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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55663

Chapter 55663 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Joshi, A.; Komlodi, A.; Arora, M., 2008:
School nurses' perceived barriers to diabetes knowledge, communication and management in children with type 1 diabetes

Steele, R.G.; Wu, Y.P.; Jensen, C.D.; Pankey, S.; Davis, A.M.; Aylward, B.S., 2011:
School nurses' perceived barriers to discussing weight with children and their families: a qualitative approach

Rickard, M.L.; Hendershot, C.; Khubchandani, J.; Price, J.H.; Thompson, A., 2010:
School nurses' perceptions and practices of assisting students in obtaining public health insurance

Concepcion, M.; Murphy, S.; Canham, D., 2007:
School nurses' perceptions of family-centered services: commitment and challenges

Pryjmachuk, S.; Graham, T.; Haddad, M.; Tylee, A., 2012:
School nurses' perspectives on managing mental health problems in children and young people

Doremus, W., 2010:
School nurses' role in assisting homeless students

Rodriguez, E.; Rivera, D.Austria.; Perlroth, D.; Becker, E.; Wang, N.Ewen.; Landau, M., 2014:
School nurses' role in asthma management, school absenteeism, and cost savings: a demonstration project

Gleeson, C., 2009:
School nurses' workloads: how should they be prioritised?

Troop, T.; Tyson, C.P., 2009:
School nurses, counselors, and child and family support teams

Bryce, J., 2012:
School nurses--it's academic!

Duff, C.L., 2014:
School nurses--new roles for better outcomes

Duff, C.L., 2013:
School nurses--supporting education, advancing student health

Tkaczyk, J.M.; Edelson, A., 2010:
School nurses: a bridge to suicide prevention

Resha, C.; Lambert, D., 2014:
School nurses: breaking the sounds of silence through advocacy

Ladd, V.J., 2009:
School nurses: positive deviant leaders in the school setting

Berger, D.; Nekaa, M.; Courty, P., 2010:
School nurses: representations and practices in health education

Rasche, A.Schmitt.; dos Santos, M.da.Soledade.Simeão., 2014:
School nursing and its specialization: a new or old activity

Anonymous, 2014:
School nursing boost required to lead new national FGM campaign

Kruger, B.J.; Toker, K.H.; Radjenovic, D.; Comeaux, J.M.; Macha, K., 2009:
School nursing for children with special needs: does number of schools make a difference?

Schmitt, S.; Görres, S., 2012:
School nursing in Germany? - A review about tasks and roles of School Nurses

Krause-Parello, C.A.; Samms, K., 2011:
School nursing in a contemporary society: what are the roles and responsibilities?

Schuller, L., 2008:
School nursing in the holidays

Semler, B., 2008:
School nursing offers a zest for life and learning

Hawkins, J.W.; Watson, J.C., 2011:
School nursing on the iron range in a public health nursing model

Anonymous, 2014:
School nursing services data: standardized documentation, collection, and utilization joint resolution

Streeting, J., 2014:
School nursing the QK way

Godson, R., 2008:
School nursing's future in Wales

Harte, A., 2010:
School nursing, a daily challenge

Taras, H.L., 2014:
School nursing: beyond medications and procedures

Sensor, C.Sobon., 2007 :
School nursing: managing a small city

Rubingh, R., 2007:
School nursing: more than just band-aids

Pernilla, G., 2013:
School nursing: the picture in Sweden

Barbosa, N.Veloso.Sampaio.; Machado, N.Maria.Viçosa.; Soares, M.Cláudia.Veiga.; Pinto, A.Regina.Royer., 2014:
School nutrition and autonomy - challenges and opportunities

de Sousa, L.Maria.; Martins, K.Anusca.; Cordeiro, M.de.Morais.; Monego, E.Tronco.; da Silva, S.Urbano.; Alexandre, V.Prado., 2014:
School nutrition in 'quilombola' communities: challenges and opportunities

Anonymous, 1924:
School of Hygiene in the University of Toronto

Anonymous, 1904:
School of Pharmacy of the Pharmaceutical Society

Anonymous, 1922:
School of Public Health and Hygiene

Oresković, S.; Stampar, A., 2009:
School of Public Health: institution with Stampar's spirit

Laycock, J.E., 2011:
School of Social Work at McGill University

Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Wang, C., 2018:
Complete Genome Sequence of Ehrlichia canis Strain YZ-1, Isolated from a Beagle with Fever and Thrombocytopenia

Othman, N.Hayati., 2004:
School of medical sciences, universiti sains malaysia - the first 25 years in poetry

Lam, A.; Odegard, P.Soule.; Gardner, J., 2012:
School of pharmacy-based medication therapy management program: development and initial experience

Shcherbakova, M.Iu.; Poriadina, G.I.; Kovaleva, E.A., 2012:
School of the rational nutrition for children and adolescents with obesity

Natochin, I.V.; Orbeli, L.Abgarovich., 2007:
School of the school of Leon Abgarovich Orbeli

Chao, D.L.; Halloran, M.Elizabeth.; Longini, I.M., 2010:
School opening dates predict pandemic influenza A(H1N1) outbreaks in the United States

Barnett, T.A.; O'Loughlin, J.L.; Gauvin, L.; Paradis, G.; Hanley, J.; McGrath, J.J.; Lambert, M., 2009:
School opportunities and physical activity frequency in nine year old children

Hobbs, B.C.; Thomas, M.E.M.; Taylor, J., 1949:
School outbreak of gastro-enteritis associated with a pathogenic paracolon bacillus

Jain, L., 2008:
School outcome in late preterm infants: a cause for concern

de Jong, M.; Verhoeven, M.; van Baar, A.L., 2012:
School outcome, cognitive functioning, and behaviour problems in moderate and late preterm children and adults: a review

Gilmour, S.M.; Sorensen, L.G.; Anand, R.; Yin, W.; Alonso, E.M., 2010:
School outcomes in children registered in the studies for pediatric liver transplant (SPLIT) consortium

Kjøbli, J.; Sørlie, M-Anne., 2008:
School outcomes of a community-wide intervention model aimed at preventing problem behavior

Bierman, K.L.; Coie, J.; Dodge, K.; Greenberg, M.; Lochman, J.; McMohan, R.; Pinderhughes, E., 2013:
School outcomes of aggressive-disruptive children: prediction from kindergarten risk factors and impact of the fast track prevention program

Raghavendra, P.; Olsson, C.; Sampson, J.; McInerney, R.; Connell, T., 2012:
School participation and social networks of children with complex communication needs, physical disabilities, and typically developing peers

Coster, W.; Law, M.; Bedell, G.; Liljenquist, K.; Kao, Y-C.; Khetani, M.; Teplicky, R., 2013:
School participation, supports and barriers of students with and without disabilities

Xu, S.; Yu, B.; Zepei, J.; Chang, H.; Guo, J.; Li, B.; Wan, Z., 2014:
School performance affects adolescent blood pressure

Ahlsson, F.; Kaijser, M.; Adami, J.; Lundgren, M.; Palme, Mårten., 2015:
School performance after preterm birth

Hayatbakhsh, M.Reza.; Najman, J.M.; Bor, W.; Clavarino, A.; Alati, R., 2012:
School performance and alcohol use problems in early adulthood: a longitudinal study

Kim, J.Kook.; Lee, J.Hye.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Hong, S-Chan.; Cho, J.Hoon., 2011:
School performance and behavior of Korean elementary school students with sleep-disordered breathing

Johnson, W.; McGue, M.; Iacono, W.G., 2009:
School performance and genetic and environmental variance in antisocial behavior at the transition from adolescence to adulthood

García, F.Codina.; Morató, I.; Valderas, Jé.M.; Rajmil, L., 2007:
School performance and health in adolescents in Lloret de Mar (Girona)

Jablonska, B.; Lindberg, L.; Lindblad, F.; Rasmussen, F.; Ostberg, V.; Hjern, A., 2010:
School performance and hospital admissions due to self-inflicted injury: a Swedish national cohort study

Oliveira, E.Paula.dos.Mesquita.de.; Neri, M.Liberalesso.; Medeiros, Lívia.Lucena.de.; Guimarães, C.Abraão.; Guerreiro, M.Mantovani., 2011:
School performance and praxis assessment in children with Rolandic Epilepsy

Gunnell, D.; Löfving, S.; Gustafsson, J-E.; Allebeck, P., 2011:
School performance and risk of suicide in early adulthood: follow-up of two national cohorts of Swedish schoolchildren

Tu, X.; Lv, Y.; Li, X.; Fang, X.; Zhao, G.; Lin, X.; Hong, Y.; Zhang, L.; Stanton, B., 2010:
School performance and school behavior of children affected by AIDS in China

Kosidou, K.; Dalman, C.; Fredlund, P.; Magnusson, C., 2015:
School performance and the risk of suicidal thoughts in young adults: population-based study

Kosidou, K.; Dalman, C.; Fredlund, P.; Lee, B.K.; Galanti, R.; Isacsson, G.; Magnusson, C., 2015:
School performance and the risk of suicide attempts in young adults: a longitudinal population-based study

Sinay, V.; Perez Akly, M.; Zanga, G.; Ciardi, C.; Racosta, J.M., 2016:
School performance as a marker of cognitive decline prior to diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Alatupa, S.; Pulkki-Råback, L.; Hintsanen, M.; Ravaja, N.; Raitakari, O.T.; Telama, R.; Viikari, J.S.A.; Keltikangas-Järvinen, L., 2010:
School performance as a predictor of adulthood obesity: a 21-year follow-up study

Forsberg, L.; Wide, K.; Källén, B., 2011:
School performance at age 16 in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs in utero--a population-based study

Chan, E.; Quigley, M.A., 2015:
School performance at age 7 years in late preterm and early term birth: a cohort study

Mikaeloff, Y.; Caridade, G.; Billard, C.; Bouyer, J.; Tardieu, M., 2010:
School performance in a cohort of children with CNS inflammatory demyelination

Cooper, M.N.; McNamara, K.A.R.; de Klerk, N.H.; Davis, E.A.; Jones, T.W., 2016:
School performance in children with type 1 diabetes: a contemporary population-based study

Saavalainen, P.M.; Luoma, L.; Laukkanen, E.; M Bowler, D.; Määttä, S.; Kiviniemi, V.; Herrgård, E., 2007:
School performance of adolescents born preterm: neuropsychological and background correlates

Bonneau, J.; Lebreton, J.; Taque, S.; Chappe, Céline.; Bayart, S.; Edan, C.; Gandemer, V., 2011:
School performance of childhood cancer survivors: mind the teenagers!

Lindblad, F.; Dalen, M.; Rasmussen, F.; Vinnerljung, B.; Hjern, A., 2009:
School performance of international adoptees better than expected from cognitive test results

Davison, K.Krahnstoever., 2009:
School performance, lack of facilities, and safety concerns: barriers to parents' support of their children's physical activity

Liu, R.X.; Lin, W.; Chen, Z-yin., 2010 :
School performance, peer association, psychological and behavioral adjustments: a comparison between Chinese adolescents with and without siblings

Christensen, K.; Petersen, I.; Skytthe, A.; Herskind, A.Maria.; McGue, M.; Bingley, P., 2007:
School performance--no difference between twins and singletons--secondary publication

Bravender, T., 2008:
School performance: the pediatrician's role

Stein, B.D.; Kataoka, S.H.; Hamilton, A.B.; Schultz, D.; Ryan, G.; Vona, P.; Wong, M., 2010:
School personnel perspectives on their school's implementation of a school-based suicide prevention program

Tomoda, A., 2007:
School phobia and childhood chronic fatigue syndrome (CCFS)

Longueville, C.; Lesclous, F., 2012:
School phobia in adolescents, treatment and return to school

Łodygowska, E.; Czepita, D.A., 2013:
School phobia in children with dyslexia

Mouren, M-Christine.; Delorme, R., 2007:
School phobia or school refusal: controversial concepts

Le Heuzey, M-France., 2008:
School phobia or school refusal?

Baranger, E., 2012:
School phobia, definition and symptoms

Monneyron, F., 2012:
School phobia, family, school, and society

Legrée, I., 2012:
School phobia. Finding the way back to school

Gittelman-Klein, R.; Klein, D.F., 1971:
School phobia: controlled imipramine treatment

O'Malley, P.M.; Johnston, L.D.; Delva, J.; Terry-McElrath, Y.M., 2009:
School physical activity environment related to student obesity and activity: a national study of schools and students

Rukavina, P.B.; Li, W., 2007:
School physical activity interventions: do not forget about obesity bias

Lounsbery, M.A.F.; McKenzie, T.L.; Morrow, J.R.; Holt, K.A.; Budnar, R.G., 2014:
School physical activity policy assessment

Menez, S.C., 1948:
School physicians and the law

Schick, B.; Skalicky, A.; Edwards, T.; Kushalnagar, P.; Topolski, T.; Patrick, D., 2013:
School placement and perceived quality of life in youth who are deaf or hard of hearing

Nielsen, G.; Bugge, A.; Hermansen, B.; Svensson, J.; Andersen, L.Bo., 2012:
School playground facilities as a determinant of children's daily activity: a cross-sectional study of Danish primary school children

Howard, A.W.; Macarthur, C.; Rothman, L.; Willan, A.; Macpherson, A.K., 2010:
School playground surfacing and arm fractures in children: a cluster randomized trial comparing sand to wood chip surfaces

Desousa, C.; Murphy, S.; Roberts, C.; Anderson, L., 2007 :
School policies and binge drinking behaviours of school-aged children in Wales--a multilevel analysis

Everett Jones, S.; Smith, A.M.; Wheeler, L.S.; McManus, T., 2010:
School policies and practices that improve indoor air quality

Coppo, A.; Galanti, M.Rosaria.; Giordano, L.; Buscemi, D.; Bremberg, S.; Faggiano, F., 2014:
School policies for preventing smoking among young people

Sorani-Villanueva, S.; McMahon, S.D.; Crouch, R.; Keys, C.B., 2014:
School problems and solutions for students with disabilities: a qualitative examination

Katsumata, Y.; Matsumoto, T.; Kitani, M.; Akazawa, M.; Hirokawa, S.; Takeshima, T., 2010:
School problems and suicide in Japanese young people

Schmidt, M.H., 2007:
School problems in gifted children and adolescents

Logan, J.A.R.; Petscher, Y., 2010:
School profiles of at-risk student concentration: differential growth in oral reading fluency

Schantz, S.; Bobo, N., 2009:
School program for screening students at risk for diabetes: the School Nurse Childhood Obesity Prevention Education program

Richmond, T.K.; Elliott, M.N.; Franzini, L.; Kawachi, I.; Caughy, M.O.; Gilliland, M.Janice.; Walls, C.E.; Franklin, F.A.; Lowry, R.; Banspach, S.W.; Schuster, M.A., 2014:
School programs and characteristics and their influence on student BMI: findings from healthy passages

Burrow-Sanchez, J.; Call, M.E.; Adolphson, S.Lillian.; Hawken, L.S., 2009:
School psychologists' perceived competence and training needs for student substance abuse*

DuPaul, G.J., 2012:
School psychology as a research science: are we headed in the right direction?

Eckert, T.L.; Hintze, J.M., 2012:
School psychology publishing contributions to the advancement of knowledge, science, and its application: an introduction to the themed issue

Górnicka, M.; Pierzynowska, J.; Kaniewska, E.; Kossakowska, K.; Woźniak, A., 2014:
School pupils and university students surveyed for drinking beverages containing caffeine

Graham, S., 2011:
School racial/ethnic diversity and disparities in mental health and academic outcomes

Mattison, R.E., 2012:
School ratings in early-onset depression

Moreno, M.A., 2013:
School readiness

Pittard, W.B.; Hulsey, T.C.; Laditka, J.N.; Laditka, S.B., 2012:
School readiness among children insured by Medicaid, South Carolina

Justice, L.M.; Bowles, R.P.; Pence Turnbull, K.L.; Skibbe, L.E., 2009:
School readiness among children with varying histories of language difficulties

Laurin, I.; Bilodeau, Aèle.; Chartrand, Sébastien., 2013:
School readiness and community mobilization: study retrospective in a Montreal area

Duncan, G.J.; Dowsett, C.J.; Claessens, A.; Magnuson, K.; Huston, A.C.; Klebanov, P.; Pagani, L.S.; Feinstein, L.; Engel, M.; Brooks-Gunn, J.; Sexton, H.; Duckworth, K.; Japel, C., 2007:
School readiness and later achievement

Pagani, L.S.; Fitzpatrick, C.; Archambault, I.; Janosz, M., 2010:
School readiness and later achievement: a French Canadian replication and extension

Romano, E.; Babchishin, L.; Pagani, L.S.; Kohen, D., 2010:
School readiness and later achievement: replication and extension using a nationwide Canadian survey

Blair, C.; Raver, C.Cybele., 2015:
School readiness and self-regulation: a developmental psychobiological approach

Gehrmann, F.E.; Coleman, A.; Weir, K.A.; Ware, R.S.; Boyd, R.N., 2014:
School readiness of children with cerebral palsy

Laurin, I.; Lavoie, S.; Guay, D.; Boucheron, L.; Durand, D.; Goulet, N., 2012:
School readiness survey of Montreal children starting school

Barros, R.M.; Silver, E.J.; Stein, R.E.K., 2009:
School recess and group classroom behavior

Carney, J.; Porter, P., 2009:
School reentry for children with acquired central nervous systems injuries

Moore, J.Burley.; Kaffenberger, C.; Goldberg, P.; Kyeung Mi Oh; Hudspeth, R., 2009:
School reentry for children with cancer: perceptions of nurses, school personnel, and parents

Bordini, D.; Gadelha, A.; Paula, C.Silvestre.; Bressan, R.Affonseca., 2013:
School referrals of children and adolescents to CAPSi: the burden of incorrect referrals

Robinson, L.E.; Wadsworth, D.D.; Webster, E.Kipling.; Bassett, D.R., 2015:
School reform: the role of physical education policy in physical activity of elementary school children in Alabama's Black Belt Region

Heyne, D.; Sauter, F.M.; Van Widenfelt, B.M.; Vermeiren, R.; Westenberg, P.Michiel., 2011:
School refusal and anxiety in adolescence: non-randomized trial of a developmentally sensitive cognitive behavioral therapy

Walitza, S.; Melfsen, S.; Della Casa, Aé.; Schneller, L., 2014:
School refusal and dropping out of school: positioning regarding a Swiss perspective

Hilt, R.J., 2015:
School refusal and online high school

Knollmann, M.; Al-Mouhtasseb, K.; Hebebrand, J., 2009:
School refusal and psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence: findings from an outpatient sample of a psychiatric "school refusal ambulance"

Terada, S.; Matsumoto, Y.; Sato, T.; Okabe, N.; Kishimoto, Y.; Uchitomi, Y., 2012:
School refusal by patients with gender identity disorder

Ding, J.; Gadit, A.Muhammad.; Peer, S.Bakhtiar., 2015:
School refusal in adolescent young man: could this be an idiopathic amotivational syndrome?

Minix, M.B., 2009:
School related athletic activities

Isaacs, D., 2013:
School reports: at least his education didn't go to his head

Sage, S.K.; Gerberich, S.G.; Ryan, A.D.; Nachreiner, N.M.; Church, T.R.; Alexander, B.H.; Mongin, S.J., 2010:
School resources, resource allocation, and risk of physical assault against Minnesota educators

Ewer, P.A.; Gibbs, J.O., 1976:
School return among pregnant adolescents

Gerbod, P., 2009:
School rhythms in France: permanence, resistance, and inflection

Costanzo, S., 2012:
School role in health education in Italy

Dunsmore, H.J.; Bond, R.G., 1949:
School sanitation

Langreth, R., 1991:
School science surveyed

Strassenburg, A.A., 1969:
School science--past and future

Sabirin, J.; Bakri, R.; Buang, S.N.; Abdullah, A.T.; Shapie, A., 2011:
School scoliosis screening programme-a systematic review

Adobor, R.D.; Rimeslatten, S.; Steen, H.; Brox, J.Ivar., 2011:
School screening and point prevalence of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in 4000 Norwegian children aged 12 years

Grivas, T.B.; Vasiliadis, E.S.; Rodopoulos, G.; Kovanis, I., 2008:
School screening as a research tool in epidemiology, natural history and aetiology of idiopathic scoliosis

Cilli, K.; Tezeren, Gündüz.; Taş, T.; Bulut, O.; Oztürk, H.; Oztemur, Z.; Unsaldi, T., 2010:
School screening for scoliosis in Sivas, Turkey

Chowanska, J.; Kotwicki, T.; Rosadzinski, K.; Sliwinski, Z., 2012:
School screening for scoliosis: can surface topography replace examination with scoliometer?

Preti, A., 2009:
School shooting as a culturally enforced way of expressing suicidal hostile intentions

Knecht, T., 2012:
School shooting in statu nascendi

Bondü, R.; Scheithauer, H., 2010:
School shootings in Germany: current trends in the prevention of severe, targeted violence in German schools

Giles-Corti, B.; Wood, G.; Pikora, T.; Learnihan, V.; Bulsara, M.; Van Niel, K.; Timperio, A.; McCormack, G.; Villanueva, K., 2011:
School site and the potential to walk to school: the impact of street connectivity and traffic exposure in school neighborhoods

Patel, A.I.; Bogart, L.M.; Uyeda, K.E.; Martinez, H.; Knizewski, R.; Ryan, G.W.; Schuster, M.A., 2010:
School site visits for community-based participatory research on healthy eating

Weinhold, B., 2011:
School siting: EPA says location matters

Hallberg, U., 2014:
School situation for children with disabilities--how can we as qualitative researchers contribute?

Walsh, R.A.; Paul, C.L., 2008:
School smoking bans

Poulin, C.C., 2007:
School smoking bans: do they help/do they harm?

Sabiston, C.M.; Lovato, C.Y.; Ahmed, R.; Pullman, A.W.; Hadd, V.; Campbell, H.Sharon.; Nykiforuk, C.; Brown, K.Stephen., 2009:
School smoking policy characteristics and individual perceptions of the school tobacco context: are they linked to students' smoking status?

Richmond, T.K.; Milliren, C.; Walls, C.E.; Kawachi, I., 2015:
School social capital and body mass index in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

Pabayo, R.; Janosz, M.; Bisset, S.; Kawachi, I., 2015:
School social fragmentation, economic deprivation and social cohesion and adolescent physical inactivity: a longitudinal study

Segovia, N.Susana.; Gonçalves, M.Fagundes.Carvalho., 2011:
School spaces for the prevention of drug addiction: view of school principals

Bradley, J.; Keane, F.; Crawford, S., 2013:
School sport and academic achievement

Jewett, R.; Sabiston, C.M.; Brunet, J.; O'Loughlin, E.K.; Scarapicchia, T.; O'Loughlin, J., 2015:
School sport participation during adolescence and mental health in early adulthood

Schneider, S.; Vogt, T.; Frysch, J.; Guardiera, P.; Strüder, H.K., 2010:
School sport--a neurophysiological approach

Pot, N.; Schenk, N.; van Hilvoorde, I., 2015:
School sports and identity formation: socialisation or selection?

Daniel, W., 2007:
School sports, the right amount of training stress in valvular vitia, early detection of calcification. The common aim is prevention

Wahlstrom, K., 2010:
School start time and sleepy teens

Au, R.; Carskadon, M.; Millman, R.; Wolfson, A.; Braverman, P.K.; Adelman, W.P.; Breuner, C.C.; Levine, D.A.; Marcell, A.V.; Murray, P.J.; O'Brien, R.F.; Devore, C.D.; Allison, M.; Ancona, R.; Barnett, F.Stephen.E.; Gunther, R.; Holmes, B.; Lamont, J.H.; Minier, M.; Okamoto, J.K.; Wheeler, L.S.M.; Young, T., 2014:
School start times for adolescents

Zapadaeva, S.V.; Avraamova, O.G.; Kolesnik, A.G., 2011:
School stomatology condition in some regions of Russia

Dondero, M.; Muller, C., 2012:
School stratification in new and established latino destinations

Supranowicz, P.; Wysocki, Mław.J., 2010:
School stress and health disorders of post-elementary school adolescents

Turner, D.; Harrison, S.L.; Buettner, P.; Nowak, M., 2015:
School sun-protection policies-does being SunSmart make a difference?

Plourde, P.; Harris, M.D.; Porter, E.L., 2012:
School surveys in Arrostook County, Me

Ryb, G.E.; Dischinger, P.C.; Smith, G.S.; Soderstrom, C.A., 2008:
School suspensions, injury-prone behaviors, and injury history

Al-Asfour, A.; Andersson, L.; Al-Jame, Q., 2008:
School teachers' knowledge of tooth avulsion and dental first aid before and after receiving information about avulsed teeth and replantation

Miccoli, S.; Giraldi, G.; Boccia, A.; La Torre, G., 2012:
School teachers' knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards road safety: results from a multicenter cross-sectional study in Italy

Bermúdez de Alvear, R.M.; Barón, F.Javier.; Martínez-Arquero, A.Ginés., 2011:
School teachers' vocal use, risk factors, and voice disorder prevalence: guidelines to detect teachers with current voice problems

Merrell, R.C.; Doarn, C.R., 2014:
School time--again

Faulkner, G.; Stone, M.; Buliung, R.; Wong, B.; Mitra, R., 2014:
School travel and children's physical activity: a cross-sectional study examining the influence of distance

Jago, R.; Wood, L.; Sebire, S.J.; Edwards, M.J.; Davies, B.; Banfield, K.; Fox, K.R.; Thompson, J.L.; Cooper, A.R.; Montgomery, A.A., 2015:
School travel mode, parenting practices and physical activity among UK Year 5 and 6 children

Hinckson, E.A.; Badland, H.M., 2011:
School travel plans: preliminary evidence for changing school-related travel patterns in elementary school children

Cho, B-Soo.; Kim, S-Do., 2007:
School urinalysis screening in Korea

Flanagan-Klygis, E., 2003:
School vaccination laws

Richmond, T.K.; Subramanian, S.V., 2010:
School variation in asthma: compositional or contextual?

Thompson, O.M.; Yaroch, A.L.; Moser, R.P.; Finney Rutten, L.J.; Agurs-Collins, T., 2010:
School vending machine purchasing behavior: results from the 2005 YouthStyles survey

Gilreath, T.D.; Astor, R.A.; Estrada, J.N.; Benbenishty, R.; Unger, J.B., 2015:
School victimization and substance use among adolescents in California

O'Malley Olsen, E.; Kann, L.; Vivolo-Kantor, A.; Kinchen, S.; McManus, T., 2015:
School violence and bullying among sexual minority high school students, 2009-2011

Galand, Bît.; Lecocq, C.; Philippot, P., 2007:
School violence and teacher professional disengagement

Brown, R.P.; Osterman, L.L.; Barnes, C.D., 2010:
School violence and the culture of honor

Chen, J-Kang.; Avi Astor, R., 2010:
School violence in Taiwan: examining how Western risk factors predict school violence in an Asian culture

Cedeno, L.A.; Elias, M.J.; Kelly, S.; Chu, B.C., 2010:
School violence, adjustment, and the influence of hope on low-income, African American youth

Devries, K.M.; Child, J.C.; Allen, E.; Walakira, E.; Parkes, J.; Naker, D., 2014:
School violence, mental health, and educational performance in Uganda

Anonymous, 2014:
School violence, role of the school nurse in prevention: position statement

Chen, J-Kang.; Wei, H-Sheng., 2013:
School violence, social support and psychological health among Taiwanese junior high school students

Miller, L., 2007:
School violence: effective response protocols for maximum safety and minimum liability

Domínguez Alonso, Jé.; López-Castedo, A.; Pino Juste, M., 2010:
School violence: evaluation and proposal of teaching staff

King, K.A.; Vidourek, R.A.; Merianos, A.L., 2015:
School violent victimization and recent alcohol use and episodic heavy drinking among youth

Molina Rueda, Mía.José.; Onieva García, Mía.Ángeles.; Gámiz Sánchez, E.; López Hernández, Bña., 2016:
School vision and scoliosis screening programs: are they worth it?

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School was more difficult than studying medicine

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Schwartz Center Rounds are one way to boost compassion

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Schwartz Center Rounds: focusing on the patient-caregiver relationship. This national model offers emotional support to doctors and other medical professionals

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