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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55683

Chapter 55683 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Jin, D-di., 2007:
Secondary discussion of surgical treatment for spinal tuberculosis

Congdon, C.C.; Mitchell, T.J.; Gardiner, D.A.; Kastenbaum, M.A.; Toya, R.E., 1970:
Secondary disease mortality in rat-mouse radiation chimeras

Quintana, E.; Sturiale, L.; Montero, R.; Andrade, F.; Fernandez, C.; Couce, M.L.; Barone, R.; Aldamiz-Echevarria, L.; Ribes, A.; Artuch, R.; Briones, P., 2013:
Secondary disorders of glycosylation in inborn errors of fructose metabolism

Blatny, J., 1949:
Secondary disturbances of nutrition in disease

Iglesias, A.; Iglesias, A., 2008:
Secondary diurnal enuresis treated with hypnosis: a time-series design

Soska, V.; Fiala, J.; Nebeská, K.; Hrubá, D., 2010:
Secondary dyslipidaemia after oral contraceptives

Vargová, V.; Pytliak, M.; Mechírová, V., 2012:
Secondary dyslipidemias

Soska, V., 2007:
Secondary dyslipidemias and their treatment

Dvirnyk, V.N.; Kokhno, A.V.; Parovichnikova, E.N., 2014:
Secondary dysmyelopoiesis in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes

Strader, S.; Rodnitzky, R.L.; Gonzalez-Alegre, P., 2012:
Secondary dystonia in a botulinum toxin clinic: clinical characteristics, neuroanatomical substrate and comparison with idiopathic dystonia

Schneider, S.A.; Bhatia, K.P., 2009:
Secondary dystonia-clinical clues and syndromic associations

Kanellopoulos, A.John.; Skouteris, V.S., 2011:
Secondary ectasia due to forceps injury at childbirth: management with combined topography-guided partial PRK and collagen cross-linking (Athens Protocol) and subsequent phakic IOL implantation

Cavadas, P.C.; Landin, L.; Thione, A., 2011:
Secondary ectopic transfer for replantation salvage after severe wound infection

Gore, B., 2014:
Secondary education for cerebral palsied children

Morillo, V.; Guinot, J.L.; Tortajada, I.; Ricós, J.V.; Arribas, L.; Maroñas, M.; Estornell, M.; Casanova, J., 2008:
Secondary effects and biochemical control in patients with early prostate cancer treated with (125)-I seeds

Gatell, Jé.M.; Zamora, L., 2009:
Secondary effects associated with raltegravir

Willison, H.; Boyer, T.H., 2012:
Secondary effects of anion exchange on chloride, sulfate, and lead release: systems approach to corrosion control

Merchán-Naranjo, J.; Tapia, C.; Bailón, C.; Moreno, C.; Baeza, I.; Calvo-Escalona, R.; Morer, A.; Martínez-Cantarero, C.; Nestares, P.Andrés.; Alda, Jé.Ángel.; Muñoz, D.; Arango, C., 2013:
Secondary effects of antipsychotic treatment in naive or quasi-naive children and adolescents: design of a follow-up protocol and baseline results

Seeman, M.V., 2008:
Secondary effects of antipsychotics: women at greater risk than men

Reid, S.Margaret.; Walstab, J.E.; Chong, D.; Westbury, C.; Reddihough, D.S., 2014:
Secondary effects of botulinum toxin injections into salivary glands for the management of pediatric drooling

Reid, C., 1947:
Secondary effects of insulin on metabolism

Vesely, K., 1948:
Secondary effects of penicillin

Arribas López, Jé.R., 2009:
Secondary effects of treatment with maraviroc and other CCR5 antagonists. Potential impact of the CCR5 blocker

Tapia, M.D.; Armah, G.; Breiman, R.F.; Dallas, M.J.; Lewis, K.D.C.; Sow, S.O.; Rivers, S.B.; Levine, M.M.; Laserson, K.F.; Feikin, D.R.; Victor, J.C.; Ciarlet, M.; Neuzil, K.M.; Steele, A.Duncan., 2012:
Secondary efficacy endpoints of the pentavalent rotavirus vaccine against gastroenteritis in sub-Saharan Africa

Pierre, Dèle., 2008:
Secondary elaboration of the dream, a key concept for the transcultural encounter

Kunze, C.; Samuelsson, H., 1976:
Secondary electron conduction camera tube for space applications

Grunbaum, E.; Barkay, Z.; Shapira, Y.; Barnham, K.W.J.; Bushnell, D.B.; Ekins-Daukes, N.J.; Mazzer, M.; Wilshaw, P., 2009:
Secondary electron emission contrast of quantum wells in GaAs p-i-n junctions

Devoto, P.; Médale, J-L.; Sauvaud, J-A., 2008 :
Secondary electron emission from distributed ion scattering off surfaces for space instrumentation

Pomerantz, M.A., 2010:
Secondary electron emission from oxide-coated cathodes

Riccardi, P.; Pisarra, M.; Cupolillo, A.; Commisso, M.; Sindona, A.; Baragiola, R.A.; Dukes, C.A., 2011:
Secondary electron emission spectra from clean and cesiated Al surfaces: the role of plasmon decay and data analysis for applications

Pisarra, M.; Cupolillo, A.; Caputi, L.S.; Sindona, A.; Riccardi, P., 2012:
Secondary electron spectra of graphene on Ni(111) surface

Martínez-Lozano, P.; Rus, J.; Fernández de la Mora, G.; Hernández, M.; Fernández de la Mora, J., 2008:
Secondary electrospray ionization (SESI) of ambient vapors for explosive detection at concentrations below parts per trillion

Vidal-de-Miguel, G.; Herrero, A., 2012:
Secondary electrospray ionization of complex vapor mixtures. Theoretical and experimental approach

Martínez-Lozano, P.; Zingaro, L.; Finiguerra, A.; Cristoni, S., 2011:
Secondary electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry: breath study on a control group

Ruiz-Moreno, Jé.M.; Montero, J.A.; Amat, P.; Lugo, F.L., 2009:
Secondary elevated IOP and cataracts after high-dose intravitreal triamcinolone and photodynamic therapy to treat choroidal neovascularization

Cooke, M.A., 1946:
Secondary emanatory phenomena in the blood of irradiated subjects

Crabtree, J.H., 2008:
Secondary embedding of peritoneal dialysis catheters

D.S.efano, Jé.Fco.; Marín, W.A.; Díaz, M.A., 2008:
Secondary embryonary root associated with seed germination in Garcinia intermedia (Clusiaceae) and its possible role in seedling survival

Nakamoto, A.; Nagy, L.M.; Shimizu, T., 2011:
Secondary embryonic axis formation by transplantation of D quadrant micromeres in an oligochaete annelid

Gupta, D.; Odigie-Okon, E.G.; Ratner, S.; Kadiyala, M.; Cao, J.J., 2013:
Secondary endocardial fibroelastosis in an adult: three-year follow-up by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

Miramontes, J.P.; Aláez, I.; Cubino, N.; Romero, A.; Oterino, J.A.Martín.; Rodríguez, A.Sánchez., 2010:
Secondary endocarditis to ventriculo-atrial shunt

Onita, T.; Igawa, T.; Hisamatsu, H.; Sakai, H.; Kanetake, H., 2009:
Secondary endocrine therapy with oral estrogen for relapsed prostate cancer

Cho, T-Yi.; Cheng, P-Wen.; Young, Y-Ho., 2014:
Secondary endolymphatic hydrops after sudden deafness

Veenboer, P.W.; Chrzan, R.; Dik, P.; Klijn, A.J.; de Jong, T.P.V.M., 2011:
Secondary endoscopic pyelotomy in children with failed pyeloplasty

Hoteya, S.; Iizuka, T.; Kikuchi, D.; Mitani, T.; Matsui, A.; Ogawa, O.; Furuhata, T.; Yamashta, S.; Yamada, A.; Kaise, M.; Yahagi, N., 2015:
Secondary endoscopic submucosal dissection for residual or recurrent tumors after gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection

Pitoulias, G.A.; Schulte, S.; Donas, K.P.; Horsch, S., 2009:
Secondary endovascular and conversion procedures for failed endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: can we still be optimistic?

Guerrero, L.; Marco-Ferreres, R.; Serrano, A.L.; Arredondo, J.J.; Cervera, M., 2009:
Secondary enhancers synergise with primary enhancers to guarantee fine-tuned muscle gene expression

Zaman, N.; Karale, M.; Agius, M., 2011:
Secondary enuresis & body dysmorphic disorder in a caucasian male with catatonic schizophrenia: a case report

Aliyu, I., 2014:
Secondary enuresis associated with chorea in a nigerian girl

Khalilov, I.A.; Sitdikova, G.F.; Khazipov, R.N.; Zefirov, A.L., 2014:
Secondary epileptogenesis in the immature brain: a role of GABA

Jamrozy-Witkowska, A.; Muzyka-Woźniak, M.; Oficjalska-Młyńczak, J.; Szelepin, L., 2008:
Secondary epithelial cyst of the iris--case report

McMullin, M.Frances., 2014:
Secondary erythrocytosis

Prakobkaew, N.; Singsanan, S.; Fucharoen, G.; Surapot, S.; Fucharoen, S., 2010:
Secondary erythrocytosis caused by hemoglobin Tak/(δβ)0-thalassemia syndrome

El-Sharkawi, D.; Fisher, C.; Khambadkone, S.; Stephens, A.D.; Porter, J.B., 2012:
Secondary erythrocytosis due to compound homozygosity, but not compound heterozygosity, for Hb Luton and α-thalassemia: a family study

Alexandrescu, D.T.; McClure, R.; Farzanmehr, H.; Dasanu, C.A., 2008:
Secondary erythrocytosis produced by the tyrosine kinase inhibitors sunitinib and sorafenib

Kang, B.Chan.; Nam, D.Jeong.; Ahn, E.Kyoung.; Yoon, D.Mi.; Cho, J.Goo., 2013 :
Secondary erythromelalgia - a case report -

Badeloe, S.; Henquet, C.J.; Nieuwhof, C.M.G.; Frank, J., 2007:
Secondary erythromelalgia involving the ears probably preceding lupus erythematosus

Chantha, S-Ching.; Herman, A.C.; Platts, A.E.; Vekemans, X.; Schoen, D.J., 2014:
Secondary evolution of a self-incompatibility locus in the Brassicaceae genus Leavenworthia

Bryant, J.; Hopwood, M., 2008:
Secondary exchange of sterile injecting equipment in a high distribution environment: a mixed method analysis in south east Sydney, Australia

Bowring, J.; Tulloch, I.; Phadnis, S.V.; Young, M.P.A.; Evans, H.; Walker, P., 2010:
Secondary excision for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: an evaluation of two treatment methods

Miller, M.G.; Rogol, A.D.; Zumbrunnen, T.L., 2012:
Secondary exposure to testosterone from patients receiving replacement therapy with transdermal testosterone gels

Vurbic, D.; Bouton, M.E., 2011:
Secondary extinction in Pavlovian fear conditioning

Nonomura, Y.; Tanioka, M.; Mitomi, Y.; Fujisawa, A.; Miyachi, Y., 2012:
Secondary extramammary Paget's disease with underlying recurrent bladder carcinoma

Ariyarathenam, A.; Galvin, N.; Akoh, J.A., 2013:
Secondary extramedullary plasmacytoma causing small bowel intussusception in a patient with multiple myeloma - A case report

Pai, R.; Kini, H.; Ghartimagar, D., 2008:
Secondary extramedullary plasmacytoma of the breast: diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology

Allert, N.; Lehrke, R.; Sturm, V.; Volkmann, J., 2010:
Secondary failure after ten years of pallidal neurostimulation in a patient with advanced Parkinson's disease

Riedel, A.A.; Heien, H.; Wogen, J.; Plauschinat, C.A., 2007:
Secondary failure of glycemic control for patients adding thiazolidinedione or sulfonylurea therapy to a metformin regimen

Brown, J.B.; Conner, C.; Nichols, G.A., 2010:
Secondary failure of metformin monotherapy in clinical practice

Bao, J.; Yue, T.; Liu, W.; Zhang, Q.; Zhou, L.; Xu, H-Ji.; Dai, S-Ming., 2011:
Secondary failure to treatment with recombinant human IL-1 receptor antagonist in Chinese patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Sydsjö, G.; Angerbjörn, L.; Palmquist, S.; Bladh, M.; Sydsjö, A.; Josefsson, A., 2013:
Secondary fear of childbirth prolongs the time to subsequent delivery

Alexandru, D.; Van Horn, D.K.; Bota, D.Annenelie., 2010:
Secondary fibrosarcoma of the brain stem treated with cyclophosphamide and Imatinib

Freilich, A.M.; Chhabra, A.Bobby., 2007:
Secondary flexor tendon reconstruction, a review

Rusconi, R.; Lecuyer, S.; Autrusson, N.; Guglielmini, L.; Stone, H.A., 2011:
Secondary flow as a mechanism for the formation of biofilm streamers

Kokkalis, E.; Hoskins, P.R.; Corner, G.A.; Stonebridge, P.A.; Doull, A.J.; Houston, J.Graeme., 2014:
Secondary flow in peripheral vascular prosthetic grafts using vector Doppler imaging

Zhmylev, P.Iu.; Karpukhina, E.A.; Zhmyleva, A.P., 2009:
Secondary flowering: the induction and development abnormalities

Sokaras, D.; Karydas, A-Germanos., 2009:
Secondary fluorescence enhancement in confocal X-ray microscopy analysis

Sethi, S.; Fervenza, F.C.; Zhang, Y.; Smith, R.J.H., 2012:
Secondary focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis associated with single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the genes encoding complement factor H and C3

Fuke, Y.; Murata, Y.; Hemmi, S.; Kajiwara, M.; Yabuki, M.; Fujita, T.; Soma, M., 2015:
Secondary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in an adolescent born with a very low birth weight

O'Reilly, K.; Brauer, J.; Loyd, A.; Patel, R.; Walters, R.; Franks, A.G., 2011:
Secondary follicular mucinosis associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

Müller-Färber, J.A.; Schläger, B., 2007:
Secondary forearm deformity due to premature closure of the distal ulnar physis

Weaver, P.L.; Schwagerl, J.J., 2009:
Secondary forest succession and tree planting at the Laguna Cartagena and Cabo Rojo wildlife refuges in southwestern Puerto Rico

Henzen, C., 2009:
Secondary forms of diabetes mellitus

Stark, C.; Hoyer-Kuhn, H.; Knoop, K.; Schoenau, H.; Schoenau, E.; Semler, O., 2015:
Secondary forms of osteoporosis. Special features of diagnostics in childhood and adolescence

Angelini, C.; Silliman, B.R., 2014:
Secondary foundation species as drivers of trophic and functional diversity: evidence from a tree-epiphyte system

Stoller, C.; Gerber, C., 1994:
Secondary fracture of the humerus after closed reduction and percutaneous stabilization of a subcapital fracture

Chandran, M.; Akesson, K., 2016:
Secondary fracture prevention: plucking the low hanging fruit

Cavadas, P.C., 2008:
Secondary free fibular flap for providing rigidity in a radial forearm phalloplasty

Mayo, J.L.; Mathai, A.; Mattai, A.; S.H.laire, H.; Moses, M.H., 2014:
Secondary fronto-orbital reconstruction using an augmented allograph

Ramachandran, R.; Hughes, E.; Larkin, G.; Graham, E.; Stanford, M.; Lim, M., 2011:
Secondary frosted branch angiitis in neuro-Behçet's disease with serous macular detachment

Peczonczyk, S.L.; Brown, E.S.; Maldonado, S., 2013:
Secondary functionalization of allyl-terminated GaP(111)A surfaces via heck cross-coupling metathesis, hydrosilylation, and electrophilic addition of bromine

Krewson, W.E., 1949:
Secondary functions of inferior oblique

Mittal, A.; Mann, S.B.; Panda, N.K.; Mehra, Y.N.; Talwar, P., 1997:
Secondary fungal infections in chronic suppurative otitis media

Van Way, C., 2014:
Secondary gain, Gone with the Wind & the SGR

Yücesoy, A.Naki.; Poçan, Süheyl., 2014:
Secondary gallbladder hydatidosis and nonfragmanted germinative membrane sourced obstructive jaundice caused by intrabiliary ruptured hepatic hydatid cyst (a case report): two rare complication of the intrabiliary ruptured hepatic hydatid cyst

Novotny, A.R.; Reim, D.; Friess, H.M.; Schuhmacher, C., 2015:
Secondary gastrectomy for stage IV gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma after induction-chemotherapy

Samiullah, S.; Memon, M.Sadik.; Memon, H.Ghani.; Ghori, A., 2012:
Secondary gastric varices in hepatic cirrhosis

Bhasin, D.Kumar.; Rana, S.Singh.; Chandail, V.Singh.; Masoodi, I.; Nanda, M.; Nadkarni, N.; Sinha, S.K.; Nagi, B., 2007:
Secondary gastric volvulus after successful resolution of perisplenic pseudocyst by endoscopic transpapillary nasopancreatic drainage

Chakrabarti, N.; Sinha, V.K.; Parial, A., 1999:
Secondary gender identity disorder - a case report

Rektor, I.; Zákopcan, J.; Tyrlíková, I.; Kuba, R.; Brázdil, M.; Chrastina, J.; Novák, Zĕk., 2009:
Secondary generalization in seizures of temporal lobe origin: Ictal EEG pattern in a stereo-EEG study

Zeidler, C.; Ständer, S., 2014:
Secondary generalized brachioradial pruritus. An uncommon but easy-to-use differential diagnostic approach to generalized pruritus

Beà, Sílvia.; Campo, Eías., 2008:
Secondary genomic alterations in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas: tumor-specific profiles with impact on clinical behavior

Meyer, L.M.; Schönfeld, C-Ludwig., 2014:
Secondary glaucoma after intravitreal dexamethasone 0.7 mg implant in patients with retinal vein occlusion: a one-year follow-up

Sahin, A.; Caça, I.; Cingü, A.Kürşat.; Türkcü, F.Mehmet.; Yüksel, H.; Sahin, M.; Cinar, Y.; Ari, S., 2013 :
Secondary glaucoma after pediatric cataract surgery

Seki, M.; Fukuchi, T.; Yoshino, T.; Ueda, J.; Hasebe, H.; Ueki, S.; Oyama, T.; Fukushima, A.; Abe, H., 2015:
Secondary glaucoma associated with bilateral complete ring cysts of the ciliary body

Kac, M.Jarczun.; Kac, São.Isaac.; Martins, A.Gonçalves.dos.Santos., 2011:
Secondary glaucoma following carotid cavernous fistula resolved after fistula's embolization: case report

Heinz, C.; Pleyer, U.; Ruokonnen, P.; Heiligenhaus, A., 2008:
Secondary glaucoma in childhood uveitis

Deuter, C.M.E.; Klinik, T.; Müller, M.; Geerling, G.; Zierhut, M., 2010:
Secondary glaucoma in uveitis

Výborný, P.; Novácek, L.; Pasta, J.; Sebesta, P.; Vladyka, V.; Liscák, R., 2007:
Secondary glaucoma treatment by means of Leksell gamma knife

Krishnadas, R.; Ramakrishnan, R., 2007:
Secondary glaucomas: the tasks ahead

Sibinski, M.; Woźniakowski, Błomiej.; Drobniewski, M.; Synder, M., 2010:
Secondary gleno-humeral joint dysplasia in children with persistent obstetric brachial plexus palsy

Gajjar, S.; Mazloom, A.; Chintagumpala, M.; Mahajan, A.; Paulino, A.C., 2014:
Secondary glioblastoma multiform in a patient with CHARGE syndrome and prior radiation therapy for medulloblastoma

Postovsky, S.; Vlodavsky, E.; Eran, A.; Guilburd, J.; Ben Arush, M.Weyl., 2007:
Secondary glioblastoma multiforme after treatment for primary choroid plexus carcinoma in childhood

Han, S.J.; Yang, I.; Otero, J.J.; Ahn, B.J.; Tihan, T.; McDermott, M.W.; Berger, M.S.; Chang, S.M.; Parsa, A.T., 2010:
Secondary gliosarcoma after diagnosis of glioblastoma: clinical experience with 30 consecutive patients

Andaloussi-Saghir, K.; Oukabli, M.; E.M.rjany, M.; Sifat, H.; Hadadi, K.; Mansouri, H., 2012:
Secondary gliosarcoma after the treatment of primary glioblastoma multiforme

Dawar, R.; Fabiano, A.J.; Qiu, J.; Khushalani, N.I., 2013:
Secondary gliosarcoma with extra-cranial metastases: a report and review of the literature

Oberndorfer, S.; Wöhrer, A.; Hainfellner, J.A.; Calabek, B.; Tinchon, A.; Brandl, I.; Grisold, W., 2014:
Secondary gliosarcoma with massive invasion of meninges, skull base, and soft tissue, and systemic metastasis

Han, S.J.; Yang, I.; Tihan, T.; Chang, S.M.; Parsa, A.T., 2010:
Secondary gliosarcoma: a review of clinical features and pathological diagnosis

Tahri, R.; Boulahroud, O.; Setti, K.; Oukabli, M.; E.O.hi, M.Réda.; Akhaddar, A.; Boucetta, M.; Albouzidi, A., 2012:
Secondary gliosarcoma: case report

Letko, E.; Price, D.A.; Lindoso, E.M.S.; Price, M.O.; Price, F.W., 2011:
Secondary graft failure and repeat endothelial keratoplasty after Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty

Kazemi, A.; Stearns, J.W.; Fonseca, R.J., 2007:
Secondary grafting in the alveolar cleft patient

Adibi, A.; Mumbru, J.; Wagner, K.; Psaltis, D., 2008:
Secondary grating formation by readout at Bragg-null incidence

White, J.A., 1949:
Secondary haemangioma of bone; report of a case

Gigli, F.; Gardellini, A.; Bertazzoni, P.; Martinelli, G., 2012:
Secondary haematological malignancies after radioimmunotherapy

Arslan, C.; Uslu, R., 2013:
Secondary haematological malignancies in the BCIRG 001 study

Rotaru, I.; Gaman, A.; Gaman, G., 2014:
Secondary haemochromatosis in a patient with thalassemia intermedia

Angelman, J., 1949:
Secondary haemorrhage

Onoda, S.; Kimata, Y.; Sugiyama, N.; Onoda, T.; Mizukawa, N., 2014:
Secondary head and neck reconstruction using free flap to improve the postoperative function or appearance of cancer survivors

Celle, M.E.; Carelli, V.; Fornarino, S., 2010:
Secondary headache in children

Ando, N., 2012:
Secondary headache in children and adolescent

Blitshteyn, S., 2009:
Secondary headache in secondary syphilis

Green, M.W., 2012:
Secondary headaches

Assarzadegan, F.; Asadollahi, M.; Hesami, O.; Aryani, O.; Mansouri, B.; Beladi Moghadam, N., 2013 :
Secondary headaches attributed to arterial hypertension

Abend, N.S.; Younkin, D.; Lewis, D.W., 2010:
Secondary headaches in children and adolescents

Tanganelli, P., 2010:
Secondary headaches in the elderly

Nappi, G.; Moskowitz, M.A., 2016:
Secondary headaches introduction

Krauss, E.M.; Lalonde, D.H., 2014:
Secondary healing of fingertip amputations: a review

Dudink, R.; Veldkamp, J.; Nienhuijs, S.; Heemskerk, J., 2012:
Secondary healing versus midline closure and modified Bascom natal cleft lift for pilonidal sinus disease

Erdmann, A.Lorenzini.; de Andrade, S.Regina.; de Mello, A.Lúcia.Schaefer.Ferreira.; Drago, L.Crespo., 2014:
Secondary health care: best practices in the health services network

Hitzig, S.L.; Tonack, M.; Campbell, K.A.; McGillivray, C.F.; Boschen, K.A.; Richards, K.; Craven, B.Catharine., 2008:
Secondary health complications in an aging Canadian spinal cord injury sample

Guilcher, S.J.T.; Craven, B.Cathy.; Lemieux-Charles, L.; Casciaro, T.; McColl, M.Ann.; Jaglal, S.B., 2013:
Secondary health conditions and spinal cord injury: an uphill battle in the journey of care

Adriaansen, J.J.E.; van Asbeck, F.W.A.; Lindeman, E.; van der Woude, L.H.V.; de Groot, S.; Post, M.W.M., 2014:
Secondary health conditions in persons with a spinal cord injury for at least 10 years: design of a comprehensive long-term cross-sectional study

Adriaansen, J.J.E.; Post, M.W.M.; de Groot, S.; van Asbeck, F.W.A.; Stolwijk-Swüste, J.M.; Tepper, M.; Lindeman, E., 2013:
Secondary health conditions in persons with spinal cord injury: a longitudinal study from one to five years post-discharge

Arslan, C.; Ozdemir, E.; Dogan, E.; Ozisik, Y.; Altundag, K., 2012:
Secondary hematological malignancies after treatment of non-metastatic breast cancer

Purrucker, J.C.; Capper, D.; Behrens, L.; Veltkamp, R., 2014:
Secondary hematoma expansion in intracerebral hemorrhage during rivaroxaban therapy

Rihani, R.; Bazzeh, F.; Faqih, N.; Sultan, I., 2010:
Secondary hematopoietic malignancies in survivors of childhood cancer: an analysis of 111 cases from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result-9 registry

Prakash, S.; Shah, N.D.; Soni, R.Kanchan., 2009:
Secondary hemicrania continua: Case reports and a literature review

Dandoy, C.; Grimley, M., 2015:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) from a presumed brown recluse spider bite

Castillo, L.; Carcillo, J., 2009:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and severe sepsis/ systemic inflammatory response syndrome/multiorgan dysfunction syndrome/macrophage activation syndrome share common intermediate phenotypes on a spectrum of inflammation

Kleynberg, R.Leonid.; Schiller, G.J., 2013:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in adults: an update on diagnosis and therapy

Cascio, A.; Pernice, L.M.; Barberi, G.; Delfino, D.; Biondo, C.; Beninati, C.; Mancuso, G.; Rodriguez-Morales, A.J.; Iaria, C., 2012:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in zoonoses. A systematic review

Cosso, C.; Cosso, R.; Cimmino, M.A., 2015:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis possibly induced by interferon beta-1a therapy

David, A.; Iaria, C.; Giordano, S.; Iaria, M.; Cascio, A., 2013:
Secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: forget me not!

Ruiz Ramos, Jús., 2015:
Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome due to Peg-interferon administration

Mahuad, C.V.; Garate, G.M.; Vicente Reparaz, Mía.de.Los.Ángeles.; Casali, C.; Del Olmo, M.; Bolgiani, A., 2014:
Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome due to recurrent infections in a severely burned patient

Shabbir, M.; Lucas, J.; Lazarchick, J.; Shirai, K., 2011:
Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome in adults: a case series of 18 patients in a single institution and a review of literature

Peña, C.; Valladares, X.; Cabrera, Mía.Elena., 2014:
Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome: report of 5 cases

Oliveira, C.; Chacim, Sérgio.; Ferreira, I.; Domingues, N.; Mariz, Jé.Mário., 2014:
Secondary hemophagocytic syndrome: the importance of clinical suspicion

Gokce, M.; Unal, O.; Hismi, B.; Gumruk, F.; Coskun, T.; Balta, G.; Unal, S.; Cetin, M.; Kalkanoglu-Sivri, H.S.; Dursun, A.; Tokatlı, A., 2012:
Secondary hemophagocytosis in 3 patients with organic acidemia involving propionate metabolism

Paul, P.G.; Prathap, T.; Kaur, H.; Shabnam, K.; Kandhari, D.; Chopade, G., 2016:
Secondary hemorrhage after total laparoscopic hysterectomy

Brown, M.J., 1948:
Secondary hemorrhage following trauma to major blood vessels

Makhov, N.I., 2010:
Secondary hemorrhages and prevention of complications following the ligature of the arterial trunks and great blood losses

Zlatman, A.F., 1945:
Secondary hemorrhages following gunshot wounds

Rodrigues, J.; Alam, A.; Bernard, C.; Giannetti, N.; Podymow, T., 2014:
Secondary hemosiderosis on kidney biopsy in a patient with a left ventricular assist device

Saif, M.Wasif., 2009:
Secondary hepatic resection as a therapeutic goal in advanced colorectal cancer

Birgel Junior, E.Harry.; dos Santos, M.Caroline.; de Ramos, J.Arruda.Camara.; Pogliani, F.Celidonis.; Birgel, D.Becker.; Libera, A.Maria.Melville.Paivo.Della.; Gregory, L.; de Araujo, W.Pereira.; Benesi, F.José., 2007:
Secondary hepatogenous photosensitization in a llama (Lama glama) bred in the state of Sáo Paulo, Brazil

Sierra, B.; Perez, A.B.; Vogt, K.; Garcia, G.; Schmolke, K.; Aguirre, E.; Alvarez, M.; Kern, F.; Kourí, G.; Volk, H-Dieter.; Guzman, M.G., 2010:
Secondary heterologous dengue infection risk: Disequilibrium between immune regulation and inflammation?

Niederhagen, M.; Zengel, P.; Ihrler, S., 2010:
Secondary high-malignant transformation of a low-malignant epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma

Ng, K.; Higurashi, M.; Uemiya, N.; Qian, Y., 2014:
Secondary histomorphological changes in cerebral arteries of normotensive and hypertensive rats following a carotid-jugular fistula induction

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