L.F.; Cardone, J.M.; Immich, B.F.; Moura, D.J.; Guecheva, T.N.; Bonatto, D.; Laurino, J.P.; Saffi, J.; Brendel, M.; Henriques, Jão.A.P., 2014:
Sak1 kinase interacts with Pso2 nuclease in response to DNA damage induced by interstrand crosslink-inducing agents in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Rivas, F.P.; Castro, M.P.; Vallejo, M.; Marguet, E.; Campos, C.A., 2015:
Sakacin Q produced by Lactobacillus curvatus ACU-1: functionality characterization and antilisterial activity on cooked meat surface

Kawamoto, S.; Kaneoke, M.; Ohkouchi, K.; Amano, Y.; Takaoka, Y.; Kume, K.; Aki, T.; Yamashita, S.; Watanabe, K-ichi.; Kadowaki, M.; Hirata, D.; Ono, K., 2011:
Sake lees fermented with lactic acid bacteria prevents allergic rhinitis-like symptoms and IgE-mediated basophil degranulation

Urbanczyk, H.; Noguchi, C.; Wu, H.; Watanabe, D.; Akao, T.; Takagi, H.; Shimoi, H., 2011:
Sake yeast strains have difficulty in entering a quiescent state after cell growth cessation

Shorter, E.; Meduna, L.; Sakel, M., 2009:
Sakel versus Meduna: different strokes, different styles of scientific discovery

Loewenberg, S., 2010:
Sakena Yacoobi: leader for Afghan women's health and education

Flory, P.J.; Pripstein, M., 1984:
Sakharov appeal

Dickson, D., 1989:
Sakharov declines to run for moscow seat

Shapley, D., 1978:
Sakharov lauds u.s. Society for strong stance

Stern, E.A., 1974:
Sakharov on detente

Wade, N., 1980:
Sakharov protests mount

Holden, C., 1987:
Sakharov sends message to vienna

S.D., 1973:
Sakharov wants to leave

Campbell, L., 1968:
Sakharov: soviet physicist appeals for bold initiatives

Carter, L.J., 1973:
Sakharov: teetering at the brink I. Survival depends on a delicate political balance

Relloso, S.; Romano, V.; Landaburu, M.Fernanda.; Herrera, F.; Smayevsky, J.; Veciño, C.; Mujica, M.Teresa., 2014:
Saksenaea erythrospora infection following a serious sailing accident

Ray, S.; Koshy, N.R.; Diwakar, S.; Nair, B.; Srivastava, S., 2012:
Sakshat Labs: India's virtual proteomics initiative

Li, L.; Ye, X.; Wu, Y.; Gao, L.; Song, Z.; Yin, Z.; Xu, Y., 2013:
Sakurai reaction of 3,3-bis(silyl) silyl enol ethers with acetals involving selective desilylation of the geminal bis(silane). Concise synthesis of nematocidal oxylipid

Saito, T.; Abe, D.; Sekiya, K., 2008:
Sakuranetin induces adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 cells through enhanced expression of PPARgamma2

Assarehzadegan, M.Ali.; Amini, A.; Sankian, M.; Tehrani, M.; Jabbari, F.; Varasteh, A., 2010:
Sal k 4, a new allergen of Salsola kali, is profilin: a predictive value of conserved conformational regions in cross-reactivity with other plant-derived profilins

Castro, L.; Mas, S.; Barderas, R.; Colás, C.; García-Sellés, J.; Barber, D.; Rodríguez, R.; Villalba, M., 2014:
Sal k 5, a member of the widespread Ole e 1-like protein family, is a new allergen of Russian thistle (Salsola kali) pollen

Oikawa, T.; Kamiya, A.; Zeniya, M.; Chikada, H.; Hyuck, A.Dong.; Yamazaki, Y.; Wauthier, E.; Tajiri, H.; Miller, L.D.; Wang, X.Wei.; Reid, L.M.; Nakauchi, H., 2013:
Sal-like protein 4 (SALL4), a stem cell biomarker in liver cancers

Jain, D., 2013:
Sal-like protein 4: an epithelial and germ cell marker

Yang, D.; Zhang, P.; Wang, T.; Gao, L.; Qiao, Z.; Liang, Y.; Yu, B., 2016:
SalA attenuates ischemia/reperfusion-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction via down-regulation of VLDL receptor expression

Li, M.; Wang, C.; Feng, Y.; Pan, X.; Cheng, G.; Wang, J.; Ge, J.; Zheng, F.; Cao, M.; Dong, Y.; Liu, D.; Wang, J.; Lin, Y.; Du, H.; Gao, G.F.; Wang, X.; Hu, F.; Tang, J., 2008:
SalK/SalR, a two-component signal transduction system, is essential for full virulence of highly invasive Streptococcus suis serotype 2

Wang, J.; Rong, X.; Li, W.; Yamahara, J.; Li, Y., 2012:
Salacia oblonga ameliorates hypertriglyceridemia and excessive ectopic fat accumulation in laying hens

Girón, Mía.Dolores.; Sevillano, N.; Salto, R.; Haidour, A.; Manzano, M.; Jiménez, M.L.; Rueda, R.; López-Pedrosa, Jé.M., 2010 :
Salacia oblonga extract increases glucose transporter 4-mediated glucose uptake in L6 rat myotubes: role of mangiferin

Shimada, T.; Nakayama, Y.; Harasawa, Y.; Matsui, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Sai, Y.; Miyamoto, K-ichi.; Tomatsu, S.; Aburada, M., 2014:
Salacia reticulata has therapeutic effects on obesity

Shivaprasad, H.N.; Bhanumathy, M.; Sushma, G.; Midhun, T.; Raveendra, K.R.; Sushma, K.R.; Venkateshwarlu, K., 2014:
Salacia reticulata improves serum lipid profiles and glycemic control in patients with prediabetes and mild to moderate hyperlipidemia: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial

Shimada, T.; Nagai, E.; Harasawa, Y.; Watanabe, M.; Negishi, K.; Akase, T.; Sai, Y.; Miyamoto, K-Ichi.; Aburada, M., 2011:
Salacia reticulata inhibits differentiation of 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Taylor, R., 2013:
Salad bars in schools. Interview by Jamie Devereaux

Kaebnick, G.E., 2010:
Salad days

Weijters, B.J.; Verbunt, R.J.A.M.; Hoogsteen, J.; Visser, R.F., 2008:
Salade malade: malignant ventricular arrhythmias due to an accidental intoxication with Aconitum napellus

Attwood, C., 2013:
Saladex Biomedical and Bristol-Myers Squibb have entered into a further collaboration

Cain, R.Marie., 2014:
Salads, safety and speech under a national Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement

Anonymous, 1990:
Salahuddin pleads guilty

Kanlayavattanakul, M.; Lourith, N.; Ospondpant, D.; Ruktanonchai, U.; Pongpunyayuen, S.; Chansriniyom, C., 2014:
Salak plum peel extract as a safe and efficient antioxidant appraisal for cosmetics

Whitelaw, E.L.; Loraine, G.; Mahon, M.F.; Jones, M.D., 2011:
Salalen aluminium complexes and their exploitation for the ring opening polymerisation of rac-lactide

Press, K.; Cohen, A.; Goldberg, I.; Venditto, V.; Mazzeo, M.; Kol, M., 2011:
Salalen titanium complexes in the highly isospecific polymerization of 1-hexene and propylene

Chen, Y.; Znoiko, S.; DeGrip, W.J.; Crouch, R.K.; Ma, J-xing., 2008:
Salamander blue-sensitive cones lost during metamorphosis

Fröbisch, N.B.; Shubin, N.H., 2011:
Salamander limb development: integrating genes, morphology, and fossils

Begley, J.R.; Arbib, M.A., 2007:
Salamander locomotion-induced head movement and retinal motion sensitivity in a correlation-based motion detector model

Johnson, C.K.; Voss, S.Randal., 2013:
Salamander paedomorphosis: linking thyroid hormone to life history and life cycle evolution

Fior, J., 2014:
Salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anticancer therapies

Roy, M.C.; Nakanishi, H.; Takahashi, K.; Nakanishi, S.; Kajihara, S.; Hayasaka, T.; Setou, M.; Ogawa, K.; Taguchi, R.; Naito, T., 2011:
Salamander retina phospholipids and their localization by MALDI imaging mass spectrometry at cellular size resolution

Al-Qattan, M.M.; Shier, M.K.; Abd-Alwahed, M.M.; Mawlana, O.H.; El-Wetidy, M.S.; Bagayawa, R.S.; Ali, H.H.; Al-Nbaheen, M.S.; Aldahmash, A.M., 2014:
Salamander-derived, human-optimized nAG protein suppresses collagen synthesis and increases collagen degradation in primary human fibroblasts

Simon, H-Georg., 2012:
Salamanders and fish can regenerate lost structures--why can't we?

Burd, A., 2008:
Salamanders, lizards and ubiquitous stem cells

Supak Smolcić, V., 2014:
Salami publication: definitions and examples

Hoit, J.D., 2007:
Salami science

Yao, X-Jie.; Chen, L.; Yang, H.; Meng, J.; Zhang, H-Long.; Jiang, M.; Zhang, H-Yu.; He, Y-Qing.; Wu, C-Li.; Zhang, R-Li., 2018:
Complete Genome Sequence of an Enterovirus A71 Strain Isolated in 2006 from a Patient in Shenzhen, Southern China, with a Lethal Case of Enterovirus Infection

Geirsson, R.Tómas., 2008:
Salami slicers and other intellectual irregulars

Elliott, D.B., 2014:
Salami slicing and the SPU: Publish or Perish?

Klein, A.A.; Pozniak, A.; Pandit, J.J., 2014:
Salami slicing or living off the fat? Justifying multiple publications from a single HIV dataset

Beckert, L.; Edwards, A., 2007:
Salamol--was it worth it?

Sergeeva, E.; Kopilov, J.; Goldberg, I.; Kol, M., 2009:
Salan ligands assembled around chiral bipyrrolidine: predetermination of chirality around octahedral Ti and Zr centres

Bensemhoun, J.; Rudi, A.; Kashman, Y.; Gaydou, E.M.; Vacelet, J.; Aknin, M., 2010:
Salaramides A and B; two alpha-oxoamides isolated from the marine sponge Hippospongia sp. (Porifera, Dictyoceratida)

Billington, M., 2008:
Salaried GPs

Anonymous, 1957:
Salaried Physicians-Section of Physicians in Public Service

Newmark, J., 2010:
Salaried doctors

Lecky, J., 2008:
Salaried doctors: the problems

Woods, D., 1981:
Salaried medicine: salt mine or salvation?

Brennan, J.J., 2016:
Salaried service

Bachman, F.P., 1929:
Salaries And Supplementary Earnings Of College Teachers

Pritchett, H.S., 1908:
Salaries At Bryn Mawr College

Anonymous, 1914:
Salaries Of Assistant Medical And Tuberculosis Officers

Anonymous, 1910:
Salaries Of Professors

Kellogg, V., 1922:
Salaries Of Professors In Poland

Anonymous, 1922:
Salaries Versus Fees

Nevin, S., 1966:
Salaries and cardiographers

DeBoy, J.M.; Boulton, M.L.; Carpenter, D.F., 2014:
Salaries and compensation practices in public health, environmental, and agricultural laboratories: findings from a 2010 national survey

Anonymous, 2014:
Salaries are in a holding pattern, although upward pressure continues on compensation for ED medical directors

Anonymous, 2011:
Salaries are increasing, but so are CM responsibilities

Anonymous, 1964:
Salaries in Universities

Buesa, Ré.J., 2008:
Salaries in histology

Tomski, H.W., 2011:
Salaries in hospital pharmacy

Anonymous, 2009:
Salaries of ED managers stop climbing, as hospitals respond to financial pressures

Anonymous, 1962:
Salaries of Medical Teachers

W.D., 1955:
Salaries of Officer-Scientists

Babco, E.L., 1987:
Salaries of Scientists up Modestly

Anonymous, 1981:
Salaries of clinical academic staff

Babco, E.L., 1986:
Salaries of scientists and engineers barely keeping abreast of inflation

Anonymous, 2013:
Salaries on the rise

Anonymous, 2010:
Salaries on the rise--but so are the hours

Anonymous, 2008:
Salaries rise, but at a slower rate

Anonymous, 2014:
Salaries survey brings 'sobering news' for vets in small animal practice

Anonymous, 2008:
Salaries within MCOs: up, except for primary care

Merwin, E.; Stem, S.; Jordan, L.M., 2008:
Salaries, recruitment, and retention for CRNA faculty--Part 1

Ben-Califa, N.; Bishara, A.; Kashman, Y.; Neumann, D., 2012:
Salarin C, a member of the salarin superfamily of marine compounds, is a potent inducer of apoptosis

Anonymous, 2011:
Salary 'logjam' breaks, compensation improves although economy does not

Anonymous, 1960:
Salary Crisis at Cambridge

Anonymous, 1960:
Salary Report Presented by University Professors' Group

True, R.H., 1929:
Salary Scales Of Trained Men And Women

Johannessen, K-Arne., 2010:
Salary and clinical productivity among physicians in Norwegian somatic hospitals 2001-2008

Nomura, K., 2012:
Salary differences by gender

Höhl, R.; Gerlof, H., 2011:
Salary increase for medical assistants. Your "pearl" is now more costly for you

Dwight, J.S., 1972:
Salary increases

Litchfield, S.M., 2010:
Salary negotiations and occupational health nurses

Anonymous, 2014:
Salary survey 2013: a staff report

Anonymous, 2011:
Salary survey offers view of lab industry

Anonymous, 1974:
Salary versus fee-for-service: was Dr. Baltzan correct?

Sinclair, R.J.; Duthie, J.J., 1949:
Salazopyrin in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Houitte, R.; Abgueguen, P.; Masson, C., 2009:
Salazopyrine-induced aseptic meningitis

Teraki, Y.; Izaki, S., 2010:
Salazosulfapyridine-induced hypersensitivity syndrome triggered by methotrexate

Kankaanranta, H.; Parkkonen, J.; Ilmarinen-Salo, P.; Giembycz, M.A.; Moilanen, E., 2011:
Salbutamol delays human eosinophil apoptosis via a cAMP-dependent mechanism

von Bueren, Aé.O.; Ma, R.; Schlumpf, M.; Lichtensteiger, W., 2007:
Salbutamol exhibits androgenic activity in vitro

Píriz, Héctor.; Nin, Nás.; Boggia, Jé.; Angulo, Mín.; Hurtado, F.Javier., 2008:
Salbutamol improves diaphragm force generation in experimental sepsis

Angulo, Mín.; Taranto, E.; Soto, J.Pablo.; Malacrida, L.; Nin, Nás.; Hurtado, F.Javier.; Píriz, Héctor., 2009:
Salbutamol improves diaphragmatic contractility in chronic airway obstruction

Toledo, A.C.; Arantes-Costa, F.M.; Macchione, Mângela.; Saldiva, P.H.N.; Negri, E.M.; Lorenzi-Filho, G.; Martins, M.A., 2011:
Salbutamol improves markers of epithelial function in mice with chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation

Cavkaytar, O.; Sekerel, Bülent.Enis., 2012:
Salbutamol in asthma treatment: with nebulizer or inhaler?

Lippi, G.; Franchini, M.; Favaloro, E.J.; Guidi, G.Cesare., 2008:
Salbutamol in athletes

Tiziano, F.Danilo.; Lomastro, R.; Pinto, A.Maria.; Messina, S.; D'Amico, A.; Fiori, S.; Angelozzi, C.; Pane, M.; Mercuri, E.; Bertini, E.; Neri, G.; Brahe, C., 2011:
Salbutamol increases survival motor neuron (SMN) transcript levels in leucocytes of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) patients: relevance for clinical trial design

Bonniaud, P.; Georges, M.; Blanc-Caille, M.; Collet, E.; Camus, P., 2011:
Salbutamol inhaler misuse resulting in skin burn

Boland, B.; Glaspole, S.; Anderson, J.; Barker, H.; Jones, K.; Myers, J.; Page, A.; Smith, K.; Warriner, J., 2008:
Salbutamol inhaler misuse: a persisting problem?

Tanaka, S.; Tsutsui, M.; Kishida, T.; Souma, S.; Kuroda, J.; Yoshida, T., 2010:
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Salisbury Hospital

Anonymous, 1964:
Salisbury Medical School

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