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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55661

Chapter 55661 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Blom, J.F.; Zimmermann, Y.S.; Ammann, T.; Pernthaler, J., 2011:
Scent of danger: floc formation by a freshwater bacterium is induced by supernatants from a predator-prey coculture

Muñoz, L.E.; Peter, C.; Herrmann, M.; Wesselborg, S.; Lauber, K., 2010:
Scent of dying cells: the role of attraction signals in the clearance of apoptotic cells and its immunological consequences

Berns, G.S.; Brooks, A.M.; Spivak, M., 2015:
Scent of the familiar: an fMRI study of canine brain responses to familiar and unfamiliar human and dog odors

Moshkin, M.; Litvinova, N.; Litvinova, E.A.; Bedareva, A.; Lutsyuk, A.; Gerlinskaya, L., 2013:
Scent recognition of infected status in humans

Rotundo, G.; Tremblay, E., 1981:
Scent trailing by virgin females ofPseudococcm calceolariae

Watts, G., 2007:
Scent trails

Reid, C.A.; Green, J.D.; Wildschut, T.; Sedikides, C., 2016:
Scent-evoked nostalgia

Senger, E., 2011:
Scent-free policies generally unjustified

Vogt, K.; Zimmermann, F.; Kölliker, M.; Breitenmoser, U. , 2015:
Scent-marking behaviour and social dynamics in a wild population of Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx

Potera, C., 2011:
Scented products emit a bouquet of VOCs

Willett, W.; Heer, J.; Agrawala, M., 2007:
Scented widgets: improving navigation cues with embedded visualizations

Slater, J.W., 1892:
Scents And Their Recognition

Turetsky, B.I.; Hahn, C-Gyu.; Borgmann-Winter, K.; Moberg, P.J., 2010:
Scents and nonsense: olfactory dysfunction in schizophrenia

Don, C.G.; Riniker, S., 2015:
Scents and sense: in silico perspectives on olfactory receptors

Yamada, Y.; Sasaki, K.; Kunieda, S.; Wada, Y., 2015:
Scents boost preference for novel fruits

Jackson, D.Davis., 2012:
Scents of place: the dysplacement of a First Nations community in Canada

Jefferson, G., 1948:
Scepsis scientifica

Matysiewicz, Mł.; Fiedorowicz, E., 2013:
Scepter--the use of automated cell counter in quantitative and qualitative analysis of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Birnbaum, J.; Cowling, K.; Foreman, K.; Fullman, N.; Gubbins, P.; Levin-Rector, A.; Makela, S.; Marcus, J.; Myerson, R.; Schneider, M., 2010:
Sceptical optimism: a new take on global health data

Mastrangelo, D., 2011:
Sceptical views on homeopathy: Do we really need "sceptical" homeopaths?

Holland, S., 2010:
Scepticism about the virtue ethics approach to nursing ethics

Howard-Jones, P.A., 2008:
Scepticism is not enough

Hurni, E.; Bürgi, U.; Oestmann, A., 2008:
Scepticism is warranted or when the CT scan reveals to be a pitfall

Mackie, P., 2010:
Scepticism meets Persuasion on the road to better health: an allegorical interlude

Kendall-Raynor, P., 2012:
Scepticism over plans to reward hospitals that use NHS safety tool

Cooper, R.F., 2008:
Scepticism regarding common sense

Baran, P.S.; O'Malley, D.P.; Zografos, A.L., 2008:
Sceptrin as a potential biosynthetic precursor to complex pyrrole-imidazole alkaloids: the total synthesis of ageliferin

Cipres, A.; O'Malley, D.P.; Li, K.; Finlay, D.; Baran, P.S.; Vuori, K., 2010:
Sceptrin, a marine natural compound, inhibits cell motility in a variety of cancer cell lines

Stichternoth, C.; Fraund, A.; Setiadi, E.; Giasson, L.; Vecchiarelli, A.; Ernst, J.F., 2011:
Sch9 kinase integrates hypoxia and CO2 sensing to suppress hyphal morphogenesis in Candida albicans

Wei, Y.; Zheng, X.F.Steven., 2010:
Sch9 partially mediates TORC1 signaling to control ribosomal RNA synthesis

Xue, X.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Teng, G.; Wang, Y.; Zang, X.; Wang, K.; Zhang, J.; Xu, Y.; Wang, J.; Pan, L., 2015:
SchA-p85-FAK complex dictates isoform-specific activation of Akt2 and subsequent PCBP1-mediated post-transcriptional regulation of TGFβ-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition in human lung cancer cell line A549

Solomon, C., 2012:
Schadenfreude: an all too common affliction

Fernández-Ruiz, A.; Makarov, V.A.; Benito, N.; Herreras, O., 2012:
Schaffer-specific local field potentials reflect discrete excitatory events at gamma frequency that may fire postsynaptic hippocampal CA1 units

Chatterjee, S., 2010:
Schamberg disease: uncommon reaction to a common drug

Maccormac, H., 1930:
Schamberg's Dermatitis

Whitfield, A., 1914:
Schamberg's Disease

Roxburgh, A.C., 1925:
Schamberg's Disease, or Angioma Serpiginosum

Sengupta, S.R.; Malakar, S.; Lahiri, K., 1997:
Schamberg's disease - an unusual presentation

Gangopadhyay, A.; Das, J.Kumar.; Sengupta, S., 2008:
Schamberg's disease: involvement of the genitalia

Butterworth, T., 2010:
Schamberg's progressive pigmentary dermatosis

Markhardt, B.Keegan.; Gross, J.M.; Monu, J.U.V., 2009:
Schatzker classification of tibial plateau fractures: use of CT and MR imaging improves assessment

Chang, S-Min.; Zhang, Y-Qi.; Yao, M-Wei.; Du, S-Chao.; Li, Q.; Guo, Z., 2015:
Schatzker type IV medial tibial plateau fractures: a computed tomography-based morphological subclassification

Choi, Y.Sammy.; Sachar, D.Scott., 2009:
Schatzki's Ring in Angelman Syndrome: A Diagnostic Dilemma in Neurodevelopmentally Disabled Patients

Stokes, J.H., 1931:
Schaudinn: A Biographical Appreciation

Lorenzi, L.; Bisoffi, Z.; Bortesi, L.; Zamboni, G.; Liut, F.; Villanacci, V., 2013:
Schaumann bodies in Crohn's disease: a case report and review of the literature

Gupta, N.; Rajwanshi, A.; Gupta, D., 2011:
Schaumann body in a case of sarcoidosis diagnosed on transbronchial FNAC

Whittle, C.H., 1934:
Schaumann's Disease

Maccormac, H., 1939:
Schaumann's Disease in Two Sisters

Origlieri, M.J.; Downs, R.T., 2013:
Schaurteite, Ca(3)Ge(SO(4))(2)(OH)(6)·3H(2)O

Larciprete, G.; Malandrenis, I.; Pierro, G.Di.; Montagnoli, C.; Rossi, F.; Centonze, C.; Bompiani, A.; Panetta, V.; Valli, E.; Segatore, M.; Valensise, H.; Cirese, E., 2014:
Schauta-Amreich Operation vs Piver II Procedure with Pelvic Lymphadenectomy for Cervical Cancer

Hurtado, D.A.; Berkman, L.F.; Buxton, O.M.; Okechukwu, C.A., 2016:
Schedule Control and Nursing Home Quality: Exploratory Evidence of a Psychosocial Predictor of Resident Care

Gonzalez, M.J.; Miranda Massari, J.R.; Duconge, J.; Riordan, N.H.; Ichim, T., 2012:
Schedule Dependence in Cancer Therapy: Intravenous Vitamin C and the Systemic Saturation Hypothesis

Cattell, J.M., 1899:
Schedule For Psychology Of The International Catalogue

Ahmad, A.; Patel, I., 2013:
Schedule H1: Is it a Solution to Curve Antimicrobial Misuse in India?

Hazra, A., 2015:
Schedule H1: hope or hype?

Williams, J., 2009:
Schedule H: what hospitals should do to prepare

Helgeland, D., 2008:
Schedule II controlled substances: an update and review

Anonymous, 1933:
Schedule Of Proposed Meeting Places

Popat, R.; Maharaj, L.; Oakervee, H.; Cavenagh, J.; Joel, S., 2013:
Schedule dependent cytotoxicity of bortezomib and melphalan in multiple myeloma

Chang, W-Chun.; Lin, C-Chieh.; Chen, L-Min.; Wu, H-Dar.Isaac.; Yeh, L-Shung.; Lin, L-Yau., 2008:
Schedule effect and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Beldjoudi, G.; Yartsev, S.; Bauman, G.; Battista, J.; Van Dyk, J., 2010:
Schedule for CT image guidance in treating prostate cancer with helical tomotherapy

Birmaher, B.; Ehmann, M.; Axelson, D.A.; Goldstein, B.I.; Monk, K.; Kalas, C.; Kupfer, D.; Gill, M.Kay.; Leibenluft, E.; Bridge, J.; Guyer, A.; Egger, H.L.; Brent, D.A., 2008:
Schedule for affective disorders and schizophrenia for school-age children (K-SADS-PL) for the assessment of preschool children--a preliminary psychometric study

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedule for rating disabilities--mental disorders and definition of psychosis for certain VA purposes. Interim final rule

Anonymous, 2012:
Schedule for rating disabilities; AL amyloidosis (primary amyloidosis). Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Schedule for rating disabilities; Appendices A, B, and C. Final rule

Anonymous, 2008:
Schedule for rating disabilities; evaluation of residuals of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Final rule

Anonymous, 2008:
Schedule for rating disabilities; evaluation of scars. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Schedule for rating disabilities; eye. Final rule

Kahn, S., 2011:
Schedule losses and listed disabilities; a plea for revision of the compensation laws

Anonymous, 1948:
Schedule of Meeting, November 25, 1947

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedule of controlled substances: placement of tramadol into schedule IV. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Schedule of controlled substances; placement of fospropofol into schedule IV. Final rule

Reddy, K.Shanivaram.; Thirthalli, J.; Kumar, C.Naveen.; Reddy, N.Krishna.; Renukadevi, N.R.; Rawat, V.Singh.; Ramkrishna, J.; Gangadhar, B.N., 2014:
Schedule of factors influencing access to psychiatric treatment in persons with schizophrenia: validity and pilot testing

Fidler, T.L.; Oberlin, B.G.; Struthers, A.M.; Cunningham, C.L., 2010:
Schedule of passive ethanol exposure affects subsequent intragastric ethanol self-infusion

Tarpey, R.J.; Nelson, M.F., 2010:
Schedule quality assessment metrics

Takahashi, M., 1996:
Schedule segmentation and delay-reduction theory

Cornélissen, G.; Halberg, J.; Halberg, F.; Sanchez de la Pena, S.; Nelson, W.; Schwartzkopff, O.; Stoynev, A.; Haus, E., 2009:
Schedule shifts, cancer and longevity: good, bad or indifferent?

Taufen, A., 2013:
Schedule tests in advance for higher efficiency and happier patients

Pinto, A.Catarina.; Ângelo, S.; Moreira, Jão.Nuno.; Simões, Sérgio., 2011 :
Schedule treatment design and quantitative in vitro evaluation of chemotherapeutic combinations for metastatic prostate cancer therapy

Lim, W-Seng.; Tardi, P.G.; Xie, X.; Fan, M.; Huang, R.; Ciofani, T.; Harasym, T.O.; Mayer, L.D., 2010:
Schedule- and dose-dependency of CPX-351, a synergistic fixed ratio cytarabine:daunorubicin formulation, in consolidation treatment against human leukemia xenografts

Park, S.; Kim, J-Hee.; Hwang, Y.Il.; Jung, K-Suck.; Jang, Y.Sook.; Jang, S.Hun., 2014:
Schedule-Dependent Effect of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) with Paclitaxel on H460 Cells

Furugaki, K.; Iwai, T.; Shirane, M.; Kondoh, K.; Moriya, Y.; Mori, K., 2011:
Schedule-dependent antitumor activity of the combination with erlotinib and docetaxel in human non-small cell lung cancer cells with EGFR mutation, KRAS mutation or both wild-type EGFR and KRAS

Mahaffey, C.M.; Davies, A.M.; Lara, P.N.; Pryde, B.; Holland, W.; Mack, P.C.; Gumerlock, P.H.; Gandara, D.R., 2008:
Schedule-dependent apoptosis in K-ras mutant non-small-cell lung cancer cell lines treated with docetaxel and erlotinib: rationale for pharmacodynamic separation

Wang, L.; Zhu, Z-Xia.; Zhang, W-Ying.; Zhang, W-Min., 2012:
Schedule-dependent cytotoxic synergism of pemetrexed and erlotinib in BXPC-3 and PANC-1 human pancreatic cancer cells

Li, T.; Ling, Y-He.; Goldman, I.David.; Perez-Soler, R., 2007:
Schedule-dependent cytotoxic synergism of pemetrexed and erlotinib in human non-small cell lung cancer cells

Tanaka, K.; Inoue, Y.; Hiro, J.; Yoshiyama, S.; Toiyama, Y.; Eguchi, T.; Miki, C.; Kusunoki, M., 2007:
Schedule-dependent cytotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil and irinotecan in p53 mutant human colon cancer

Tazawa, Y.; Usukubo, I.; Takada, K.; Takekuma, Y.; Shibayama, Y.; Sugawara, M., 2015:
Schedule-dependent cytotoxicity of Etoposide and cyclophosphamide in P-glycoprotein-expressing human leukemic K-562 cells

Tazawa, Y.; Matsumura, K.; Takekuma, Y.; Sugawara, M., 2012:
Schedule-dependent cytotoxicity of etoposide (VP-16) and cyclophosphamide in leukemia cell line K-562

Ji, Y-Bin.; Ling, N.; Zhou, X-Jun.; Mao, Y-Xiang.; Li, W-Lan.; Chen, N., 2015:
Schedule-dependent effects of kappa-selenocarrageenan in combination with epirubicin on hepatocellular carcinoma

Li, N.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, T.; Li, M., 2011:
Schedule-dependent effects of sorafenib in combination with paclitaxel on human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line BEL-7402

Huang, J-Jia.; Li, Z-Ming.; Huang, Y.; Huang, Y.; Tian, Y.; He, X-Xin.; Xiao, J.; Lin, T-Yu., 2012:
Schedule-dependent inhibition of T-cell lymphoma cells by cotreatment with the mTOR inhibitor everolimus and anticancer drugs

Piperdi, B.; Ling, Y-He.; Perez-Soler, R., 2007:
Schedule-dependent interaction between the proteosome inhibitor bortezomib and the EGFR-TK inhibitor erlotinib in human non-small cell lung cancer cell lines

Cemazar, M.; Dolinsek, T.; Kosjek, T.; Markelc, B.; Sersa, G.; Kloboves, V.; Strojan, P., 2014:
Schedule-dependent interaction between vinblastine and irradiation in experimental sarcoma

Kano, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Akutsu, M.; Mori, K.; Yazawa, Y.; Mano, H.; Furukawa, Y., 2009:
Schedule-dependent synergism and antagonism between pemetrexed and docetaxel in human lung cancer cell lines in vitro

Nagai, S.; Takenaka, K.; Sonobe, M.; Wada, H.; Tanaka, F., 2008:
Schedule-dependent synergistic effect of pemetrexed combined with gemcitabine against malignant pleural mesothelioma and non-small cell lung cancer cell lines

Jin, J.; Joo, K.Min.; Nam, Y.; Kim, D.Hyun.; Lee, S.Jeong.; Jo, M-Young.; Jin, Y.; Kim, H-Seok.; Seo, S.Won.; Kim, S.Jin.; Nam, D-Hyun.; Kim, W.Seog., 2010:
Schedule-dependent synergistic effect of rituximab on methotrexate chemotherapy against lymphoma of the central nervous system

Jiang, Y.; Yuan, Q.; Fang, Q., 2014:
Schedule-dependent synergistic interaction between docetaxel and gefitinib in NSCLC cell lines regardless of the mutation status of EGFR and KRAS and its molecular mechanisms

Makiyama, A.; Qin, B.; Uchino, K.; Shibata, Y.; Arita, S.; Isobe, T.; Hirano, G.; Kusaba, H.; Baba, E.; Akashi, K.; Nakano, S., 2009:
Schedule-dependent synergistic interaction between gemcitabine and oxaliplatin in human gallbladder adenocarcinoma cell lines

Luchenko, V.L.; Salcido, C.D.; Zhang, Y.; Agama, K.; Komlodi-Pasztor, E.; Murphy, R.F.; Giaccone, G.; Pommier, Y.; Bates, S.E.; Varticovski, L., 2012:
Schedule-dependent synergy of histone deacetylase inhibitors with DNA damaging agents in small cell lung cancer

Mortara, L.; Orecchia, P.; Castellani, P.; Borsi, L.; Carnemolla, B.; Balza, E., 2014:
Schedule-dependent therapeutic efficacy of L19mTNF-α and melphalan combined with gemcitabine

Kohut, S.J.; Handler, S.L.; Hertzbach, R.L.; Riley, A.L., 2007:
Schedule-induced polydipsia alters cocaine- but not ethanol-induced suppression of saccharin consumption

Gilpin, N.W.; Badia-Elder, N.E.; Elder, R.L.; Stewart, R.B., 2008:
Schedule-induced polydipsia in lines of rats selectively bred for high and low ethanol preference

Platt, B.; Beyer, C.E.; Schechter, L.E.; Rosenzweig-Lipson, S., 2008:
Schedule-induced polydipsia: a rat model of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Bell, R.L.; Rodd, Z.A.; Engleman, E.A.; Toalston, J.E.; McBride, W.J., 2015:
Scheduled access alcohol drinking by alcohol-preferring (P) and high-alcohol-drinking (HAD) rats: modeling adolescent and adult binge-like drinking

Ramnath, N.; Yu, J.; Khushalani, N.I.; Gottlieb, R.H.; Schwarz, J.K.; Iyer, R.V.; Rustum, Y.M.; Creaven, P.J., 2008:
Scheduled administration of low dose irinotecan before gemcitabine in the second line therapy of non-small cell lung cancer: a phase II study

Fieldston, E.S.; Ragavan, M.; Jayaraman, B.; Allebach, K.; Pati, S.; Metlay, J.P., 2011:
Scheduled admissions and high occupancy at a children's hospital

Chin, R.Ping-Hong.; Ho, C-Hung.; Cheung, L.Po-Chee., 2013:
Scheduled analgesic regimen improves rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery

Hampton, R.Moss.; Fisher, A.C.; Pagano, S.; LaGuardia, K.D., 2008:
Scheduled and unscheduled bleeding patterns with two combined hormonal contraceptives: application of new recommendations for standardization

Kim, H.; Ross, J.S.; Melkus, G.D.; Zhao, Z.; Boockvar, K., 2011:
Scheduled and unscheduled hospital readmissions among patients with diabetes

Machens, R., 2007:
Scheduled appointment. Securing your position legally!

Backer, V.; Bornemann, M.; Knudsen, D.; Ommen, H., 2012:
Scheduled asthma management in general practice generally improve asthma control in those who attend

Friedman, L.; Zeitzer, J.M.; Kushida, C.; Zhdanova, I.; Noda, A.; Lee, T.; Schneider, B.; Guilleminault, C.; Sheikh, J.; Yesavage, J.A., 2009:
Scheduled bright light for treatment of insomnia in older adults

Stalla-Bourdillon, A.; Dureau, P.; Adamou, K.; Tassin, M.; Franck, M.; Fischer, C.; Mercier, F-J., 2012:
Scheduled caesarean delivery in a patient with vascular type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Quiroz, L.H.; Chang, H.; Blomquist, J.L.; Okoh, Y.K.; Handa, V.L., 2008:
Scheduled cesarean delivery: maternal and neonatal risks in primiparous women in a community hospital setting

Anonymous, 1970:
Scheduled courses in analytical techniques

Landry, G.J.; Opiol, H.; Marchant, E.G.; Pavlovski, I.; Mear, R.J.; Hamson, D.K.; Mistlberger, R.E., 2013:
Scheduled daily mating induces circadian anticipatory activity rhythms in the male rat

Chescheir, N.; Menard, M.Kathryn., 2012:
Scheduled deliveries: avoiding iatrogenic prematurity

Kato, M.; Nishida, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Hayashi, S.; Kitamura, S.; Yabuta, T.; Yoshio, T.; Nakamura, T.; Komori, M.; Kawai, N.; Nishihara, A.; Nakanishi, F.; Nakahara, M.; Ogiyama, H.; Kinoshita, K.; Yamada, T.; Iijima, H.; Tsujii, M.; Takehara, T., 2013:
Scheduled endoscopic surveillance controls secondary cancer after curative endoscopic resection for early gastric cancer: a multicentre retrospective cohort study by Osaka University ESD study group

Wolff, G.; Esser, K.A., 2013:
Scheduled exercise phase shifts the circadian clock in skeletal muscle

Bouchard-Cannon, P.; Cheng, H-Ying.M., 2013:
Scheduled feeding alters the timing of the suprachiasmatic nucleus circadian clock in dexras1-deficient mice

Tocce, K.; Thomas, V.Worth.; Teal, S., 2009:
Scheduled hysterectomy for second-trimester abortion in a patient with placenta accreta

Yu, J.Il.; Park, H.Chul.; Lim, D.Hoon.; Kim, C.Jin.; Oh, D.; Yoo, B.Chul.; Paik, S.Woon.; Kho, K.Cheol.; Lee, J.Hyuk., 2012:
Scheduled interval trans-catheter arterial chemoembolization followed by radiation therapy in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

Takahashi, S.; Takagi, S.; Shiga, H.; Umemura, K.; Endo, K.; Kakuta, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Kinouchi, Y.; Shimosegawa, T., 2010:
Scheduled maintenance therapy with infliximab improves the prognosis of Crohn's disease: a single center prospective cohort study in Japan

Detweiler, M.B.; Murphy, P.F.; Kim, K.Y.; Myers, L.C.; Ashai, A., 2009:
Scheduled medications and falls in dementia patients utilizing a wander garden

Dziadosz, M.; Weller, J-Peter.; Klintschar, M.; Teske, Jörg., 2013:
Scheduled multiple reaction monitoring algorithm as a way to analyse new designer drugs combined with synthetic cannabinoids in human serum with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Signal, T.Leigh.; Gander, P.H.; Anderson, H.; Brash, S., 2009:
Scheduled napping as a countermeasure to sleepiness in air traffic controllers

Jackson, D.S.; Egbuonnu, N.; Umunakwe, C.; Fullum, T.M.; Ford, D.H.; Anders, K.B.; McDonald-Pinkett, S.; Smoot, D.T.; Laiyemo, A.O., 2012:
Scheduled out-patient endoscopy and lack of compliance in a minority serving tertiary institution

Burrows, R.; Correa-Burrows, P.; Orellana, Y.; Almagiá, A.; Lizana, P.; Ivanovic, D., 2015:
Scheduled physical activity is associated with better academic performance in Chilean school-age children

Gelas, T.; Gorduza, D.; Devonec, S.; Gaucherand, P.; Downham, E.; Claris, O.; Dubois, Rémi., 2008:
Scheduled preterm delivery for gastroschisis improves postoperative outcome

Tsutsumi, S.; Watanabe, R.; Tabe, Y.; Fujii, T.; Morita, H.; Kigure, W.; Kato, T.; Yamauchi, H.; Asao, T.; Kuwano, H., 2012:
Scheduled prospective tri-weekly modified FOLFOX6 maintenance chemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Thomas, B.W.; Mejia, V.A.; Maxwell, R.A.; Dart, B.W.; Smith, P.W.; Gallagher, M.R.; Claar, S.C.; Greer, S.H.; Barker, D.E., 2010:
Scheduled repeat CT scanning for traumatic brain injury remains important in assessing head injury progression

Mochizuki, S.; Uedo, N.; Oda, I.; Kaneko, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yamashina, T.; Suzuki, H.; Kodashima, S.; Yano, T.; Yamamichi, N.; Goto, O.; Shimamoto, T.; Fujishiro, M.; Koike, K., 2015:
Scheduled second-look endoscopy is not recommended after endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastric neoplasms (the SAFE trial): a multicentre prospective randomised controlled non-inferiority trial

Silberstein, S.D.; Berner, T.; Tobin, J.; Xiang, Q.; Campbell, J.C., 2010:
Scheduled short-term prevention with frovatriptan for migraine occurring exclusively in association with menstruation

Ragavan, M.V.; Blinman, T.A.; Fieldston, E.S., 2013:
Scheduled surgery admissions and occupancy at a children's hospital: variation we can control to improve efficiency and value in health care delivery

Sperber, N.R.; King, H.A.; Steinhauser, K.; Ammarell, N.; Danus, S.; Powers, B.J., 2015:
Scheduled telephone visits in the veterans health administration patient-centered medical home

Yonemoto, N.; Dowswell, T.; Nagai, S.; Mori, R., 2014:
Schedules for home visits in the early postpartum period

Anonymous, 2012:
Schedules of controlled substances: extension of temporary placement of methylone into schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Final order

Anonymous, 2011:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Final rule

Anonymous, 2011:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of ezogabine into Schedule V. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of lacosamide into schedule V. Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of lisdexamfetamine into schedule II. Final rule

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of perampanel into Schedule III. Final rule

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of suvorexant into Schedule IV. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Schedules of controlled substances: placement of tapentadol into schedule II. Final rule

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedules of controlled substances: rescheduling of hydrocodone combination products from schedule III to schedule II. Final rule

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedules of controlled substances: temporary placement of 10 synthetic cathinones into Schedule I. Final order

Anonymous, 2014:
Schedules of controlled substances: temporary placement of four synthetic cannabinoids into Schedule I. Final order

Anonymous, 2011:
Schedules of controlled substances: temporary placement of three synthetic cathinones in Schedule I. Final Order

Anonymous, 2013:
Schedules of controlled substances: temporary placement of three synthetic phenethylamines into Schedule I. Final order

Anonymous, 2008:
Schedules of controlled substances; exempt anabolic steroid products. Final rule

Anonymous, 2010:
Schedules of controlled substances; table of excluded nonnarcotic products: nasal decongestant inhalers manufactured by Classic Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Final rule

Anonymous, 1847:
Schedules to Which This Act Refers

Falcone, J.L., 2013:
Scheduling 101: A method to the application of Sudoku game theory to surgical rotation scheduling

de S.Georges, J., 2013:
Scheduling FAQs

Labidi, M.; Mrad, M.; Gharbi, A.; Louly, M.A., 2014:
Scheduling IT staff at a bank: a mathematical programming approach

Anonymous, 2014:
Scheduling Institute. Transforming thousands of dental practices each all starts with new patients!

Miyahara, T., 2011:
Scheduling and management of information system implimentation prosess: IT project management based on work breakdown structure

Bayer, A.; Lüngen, S., 2007:
Scheduling assistants according to need: future oriented personnel management assures success

Evans, M., 2008:
Scheduling challenges. With overhauled Form 990, hospitals are being asked for more specifics on governance, pay, perks, subsidized care

Souza, L.Meneses.; Michel-Crosato, E.; Biazevic, M.Gabriela.Haye.; Antunes, Jé.Leopoldo.Ferreira., 2012:
Scheduling delay in suspected cases of oral cancer

Dexter, F.; Wachtel, R.E., 2015:
Scheduling for anesthesia at geographic locations remote from the operating room

Kim, D.; Lee, J.; Lee, J.; Shin, I.; Kim, J.; Yoon, S-Eui., 2013:
Scheduling in heterogeneous computing environments for proximity queries

Wan, L., 2015:
Scheduling jobs and a variable maintenance on a single machine with common due-date assignment

Zhang, G-Qian.; Wang, J-Jun.; Liu, Y-Jing., 2015:
Scheduling jobs with variable job processing times on unrelated parallel machines

Huang, Y.M.; Chen, R.M., 2008:
Scheduling multiprocessor job with resource and timing constraints using neural networks

Myers, R.A.; Parikh, P.J.; Ekeh, A.Peter.; Denlinger, E.; McCarthy, M.C., 2014:
Scheduling of advanced practice providers at Level 1 trauma centers

Van der Veldt, A.A.M.; Lammertsma, A.A.; Smit, E.F., 2013:
Scheduling of anticancer drugs: timing may be everything

Bauch, C.T.; Szusz, E.; Garrison, L.P., 2009:
Scheduling of measles vaccination in low-income countries: projections of a dynamic model

Coulson, C.; Caulkins, J.P., 2012:
Scheduling of newly emerging drugs: a critical review of decisions over 40 years

Pash, J.; Kadry, B.; Bugrara, S.; Macario, A., 2015:
Scheduling of procedures and staff in an ambulatory surgery center

Dings, R.P.M.; Loren, M.; Heun, H.; McNiel, E.; Griffioen, A.W.; Mayo, K.H.; Griffin, R.J., 2007:
Scheduling of radiation with angiogenesis inhibitors anginex and Avastin improves therapeutic outcome via vessel normalization

Woodward, E.J.; Twelves, C., 2010:
Scheduling of taxanes: a review

Nagy, K.A.; Nathan, S.K., 2011:
Scheduling out of control? Consider workforce management options

Azadeh, A.; Hosseinabadi Farahani, M.; Torabzadeh, S.; Baghersad, M., 2015:
Scheduling prioritized patients in emergency department laboratories

Zha, H.; Zhang, L., 2015:
Scheduling projects with multiskill learning effect

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Scheme For A Post-Graduate Medical School In London

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Schemes that reward GPs for prescribing generics may breach EU law

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