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Sc2S@C(s)(10528)-C72: a dimetallic sulfide endohedral fullerene with a non isolated pentagon rule cage

Sc2S@C(s)(10528)-C72: a dimetallic sulfide endohedral fullerene with a non isolated pentagon rule cage

Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(18): 7851-7860

A non isolated pentagon rule metallic sulfide clusterfullerene, Sc(2)S@C(s)(10528)-C(72), has been isolated from a raw mixture of Sc(2)S@C(2n) (n = 35-50) obtained by arc-discharging graphite rods packed with Sc(2)O(3) and graphite powder under an atmosphere of SO(2) and helium. Multistage HPLC methods were utilized to isolate and purify the Sc(2)S@C(72). The purified Sc(2)S@C(s)(10528)-C(72) was characterized by mass spectrometry, UV-vis-NIR absorption spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystallographic analysis unambiguously elucidated that the C(72) fullerene cage violates the isolated pentagon rule, and the cage symmetry was assigned to C(s)(10528)-C(72). The electrochemical behavior of Sc(2)S@C(s)(10528)-C(72) shows a major difference from those of Sc(2)S@C(s)(6)-C(82) and Sc(2)S@C(3v)(8)-C(82) as well as the other metallic clusterfullerenes. Computational studies show that the Sc(2)S cluster transfers four electrons to the C(72) cage and C(s)(10528)-C(72) is the most stable cage isomer for both empty C(72)(4-) and Sc(2)S@C(72), among the many possibilities. The structural differences between the reported fullerenes with C(72) cages are discussed, and it is concluded that both the transfer of four electrons to the cage and the geometrical requirements of the encaged Sc(2)S cluster play important roles in the stabilization of the C(s)(10528)-C(72) cage.

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Accession: 055656014

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PMID: 22519825

DOI: 10.1021/ja300765z

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