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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55688

Chapter 55688 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aerts, R.; Honnay, O., 2011:
Seeds of change for restoration ecology

Onstad, D.W.; Mitchell, P.D.; Hurley, T.M.; Lundgren, J.G.; Porter, R.Patrick.; Krupke, C.H.; Spencer, J.L.; DiFonzo, C.D.; Baute, T.S.; Hellmich, R.L.; Buschman, L.L.; Hutchison, W.D.; Tooker, J.F., 2011:
Seeds of change: corn seed mixtures for resistance management and integrated pest management

Parloff, R., 2010:
Seeds of discord

Jackson, G., 2009:
Seeds of doubt--ADVANTAGE no one

Orillard, G., 2014:
Seeds of jequirity

Senzon, S.A., 2011:
Seeds of meaning, transformations of health care, and the future

da Silva, K.Schein.; Kruse, M.Henriqueta.Luce., 2010:
Seeds of palliative care: nurses' discourse order

Kapadia-Kundu, N.; Storey, D.; Safi, B.; Trivedi, G.; Tupe, R.; Narayana, G., 2015:
Seeds of prevention: the impact on health behaviors of young adolescent girls in Uttar Pradesh, India, a cluster randomized control trial

Li, F.; Li, J.; Liu, B.; Zhuo, J.; Long, C., 2014:
Seeds used for Bodhi beads in China

Silva, G.Eustáquio.Alves.; Ramos, Fávia.Toledo.; de Faria, A.Paula.; França, M.Giovanni.Costa., 2015:
Seeds' physicochemical traits and mucilage protection against aluminum effect during germination and root elongation as important factors in a biofuel seed crop (Ricinus communis)

Williams, B.A., 2007:
Seeds, trees, and shade-personal experience in research career development

Proulx, M.J.; Stoerig, P.; Ludowig, E.; Knoll, I., 2008:
Seeing 'where' through the ears: effects of learning-by-doing and long-term sensory deprivation on localization based on image-to-sound substitution

Benn, C., 2008:
Seeing (RED)

Feachem, R., 2008:
Seeing (RED)

Ellis, S.Smith., 2008:
Seeing (RED)

Ikemba, A.Anyanwu., 2008:
Seeing (RED)

Peterson, R.B.; Russell, D.; West, P.; Brosius, J.Peter., 2008:
Seeing (and doing) conservation through cultural lenses

Waldrop, M.M., 1988:
Seeing All There Is to See in the Universe: Deep in the night sky is a veil of objects that are very faint and very blue; they may be galaxies just coming into existence

Edwards, G., 2011:
Seeing America--diary of a drug-focused study tour made in 1967

Yu, H.; Gong, L.; Qiu, Y.; Zhou, X., 2012:
Seeing Chinese characters in action: an fMRI study of the perception of writing sequences

Reale, G., 2010:
Seeing Europe from the roots point of view

Neal, J.Watling.; Cappella, E.; Wagner, C.; Atkins, M.S., 2011:
Seeing Eye to Eye: Predicting Teacher-Student Agreement on Classroom Social Networks

T, J., 1958:
Seeing Is Believing and Vice Versa

Hsu, H., 2011:
Seeing Jay-Z in Taipei

Tanne, J.Hopkins., 2015:
Seeing Jesus in a piece of toast and other scientific discoveries win Ig Nobel awards

Liu, J.; Li, J.; Feng, L.; Li, L.; Tian, J.; Lee, K., 2014:
Seeing Jesus in toast: neural and behavioral correlates of face pareidolia

Anonymous, 1910:
Seeing Red

Rigge, W.F., 1907:
Seeing the Lightning Strike

Boseovski, J.J.; Lee, K., 2008:
Seeing The World Through Rose-colored Glasses? Neglect of Consensus Information in Young Children's Personality Judgments

Seashore, C.E., 1916 :
Seeing Yourself Sing

Tappenden, K.A., 2013:
Seeing a difference in C. diff

Matsumiya, K., 2014:
Seeing a haptically explored face: visual facial-expression aftereffect from haptic adaptation to a face

Shi, X.; Ha, T., 2011:
Seeing a molecular machine self-renew

Costentin, J., 2008:
Seeing a new classification of active medications in psychoses

Jesse, A.; Massaro, D.W., 2011:
Seeing a singer helps comprehension of the song's lyrics

Nyne, T.R., 2011:
Seeing all doctors as equals. Primary care can take steps to ensure respect

Chapman, C.S.; Goodale, M.A., 2010:
Seeing all the obstacles in your way: the effect of visual feedback and visual feedback schedule on obstacle avoidance while reaching

Lee, Y.; Habak, C.; Wilson, H.R., 2011:
Seeing an unfamiliar face in rotational motion does not aid identity discrimination across viewpoints

Prots, Y.; Vasylechko, L.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Drathen, C.; Coduri, M.; Kaczorowski, D.; Burkhardt, U.; Grin, Y., 2018:
Compositional evolution of the NaZn 13 structure motif in the systems La-Ni-Ga and Ce-Ni-Ga

Knight, K., 2014:
Seeing and communicating through weak electric fields

Yang, S-Ju.; Beilock, S.L., 2011:
Seeing and doing: ability to act moderates orientation effects in object perception

Cronin, T.W.; Douglas, R.H., 2014:
Seeing and doing: how vision shapes animal behaviour

Sobosan, J.G., 1974:
Seeing and dying: An approach to Chardin

Blau, J.N., 2005:
Seeing and feeling headaches

Kahrimanovic, M.; Bergmann Tiest, W.M.; Kappers, A.M.L., 2010:
Seeing and feeling volumes: The influence of shape on volume perception

Dubois, M.; Poeppel, D.; Pelli, D.G., 2014:
Seeing and hearing a word: combining eye and ear is more efficient than combining the parts of a word

Willems, R.M.; Ozyürek, A.; Hagoort, P., 2008:
Seeing and hearing meaning: ERP and fMRI evidence of word versus picture integration into a sentence context

Bourlon, Cémence.; Pradat-Diehl, P.; Duret, C.; Azouvi, P.; Bartolomeo, P., 2008:
Seeing and imagining the "same" objects in unilateral neglect

Sapnik, A.F.; Geddes, H.S.; Reynolds, E.M.; Yeung, H.H-M.; Goodwin, A.L., 2018:
Compositional inhomogeneity and tuneable thermal expansion in mixed-metal ZIF-8 analogues

Chen, Y-Chia.; Scholl, B.J., 2016:
Seeing and liking: biased perception of ambiguous figures consistent with the "inward bias" in aesthetic preferences

Klein, E.A., 2016:
Seeing and not believing: oligometastases and the future of metastatic prostate cancer

Kern, M.J., 2015:
Seeing and not believing: understanding the visual-functional mismatch between angiography and FFR

Corbetta, D.; Snapp-Childs, W., 2009:
Seeing and touching: the role of sensory-motor experience on the development of infant reaching

O'Keefe, M.A., 2007:
Seeing atoms with aberration-corrected sub-Angström electron microscopy

Jerrold, L., 2015:
Seeing before doing

Vesely, R., 2010:
Seeing benefits. Big insurers among those in early retiree program

Rye, D., 2010:
Seeing beyond one's nose: sleep disruption and excessive sleepiness accompany motor disability in the MPTP treated primate

MacMillan, H.R.; McConnell, M.J., 2011:
Seeing beyond the average cell: branching process models of cell proliferation, differentiation, and death during mouse brain development

Hariri, L.P.; Villiger, M.; Applegate, M.B.; Mino-Kenudson, M.; Mark, E.J.; Bouma, B.E.; Suter, M.J., 2013:
Seeing beyond the bronchoscope to increase the diagnostic yield of bronchoscopic biopsy

Shechter, D., 2015:
Seeing beyond the double helix

Gilbey, P., 2015:
Seeing beyond the hearing aids. Congenital deafness: the unique perspective of a father and an otolaryngologist

Witt, J.K.; Stefanucci, J.K.; Riener, C.R.; Proffitt, D.R., 2008:
Seeing beyond the target: environmental context affects distance perception

Finkel, E., 2012:
Seeing beyond the vision: Mercy's Britton champions IT and the change necessary to maximize its value

Amato, I., 1991:
Seeing big things in miniaturization

Cortés-Salazar, F.; Momotenko, D.; Girault, H.H.; Lesch, A.; Wittstock, G., 2011:
Seeing big with scanning electrochemical microscopy

Anonymous, 2010:
Seeing big. For a certain result

Laws, J., 2007:
Seeing border control in a new light

Williams, R., 2013:
Seeing both sides

Goodwin, V.; Happell, B., 2009:
Seeing both the forest and the trees: a process for tracking individual responses in focus group interviews

Assaf, T.; Roke, C.; Rossiter, J.; Pipe, T.; Melhuish, C., 2014:
Seeing by touch: evaluation of a soft biologically-inspired artificial fingertip in real-time active touch

Pool, R., 1988:
Seeing chaos in a simple system

Bicker, K.L.; Subramanian, V.; Chumanevich, A.A.; Hofseth, L.J.; Thompson, P.R., 2013:
Seeing citrulline: development of a phenylglyoxal-based probe to visualize protein citrullination

Leeder, S.R., 2013:
Seeing clearly for better health

Lumpkin, J., 2012:
Seeing clearly: public reporting on processes, outcomes shows clinicians where they can improve

Iseri, S.Ugur.; Osborne, R.J.; Farrall, M.; Wyatt, A.William.; Mirza, G.; Nürnberg, G.; Kluck, C.; Herbert, H.; Martin, A.; Hussain, M.Sajid.; Collin, J.Richard.O.; Lathrop, M.; Nürnberg, P.; Ragoussis, J.; Ragge, N.K., 2009:
Seeing clearly: the dominant and recessive nature of FOXE3 in eye developmental anomalies

Anonymous, 1990:
Seeing contour and colour

Pool, R., 1989:
Seeing cracks in three dimensions

Adams, K.T., 2012:
Seeing daylight

Kehoe, B., 2012:
Seeing device costs clearly

Lin, T.; Zhong, L.; Guo, L.; Fu, F.; Chen, G., 2015:
Seeing diabetes: visual detection of glucose based on the intrinsic peroxidase-like activity of MoS2 nanosheets

Cusack, R.; Veldsman, M.; Naci, L.; Mitchell, D.J.; Linke, A.C., 2012:
Seeing different objects in different ways: measuring ventral visual tuning to sensory and semantic features with dynamically adaptive imaging

Tam, M.; Wong, W., 2013:
Seeing differently: an ophthalmologist in Afghanistan

Hietanen, J.K.; Leppänen, J.M.; Peltola, M.J.; Linna-Aho, K.; Ruuhiala, H.J., 2008:
Seeing direct and averted gaze activates the approach-avoidance motivational brain systems

Ono, H.; Lillakas, L.; Wade, N.J., 2008:
Seeing double and depth with Wheatstone's stereograms

Fields, A.J.; Sahli, F.; Rodriguez, A.G.; Lotz, J.C., 2013:
Seeing double: a comparison of microstructure, biomechanical function, and adjacent disc health between double- and single-layer vertebral endplates

Swanglap, P.; Slaughter, L.S.; Chang, W-Shun.; Willingham, B.; Khanal, B.P.; Zubarev, E.R.; Link, S., 2011:
Seeing double: coupling between substrate image charges and collective plasmon modes in self-assembled nanoparticle superstructures

Rigoulot, S.; Pell, M.D., 2012:
Seeing emotion with your ears: emotional prosody implicitly guides visual attention to faces

Wagenbreth, C.; Rieger, J.; Heinze, H-Jochen.; Zaehle, T., 2014:
Seeing emotions in the eyes - inverse priming effects induced by eyes expressing mental states

Zhou, Z.Hong., 2012:
Seeing engineered loops in a gene delivery vehicle by cryoEM

McCormick, J., 2009:
Seeing everything at any time

Wolpaw, D.R., 2011:
Seeing eye to eye

Palte, H.D., 2011:
Seeing eye to eye on ophthalmic regional anesthesia

Chaudhry, M.; Bhola, C.; Joarder, M.; Zimmerman, D.; Quinan, P.; Mendelssohn, D.; Lok, C.E., 2011:
Seeing eye to eye: the key to reducing catheter use

Churches, O.; Baron-Cohen, S.; Ring, H., 2009:
Seeing face-like objects: an event-related potential study

Ishai, A., 2010:
Seeing faces and objects with the "mind's eye"

Pallett, P.M.; MacLeod, D.I.A., 2011:
Seeing faces as objects: no face inversion effect with geometrical discrimination

Valentini, E.; Martini, M.; Lee, M.; Aglioti, S.M.; Iannetti, G.Domenico.; Iannetti, G., 2014:
Seeing facial expressions enhances placebo analgesia

Anonymous, 2015:
Seeing for themselves ..

van Tonder, G.; Zavagno, D.; Sakurai, K.; Ono, H., 2013:
Seeing further than your nose

Vasquez, N.A.; Buehler, R., 2007:
Seeing future success: does imagery perspective influence achievement motivation?

Deroose, C.M.; Reumers, V.; Debyser, Z.; Baekelandt, V., 2009:
Seeing genes at work in the living brain with non-invasive molecular imaging

Porter, J.R.; Lockwood, S.H.; Segal, D.J.; Ghosh, I., 2010:
Seeing genetic and epigenetic information without DNA denaturation using sequence-enabled reassembly (SEER)

Alleva, J.M.; Lange, W-Gero.; Jansen, A.; Martijn, C., 2015:
Seeing ghosts: negative body evaluation predicts overestimation of negative social feedback

Su, Y.R.; He, Z.J.; Ooi, T.Leng., 2011:
Seeing grating-textured surface begins at the border

Bubl, E.; Kern, E.; Ebert, D.; Bach, M.; Tebartz van Elst, L., 2010:
Seeing gray when feeling blue? Depression can be measured in the eye of the diseased

Guterman, L., 2009:
Seeing green in conference season

Chatterjee, P., 2011:
Seeing health care as a human right in India

Manchester, A., 2014:
Seeing high-needs women at home 'a privilege'

Schillinger, D.; Hammer, H.; Wang, F.; Palacios, J.; McLean, I.; Tang, A.; Youmans, S.; Handley, M., 2007:
Seeing in 3-D: examining the reach of diabetes self-management support strategies in a public health care system

Gallicchio, J.; Schwartz, M.D., 2010:
Seeing in color: jet superstructure

Cristancho, S.; Bidinosti, S.; Lingard, L.; Novick, R.; Ott, M.; Forbes, T., 2017:
Seeing in different ways: introducing "rich pictures" in the study of expert judgment

Manheimer, E., 2012:
Seeing in the dark

Johnson, K.P.; Fox, R.J.; Arnold, D.L., 2010:
Seeing injectable ms therapies differently: they are more similar than different

Blamire, A.M., 2012:
Seeing into the traumatically injured brain: diffuse tissue damage and cognition

Tarasuik, J.; Galligan, R.; Kaufman, J., 2013:
Seeing is Believing but is Hearing? Comparing Audio and Video Communication for Young Children

Webster, P.Christopher., 2011:
Seeing is Belizing

Rafal, B., 2010:
Seeing is a verb

Carlos, W.Graham., 2012:
Seeing is believing

Wilcox, C.Mel.; Ramesh, J.; Mönkemüller, K., 2014:
Seeing is believing

Solano, C., 2014:
Seeing is believing in a vision for the future

Jamieson, M.C.; Chen, H.K.; Willigan, D.A., 2010:
Seeing is believing in sanitary control

McGeown, J.Graham., 2011:
Seeing is believing! Imaging Ca2+-signalling events in living cells

Lu, Y.; Chi, J.H., 2012:
Seeing is believing--spinal chamber for spinal cord injury research

Martindale, W.; Chavez, K.Thurston.; Brown, A., 2007:
Seeing is believing. Check out your new Florida Dental Association Web site

Townsend, S.W.; Engesser, S.; Stoll, S.; Zuberbühler, K.; Bickel, B., 2018:
Compositionality in animals and humans

Kozak, I.; Williams, L., 2014:
Seeing is believing: Updates in retinal imaging

Gayet, S.; Van der Stigchel, S.; Paffen, C.L.E., 2014:
Seeing is believing: Utilization of subliminal symbols requires a visible relevant context

Zhang, Z-sheng.; Tang, L.; Wang, X-lin.; Xu, C-liang.; Sun, Y-hao., 2011:
Seeing is believing: a randomized controlled study from China of real-time visualization of flexible cystoscopy to improve male patient comfort

Sinha, A-Martin.; Breithardt, O-Alexander., 2007:
Seeing is believing: acute haemodynamic response to predict long-term outcome in cardiac resynchronization therapy

Mercure, S-Amelie.; Tetu, I.; Lamonde, S.; Cote, F., 2008:
Seeing is believing: an educational outreach activity on disinfection practices

Megens, R.T.A.; Soehnlein, O., 2011:
Seeing is believing: an update on modalities to image inflammation in vivo

Lathia, J.D.; Venere, M.; Rao, M.S.; Rich, J.N., 2011:
Seeing is believing: are cancer stem cells the Loch Ness monster of tumor biology?

Iozzo, P., 2013:
Seeing is believing: dietary fatty acids hurry up from the stomach to the heart of patients with impaired glucose tolerance

Lin, F.; Wang, Z.V.; Hill, J.A., 2015:
Seeing is believing: dynamic changes in renal epithelial autophagy during injury and repair

Torres-Oviedo, G.; Bastian, A.J., 2011:
Seeing is believing: effects of visual contextual cues on learning and transfer of locomotor adaptation

Friedrich, M.J., 2010:
Seeing is believing: gene therapy shows promise for ocular disorders

Sil, D.; Gilroy, K.D.; Niaux, A.; Boulesbaa, A.; Neretina, S.; Borguet, E., 2014:
Seeing is believing: hot electron based gold nanoplasmonic optical hydrogen sensor

Grossman, E.; Tao, J.; Wilson, R.; Park, S-Young.; Bell, G.; Chong, A., 2011:
Seeing is believing: how the MIP-luc mouse can advance the field of islet transplantation and β-cell regeneration

Kim, G.Yoonhee.; Hong, C.; Park, J-Hyun., 2011:
Seeing is believing: illuminating the source of in vivo interleukin-7

Alexiou, S.; Rubenstein, R.C., 2014:
Seeing is believing: imaging early lung disease in cystic fibrosis

Ge, Y., 2007:
Seeing is believing: in vivo evolution of multiple sclerosis pathology with magnetic resonance

Gonzálvez, F.G.; Rodríguez-Gironés, M.A., 2014:
Seeing is believing: information content and behavioural response to visual and chemical cues

DeJohn, P., 2008:
Seeing is believing: materials stance on price transparency

Cai, W., 2011:
Seeing is believing: molecular imaging in living subjects

Molenberghs, P.; Halász, V.; Mattingley, J.B.; Vanman, E.J.; Cunnington, R., 2014:
Seeing is believing: neural mechanisms of action-perception are biased by team membership

Smith, E.; Duede, S.; Hanrahan, S.; Davis, T.; House, P.; Greger, B., 2014:
Seeing is believing: neural representations of visual stimuli in human auditory cortex correlate with illusory auditory perceptions

Avital, G.; Hashimshony, T.; Yanai, I., 2015:
Seeing is believing: new methods for in situ single-cell transcriptomics

Lovley, D.R.; Malvankar, N.S., 2016:
Seeing is believing: novel imaging techniques help clarify microbial nanowire structure and function

Dey, J.K.; Ishii, L.E.; Byrne, P.J.; Boahene, K.D.O.; Ishii, M., 2015:
Seeing is believing: objectively evaluating the impact of facial reanimation surgery on social perception

Mano, S.; Miwa, T.; Nishikawa, S-ichi.; Mimura, T.; Nishimura, M., 2010:
Seeing is believing: on the use of image databases for visually exploring plant organelle dynamics

Raikhel, N., 2011:
Seeing is believing: opportunities, challenges, and solutions in plant cell biology

Rubin, M., 2012:
Seeing is believing: our downtime isn't time off, but who knows?

Riera, A.; Li, H.; Speck, C., 2014:
Seeing is believing: the MCM2-7 helicase trapped in complex with its DNA loader

Chang, C., 2014:
Seeing is believing: the direct and contingent influence of pictures in health promotion advertising

Eskelinen, E-Liisa.; Reggiori, F.; Baba, M.; Kovács, A.L.; Seglen, P.O., 2011:
Seeing is believing: the impact of electron microscopy on autophagy research

Pearl, J.; Wu, J.C., 2008:
Seeing is believing: tracking cells to determine the effects of cell transplantation

Chang, L.J.; Doll, B.B.; van 't Wout, M.; Frank, M.J.; Sanfey, A.G., 2010:
Seeing is believing: trustworthiness as a dynamic belief

Hwang, G-Sam., 2012:
Seeing is believing: ultrasound guidance for central venous access in clinical anesthesia

Kara, I.; Apiliogullari, S.; Duman, A.; Celik, J.Bengi.; Ozbek, S., 2013:
Seeing is believing: ultrasound-guided internal jugular vein cannulation

Pison, L.; La Meir, M.; Maessen, J.; Crijns, H., 2015:
Seeing is believing: unmasking left atrial appendage activity recorded in the left superior pulmonary vein without stimulation

Wang, S.; McKenna, M.T.; Nguyen, T.B.; Burns, J.E.; Petrick, N.; Sahiner, B.; Summers, R.M., 2012:
Seeing is believing: video classification for computed tomographic colonography using multiple-instance learning

He, J.; Androulakis, J.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Dravid, V.P., 2012:
Seeing is believing: weak phonon scattering from nanostructures in alkali metal-doped lead telluride

van Ditmarsch, D.; Xavier, J.B., 2014:
Seeing is believing: what experiments with microbes reveal about evolution

McPherson, A.C.; Gofine, M.L.; Stinson, J., 2015:
Seeing is believing? A mixed-methods study exploring the quality and perceived trustworthiness of online information about chronic conditions aimed at children and young people

Anderson, W.S., 2013:
Seeing is believing? A study of signal distortion produced by commercial cortical microelectrode recording elements

Iftikhar, S.; Javed, M.Athar., 2014:
Seeing is not always believing: congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis mimicking leprosy

Brodeur, M.; Pelletier, M.; Lepage, M., 2008:
Seeing is remembering: do deficits in closure affect visual memory recognition in schizophrenia?

Robles, A.Marie., 2011:
Seeing it both ways

van der Weel, F.R.Ruud.; van der Meer, A.L.H., 2010:
Seeing it coming: infants' brain responses to looming danger

Hrisos, S.; Thomson, R., 2014 :
Seeing it from both sides: do approaches to involving patients in improving their safety risk damaging the trust between patients and healthcare professionals? An interview study

Wand, B.Martin.; Tulloch, V.Margaret.; George, P.J.; Smith, A.J.; Goucke, R.; O'Connell, N.Edward.; Moseley, G.Lorimer., 2013:
Seeing it helps: movement-related back pain is reduced by visualization of the back during movement

Ramsey, R.; Hansen, P.; Apperly, I.; Samson, D., 2013:
Seeing it my way or your way: frontoparietal brain areas sustain viewpoint-independent perspective selection processes

Tadić, V.; Hundt, G.Lewando.; Keeley, S.; Rahi, J.S., 2015:
Seeing it my way: living with childhood onset visual disability

Samson, D.; Apperly, I.A.; Braithwaite, J.J.; Andrews, B.J.; Bodley Scott, S.E., 2011:
Seeing it their way: evidence for rapid and involuntary computation of what other people see

Aldrich, M.B.; Marshall, M.V.; Sevick-Muraca, E.M.; Lanza, G.; Kotyk, J.; Culver, J.; Wang, L.V.; Uddin, J.; Crews, B.C.; Marnett, L.J.; Liao, J.C.; Contag, C.; Crawford, J.M.; Wang, K.; Reisdorph, B.; Appelman, H.; Turgeon, D.Kim.; Meyer, C.; Wang, T., 2012:
Seeing it through: translational validation of new medical imaging modalities

Siniscalchi, M.; Lusito, R.; Vallortigara, G.; Quaranta, A., 2014:
Seeing left- or right-asymmetric tail wagging produces different emotional responses in dogs

Gil, S.; Le Bigot, L., 2015:
Seeing life through positive-tinted glasses: color-meaning associations

Evans, R.M., 1949:
Seeing light and color

Biruk, C., 2012:
Seeing like a research project: producing "high-quality data" in AIDS research in Malawi

Kawabe, T.; Maruya, K.; Fleming, R.W.; Nishida, S'ya., 2015:
Seeing liquids from visual motion

Mak, K.Fai.; Shan, J.; Heinz, T.F., 2011:
Seeing many-body effects in single- and few-layer graphene: observation of two-dimensional saddle-point excitons

Prisk, G.Kim.; Robertson, H.Thomas., 2012:
Seeing may be believing

Libby, L.K.; Shaeffer, E.M.; Eibach, R.P., 2010:
Seeing meaning in action: a bidirectional link between visual perspective and action identification level

Gangopadhyay, N.; Schilbach, L., 2012:
Seeing minds: A neurophilosophical investigation of the role of perception-action coupling in social perception

Yao, J.; Stewart, M.E.; Maria, J.; Lee, T-Woo.; Gray, S.K.; Rogers, J.A.; Nuzzo, R.G., 2008:
Seeing molecules by eye: surface plasmon resonance imaging at visible wavelengths with high spatial resolution and submonolayer sensitivity

Wiesmann, T.; Steinfeldt, T.; Volk, T.; Schwemmer, U.; Kessler, P.; Wulf, H., 2015:
Seeing more : Technical innovations in regional anesthesia

Kaplan, P.W.; Sutter, R., 2014:
Seeing more clearly through the fog of encephalopathy

Maluf-Filho, F., 2012:
Seeing more is seeing better

Baker, M., 2010 :
Seeing more with less

Fiolka, R., 2015:
Seeing more with structured illumination microscopy

Elez, M.; Murray, A.W.; Bi, L-Jun.; Zhang, X-En.; Matic, I.; Radman, M., 2010:
Seeing mutations in living cells

Konrath, S.; Bushman, B.J.; Grove, T., 2009:
Seeing my world in a million little pieces: narcissism, self-construal, and cognitive-perceptual style

M, V., 1993:
Seeing nature through the lens of gender

Dyer, A.G.; Griffiths, D.W., 2012:
Seeing near and seeing far; behavioural evidence for dual mechanisms of pattern vision in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Newell, B.; Proust, K.; Dyball, R.; McManus, P., 2007:
Seeing obesity as a systems problem

Boutonnet, B.; Dering, B.; Viñas-Guasch, N.; Thierry, G., 2014:
Seeing objects through the language glass

Cook, R., 2009:
Seeing off obstacles

Michelena, H.I., 2009:
Seeing or hearing to believe, or both?

Christensen, M.Schram.; Ehrsson, H.Henrik.; Nielsen, J.Bo., 2014:
Seeing or moving in parallel: the premotor cortex does both during bimanual coordination, while the cerebellum monitors the behavioral instability of symmetric movements

Sun, J-Chiung.; Rei, W.; Sheu, S-Jen., 2015:
Seeing or not seeing: Taiwan's parents' experiences during stillbirth

Teufel, C.; Fletcher, P.C.; Davis, G., 2010:
Seeing other minds: attributed mental states influence perception

Troianos, C.A., 2010:
Seeing our way to patient safety

Cavicchio, F.; Dachkovsky, S.; Leemor, L.; Shamay-Tsoory, S.; Sandler, W., 2018:
Compositionality in the language of emotion

Lee, G., 2010:
Seeing out their last days with dignity

O'Shea, K., 2015:
Seeing patients

Thompson, E., 2011:
Seeing patients as 'gold nuggets in a muddy stream'

Kenealy, T.; Docherty, B.; Sheridan, N.; Gao, R., 2010:
Seeing patients first: creating an opportunity for practice nurse care?

Laurence, W., 2012:
Seeing patients for less should count as charity care

Felcone, L.Hull., 2005:
Seeing patients through genetic lenses

Formisano, E.; Kriegeskorte, N., 2012:
Seeing patterns through the hemodynamic veil--the future of pattern-information fMRI

Wood, J.M.; Lacherez, P.; Tyrrell, R.A., 2015:
Seeing pedestrians at night: effect of driver age and visual abilities

Tyrrell, R.A.; Wood, J.M.; Chaparro, A.; Carberry, T.P.; Chu, B-Sun.; Marszalek, R.P., 2009:
Seeing pedestrians at night: visual clutter does not mask biological motion

Theobalt, C.; Ahmed, N.; Lensch, H.; Magnor, M.; Seidel, H-Peter., 2007:
Seeing people in different light--joint shape, motion, and reflectance capture

Lawton, S., 2014:
Seeing people not patients

Knobler, C.M., 1990:
Seeing phenomena in flatland: studies of monolayers by fluorescence microscopy

Henkel, L.A., 2012:
Seeing photos makes us read between the lines: the influence of photos on memory for inferences

Mayer, D.K., 2013:
Seeing pink

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Seeing through X-ray pay

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Seeking definition

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Seeking direction. Government pressed for health-exchange details

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Seeking disruptive leaders in nursing education!

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Seeking excellence

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Seeking excellence in hospital care: evolving toward a systems approach

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Seeking expert advice. Organizations see no conflict of interest as IT veterans join firms' boards

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Seeking facial harmony

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Seeking for biological markers in suicidal behaviour

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Seeking for risk factors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in a Greek national sample: the role of self-esteem

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Seeking for the ideal tale pleurodesis method

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Seeking for the quality in colonoscopy

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Seeking funding from foundations

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Seeking god in the brain--efforts to localize higher brain functions

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Seeking greener pastures? The relationship between career satisfaction and the intention to emigrate: a survey of Ghanaian physicians

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Seeking guidance from the Collegiate Learning Assessment + for trainee doctors interviews

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Seeking guidance: ACA still missing key regulatory details

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Seeking hard data on adverse effects of drugs

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Seeking harmony in the provision of care to the stroke-impaired: views of Chinese family caregivers

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Seeking health advice on the Internet in patients with health problems: a cross-sectional population study in Slovenia

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Seeking health care through international medical tourism

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Seeking health information online: does limited healthcare access matter?

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Seeking high reliability in primary care: Leadership, tools, and organization

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Seeking honesty in politics

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Seeking impact of medical schools on health: meeting the challenges of social accountability

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Seeking information on doctors and advertising

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Seeking lower prices where providers are consolidated: an examination of market and policy strategies

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Seeking market dominion. In northern Virginia, it's Inova vs. HCA as they compete for patients in one of the nation's fastest-growing areas

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Seeking meaningful engagements

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Seeking medical help for sexual concerns in mid- and later life: a review of the literature

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Seeking medical help to conceive

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Seeking medicine for the soul

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Seeking membranes: positive-strand RNA virus replication complexes

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Seeking new approaches: milrinone in the treatment of cerebral vasospasm

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Seeking new identity through the empowerment process

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Seeking new paradigms in epilepsy: stereotactic radiosurgery

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Seeking new pathways for HIV vaccine discovery

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Seeking new prognostic and predictive factors in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma - apoptosis-regulating factors

Młot, B.; Szczylik, C.; Rzepecki, P., 2012:
Seeking new prognostic and predictive factors in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma - hypoxia-induced factors

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Seeking new solutions: stimulation of diseased circuits in depression and other neurobehavioral disorders

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Seeking newborn information as a resource for maternal support

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Seeking novel targets for improving in vivo macrophage-specific reverse cholesterol transport: translating basic science into new therapies for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

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Seeking open minded doctors - how women who identify as bisexual, queer or lesbian seek quality health care

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Seeking optimal renal replacement therapy delivery in intensive care units

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Seeking optimal trauma care in Victoria

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Seeking optimal treatment for phlegmasia cerulea dolens

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Seeking order out of global health chaos

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Seeking other sources of information

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Seeking out blue waters

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Seeking out high risk population: the prevalence characteristics and outcome of diabetic patients of arab ethnicity hospitalized in internal medical and acute coronary units in Israel

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Seeking out this other person, demented but above all human

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Seeking participants for study of hurricanes Katrina and Rita responders

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Seeking passe-partout in the catalytic asymmetric aziridination of imines: evolving toward substrate generality for a single chemzyme

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Seeking paths to culturally competent health care: lessons from two Saskatchewan Aboriginal communities

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Seeking patient feedback: an important dimension of quality in cancer care

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Seeking patient-centered solutions to a national epidemic

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Seeking patterns in dream content: a systematic approach to word searches

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Seeking perfection in healthcare. A case study in adopting Toyota Production System methods

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Seeking perfection: a Kantian look at human genetic engineering

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Seeking polymeric prodrugs of norfloxacin. Part 2. Synthesis and structural analysis of polyurethane conjugates

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Seeking positive experiences can produce illusory correlations

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Seeking predictions from a predictive framework

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Seeking professional help: Etiology beliefs about mental illness across cultures

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Seeking proof where the subject is ill-defined and the outcomes limited

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Seeking proper medical payment system reward evaluation based on three guarantees (safety, precision and production)

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Seeking proxies for internal states in obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Seeking psychological help: a comparison of individual and group treatment

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Seeking psychosocial care after interpersonal violence: an integrative model

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Seeking real solutions to the nursing shortage

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Seeking redress for nikola tesla

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Seeking reform of veterinary legislation: RCVS Council considers the options

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Seeking refuge from the storm

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Seeking refuge from violence in street-based drug scenes: women's experiences in North America's first supervised injection facility

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Seeking refuge with HIV/AIDS

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Seeking refuge: Why asylum facilities might still be relevant for mental health care services today

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Seeking relevance to diversity: Australian occupational therapy's promise

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Seeking remedy for Molly's woe: time for a thallium pill?

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Seeking remedy, abstaining from therapy and resuscitation: an islamic perspective

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Seeking resolution: budding yeast enzymes finally make the cut

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Seeking responsibility for the lost swab? Search elsewhere

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Seeking rest in a nation that never slumbers, never sleeps

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Seeking robust legal counsel/descent of the time vultures

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Seeking safe and efficacious anemia management

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Seeking safe harbor. How to navigate antikickback and Stark barriers to clinical integration

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Seeking safe harbors. Health IT groups don't support rules to bypass Stark

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Seeking safety and empathy: adolescent health seeking behavior during pregnancy and early motherhood in central Uganda

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Seeking safety protocol for men and women

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Seeking safety therapy: clarification of results

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Seeking safety: an intervention for trauma-exposed incarcerated women?

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Seeking safety: predictors of hurricane evacuation of community-dwelling families affected by Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder in South Florida

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Seeking sailors to help measure phytoplankton populations

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Seeking science information online: Data mining Google to better understand the roles of the media and the education system

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Seeking science standards

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Seeking sense of antisense switch transcripts

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Seeking serenity with influence

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Seeking serenity: living with HIV/AIDS in rural Western Canada

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Seeking sexual partners on the internet: a marker for risky sexual behaviour in men who have sex with men

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Seeking shelter. As tornado bore down, residents flocked to hospital

Cotter, S., 2012:
Seeking shift work solutions. Shift work can harm sleep, and sleep loss can lead to fatigue and errors--how is that impacting you and your patients?

Lamy, J-Charles.; Boakye, M., 2013:
Seeking significance for transcutaneous spinal DC stimulation

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Seeking simplicity

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Seeking small molecules for singlet fission: a heteroatom substitution strategy

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Seeking social connectedness: interdependent self-construal and impression formation using photographic cues of social connectedness

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Seeking solace in West Hollywood: sexual orientation-based hate crimes in Los Angeles County

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Seeking stress relief

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Seeking structural specificity: direct modulation of pentameric ligand-gated ion channels by alcohols and general anesthetics

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Seeking structure in social organization: compensatory control and the psychological advantages of hierarchy

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Seeking support during a competence review

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Seeking support on facebook: a content analysis of breast cancer groups

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Seeking support: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of an Internet message board for people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Seeking surgical experience abroad

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Seeking sustainability in livestock production

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Seeking sustainability: multiobjective evolutionary optimization for urban wastewater reuse in China

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Seeking synchronization. AHRMM meeting focuses on global supply tracking

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Seeking synergy in p53 transcriptional activation for cancer therapy

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Seeking systemic change: risk and protective factors affecting low-income urban youth

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Seeking the 'holy Braille' display: might electromechanically active polymers be the solution?

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Seeking the Balance between Harm and Benefit: The Role of Pharmacosurveillance in Choosing the Drugs We Should Take

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Seeking the aetiology of autistic spectrum disorder. Part 1: Structural neuroimaging

Bryńska, A., 2013:
Seeking the aetiology of autistic spectrum disorder. Part 2: Functional neuroimaging

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Seeking the chemical roots of darwinism: bridging between chemistry and biology

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Seeking the fountain of youth

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Seeking the holygrail or beginnings of a new era in medicine?

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Seeking the mechanism responsible for fluoroquinolone photomutagenicity: a pulse radiolysis, steady-state, and laser flash photolysis study

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Seeking the mission-minded

Bishop, G., 2010:
Seeking the proper tense

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Seeking the right approach

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Seeking the right targets: gene therapy advances in pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Seeking the secrets of longevity

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Seeking the source of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in a recently opened hospital: an observational study using whole-genome sequencing

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Seeking the source of adipocytes in adult white adipose tissues

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Seeking the spark

Hilsden, R.Jay., 2012:
Seeking the ultimate bowel preparation for colonoscopy: is the end in sight?

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Seeking the united state of HIEs. Connecting information exchange efforts is ONC's next challenge

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Seeking the unseen

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Seeking the value of pharmacogenetics in cardiovascular care

Lake, A.J.; Staiger, P.K., 2011:
Seeking the views of health professionals on translating chronic disease self-management models into practice

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Seeking to bridge two cultures: the Wisconsin Hmong cancer experience

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Seeking to change while accepting the now

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Seeking to increase beneficial ethics consultations in the ICU and beyond

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Seeking to reconcile end-of-life organ procurement for transplantation with the uniform determination of death act

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Seeking to reduce nonbeneficial treatment in the ICU: an exploratory trial of proactive ethics intervention*

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Seeking to shed some light on the binding of fluoroquinolones to albumins

Koulmanda, M., 2013:
Seeking tolerance indirectly

da Rocha, L.Guerra.Sanches.; Amaro Junior, E., 2013:
Seeking tools for image fusion between computed tomography, structural and functional magnetic resonance methods for applications in neurosurgery

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Seeking treatment abroad. Challenge of migrating patients

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Seeking treatment for symptomatic malaria in Papua New Guinea

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Seeking unique and common biological themes in multiple gene lists or datasets: pathway pattern extraction pipeline for pathway-level comparative analysis

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Seeking useful biomarkers for the quality and effectiveness of sleep

Roblin, D., 2012:
Seeking validation

McCann, P., 2008:
Seeking validation. Transitioning is a celebration of who you are

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Seeking value as cancer drug costs soar

Sprague, L., 2014:
Seeking value in Medicare: performance measurement for clinical professionals

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Seeking verisimilitude in a class: a systematic review of evidence that the criterial clinical symptoms of schizophrenia are taxonic

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Seeking ways to revitalize the healthcare system--the role of national and local governments, the public, and individuals in the healthcare industry

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Seeking wellness in the NHS

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Seeking what matters: patients as research partners

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Seeking what's best during the transition to adult day health services

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Seeking wisdom from the Seer

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Seeking your input for future planning

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Seeking "Etwas Neues"--from bioorganic chemistry to Alzheimer's disease

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Seeking "better ways" in hospital pharmacy

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Seeking, delaying, and avoiding routine health care services: patient perspectives

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Seeks more attention on food animal medicine

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Seeks, finds, threats: Lyme disease!

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Seeming steady-state uphill diffusion of 22Na+ in compacted montmorillonite

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Seeming virtuous on chronic diseases

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Seemingly anomalous angular distributions in H + D₂ reactive scattering

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Seemingly healthy 71-year-old men with minor elevations of cardiac troponin I and at risk of premature death in CVD have elevated levels of NT-proBNP: report from the ULSAM study

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Seemingly insignificant, but crucial cytomorphological leads in diagnosis of pilomatricoma of parotid region

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Seemingly insignificant, but crucial morphological leads in the diagnosis of non-secretory multiple myeloma in an adolescent

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Seemingly or partially negative prefixes in medical English

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Seemingly unlimited lifetime data storage in nanostructured glass

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Seemingly unrelated intervention time series models for effectiveness evaluation of large scale environmental remediation

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Seemingly unrelated regression empowers detection of network failure in dementia

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Seems like a touch too much

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Seen but not heard: children and epistemic injustice

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Seen but not heard: injuries and deaths from landmines and unexploded ordnance in Chechnya, 1994-2005

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Seen but not heard? Children in clinical trials

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Seen from the hospital bed

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Seen it all? Just when you thought nothing could surprise you

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Seen the new hybrids. A blend of concierge and traditional practice models emerges

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Seen through their eyes: residents' reflections on the cognitive and contextual components of diagnostic errors in medicine

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Seen your insurance agent lately?

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Seeps regulate stream nitrate concentration in a forested Appalachian catchment

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Sees limitations to longevity study of Rottweilers

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Sees specialized education as limiting future needs

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Seesaw dysautonomia: A manifestation of autonomic dysreflexia

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Seesaw mechanism for scalar fields as possible basis for dark energy

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Seesaw neutrinos from the heterotic string

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Seesaw nystagmus associated with choroiditis and positive neutralization test for toxoplasma

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Sefid-ab: a traditional method for microdermabrasion

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Seforta, an integrated tool for detecting the signature of selection in coding sequences

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Anonymous, 2010:
Segal sees little change in plan cost trends

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Segawa's disease: dopa-responsive dystonia

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Segment 4 and the left lateral segment regeneration pattern after resection of the middle hepatic vein in a living donor right hepatectomy

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Segment 4 architecture and proposed parenchyma-wise technique for Ex vivo graft procurement and implantation

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Segment aberration effects on contrast

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Segment adaptive gradient angle interpolation

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Segment analysis of the target market of physiotherapeutic services

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Segment assembly, structure alignment and iterative simulation in protein structure prediction

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Segment interdependency and gaze anchoring during manual two-segment sequences

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Segment lengths influence hill walking strategies

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Segment number and axial identity in a segmentation clock period mutant

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Segment regeneration in the vestimentiferan tubeworm, Lamellibrachia satsuma

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Segment self-repulsion is the major driving force of influenza genome packaging

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