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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55658

Chapter 55658 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gor-García-Fogeda, Mía.Dolores.; Molina-Rueda, F.; Cuesta-Gómez, A.; Carratalá-Tejada, Mía.; Alguacil-Diego, I.M.; Miangolarra-Page, J.Carlos., 2014:
Scales to assess gross motor function in stroke patients: a systematic review

Fernandez, H.H.; Aarsland, D.; Fénelon, G.; Friedman, J.H.; Marsh, L.; Tröster, A.I.; Poewe, W.; Rascol, O.; Sampaio, C.; Stebbins, G.T.; Goetz, C.G., 2008:
Scales to assess psychosis in Parkinson's disease: Critique and recommendations

Högl, B.; Arnulf, I.; Comella, C.; Ferreira, J.; Iranzo, A.; Tilley, B.; Trenkwalder, C.; Poewe, W.; Rascol, O.; Sampaio, C.; Stebbins, G.T.; Schrag, A.; Goetz, C.G., 2011:
Scales to assess sleep impairment in Parkinson's disease: critique and recommendations

Olivo, S.Armijo.; Macedo, L.Gazzi.; Gadotti, I.Caroline.; Fuentes, J.; Stanton, T.; Magee, D.J., 2007:
Scales to assess the quality of randomized controlled trials: a systematic review

Chevillotte, Jérôme.; Rautureau, P., 2007:
Scales to better evaluate pain

Moja, L.; Virgili, G.; Liberati, A.; Gensini, G.F.; Gusinu, R.; Conti, A.A., 2008:
Scales to climb borderline personalities: when science goes nowhere

Rodríguez-Mansilla, J.; Jiménez-Palomares, Mía.; González-López-Arza, Mía.Victoria., 2015:
Scales to evaluate pain in elderly patients suffering from dementia. Help-tools for the physiotherapist, doctor, nurse and occupational therapist

Goetz, C.G., 2010:
Scales to evaluate psychosis in Parkinson's disease

Taylor, A.C.; Bond, G.R.; Tsai, J.; Howard, P.B.; El-Mallakh, P.; Finnerty, M.; Kealey, E.; Myrhol, B.; Kalk, K.; Adams, N.; Miller, A.L., 2009:
Scales to evaluate quality of medication management: development and psychometric properties

Martínez-Martín, P.; Cubo, E., 2008:
Scales to measure parkinsonism

Gubert, F.do.Amaral.; Vieira, N.Francenely.Cunha.; Damasceno, M.Maria.Coelho.; Lima, F.Elisângela.Teixeira.; Ximenes, L.Barbosa., 2011:
Scales to preventive behavior measures in adolescent girls in the face of STD/HIV: an integrative review

Jungbauer, A.; Unterluggauer, F.; Uhl, K.; Buchacher, A.; Steindl, F.; Pettauer, D.; Wenisch, E., 1988:
Scaleup of monoclonal antibody purification using radial streaming ion exchange chromatography

Stollery, N., 2012:
Scaley skin conditions

Young, F.W., 1984:

Regalado, C.M.; Ritter, A., 2014:
Scaling Erica arborea transpiration from trees up to the stand using auxiliary micrometeorological information in a wax myrtle-tree heath cloud forest (La Gomera, Canary Islands)

Ding, E.; Lefrancois, S.; Kutz, J.Nathan.; Wise, F.W., 2011:
Scaling Fiber Lasers to Large Mode Area: An Investigation of Passive Mode-Locking Using a Multi-Mode Fiber

Song, H.; Wang, Y.; Pant, K., 2013:
Scaling Law for Cross-stream Diffusion in Microchannels under Combined Electroosmotic and Pressure Driven Flow

Smolensky, E.D.; Park, H-Yun.E.; Zhou, Y.; Rolla, G.A.; Marjańska, Młgorzata.; Botta, M.; Pierre, Vérie.C., 2013:
Scaling Laws at the Nano Size: The Effect of Particle Size and Shape on the Magnetism and Relaxivity of Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Contrast Agents

Xu, D.; Craig, S.L., 2011:
Scaling Laws in Supramolecular Polymer Networks

Charlés, L.L., 2016:
Scaling Up Family Therapy in Fragile, Conflict-Affected States

Lazenby, R.A.; Skinner, M.M.; Kivell, T.L.; Hublin, J-Jacques., 2011:
Scaling VOI size in 3D μCT studies of trabecular bone: a test of the over-sampling hypothesis

Dawson, T.H., 2014:
Scaling adult dose and schedule of anticancer agents to children

Salehi-Reyhani, A.; Sharma, S.; Burgin, E.; Barclay, M.; Cass, A.; Neil, M.A.A.; Ces, O.; Willison, K.R.; Klug, D.R.; Brown, A.; Novakova, M., 2014:
Scaling advantages and constraints in miniaturized capture assays for single cell protein analysis

Stoutenburg, S.K.; Kalita, J.; Ewing, K.; Hines, L.M., 2011:
Scaling alignment of large ontologies

Savithiri, S.; Pattamatta, A.; Das, S.K., 2011:
Scaling analysis for the investigation of slip mechanisms in nanofluids

Furtlehner, C.; Sebag, Mèle.; Zhang, X., 2010:
Scaling analysis of affinity propagation

Sejdić, E.; Steele, C.M.; Chau, T., 2011:
Scaling analysis of baseline dual-axis cervical accelerometry signals

Blesic, S.; Maric, J.; Dragasevic, N.; Milanovic, S.; Kostic, V.; Ljubisavljevic, M., 2012:
Scaling analysis of bilateral hand tremor movements in essential tremor patients

Doster, W.; Nakagawa, H.; Appavou, M.S., 2014:
Scaling analysis of bio-molecular dynamics derived from elastic incoherent neutron scattering experiments

Sasaki, M.; Hukushima, K.; Yoshino, H.; Takayama, H., 2007:
Scaling analysis of domain-wall free energy in the Edwards-Anderson Ising spin glass in a magnetic field

Stein, R.S.L.; Andersen, H.C., 2009:
Scaling analysis of dynamic heterogeneity in a supercooled Lennard-Jones liquid

Chan, H-Kei.; He, D.; Hu, B., 2014:
Scaling analysis of negative differential thermal resistance

Govindan, R.B.; Wilson, J.D.; Murphy, P.; Russel, W.A.; Lowery, C.L., 2008:
Scaling analysis of paces of fetal breathing, gross-body and extremity movements

Miki, H., 2015:
Scaling analysis of stationary probability distributions of random walks on one-dimensional lattices with aperiodic disorder

Bu, L.; Shang, P., 2014:
Scaling analysis of stock markets

Kenna, R.; Ruiz-Lorenzo, J.J., 2008:
Scaling analysis of the site-diluted Ising model in two dimensions

Pimpinelli, A.; Tumbek, L.; Winkler, A., 2014 :
Scaling and Exponent Equalities in Island Nucleation: Novel Results and Application to Organic Films

Becerra, F.; Vassallo, A.I.; Echeverría, A.I.; Casinos, Aà., 2013:
Scaling and adaptations of incisors and cheek teeth in caviomorph rodents (Rodentia, Hystricognathi)

Högler, W.; Blimkie, C.; Rauch, F.; Woodhead, H.; Cowell, C., 2008:
Scaling and adjusting growth-related data and sex-differences in the muscle-bone relation: a perspective

Grappin, R.; Müller, W-Christian., 2010:
Scaling and anisotropy in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in a strong mean magnetic field

Duran-Matute, M.; Trieling, R.R.; van Heijst, G.J.F., 2011:
Scaling and asymmetry in an electromagnetically forced dipolar flow structure

Vollet, D.R.; Donatti, D.A.; Ibañez Ruiz, A., 2009:
Scaling and branching in wet sonogels as a function of the volume fraction of the liquid phase

Lairez, D.; Carton, J-P.; Zalczer, G.; Pelta, J., 2007:
Scaling and continuum percolation model for enzyme-catalyzed gel degradation

Snider, J.; Lee, D.; Harrington, D.L.; Poizner, H., 2015:
Scaling and coordination deficits during dynamic object manipulation in Parkinson's disease

Corral, A.; Telesca, L.; Lasaponara, R., 2008:
Scaling and correlations in the dynamics of forest-fire occurrence

Abi Mansour, A.; Al Ghoul, M., 2011:
Scaling and crossover dynamics in the hyperbolic reaction-diffusion equations of initially separated components

Maksymovych, P.; Pan, M.; Yu, P.; Ramesh, R.; Baddorf, A.P.; Kalinin, S.V., 2011:
Scaling and disorder analysis of local I-V curves from ferroelectric thin films of lead zirconate titanate

Goldman, D.I.; Umbanhowar, P., 2008:
Scaling and dynamics of sphere and disk impact into granular media

Bitbol, A-Florence.; Taberlet, N.; Morris, S.W.; McElwaine, J.N., 2009:
Scaling and dynamics of washboard roads

Kirchner, S.; Si, Q., 2008:
Scaling and enhanced symmetry at the quantum critical point of the sub-ohmic Bose-Fermi Kondo model

Gastner, M.T., 2011:
Scaling and entropy in p-median facility location along a line

Waxman, D.; Stoletzki, N., 2010:
Scaling and fractal behaviour underlying meiotic recombination

Kindermann, M., 2011:
Scaling and interaction-assisted transport in graphene with one-dimensional defects

Prinold, J.A.I.; Bull, A.M.J., 2014:
Scaling and kinematics optimisation of the scapula and thorax in upper limb musculoskeletal models

Krich, J.J.; Aspuru-Guzik, Aán., 2011:
Scaling and localization lengths of a topologically disordered system

Chi, K-Jung.; Louise Roth, V., 2010:
Scaling and mechanics of carnivoran footpads reveal the principles of footpad design

Liu, C.; Jiang, Z-Qiang.; Ren, F.; Zhou, W-Xing., 2010:
Scaling and memory in the return intervals of energy dissipation rate in three-dimensional fully developed turbulence

Mohammadi, F.; Saberi, A.A.; Rouhani, S., 2009:
Scaling and multiscaling behavior of the perimeter of a diffusion-limited aggregation generated by the Hastings-Levitov method

François, P., 2013:
Scaling and phase gradient in an ex vivo model of somitogenesis

Zhang, H.; Wei, J.; Huang, J., 2014:
Scaling and predictability in stock markets: a comparative study

Kim, A.J.; Lo, A.J.; Pullin, D.A.; Thornton-Johnson, D.S.; Karimbux, N.Y., 2013:
Scaling and root planing treatment for periodontitis to reduce preterm birth and low birth weight: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Janket, S-Ja., 2014:
Scaling and root-planing (SRP) may improve glycemic control and lipid profile in patients with chronic periodontitis (CP) and type 2 diabetes (DM2) in a specific subgroup: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Chiou, A.E.; Yeh, P., 1990:
Scaling and rotation of optical images using a ring cavity

Phillips, J.C., 2009:
Scaling and self-organized criticality in proteins I

Phillips, J.C., 2009:
Scaling and self-organized criticality in proteins II

Phillips, J.C., 2010:
Scaling and self-organized criticality in proteins: Lysozyme c

Mazzino, A.; Muratore-Ginanneschi, P., 2009:
Scaling and statistical geometry in passive scalar turbulence

Wang, J.; Shi, Y.; Wang, L-Ping.; Xiao, Z.; He, X.T.; Chen, S., 2012:
Scaling and statistics in three-dimensional compressible turbulence

Price, C.A.; Wing, S.; Weitz, J.S., 2012:
Scaling and structure of dicotyledonous leaf venation networks

Senthilkumar, D.V.; Muruganandam, P.; Lakshmanan, M.; Kurths, J., 2010:
Scaling and synchronization in a ring of diffusively coupled nonlinear oscillators

Wikswo, J.P.; Curtis, E.L.; Eagleton, Z.E.; Evans, B.C.; Kole, A.; Hofmeister, L.H.; Matloff, W.J., 2014:
Scaling and systems biology for integrating multiple organs-on-a-chip

Shao, Z-Gang.; Yang, L.; Zhong, W-Rong.; He, D-Hai.; Hu, B., 2009:
Scaling and the thermal conductivity of the Frenkel-Kontorova model

Sajjadi, M.; Azaiez, J., 2013:
Scaling and unified characterization of flow instabilities in layered heterogeneous porous media

Fortunato, S.; Castellano, C., 2007:
Scaling and universality in proportional elections

Davidsen, Jörn.; Stanchits, S.; Dresen, G., 2007:
Scaling and universality in rock fracture

Klugkist, J.A.; Malyshev, V.A.; Knoester, J., 2008:
Scaling and universality in the optics of disordered exciton chains

Mangazeev, V.V.; Dudalev, M.Yu.; Bazhanov, V.V.; Batchelor, M.T., 2010:
Scaling and universality in the two-dimensional Ising model with a magnetic field

Liu, L.; Wei, J.; Huang, J., 2015:
Scaling and volatility of breakouts and breakdowns in stock price dynamics

Arlego, M.; Grynberg, M.D., 2013:
Scaling and width distributions of parity-conserving interfaces

Ko, K.Chul.; Cho, D.; Lee, J.Yong., 2013:
Scaling approach for intramolecular magnetic coupling constants of organic diradicals

Harris, R.J.; Stinchcombe, R.B., 2007:
Scaling approach to related disordered stochastic and free-fermion models

Hershkovits, E.; Tannenbaum, A.; Tannenbaum, R., 2008:
Scaling aspects of block co-polymer adsorption on curved surfaces from nonselective solvents

Kiser, K., 2011:
Scaling back

Anonymous, 2008:
Scaling back on antibiotics. Most people, even those with heart disease, don't need to take antibiotics before a routine dental or surgical procedure

Cloft, H.J.; Kallmes, D.F., 2011:
Scaling back on scales with a scale of scales

Carlson, J., 2012:
Scaling back scrutiny Fla. hospitals welcome prepayment review shift

Rogoski, R., 2008:
Scaling back strategically. Taking the scalpel to IT budgets is less painful when done with a calm, measured and steady hand

Landen, R., 2013:
Scaling back. Some employers altering health plans in reaction to ACA, rising costs

Lu, K.; Rudzinski, J.F.; Noid, W.G.; Milner, S.T.; Maranas, J.K., 2014:
Scaling behavior and local structure of ion aggregates in single-ion conductors

Wang, W-ge.; Qin, P.; Wang, Q.; Benenti, G.; Casati, G., 2012:
Scaling behavior for a class of quantum phase transitions

Serva, M., 2013:
Scaling behavior for random walks with memory of the largest distance from the origin

Aarão Reis, F.D.A.; Stafiej, J., 2007:
Scaling behavior in corrosion and growth of a passive film

Tallinen, T.; Ojajärvi, J.; Aström, J.A.; Timonen, J., 2010:
Scaling behavior in non-Hookean compression of thin-walled structures

Manchanda, K.; Yadav, A.Chand.; Ramaswamy, R., 2013:
Scaling behavior in probabilistic neuronal cellular automata

Hejmady, P.; Bandyopadhyay, R.; Sabhapandit, S.; Dhar, A., 2013:
Scaling behavior in the convection-driven Brazil nut effect

Ching, E.S.C.; Tsang, Y-Kin.; Fok, T.N.; He, X.; Tong, P., 2013:
Scaling behavior in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection revealed by conditional structure functions

de Queiroz, S.L.A., 2011:
Scaling behavior of a square-lattice Ising model with competing interactions in a uniform field

Brics, M.; Kaupužs, J.; Mahnke, R., 2013:
Scaling behavior of an airplane-boarding model

Fan, H-J.; Perkins, C.; Ortoleva, P.J., 2010:
Scaling behavior of electronic excitations in assemblies of molecules with degenerate ground states

Ziff, R.M., 2011:
Scaling behavior of explosive percolation on the square lattice

Indic, P.; Salvatore, P.; Maggini, C.; Ghidini, S.; Ferraro, G.; Baldessarini, R.J.; Murray, G., 2011:
Scaling behavior of human locomotor activity amplitude: association with bipolar disorder

Janssen, H-Karl.; Stenull, O., 2007:
Scaling behavior of linear polymers in disordered media

Ferreira, P.M.G.L.; Souza, J.A., 2011:
Scaling behavior of nearly first order magnetic phase transitions

Okkels, F.; Bruus, H., 2007:
Scaling behavior of optimally structured catalytic microfluidic reactors

Illing, L.; Hoth, G.; Shareshian, L.; May, C., 2011:
Scaling behavior of oscillations arising in delay-coupled optoelectronic oscillators

Shreif, Z.; Ortoleva, P., 2011:
Scaling behavior of quantum nanosystems: emergence of quasi-particles, collective modes, and mixed exchange symmetry states

Gordillo-Guerrero, A.; Kenna, R.; Ruiz-Lorenzo, J.J., 2014:
Scaling behavior of the Heisenberg model in three dimensions

Juhász, Róbert.; Odor, Géza., 2009:
Scaling behavior of the contact process in networks with long-range connections

Fallert, S.V.; Taraskin, S.N., 2009:
Scaling behavior of the disordered contact process

Lippiello, E.; Corral, A.; Bottiglieri, M.; Godano, C.; de Arcangelis, L., 2013:
Scaling behavior of the earthquake intertime distribution: influence of large shocks and time scales in the Omori law

Mahdavifar, S., 2007:
Scaling behavior of the energy gap of the XXZ model in a transverse magnetic field

Im, M-Y.; Lee, S-H.; Kim, D-H.; Fischer, P.; Shin, S-C., 2008:
Scaling behavior of the first arrival time of a random-walking magnetic domain

Adem, U.; Mostovoy, M.; Bellido, N.; Nugroho, A.A.; Simon, C.; Palstra, T.T.M., 2009:
Scaling behavior of the magnetocapacitance of YbMnO(3)

Czeschka, F.D.; Dreher, L.; Brandt, M.S.; Weiler, M.; Althammer, M.; Imort, I-M.; Reiss, G.; Thomas, A.; Schoch, W.; Limmer, W.; Huebl, H.; Gross, R.; Goennenwein, S.T.B., 2011:
Scaling behavior of the spin pumping effect in ferromagnet-platinum bilayers

Zianni, X.; Jean, V.; Termentzidis, K.; Lacroix, D., 2014:
Scaling behavior of the thermal conductivity of width-modulated nanowires and nanofilms for heat transfer control at the nanoscale

Rodriguez, G.; Dakovski, G.L., 2010:
Scaling behavior of ultrafast two-color terahertz generation in plasma gas targets: energy and pressure dependence

Kuo, C-Chang.; Dennin, M., 2014:
Scaling behavior of universal pinch-off in two-dimensional foam

Lee, J.S.; Kahng, B., 2011:
Scaling behaviors of the voltage distribution in dielectric breakdown networks

Zhang, J.; Guo, L., 2010:
Scaling behaviors of weighted food webs as energy transportation networks

Li, Y.; Xia, Q.; Shi, K.; Huang, Q., 2011:
Scaling behaviors of α-zein in acetic acid solutions

Geissler, E.; Hecht, A-M.; Horkay, F., 2010:
Scaling behaviour of hyaluronic acid in solution with mono- and divalent ions

Tiwary, P.; Pandey, D., 2007:
Scaling behaviour of pair correlation functions for randomly faulted hexagonal close-packed structures

Fernandes, R.M.; Böhmer, A.E.; Meingast, C.; Schmalian, Jörg., 2013:
Scaling between magnetic and lattice fluctuations in iron pnictide superconductors

Puosi, F.; De Michele, C.; Leporini, D., 2013:
Scaling between relaxation, transport and caged dynamics in a binary mixture on a per-component basis

Puosi, F.; Leporini, D., 2011:
Scaling between relaxation, transport, and caged dynamics in polymers: from cage restructuring to diffusion

Ulichney, R.A.; Troxel, D.E., 1982:
Scaling binary images with the telescoping template

Buzsáki, Görgy.; Logothetis, N.; Singer, W., 2014:
Scaling brain size, keeping timing: evolutionary preservation of brain rhythms

Meloni, S.; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jús.; Latora, V.; Moreno, Y., 2008:
Scaling breakdown in flow fluctuations on complex networks

Xia, Y.; Dennerlein, F.; Bauer, S.; Hofmann, H.; Hornegger, J.; Maier, A., 2014:
Scaling calibration in region of interest reconstruction with the 1D and 2D ATRACT algorithm

Pressler, A., 2013:
Scaling cardiac dimensions to body size is crucial in the cardiovascular care of elite athletes

Hall, J.M.; Staub, C.G.; Marsik, M.P.; Stevens, F.R.; Binford, M.W., 2015:
Scaling categorical spatial data for earth systems models

Lee, H.; Mishurov, M., 2014:
Scaling climate change experiments across space and time

Amsinck, C.J.; Di Spigna, N.H.; Nackashi, D.P.; Franzon, P.D., 2005:
Scaling constraints in nanoelectronic random-access memories

Moses, L.E.; Brody, R.A.; Holsti, O.R.; Kadane, J.B.; Milstein, J.S., 1967:
Scaling data on inter-nation action

Lee, J.; Makarov, D.; Brombacher, C.; Dymerska, B.; Suess, D.; Albrecht, M.; Fidler, J., 2014:
Scaling dependence and tailoring of the pinning field in FePt-based exchange coupled composite media

Peters-Kennedy, J.; Scott, D.W.; Loft, K.E.; Miller, W.H., 2014:
Scaling dermatosis in three dogs associated with abnormal sebaceous gland differentiation

Lin, J.; Lerner, E.; Rosso, A.; Wyart, M., 2014:
Scaling description of the yielding transition in soft amorphous solids at zero temperature

Russell, A.; Kreit, E.; Heikenfeld, J., 2014:
Scaling dielectrowetting optical shutters to higher resolution: microfluidic and optical implications

Guzmán-Vargas, L.; Reyes-Ramírez, I.; Hernández-Pérez, R.; Angulo-Brown, F., 2011:
Scaling differences of heartbeat excursions between wake and sleep periods

Wang, X.; Song, F.; Chen, Q.; Wang, T.; Wang, J.; Liu, P.; Shen, M.; Wan, J.; Wang, G.; Xu, J-Bin., 2010:
Scaling dopant states in a semiconducting nanostructure by chemically resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy: a case study on Co-doped ZnO

Datson, N.A., 2008:
Scaling down SAGE: from miniSAGE to microSAGE

Zeilinger, K.; Schreiter, T.; Darnell, M.; Söderdahl, T.; Lübberstedt, M.; Dillner, B.; Knobeloch, D.; Nüssler, A.K.; Gerlach, Jörg.C.; Andersson, T.B., 2011:
Scaling down of a clinical three-dimensional perfusion multicompartment hollow fiber liver bioreactor developed for extracorporeal liver support to an analytical scale device useful for hepatic pharmacological in vitro studies

Baldrian, P.; Vetrovsky, Tás., 2012:
Scaling down the analysis of environmental processes: monitoring enzyme activity in natural substrates on a millimeter resolution scale

Patil, S.A.; Chandrasekaran, E.V.; Matta, K.L.; Parikh, A.; Tzanakakis, E.S.; Neelamegham, S., 2012:
Scaling down the size and increasing the throughput of glycosyltransferase assays: activity changes on stem cell differentiation

Sarkar, S.; Hazra, C.; Mahalingam, V., 2012:
Scaling down the size of BaLnF5 nanocrystals (Ln = La, Gd, and Lu) with the Ln3+ size

Shao, Y.; Hu, W.; Zhong, W.; Li, L., 2011:
Scaling dynamic response and destructive metabolism in an immunosurveillant anti-tumor system modulated by different external periodic interventions

Meisel, C.; Kuehn, C., 2012:
Scaling effects and spatio-temporal multilevel dynamics in epileptic seizures

Lee, H.Jae.; Zhang, S.; Shrout, T.R., 2010:
Scaling effects of relaxor-PbTiO(3) crystals and composites for high frequency ultrasound

Geissler, E.; Hecht, A-Marie.; Horkay, F., 2008:
Scaling equations for a biopolymer in salt solution

Edin, F., 2010:
Scaling errors in measures of brain activity cause erroneous estimates of effective connectivity

Heimann, S.; Hertl, M.; Skrzypek, J., 2011:
Scaling erythemas in an infant

Whitaker, L.A.; Trumbo, D., 1976:
Scaling estimates of amplitude for movements without visual guidance

Yang, J-Suk.; Kim, I-mook.; Kwak, W., 2008:
Scaling exponents and transition behavior of the generalized conserved lattice gas model at zero temperature

Janssen, H-Karl.; Stenull, O., 2012 :
Scaling exponents for a monkey on a tree: fractal dimensions of randomly branched polymers

Jiang, D.; Wu, W.; Jia, X.; Qiu, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Thakor, N.; Tong, S., 2010:
Scaling exponents of EEG are related to the temporal process of the therapeutic hypothermia following ischemic brain injury

Bhattacharya, A.; Morrison, W.H.; Luo, K.; Ala-Nissila, T.; Ying, S-C.; Milchev, A.; Binder, K., 2009:
Scaling exponents of forced polymer translocation through a nanopore

Mills, J.C.; Taghert, P.H., 2012:
Scaling factors: transcription factors regulating subcellular domains

Machida, S., 2009:
Scaling fixed-field alternating gradient accelerators with a small orbit excursion

Bozhevolnyi, S.I.; Jung, J., 2008:
Scaling for gap plasmon based waveguides

Luo, Z.; Zhang, G., 2009:
Scaling for sedimentation and diffusion of poly(ethylene glycol) in water

Li, X., 2011:
Scaling for the ensemble statistics prediction of a random system subjected to harmonic excitations

Holyst, R.; Bielejewska, A.; Szymański, J.; Wilk, A.; Patkowski, A.; Gapiński, J.; Zywociński, A.; Kalwarczyk, T.; Kalwarczyk, E.; Tabaka, M.; Ziebacz, N.; Wieczorek, S.A., 2010:
Scaling form of viscosity at all length-scales in poly(ethylene glycol) solutions studied by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and capillary electrophoresis

Roy, C.; Kundu, S.; Manna, S.S., 2014:
Scaling forms for relaxation times of the fiber bundle model

Gubbins, S.; Hartemink, N.A.; Wilson, A.J.; Moulin, V.; Vonk Noordegraaf, C.A.; van der Sluijs, M.T.W.; de Smit, A.J.; Sumner, T.; Klinkenberg, D., 2012:
Scaling from challenge experiments to the field: Quantifying the impact of vaccination on the transmission of bluetongue virus serotype 8

Giglia, S.; Yavorsky, D., 2007:
Scaling from discs to pleated devices

Morris, J.N.; Berg, K.; Fries, B.E.; Steel, K.; Howard, E.P., 2014:
Scaling functional status within the interRAI suite of assessment instruments

Sampaio-Filho, C.I.N.; Moreira, F.G.B., 2013:
Scaling functions for systems with finite range of interaction

Curry, R.; Lichodzijewski, P.; Heywood, M.I., 2007:
Scaling genetic programming to large datasets using hierarchical dynamic subset selection

Dollar, F.; Cummings, P.; Chvykov, V.; Willingale, L.; Vargas, M.; Yanovsky, V.; Zulick, C.; Maksimchuk, A.; Thomas, A.G.R.; Krushelnick, K., 2013:
Scaling high-order harmonic generation from laser-solid interactions to ultrahigh intensity

Nilson, P.M.; Solodov, A.A.; Myatt, J.F.; Theobald, W.; Jaanimagi, P.A.; Gao, L.; Stoeckl, C.; Craxton, R.S.; Delettrez, J.A.; Yaakobi, B.; Zuegel, J.D.; Kruschwitz, B.E.; Dorrer, C.; Kelly, J.H.; Akli, K.U.; Patel, P.K.; Mackinnon, A.J.; Betti, R.; Sangster, T.C.; Meyerhofer, D.D., 2011:
Scaling hot-electron generation to high-power, kilojoule-class laser-solid interactions

Caracciolo, S.; Lucibello, C.; Parisi, G.; Sicuro, G., 2015:
Scaling hypothesis for the Euclidean bipartite matching problem

Spence, A.J., 2009:
Scaling in biology

Stephen, D.G.; Anastas, J.R.; Dixon, J.A., 2012:
Scaling in cognitive performance reflects multiplicative multifractal cascade dynamics

Mitchell, R., 1974:
Scaling in ecology

Banavar, J.R.; Damuth, J.; Maritan, A.; Rinaldo, A., 2007:
Scaling in ecosystems and the linkage of macroecological laws

Lee, S.Bub., 2011:
Scaling in film growth by pulsed laser deposition and modulated beam deposition

Yu, H.; Li, N.; Ecke, R.E., 2007:
Scaling in laminar natural convection in laterally heated cavities: is turbulence essential in the classical scaling of heat transfer?

Pors, A.; Nerkararyan, K.V.; Bozhevolnyi, S.I., 2014:
Scaling in light scattering by sharp conical metal tips

Panzer, M.B.; Wood, G.W.; Bass, C.R., 2014:
Scaling in neurotrauma: how do we apply animal experiments to people?

Anastassiou, C.A.; Parker, K.H.; O'Hare, D., 2007:
Scaling in nonstationary voltammetry representations

Li, W.; Vicente, C.L.; Xia, J.S.; Pan, W.; Tsui, D.C.; Pfeiffer, L.N.; West, K.W., 2009:
Scaling in plateau-to-plateau transition: a direct connection of quantum hall systems with the Anderson localization model

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