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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55671

Chapter 55671 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wang, Z.; Zhang, J.; Luo, H.; Ye, Y.; Yan, J.; Hou, Y., 2013:
Screening and confirmation of microRNA markers for forensic body fluid identification

Görgens, C.; Guddat, S.; Schänzer, W.; Thevis, M., 2015:
Screening and confirmation of myo-inositol trispyrophosphate (ITPP) in human urine by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography high resolution / high accuracy mass spectrometry for doping control purposes

Li, X-Wen.; Shen, B-Hua.; Jiang, Z.; Zhuo, X-Yi., 2012:
Screening and confirmation of psychotropic drugs in blood and urine by HPLC-LTQ Orbitrap MS

Rojano-Delgado, A.M.; Priego-Capote, F.; Luque de Castro, M.D.; De Prado, R., 2011:
Screening and confirmatory analysis of glyoxylate: a biomarker of plants resistance against herbicides

Zheng, D-Qiong.; Wu, X-Chang.; Tao, X-Lin.; Wang, P-Mei.; Li, P.; Chi, X-Qin.; Li, Y-Dong.; Yan, Q-Feng.; Zhao, Y-Hua., 2011:
Screening and construction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains with improved multi-tolerance and bioethanol fermentation performance

Kohlenberg, A.; Schwab, F.; Behnke, M.; Geffers, C.; Gastmeier, P., 2013:
Screening and control of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in 186 intensive care units: different situations and individual solutions

Hawamdeh, S.; Almakhzoomy, I.; Hayajneh, Y., 2015:
Screening and correlates of depression and HbA1 C in United Arab Emirates (UAE) women with diabetes

Ni, C.; Ma, L.; Wang, B.; Hua, Y.; Hua, Q.; Wallen, G.R.; Gao, B.; Yan, Y.; Huang, Y., 2016:
Screening and correlates of neurotic disorders among general medical outpatients in Xi'an China

Ghandour, R.M.; Campbell, J.C.; Lloyd, J., 2015:
Screening and counseling for Intimate Partner Violence: a vision for the future

Sesselberg, T.S.; Klein, J.D.; O'Connor, K.G.; Johnson, M.S., 2011:
Screening and counseling for childhood obesity: results from a national survey

Segre, L.S.; O'Hara, M.W.; Arndt, S.; Beck, C.T., 2010:
Screening and counseling for postpartum depression by nurses: the women's views

Amar, A.; Laughon, K.; Sharps, P.; Campbell, J., 2014:
Screening and counseling for violence against women in primary care settings

Wang, Q-zhong.; Wang, D-fang.; Liu, H-lian.; Feng, D-jun., 2012:
Screening and culture of rat spermatogonial stem cells

Bonnin, Rémy.A.; Nordmann, P.; Poirel, L., 2014:
Screening and deciphering antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii: a state of the art

Lucet, J-Christophe.; Regnier, B., 2010:
Screening and decolonization: does methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus hold lessons for methicillin-resistant S. aureus?

Guo, L.; Ji, M.; Dong, H.; Wei, Y., 2009:
Screening and degradation performances of dominant strains in high-salinity landfill leachate

Sun, R.; Jin, J.; Sun, G.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z., 2011:
Screening and degrading characteristics and community structure of a high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial consortium from contaminated soil

Chen, P-zhen.; Wang, L-gang.; Wang, Y-chun.; Li, J.; Ding, W.; Ren, T-zhi.; Li, S-peng., 2010:
Screening and denitrification characteristics of a heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrifier bacteria

Jalil, A.; Ashfaq, U.Ali.; Shahzadi, S.; Rasul, I.; Rehman, S-Ur.; Shah, M.; Javed, M.Rizwan.; Masoud, M.Shareef., 2014:
Screening and design of anti-diabetic compounds sourced from the leaves of neem (Azadirachta indica)

Stephenson, S.K.; Chang, E.K.; Marks, L.S., 2014:
Screening and detection advances in magnetic resonance image-guided prostate biopsy

Khan, M.Ali.; Ram, M.; Jha, P.; Ahmad, M.Mobeen.; Alam, P.; Kamaluddin; Ali, A.; Kiran, U.; Abdin, M.Z., 2011:
Screening and detection of biomarkers in chickpea plants exposed to chromium and cadmium

Payabvash, S.; McKinney, A.M.; McKinney, Z.J.; Palmer, C.S.; Truwit, C.L., 2014:
Screening and detection of blunt vertebral artery injury in patients with upper cervical fractures: the role of cervical CT and CT angiography

Saloustros, E.; Mavroudis, D., 2010:
Screening and detection of breast cancer and prostate cancer

Garnick, M.B., 2010:
Screening and detection of breast cancer and prostate cancer

Ramli, S.Roszilawati.; Neoh, H-Min.; Aziz, M.Nazri.; Hussin, S., 2012:
Screening and detection of heterogenous vancomycin intermediate Staphylococcus aureus in Hospital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, using the glycopeptide resistance detection Etest and population analysis profiling

Tan, C.Y.Q.; Gonfrier, G.; Ninove, L.; Zandotti, C.; Dubot-Pérès, A.; de Lamballerie, X.; Charrel, R.N., 2012:
Screening and detection of human enterovirus 71 infection by a real-time RT-PCR assay in Marseille, France, 2009-2011

Gonda, T.A.; Lucas, A.; Saif, M.Wasif., 2011:
Screening and detection of pancreatic cancer. Highlights from the "2011 ASCO Annual Meeting". Chicago, IL, USA; June 3-7, 2011

Chen, Y-jian.; Zhou, Y-lie.; Xu, L.; Yan, J., 2015:
Screening and detection of patients with macroprolactinemia by application of polyethylene glycol precipitation method

Zhou, H.; Xing, J.; Liu, S.; Song, F.; Cai, Z.; Pi, Z.; Liu, Z.; Liu, S., 2012:
Screening and determination for potential α-glucosidase inhibitors from leaves of Acanthopanax senticosus harms by using UF-LC/MS and ESI-MS(n)

Zhao, C.; Liu, Y.; Cong, D.; Zhang, H.; Yu, J.; Jiang, Y.; Cui, X.; Sun, J., 2014:
Screening and determination for potential α-glucosidase inhibitory constituents from Dalbergia odorifera T. Chen using ultrafiltration-LC/ESI-MS(n)

Gratz, S.R.; Ciolino, L.A.; Mohrhaus, A.S.; Gamble, B.M.; Gracie, J.M.; Jackson, D.S.; Roetting, J.P.; McCauley, H.A.; Heitkemper, D.T.; Fricke, F.L.; Krol, W.J.; Arsenault, T.L.; White, J.C.; Flottmeyer, M.M.; Johnson, Y.S., 2012:
Screening and determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in seafoods using QuEChERS-based extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Liu, Y.; Liu, S.; Liu, Z., 2013:
Screening and determination of potential xanthine oxidase inhibitors from Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae using ultrafiltration liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Mathon, C.; Ankli, A.; Reich, E.; Bieri, S.; Christen, P., 2014:
Screening and determination of sibutramine in adulterated herbal slimming supplements by HPTLC-UV densitometry

Fernandes, Fávio.Cesar.Bedatty.; Silva, A.Santana.; Rufino, Jé.Luiz.; Pezza, H.Redigolo.; Pezza, L., 2015 :
Screening and determination of sulphonamide residues in bovine milk samples using a flow injection system

Yao, Z.; Huang, K.; Guo, J.; Li, Y.; Yu, J.; Wu, F., 2012:
Screening and determinations of tissue polypeptide antigen by label-free optical immunosensing method

Park, J-Pyo.; Shin, H.Joo.; Park, S-Gyun.; Oh, H-Kyun.; Choi, C-Ho.; Park, H-Ju.; Kook, M-Suk.; Ohk, S-Ho., 2016:
Screening and development of DNA aptamers specific to several oral pathogens

Baumann, T., 2014:
Screening and development of the child

Stromberg, R.; Wernering, E.; Aberg-Wistedt, A.; Furhoff, A-Karin.; Johansson, S-Erik.; Backlund, L.G., 2008:
Screening and diagnosing depression in women visiting GPs' drop in clinic in Primary Health Care

Hartling, L.; Dryden, D.M.; Guthrie, A.; Muise, M.; Vandermeer, B.; Aktary, W.M.; Pasichnyk, D.; Seida, J.C.; Donovan, L., 2014:
Screening and diagnosing gestational diabetes mellitus

Kendrick, J.M., 2011:
Screening and diagnosing gestational diabetes mellitus revisited: implications from HAPO

Labianca, R.; Merelli, B., 2011:
Screening and diagnosis for colorectal cancer: present and future

Lee, J.Kyun., 2008:
Screening and diagnosis for pancreatic cancer

Castro, M.de.; Moreira, A.C., 2008:
Screening and diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome

Indrati, A.R.; van Crevel, R.; Parwati, I.; Tjandrawati, A.; Noormartany; Kurmalawati, J., 2011:
Screening and diagnosis of HIV-infection in Indonesia: one, two or three tests?

Yang, Y.; Lou, J-Wu.; Liu, Y-Hui.; He, Y.; Li, D-Zhi., 2015:
Screening and diagnosis of Hb Quong Sze [HBA2: c.377T > C (or HBA1)] in a prenatal control program for thalassemia

Uematsu, T., 2008:
Screening and diagnosis of breast cancer in augmented women

Jesudian, A.B.; Jacobson, I.M., 2009:
Screening and diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis

Kalter-Leibovici, O.; Freedman, L.S.; Olmer, L.; Liebermann, N.; Heymann, A.; Tal, O.; Lerner-Geva, L.; Melamed, N.; Hod, M., 2013:
Screening and diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus: critical appraisal of the new International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group recommendations on a national level

Domagała, S.; Domagała, Mł.; Chyła, J.; Wojciechowska, C.; Janion, M.; Polewczyk, A., 2018:
Complications of electrotherapy - the dark side of treatment with cardiac implantable electronic devices

Colombo, M., 2009:
Screening and diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Gudzune, K.A.; Huizinga, M.M.; Chang, H-Yen.; Asamoah, V.; Gadgil, M.; Clark, J.M., 2014:
Screening and diagnosis of micronutrient deficiencies before and after bariatric surgery

Reychler, H.; Weynand, B., 2010:
Screening and diagnosis of precancerous oral mucosa lesions

de Groote, P.; Lamblin, N.; Launay, D.; Bervar, J-François.; Hachulla, E., 2010:
Screening and diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Comments regarding the latest guidelines from the European Societies of Cardiology and of Pulmonology

Grangé, G., 2014:
Screening and diagnosis of small for gestational age fetuses

Gladue, H.; Altorok, N.; Townsend, W.; McLaughlin, V.; Khanna, D., 2014:
Screening and diagnostic modalities for connective tissue disease-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension: a systematic review

Reuter, K.; Härter, M., 2011:
Screening and diagnostic procedures of comorbid mental disorders in somatic illnesses

Gerth, J.; Sachse, A.; Busch, M.; Illner, N.; Muegge, L-Olof.; Gröne, H-Josef.; Wolf, G., 2012:
Screening and differential diagnosis of renal light chain-associated diseases

Mei, Y.; He, B.; Liu, N.; Ouyang, P., 2007:
Screening and distributing features of bacteria with hydantoinase and carbamoylase

Khalbuss, W.E.; Cuda, J.; Cucoranu, I.C., 2014:
Screening and dotting virtual slides: A new challenge for cytotechnologists

Canal-Bedia, R.; García-Primo, P.; Santos-Borbujo, Jé.; Bueno-Carrera, G.; Posada-De la Paz, M., 2016:
Screening and early care programmes in children with autism spectrum disorders

Vansteenkiste, J.; Dooms, C.; Mascaux, C.; Nackaerts, K., 2013:
Screening and early detection of lung cancer

Chang, M-Chu.; Wong, J-Min.; Chang, Y-Ting., 2015:
Screening and early detection of pancreatic cancer in high risk population

Postmus, P.E., 2008:
Screening and early diagnosis in lung cancer

Bourmaud, Aélie.; Nourissat, A.; Chauvin, F., 2010:
Screening and early diagnosis of cancers: 2 ways for a same goal

Baldauf, J-Jacques.; Fender, M.; Baulon, E., 2010:
Screening and early diagnosis of cervical cancer

Bergeron, C., 2010:
Screening and early diagnosis of cervical cancer in a context of HPV vaccination

Lepage, Côme.; Faivre, J., 2010:
Screening and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Che, G.; Zhou, Q., 2003:
Screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer

Pisani, P.; Renna, M.Daniela.; Conversano, F.; Casciaro, E.; Muratore, M.; Quarta, E.; Paola, M.Di.; Casciaro, S., 2013:
Screening and early diagnosis of osteoporosis through X-ray and ultrasound based techniques

Ducreux, M.; Mateus, C.; Planchard, D.; Fizazi, K., 2010:
Screening and early diagnosis of other cancers (non-small cell lung carcinoma, urologic cancers, liver cancer and melanoma)

Lumen, N.; Fonteyne, V.; De Meerleer, G.; De Visschere, P.; Ost, P.; Oosterlinck, W.; Villeirs, G., 2012:
Screening and early diagnosis of prostate cancer: an update

Härle, P., 2014:
Screening and early diagnosis of psoriasis arthritis

Maisels, M.Jeffrey., 2010:
Screening and early postnatal management strategies to prevent hazardous hyperbilirubinemia in newborns of 35 or more weeks of gestation

Veldhuijzen, I.K.; Toy, M.; Hahné, S.J.M.; D.W.t, G.Ardine.; Schalm, S.W.; de Man, R.A.; Richardus, J.Hendrik., 2010:
Screening and early treatment of migrants for chronic hepatitis B virus infection is cost-effective

Walton, J.N.; MacEntee, M.I., 2008:
Screening and enrolling subjects in a randomized clinical trial involving implant dentures

Ortolani, M.B.T.; Viçosa, G.N.; Beloti, V.; Nero, Lís.A., 2007:
Screening and enumeration of lactic acid bacteria in milk using three different culture media in Petrifilm Aerobic Count plates and conventional pour plate methodology

Zhou, Q.; Zu, L.; Li, L.; Chen, X.; Chen, X.; Li, Y.; Liu, H.; Sun, Z., 2015:
Screening and establishment of human lung cancer cell lines with organ-specific metastasis potential

Li, T.; Rosi, N.L., 2013:
Screening and evaluating aminated cationic functional moieties for potential CO(2) capture applications using an anionic MOF scaffold

Wang, M.; Li, X.; Chen, J.; Zhou, Y.; Cao, H.; Wu, X.; Jiang, H., 2011:
Screening and evaluating the mimic peptides as a useful serum biomarker of ankylosing spondylitis using a phage display technique

Wei, G-Gang.; Xu, B.; Ju, C.; Hu, W., 2014:
Screening and evaluation of Schistosoma japonicum SjRibosomal_L18a protein and its B cell epitopes

Lundin, A.; Bergström, T.; Trybala, E., 2014:
Screening and evaluation of anti-respiratory syncytial virus compounds in cultured cells

Ozen, T.; Taş, M., 2010:
Screening and evaluation of antioxidant activity of some amido-carbonyl oxime derivatives and their radical scavenging activities

Martínez-Luis, S.; Cherigo, L.; Higginbotham, S.; Arnold, E.; Spadafora, C.; Ibañez, A.; Gerwick, W.H.; Cubilla-Rios, L., 2012:
Screening and evaluation of antiparasitic and in vitro anticancer activities of Panamanian endophytic fungi

Kõll, P.; Mändar, R.; Smidt, I.; Hütt, P.; Truusalu, K.; Mikelsaar, R-Hiio.; Shchepetova, J.; Krogh-Andersen, K.; Marcotte, H.; Hammarström, L.; Mikelsaar, M., 2011:
Screening and evaluation of human intestinal lactobacilli for the development of novel gastrointestinal probiotics

Bouillon, A.; Gorgette, O.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O.; Barale, J-Christophe., 2013:
Screening and evaluation of inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite egress and invasion using cytometry

Wei, Y-Hong.; Chen, W-Chuan.; Huang, C-Kuei.; Wu, H-Shing.; Sun, Y-Ming.; Lo, C-Wei.; Janarthanan, O-Murugan., 2011:
Screening and evaluation of polyhydroxybutyrate-producing strains from indigenous isolate Cupriavidus taiwanensis strains

Rerks-Ngarm, S.; Premsri, N.; Namwat, C.; Khamboonruang, C.; Kunasol, P.; Pitisuttithum, P.; Kaewkungwal, J.; Nitayaphan, S.; Eamsila, C.; Benenson, M.W.; Paris, R.; Kim, J.H.; Rerks-Ngarm, S.; Chunsuttiwat, S.; Premsri, N.; Namwat, C.; Kunasol, P.; Thongcharoen, P.; Khamboonruang, C.; Pitisuttithum, P.; Bussaratid, V.; Maek-a-nantawat, W.; Dhitavat, J.; Suntharasamai, P.; Pungpak, S.; Vanijanonta, S.; Kaewkungwal, J.; Khamsiriwatchara, A.; Jarujareet, P.; Nitayaphan, S.; Easmila, C.; Tabprasit,, 2011:
Screening and evaluation of potential volunteers for a phase III trial in Thailand of a candidate preventive HIV vaccine (RV148)

Luginbuehl, M.; Kohler, W.C., 2009:
Screening and evaluation of sleep disorders in children and adolescents

Martin, I.; Underhaug, J.; Celaya, Gñe.; Moro, F.; Teigen, K.; Martinez, A.; Muga, A., 2013 :
Screening and evaluation of small organic molecules as ClpB inhibitors and potential antimicrobials

Toto, R.D., 2010:
Screening and evaluation of study subjects in patient-oriented research

Weber, M.D., 2010:
Screening and evaluation of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems in patients presenting with upper extremity impairments

Righetti, V.; Favrod-Coune, T., 2010:
Screening and evaluation questionnaires for psychoactive substance use

Brown, C.G., 2015:
Screening and evidence-based interventions for distress in patients with cancer: nurses must lead the way

Wang, G-ping.; Zhang, S-qin.; Zhu, P.; Peng, M-yuan.; Tan, S-qin.; Yin, H.; Xu, Y-jing.; Chen, Y.; Chen, F-ping., 2013:
Screening and expression of CD34(+) cell-specific microRNA in acute myelogenous leukemia

Leis, B.; Angelov, A.; Liebl, W., 2016:
Screening and expression of genes from metagenomes

Zhang, J-Feng.; Gao, C-Fang.; Wang, X-Li.; Zheng, G-Bao.; Li, D-Hui., 2007:
Screening and expression of tumor markers in colorectal carcinoma

Xu, Y.; Wang, B.; Huangfu, H., 2011:
Screening and expression of tumor markers in laryngeal carcinoma

Harrison, S.M.; Campbell, I.M.; Keays, M.; Granberg, C.F.; Villanueva, C.; Tannin, G.; Zinn, A.R.; Castrillon, D.H.; Shaw, C.A.; Stankiewicz, P.; Baker, L.A., 2014:
Screening and familial characterization of copy-number variations in NR5A1 in 46,XY disorders of sex development and premature ovarian failure

Hogarth, D.Kyle.; Rachelefsky, G., 2008:
Screening and familial testing of patients for alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency

Burgos, A.E.; Flaherman, V.J.; Newman, T.B., 2012:
Screening and follow-up for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: a review

Fortunato, I.; Sant'Anna, C., 2012:
Screening and follow-up of children exposed to tuberculosis cases, Luanda, Angola

Tong, A.; Chapman, J.R.; Wong, G.; de Bruijn, J.; Craig, J.C., 2011:
Screening and follow-up of living kidney donors: a systematic review of clinical practice guidelines

Lee, H.Seong.; Sidharthan, M.; Shim, C.Soo.; Kim, Y.Do.; Lim, C.Young.; Ko, J.W.; Han, M.Deuk.; Rang, M.Joo.; Bim, L.Sae.; Cho, H.Sung.; Shin, H.W., 2009:
Screening and formulation of chemoattractant coatings for artificial reef structures

Liu, F-Jun.; Wang, X-Bo.; Cao, A-Guo., 2014:
Screening and functional analysis of a differential protein profile of human breast cancer

Fu, H-Yu.; Ren, J-Hong.; Huang, L.; Li, H.; Ye, J-Ren., 2015:
Screening and functional analysis of the peroxiredoxin specifically expressed in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus--the causative agent of pine wilt disease

Qiu, L.; Zhang, X.; Chen, Z., 2015:
Screening and functional analysis of glioma‑related genes induced by candoxin

Chen, Y.; Xia, R.G., 2014:
Screening and functional microarray analysis of differentially expressed genes related to osteoporosis

Min, F.; Gao, F.; Liu, Z., 2014 :
Screening and further analyzing differentially expressed genes in acute idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with DNA microarray

Saruta, M.; Takada, Y.; Kikuchi, A.; Yamada, T.; Komatsu, K.; Sayama, T.; Ishimoto, M.; Okabe, A., 2012:
Screening and genetic analysis of resistance to peanut stunt virus in soybean: identification of the putative Rpsv1 resistance gene

Wang, X.; Jiang, H.; Jia, J.; Zhou, J.; Liao, J.; Zuo, C., 2012:
Screening and genetic analysis of thalassemia in Sichuan District

Tillich, U.M.; Wolter, N.; Franke, P.; Dühring, U.; Frohme, M., 2015:
Screening and genetic characterization of thermo-tolerant Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 strains created by adaptive evolution

Amato, A.; Giordano, P.C., 2009:
Screening and genetic diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies in southern and northern europe: two examples

Liu, C-Wu.; Li, J-Ming.; Liu, L.; Guo, Y-Song., 2010:
Screening and genetic diversity analysis of microsatellite markers in Chinese lobster (Panulirus stimpsoni)

Saei, A.Ata.; Omidi, A.Ali.; Barzegari, A., 2013:
Screening and genetic manipulation of green organisms for establishment of biological life support systems in space

Tawashy, A.E.; Eng, J.J.; Krassioukov, A.V.; Warburton, D.E.R.; Ashe, M.C.; Hung, C., 2009:
Screening and habituation of functional electrical stimulation-leg cycle ergometry for individuals with spinal cord injury: a pilot study

Avery, V.M.; Bashyam, S.; Burrows, J.N.; Duffy, S.; Papadatos, G.; Puthukkuti, S.; Sambandan, Y.; Singh, S.; Spangenberg, T.; Waterson, D.; Willis, P., 2015:
Screening and hit evaluation of a chemical library against blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum

de Jongh, C.M.; Kooij, P.J.F.; de Voogt, P.; ter Laak, T.L., 2012:
Screening and human health risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and their transformation products in Dutch surface waters and drinking water

Cai, J.; Wang, G., 2014:
Screening and hydrogen-producing characters of a highly efficient H₂-producing mutant of Rhodovulum sulfidophilum P5

Wang, J-Xiang.; Yang, S-Bo.; Liu, Q-Liang.; Dong, R.; Fan, Y-Xia.; Zhang, Q.; Yang, F-Quan.; Wu, P.; Yu, J-Kai.; Zheng, S., 2009:
Screening and identification analysis of serum protein biomarkers in nephroblastoma

He, D-hua.; Feng, Y.; Mei, L-yun.; He, C-feng., 2011:
Screening and identification interaction proteins of connexin 30

Peng, D-Bo.; Jiang, Z-Wen.; Sun, S-Ping.; Li, C-Hua.; Lu, D-Ru., 2013:
Screening and identification of 36 new STR loci in human Y chromosome

Liu, L.; Ma, Y.; Chen, X.; Xiong, X.; Shi, S., 2012:
Screening and identification of BSA bound ligands from Puerariae lobata flower by BSA functionalized Fe₃O₄ magnetic nanoparticles coupled with HPLC-MS/MS

Liu, B.; Luo, Y.; Tao, X.; Xie, X.; Ma, X.; Zhang, L., 2014:
Screening and identification of Bacillus pumilus producing double active protein of anticoagulation and thrombolysis

Yang, H.; Ma, H.; Huang, X.; Lu, J.; Liu, Z.; Hu, Z., 2015:
Screening and identification of C7C peptide ligands of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Zhang, Y.; Lü, Y.; Zhang, X-feng.; Yu, L.; Liu, C.; Zhang, N.; Wang, H-hua.; Wan, Z.; Xie, Z-tao.; Hu, L-shuo.; Zhan, H-xiang., 2011:
Screening and identification of CD13-binding peptides with phage display peptide library

Yan, W.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, Y.; Xu, W.; Yin, Y.; He, Y.; Wang, H.; Zhang, X., 2014:
Screening and identification of ClpE interaction proteins in Streptococcus pneumoniae by a bacterial two-hybrid system and co-immunoprecipitation

Chen, X.; Huang, Y.; Duan, N.; Wu, S.; Xia, Y.; Ma, X.; Zhu, C.; Jiang, Y.; Wang, Z., 2015:
Screening and identification of DNA aptamers against T-2 toxin assisted by graphene oxide

Chen, J.; Wu, J-Ming.; Zhang, H.; Huang, L., 2016:
Screening and identification of HLA-A0201 restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes from hepatitis B virus E antigen in vitro

Du, J.; Cheng, L.; Chen, L-jian.; Chen, Y.; An, R., 2013:
Screening and identification of Polo-like kinase 1 as a 14-3-3Zeta-interacting protein

Takano, T.; Morioka, H.; Gomi, K.; Tomizawa, K.; Doki, T.; Hohdatsu, T., 2014:
Screening and identification of T helper 1 and linear immunodominant antibody-binding epitopes in spike 1 domain and membrane protein of feline infectious peritonitis virus

Satoh, R.; Furukawa, T.; Kotake, M.; Takano, T.; Motokawa, K.; Gemma, T.; Watanabe, R.; Arai, S.; Hohdatsu, T., 2011:
Screening and identification of T helper 1 and linear immunodominant antibody-binding epitopes in the spike 2 domain and the nucleocapsid protein of feline infectious peritonitis virus

Yeo, S-Hwan.; Yoon, J-Hoon.; Lee, D.Gun.; Kim, H.Soo., 2009:
Screening and identification of a Streptomyces platensis YK-2, a new transglutaminase producer

Guo, Y.; Huang, Y.; Ye, J.; Zhang, X.; Xiao, M., 2012:
Screening and identification of a bacterium capable of converting daidzein to S-equol

Zhang, X-Ning.; Ran, Q-Qin.; Zhang, X., 2015:
Screening and identification of a cutinase-producing Rhodotorula mucilaginosa and properties of the cutinase

Yang, L.; Xu, L.; Zhu, X.; Yu, L.; Tang, S.; Cui, Z.; Ye, H., 2010:
Screening and identification of a fungal strain functioning in hydroxylation of puerarin

Qin, Y.; Zhang, Y.; He, H.; Zhu, J.; Chen, G.; Li, W.; Liang, Z., 2011:
Screening and identification of a fungal β-glucosidase and the enzymatic synthesis of gentiooligosaccharide

Wang, G.; Wu, J.; Xie, W.; Li, Y.; Jia, R., 2012:
Screening and identification of a microcystin-degrading bacterium strain and its enzymatic degradation of microcystin-LR by intracellular extract of Bacillus cereus

Xie, F.; Li, C.; Zheng, J.; Chen, X.; Huang, J.; Zhou, R., 2010:
Screening and identification of a new Bacillus strain producing keratinase

Liu, Y.; Liu, W.; Li, X.; Xu, Z.; Wang, X.; Li, C.; Chen, L.; Xin, S.; Xu, D., 2015:
Screening and identification of a novel adefovir dipivoxil resistance associated mutation, rtN236V, of HBV from a large cohort of HBV-infected patients

Huynh, Q.Khai.; Wise, S.J.; Koch, K.A.; Castonguay, L.A.; Reid, B.G.; Pagratis, E.E.; Koditek, D.; Glascock, C.B.; Pitts, K.R.; Turner, B.A.; Liu, X.; Hung, M.; Han, B.; Pagratis, N., 2011:
Screening and identification of a novel class of TGF-β type 1 receptor kinase inhibitor

Park, S-Youn.; Shin, H-Jae.; Kim, G-Joong., 2011:
Screening and identification of a novel esterase EstPE from a metagenomic DNA library

Zhu, X.; Wu, H.; Luo, S.; Xianyu, Z.; Zhu, D., 2008:
Screening and identification of a novel hepatocellular carcinoma cell binding peptide by using a phage display library

He, W.; Yang, L-hua.; Sun, L-li.; Xiang, Y-long.; Long, L.; Wu, Y-zhang., 2011:
Screening and identification of a novel ovarian specific protein in mouse

Tu, X.; Zang, L.; Lan, D.; Liang, W., 2009:
Screening and identification of a peptide specifically targeted to NCI-H1299 cells from a phage display peptide library

Wang, T.; Ding, H.; Yang, L.; Ji, Q.; Chen, W.; Zhang, H., 2009:
Screening and identification of a single chain antibody fragment

Guo, Y.; Ma, C.; Li, C.; Wu, J.; Zhang, D.; Han, J.; Wang, Q.; Xu, J.; Lu, S.; Hou, Y., 2014:
Screening and identification of a specific peptide binding to hepatocellular carcinoma cells from a phage display peptide library

Huang, J.; Yuan, L.; Sun, Z., 2011:
Screening and identification of a strain with lipolytic activity against Jatropha oil and its catalytic capacity

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Screening and insurance

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Screening could prevent more than half of colorectal cancer deaths. Virtual colonoscopy is gaining traction due to ease of procedure compared to standard colonoscopy

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Screening dialysis patients for vascular calcification

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