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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55672

Chapter 55672 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Qiao, Y.; Zhou, L.; Wang, Y.; Liu, F.; Xie, P.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, D.; Zhao, X., 2012:
Screening for antibodies against intact cancer cells with a naïve large phage antibody library

Matsubara, F.; Haraguchi, K.; Harada, K.; Koizumi, A., 2012:
Screening for antibodies to human T-cell leukemia virus type I in Japanese breast milk

Naimy, H.; Leymarie, N.; Zaia, J., 2010:
Screening for anticoagulant heparan sulfate octasaccharides and fine structure characterization using tandem mass spectrometry

Caccetta, R.; Al Salami, H., 2014:
Screening for antidiabetic activities

Kamaraj, C.; Rahuman, A.Abdul.; Bagavan, A., 2008:
Screening for antifeedant and larvicidal activity of plant extracts against Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner), Sylepta derogata (F.) and Anopheles stephensi (Liston)

Stefanovic, B.; Stefanovic, L., 2014:
Screening for antifibrotic compounds using high throughput system based on fluorescence polarization

Mania, D.; Hilpert, K.; Ruden, S.; Fischer, R.; Takeshita, N., 2011:
Screening for antifungal peptides and their modes of action in Aspergillus nidulans

Ghannadi, A.; Plubrukarn, A.; Zandi, K.; Sartavi, K.; Yegdaneh, A., 2013:
Screening for antimalarial and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities of some Iranian seaweeds

Bennedsen, M.; Stuer-Lauridsen, B.; Danielsen, M.; Johansen, E., 2011:
Screening for antimicrobial resistance genes and virulence factors via genome sequencing

Cahill, P.Louis.; Burritt, D.; Heasman, K.; Jeffs, A.; Kuhajek, J., 2014:
Screening for antioxidant and detoxification responses in Perna canaliculus Gmelin exposed to an antifouling bioactive intended for use in aquaculture

McDermott, G.P.; Conlan, X.A.; Noonan, L.K.; Costin, J.W.; Mnatsakanyan, M.; Shalliker, R.Andrew.; Barnett, N.W.; Francis, P.S., 2011:
Screening for antioxidants in complex matrices using high performance liquid chromatography with acidic potassium permanganate chemiluminescence detection

Gonzalez-Nieto, J.Antonio.; Martin-Suarez, I., 2012:
Screening for antiphospholipid antibodies in women with pregnancy complications

Milackova, I.; Kovacikova, L.; Veverka, M.; Gallovic, Ján.; Stefek, M., 2013:
Screening for antiradical efficiency of 21 semi-synthetic derivatives of quercetin in a DPPH assay

Mokhbat, J.M.; Melhem, N.M.; El-Khatib, Z.; Zalloua, P., 2014:
Screening for antiretroviral drug resistance among treatment-naive human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected individuals in Lebanon

Astani, A.; Reichling, Jürgen.; Schnitzler, P., 2009:
Screening for antiviral activities of isolated compounds from essential oils

Hou, Y.; McGuinness, D.E.; Prongay, A.J.; Feld, B.; Ingravallo, P.; Ogert, R.A.; Lunn, C.A.; Howe, J.A., 2008:
Screening for antiviral inhibitors of the HIV integrase-LEDGF/p75 interaction using the AlphaScreen luminescent proximity assay

Sagen, U.; Vik, T.Gunnar.; Moum, Tørn.; Mørland, T.; Finset, A.; Dammen, T., 2009:
Screening for anxiety and depression after stroke: comparison of the hospital anxiety and depression scale and the Montgomery and Asberg depression rating scale

Eack, S.M.; Singer, J.B.; Greeno, C.G., 2009:
Screening for anxiety and depression in community mental health: the beck anxiety and depression inventories

Simon, E.; Bögels, S.Maria., 2009:
Screening for anxiety disorders in children

Lawrenson, R., 2012:
Screening for aortic abdominal aneurysm in New Zealand

Ravn, H.; Einarsson, E.; Stubberöd, A.; Wellander, E.; Duncker, L., 2007:
Screening for aortic aneurysm can be performed at community health centers. Time and cost-efficient examination with high participation rate in scarcely populated areas

Marteau, T.M., 2008:
Screening for aortic aneurysm: Detection is not as harmful as it might seem

Doherty, J., 2008:
Screening for aortic aneurysm: No conclusion for men aged 65-75 who have never smoked

Beard, J., 2008:
Screening for aortic aneurysm: Some of the reasons for lukewarm support are purely political

Beevers, D.Gareth.; Aitchison, F.A., 2011:
Screening for aortic coarctation by comparing blood pressure in the arms and legs is more convenient and reliable than examination of the femoral pulses

Kirkham, J.R.; Blackmore, C.Craig., 2007:
Screening for aortic injury with chest radiography and clinical factors

Kemna, M.S.; Murphy, D.J.; Silverman, N.H., 2010:
Screening for aortic root dilation in marfan syndrome using the ratio of the aortic root to descending aortic diameters in children

Yalcinkaya, E.; Bugan, B.; Celik, M.; Yuksel, U.Cagdas., 2013:
Screening for arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: a value of genetic testing

Brauer, C.; Baandrup, U.; Jacobsen, P.; Krasnik, M.; Olsen, Jørgen.H.; Pedersen, J.Holst.; Rasmussen, T.Riis.; Schlünssen, V.; Sherson, D.; Svolgaard, B.; Sørensen, J.Benn.; Omland, O., 2009:
Screening for asbestos-related conditions

Steele, C.M.; Cichero, J.A.Y., 2012:
Screening for aspiration risk

Fichna, M.; Fichna, P.; Gryczyńska, M.; Walkowiak, Jław.; Zurawek, M.; Sowiński, J., 2011:
Screening for associated autoimmune disorders in Polish patients with Addison's disease

Karavanaki, K.; Kakleas, K.; Paschali, E.; Kefalas, N.; Konstantopoulos, I.; Petrou, V.; Kanariou, M.; Karayianni, C., 2009:
Screening for associated autoimmunity in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM)

Tebb, K.P.; Wibbelsman, C.; Neuhaus, J.M.; Shafer, M-Ann., 2009:
Screening for asymptomatic Chlamydia infections among sexually active adolescent girls during pediatric urgent care

Wiesel, J.; Abraham, S.; Messineo, F.C., 2013:
Screening for asymptomatic atrial fibrillation while monitoring the blood pressure at home: trial of regular versus irregular pulse for prevention of stroke (TRIPPS 2.0)

Lin, K.W.; Brown, T., 2010:
Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in adults

Anonymous, 2010:
Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in adults: reaffirmation recommendation statement

Kondapaneni, S.Leela.; Surpam, R.; Devi, G., 2012:
Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in school-going children

Elsharawy, M.A.; Al-Elq, A.H.; Alkhadra, A.H.; Moghazy, K.M.; Elsaid, A.S., 2011:
Screening for asymptomatic cardiovascular disease in Arab patients with diabetes

Carpenter, W.S.; Connolly, P.J., 1959:
Complications of ileostomy

Jefferson, J.Ashley., 2018:
Complications of Immunosuppression in Glomerular Disease

Goldstein, L.B., 2014:
Screening for asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis: caveat emptor

Mahto, M.; Lavelle, S.J.; Mallinson, H., 2010:
Screening for asymptomatic chlamydia in women: how often would gonorrhoea be missed?

Gazzaruso, C.; Coppola, A.; Montalcini, T.; Valenti, C.; Pelissero, G.; Solerte, S.Bruno.; Salvucci, F.; Gallotti, P.; Pujia, A.; Garzaniti, A.; Giustina, A., 2012:
Screening for asymptomatic coronary artery disease can reduce cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in type 2 diabetic patients

Chikamori, T., 2009:
Screening for asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes

Vidovich, M.I., 2009:
Screening for asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes

Ghafari, A.; Ahmadnezhad, E.; Sepehrvand, N.; Hatami, S.; Zafarshamspoor, S.; Ayubian, B.; Erfani, R.; Jafari, G.; Fayyaz-Jahani, F., 2011:
Screening for asymptomatic kidney disease in high-risk population of Urmia, Iran

McDonagh, T.A.; McDonald, K.; Maisel, A.S., 2008:
Screening for asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction using B-type natriuretic Peptide

Tarantini, L.; Cioffi, G.; Di Lenarda, A.; Valle, R.; Pulignano, G.; Del Sindaco, D.; Frigo, G.; Soravia, G.; Tessier, R.; Catania, G., 2009:
Screening for asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction in high-risk patients. Preliminary experience with a program based on the use of ECG and natriuretic peptide

Pessinaba, S.; Mbaye, A.; Kane, A.; Guene, B.D.; Mbaye Ndour, M.; Niang, K.; Jobe, M.; Cazaubon, M.; Mathieu, J-B.S.; Kane, M.; Sow, D.Diagne.; Diack, B.; Kane, A., 2012:
Screening for asymptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease of the lower limbs by measuring the ankle-brachial index in the general population (Senegal)

Dessinioti, C.; Papadogeorgaki, E.; Athanasopoulou, V.; Antoniou, C.; Stratigos, A.J., 2014:
Screening for asymptomatic scalp carriage in household contacts of patients with tinea capitis during 1997-2011: a retrospective hospital-based study

Buhk, J-H.; Finck-Wedel, A-K.; Buchert, R.; Bannas, P.; Schnackenburg, B.; Beil, F.U.; Adam, G.; Weber, C., 2011:
Screening for atherosclerotic plaques in the abdominal aorta in high-risk patients with multicontrast-weighted MRI: a prospective study at 3.0 and 1.5 tesla

Périard, D.; Hayoz, D., 2007:
Screening for atherothrombosis at the doctor's office: role of blood pressure measurement at the ankle

Klemenz, B., 2011:
Screening for atrial fibrillation

Deif, B.; Lowres, N.; Freedman, S.Benedict., 2013:
Screening for atrial fibrillation above age 65 detects an asymptomatic subset at high risk of stroke

Rhys, G.C.; Azhar, M.F.; Foster, A., 2013:
Screening for atrial fibrillation in patients aged 65 years or over attending annual flu vaccination clinics at a single general practice

Wilson, D.; Frontera, A.; Thomas, G.; Duncan, E., 2015:
Screening for atrial fibrillation in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea to reduce ischaemic strokes

Munschauer, F.E.; Hens, M.M.; Priore, R.L.; Stolarski, E.; Buffamonte, S.; Carlin, A.; Wechsler, L.; Massaro, L.; Barch, C.; Hughes, R.; Anderson, A.; Sung, G.; Baker, S.; Limon, S., 2007:
Screening for atrial fibrillation in the community: a multicenter validation trial

Lewis, M.; Parker, D.; Weston, C.; Bowes, M., 2011:
Screening for atrial fibrillation: sensitivity and specificity of a new methodology

Aragonès, E.; Cañisá, A.; Caballero, Aònia.; Piñol-Moreso, J.Lluís., 2014:
Screening for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adult patients in primary care

Einarsson, E.; Sigurdsson, J.Fridrik.; Gudjonsson, G.H.; Newton, A.Kristin.; Bragason, O.Orn., 2012:
Screening for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and co-morbid mental disorders among prison inmates

Holmberg, K.; Sundelin, C.; Hjern, A., 2013:
Screening for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): can high-risk children be identified in first grade?

Maxson, R.Todd.; Lawson, K.A.; Pop, R.; Yuma-Guerrero, P.; Johnson, K.M.K., 2009:
Screening for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in a select sample of injured and uninjured pediatric patients

Kumar, G.; Faden, J.; Steer, R.A., 2011:
Screening for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adult inpatients with psychiatric disorders

Conrad, K.J.; Bezruczko, N.; Chan, Y-Fen.; Riley, B.; Diamond, G.; Dennis, M.L., 2010:
Screening for atypical suicide risk with person fit statistics among people presenting to alcohol and other drug treatment

Pandey, J.; Verbalis, A.; Robins, D.L.; Boorstein, H.; Klin, A.M.I.; Babitz, T.; Chawarska, K.; Volkmar, F.; Green, J.; Barton, M.; Fein, D., 2008:
Screening for autism in older and younger toddlers with the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers

Dudova, I.; Kasparova, M.; Markova, D.; Zemankova, J.; Beranova, S.; Urbanek, T.; Hrdlicka, M., 2014:
Screening for autism in preterm children with extremely low and very low birth weight

Johnson, S.; Hollis, C.; Hennessy, E.; Kochhar, P.; Wolke, D.; Marlow, N., 2011:
Screening for autism in preterm children: diagnostic utility of the Social Communication Questionnaire

Rowberry, J.; Macari, S.; Chen, G.; Campbell, D.; Leventhal, J.M.; Weitzman, C.; Chawarska, K., 2015:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in 12-month-old high-risk siblings by parental report

Dereu, M.; Warreyn, P.; Raymaekers, R.; Meirsschaut, M.; Pattyn, G.; Schietecatte, I.; Roeyers, H., 2011:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in Flemish day-care centres with the checklist for early signs of developmental disorders

DiGuiseppi, C.; Hepburn, S.; Davis, J.M.; Fidler, D.J.; Hartway, S.; Lee, N.Raitano.; Miller, L.; Ruttenber, M.; Robinson, C., 2010:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in children with Down syndrome: population prevalence and screening test characteristics

Fodstad, J.C.; Dunn, D.W., 2014:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in children with epilepsy: where to begin... and where to go?

Stephens, B.E.; Bann, C.M.; Watson, V.E.; Sheinkopf, S.J.; Peralta-Carcelen, M.; Bodnar, A.; Yolton, K.; Goldstein, R.F.; Dusick, A.M.; Wilson-Costello, D.E.; Acarregui, M.J.; Pappas, A.; Adams-Chapman, I.; McGowan, E.C.; Heyne, R.J.; Hintz, S.R.; Ehrenkranz, R.A.; Fuller, J.; Das, A.; Higgins, R.D.; Vohr, B.R., 2013:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in extremely preterm infants

Cangialose, A.; Allen, P.Jackson., 2014:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in infants before 18 months of age

Robins, D.L., 2008:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders in primary care settings

Kruizinga, I.; Visser, J.C.; van Batenburg-Eddes, T.; Carter, A.S.; Jansen, W.; Raat, H., 2015:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders with the brief infant-toddler social and emotional assessment

García-Primo, P.; Hellendoorn, A.; Charman, T.; Roeyers, H.; Dereu, M.; Roge, B.; Baduel, S.; Muratori, F.; Narzisi, A.; Van Daalen, E.; Moilanen, I.; de la Paz, M.Posada.; Canal-Bedia, R., 2015:
Screening for autism spectrum disorders: state of the art in Europe

VanDenHeuvel, A.; Fitzgerald, M.; Greiner, B.; Perry, I.J., 2007:
Screening for autistic spectrum disorder at the 18-month developmental assessment: a population-based study

Gouveia, S.; Gomes, L.; Ribeiro, C.; Carrilho, F., 2014:
Screening for autoimmune polyglandular syndrome in a cohort of patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Bartáková, J.; Potluková, Eška.; Rogalewicz, Vír.; Fait, Táš.; Schöndorfová, D.; Telička, Zěk.; Krátký, J.; Jiskra, J., 2014:
Screening for autoimmune thyroid disorders after spontaneous abortion is cost-saving and it improves the subsequent pregnancy rate

Katz, L.M.; Sayers, M., 2015:
Screening for babesiosis: where is the policy?

Otto, G.P.; Kropf, M.; Sossdorf, M.; Recknagel, P.; Lösche, W.; Rödel, J.; Claus, R.A.; Busch, M., 2013:
Screening for bacteremia in sepsis and renal failure using hemofilters for renal replacement therapy

Gdoura, R.; Kchaou, W.; Znazen, A.; Chakroun, N.; Fourati, M.; Ammar-Keskes, L.; Hammami, A., 2008:
Screening for bacterial pathogens in semen samples from infertile men with and without leukocytospermia

Alice, T.N.D.; Kives, S.; Merovitz, L.; Nitsch, R.; Tessler, K.; Yudin, M.H., 2012:
Screening for bacterial vaginosis at the time of intrauterine contraceptive device insertion: is there a role?

Lin, K.W.; LoBrano, M.B., 2009:
Screening for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy to prevent preterm delivery

Dixon, T., 1989:
Screening for bacteriuria in infants

Sasa, M.; Bando, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Hirose, T.; Nagao, T., 2007:
Screening for basal marker expression is necessary for decision of therapeutic strategy for triple-negative breast cancer

Pelander, A.; Ristimaa, J.; Rasanen, I.; Vuori, E.; Ojanperä, I., 2008:
Screening for basic drugs in hair of drug addicts by liquid chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Garg, A.; Butz, A.M.; Dworkin, P.H.; Lewis, R.A.; Serwint, J.R., 2008:
Screening for basic social needs at a medical home for low-income children

Hacker, K.A.; Penfold, R.; Arsenault, L.; Zhang, F.; Murphy, M.; Wissow, L., 2014:
Screening for behavioral health issues in children enrolled in Massachusetts Medicaid

Tokuji, Y.; Akiyama, K.; Yunoki, K.; Kinoshita, M.; Sasaki, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Wada, M.; Ohnishi, M., 2010:
Screening for beneficial effects of oral intake of sweet corn by DNA microarray analysis

Thevis, M.; Sigmund, G.; Gougoulidis, V.; Beuck, S.; Schlörer, N.; Thomas, A.; Kwiatkowska, D.; Pokrywka, A.; Schänzer, W., 2011:
Screening for benfluorex and its major urinary metabolites in routine doping controls

Petrou, M., 2010:
Screening for beta thalassaemia

El-Beshlawy, A.; Kaddah, N.; Moustafa, A.; Mouktar, G.; Youssry, I., 2007:
Screening for beta-thalassaemia carriers in Egypt: significance of the osmotic fragility test

Aziz, I.; Kurien, M.; Sanders, D.S.; Ford, A.C., 2015:
Screening for bile acid diarrhoea in suspected irritable bowel syndrome

Jacquemin, E., 2007:
Screening for biliary atresia and stool color: method of colorimetric scale

Shneider, B.L., 2008:
Screening for biliary atresia: A ray of hope

Wildhaber, B.E., 2011:
Screening for biliary atresia: Swiss stool color card

Striegel-Moore, R.H.; Perrin, N.; DeBar, L.; Wilson, G.Terence.; Rosselli, F.; Kraemer, H.C., 2010:
Screening for binge eating disorders using the Patient Health Questionnaire in a community sample

Plaza, M.; Santoyo, S.; Jaime, L.; García-Blairsy Reina, G.; Herrero, M.; Señoráns, F.J.; Ibáñez, E., 2010:
Screening for bioactive compounds from algae

El-Houri, R.B.; Kotowska, D.; Olsen, L.C.B.; Bhattacharya, S.; Christensen, L.P.; Grevsen, K.; Oksbjerg, N.; Færgeman, N.; Kristiansen, K.; Christensen, K.B., 2014:
Screening for bioactive metabolites in plant extracts modulating glucose uptake and fat accumulation

Meesters, C.; Kombrink, E., 2014:
Screening for bioactive small molecules by in vivo monitoring of luciferase-based reporter gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana

von Kopylow, K.; Kirchhoff, C.; Jezek, D.; Schulze, W.; Feig, C.; Primig, M.; Steinkraus, V.; Spiess, A-Nikolai., 2010:
Screening for biomarkers of spermatogonia within the human testis: a whole genome approach

Georgiou, H.M.; Lappas, M.; Georgiou, G.M.; Marita, A.; Bryant, V.J.; Hiscock, R.; Permezel, M.; Khalil, Z.; Rice, G.E., 2008:
Screening for biomarkers predictive of gestational diabetes mellitus

Carvalho, Aé.F.; Nunes-Neto, P.R.; Castelo, M.S.; Macêdo, D.S.; Dimellis, D.; Soeiro-de-Souza, Márcio.G.; Soczynska, J.K.; McIntyre, R.S.; Hyphantis, T.N.; Fountoulakis, K.N., 2014:
Screening for bipolar depression in family medicine practices: prevalence and clinical correlates

Hirschfeld, R.M.A., 2007:
Screening for bipolar disorder

Zimmerman, M.; Galione, J.N.; Ruggero, C.J.; Chelminski, I.; Young, D.; Dalrymple, K.; McGlinchey, J.B., 2010:
Screening for bipolar disorder and finding borderline personality disorder

Sharma, V.; Penava, D., 2010:
Screening for bipolar disorder during pregnancy and the postpartum period

Tafalla, M.; Sanchez-Moreno, J.; Diez, T.; Vieta, E., 2008:
Screening for bipolar disorder in a Spanish sample of outpatients with current major depressive episode

Miguez, M.; Weber, Béatrice.; Debbané, M.; Balanzin, D.; Gex-Fabry, M.; Raiola, F.; Barbe, Rémy.P.; Vital Bennour, Mène.; Ansermet, Fçois.; Eliez, S.; Aubry, J-Michel., 2014:
Screening for bipolar disorder in adolescents with the mood disorder questionnaire-adolescent version (MDQ-A) and the child bipolar questionnaire (CBQ)

Wang, Y.Ting.; Yeh, T.Lieh.; Lee, I.Hui.; Chen, K.Ching.; Chen, P.See.; Yang, Y.Kuang.; Lu, R.Band., 2009:
Screening for bipolar disorder in medicated patients treated for unipolar depression in a psychiatric outpatient clinic using the Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Rouillon, Fédéric.; Gasquet, I.; Garay, R.P.; Lancrenon, S., 2011:
Screening for bipolar disorder in patients consulting general practitioners in France

Aragonès, E.; López-Rodríguez, J.A.; Escobar-Rabadán, F.; Téllez-Lapeira, J.; Mínguez, Jé.; Párraga, I.; Suárez-Hernández, T.; Piñero, Mía.José.; Guzón, M-Magdalena.; Aragonès, E.; López-Rodríguez, J.A.; Escobar-Rabadán, F.; Téllez-Lapeira, J.; Mínguez, Jé.; Párraga, I.; Suárez-Hernández, T.; Piñero, Mía.José.; Guzón, M-Magdalena.; Boix, Jé.Salvador.; Alonso, A.; Madueño, A.; Caballero, A.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, R.; Lacunza, N.; Pascual, P.; Martín-Luengo, Mía.;, 2016:
Screening for bipolar disorder in primary care patients with psychological symptoms

Castelo, M.S.; Hyphantis, T.N.; Macêdo, D.S.; Lemos, G.O.; Machado, Y.O.; Kapczinski, Fávio.; McIntyre, R.S.; Carvalho, Aé.F., 2013:
Screening for bipolar disorder in the primary care: a Brazilian survey

Zimmerman, M.; Galione, J.N., 2012:
Screening for bipolar disorder with the Mood Disorders Questionnaire: a review

Zimmerman, M., 2015:
Screening for bipolar disorder: confusion between case-finding and screening

Parker, G.; Fletcher, K.; McCraw, S.; Synnott, H.; Friend, P.; Mitchell, P.B.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D., 2014:
Screening for bipolar disorder: does gender distort scores and case-finding estimates?

Vázquez, G.Héctor.; Romero, E.; Fabregues, F.; Pies, R.; Ghaemi, N.; Mota-Castillo, M., 2010:
Screening for bipolar disorders in Spanish-speaking populations: sensitivity and specificity of the Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale-Spanish Version

van Zaane, J.; van den Berg, B.; Draisma, S.; Nolen, W.A.; van den Brink, W., 2012:
Screening for bipolar disorders in patients with alcohol or substance use disorders: performance of the mood disorder questionnaire

Weber-Rouget, B.; Aubry, J-M., 2010:
Screening for bipolar disorders: a review of the literature

Papastefanou, I.; Pilalis, A.; Chrelias, C.; Kassanos, D.; Souka, A.P., 2015:
Screening for birth weight deviations by second and third trimester ultrasound scan

Svatek, R.S.; Lotan, Y.; Karakiewizc, P.I.; Shariat, S.F., 2008:
Screening for bladder cancer using urine-based tumor markers

Pesch, B.; Taeger, D.; Johnen, G.; Gawrych, K.; Bonberg, N.; Schwentner, C.; Wellhäusser, H.; Kluckert, M.; Leng, G.; Nasterlack, M.; Lotan, Y.; Stenzl, A.; Brüning, T., 2015:
Screening for bladder cancer with urinary tumor markers in chemical workers with exposure to aromatic amines

Anonymous, 2009:
Screening for bladder cancer. The challenge: identifying who might benefit most from screening

Shen, H.D.; Di, P.; Li, J.H.; Luo, J.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, Y., 2018:
Complications of implant-supported full-arch immediate prosthesis: a retrospective analysis of 114 cases

Anonymous, 2012:
Screening for bladder cancer: recommendation statement

Fradet, Y., 2009:
Screening for bladder cancer: the best opportunity to reduce mortality

Kakizoe, T.; Mucci, L.A.; Albertsen, P.C.; Droller, M.J., 2008:
Screening for bladder cancer: theoretical and practical issues in considering the treated and untreated natural history of the various forms of the disease

Oliván-Gonzalvo, G., 2008:
Screening for blood lead levels in children (corrected)

Clancy, K.; Velopulos, C.; Bilaniuk, J.W.; Collier, B.; Crowley, W.; Kurek, S.; Lui, F.; Nayduch, D.; Sangosanya, A.; Tucker, B.; Haut, E.R., 2013:
Screening for blunt cardiac injury: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guideline

Kaye, D.; Brasel, K.J.; Neideen, T.; Weigelt, J.A., 2011:
Screening for blunt cerebrovascular injuries is cost-effective

Stengel, D.; Rademacher, G.; Hanson, B.; Ekkernkamp, A.; Mutze, S., 2007:
Screening for blunt cerebrovascular injuries: the essential role of computed tomography angiography

Tikkakoski, T., 2007:
Screening for blunt cerebrovascular injury in trauma patients

Ringer, A.J.; Matern, E.; Parikh, S.; Levine, N.B., 2010:
Screening for blunt cerebrovascular injury: selection criteria for use of angiography

Rhondali, W.; Chisholm, G.B.; Filbet, M.; Kang, D-Hee.; Hui, D.; Cororve Fingeret, M.; Bruera, E., 2015 :
Screening for body image dissatisfaction in patients with advanced cancer: a pilot study

Goon, D.T.; Toriola, A.L.; Shaw, B.S., 2010:
Screening for body-weight disorders in Nigerian children using contrasting definitions

Chanen, A.M.; Jovev, M.; Djaja, D.; McDougall, E.; Yuen, H.Pan.; Rawlings, D.; Jackson, H.J., 2008:
Screening for borderline personality disorder in outpatient youth

Meydan, H.; Yildiz, M.A.; Agerholm, Jørgen.S., 2011:
Screening for bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency, deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase, complex vertebral malformation, bovine citrullinaemia, and factor XI deficiency in Holstein cows reared in Turkey

Kmietowicz, Z., 2009:
Screening for bowel cancer is set to save 2500 lives a year in UK

Alves, Jé.Luís.; Santiago, Jão., 2015:
Screening for brain cancer: why (not): letter

Somerall, D'Ann.W., 2014:
Screening for breast and cervical cancer: understanding the different recommendations

Newman, D.H., 2010:
Screening for breast and prostate cancers: moving toward transparency

Kumiko, S.; Hiroshi, S.; Noriaki, O.; Tomotaka, S., 2010:
Screening for breast cancer

Kopans, D.B., 2011:
Screening for breast cancer among women in their 40s

Hogben, R.Katy.F., 2008 :
Screening for breast cancer in England: a review

Moss, S., 2008:
Screening for breast cancer in India--is it an appropriate strategy?

Mousavi, S.Mohsen.; Harirchi, I.; Ebrahimi, M.; Mohagheghi, M.Ali.; Montazeri, A.; Jarrahi, A.Mousavi.; Gouya, M.Mehdi.; Miller, A.B., 2008:
Screening for breast cancer in Iran: a challenge for health policy makers

Sreedevi, A.; Quereshi, M.Amin.; Kurian, B.; Kamalamma, L., 2014:
Screening for breast cancer in a low middle income country: predictors in a rural area of Kerala, India

Miller, A.B., 2011:
Screening for breast cancer in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Holley, J.L.; Von Roenn, J., 2010:
Screening for breast cancer in women with CKD stages 4 to 5

Muir, T.M.; Tresham, J.; Fritschi, L.; Wylie, E., 2010:
Screening for breast cancer post reduction mammoplasty

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