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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55705

Chapter 55705 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lal, V.; Goswami, A.; Anand, K., 2008:
Self-medication among residents of urban resettlement colony, New Delhi

ALBashtawy, M.; Batiha, A-Monim.; Tawalbeh, L.; Tubaishat, A.; AlAzzam, M., 2016:
Self-medication among school students

Al-Hussaini, M.; Mustafa, S.; Ali, S., 2014:
Self-medication among undergraduate medical students in Kuwait with reference to the role of the pharmacist

Galato, D.; Madalena, J.; Pereira, G.Borges., 2013:
Self-medication among university students: the influence of the field of study

Besson, M.; Desmeules, J.; Wolff, H.; Gaspoz, J.M., 2007:
Self-medication amongst illegal Latino-American immigrants: necessary or inapropriate

Zafar, S.Nabeel.; Syed, R.; Waqar, S.; Zubairi, A.Jaleel.; Vaqar, T.; Shaikh, M.; Yousaf, W.; Shahid, S.; Saleem, S., 2008:
Self-medication amongst university students of Karachi: prevalence, knowledge and attitudes

Davies, J.N., 1944:
Self-medication and Patent Medicines

de Aquino, D.Silva.; de Barros, Jé.Augusto.Cabral.; da Silva, M.Dolores.Paes., 2011:
Self-medication and health academic staff

Stewart, M.C.; Kasamon, Y., 2010:
Self-medication and intractable cough

Shehnaz, S.Ilyas.; Khan, N.; Sreedharan, J.; Issa, K.Jamal.; Arifulla, M., 2013:
Self-medication and related health complaints among expatriate high school students in the United Arab Emirates

Tillement, J-Paul.; Delaveau, P., 2008:
Self-medication and safety

Sahebi, L.; Vahidi, R.Gholi., 2009:
Self-medication and storage of drugs at home among the clients of drugstores in Tabriz

Vacas Rodilla, E.; Castellà Dagà, I.; Sánchez Giralt, M.; Pujol Algué, A.; Pallarés Comalada, M.Carme.; Balagué Corbera, M., 2009:
Self-medication and the elderly. The reality of the home medicine cabinet

Miní, E.; Varas, R.; Vicuña, Y.; Lévano, Mía.; Rojas, L.; Medina, J.; Butron, J.; Aranda, R.; Gutierrez, E.L., 2013:
Self-medication behavior among pregnant women user of the Instituto Nacional Materno Perinatal, Peru 2011

Aoyama, I.; Koyama, S.; Hibino, H., 2012:
Self-medication behaviors among Japanese consumers: sex, age, and SES differences and caregivers' attitudes toward their children's health management

Mouhari-Toure, A.; Kombaté, K.; Saka, B.; Akakpo, S.; Boukari, O.B.T.; Pitche, P.; Tchangaï-Walla, K., 2010:
Self-medication for dermatologic conditions in Lomé, Togo

Oshikoya, K.A.; Senbanjo, I.O.; Njokanma, O.F., 2009:
Self-medication for infants with colic in Lagos, Nigeria

Major, C.; Vincze, Zán., 2010:
Self-medication in Hungary, from the perspective of pharmacy workers

Silva, I.Magalhães.; Catrib, A.Maria.Fontenelle.; de Matos, Vânia.Cordeiro.; Gondim, A.Paula.Soares., 2011:
Self-medication in adolescence: a challenge to health education

Pereira, F.S.V.T.; Bucaretchi, Fábio.; Stephan, C.; Cordeiro, R., 2007:
Self-medication in children and adolescents

Escourrou, B.; Bouville, Bénédicte.; Bismuth, M.; Durrieu, Gève.; Oustric, Séphane., 2010:
Self-medication in children by parents: a real risk? A cross-sectional descriptive study

Schmid, B.; Bernal, R.; Silva, N.Nunes., 2011:
Self-medication in low-income adults in Southeastern Brazil

Chaves, R.G.; Lamounier, J.A.; César, C.C., 2010:
Self-medication in nursing mothers and its influence on the duration of breastfeeding

Balbuena, F.Ruiz.; Aranda, A.Briones.; Figueras, A., 2009:
Self-medication in older urban mexicans : an observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study

Marquez, G.E.; Torres, V.E.; Sanchez, V.M.; Gramajo, A.L.; Zelaya, N.; Peña, F.Y.; Juarez, C.P.; Luna, J.D., 2012:
Self-medication in ophthalmology: a questionnaire-based study in an Argentinean population

Mehuys, E.; Gevaert, P.; Brusselle, G.; Van Hees, T.; Adriaens, E.; Christiaens, T.; Van Bortel, L.; Van Tongelen, I.; Remon, J-Paul.; Boussery, K., 2015:
Self-medication in persistent rhinitis: overuse of decongestants in half of the patients

de Oliveira, M.Antunes.; Francisco, P.Maria.Stolses.Bergamo.; Costa, K.Sarmento.; Barros, M.Berti.de.Azevedo., 2012:
Self-medication in the elderly population of Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil: prevalence and associated factors

Ouédraogo, L.T.; Somé, I.T.; Diarra, M.; Guissou, I.P., 2008:
Self-medication in the treatment of acute malaria: study based on users of private health drug stores in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Robinson, J.; Sareen, J.; Cox, B.J.; Bolton, J., 2009:
Self-medication of anxiety disorders with alcohol and drugs: Results from a nationally representative sample

Haag, G.; Diener, H-Christoph.; May, A.; Meyer, C.; Morck, H.; Straube, A.; Wessely, P.; Evers, S., 2012:
Self-medication of migraine and tension-type headache: summary of the evidence-based recommendations of the Deutsche Migräne und Kopfschmerzgesellschaft (DMKG), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie (DGN), the Österreichische Kopfschmerzgesellschaft (ÖKSG) and the Schweizerische Kopfwehgesellschaft (SKG)

Bolton, J.M.; Robinson, J.; Sareen, J., 2008:
Self-medication of mood disorders with alcohol and drugs in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

Haag, G., 2010:
Self-medication of primary headaches

Zhang, L.; Yang, H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhou, H.; Shen, Z., 2015:
Self-medication of psoriasis in southwestern China

Häcker, F.; Morck, H., 2012:
Self-medication of upper gastrointestinal symptoms with hydrotalcite: a noninterventional community pharmacy study on drug usage and patient satisfaction

Mehuys, E.; Verrue, C.; Van Borte, L.; De Bolle, L.; Van Tongelen, I.; Remon, J.P.; De Looze, D., 2009:
Self-medication of upper gastrointestinal symptoms: a community pharmacy study

Badiger, S.; Kundapur, R.; Jain, A.; Kumar, A.; Pattanshetty, S.; Thakolkaran, N.; Bhat, N.; Ullal, N., 2012:
Self-medication patterns among medical students in South India

Kaushal, J.; Gupta, M.C.; Jindal, P.; Verma, S., 2012:
Self-medication patterns and drug use behavior in housewives belonging to the middle income group in a city in northern India

Alghanim, S.A., 2011:
Self-medication practice among patients in a public health care system

Banerjee, I.; Bhadury, T., 2012:
Self-medication practice among undergraduate medical students in a tertiary care medical college, West Bengal

Hassali, M.Azmi.; Shafie, A.Akmal.; Al-Qazaz, H.; Tambyappa, J.; Palaian, S.; Hariraj, V., 2012:
Self-medication practices among adult population attending community pharmacies in Malaysia: an exploratory study

Awad, A.; Al-Rabiy, S.; Abahussain, E., 2008:
Self-medication practices among diabetic patients in Kuwait

Eticha, T.; Mesfin, K., 2015:
Self-medication practices in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Gomez, G.B.; Garnett, G.P.; Ward, H., 2009:
Self-medication prevalence for sexually transmitted diseases: meta-analysis and meta-regression of population level determinants

Afolabi, A.O.; Akinmoladun, V.I.; Adebose, I.J.; Elekwachi, G., 2010:
Self-medication profile of dental patients in Ondo State, Nigeria

Giese, A.; Ornek, A.; Kurucay, M.; Kilic, L.; Şendur, S.N.; Münker, A.; Puchstein, C.; Lainka, E.; Wittkowski, H.; Henning, B.F., 2015:
Self-medication to treat pain in attacks of familial Mediterranean fever: aiming to find a new approach to pain management

Mohanna, M., 2010:
Self-medication with Antibiotic in Children in Sana'a City, Yemen

Chipwaza, B.; Mugasa, J.P.; Mayumana, I.; Amuri, M.; Makungu, C.; Gwakisa, P.S., 2015:
Self-medication with anti-malarials is a common practice in rural communities of Kilosa district in Tanzania despite the reported decline of malaria

Abasaeed, A.; Vlcek, J.; Abuelkhair, M.; Kubena, A., 2009:
Self-medication with antibiotics by the community of Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Sapkota, A.R.; Coker, M.E.; Rosenberg Goldstein, R.E.; Atkinson, N.L.; Sweet, S.J.; Sopeju, P.O.; Ojo, M.T.; Otivhia, E.; Ayepola, O.O.; Olajuyigbe, O.O.; Shireman, L.; Pottinger, P.S.; Ojo, K.K., 2011:
Self-medication with antibiotics for the treatment of menstrual symptoms in Southwest Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Grigoryan, L.; Monnet, D.L.; Haaijer-Ruskamp, F.M.; Bonten, M.J.M.; Lundborg, Sålsby.; Verheij, T.J.M., 2011:
Self-medication with antibiotics in Europe: a case for action

Skliros, E.; Merkouris, P.; Papazafiropoulou, A.; Gikas, A.; Matzouranis, G.; Papafragos, C.; Tsakanikas, I.; Zarbala, I.; Vasibosis, A.; Stamataki, P.; Sotiropoulos, A., 2010:
Self-medication with antibiotics in rural population in Greece: a cross-sectional multicenter study

Scicluna, E.Anne.; Borg, M.A.; Gür, D.; Rasslan, O.; Taher, I.; Redjeb, S.Ben.; Elnassar, Z.; Bagatzouni, D.Pieridou.; Daoud, Z., 2011:
Self-medication with antibiotics in the ambulatory care setting within the Euro-Mediterranean region; results from the ARMed project

Hounsa, A.; Kouadio, L.; De Mol, P., 2010:
Self-medication with antibiotics obtained from private pharmacies in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Ilhan, M.N.; Durukan, E.; Ilhan, S.Ozger.; Aksakal, F.Nur.; Ozkan, Sçil.; Bumin, M.Ali., 2010:
Self-medication with antibiotics: questionnaire survey among primary care center attendants

Sarahroodi, S.; Mikaili, P., 2013:
Self-medication with antibiotics:a global challenge of our generation

Damian, L.; Lupuşoru, Cătălina.Elena.; Ghiciuc, C.Mihaela., 2014:
Self-medication with antimicrobial drugs among university students in a Northeast region of Romania

Singh, J.; Singh, R.; Gautam, C.S., 2012:
Self-medication with herbal remedies amongst patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus: A preliminary study

Schäffner, G.; Antal, S.; Jürgens, C.; Tost, F., 2007:
Self-medication with local anaesthetics by glaucoma patients using teletonometry

Lagerløv, P.; Holager, T.; Helseth, Sølvi.; Rosvold, E.O., 2009:
Self-medication with over-the-counter analgesics among 15-16 year-old teenagers

Schmiedl, S.; Rottenkolber, M.; Hasford, J.; Rottenkolber, D.; Farker, K.; Drewelow, B.; Hippius, M.; Saljé, K.; Thürmann, P., 2015:
Self-medication with over-the-counter and prescribed drugs causing adverse-drug-reaction-related hospital admissions: results of a prospective, long-term multi-centre study

Goh, L.Yeen.; Vitry, A.I.; Semple, S.J.; Esterman, A.; Luszcz, M.A., 2010:
Self-medication with over-the-counter drugs and complementary medications in South Australia's elderly population

Amit, M.; Cohen, I.; Marcovics, A.; Muklada, H.; Glasser, T.A.; Ungar, E.D.; Landau, S.Y., 2014:
Self-medication with tannin-rich browse in goats infected with gastro-intestinal nematodes

Khantzian, E.J.; Albanese, M.J., 2009:
Self-medication, bipolar disorders, and stimulant dependence

Degos, L., 2008:
Self-medication, patients as actors in their own health

Franco, J.A.; Pecci, C., 2008:
Self-medication, the new silence epidemic. Studies in patients of clinical practice and mental health

Bennadi, D., 2014:
Self-medication: A current challenge

Moore, B.D.; Foley, W.J.; Forbey, J.S.; Degabriel, J.L., 2013:
Self-medication: a learning process?

Naves, J.de.Oliveira.Silva.; Castro, L.Lusitana.Cardozo.de.; Carvalho, C.Maria.Soares.de.; Merchán-Hamann, E., 2010:
Self-medication: a qualitative approach of its motivations

Schulz, M., 2012:
Self-medication: advice on self treatment

Carvalho, R.Souza.; Kara-José, N.; Temporini, Eéa.Rita.; Kara-Junior, N.; Noma-Campos, R., 2010:
Self-medication: initial treatments used by patients seen in an ophthalmologic emergency room

Turk, D.J.; Cunningham, S.J.; Macrae, C.Neil., 2008:
Self-memory biases in explicit and incidental encoding of trait adjectives

Diller, K.; Klappenberger, F.; Marschall, M.; Hermann, K.; Nefedov, A.; Wöll, C.; Barth, J.V., 2012:
Self-metalation of 2H-tetraphenylporphyrin on Cu(111): an x-ray spectroscopy study

Xiong, J.; Guo, J.; Huang, L.; Meng, B.; Ping, Q., 2008:
Self-micelle formation and the incorporation of lipid in the formulation affect the intestinal absorption of Panax notoginseng

Onoue, S.; Suzuki, H.; Kojo, Y.; Matsunaga, S.; Sato, H.; Mizumoto, T.; Yuminoki, K.; Hashimoto, N.; Yamada, S., 2015:
Self-micellizing solid dispersion of cyclosporine A with improved dissolution and oral bioavailability

Pi, J.; Gao, X.; Yu, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Wang, Y., 2014:
Self-micro emulsifying formulation improved intestinal absorption and oral bioavailability of bakuchiol

Gugulothu, D.; Pathak, S.; Suryavanshi, S.; Sharma, S.; Patravale, V., 2011:
Self-microemulsifiyng suppository formulation of β-artemether

El Maghraby, G.M., 2010:
Self-microemulsifying and microemulsion systems for transdermal delivery of indomethacin: effect of phase transition

Lu, J-Li.; Wang, J-Cheng.; Zhao, S-Xin.; Liu, X-Yan.; Zhao, H.; Zhang, X.; Zhou, S-Feng.; Zhang, Q., 2008:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) improves anticancer effect of oral 9-nitrocamptothecin on human cancer xenografts in nude mice

Dokania, S.; Joshi, A.K., 2016:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS)--challenges and road ahead

Yang, R.; Huang, X.; Dou, J.; Zhai, G.; Su, L., 2014:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of oleanolic acid: design and evaluation

Wu, X.; Xu, J.; Huang, X.; Wen, C., 2011:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system improves curcumin dissolution and bioavailability

Wang, S.; Zhao, S.; Yang, R.; Lv, G.; Wang, Y.; Xie, W.; Ma, X., 2010:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system increasing solubility and intestinal absorption in situ of tanshinones

You, X.; Wang, R.; Tang, W.; Li, Y.; He, Z.; Hu, H.; Wu, C., 2010:
Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system of patchoulic alcohol to improve oral bioavailability in rats

Cai, S.; Shi, C-Hong.; Zhang, X.; Tang, X.; Suo, H.; Yang, L.; Zhao, Y., 2015:
Self-microemulsifying drug-delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of 20(S)-25-methoxyl-dammarane-3β, 12β, 20-triol: preparation and evaluation

Baek, M-Ki.; Lee, J-Hwa.; Cho, Y-Ho.; Kim, H-Hyung.; Lee, G-Won., 2013:
Self-microemulsifying drug-delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of pranlukast hemihydrate: preparation and evaluation

Sha, X.; Wu, J.; Chen, Y.; Fang, X., 2012:
Self-microemulsifying drug-delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of probucol: preparation and evaluation

Seo, D.Woo.; Kang, M.Joo.; Sohn, Y.; Lee, J., 2010:
Self-microemulsifying formulation-based oral solution of coenzyme Q10

Bandivadeka, M.Mohanraor.; Pancholi, S.Sundar.; Kaul-Ghanekar, R.; Choudhari, A.; Koppikar, S., 2015:
Self-microemulsifying smaller molecular volume oil (Capmul MCM) using non-ionic surfactants: a delivery system for poorly water-soluble drug

Walenkamp, G.H.I.M., 2009:
Self-mixed antibiotic bone cement: western countries learn from developing countries

Konovalov, A.N.; Ul'yanov, V.A., 2012:
Self-mixing detection of backscattered radiation in single-mode pulse-periodic CO2 lasers

Cheng, C-Hao.; Lin, L-Chih.; Lin, F-Yi., 2014:
Self-mixing dual-frequency laser Doppler velocimeter

Scalise, L.; Steenbergen, W.; de Mul, F., 2008:
Self-mixing feedback in a laser diode for intra-arterial optical blood velocimetry

Lim, Y.Leng.; Kliese, R.; Bertling, K.; Tanimizu, K.; Jacobs, P.A.; Rakić, A.D., 2010:
Self-mixing flow sensor using a monolithic VCSEL array with parallel readout

Lim, Y.Leng.; Nikolic, M.; Bertling, K.; Kliese, R.; Rakić, A.D., 2009:
Self-mixing imaging sensor using a monolithic VCSEL array with parallel readout

Columbo, L.; Brambilla, M.; Dabbicco, M.; Scamarcio, G., 2012:
Self-mixing in multi-transverse mode semiconductor lasers: model and potential application to multi-parametric sensing

Tan, Y.; Zhang, S., 2007:
Self-mixing interference effects of microchip Nd:YAG laser with a wave plate in the external cavity

Fei, L.; Zhang, S., 2004:
Self-mixing interference effects of orthogonally polarized dual frequency laser

Mao, W.; Zhang, S.; Cui, L.; Tan, Y., 2006:
Self-mixing interference effects with a folding feedback cavity in Zeeman-birefringence dual frequency laser

Wang, W.M.; Boyle, W.J.; Grattan, K.T.; Palmer, A.W., 1993:
Self-mixing interference in a diode laser: experimental observations and theoretical analysis

Dai, X.; Wang, M.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, J., 2009:
Self-mixing interference in fiber ring laser and its application for vibration measurement

Lu, L.; Yang, J.; Zhai, L.; Wang, R.; Cao, Z.; Yu, B., 2012:
Self-mixing interference measurement system of a fiber ring laser with ultra-narrow linewidth

Guo, D.; Wang, M.; Tan, S., 2005:
Self-mixing interferometer based on sinusoidal phase modulating technique

Randone, E.M.; Donati, S., 2006:
Self-mixing interferometer: analysis of the output signals

Nikolić, M.; Hicks, E.; Lim, Y.Leng.; Bertling, K.; Rakić, A.D., 2015:
Self-mixing laser Doppler flow sensor: an optofluidic implementation

Mul, F.F.; Koelink, M.H.; Weijers, A.L.; Greve, J.; Aarnoudse, J.G.; Graaff, R.; Dassel, A.C., 1992:
Self-mixing laser-Doppler velocimetry of liquid flow and of blood perfusion in tissue

Figueiras, E.; Oliveira, R.; Lourenço, Cátia.F.; Campos, R.; Humeau-Heurtier, A.; Barbosa, R.M.; Laranjinha, Jão.; Requicha Ferreira, L.F.; de Mul, F.F.M., 2013:
Self-mixing microprobe for monitoring microvascular perfusion in rat brain

Tucker, J.R.; Mowla, A.; Herbert, J.; Fuentes, M.A.; Freakley, C.S.; Bertling, K.; Lim, Y.Leng.; Matharu, R.S.; Perchoux, J.; Taimre, T.; Wilson, S.J.; Rakić, A.D., 2014:
Self-mixing sensing system based on uncooled vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser array: linking multichannel operation and enhanced performance

Han, D.; Wang, M.; Zhou, J., 2006:
Self-mixing speckle interference in DFB lasers

Ruiz-Llata, M.; Lamela, H., 2009:
Self-mixing technique for vibration measurements in a laser diode with multiple modes created by optical feedback

Otsuka, K., 2012:
Self-mixing thin-slice solid-state laser metrology

Magnani, A.; Pesatori, A.; Norgia, M., 2012:
Self-mixing vibrometer with real-time digital signal elaboration

Myslinski, P.; Chrostowski, J.; Koningstein, J.A.; Simpson, J.R., 1993:
Self-mode locking in a Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser

Malcolm, G.P.; Ferguson, A.I., 1991:
Self-mode locking of a diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser

Piche, M.; Salin, F., 1993:
Self-mode locking of solid-state lasers without apertures

Liu, C.; Luo, Z.; Huang, Y.; Qu, B.; Cheng, H.; Wang, Y.; Wu, D.; Xu, H.; Cai, Z., 2015:
Self-mode-locked 2 μm Tm(3+)-doped double-clad fiber laser with a simple linear cavity

Likamwa, P.; Chai, B.H.; Miller, A., 1992:
Self-mode-locked Cr3+:LiCaAlF6 laser

Pang, Y.; Yanovsky, V.; Wise, F.; Minkov, B.I., 1993:
Self-mode-locked Cr:forsterite laser

Kennedy, G.T.; Grant, R.S.; Sibbett, W., 1993:
Self-mode-locked NaCl:OH(-) color-center laser

Seas, A.; Petricevic, V.; Alfano, R.R., 1993:
Self-mode-locked chromium-doped forsterite laser generates 50-fs pulses

Dymott, M.J.; Ferguson, A.I., 1994:
Self-mode-locked diode-pumped Cr:LiSAF laser

Dymott, M.J.; Ferguson, A.I., 1995:
Self-mode-locked diode-pumped Cr:LiSAF laser producing 34-fs pulses at 42-mW average power

Park, J.; Kim, M.Su.; Park, B.; Oh, S.Ho.; Roy, S.; Kim, J.; Choi, W., 2018:
Composition-Tunable Synthesis of Large-Scale Mo 1- x W x S 2 Alloys with Enhanced Photoluminescence

Brunel, M.; Emile, O.; Alouini, M.; Le Floch, A.; Bretenaker, F., 2007:
Self-mode-locked pulsed monomode laser

Gaafar, M.; Nakdali, D.Al.; Möller, C.; Fedorova, K.A.; Wichmann, M.; Shakfa, M.Khaled.; Zhang, F.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Rafailov, E.U.; Koch, M., 2014:
Self-mode-locked quantum-dot vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser

Martínez, O.E.; Chilla, J.L., 1992:
Self-mode-locking of Ti:sapphire lasers: a matrix formalism

Gaafar, M.; Richter, P.; Keskin, H.; Möller, C.; Wichmann, M.; Stolz, W.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Koch, M., 2015:
Self-mode-locking semiconductor disk laser

Rajkó, Róbert.; Nassab, P.Reisi.; Szabó-Révész, P., 2009:
Self-modeling curve resolution method applied for the evaluation of dissolution testing data: a case study of meloxicam-mannitol binary systems

Cream, A.; O'Brian, S.; Onslow, M.; Packman, A.; Menzies, R., 2010:
Self-modelling as a relapse intervention following speech-restructuring treatment for stuttering

Zhang, Z.; Guo, W.; Yakobson, B.I., 2014 :
Self-modulated band gap in boron nitride nanoribbons and hydrogenated sheets

Zhang, C.; Zheng, J.Yao.; Zhao, Y.Sheng.; Yao, J., 2011:
Self-modulated white light outcoupling in doped organic nanowire waveguides via the fluctuations of singlet and triplet excitons during propagation

Yoon, H.; Kee Choi, M.; Suh, K.Y.; Char, K., 2010:
Self-modulating polymer resist patterns in pressure-assisted capillary force lithography

Kumar, N.; Pukhov, A.; Lotov, K., 2010:
Self-modulation instability of a long proton bunch in plasmas

del Alamo, D.; Mlodzik, M., 2008:
Self-modulation of Notch signaling during ommatidial development via the Roughened eye transcriptional repressor

López, R.A.; Asenjo, F.A.; Muñoz, Víctor.; Chian, A.C-L.; Valdivia, J.A., 2013:
Self-modulation of nonlinear Alfvén waves in a strongly magnetized relativistic electron-positron plasma

Asenjo, F.A.; Borotto, F.A.; Chian, A.C-L.; Muñoz, Víctor.; Valdivia, J.Alejandro.; Rempel, E.L., 2012:
Self-modulation of nonlinear waves in a weakly magnetized relativistic electron-positron plasma with temperature

Berman, B.D.; Horovitz, S.G.; Venkataraman, G.; Hallett, M., 2012:
Self-modulation of primary motor cortex activity with motor and motor imagery tasks using real-time fMRI-based neurofeedback

O'Connor, R., 2011:
Self-monitored blood pressure measurements

Piasecki, T.M.; Richardson, A.E.; Smith, S.M., 2007:
Self-monitored motives for smoking among college students

Greenstone, M., 2009:
Self-monitored, home-based pulmonary rehab was non-inferior to outpatient, hospital-based rehab for COPD

Gunstone, C., 2014:

Evans, J.M.M.; Mackison, D.; Swanson, V.; Donnan, P.T.; Emslie-Smith, A.; Lawton, J., 2014:
Self-monitoring among non-insulin treated patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Patients' behavioural responses to readings and associations with glycaemic control

Kong, A.; Beresford, S.A.A.; Alfano, C.M.; Foster-Schubert, K.E.; Neuhouser, M.L.; Johnson, D.B.; Duggan, C.; Wang, C-Yun.; Xiao, L.; Jeffery, R.W.; Bain, C.E.; McTiernan, A., 2012:
Self-monitoring and eating-related behaviors are associated with 12-month weight loss in postmenopausal overweight-to-obese women

McConnell, M.M.; Regehr, G.; Wood, T.J.; Eva, K.W., 2012:
Self-monitoring and its relationship to medical knowledge

Glynn, L.G.; Murphy, A.W.; Smith, S.M.; Schroeder, K.; Fahey, T., 2011:
Self-monitoring and other non-pharmacological interventions to improve the management of hypertension in primary care: a systematic review

Cayley, W.E., 2011:
Self-monitoring and self-management of anticoagulation therapy

Anonymous, 2010:
Self-monitoring and self-management of oral anticoagulation

Hommes, J.; Krabbendam, L.; Versmissen, D.; Kircher, T.; van Os, J.; van Winkel, R., 2015:
Self-monitoring as a familial vulnerability marker for psychosis: an analysis of patients, unaffected siblings and healthy controls

Turk, M.Warziski.; Elci, O.U.; Wang, J.; Sereika, S.M.; Ewing, L.J.; Acharya, S.D.; Glanz, K.; Burke, L.E., 2014:
Self-monitoring as a mediator of weight loss in the SMART randomized clinical trial

Jang, S.Ahn., 2012:
Self-monitoring as a moderator between descriptive norms and drinking: findings among Korean and American university students

Palitzsch, K.D., 2009:
Self-monitoring blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes. Who should do this, how often, when and under which conditions?

Henderson, J.; Valenti, L.; Bayram, C.; Miller, G., 2014:
Self-monitoring blood glucose--non-insulin-treated type 2 diabetes in Australian general practice

Rafferty, L.A.; Arroyo, J.; Ginnane, S.; Wilczynski, K., 2012:
Self-monitoring during spelling practice: effects on spelling accuracy and on-task behavior of three students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Magnan, R.E.; Köblitz, A.R.; McCaul, K.D.; Dillard, A.J., 2014:
Self-monitoring effects of ecological momentary assessment on smokers' perceived risk and worry

Anonymous, 2010:
Self-monitoring for patients on warfarin?

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