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Self-medication among residents of urban resettlement colony, New Delhi

Lal, V.; Goswami, A.; Anand, K.

Indian journal of public health 51(4): 249-251


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-557X
PMID: 18232170
Accession: 055704000

A cross-sectional survey on the practice of self-medication was carried out in September 2005, among 1928 residents of urban resettlement colony in New Delhi. Prevalence of self-medication among those who had suffered some illness episode in the last one month was 31.3%. Head/ joint/body ache were the most common symptoms for which self-medication was practiced. Chemists were the main source of prescription for self-medication. Time and money factor were identified as the major reasons for not seeking doctor's advice and taking self-medication instead. It was of concern that about 87% users were not aware of side effects of self-medication.

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