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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55718

Chapter 55718 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Minami, T.; Yoshita, C.; Tanaka, M.; Kubo, K.; Okabe, N.; Okazaki, Y., 2008:
Separation of metallothionein isoforms of mouse liver cytosol by capillary zone electrophoresis

Ito, A.; Yamada, K.; Ishikawa, N.; Umita, T., 2013:
Separation of metals and phosphorus from incinerated sewage sludge ash

Horká, M.; Karásek, P.; Růžička, F.; Dvořáčková, M.; Sittová, M.; Roth, M., 2015:
Separation of methicillin-resistant from methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus by electrophoretic methods in fused silica capillaries etched with supercritical water

Deng, Y-Luen.; Chang, J-Shu.; Juang, Y-Je., 2013:
Separation of microalgae with different lipid contents by dielectrophoresis

Spoof, L.; Neffling, M-Riina.; Meriluoto, J., 2009:
Separation of microcystins and nodularins by ultra performance liquid chromatography

Jung, J-Yeul.; Kwak, H-Young., 2007:
Separation of microparticles and biological cells inside an evaporating droplet using dielectrophoresis

Zabetian, M.; Saidi, M.Said.; Shafii, M.Behshad.; Saidi, M.Hassan., 2013:
Separation of microparticles suspended in a minichannel using laser radiation pressure

Marcos; Fu, H.C.; Powers, T.R.; Stocker, R., 2009:
Separation of microscale chiral objects by shear flow

Murugappan, G.; Gustin, S.; Lathi, R.B., 2014:
Separation of miscarriage tissue from maternal decidua for chromosome analysis

Kang, D.; Oh, S.; Reschiglian, P.; Moon, M.Hee., 2008:
Separation of mitochondria by flow field-flow fractionation for proteomic analysis

Lee, D.; Sukumar, P.; Mahyuddin, A.; Choolani, M.; Xu, G., 2010:
Separation of model mixtures of epsilon-globin positive fetal nucleated red blood cells and anucleate erythrocytes using a microfluidic device

D'olieslager, W.; Indesteege, J.; D'hont, M., 1975:
Separation of molybdenum and technetium on DI-2-ethylhexylphosphoric acid (D-2-EHPA)-kieselguhr

Yatirajam, V.; Ram, J., 1973:
Separation of molybdenum from interfering elements by extraction as phosphomolybdenum blue

Yonli, Aène.H.; Bouillault, N.; Gener-Batonneau, I.; Mignard, S., 2010:
Separation of monobranched and dibranched Isomers of n-hexane on zeolitic molecular sieves: a thermodynamic study

Tian, M.; Bi, W.; Row, K.H., 2012:
Separation of monosaccharides by solid-phase extraction with ionic liquid-modified microporous polymers

Habboush, A.E.; Amarin, A.M., 1974:
Separation of monosubstituted phenols by gas-liquid chromatography

Ishikawa, T.; Shioiri, T.; Numayama-Tsuruta, K.; Ueno, H.; Imai, Y.; Yamaguchi, T., 2014:
Separation of motile bacteria using drift velocity in a microchannel

Li, H.; Williams, T., 2013 :
Separation of mouse embryonic facial ectoderm and mesenchyme

Singer, D.; Kuhlmann, J.; Muschket, M.; Hoffmann, R., 2010:
Separation of multiphosphorylated peptide isomers by hydrophilic interaction chromatography on an aminopropyl phase

Shiraishi, Y.; Katayama, N.; Karashima, A.; Nakao, M., 2012:
Separation of multiunit signals by independent component analysis in complex-valued time-frequency domain

Kumar, P.V.Anil.; Anilkumar, S.; Varughese, K.T.; Thomas, S., 2012:
Separation of n-hexane/acetone mixtures by pervaporation using high density polyethylene/ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber blend membranes

Ribeiro, Aónio.E.; Rodrigues, Aírio.E.; Pais, Lís.S., 2013:
Separation of nadolol stereoisomers by chiral liquid chromatography at analytical and preparative scales

Zhang, R.; Koplik, J., 2012:
Separation of nanoparticles by flow past a patterned substrate

Hanauer, M.; Pierrat, S.; Zins, I.; Lotz, A.; Sönnichsen, C., 2007:
Separation of nanoparticles by gel electrophoresis according to size and shape

Sun, X.; Tabakman, S.M.; Seo, W-Seok.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, G.; Sherlock, S.; Bai, L.; Dai, H., 2009:
Separation of nanoparticles in a density gradient: FeCo@C and gold nanocrystals

Akbulut, O.; Mace, C.R.; Martinez, R.V.; Kumar, A.A.; Nie, Z.; Patton, M.R.; Whitesides, G.M., 2012:
Separation of nanoparticles in aqueous multiphase systems through centrifugation

Xiong, B.; Cheng, J.; Qiao, Y.; Zhou, R.; He, Y.; Yeung, E.S., 2011:
Separation of nanorods by density gradient centrifugation

Wang, Y.; Gong, X.; Wang, S.; Chen, L.; Sun, L., 2015:
Separation of native allophycocyanin and R-phycocyanin from marine red macroalga Polysiphonia urceolata by the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis performed in novel buffer systems

Lucca, B.Gabriel.; Lunte, S.Marie.; Tomazelli Coltro, W.Karlos.; Ferreira, V.Souza., 2015:
Separation of natural antioxidants using PDMS electrophoresis microchips coupled with amperometric detection and reverse polarity

Yang, P.; Litwinski, G.R.; Pursch, M.; McCabe, T.; Kuppannan, K., 2009:
Separation of natural product using columns packed with Fused-Core particles

McAlpine, J.B.; Friesen, J.Brent.; Pauli, G.F., 2012:
Separation of natural products by countercurrent chromatography

Midura, R.J.; Midura, S.B.; Su, X.; Gorski, J.P., 2012:
Separation of newly formed bone from older compact bone reveals clear compositional differences in bone matrix

Ren, D-Bing.; Qin, Y-Hua.; Yun, Y-Huan.; Lu, H-Mei.; Chen, X-Qing.; Liang, Y-Zeng., 2015:
Separation of nine compounds from Salvia plebeia R.Br. using two-step high-speed counter-current chromatography with different elution modes

Vin, Y.Y.; Khopkar, S.M., 1991:
Separation of niobium and tantalum by extraction chromatography with bis(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid

Sithole, B.B.; Guy, R.D., 1986:
Separation of nitroimidazoles by reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography

Maiti, M.; Dutta, B.; Lahiri, S., 2010:
Separation of no-carrier-added (93,94,94m,95,96)Tc from (7)Li induced natural Zr target by liquid-liquid extraction

Nayak, D.; Banerjee, A.; Lahiri, S., 2007:
Separation of no-carrier-added 66,67Ga produced in heavy ion-induced cobalt target using alginate biopolymers

Dutta, B.; Lahiri, S.; Tomar, B.S., 2014:
Separation of no-carrier-added rhenium from bulk tantalum by the sodium malonate-PEG aqueous biphasic system

Faigl, F.; Fogassy, Eér.; Nógrádi, Mály.; Pálovics, E.; Schindler, József., 2010:
Separation of non-racemic mixtures of enantiomers: an essential part of optical resolution

Abrar, S.; Trathnigg, B., 2011:
Separation of nonionic surfactants according to functionality by hydrophilic interaction chromatography and comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography

Heinig, K.; Vogt, C.; Werner, G., 1998:
Separation of nonionic surfactants by capillary electrophoresis and high-performance liquid chromatography

Zhang, X-Zheng.; Thomas, J-Hugh.; Bi, C-Xing.; Pascal, J-Claude., 2012:
Separation of nonstationary sound fields in the time-wavenumber domain

Yang, L.; Liu, W-Tao.; Wu, H.; Wang, C.; Ping, B.; Shi, D-Ren., 2012:
Separation of normal and premalignant cervical epithelial cells using confocal light absorption and scattering spectroscopic microscopy ex vivo

Shibusawa, Y.; Yanagida, A.; Ogihara, A.; Ma, Y.; Chen, X.; Ito, Y., 2012:
Separation of nucleobases and their derivatives with organic-high ionic strength aqueous phase systems by spiral high-speed counter-current chromatography

Goossens, J.F.; Roux, S.; Egron, D.; Perigaud, C.; Bonte, J.P.; Vaccher, C.; Foulon, C., 2008:
Separation of nucleoside phosphoramidate diastereoisomers by high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis

Padivitage, N.L.T.; Dissanayake, M.K.; Armstrong, D.W., 2014:
Separation of nucleotides by hydrophilic interaction chromatography using the FRULIC-N column

Luo, C.; Heng, X., 2014:
Separation of oil from a water/oil mixed drop using two nonparallel plates

Zhou, Y.B.; Chen, L.; Hu, X.M.; Lu, J., 2009:
Separation of oil from oily wastewater by modified resin

Ji, F.; Li, C.; Dong, X.; Li, Y.; Wang, D., 2008:
Separation of oil from oily wastewater by sorption and coalescence technique using ethanol grafted polyacrylonitrile

Sokolović, R.M.Sećerov.; Govedarica, D.D.; Sokolović, D.S., 2010:
Separation of oil-in-water emulsion using two coalescers of different geometry

Van Le, T.; Imai, T.; Higuchi, T.; Doi, R.; Teeka, J.; Xiaofeng, S.; Teerakun, M., 2012:
Separation of oil-in-water emulsions by microbubble treatment and the effect of adding coagulant or cationic surfactant on removal efficiency

Pérez-Páez, Río.; Catalá-Civera, Jé.Manuel.; García-Baños, B.; Castillo, E.F.; Bastos, J.M.; Zambrano, L.S., 2009:
Separation of oil-water-sludge emulsions coming from palm oil mill process through microwave techniques

Yi, X.S.; Yu, S.L.; Shi, W.X.; Wang, S.; Jin, L.M.; Sun, N.; Ma, C.; Sun, L.P., 2013:
Separation of oil/water emulsion using nano-particle (TiO(2)/Al(2)O(3)) modified PVDF ultrafiltration membranes and evaluation of fouling mechanism

Thayer, J.R.; Wu, Y.; Hansen, E.; Angelino, M.D.; Rao, S., 2011:
Separation of oligonucleotide phosphorothioate diastereoisomers by pellicular anion-exchange chromatography

Takahashi, T.; Sakurai, T.; Hirata, K.; Hoshino, H., 2010:
Separation of oligonucleotides with single-base mutation by capillary electrophoresis using specific interaction of metal ion with nucleotide

Montealegre, C.; García, M.Concepción.; del Río, C.; Marina, M.Luisa.; García-Ruiz, C., 2012:
Separation of olive proteins by capillary gel electrophoresis

Montealegre, C.; Marina, M.Luisa.; García-Ruiz, C., 2011:
Separation of olive proteins combining a simple extraction method and a selective capillary electrophoresis (CE) approach: application to raw and table olive samples

Valant, C.; May, L.T.; Aurelio, L.; Chuo, C.Hui.; White, P.J.; Baltos, J-Anne.; Sexton, P.M.; Scammells, P.J.; Christopoulos, A., 2014:
Separation of on-target efficacy from adverse effects through rational design of a bitopic adenosine receptor agonist

Wang, C.; Yuan, J.; Wang, Z.; Huang, L., 2013:
Separation of one-pot procedure released O-glycans as 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone derivatives by hydrophilic interaction and reversed-phase liquid chromatography followed by identification using electrospray mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry

Su, H-Li.; Kao, W-Chun.; Lee, C-Yu.; Chuang, S-Ching.; Hsieh, Y-Zung., 2010:
Separation of open-cage fullerenes using nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis

Ishimoto, S.; Jinno, N.; Hashimoto, M.; Tsukagoshi, K., 2010:
Separation of optical isomers in capillary chromatography using a poly(tetrafluoroethylene) capillary tube and an aqueous-organic mixture carrier solution

Buonasera, K.; D'Orazio, G.; Fanali, S.; Dugo, P.; Mondello, L., 2009:
Separation of organophosphorus pesticides by using nano-liquid chromatography

E.M.llahi, A.; Dubois, F., 2013:
Separation of overlapped particles in digital holographic microscopy

Bradshaw, R.; Rao, W.; Wolstenholme, R.; Clench, M.R.; Bleay, S.; Francese, S., 2013:
Separation of overlapping fingermarks by matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry imaging

Cowell, D.M.J.; Freear, S., 2011:
Separation of overlapping linear frequency modulated (LFM) signals using the fractional fourier transform

Abeyrathne, E.D.N.S.; Lee, H.Y.; Ahn, D.U., 2014:
Separation of ovotransferrin and ovomucoid from chicken egg white

Kubáň, P.; Ďurč, P.; Bittová, M.; Foret, Fšek., 2014:
Separation of oxalate, formate and glycolate in human body fluid samples by capillary electrophoresis with contactless conductometric detection

Teshima, G.; Li, M-Xiang.; Danishmand, R.; Obi, C.; To, R.; Huang, C.; Kung, J.; Lahidji, V.; Freeberg, J.; Thorner, L.; Tomic, M., 2011:
Separation of oxidized variants of a monoclonal antibody by anion-exchange

Beveridge, A.; Pickering, W.F.; Slavek, J., 1988:
Separation of oxyanions of sulphur by single-column ion-chromatography

Carvalho, T.; Durão, F.; Ferreira, Célia., 2011:
Separation of packaging plastics by froth flotation in a continuous pilot plant

Carlsson, H-Erik.; Royo, F.; Faheem, S.; Tufvesson, Måns.; Hau, J., 2008:
Separation of pair housed roosters is associated with transient increased corticosteroid excretion

Hu, S-Qiang.; Yang, H-Bing.; Shi, H-Jun.; Zhang, Y-Hua.; Yang, Z., 2014:
Separation of palonosetron stereoisomers by electrokinetic chromatography using sodium cholate as chiral selector: comparison of separation modes and elucidation of migration orders

Yarita, T.; Aoyagi, Y.; Sasai, H.; Nishigaki, A.; Shibukawa, M., 2013:
Separation of parabens on a zirconia-based stationary phase in superheated water chromatography

Holm, S.H.; Beech, J.P.; Barrett, M.P.; Tegenfeldt, J.O., 2011:
Separation of parasites from human blood using deterministic lateral displacement

Berek, Dšan., 2010:
Separation of parent homopolymers from diblock copolymers by liquid chromatography under limiting conditions of desorption 4. Role of eluent and temperature

Rollet, M.; Pelletier, Bérengère.; Altounian, Aïs.; Berek, D.; Maria, Sébastien.; Beaudoin, E.; Gigmes, D., 2014:
Separation of parent homopolymers from polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polystyrene triblock copolymers by means of liquid chromatography: 1. comparison of different methods

Lu, T.; Yang, M., 2008:
Separation of paroxetine and its intermediate enantiomers by high performance liquid chromatography using carboxymethyl-beta-cyclodextrin as chiral mobile phase additive

Cui, H-Hang.; Voldman, J.; He, X-Fei.; Lim, K-Meng., 2009:
Separation of particles by pulsed dielectrophoresis

Ralla, K.; Sohling, U.; Suck, K.; Kasper, C.; Ruf, F.; Scheper, T., 2012:
Separation of patatins and protease inhibitors from potato fruit juice with clay minerals as cation exchangers

Wei, Y.; Xie, Q.; Fisher, D.; Sutherland, I.A., 2011:
Separation of patuletin-3-O-glucoside, astragalin, quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin from Flaveria bidentis (L.) Kuntze by elution-pump-out high-performance counter-current chromatography

Ludewig, R.; Dong, J.; Zou, H.; Scriba, G.K.E., 2010:
Separation of peptide diastereomers using CEC and a hydrophobic monolithic column

Winter, D.; Pipkorn, Rüdiger.; Lehmann, W.D., 2009:
Separation of peptide isomers and conformers by ultra performance liquid chromatography

Shvartsburg, A.A.; Creese, A.J.; Smith, R.D.; Cooper, H.J., 2011:
Separation of peptide isomers with variant modified sites by high-resolution differential ion mobility spectrometry

Woodward, S.D.; Urbanova, I.; Nurok, D.; Svec, F., 2010:
Separation of peptides and oligonucleotides using a monolithic polymer layer and pressurized planar electrophoresis and electrochromatography

Chitta, K.R.; Van Meter, D.S.; Stalcup, A.M., 2010:
Separation of peptides by HPLC using a surface-confined ionic liquid stationary phase

Yone, A.; Carballo, R.R.; Rezzano, I.N.; Vizioli, N.M., 2009:
Separation of peptides by open-tubular capillary electrochromatography using Fe(III)-deuteroporphyrin as a covalently attached stationary phase

Zheng, Z.; Ying, W.; Cai, Y.; Tian, Z.; Qian, X., 2008:
Separation of peptides using off-line pH gradient-strong cation exchange chromatography

Liu, Z.; Liang, Y.; Geng, F.; Ge, C.; Ullah, K.; Lv, F.; Dai, R.; Zhang, Y.; Deng, Y., 2012:
Separation of peptides with an aqueous mobile phase by temperature-responsive chromatographic column

Wong, V.Ney.; Fernando, G.; Wagner, A.R.; Zhang, J.; Kinsel, G.R.; Zauscher, S.; Dyer, D.J., 2009:
Separation of peptides with polyionic nanosponges for MALDI-MS analysis

Suzuki, K.; Igarashi, H.; Watanabe, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Nakada, T., 2012:
Separation of perfusion signals from diffusion-weighted image series enabled by independent component analysis

Chandler, P., 1980:
Separation of peripheral blood lymphocytes from an individual mouse for functional studies

Müller, T.H.; Thasler, R., 2015:
Separation of personal data in a biobank information system

Cesla, P.; Fischer, J.; Jandera, P., 2010:
Separation of phenolic acids and flavone natural antioxidants by two-dimensional method combining liquid chromatography and micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography

Bi, W.; Tian, M.; Row, K.Ho., 2012:
Separation of phenolic acids from natural plant extracts using molecularly imprinted anion-exchange polymer confined ionic liquids

Salimi, M.; Pourabdi, L.; Zakeri, M.; Abdipour, N., 2009:
Separation of phenolic glycolipids in mycobacterium bovis BCG by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography

Horká, M.; Růžička, F.; Kubesová, A.; Němcová, E.; Slais, K., 2011:
Separation of phenotypically indistinguishable Candida species, C. orthopsilosis, C. metapsilosis and C. parapsilosis, by capillary electromigration techniques

Chen, C.; Zhao, X-Hui.; Yue, H-Lan.; Li, Y-Lin.; Chen, T., 2015:
Separation of phenylpropanoid glycosides from a Chinese herb by HSCCC

Yousuf, S.; Choudhary, M.Iqbal.; Rahman, A.Ur., 2010:
Separation of phenylpropanoids and evaluation of their antioxidant activity

Sun, G.; Tang, K.; Zhang, P.; Yang, W.; Sui, G., 2014:
Separation of phenylsuccinic acid enantiomers using biphasic chiral recognition high-speed countercurrent chromatography

Li, Q.; Chen, R.; Sun, Y.; Hu, Y., 2007:
Separation of phosphodiester oligodeoxynucleotides and phosphorothioate antisense oligodeoxynucleotides by capillary zone electrophoresis at low pH

Schwalbe-Herrmann, M.; Willmann, J.; Leibfritz, D., 2010:
Separation of phospholipid classes by hydrophilic interaction chromatography detected by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Lei, L.; Li, J.; Hu, J-ning.; Liu, R.; Fan, Y-wei.; Tang, L.; Deng, Z-yuan., 2013:
Separation of phospholipids from hen egg yolk by short packed silica gel column chromatography

Nishio, T.; Ayano, E.; Suzuki, Y.; Kanazawa, H.; Okano, T., 2011:
Separation of phosphorylated peptides utilizing dual pH- and temperature-responsive chromatography

Church, J.S.; Woodhead, A.L.; Fincher, K., 2010:
Separation of photo-active nano-crystalline anatase from titanate nanotubes

Li, W.; Jiao, C.; Li, X.; Xie, Y.; Nakatani, K.; Tian, H.; Zhu, W., 2014:
Separation of photoactive conformers based on hindered diarylethenes: efficient modulation in photocyclization quantum yields

Zeng, F.; Liu, W.; Jiang, H.; Yu, H-Qing.; Zeng, R.J.; Guo, Q., 2011:
Separation of phthalate esters from bio-oil derived from rice husk by a basification-acidification process and column chromatography

Pérez-Fernández, V.; González, M.José.; García, M.Ángeles.; Marina, M.Luisa., 2013:
Separation of phthalates by cyclodextrin modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography: quantitation in perfumes

Yu, C.; Chen, S.; Quan, X.; Ou, X.; Zhang, Y., 2009:
Separation of phthalocyanine-like substances from humic acids using a molecular imprinting method and their photochemical activity under simulated sunlight irradiation

Silveira, S.Terra.; Quines, L.Kelin.de.Menezes.; Burkert, C.André.Veiga.; Kalil, S.Juliano., 2008:
Separation of phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis using ion exchange chromatography

Kažoka, H.; Koliškina, O.; Veinberg, G.; Vorona, M., 2013:
Separation of piracetam derivatives on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases

Čechová, L.; Procházková, E.; Císařová, I.; Dračínský, M.; Janeba, Z., 2015:
Separation of planar rotamers through intramolecular hydrogen bonding in polysubstituted 5-nitrosopyrimidines

Price, C.A., 1970:
Separation of plant particles

Horká, M.; Horký, J.; Matousková, H.; Slais, K., 2007:
Separation of plant pathogens from different hosts and tissues by capillary electromigration techniques

Higgins, J.A.; Graham, J.M.; Davies, I.G., 2001:
Separation of plasma lipoproteins in self-generated gradients of iodixanol

Medina, K.L.; Tangen, S.N.; Seaburg, L.M.; Thapa, P.; Gwin, K.A.; Shapiro, V.Smith., 2015:
Separation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells from B-cell-biased lymphoid progenitor (BLP) and Pre-pro B cells using PDCA-1

Latulippe, D.R.; Zydney, A.L., 2011:
Separation of plasmid DNA isoforms by highly converging flow through small membrane pores

Borujeni, E.Espah.; Zydney, A.L., 2012:
Separation of plasmid DNA isoforms using centrifugal ultrafiltration

Piacentini, Nò.; Mernier, G.; Tornay, Rël.; Renaud, P., 2012:
Separation of platelets from other blood cells in continuous-flow by dielectrophoresis field-flow-fractionation

Nam, J.; Lim, H.; Kim, D.; Shin, S., 2012:
Separation of platelets from whole blood using standing surface acoustic waves in a microchannel

Gregoire, D.C.; Chow, A., 1975:
Separation of platinum and palladium with silicone-rubber foam treated with dimethylglyoxime

Raju, B.; Kumar, J.Rajesh.; Lee, J-Young.; Kwonc, H-Sung.; Kantam, M.Lakshmi.; Reddy, B.Ramachandra., 2012:
Separation of platinum and rhodium from chloride solutions containing aluminum, magnesium and iron using solvent extraction and precipitation methods

Wilson, R.E.; Skanthakumar, S.; Soderholm, L., 2011:
Separation of plutonium oxide nanoparticles and colloids

Wybraniec, Sławomir.; Stalica, Pł.; Jerz, G.; Klose, B.; Gebers, N.; Winterhalter, P.; Spórna, A.; Szaleniec, M.; Mizrahi, Y., 2009:
Separation of polar betalain pigments from cacti fruits of Hylocereus polyrhizus by ion-pair high-speed countercurrent chromatography

Tomaszewski, K.; Szymanski, A.; Lukaszewski, Z., 2008:
Separation of poly(ethylene glycols) into fractions by sequential liquid-liquid extraction

Smigovec Ljubič, T.; Pahovnik, D.; Zigon, M.; Zagar, E., 2012:
Separation of poly(styrene-block-t-butyl methacrylate) copolymers by various liquid chromatography techniques

Pomeranz, C.N.; Olesik, S.V., 2012:
Separation of poly-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxybutyrate through gradient polymer elution chromatography

Wang, C-Qing.; Wang, H.; Liu, Q.; Fu, J-Gang.; Liu, Y-Nian., 2015:
Separation of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene waste plastics by froth flotation combined with ammonia pretreatment

Roszko, M.; Szymczyk, K.; Jędrzejczak, R., 2014:
Separation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans, non-ortho/mono/di/tri/tetra-ortho-polychlorinated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers groups of compounds prior to their determination with large volume injection gas chromatography-Quadrupole ion storage tandem mass spectrometry

Fu, X.; Lu, J.; Chen, Y., 2008:
Separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with aqueous short-chain alcohol solvent

Song, T.; Pranovich, A.; Holmbom, B., 2013:
Separation of polymeric galactoglucomannans from hot-water extract of spruce wood

Chingin, K.; Astorga-Wells, J.; Pirmoradian Najafabadi, M.; Lavold, T.; Zubarev, R.A., 2012:
Separation of polypeptides by isoelectric point focusing in electrospray-friendly solution using a multiple-junction capillary fractionator

Gao, M.; Wang, X.; Gu, M.; Su, Z.; Wang, Y.; Janson, J-Christer., 2015:
Separation of polyphenols using porous polyamide resin and assessment of mechanism of retention

Kozlov, V.V.; Danilov, L.L., 2013:
Separation of polyprenyl phosphate oligomerhomologues by reversed-phase ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography

Abrar, S.; Trathnigg, B., 2011:
Separation of polysorbates by liquid chromatography on a HILIC column and identification of peaks by MALDI-TOF MS

Korolev, A.A.; Viktorova, E.N.; Orekhov, V.A.; Kanatyeva, A.Yu.; Kurganov, A.A., 2012:
Separation of polystyrenes by means of open tubular capillary chromatography

Reddy, M.Srinivasa.; Kurose, K.; Okuda, T.; Nishijima, W.; Okada, M., 2007:
Separation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from automobile shredder residue (ASR) by froth flotation with ozonation

Valliere-Douglass, J.; Wallace, A.; Balland, A., 2008:
Separation of populations of antibody variants by fine tuning of hydrophobic-interaction chromatography operating conditions

Vijayaragavan, K.Saagar.; Zahid, A.; Young, J.W.; Heldt, C.L., 2015:
Separation of porcine parvovirus from bovine serum albumin using PEG-salt aqueous two-phase system

Schürenkamp, J.; Beike, J.; Pfeiffer, H.; Köhler, H., 2011:
Separation of positional CPP isomers by chiral HPLC-DAD of seized tablets

Henderson, G.C.; Tuazon, M.A., 2011:
Separation of positional and geometrical fatty acid isomers as 2-nitrophenylhydrazide derivatives by high-performance liquid chromatography

Park, E.Ji.; Lee, K.Choon.; Na, D.Hee., 2009:
Separation of positional isomers of mono-poly(ethylene glycol)-modified octreotides by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

Wang, S.; Ionescu, R.; Peekhaus, N.; Leung, J-Yu.; Ha, S.; Vlasak, J., 2010:
Separation of post-translational modifications in monoclonal antibodies by exploiting subtle conformational changes under mildly acidic conditions

Niihori, Y.; Matsuzaki, M.; Pradeep, T.; Negishi, Y., 2013:
Separation of precise compositions of noble metal clusters protected with mixed ligands

Knowles, D.B.; LaCroix, A.S.; Deines, N.F.; Shkel, I.; Record, M.Thomas., 2011:
Separation of preferential interaction and excluded volume effects on DNA duplex and hairpin stability

Yousefi, S.; Kehtarnavaz, N.; Akins, M.; Luby-Phelps, K.; Mahendroo, M., 2011:
Separation of preterm infection model from normal pregnancy in mice using texture analysis of second harmonic generation images

Anonymous, 1975:
Separation of private practice from national health service hospitals

Anonymous, 1976:
Separation of private practice-Government's legislative programme

Savitri Kumar, N.; Maduwantha B Wijekoon, W.M.A.; Kumar, V.; Nimal Punyasiri, P.A.; Sarath B Abeysinghe, I., 2009:
Separation of proanthocyanidins isolated from tea leaves using high-speed counter-current chromatography

Ko, Y-Jun.; Maeng, J-Ho.; Lee, B-Chul.; Lee, S.; Hwang, S.Yong.; Ahn, Y., 2012:
Separation of progressive motile sperm from mouse semen using on-chip chemotaxis

Servais, A-Catherine.; Rousseau, A.; Fillet, M.; Lomsadze, K.; Salgado, A.; Crommen, J.; Chankvetadze, B., 2010:
Separation of propranolol enantiomers by CE using sulfated beta-CD derivatives in aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes: comparative CE and NMR study

Shvartsburg, A.A.; Smith, R.D., 2014:
Separation of protein conformers by differential ion mobility in hydrogen-rich gases

Ng, P.K.; He, J.; Snyder, M.A., 2009:
Separation of protein mixtures using pH-gradient cation-exchange chromatography

Randelj, O.; Rassow, J.; Motz, C., 2007:
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Separation of proton polarizabilities with the beam asymmetry of compton scattering

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Separation of racemic 1-(9-Anthryl)-2,2,2-trifluoroethanol by sub-/supercritical fluid chromatography

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Separation of recombination and SOS response in Escherichia coli RecA suggests LexA interaction sites

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Separation of rhenium, tungsten and molybdenum by thin-layer chromatography

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Separation of scandium(III) and yttrium(III) by tris(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate (TEHP)

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Separation of self from non-self in the complement system

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Separation of sensitized and non-sensitized RBCs: sephadex-based cell-affinity adsorbents

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Separation of single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA and RNA from an environmental viral community using hydroxyapatite chromatography

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Separation of small DNA fragments by conventional gel electrophoresis

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Separation of small molecules on novel monolithic poly(vinylphosphonic acid/ethylene dimethacrylate) columns

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Separation of sodium and potassium by ion-exchange on cellulose phosphate

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Separation of sodium chloride from the evaporated residue of the reverse osmosis reject generated in the leather industry--optimization by response surface methodology

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Separation of solids and disinfection for agronomical use of the effluent from a UASB reactor

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Separation of somatic and germ cells is required to establish primate spermatogonial cultures

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Separation of somatropin charge variants by multiple-injection CZE with Polybrene/chondroitin sulfate A double-coated capillaries

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Separation of speech from interfering sounds based on oscillatory correlation

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Separation of sperm whale click-trains for multipath rejection

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Separation of spin and orbital angular coherence momenta in the second-order coherence theory of vector electromagnetic fields

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Separation of spouses due to travel and living apart raises HIV risk in Tanzanian couples

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Separation of starch and gluten; a rapid method of separation from wheat flour

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Separation of stationary and non-stationary sources with a generalized eigenvalue problem

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Separation of steroids using vegetable oils in microemulsion electrokinetic capillary chromatography

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Separation of structural, geometrical and optical isomers of epoxycarotenoids using triacontyl-bonded stationary phases

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Separation of structurally similar nocathiacin analogues by reversed phase chromatography

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Separation of subcortical component from cortical auditory evoked potential by independent component analysis

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Separation of sulfated urinary glycosaminoglycans by high-resolution electrophoresis for isotyping of mucopolysaccharidoses in Malaysia

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Separation of sulfoalkylated cyclodextrins with hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography

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Separation of supercoiled from open circular forms of plasmid DNA, and biological activity detection

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Separation of supercritical slab-fluids to form aqueous fluid and melt components in subduction zone magmatism

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Separation of surface and bulk reflectance by absorption of bulk scattered light

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Separation of suspended particles by arrays of obstacles in microfluidic devices

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Separation of suspended particles in microfluidic systems by directional locking in periodic fields

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Separation of synthetic (co)polymers by capillary electrophoresis techniques

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Separation of tautomeric forms of [2-nitrophloroglucinol-H]- by an in-electrospray ionization source hydrogen/deuterium exchange approach

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Separation of telechelic oligomers according to architecture by liquid chromatography

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Separation of tetracycline, chlortetracycline, and oxytetracycline by paper chromatography

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Separation of the 'blue' and 'green' mechanisms of foveal vision by measurements of increment thresholds

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Separation of the 90Sr-90Y pair with cerium(IV) iodotungstate cation exchanger

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Separation of the Lower Epiphysis of the Femur treated by Screwing

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Separation of the Lower Epiphysis of the Humerus, with Displacement

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Separation of the Lower Femoral Epiphysis

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Separation of the apex hole eliminator screw in four failed hybrid total hip arthroplasties

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Separation of the auricular and annular ear cartilages: surgical repair technique and clinical use in dogs and cats

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Separation of the bacterial species, Escherichia coli, from mixed-species microbial communities for transcriptome analysis

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Separation of the capital femoral epiphysis in the adolescent

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Separation of the effects of astigmatic figure error from misalignments using Nodal Aberration Theory (NAT)

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Separation of the effects of pH and polymer concentration on the swelling pressure and elastic modulus of a pH-responsive hydrogel

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Separation of the enantiomers of naringenin and eriodictyol by amylose-based chiral reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

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Separation of the fatty acids in menhaden oil as methyl esters with a highly polar ionic liquid gas chromatographic column and identification by time of flight mass spectrometry

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Separation of the four most important latex allergens from latex gloves: a potential tool for diagnosis and immunotherapy purposes

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Separation of the hypnotic potentiating principles from the essential oil of Acorus calamus L. of Indian origin by liquid-gas chromatography

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Separation of the intima-media complex from the adventitia during spontaneous coronary artery spasm documented by intracoronary optical coherence tomography

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Separation of the isomers of benzene poly(carboxylic acid)s by quaternary ammonium salt via formation of deep eutectic solvents

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Separation of the largest eigenvalues in eigenanalysis of genotype data from discrete subpopulations

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Separation of the modular stent-graft within the abdominal aortic aneurysm

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Separation of the molecular forms of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-Binding proteins by affinity chromatography

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Separation of the neuroproteome by ion exchange chromatography

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Separation of the non-volatile noble metals by reversed-phase extraction chromatography

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Separation of the oxide and halide part in the oxohalide Fe3Te3O10Cl due to high Lewis acidity of the cations

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Separation of the perivascular basement membrane provides a conduit for inflammatory cells in a mouse spinal cord injury model

Zhu, R.; Yang, R., 2014:
Separation of the piezotronic and piezoresistive effects in a zinc oxide nanowire

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Separation of the plant Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum by free-flow electrophoresis

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Separation of the reservoir and wave pressure and velocity from measurements at an arbitrary location in arteries

Barry-Walsh, J.; Norris, J., 2013:
Separation of the role of treating clinician and expert

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Separation of the rotational contribution in fluorescence correlation experiments

Allen, E., 1973:
Separation of the spectral radiance factor curve of fluorescent substances into reflected and fluoresced components

Uno, Y.; Hoshi, M., 1978:
Separation of the sperm agglutinin and the acrosome reaction-inducing substance in egg jelly of starfish

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Separation of the syncytial layer of spargana using urea

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Separation of the tetracyclines by paper chromatography

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Separation of the tip of a coblation wand within the knee joint: a complication of arthroscopic adhesiolysis

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Separation of the two enantiomers of naproxcinod by chiral normal-phase liquid chromatography

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Separation of the up-regulated genes under nitrogen starvation from Phaeodactylum tricornutum by suppression subtractive hybridization technology

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Separation of thoraco-omphalopagus twins in a rural secondary hospital: Perioperative management

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Separation of thorium from lanthanides by solvent extraction with ionizable crown ethers

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Separation of thorium from lanthanum and other elements by cation-exchange chromatography at elevated temperatures

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Separation of thylakoid membrane proteins by sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation or blue native-SDS-PAGE two-dimensional electrophoresis

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Separation of time scale and coupling in the motion governed by the coarse-grained and fine degrees of freedom in a polypeptide backbone

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Separation of time scales in one-dimensional directed nucleation-growth processes

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Separation of time-based and trial-based accounts of the partial reinforcement extinction effect

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Separation of tin from other elements by partition chromatography

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Separation of top and bottom surface conduction in Bi2Te3 thin films

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Separation of topographic features from magnetic force images using capacitive coupling effect

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Separation of total lipids on human lipoproteins using surfactant-coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes as pseudostationary phase in capillary electrophoresis

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Separation of total-loss data into its absorption and scattering components: a more accurate model for fiber loss

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Separation of trace amount of silver using dispersive liquid-liquid based on solidification of floating organic drop microextraction

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Separation of trace amounts of Ga and Ge in aqueous solution using nano-particles micro-column

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Separation of trace amounts of indium, gallium and aluminium from each other by cation-exchange chromatography on AG50-X4 resin

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Separation of traces and larger amounts of bismuth from gram amounts of thallium, mercury, gold and platinum by cation-exchange chromatography on a macroporous resin

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Separation of trajectories and its relation to entropy for intermittent systems with a zero Lyapunov exponent

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Separation of trans-1,2-cyclohexanediaminetetra-acetic acid chelates of bismuth(III), iron(III) and copper(II) by reversed-phase paired-ion chromatography

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Separation of transition metals on a poly-iminodiacetic acid grafted polymeric resin column with post-column reaction detection utilising a paired emitter-detector diode system

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Separation of transplutonium elements

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Separation of triacylglycerols and free fatty acids in microalgal lipids by solid-phase extraction for separate fatty acid profiling analysis by gas chromatography

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Separation of triphenyl atropisomers of a pharmaceutical compound on a novel mixed mode stationary phase: a case study involving dynamic chromatography, dynamic NMR and molecular modeling

Lee, K.Jin.; Xu, M-Ying.; Shehzad, O.; Seo, E.Kyoung.; Kim, Y.Shik., 2015 :
Separation of triterpenoid saponins from the root of Bupleurum falcatum by counter current chromatography: the relationship between the partition coefficients and solvent system composition

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