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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55717

Chapter 55717 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Oakes, M.B.; Fisseha, S., 2010:
Separated from birth: an initial examination suggested Asherman's syndrome

Ackermann, D.Michael.; Bhadra, N.; Foldes, E.L.; Kilgore, K.L., 2012:
Separated interface nerve electrode prevents direct current induced nerve damage

Lu, F.; Meziani, M.J.; Cao, L.; Sun, Y-Ping., 2011:
Separated metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes: opportunities in transparent electrodes and beyond

Huber, G.M.; Blok, H.P.; Butuceanu, C.; Gaskell, D.; Horn, T.; Mack, D.J.; Abbott, D.; Aniol, K.; Anklin, H.; Armstrong, C.; Arrington, J.; Assamagan, K.; Avery, S.; Baker, O.K.; Barrett, B.; Beise, E.J.; Bochna, C.; Boeglin, W.; Brash, E.J.; Breuer, H.; Chang, C.C.; Chant, N.; Christy, M.E.; Dunne, J.; Eden, T.; Ent, R.; Fenker, H.; Gibson, E.F.; Gilman, R.; Gustafsson, K.; Hinton, W.; Holt, R.J.; Jackson, H.; Jin, S.; Jones, M.K.; Keppel, C.E.; Kim, P.H.; Kim, W.; King, P.M.; Klein, A.; Kolten, 2014:
Separated response function ratios in exclusive, forward π(±) electroproduction

Yaegashi, T.; Furusho, H.; Chikata, A.; Usui, S.; Kaneko, S.; Yamagishi, M.; Takamura, M., 2015:
Separated right and left ventricular excitation during right ventricular septal pacing in a patient with narrow QRS wave: a case report

Rocklin, G.J.; Mobley, D.L.; Dill, K.A., 2013:
Separated topologies--a method for relative binding free energy calculations using orientational restraints

Suwabe, K.; Suzuki, G.; Takahashi, H.; Shiono, K.; Endo, M.; Yano, K.; Fujita, M.; Masuko, H.; Saito, H.; Fujioka, T.; Kaneko, F.; Kazama, T.; Mizuta, Y.; Kawagishi-Kobayashi, M.; Tsutsumi, N.; Kurata, N.; Nakazono, M.; Watanabe, M., 2008:
Separated transcriptomes of male gametophyte and tapetum in rice: validity of a laser microdissection (LM) microarray

Rose, R.J., 1982:
Separated twins: data and their limits

Masala, T.; Harvel, G.; Chang, J-Shih., 2007:
Separated two-phase flow regime parameter measurement by a high speed ultrasonic pulse-echo system

Liu, X.; Zheng, M.; Kong, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zeng, Q.; Sun, Z.; Buma, W.Jan.; Zhang, H., 2013:
Separately doped upconversion-C60 nanoplatform for NIR imaging-guided photodynamic therapy of cancer cells

Yasuoka, Y.; Sorimachi, A.; Ishikawa, T.; Hosoda, M.; Tokonami, S.; Fukuhori, N.; Janik, M., 2011:
Separately measuring radon and thoron concentrations exhaled from soil using AlphaGUARD and liquid scintillation counter methods

Yanai, M.; Rocha, M.A.; Matolek, A.Z.; Chintalacharuvu, A.; Taira, Y.; Chintalacharuvu, K.; Beenhouwer, D.O., 2015:
Separately or combined, LukG/LukH is functionally unique compared to other staphylococcal bicomponent leukotoxins

Yuan, B.; Zhu, Q., 2007:
Separately reconstructing the structural and functional parameters of a fluorescent inclusion embedded in a turbid medium

O'Connor, E.J.; Fiol, C.Marlena., 2010:
Separately together. Achieving physician-administrator collaboration through single purpose

Stempniak, M., 2014:
Separately together. Systems work jointly on managing population health

O'Reilly, M.; Karim, K.; Lester, J.Nina., 2016:
Separating 'emotion' from 'the science': Exploring the perceived value of information for parents and families of children with autistic spectrum disorder

Jiang, Y.; Rabbi, M.; Mieczkowski, P.A.; Marszalek, P.E., 2010:
Separating DNA with different topologies by atomic force microscopy in comparison with gel electrophoresis

Uzer, G.; Manske, S.L.; Chan, M.Ete.; Chiang, F-Pen.; Rubin, C.T.; Frame, M.D.; Judex, S., 2012:
Separating Fluid Shear Stress from Acceleration during Vibrations in Vitro: Identification of Mechanical Signals Modulating the Cellular Response

Britt, D.W.; Hlady, V., 1999:
Separating Octadecyltrimethoxysilane Hydrolysis and Condensation at the Air/Water Interface through Addition of Methyl Stearate

Johnstone, G.R., 1950:
Separating Pages of Publications

Nittrouer, S.; Lowenstein, J.H., 2014:
Separating the Effects of Acoustic and Phonetic Factors in Linguistic Processing with Impoverished Signals by Adults and Children

Zhou, M.; Wang, X.; Phung, V.; Lindhout, D.A.; Mondal, K.; Hsu, J-Yuan.; Yang, H.; Humphrey, M.; Ding, X.; Arora, T.; Learned, R.Marc.; DePaoli, A.M.; Tian, H.; Ling, L., 2014:
Separating Tumorigenicity from Bile Acid Regulatory Activity for Endocrine Hormone FGF19

Kushnerenko, E.V.; Van den Bergh, B.R.H.; Winkler, Ián., 2013:
Separating acoustic deviance from novelty during the first year of life: a review of event-related potential evidence

McAdam, S.A.M.; Brodribb, T.J., 2014:
Separating active and passive influences on stomatal control of transpiration

Schifirneţ, E.; Bowen, S.E.; Borszcz, G.S., 2014:
Separating analgesia from reward within the ventral tegmental area

Patt, A., 2012:
Separating analysis from politics: acid rain in Europe

Biondi, E.; Burke, D.H., 2012:
Separating and analyzing sulfur-containing RNAs with organomercury gels

Zhan, L.; Xu, Z., 2011:
Separating and recovering Pb from copper-rich particles of crushed waste printed circuit boards by evaporation and condensation

Zhan, L.; Xu, Z., 2009:
Separating and recycling metals from mixed metallic particles of crushed electronic wastes by vacuum metallurgy

Lumetta, G.J.; Braley, J.C.; Peterson, J.M.; Bryan, S.A.; Levitskaia, T.G., 2012:
Separating and stabilizing phosphate from high-level radioactive waste: process development and spectroscopic monitoring

Benesch, J.L.P.; Ruotolo, B.T.; Simmons, D.A.; Barrera, N.P.; Morgner, N.; Wang, L.; Saibil, H.R.; Robinson, C.V., 2011:
Separating and visualising protein assemblies by means of preparative mass spectrometry and microscopy

Vengris, M.; Larsen, D.S.; Valkunas, L.; Kodis, G.; Herrero, C.; Gust, D.; Moore, T.; Moore, A.; van Grondelle, R., 2013:
Separating annihilation and excitation energy transfer dynamics in light harvesting systems

Yousefi, R.; Nourani, M., 2015:
Separating arterial and venous-related components of photoplethysmographic signals for accurate extraction of oxygen saturation and respiratory rate

Lazzara, T.D.; Carnarius, C.; Kocun, M.; Janshoff, A.; Steinem, C., 2012:
Separating attoliter-sized compartments using fluid pore-spanning lipid bilayers

Roberts, W.; Fillmore, M.T.; Milich, R., 2011:
Separating automatic and intentional inhibitory mechanisms of attention in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Millet, L.J.; Park, K.; Watkins, N.N.; Hsia, K.Jimmy.; Bashir, R., 2011:
Separating beads and cells in multi-channel microfluidic devices using dielectrophoresis and laminar flow

Tracy, D.J.; Xu, Z.; Choi, L.; Acra, S.; Chen, K.Y.; Buchowski, M.S., 2015:
Separating bedtime rest from activity using waist or wrist-worn accelerometers in youth

Oertel, B.G.; Preibisch, C.; Martin, T.; Walter, C.; Gamer, M.; Deichmann, R.; Lötsch, Jörn., 2012:
Separating brain processing of pain from that of stimulus intensity

Martens, M.B.; Chiappalone, M.; Schubert, D.; Tiesinga, P.H.E., 2014:
Separating burst from background spikes in multichannel neuronal recordings using return map analysis

Ash, J.T.; Trease, N.M.; Grandinetti, P.J., 2008:
Separating chemical shift and quadrupolar anisotropies via multiple-quantum NMR spectroscopy

Bijleveld, E.; Veling, H., 2015:
Separating chokers from nonchokers: predicting real-life tennis performance under pressure from behavioral tasks that tap into working memory functioning

Halford, G.S.; Cowan, N.; Andrews, G., 2007:
Separating cognitive capacity from knowledge: a new hypothesis

Shapiro, A.G., 2008:
Separating color from color contrast

Bailey, P.E.; Henry, J.D., 2010 :
Separating component processes of theory of mind in schizophrenia

Sage, J.P.; Mayles, W.P.M.; Mayles, H.M.; Syndikus, I., 2016:
Separating components of variation in measurement series using maximum likelihood estimation. Application to patient position data in radiotherapy

Davis, C., 2010:
Separating conjoined twins: a medical and criminal law dilemma

Dirnberger, G.; Novak, J.; Nasel, C.; Zehnter, M., 2010:
Separating coordinative and executive dysfunction in cerebellar patients during motor skill acquisition

Artz, A.; Pitrak, D., 2008:
Separating correlation from prediction: C-reactive protein and infectious complications after chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia

Zimmerman, J.L.; Dickerson, V.C., 1993:
Separating couples from restraining patterns and the relationship discourse that supports them*

Ambach, W.; Stark, R.; Peper, M.; Vaitl, D., 2008:
Separating deceptive and orienting components in a Concealed Information Test

Tugarinov, V.; Kay, L.E., 2007:
Separating degenerate (1)H transitions in methyl group probes for single-quantum (1)H-CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy

Hill, J.J.; Mobo, B.Hur.P.; Cullen, M.R., 2009:
Separating deployment-related traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans: preliminary findings from the Veterans Affairs traumatic brain injury screening program

Ponting, C.P.; Goodstadt, L., 2009:
Separating derived from ancestral features of mouse and human genomes

Luo, M-Bo.; Wang, C., 2013:
Separating different polymers using an interacting nanopore: a Monte Carlo study

Farrer, E.C.; Ashton, I.W.; Knape, J.; Suding, K.N., 2015:
Separating direct and indirect effects of global change: a population dynamic modeling approach using readily available field data

Schlinger, H.D., 1993:
Separating discriminative and function-altering effects of verbal stimuli

Karch, S.; Feuerecker, R.; Leicht, G.; Meindl, T.; Hantschk, I.; Kirsch, V.; Ertl, M.; Lutz, Jürgen.; Pogarell, O.; Mulert, C., 2010:
Separating distinct aspects of the voluntary selection between response alternatives: N2- and P3-related BOLD responses

Vogel, A.; Fester, T.; Eisenhauer, N.; Scherer-Lorenzen, M.; Schmid, B.; Weisser, W.W.; Weigelt, A., 2014:
Separating drought effects from roof artifacts on ecosystem processes in a grassland drought experiment

Miller, L.C.; Freter, S.; Liu, F.; Taylor, J.S.H.; Patient, R.; Begbie, J., 2011:
Separating early sensory neuron and blood vessel patterning

Ashley, A.E.; Herrington, T.J.; Wildgoose, G.G.; Zaher, H.; Thompson, A.L.; Rees, N.H.; Krämer, T.; O'Hare, D., 2011:
Separating electrophilicity and Lewis acidity: the synthesis, characterization, and electrochemistry of the electron deficient tris(aryl)boranes B(C6F5)(3-n)(C6Cl5)n (n = 1-3)

Skoglund, P.; Northoff, B.H.; Shunkov, M.V.; Derevianko, A.P.; Pääbo, S.; Krause, J.; Jakobsson, M., 2014:
Separating endogenous ancient DNA from modern day contamination in a Siberian Neandertal

Mangas, I.; Vilanova, E.; Benabent, M.; Estévez, J., 2014:
Separating esterase targets of organophosphorus compounds in the brain by preparative chromatography

Ruge, H.; Goschke, T.; Braver, T.S., 2009:
Separating event-related BOLD components within trials: the partial-trial design revisited

Mucha, S.M.; Varghese, L.A.; French, R.E.; Shade, D.A., 2015:
Separating fact from factitious hemoptysis: a case report

Toma, C.L.; Hancock, J.T.; Ellison, N.B., 2008:
Separating fact from fiction: an examination of deceptive self-presentation in online dating profiles

Azarpazhooh, A.; Tenenbaum, H.C., 2012:
Separating fact from fiction: use of high-level evidence from research syntheses to identify diseases and disorders associated with periodontal disease

Baysari, M.Therese., 2014:
Separating fact from opinion: a response to 'The science of human factors: separating fact from fiction'

Kaufman, N.S., 2007:
Separating fads from facts

Dickson, A.; Warmflash, A.; Dinner, A.R., 2010:
Separating forward and backward pathways in nonequilibrium umbrella sampling

Kallenberger, S.M.; Schmidt, C.; Dechent, P.; Forster, C.; von Steinbüchel, N.; Wüstenberg, T.; Strasburger, H., 2015:
Separating fusion from rivalry

Nichol, M.B.; Epstein, J.D., 2008:
Separating gains and losses in health when calculating the minimum important difference for mapped utility measures

Li, J-Ming.; Giver, C.R.; Lu, Y.; Hossain, M.S.; Akhtari, M.; Waller, E.K., 2011 :
Separating graft-versus-leukemia from graft-versus-host disease in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Bauernfeind, G.; Wriessnegger, S.C.; Daly, I.; Müller-Putz, G.R., 2015:
Separating heart and brain: on the reduction of physiological noise from multichannel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) signals

Rachman, S.; Elliott, C.M.; Shafran, R.; Radomsky, A.S., 2011:
Separating hoarding from OCD

Bristow, A.D.; Zhang, T.; Siemens, M.E.; Cundiff, S.T.; Mirin, R.P., 2011:
Separating homogeneous and inhomogeneous line widths of heavy- and light-hole excitons in weakly disordered semiconductor quantum wells

Schlaepfer, T.E.; Lisanby, S.H.; Pallanti, S., 2010:
Separating hope from hype: some ethical implications of the development of deep brain stimulation in psychiatric research and treatment

Collier, R., 2012:
Separating hype from reality in the era of the affordable genome

Ravikumar, P.; Yilmaz, C.; Bellotto, D.J.; Dane, D.Merrill.; Estrera, A.S.; Hsia, C.C.W., 2013:
Separating in vivo mechanical stimuli for postpneumonectomy compensation: imaging and ultrastructural assessment

Brubaker, W.D.; Freites, J.Alfredo.; Golchert, K.J.; Shapiro, R.A.; Morikis, V.; Tobias, D.J.; Martin, R.W., 2011:
Separating instability from aggregation propensity in γS-crystallin variants

Noël, X.; Van der Linden, M.; Brevers, D.; Campanella, S.; Verbanck, P.; Hanak, C.; Kornreich, C.; Verbruggen, F., 2013:
Separating intentional inhibition of prepotent responses and resistance to proactive interference in alcohol-dependent individuals

Sandström, A.; Matyba, P.; Inganäs, O.; Edman, L. , 2010:
Separating ion and electron transport: the bilayer light-emitting electrochemical cell

Heida, J.G.; Englot, D.J.; Sacktor, T.C.; Blumenfeld, H.; Moshé, S.L., 2009:
Separating kindling and LTP: lessons from studies of PKM zeta in developing and adult rats

Markusic, D.M.; de Waart, D.R.; Seppen, J., 2011:
Separating lentiviral vector injection and induction of gene expression in time, does not prevent an immune response to rtTA in rats

Smith, J.F.; Braun, A.R.; Alexander, G.E.; Chen, K.; Horwitz, B., 2013:
Separating lexical-semantic access from other mnemonic processes in picture-name verification

Blonder, B.; Sloat, L.; Enquist, B.J.; McGill, B., 2015:
Separating macroecological pattern and process: comparing ecological, economic, and geological systems

Kontodimopoulos, N.; Papathanasiou, N.D.; Tountas, Y.; Niakas, D., 2010:
Separating managerial inefficiency from influences of the operating environment: an application in dialysis

Simon, J.D., 2013:
Separating melanins into their primary colors: quantifying contributions from eumelanin and pheomelanin

Chang, L.; Connelly, B.S.; Geeza, A.A., 2012:
Separating method factors and higher order traits of the Big Five: a meta-analytic multitrait-multimethod approach

Liu, F.; Robinson, B.M.; Reardon, P.J.; Geary, J.M., 2013:
Separating misalignment from misfigure in interferograms on cylindrical optics

Lohvansuu, K.; Hämäläinen, J.A.; Tanskanen, A.; Bartling, Jürgen.; Bruder, J.; Honbolygó, F.; Schulte-Körne, G.; Démonet, J-Francois.; Csépe, Véria.; Leppänen, P.H.T., 2014 :
Separating mismatch negativity (MMN) response from auditory obligatory brain responses in school-aged children

Wu, X.; Ge, H.; Lemon, B.; Vonderfecht, S.; Baribault, H.; Weiszmann, J.; Gupte, J.; Gardner, J.; Lindberg, R.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y., 2010:
Separating mitogenic and metabolic activities of fibroblast growth factor 19 (FGF19)

Krishna, R., 2014:
Separating mixtures by exploiting molecular packing effects in microporous materials

Pratte, M.S.; Rouder, J.N.; Morey, R.D., 2010:
Separating mnemonic process from participant and item effects in the assessment of ROC asymmetries

D'Antona, A.D.; Christiansen, J.H.; Shevell, S.K., 2014:
Separating monocular and binocular neural mechanisms mediating chromatic contextual interactions

Steffens, D.C., 2008:
Separating mood disturbance from mild cognitive impairment in geriatric depression

Holt, K.A.; Bebbington, M.S., 2014:
Separating morphologically similar pollen types using basic shape features from digital images: A preliminary study(1.)

van Hees, V.T.; Gorzelniak, L.; Dean León, E.Carlos.; Eder, M.; Pias, M.; Taherian, S.; Ekelund, U.; Renström, F.; Franks, P.W.; Horsch, A.; Brage, Søren., 2013:
Separating movement and gravity components in an acceleration signal and implications for the assessment of human daily physical activity

Kopittke, P.M.; Blamey, F.Pax.C.; Kinraide, T.B.; Wang, P.; Reichman, S.M.; Menzies, N.W., 2011:
Separating multiple, short-term, deleterious effects of saline solutions on the growth of cowpea seedlings

Nazar, M.Faizan.; Myakonkaya, O.; Shah, S.Sakhawat.; Eastoe, J., 2011 :
Separating nanoparticles from microemulsions

Faria, M.; Ochoa, V.; Blázquez, M.; Juan, M.Fernandes.San.; Lazzara, R.; Lacorte, S.; Soares, A.M.V.M.; Barata, C., 2014:
Separating natural from anthropogenic causes of impairment in Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) populations living across a pollution gradient

Diukova, A.; Ware, J.; Smith, J.E.; Evans, C.John.; Murphy, K.; Rogers, P.J.; Wise, R.G., 2012:
Separating neural and vascular effects of caffeine using simultaneous EEG-FMRI: differential effects of caffeine on cognitive and sensorimotor brain responses

Chechlacz, M.; Rotshtein, P.; Bickerton, W-Ling.; Hansen, P.C.; Deb, S.; Humphreys, G.W., 2011:
Separating neural correlates of allocentric and egocentric neglect: distinct cortical sites and common white matter disconnections

Holeski, L.M.; Kearsley, M.J.C.; Whitham, T.G., 2010:
Separating ontogenetic and environmental determination of resistance to herbivory in cottonwood

Balasubramaniam, R.; Klasser, G.D.; Delcanho, R., 2010:
Separating oral burning from burning mouth syndrome: unravelling a diagnostic enigma

Starkhammar, J.; Nilsson, J.; Amundin, M.; Kuczaj, S.A.; Almqvist, M.; Persson, H.W., 2011:
Separating overlapping click trains originating from multiple individuals in echolocation recordings

Horke, D.A.; Chang, Y-Pin.; Długołęcki, K.; Küpper, J., 2014:
Separating para and ortho water

Elwell, A.L.; Gronwall, D.S.; Miller, N.D.; Spalding, E.P.; Brooks, T.L.Durham., 2012:
Separating parental environment from seed size effects on next generation growth and development in Arabidopsis

McDonough, I.M.; Gallo, D.A., 2010 :
Separating past and future autobiographical events in memory: evidence for a reality monitoring asymmetry

Washam, C., 2011:
Separating people from pollution: individual and community interventions to mitigate health effects of air pollutants

Ochoa, J.B., 2007:
Separating pharmaconutrition from classic nutrition goals: a necessary step

Matakatsu, H.; Blair, S.S., 2012:
Separating planar cell polarity and Hippo pathway activities of the protocadherins Fat and Dachsous

Ghilezan, S.; Pantović, J.; Zunić, J., 2008:
Separating points by parallel hyperplanes--characterization problem

Pierangelo, A.; Delre, E.; Ciattoni, A.; Biagi, G.; Palange, E.; Agranat, A., 2007:
Separating polarization components through the electro-optic read-out of photorefractive solitons

Bloom, F.L.; Wagemans, W.; Kemerink, M.; Koopmans, B., 2008:
Separating positive and negative magnetoresistance in organic semiconductor devices

Nagy, A.; Gertsenstein, M.; Vintersten, K.; Behringer, R., 2006:
Separating postimplantation germ layers

Eichacker, P.Q.; Natanson, C.; Danner, R.L., 2007:
Separating practice guidelines from pharmaceutical marketing

Kowinsky, A.M.; Shovel, J.; McLaughlin, M.; Vertacnik, L.; Greenhouse, P.K.; Martin, S.Christie.; Minnier, T.E., 2012:
Separating predictable and unpredictable work to manage interruptions and promote safe and effective work flow

Anonymous, 2006:
Separating proteins using ion-exchange chromatography

Stone, M.T.; Kozlov, M., 2015:
Separating proteins with activated carbon

Voss, A.; Voss, J.; Klauer, K.Christoph., 2011:
Separating response-execution bias from decision bias: arguments for an additional parameter in Ratcliff's diffusion model

Hansen, S.; Gonzalez, D.A.; Lyons, J.L., 2014:
Separating responses based on demand characteristics and phenomenological-spatial associations

Sletvold, N.; Trunschke, J.; Wimmergren, C.; Agren, J., 2012:
Separating selection by diurnal and nocturnal pollinators on floral display and spur length in Gymnadenia conopsea

McCulloh, R.J.; Spertus, J.A., 2016:
Separating signal from noise: the challenge of identifying useful biomarkers in sepsis

Devillers, H.; Schbath, S., 2012:
Separating significant matches from spurious matches in DNA sequences

de Laurentiis, G.; Paris, D.; Melck, D.; Montuschi, P.; Maniscalco, M.; Bianco, A.; Sofia, M.; Motta, A., 2013:
Separating smoking-related diseases using NMR-based metabolomics of exhaled breath condensate

Schädel, C.; Luo, Y.; David Evans, R.; Fei, S.; Schaeffer, S.M., 2014:
Separating soil CO2 efflux into C-pool-specific decay rates via inverse analysis of soil incubation data

Farha, O.K.; Mulfort, K.L.; Thorsness, A.M.; Hupp, J.T., 2008:
Separating solids: purification of metal-organic framework materials

Duann, J-Ren.; Jan, C-Ing.; Ou-Yang, M.; Lin, C-Yi.; Mo, J-Feng.; Lin, Y-Jiun.; Tsai, M-Hsui.; Chiou, J-Chern., 2014:
Separating spectral mixtures in hyperspectral image data using independent component analysis: validation with oral cancer tissue sections

Alexander, C.M.; Puchalski, J.; Klos, K.S.; Badders, N.; Ailles, L.; Kim, C.F.; Dirks, P.; Smalley, M.J., 2010:
Separating stem cells by flow cytometry: reducing variability for solid tissues

Stürmer, B.; Ouyang, G.; Zhou, C.; Boldt, A.; Sommer, W., 2013:
Separating stimulus-driven and response-related LRP components with Residue Iteration Decomposition (RIDE)

Pu, H.; He, W.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, B.; Liu, F.; Zhang, Y.; Luo, J.; Bai, J., 2013:
Separating structures of different fluorophore concentrations by principal component analysis on multispectral excitation-resolved fluorescence tomography images

Park, H.Sun.; Klein, K.A.; Smith, S.; Martell, D., 2010:
Separating subjective norms, university descriptive and injunctive norms, and U.S. descriptive and injunctive norms for drinking behavior intentions

Gilbert, S.M., 2008:
Separating surgical quality from causality--gaining perspective in the debate on lymph node count and extent of lymphadenectomy

Mitchell, J.P.; Heatherton, T.F.; Kelley, W.M.; Wyland, C.L.; Wegner, D.M.; Neil Macrae, C., 2007:
Separating sustained from transient aspects of cognitive control during thought suppression

Schwartz, M.D.; Hanes, J.M.; Liang, L., 2015:
Separating temperature from other factors in phenological measurements

Gibbs, G., 2009:
Separating thalassemia trait and iron deficiency by even simpler inspection

Burdick, C.Owen., 2009:
Separating thalassemia trait and iron deficiency by simple inspection

Brassington, I., 2010:
Separating the 'rights of' and 'justice for' bombers

Anonymous, 1963:
Separating the R from the D

Anonymous, 1961:
Separating the Sclerodermas

Henry, R.C.; Vette, A.; Norris, G.; Vedantham, R.; Kimbrough, S.; Shores, R.C., 2012:
Separating the air quality impact of a major highway and nearby sources by nonparametric trajectory analysis

Huang, J.; Gut, L.J.; Miller, J.R., 2013:
Separating the attractant from the toxicant improves attract-and-kill of codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Pearlman, M.D., 2014:
Separating the baby from the bath water: breast self-awareness and breast self-examination

Hu, R., 2012:
Separating the chaff from the grain (Tularemia)

Halanski, M.A.; Maples, D.L.; Davison, J.E.; Huang, J-Chen.; Crawford, H.A., 2011:
Separating the chicken from the egg: an attempt to discern between clubfoot recurrences and incomplete corrections

de Lemos, J.A.; Rohatgi, A., 2010:
Separating the contenders from the pretenders: competitive high-throughput biomarker screening in large population-based studies

Mongrain, Vérie.; Hernandez, S.A.; Pradervand, S.; Dorsaz, Séphane.; Curie, T.; Hagiwara, G.; Gip, P.; Heller, H.Craig.; Franken, P., 2010:
Separating the contribution of glucocorticoids and wakefulness to the molecular and electrophysiological correlates of sleep homeostasis

Wolter, N.E.; Harrison, R.V.; James, A.L., 2014:
Separating the contributions of olivocochlear and middle ear muscle reflexes in modulation of distortion product otoacoustic emission levels

Dai, H.; Micheyl, C., 2013:
Separating the contributions of primary and unwanted cues in psychophysical studies

Grams, M.P.; Fong de Los Santos, L.E.; Brown, L.C.; Mayo, C.S.; Park, S.S.; Garces, Y.I.; Olivier, K.R.; Brinkmann, D.H., 2015:
Separating the dosimetric consequences of changing tumor anatomy from positional uncertainty for conventionally fractionated lung cancer patients

McDermott, J.E.; Costa, M.; Janszen, D.; Singhal, M.; Tilton, S.C., 2010:
Separating the drivers from the driven: Integrative network and pathway approaches aid identification of disease biomarkers from high-throughput data

Kang, H.Gu.; Dingwell, J.B., 2007:
Separating the effects of age and walking speed on gait variability

Gundersen, H.; Specht, K.; Grüner, R.; Ersland, L.; Hugdahl, K., 2008:
Separating the effects of alcohol and expectancy on brain activation: an fMRI working memory study

Lin, G.; Stralberg, D.; Gong, G.; Huang, Z.; Ye, W.; Wu, L., 2013:
Separating the effects of environment and space on tree species distribution: from population to community

Wensley, B.G.; Kwa, L.Gyan.; Shammas, S.L.; Rogers, J.M.; Browning, S.; Yang, Z.; Clarke, J., 2013:
Separating the effects of internal friction and transition state energy to explain the slow, frustrated folding of spectrin domains

Montuelle, Séphane.J.; Herrel, A.; Libourel, P-Antoine.; Reveret, L.; Bels, V.L., 2010:
Separating the effects of prey size and speed on the kinematics of prey capture in the omnivorous lizard Gerrhosaurus major

Swetter, B.J.; Karpiak, C.P.; Cannon, J.Timothy., 2011:
Separating the effects of shelter from additional cage enhancements for group-housed BALB/cJ mice

Greenwood, M.S.; Day, M.E.; Schatz, J., 2010:
Separating the effects of tree size and meristem maturation on shoot development of grafted scions of red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.)

Hale, R.; Marshall, S.; Jeppe, K.; Pettigrove, V., 2014:
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