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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55686

Chapter 55686 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Changnon, S.A., 1977:
Section w annual meeting symposia break records

Anonymous, 1987:
Section y adopts statement of membership and purpose

Gies, W.J., 1906:
Section-K Physiology And Experimental Medicine

Song, L.; Maslov, K.; Wang, L.V., 2010:
Section-illumination photoacoustic microscopy for dynamic 3D imaging of microcirculation in vivo

Dimenstein, I.B., 2010:
Sectionable cassette for embedding automation in surgical pathology

Yi, S.Young.; Ryu, K.Hei.; Woo, H.Soo.; Ahn, W.; Kim, W.Seok.; Jung, H.; Cho, J.Ho.; Lee, D.Yong., 2009:
Sectional Analysis of Learning on the KAIST-Ewha Colonoscopy Simulation II

Lederer, J., 1948:
Sectional accommodation

Alias, N.; Liu, A.; Egodawatta, P.; Goonetilleke, A., 2014:
Sectional analysis of the pollutant wash-off process based on runoff hydrograph

Blanco, D.; Rivero, M.A.; Vázquez, J.M.; Arencibia, A., 2015:
Sectional anatomic and computed tomography features of the nasal and oral cavities of the one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Arencibia, A.; Hidalgo, Mía.R.; Vázquez, Jé.M.; Contreras, S.; Ramírez, G.; Orós, J., 2012:
Sectional anatomic and magnetic resonance imaging features of the head of juvenile loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta)

Han, J.; Lu, J-xing.; Xing, N.; Lin, L.; Jiang, H-yue.; Zhuang, H-xing., 2013:
Sectional anatomical analysis of auricular and middle ear malformation in patients with microtia

Feng, Y.; Zhang, Y.Qun.; Liu, M.; Jin, L.; Huangfu, M.; Liu, Z.; Hua, P.; Liu, Y.; Hou, R.; Sun, Y.; Li, Y.Qiong.; Wang, Y.Fa.; Feng, J.Chun., 2012:
Sectional anatomy aid for improvement of decompression surgery approach to vertical segment of facial nerve

Ma, G.; Liu, S.Wei.; Zhao, Z.Mei.; Lin, X.Tao.; Lou, L.; Li, Z.Ping.; Tang, Y.Chun.; Zhong, S.Zhen., 2008:
Sectional anatomy of the adrenal gland in the coronal plane

Kong, F-Zhen.; Huang, F.; Xu, Q.; Li, Z-Ping.; Lin, X-Tao.; Sun, B.; Yin, Q.; Chen, C-Chun., 2012:
Sectional anatomy of the fetal brain in uterus at term on the sagittal plane

Chen, C.C.; Huang, F.; Zheng, J.W.; Fu, S.Q.; Kong, F.Z.; Chen, Z.X.; Yang, X.D.; Zang, C.S., 2010:
Sectional anatomy of the olfactory pathways

Chen, C-Chun.; Huang, F.; Shao, H-Xin.; Jin, J-Hua.; Li, Z-Ping.; Zhang, C-Sen., 2010:
Sectional anatomy of the optic pathways on the coronal plane

Anonymous, 1935:
Sectional and Society Programs

Karir, N.; Hindocha, V.; Walmsley, A.Damien., 2012:
Sectional dentures revisited

Xin, Z.; Dobson, K.; Shinoda, Y.; Poon, T-Chung., 2010:
Sectional image reconstruction in optical scanning holography using a random-phase pupil

Colvenkar, S.S., 2010:
Sectional impression tray and sectional denture for a microstomia patient

Givan, D.A.; AuClair, W.A.; Seidenfaden, J.C.; Paiva, J., 2010:
Sectional impressions and simplified folding complete denture for severe microstomia

Chiou-Tan, F.Y.; Miller, J.S.; Zhang, H.; Kass, J.S.; Taber, K.H., 2007:
Sectional neuroanatomy of the lumbosacral spine (L1-S5)

Kass, J.S.; Chiou-Tan, F.Y.; Harrell, J.S.; Zhang, H.; Taber, K.H., 2010:
Sectional neuroanatomy of the pelvic floor

Signore, A.; Kaitsas, V.; Tonoli, A.; Angiero, F.; Silvestrini-Biavati, A.; Benedicenti, S., 2014:
Sectional porcelain veneers for a maxillary midline diastema closure: a case report

Galitskiĭ, V.V., 2010:
Sectional structure of a tree. Model analysis of the vertical biomass distribution

Ariizumi, S-Ichi.; Katagiri, S.; Katsuragawa, H.; Kotera, Y.; Yamamoto, M., 2007:
Sectionectomy is suitable for patients with T2 hepatocellular carcinoma according to the modified international union against cancer TNM Classification

Yamanaka, J.; Fujimoto, J., 2012:
Sectionectomy of the liver

Kim, B.Chul.; Chung, M.Suk.; Kim, H.Jun.; Park, J.Seo.; Shin, D.Sun., 2015:
Sectioned images and surface models of a cadaver for understanding the deep circumflex iliac artery flap

Vilaplana, D.; Pazos, M., 2013:
Sectioning a luxated intraocular lens inside the vitreous cavity

Serrano Quesada, M., 1949:
Sectioning methods for histopathological studies used in the Laboratorio de investigaciones anatomapatologicas' of the Hospital general of Mexico City

Nagy, A.; Gertsenstein, M.; Vintersten, K.; Behringer, R., 2007:
Sectioning mouse embryos

Shen, M., 2007:
Sectioning mouse embryos after whole-mount in situ hybridization

Keys, W.F.; Keightley, A.J.; Welbury, R.R., 2016:
Sectioning of a double tooth aided by cone-beam computed tomography

Paul, C.Ann.; Beltz, B.; Berger-Sweeney, J., 2008:
Sectioning of brain tissues

Mourgela, S.; Anagnostopoulou, S.; Sakellaropoulos, A.; Koulousakis, A.; Warnke, J.P., 2008:
Sectioning of filum terminale externum using a rigid endoscope through the sacral hiatus. Cadaver study

Cox, F., 1948:
Sectioning of impacted teeth

Asenath-Smith, E.; Estroff, L.A., 2014:
Sectioning of individual hematite pseudocubes with focused ion beam enables quantitative structural characterization at nanometer length scales

Kang, H.Chol.; Stephenson, G.Brian.; Liu, C.; Conley, R.; Khachatryan, R.; Wieczorek, M.; Macrander, A.T.; Yan, H.; Maser, Jörg.; Hiller, J.; Koritala, R., 2007:
Sectioning of multilayers to make a multilayer Laue lens

Stephen, J.M.; Kader, D.; Lumpaopong, P.; Deehan, D.J.; Amis, A.A., 2013:
Sectioning the medial patellofemoral ligament alters patellofemoral joint kinematics and contact mechanics

Ulubil, S.Arif.; Eshraghi, A.A.; Telischi, F.F., 2009:
Sectioning the sensory auricular branch of the facial nerve to treat recalcitrant otalgia

Qurashi, I.; Shaw, J., 2008:
Sections 37/41 Mental Health Act 1983: a study of judges' practice and assessment of risk to the public

Anonymous, 1939:
Sections In Camera

Anonymous, 1934:
Sections On Zoological Sciences (F) And Botanical Sciences (G)

Williams, P.W., 1908:
Sections and Drawings illustrating the Pathogenesis of some Forms of Nasal Polypi

Strasberg, S.M., 2015:
Sections and Sectors

Meyerhoff, H.A., 1946:
Sections and Societies

Davis, H., 1910:
Sections from a Case of Linear Nævus

Anonymous, 1926:
Sections from a Case of Myeloma

Parsons, L., 1913:
Sections from a Case of Progressive Spinal Muscular Atrophy of Infants (Werdnig-Hoffmann Type)

Adamson, H.G., 1916:
Sections from a Case of Syringoma (?)

Little, E.G., 1916:
Sections from a Papilliferous Sudoriparous Cyst of the Cheek in a Man

Anonymous, 1926:
Sections illustrating Histology of Xanthomatous Infiltration of Tendons

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Epidemiology, Comparative Medicine, and Disease in Children, Joint Discussion No. 5: Discussion on the Control of Tuberculosis and the Milk Supply

Foerste, A.F., 1888:
Sections of Fossils

James, J.F., 1888:
Sections of Fossils

Minjares-Fuentes, R.; Femenia, A.; Comas-Serra, F.; Rodríguez-González, V.Manuel., 2018:
Compositional and Structural Features of the Main Bioactive Polysaccharides Present in the Aloe vera Plant

Scott, A.G.; Szilagyi, R.K.; Mulder, D.W.; Ratzloff, M.W.; Byer, A.S.; King, P.W.; Broderick, W.E.; Shepard, E.M.; Broderick, J.B., 2018:
Compositional and structural insights into the nature of the H-cluster precursor on HydF

Anonymous, 1924:
Sections of Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics, Psychiatry and Surgery: Discussion on Post-Operative and Puerperal Mental Disorder

Tang, S.; Chen, N.; Song, B.; He, J.; Zhou, Y.; Jenks, M.A.; Xu, X., 2018:
Compositional and transcriptomic analysis associated with cuticle lipid production on rosette and inflorescence stem leaves in the extremophyte Thellungiella salsuginea

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Medicine, Otology, Neurology, and Laryngology, Joint Discussion No. 1: Discussion on the Causes, Early Recognition, and Treatment of Non-Tuberculous Meningitis

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology, Joint Discussion No. 4: Discussion on the Treatment of Septicaemia

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology, Joint Discussion No. 4: Discussion on the Treatment of Septicæmia

Roberts, C.H., 1912:
Sections of Ovarian Concretions (Haematoliths) and of the Cyst Wall in which they were contained

Roberts, C.H., 1912:
Sections of Ovarian Concretions (Hæmatoliths) and of the Cyst Wall in which they were contained

Williams, A.W., 1908:
Sections of Paraffinoma

Anonymous, 1916:
Sections of Psychiatry and Neurology: Special Discussion on Shell Shock without Visible Signs of Injury

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Psychiatry, Neurology, Study of Disease in Children, and Epidemiology, Joint Discussion No. 2: Discussion on the Mental Sequelae of Encephalitis Lethargica

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Psychiatry, Neurology, Study of Disease in Children, and Epidemiology, Joint Discussion No. 2: Discussion on the Mental Sequelæ of Encephalitis Lethargica

Anonymous, 1924:
Sections of Study of Disease in Children, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Orthopaedics: Discussion on "Birth Injuries, with Special Reference to Intracranial Injuries with Haemorrhage, and to Nerve Injuries."

Anonymous, 1924:
Sections of Study of Disease in Children, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynæcology, and Orthopædics: Discussion on "Birth Injuries, with Special Reference to Intracranial Injuries with Hæmorrhage, and to Nerve Injuries."

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Surgery, Anaesthetics, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Pathology, Joint Discussion No. 3: Discussion on the Prevention and Treatment of Post-Operative Pulmonary Affections

Anonymous, 1925:
Sections of Surgery, Anæsthetics, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynæcology, and Pathology, Joint Discussion No. 3: Discussion on the Prevention and Treatment of Post-Operative Pulmonary Affections

Anonymous, 1924:
Sections of Surgery, of Medicine, and of Therapeutics and Pharmacology: Discussion on "The Treatment of Severe Gastric and Duodenal Haemorrhage."

Anonymous, 1924:
Sections of Surgery, of Medicine, and of Therapeutics and Pharmacology: Discussion on "The Treatment of Severe Gastric and Duodenal Hæmorrhage."

Peters, E.A., 1930:
Sections of Tonsils

Powell, L., 1928:
Sections of Tonsils, one of which formed a Large Tumour filling the Pharynx

Roberts, C.H., 1912:
Sections of a Three Months Abortion: Placenta undergoing Advanced Calcareous Degeneration

Scott, S., 1909:
Sections of the Human Cochlea through the Organ of Corti, showing Beaded Nerve-fibril traversing the Tunnel of Corti, and Cell Fibrillae projecting from the Hair-cells

Scott, S., 1909:
Sections of the Human Cochlea through the Organ of Corti, showing Beaded Nerve-fibril traversing the Tunnel of Corti, and Cell Fibrillæ projecting from the Hair-cells

Anonymous, 1912:
Sections of the Skin of a Kitten affected with Microsporon Ringworm, and a Culture from the Hair of a Child infected by the Kitten

Wilkinson, J.A.; Coover, W.F., 1930:
Secton C (Chemistry)

Anonymous, 1935:
Secton On Astronomy (D)

Anonymous, 1932:
Secton Q (Education)

Shields, C.L.; Qureshi, A.; Mashayekhi, A.; Park, C.; Sinha, N.; Zolotarev, F.; Shields, J.A., 2012:
Sector (partial) oculo(dermal) melanocytosis in 89 eyes

Evenson, K.R.; Satinsky, S.B., 2016:
Sector activities and lessons learned around initial implementation of the United States national physical activity plan

Sanders, H.L.; Darrah, P.R.; Langdale, J.A., 2011:
Sector analysis and predictive modelling reveal iterative shoot-like development in fern fronds

Nasser, N.J.; Wang, Y.; Borg, J.; Saibishkumar, E.P., 2014 :
Sector analysis of dosimetry of prostate cancer patients treated with low-dose-rate brachytherapy

Gu, Y.; Grossman, R.L., 2009:
Sector and Sphere: the design and implementation of a high-performance data cloud

Feuille, D.; Resmond, P., 2007:
Sector development in psychiatry, an opportunity!

Materin, M.A.; Bianciotto, C.G.; Wu, C.; Shields, C.L., 2012:
Sector laser photocoagulation for the prevention of macular edema after plaque radiotherapy for uveal melanoma: a pilot study

Denis, D., 2007:
Sector organization of the European Georges-Pompidou Hospital

Anonymous, 2008:
Sector qualifications strategy. You're hired

Wickberg, A.; Holmberg, L.; Adami, H-Olov.; Magnuson, A.; Villman, K.; Liljegren, Göran., 2014:
Sector resection with or without postoperative radiotherapy for stage I breast cancer: 20-year results of a randomized trial

Velthuizen, J., 2012:
Sector specific committees GGL: 'Power to the people!'

Ford, S.; Lintern, S., 2014:
Sector staffing levels gap grows

Bruusgaard, D., 2007:
Sector thinking and type 2 diabetes

Negin, J.; Martiniuk, A., 2012:
Sector wide approaches for health in small island states: lessons learned from the Solomon Islands

Iester, M.; Sangermani, C.; De Feo, F.; Ungaro, N.; Cicinelli, S.; Tardini, M.G.; Calabria, G.; Gandolfi, S., 2007:
Sector-based analysis of frequency doubling technology sensitivity and optic nerve head shape parameters

Oddone, F.; Centofanti, M.; Iester, M.; Rossetti, L.; Fogagnolo, P.; Michelessi, M.; Capris, E.; Manni, G., 2009:
Sector-based analysis with the Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph 3 across disc sizes and glaucoma stages: a multicenter study

Yin, F.; Liu, J.; Wong, D.W.K.; Tan, N.Meng.; Cheng, J.; Cheng, C-Yu.; Tham, Y.Chung.; Wong, T.Yin., 2013:
Sector-based optic cup segmentation with intensity and blood vessel priors

Gamage, K.A.A.; Joyce, M.J.; Cave, F.D., 2014:
Sector-shaped fast organic liquid scintillation detectors based neutron coincidence counter

Petrusca, L.; Salomir, R.; Brasset, L.; Chavrier, Fçoise.; Cotton, Fçois.; Chapelon, J-Yves., 2010:
Sector-switching sonication strategy for accelerated HIFU treatment of prostate cancer: in vitro experimental validation

Hardy, J.; Currow, D.C., 2012:
Sector-wide approach to phase III studies

Peters, D.H.; Paina, L.; Schleimann, F., 2015:
Sector-wide approaches (SWAps) in health: what have we learned?

Dancygier, R.M.; Donnelly, M.J., 2013:
Sectoral Economies, Economic Contexts, and Attitudes toward Immigration

Kutzbach, B.; Mendelsohn, N.; Rath, P.; Summers, C.Gail., 2007:
Sectoral iris heterochromia and retinal pigment variation in 13q-syndrome

Tsui, E.K., 2010:
Sectoral job training as an intervention to improve health equity

Fard, M.Aghsaei.; Fakhree, S., 2013:
Sectoral loss of myelin and axons in anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Kim, C-Sik.; Shin, K-Sup.; Lee, H-Jin.; Jo, Y-Joon.; Kim, J-Yeul., 2014:
Sectoral retinal nerve fiber layer thinning in branch retinal vein occlusion

Takahashi, H.; Iijima, H., 2009:
Sectoral thinning of the retina after branch retinal artery occlusion

Kang, M.H.; Law-Davis, S.; Balaratnasingam, C.; Yu, D-Yi., 2015:
Sectoral variations in the distribution of axonal cytoskeleton proteins in the human optic nerve head

Tun, T.A.; Baskaran, M.; Perera, S.A.; Chan, A.S.; Cheng, C-Yu.; Htoon, H.M.; Sakata, L.M.; Cheung, C.Y.; Aung, T., 2014:
Sectoral variations of iridocorneal angle width and iris volume in Chinese Singaporeans: a swept-source optical coherence tomography study

Huang, M.; Ilsen, P.F., 2007:
Sectoranopia: a stroke in the lateral geniculate nucleus or optic radiations?

Díaz-Valle, D.; Santos-Bueso, E.; Benítez-Del-Castillo, J.M.; Méndez-Fernández, R.; López-Abad, C.; Martínez-de-la-Casa, J.M.; García-Sánchez, J., 2007:
Sectorial conjunctival epitheliectomy and amniotic membrane transplantation for partial limbal stem cells deficiency

García-Ayuso, D.; Salinas-Navarro, M.; Nadal-Nicolás, F.Manuel.; Ortín-Martínez, A.; Agudo-Barriuso, M.; Vidal-Sanz, M.; Villegas-Pérez, Mía.P., 2014:
Sectorial loss of retinal ganglion cells in inherited photoreceptor degeneration is due to RGC death

Pandita, A.; Guest, S.J., 2010:
Sectorial retinoschisis associated with field defect in a patient with tilted discs

Martin, L.Davanture., 2010:
Sectorization and staff education in psychiatry

Merrill, R.M.; Castleton, R.A.; Lindsay, G.B., 2010:
Sectors of the Russian economy that would benefit from reduced cigarette sales

Blauvelt, A.; Prinz, J.C.; Gottlieb, A.B.; Kingo, K.; Sofen, H.; Ruer-Mulard, M.; Singh, V.; Pathan, R.; Papavassilis, C.; Cooper, S.; Papp, K.; Poulin, Y.; Vender, R.; Rosoph, L.; Kingo, K.; Eisen, M.; Joly, P.; Lacour, J-Philippe.; Paul, C.; Ruer-Mulard, M.; Kaatz, M.; Karrer, S.; Pauser, S.; Reich, K.; Simon, J.; Ling, M.; Pehoushek, J.; Hampton, M.; Gottlieb, A.; Weisman, J.; Sofen, H.; Loven, K.; Kempers, S.; Blauvelt, A.; Stough, D.; Baker, D.; Krell, J.; Mehlis, S.; Morris, A.; Jarratt, M, 2015:
Secukinumab administration by pre-filled syringe: efficacy, safety and usability results from a randomized controlled trial in psoriasis (FEATURE)

Ohtsuki, M.; Morita, A.; Abe, M.; Takahashi, H.; Seko, N.; Karpov, A.; Shima, T.; Papavassilis, C.; Nakagawa, H.; Saeki, H.; Okubo, Y.; Morita, A.; Iizuka, H.; Etoh, T.; Asano, Y.; Hori, K.; Ohi, T.; Sei, Y.; Nakayama, J.; Katoh, N.; Nemoto, O.; Igarashi, A.; Hashimoto, T.; Abe, M.; Takae, Y.; Asahina, A.; Mabuchi, T., 2016:
Secukinumab efficacy and safety in Japanese patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis: subanalysis from ERASURE, a randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 3 study

Tzellos, T.; Kyrgidis, A.; Vakirlis, E.; Trigoni, A., 2014:
Secukinumab for ankylosing spondylitis

Paul, C.; Reich, K.; Gottlieb, A.B.; Mrowietz, U.; Philipp, S.; Nakayama, J.; Harfst, E.; Guettner, A.; Papavassilis, C., 2015:
Secukinumab improves hand, foot and nail lesions in moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis: subanalysis of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, regimen-finding phase 2 trial

Sigurgeirsson, B.; Kircik, L.; Nemoto, O.; Mikazans, I.; Haemmerle, S.; Thurston, H.J.; Papavassilis, C.; Richards, H.B., 2015:
Secukinumab improves the signs and symptoms of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in subjects with involvement of hands and/or feet: subanalysis of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 dose-ranging study

Langley, R.G.; Elewski, B.E.; Lebwohl, M.; Reich, K.; Griffiths, C.E.M.; Papp, K.; Puig, Lís.; Nakagawa, H.; Spelman, L.; Sigurgeirsson, Bárður.; Rivas, E.; Tsai, T-Fang.; Wasel, N.; Tyring, S.; Salko, T.; Hampele, I.; Notter, M.; Karpov, A.; Helou, S.; Papavassilis, C.; Galimberti, R.; Parra, V.; Cas, I.Dei.; Kogan, N.; Papp, K.; Vender, R.B.; Bourcier, M.; Gratton, D.; Gooderham, M.; Melendez, E.; Jaller, A.; Otero, W.; Cortes, C.; Kingo, Külli.; Konno, P.; Pender, K.; Nurm, K.; Sigurgeirs, 2014:
Secukinumab in plaque psoriasis--results of two phase 3 trials

Hong, J.; Liu, Z.; Sun, X.; Xu, J., 2014:
Secukinumab in the treatment of noninfectious uveitis

Strand, V.; Kosinski, M.; Gnanasakthy, A.; Mallya, U.; Mpofu, S., 2014:
Secukinumab treatment in rheumatoid arthritis is associated with incremental benefit in the clinical outcomes and HRQoL improvements that exceed minimally important thresholds

Anonymous, 1880:
Secular Changes In The Earth's Figure

Suess, H.E., 1965:
Secular Changes of Natural Radiocarbon and Their Interpretation

Greiffenstein, M.F., 2012:
Secular IQ increases by epigenesis? The hypothesis of cognitive genotype optimization

Jeffreys, H., 1921:
Secular Perturbations Of The Inner Planets

Williams, N., 2008:
Secular Turkey's evolution battle

Pajević, I., 2013:
Secular and postsecular psychiatry

Krochmal, J., 2014:
Secular and religious deliberations around the topic of organ donation

Levine, H.; Mimouni, D.; Grotto, I.; Zahavi, A.; Ankol, O.; Huerta-Hartal, M., 2012:
Secular and seasonal trends of infectious mononucleosis among young adults in Israel: 1978-2009

Díaz de Terán Velasco, M.Cruz., 2012:
Secular bioethics and religious bioethics. Keys to a contemporary argument

Willis, B.L.; Morrow, J.R.; Jackson, A.W.; Defina, L.F.; Cooper, K.H., 2012:
Secular change in cardiorespiratory fitness of men: Cooper Center Longitudinal Study

Malina, R.M.; Peña Reyes, M.Eugenia.; Chavez, G.Bali.; Little, B.B., 2012:
Secular change in height and weight of indigenous school children in Oaxaca, Mexico, between the 1970s and 2007

Chen, T.Jiao.; Ji, C.Ye., 2013:
Secular change in stature of urban Chinese children and adolescents, 1985-2010

Cardoso, H.F.V.; Heuzé, Y.; Júlio, P., 2011:
Secular change in the timing of dental root maturation in Portuguese boys and girls

Oinuma, T.; Sakuma, M.; Endo, N., 2010:
Secular change of the incidence of four fracture types associated with senile osteoporosis in Sado, Japan: the results of a 3-year survey

Jordan, S.; Lim, L.; Seubsman, S-Ang.; Bain, C.; Sleigh, A.; Chokhanapitak, J.; Churewong, C.; Hounthasarn, S.; Khamman, S.; Pandee, D.; Pangsap, S.; Prapamontol, T.; Puengson, J.; Sangrattanakul, Y.; Seubsman, S-ang.; Somboonsook, B.; Sripaiboonkij, N.; Somsamai, P.; Vilainerun, D.; Wimonwattanaphan, W.; Bain, C.; Banks, E.; Banwell, C.; Caldwell, B.; Carmichael, G.; Dellora, T.; Dixon, J.; Friel, S.; Harley, D.; Kelly, M.; Kjellstrom, T.; Lim, L.; McMichael, A.; Mark, T.; Sleigh, A.; Strazdins, 2012 :
Secular changes and predictors of adult height for 86 105 male and female members of the Thai Cohort Study born between 1940 and 1990

Bullard, K.McKeever.; Saydah, S.H.; Imperatore, G.; Cowie, C.C.; Gregg, E.W.; Geiss, L.S.; Cheng, Y.J.; Rolka, D.B.; Williams, D.E.; Caspersen, C.J., 2014:
Secular changes in U.S. Prediabetes prevalence defined by hemoglobin A1c and fasting plasma glucose: National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, 1999-2010

Tomkinson, G.R.; Olds, T.S., 2007:
Secular changes in aerobic fitness test performance of Australasian children and adolescents

Smpokos, E.A.; Linardakis, M.; Papadaki, A.; Kafatos, A., 2011:
Secular changes in anthropometric measurements and blood pressure in children of Crete, Greece, during 1992/93 and 2006/07

Waern, M.; Marlow, T.; Morin, J.; Ostling, S.; Skoog, I., 2014:
Secular changes in at-risk drinking in Sweden: birth cohort comparisons in 75-year-old men and women 1976-2006

Tomkinson, G.R.; Clark, A.J.; Blanchonette, P., 2010:
Secular changes in body dimensions of Royal Australian Air Force aircrew (1971-2005)

Guimarey, L.Manuel.; Castro, L.Eduardo.; Torres, Mía.Fernanda.; Cesani, Mía.Florencia.; Luis, Mía.Antonia.; Quintero, Fán.Aníbal.; Oyhenart, E.Edith., 2014:
Secular changes in body size and body composition in schoolchildren from La Plata City (Argentina)

Bogin, B., 2013:
Secular changes in childhood, adolescent and adult stature

Sacuiu, S.; Gustafson, D.; Sjögren, M.; Guo, X.; Ostling, S.; Johansson, B.; Skoog, I., 2010:
Secular changes in cognitive predictors of dementia and mortality in 70-year-olds

Weisensee, K.E.; Jantz, R.L., 2011:
Secular changes in craniofacial morphology of the Portuguese using geometric morphometrics

Dollman, J.; Olds, T.Stephen., 2007:
Secular changes in fatness and fat distribution in Australian children matched for body size

Kagawa, M.; Tahara, Y.; Moji, K.; Nakao, R.; Aoyagi, K.; Hills, A.P., 2011:
Secular changes in growth among Japanese children over 100 years (1900-2000)

Vranes, H.Soljacić.; Gall, V.; Jukić, M.; Vranes, Z., 2012:
Secular changes in growth and obesity in perinatal population

Kryst, Łukasz.; Kowal, Młgorzata.; Woronkowicz, A.; Sobiecki, J.; Cichocka, B.Anna., 2012:
Secular changes in height, body weight, body mass index and pubertal development in male children and adolescents in Krakow, Poland

Danubio, M.Enrica.; Sanna, E., 2008:
Secular changes in human biological variables in Western countries: an updated review and synthesis

Allard, C.; Carignan, A.; Bergevin, M.; Boulais, I.; Tremblay, V.; Robichaud, P.; Duperval, R.; Pepin, J., 2008:
Secular changes in incidence and mortality associated with Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in Quebec, Canada, 1991-2005

Althoff, K.N.; Karpati, A.; Hero, J.; Matte, T.D., 2009:
Secular changes in mortality disparities in New York City: a reexamination

Tomkinson, G.R.; Olds, T.S., 2007:
Secular changes in pediatric aerobic fitness test performance: the global picture

Billstedt, E.; Waern, M.; Duberstein, P.; Marlow, T.; Hellström, T.; Ostling, S.; Skoog, I., 2013:
Secular changes in personality: study on 75-year-olds examined in 1976-1977 and 2005-2006

Levitan, E.B.; Tanner, R.M.; Zhao, H.; Muntner, P.; Thacker, E.L.; Howard, G.; Glasser, S.P.; Bittner, V.; Farkouh, M.E.; Rosenson, R.S.; Safford, M.M., 2015:
Secular changes in rates of coronary heart disease, fatal coronary heart disease, and out-of-hospital fatal coronary heart disease

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Sedation corner 20. Level of sedation

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Sedation corner 26. Homeopathy

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Sedation corner 27. Remedies for anxiety

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