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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55689

Chapter 55689 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Aljasser, M.I.; Lui, H., 2014:
Segmental confetti dyschromatosis

Grupi, A.; Haas, E., 2011:
Segmental conformational disorder and dynamics in the intrinsically disordered protein α-synuclein and its chain length dependence

Dzieniecka, M.; Grzelak-Krzymianowska, A.; Kulig, A., 2010:
Segmental congenital defect of the intestinal musculature

Kort, S.; Mamidipally, S.; Madahar, P.; Buzzanca, L.; Blizzard, B.; Gamboa, J.; Brown, D.L., 2010:
Segmental contribution to left ventricular systolic function at rest and stress: a quantitative real time three-dimensional echocardiographic study

Auerbach, J.D.; Anakwenze, O.A.; Milby, A.H.; Lonner, B.S.; Balderston, R.A., 2012:
Segmental contribution toward total cervical range of motion: a comparison of cervical disc arthroplasty and fusion

Auerbach, J.D.; Jones, K.J.; Milby, A.H.; Anakwenze, O.A.; Balderston, R.A., 2010:
Segmental contribution toward total lumbar range of motion in disc replacement and fusions: a comparison of operative and adjacent levels

Maclellan, M.J.; McFadyen, B.J., 2010:
Segmental control for adaptive locomotor adjustments during obstacle clearance in healthy young adults

Sekimoto, T.; Ishii, M.; Emi, M.; Kurogi, S.; Funamoto, T.; Hamada, H.; Chosa, E., 2013:
Segmental copy number loss in the region of Semaphorin 4D gene in patients with acetabular dysplasia

Kato, T.; Sato, H.; Emi, M.; Seino, T.; Arawaka, S.; Iseki, C.; Takahashi, Y.; Wada, M.; Kawanami, T., 2011:
Segmental copy number loss of SFMBT1 gene in elderly individuals with ventriculomegaly: a community-based study

Kato, T.; Emi, M.; Sato, H.; Arawaka, S.; Wada, M.; Kawanami, T.; Katagiri, T.; Tsuburaya, K.; Toyoshima, I.; Tanaka, F.; Sobue, G.; Matsubara, K., 2010:
Segmental copy-number gain within the region of isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase genes in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Murray, S.W.; Palmer, N.D., 2010:
Segmental coronary endothelial dysfunction in patients with minimal atherosclerosis

Lavi, S.; Bae, J-H.; Rihal, C.S.; Prasad, A.; Barsness, G.W.; Lennon, R.J.; Holmes, D.R.; Lerman, A., 2009:
Segmental coronary endothelial dysfunction in patients with minimal atherosclerosis is associated with necrotic core plaques

Yu, C-Hsiao.; Chen, P-Quang.; Ma, S-Chuang.; Pan, C-Huan., 2012:
Segmental correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis by all-screw fixation method in adolescents and young adults. minimum 5 years follow-up with SF-36 questionnaire

Cagli, B.; Unlu, E.; Tuncel, S.A.; Temizoz, O.; Genchellac, H., 2010:
Segmental costovertebral anomaly presenting with horn-like appearance in the chest

Liang, W-dong.; Zhang, J.; Sheng, W-bin., 2014:
Segmental cut-off bridge and local floating technology for the treatment of ossification of ligamentum flavum in thoracic spine

Cook-Norris, R.H.; Rodriguez, A.O.; Kovach, B.T.; Boyd, A.S.; Zic, J.A., 2011:
Segmental cutaneous piloleiomyomata

Taskinen, S.; Lohi, J.; Kivisaari, R.; Fagerholm, R.; Rintala, R.; Taskinen, M., 2010:
Segmental cystic kidney tumours in children

Gadodia, A.; Gamanagatti, S.; Neyaz, Z., 2010:
Segmental cystic renal disease: sonographic and CT findings

Vibranovski, M.D.; Zhang, Y.E.; Kemkemer, C.; VanKuren, N.W.; Lopes, H.F.; Karr, T.L.; Long, M., 2013:
Segmental dataset and whole body expression data do not support the hypothesis that non-random movement is an intrinsic property of Drosophila retrogenes

Lee, J-Hoon.; Kwon, J-Taik.; Kim, Y-Baeg.; Suk, J-Sik., 2008:
Segmental deformity correction after balloon kyphoplasty in the osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture

Dahan, A.; Amidon, G.L., 2009:
Segmental dependent transport of low permeability compounds along the small intestine due to P-glycoprotein: the role of efflux transport in the oral absorption of BCS class III drugs

Nasser, M.; Madonna, R.; Cevik, C., 2012:
Segmental diastolic compression of circumflex coronary artery secondary to pericardial constriction: an uncommon cause of angina pectoris

Hadjimiltiades, S.; Efthimiades, G.; Spanos, P., 2010:
Segmental diastolic compression of venous and arterial conduits post coronary artery bypass surgery

Shim, J.Ho.; Yu, J-Sik.; Chung, J-Joon.; Kim, J.Hee.; Kim, K.Whang., 2011:
Segmental difference of the hepatic fibrosis from chronic viral hepatitis due to hepatitis B versus C virus infection: comparison using dual contrast material-enhanced MRI

Tonar, Z.; Kochova, P.; Cimrman, R.; Perktold, J.; Witter, K., 2015:
Segmental differences in the orientation of smooth muscle cells in the tunica media of porcine aortae

Sokolis, D.P.; Boudoulas, H.; Karayannacos, P.E., 2008:
Segmental differences of aortic function and composition: clinical implications

Pauliks, L.B.; Undar, A.; Clark, J.Brian.; Myers, J.L., 2010:
Segmental differences of impaired diastolic relaxation following cardiopulmonary bypass surgery in children: a tissue Doppler study

Khemakhem, R.; Riazulhaq, M.; Elhassan, E.Othman., 2014:
Segmental dilatation of intestine presenting as partial intestinal obstruction in a child

Ragavan, M.; Arunkumar, S.; Balaji, N., 2012:
Segmental dilatation of near total colon managed by colon preserving surgery

Mahadevaiah, S.Attibele.; Panjwani, P.; Kini, U.; Mohanty, S.; Das, K., 2011:
Segmental dilatation of sigmoid colon in a neonate: atypical presentation and histology

Al-Arfaj, A.L.; Khwaja, M.S.; Abomelha, A.; Daffa, S., 1993:
Segmental dilatation of small intestine

Elemen, L.; Inanc, D.; Oz, F.; Erdogan, E., 2008:
Segmental dilatation of the ileum accompanying hypoproteinemia

Kobayashi, T.; Uchida, N.; Shiojima, M.; Sasamoto, H.; Shimura, T.; Takahasi, A.; Kuwano, H., 2007:
Segmental dilatation of the ileum covered almost entirely by gastric mucosa: report of a case

Shah, A.D.; Kovanlikaya, A.; Beneck, D.; Spigland, N.; Brill, P.W., 2010:
Segmental dilatation of the ileum in a healthy adolescent

Park, J.Sook.; Doh, H-Jeong.; Park, E.Sil.; Seo, J.Hyun.; Lim, J.Yong.; Park, C-Hoo.; Woo, H.Ok.; Youn, H-Shang., 2010:
Segmental dilatation of the ileum presenting as a cystic lesion on prenatal ultrasonography in one twin

Waters, K.J.; Levine, D.; Lee, E.Y.; Buonomo, C.; Buchmiller, T.L., 2007:
Segmental dilatation of the ileum: diagnostic clarification by prenatal and postnatal imaging

Dutta, H.Kr., 2014:
Segmental dilatation of ureter: Report of two cases

Melin, Céline.; Jacquot, F.; Dallel, R.; Artola, A., 2013:
Segmental disinhibition suppresses C-fiber inputs to the rat superficial medullary dorsal horn via the activation of GABAB receptors

Prasad, S.R.; Narra, V.R.; Shah, R.; Humphrey, P.A.; Jagirdar, J.; Catena, J.R.; Dalrymple, N.C.; Siegel, C.L., 2007:
Segmental disorders of the nephron: histopathological and imaging perspective

Merli, M.; Merli, M.; Triaca, A.; Esposito, M., 2007:
Segmental distraction osteogenesis of the anterior mandible for improving facial esthetics. Preliminary results

Watanabe, K.; Kuroda, S.; Takahashi, T.; Kijima, T.; Torikai, K.; Moriyama, K.; Tanaka, E., 2013:
Segmental distraction osteogenesis with modified LeFort II osteotomy for a patient with craniosynostosis

Uchida, K.; Araki, T.; Hashimoto, K.; Inoue, M.; Otake, K.; Koike, Y.; Okita, Y.; Fujikawa, H.; Tanaka, K.; Mohri, Y.; Kusunoki, M., 2015:
Segmental distribution in refractory ulcerative colitis: a histological evaluation in pediatric and adult patients who underwent proctocolectomy

Lundblad, Märit.; Lönnqvist, P-Arne.; Eksborg, S.; Marhofer, P., 2011:
Segmental distribution of high-volume caudal anesthesia in neonates, infants, and toddlers as assessed by ultrasonography

Lee, S.Ann.S.; Davis, B.L., 2011:
Segmental distribution patterns of English infant- and adult-directed speech

Tsuji, S.; Nishikawa, K.; Mazuka, R., 2016:
Segmental distributions and consonant-vowel association patterns in Japanese infant- and adult-directed speech

DeRossi, R.; Bertoni, R.A.; Ruzzon, R.Hs.; Verde-Selva, A.B.; Frazílio, Fício.O., 2010:
Segmental dorsolumbar epidural analgesia via the caudal approach using multiple port catheters with ketamine or lidocaine or in combination in cattle

Fanta, J.; Vašina, T., 2012:
Segmental duodenectomy (D3, D4) for angiosarcoma

Buchs, N.Christian.; Bucher, P.; Gervaz, P.; Ostermann, S.; Pugin, Fçois.; Morel, P., 2010:
Segmental duodenectomy for gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the duodenum

Chung, J.Chul.; Kim, H.Chul.; Chu, C.Woo., 2011:
Segmental duodenectomy with duodenojejunostomy of gastrointestinal stromal tumor involving the duodenum

Pramanik, S.; Cui, X.; Wang, H-Yun.; Chimge, N-Osor.; Hu, G.; Shen, L.; Gao, R.; Li, H., 2011:
Segmental duplication as one of the driving forces underlying the diversity of the human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable gene region

Payen, C.; Koszul, R.; Dujon, B.; Fischer, G., 2008:
Segmental duplications arise from Pol32-dependent repair of broken forks through two alternative replication-based mechanisms

Blekhman, R.; Oshlack, A.; Gilad, Y., 2009:
Segmental duplications contribute to gene expression differences between humans and chimpanzees

Khurana, E.; Lam, H.Y.K.; Cheng, C.; Carriero, N.; Cayting, P.; Gerstein, M.B., 2011:
Segmental duplications in the human genome reveal details of pseudogene formation

Rudd, M.Katharine.; Keene, J.; Bunke, B.; Kaminsky, E.B.; Adam, M.P.; Mulle, J.G.; Ledbetter, D.H.; Martin, C.L., 2009:
Segmental duplications mediate novel, clinically relevant chromosome rearrangements

Duez, D., 2009:
Segmental duration in Parkinsonian French speech

Metin, B.; Blum, F.D., 2009:
Segmental dynamics in poly(methyl acrylate) on silica: effect of surface treatment

Chen, K.; Saltzman, E.J.; Schweizer, K.S., 2009:
Segmental dynamics in polymers: from cold melts to ageing and stressed glasses

Gao, Y.; Hu, B.; Yao, Y.; Chen, Q., 2011:
Segmental dynamics of PEO/LiClO4 complex crystals and their influence on the Li+-ion transportation in crystal lattices: A 13C solid-state NMR approach

Kim, K-Jung.; Ashton-Miller, J.A., 2009:
Segmental dynamics of forward fall arrests: a system identification approach

Okuom, M.O.; Metin, B.; Blum, F.D., 2008:
Segmental dynamics of poly(methyl acrylate)-d3 adsorbed on anopore: a deuterium NMR study

Wu, Y-T.; Chang, J-M., 2015:
Segmental dyschromatosis with blue naevi and cherry angiomas: a new syndrome?

Zhang, H.; Song, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Li, H.; Zhu, T.; Qian, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhou, X.; Zhu, M., 2008:
Segmental early relaxation phenomenon as determined by tissue Doppler imaging

Kim, J.Im.; Cho, J.Yeon.; Moon, K.Chul.; Lee, H.Jong.; Kim, S.Hyup., 2009:
Segmental enhancement inversion at biphasic multidetector CT: characteristic finding of small renal oncocytoma

Woo, S.; Cho, J.Yeon.; Kim, S.Hyup.; Kim, S.Youn.; Lee, H.Jong.; Hwang, S.Il.; Moon, M.Hoan.; Sung, C.Kyu., 2013:
Segmental enhancement inversion of small renal oncocytoma: differences in prevalence according to tumor size

Yuen, S.; Uematsu, T.; Masako, K.; Uchida, Y.; Nishimura, T., 2008:
Segmental enhancement on breast MR images: differential diagnosis and diagnostic strategy

Drago, F.; Pastorino, C.; Cecchi, F.; Parodi, A., 2016:
Segmental eruptive neurofibromatosis infliximab-induced

Tsukamoto, H.; Sonoo, M.; Shimizu, T., 2010:
Segmental evaluation of the peripheral nerve using tibial nerve SEPs for the diagnosis of CIDP

Fatemi, M-Javad.; Forootan, S-Kamal.; Pooli, A.H., 2008:
Segmental excision of the distal phalanx with sparing of neurovascular bundle in macrodactyly: a report of two cases

Markov, A.G.; Veshnyakova, A.; Fromm, M.; Amasheh, M.; Amasheh, S., 2010:
Segmental expression of claudin proteins correlates with tight junction barrier properties in rat intestine

Belleannée, C.; D.S.lva, N.; Shum, W.W.C.; Marsolais, M.; Laprade, R.; Brown, D.; Breton, S., 2008:
Segmental expression of the bradykinin type 2 receptor in rat efferent ducts and epididymis and its role in the regulation of aquaporin 9

van Doesburg, M.H.M.; Breugem, C.C.; Breur, J.M.P.J.; Braun, K.P.J.; Speleman, L.A.; Pasmans, S.G.M.A., 2009:
Segmental facial hemangiomas and associated structural defects

Laing, A.J.; Mullett, H.; Curtin, W., 2002:
Segmental femoral cement extraction at revision hip arthroplasty - a safe technique

Cathou, R.E.; Siegel, R.C., 1980:
Segmental flexibility of immunoglobulins

Ballal, M.S.; Verma, R.; Nayagam, S., 2010:
Segmental fracture of the femur with concomitant genu valgum: a one-stage solution

O'hEireamhoin, S.; Devitt, B.; Baker, J.; Kiely, P.; Synnott, K., 2011:
Segmental fracture of the lumbar spine

Giotakis, N.; Panchani, S.K.; Narayan, B.; Larkin, J.J.; A.M.skari, S.; Nayagam, S., 2010:
Segmental fractures of the tibia treated by circular external fixation

Matsuda, T.; Kaneda, K.; Takamatsu, M.; Aishin, K.; Awazu, M.; Okamoto, A.; Kawaguchi, K., 2011:
Segmental gastrectomy with radical lymph node dissection for early gastric cancer

Rodriguez-Davalos, M.I.; Arvelakis, A.; Umman, V.; Tanjavur, V.; Yoo, P.S.; Kulkarni, S.; Luczycki, S.M.; Schilsky, M.; Emre, S., 2014:
Segmental grafts in adult and pediatric liver transplantation: improving outcomes by minimizing vascular complications

Fiscaletti, M.; Fornelli, A.; Zanini, N.; Fabbri, C.; Collina, G.; Lega, S.; Stasi, G.; Jovine, E., 2012:
Segmental groove pancreatitis and duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastasis: a newly described association

Boesler, B.; Ott, M.; Menges, M., 2009:
Segmental haemorrhagic colitis under ciprofloxacin therapy

Han, E.; Yang, H.; Seol, I.; Park, Y.; Lee, B.; Song, J.Myong., 2013:
Segmental hair analysis and estimation of methamphetamine use pattern

Kintz, P., 2012:
Segmental hair analysis can demonstrate external contamination in postmortem cases

Han, E.; Chung, H.; Song, J.Myong., 2012:
Segmental hair analysis for 11-nor-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid and the patterns of cannabis use

Poetzsch, M.; Baumgartner, M.R.; Steuer, A.E.; Kraemer, T., 2015:
Segmental hair analysis for differentiation of tilidine intake from external contamination using LC-ESI-MS/MS and MALDI-MS/MS imaging

Xiang, P.; Sun, Q.; Shen, B.; Chen, P.; Liu, W.; Shen, M., 2011:
Segmental hair analysis using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry after a single dose of benzodiazepines

Mechaly, A.E.; Sassoon, N.; Betton, J-Michel.; Alzari, P.M., 2014:
Segmental helical motions and dynamical asymmetry modulate histidine kinase autophosphorylation

Connelly, E.Alvarez.; Viera, M.; Price, C.; Waner, M., 2009:
Segmental hemangioma of infancy complicated by life-threatening arterial bleed

O.T.M.; Alexander, R.E.; Lando, T.; Grant, N.N.; Perkins, J.A.; Blitzer, A.; Waner, M., 2009:
Segmental hemangiomas of the upper airway

Bhattacharya, A.; Kashyap, R.; Kochhar, R.; Sharma, S.; Kalra, N.; Mittal, B.Rai., 2014:
Segmental hepatic concentration of 18F-FDG-labeled autologous leukocytes causing a "pseudo-lesion" on PET/CT in a patient with transient hepatic attenuation difference

Isambert, M.; Chiche, L., 2010:
Segmental hepatic resection (segments IVb-V) with lymph node dissection for gallbladder cancer

Valdés, F.; Pásaro, E.; Díaz, I.; Centeno, A.; López, E.; García-Doval, S.; González-Roces, S.; Alba, A.; Laffon, B., 2008:
Segmental heterogeneity in Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and Bax expression in rat tubular epithelium after ischemia-reperfusion

Gössl, M.; Versari, D.; Hildebrandt, H.A.; Bajanowski, T.; Sangiorgi, G.; Erbel, R.; Ritman, E.L.; Lerman, L.O.; Lerman, A., 2010:
Segmental heterogeneity of vasa vasorum neovascularization in human coronary atherosclerosis

Braun, A., 2014:
Segmental histology of the equine spinal cord

Lai, H.Henry.; Gardner, V.; Ness, T.J.; Gereau, R.W., 2014:
Segmental hyperalgesia to mechanical stimulus in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: evidence of central sensitization

Hofman, M.S.; Callahan, J.; Eu, P.; Hicks, R.J., 2014:
Segmental hyperperfusion in lobar pneumonia visualized with respiratory-gated four-dimensional pulmonary perfusion positron emission tomography-computed tomography

Imai, S.; Moritomo, Y., 2009:
Segmental hypoplasia of the spinal cord in a Japanese black calf

Lasjaunias, P.L., 2000:
Segmental identity and vulnerability in cerebral arteries

Sam, C.J., 2012:
Segmental ileal dilatation in a child

Rathod, K.Jagdish.; Mohd, Z.; Kanojia, R.; Rao, K.L.N., 2012 :
Segmental ileal dilatation: an unsuspected cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction

Saha, S.; Konar, H.; Chatterjee, P.; Basu, K.Saha.; Chatterjee, N.; Thakur, S.Basu.; Dasgupta, A., 2009:
Segmental ileal obstruction in neonates--a rare entity

Ruocco, E.; Ruocco, V.; Brunetti, G.; Wolf, R., 2014:
Segmental immune disorders related to herpes zoster

Piccolo, V.; Russo, T.; Bove, D.; Baroni, A., 2015:
Segmental immune disorders resulting from neurologic injuries

Li, G.; Wang, S.; Passias, P.; Xia, Q.; Li, G.; Wood, K., 2009:
Segmental in vivo vertebral motion during functional human lumbar spine activities

Korman, L.Y.; Brandt, L.J.; Metz, D.C.; Haddad, N.G.; Benjamin, S.B.; Lazerow, S.K.; Miller, H.L.; Greenwald, D.A.; Desale, S.; Patel, M.; Sarvazyan, A., 2013:
Segmental increases in force application during colonoscope insertion: quantitative analysis using force monitoring technology

Amit, T.; Gomberg, B.R.; Milgram, J.; Shahar, R., 2008:
Segmental inertial properties in dogs determined by magnetic resonance imaging

Arce Terroba, Y.; Algaba-Arrea, F.; Villavicencio Maverich, H., 2010:
Segmental infarct of testicle: an infrequent pseudotumor

Bessoud, B.; Buffet, C., 2008:
Segmental infarction of the greater omentum

Takahashi, M.; Horiguchi, A.; Hamada, S.; Kanbara, T.; Tsujita, Y.; Sumitomo, M.; Asano, T.; Shinmoto, H., 2013:
Segmental infarction of the testis diagnosed by MRI: a case report

Onuki, T.; Komeya, M.; Okajima, K.; Fujinami, K.; Senga, Y.; Goto, A.; Asakura, T., 2009:
Segmental infarction of the testis presenting as acute scrotum: a case report

Hinterdorfer, P.; Parsaei, B.; Stieglbauer, K.; Sonnberger, M.; Fischer, J.; Wurm, G., 2010:
Segmental innervation in lumbosacral transitional vertebrae (LSTV): a comparative clinical and intraoperative EMG study

Tzvetanov, I.G.; Bhati, C.S.; Jeon, H.; Glover, A.E.; Oberholzer, J.; Benedetti, E., 2012:
Segmental intestinal autotransplantation after extensive enterectomy for removal of large intra-abdominal desmoid tumors of the mesentery root: initial experience

Carrillo, R.; Buschang, P.H.; Opperman, L.A.; Franco, P.F.; Rossouw, P.Emile., 2007:
Segmental intrusion with mini-screw implant anchorage: a radiographic evaluation

Winbladh, A.; Sandström, P.; Olsson, H.; Svanvik, J.; Gullstrand, P., 2010:
Segmental ischemia of the liver - microdialysis in a novel porcine model

Minato, Y.; Ueda, T.; Machiyama, A.; Shimada, I.; Iwaï, H., 2012:
Segmental isotopic labeling of a 140 kDa dimeric multi-domain protein CheA from Escherichia coli by expressed protein ligation and protein trans-splicing

Busche, A.E.L.; Aranko, A.Sesilja.; Talebzadeh-Farooji, M.; Bernhard, F.; Dötsch, V.; Iwaï, H., 2009:
Segmental isotopic labeling of a central domain in a multidomain protein by protein trans-splicing using only one robust DnaE intein

Liu, D.; Xu, R.; Cowburn, D., 2009:
Segmental isotopic labeling of proteins for nuclear magnetic resonance

Clerico, E.M.; Zhuravleva, A.; Smock, R.G.; Gierasch, L.M., 2011:
Segmental isotopic labeling of the Hsp70 molecular chaperone DnaK using expressed protein ligation

Castañeda, C.A.; Spasser, L.; Bavikar, S.N.; Brik, A.; Fushman, D., 2012:
Segmental isotopic labeling of ubiquitin chains to unravel monomer-specific molecular behavior

Muona, M.; Aranko, A.Sesilja.; Iwai, H., 2008:
Segmental isotopic labelling of a multidomain protein by protein ligation by protein trans-splicing

D.C.cco, M.F.; Bennett, R.Avery.; Ragetly, C.; Sippel, K.M., 2011:
Segmental jejunal entrapment, volvulus, and strangulation secondary to intra-abdominal adhesions in a dog

Woodard, T.; Sigurdsson, S.; Gotal, J.D.; Torjesen, A.A.; Inker, L.A.; Aspelund, T.; Eiriksdottir, G.; Gudnason, V.; Harris, T.B.; Launer, L.J.; Levey, A.S.; Mitchell, G.F., 2015:
Segmental kidney volumes measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and their association with CKD in older people

Nabhan, A.; Steudel, W.I.; Nabhan, A.; Pape, D.; Ishak, B., 2008:
Segmental kinematics and adjacent level degeneration following disc replacement versus fusion: RCT with three years of follow-up

Kim, C.Heon.; Chung, C.Kee.; Jahng, T-Ahn.; Park, S.Bae.; Sohn, S.; Lee, S., 2015:
Segmental kyphosis after cervical interbody fusion with stand-alone polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cages: a comparative study on 2 different PEEK cages

Xue, J.; Burz, D.S.; Shekhtman, A., 2013:
Segmental labeling to study multidomain proteins

Gaissert, H.A.; Honings, J.; Grillo, H.C.; Donahue, D.M.; Wain, J.C.; Wright, C.D.; Mathisen, D.J., 2007:
Segmental laryngotracheal and tracheal resection for invasive thyroid carcinoma

Warsz-Wianecka, A.; Mizia-Stec, K.; Lasek-Bal, A.; Kazibutowska, Z., 2013:
Segmental left ventricular hypokinesis is associated with embolic signals in transcranial Doppler

Kabashima, K.; Tokura, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Suzuki, T.; Miyachi, Y., 2008:
Segmental lentiginosis and café au lait spots within naevoid hypopigmentation

Zawar, V.; Godse, K., 2012:
Segmental lesions in pityriasis rosea: a rare presentation

Wollina, U.; Schönlebe, J., 2013:
Segmental leukocytoclastic vasculitis in herpes zoster

Nomizo, A.; Sakai, T., 2010:
Segmental level discrepancy of human iliocostalis muscles and their innervation

Zhao, Y-Kun.; Luo, D-Qing.; Sarkar, R.; Xie, W-Lin., 2014:
Segmental lichen aureus in a young woman with spontaneous improvement

Moche, J.; Glassman, S.; Modi, D.; Grayson, W., 2011:
Segmental lichen aureus: a report of two cases treated with methylprednisolone aceponate

Kumar, Y.Hari.Kishan.; Babu, A.Ramesh., 2014:
Segmental lichen planus pigmentosus: An unusual presentation

Stout, N.L.; Pfalzer, L.A.; Levy, E.; McGarvey, C.; Springer, B.; Gerber, L.H.; Soballe, P., 2012:
Segmental limb volume change as a predictor of the onset of lymphedema in women with early breast cancer

Boggi, U.; Amorese, G.; Marchetti, P.; Mosca, F., 2011:
Segmental live donor pancreas transplantation: review and critique of rationale, outcomes, and current recommendations

Tam, H.H.; Collins, D.J.; Wallace, T.; Brown, G.; Riddell, A.; Koh, D-M., 2012:
Segmental liver hyperintensity in malignant biliary obstruction on diffusion weighted MRI: associated MRI findings and relationship with serum alanine aminotransferase levels

Salemis, N.S.; Nisotakis, K.; Gourgiotis, S.; Tsohataridis, E., 2007:
Segmental liver incarceration through a recurrent incisional lumbar hernia

Kostov, D.V.; Kobakov, G.L., 2010:
Segmental liver resection for colorectal metastases

Vaos, G., 2007:
Segmental liver resection in a child using intraoperative ultrasound-guided radiofrequency energy

Passias, P.G.; Wang, S.; Kozanek, M.; Xia, Q.; Li, W.; Grottkau, B.; Wood, K.B.; Li, G., 2011:
Segmental lumbar rotation in patients with discogenic low back pain during functional weight-bearing activities

Yson, S.C.; Santos, E.Rainier.G.; Sembrano, J.N.; Polly, D.W., 2012:
Segmental lumbar sagittal correction after bilateral transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion

Sadeghi, H.Allah., 2013:
Segmental lung lavage with fiberoptic bronchoscopy in a patient with special presentation of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

Sears, W.R.; Duggal, N.; Sekhon, L.H.; Williamson, O.D., 2007:
Segmental malalignment with the Bryan cervical disc prosthesis--contributing factors

Chanchareonsook, N.; Tideman, H.; Feinberg, S.E.; Jongpaiboonkit, L.; Lee, S.; Flanagan, C.; Krishnaswamy, G.; Jansen, J., 2015:
Segmental mandibular bone reconstruction with a carbonate-substituted hydroxyapatite-coated modular endoprosthetic poly(ɛ-caprolactone) scaffold in Macaca fascicularis

Torchio, D., 2012 :
Segmental manifestation: a clue to explain the nature of pigmented purpuric dermatoses

Romeo, M.; Lim, Y.Jun.; Fogg, Q.; Morley, S., 2015:
Segmental masseteric flap for dynamic reanimation of facial palsy

Eggermann, T.; Schönherr, N.; Jäger, S.; Spaich, C.; Ranke, M.B.; Wollmann, H.A.; Binder, G., 2008:
Segmental maternal UPD(7q) in Silver-Russell syndrome

Begemann, M.; Spengler, S.; Kordass, U.; Schröder, C.; Eggermann, T., 2012:
Segmental maternal uniparental disomy 7q associated with DLK1/GTL2 (14q32) hypomethylation

Bousdras, V.A.; Liyanage, C.; Mars, M.; Ayliffe, P.R., 2014:
Segmental maxillary distraction with a novel device for closure of a wide alveolar cleft

Czerniec, S.A.; Ward, L.C.; Lee, M-Joung.; Refshauge, K.M.; Beith, J.; Kilbreath, S.L., 2011:
Segmental measurement of breast cancer-related arm lymphoedema using perometry and bioimpedance spectroscopy

Schönefeld, E.; Völker, W.; Torsello, G., 2010:
Segmental mediolytic arteriopathy (SMA) of central, visceral and peripheral vessels

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Segregated seating in the lecture hall

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