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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55740

Chapter 55740 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ellestad, S.C.; Zimmerman, S.A.; Thornburg, C.; Mitchell, T.E.; Swamy, G.K.; James, A.H., 2007:
Severe factor V deficiency presenting with intracranial haemorrhage during gestation

Zhidong, W.; Xiaojun, H., 2007:
Severe factor VII deficiency caused by a novel point mutation (Arg353Pro) combined with a rare Cys22Arg mutation

Ingerslev, J.; Herlin, T.; Sørensen, B.; Clausen, N.; Chu, K.C.; High, K.A., 2007:
Severe factor X deficiency in a pair of siblings: clinical presentation, phenotypic and genotypic features, prenatal diagnosis and treatment

Beksaç, M.Sinan.; Atak, Z.; Ozlü, Tülay., 2011:
Severe factor X deficiency in a twin pregnancy

Livnat, T.; Shenkman, B.; Kenet, G.; Tamarin, I.; Gillis, S.; Varon, D.; Iijima, K.; Zivelin, A.; Salomon, O., 2012:
Severe factor X deficiency in three unrelated Palestinian patients is caused by homozygosity for the mutation c302delG-correlation with thrombin generation and thromboelastometry

Kwon, M-Jung.; Kim, H-Jin.; Bang, S-Hwan.; Kim, S-Hee., 2008:
Severe factor XI deficiency in a Korean woman with a novel missense mutation (Val498Met) and duplication G mutation in exon 13 of the F11 gene

Castaman, G.; Giacomelli, S.H.; Dragani, A.; Iuliani, O.; Duga, S.; Rodeghiero, F., 2008:
Severe factor XI deficiency in the Abruzzo region of Italy is associated to different FXI gene mutations

Eikeland, T., 2010 :
Severe factual errors in Tidsskriftet

Allapathi, D.; Alvarez, D.; Dave-Sharma, S.; Prosper, G.; Sharma, J., 2008:
Severe failure to thrive in infant

Musoke, C.; Ssendikadiwa, C.; Babua, C.; Schwartz, J.I., 2014:
Severe falciparum malaria associated with massive pulmonary embolism

Ziaee, M.; Abedi, F., 2014:
Severe falciparum malaria in iran: a very rare case from an endemic region

Hattori, S.; Takao, K.; Funakoshi, H.; Miyakawa, T., 2018:
Comprehensive behavioral analysis of tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase (Tdo2) knockout mice

Yong, K.Pin.; Tan, B.Hock.; Low, C.Yong., 2013:
Severe falciparum malaria with dengue coinfection complicated by rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury: an unusual case with myoglobinemia, myoglobinuria but normal serum creatine kinase

Fazili, T.; Fogle, M.; Eagle, R.; Camp, M.; Williams, D.; Boyd, A., 2010:
Severe falciparum malaria: a case report

Battistini, S.; Ricci, C.; Lotti, E.Maria.; Benigni, M.; Gagliardi, S.; Zucco, R.; Bondavalli, M.; Marcello, N.; Ceroni, M.; Cereda, C., 2010:
Severe familial ALS with a novel exon 4 mutation (L106F) in the SOD1 gene

Luedde, M.; Ehlermann, P.; Weichenhan, D.; Will, R.; Zeller, R.; Rupp, S.; Müller, A.; Steen, H.; Ivandic, B.T.; Ulmer, H.E.; Kern, M.; Katus, H.A.; Frey, N., 2010:
Severe familial left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy due to a novel troponin T (TNNT2) mutation

Tacik, P.; Loens, S.; Schrader, C.; Gayde-Stephan, S.; Biskup, S.; Dressler, D., 2015:
Severe familial paroxysmal exercise-induced dyskinesia

Doering Runquist, J.J.; Morin, K.; Stetzer, F.C., 2009:
Severe fatigue and depressive symptoms in lower-income urban postpartum women

Deckers, I.E.; van der Zee, H.H.; Prens, E.P., 2016:
Severe fatigue based on anaemia in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa: report of two cases and a review of the literature

Peters, M.E.W.J.; Goedendorp, M.M.; Verhagen, C.A.H.H.V.M.; van der Graaf, W.T.A.; Bleijenberg, G., 2015:
Severe fatigue during the palliative treatment phase of cancer: an exploratory study

Giebels, V.; Repping-Wuts, H.; Bleijenberg, G.; Kroese, J.M.; Stikkelbroeck, N.; Hermus, A., 2014:
Severe fatigue in patients with adrenal insufficiency: physical, psychosocial and endocrine determinants

Afable, M.G.; Lyon, D.E., 2008:
Severe fatigue: could it be aplastic anemia?

Seilmaier, M.; Guggemos, W., 2008:
Severe febrile illness with renal impairment after travel to Southeast Asia

Sandrock, C.E., 2008:
Severe febrile respiratory illnesses as a cause of mass critical care

Tang, B.; Piazza, C.C.; Dolezal, D.; Stein, M.T., 2011:
Severe feeding disorder and malnutrition in 2 children with autism

Richards, C.J.; Garbuz, D.S.; Masri, B.A.; Duncan, C.P., 2009:
Severe femoral bone loss in infected total hip arthroplasty: surgical management

Verhovsek, M.; Shah, N.R.; Wilcox, I.; Koenig, S.C.; Barros, T.; Thornburg, C.D.; Steinberg, M.H.; Luo, H-yuan.; Chui, D.H.K., 2012:
Severe fetal and neonatal hemolytic anemia due to a 198 kb deletion removing the complete β-globin gene cluster

Dierickx, I.; Decallonne, B.; Billen, J.; Vanhole, C.; Lewi, L.; De Catte, L.; Verhaeghe, J., 2015:
Severe fetal and neonatal hyperthyroidism years after surgical treatment of maternal Graves' disease

Tongsong, T.; Puntachai, P.; Mekjarasnapha, M.; Traisrisilp, K., 2015:
Severe fetal brain shrinkage following heavy maternal alcohol consumption

Larciprete, G.; Montagnoli, C.; Fusco, P., 2011:
Severe fetal distress and umbilical cord strangulation

Stutterd, C.; Savoia, H.; Fink, A.M.; Stark, Z., 2016:
Severe fetal ischaemic brain injury caused by homozygous protein C deficiency

Caputo, M.; Dalmas, A-Frédérique.; Subtil, D., 2012:
Severe fetal ischemic complications caused by second trimester amniotic fluid embolism

Nguyen, C.S.; Chase, D.M.; Wing, D.A., 2010:
Severe fetal skull fracture and death subsequent to a motor vehicle crash with frontal airbag deployment

van den Akker, E.S.A.; de Haan, T.R.; Lopriore, E.; Brand, A.; Kanhai, H.H.H.; Oepkes, D., 2008:
Severe fetal thrombocytopenia in Rhesus D alloimmunized pregnancies

Ozkan, H.; Cetinkaya, M.; Köksal, Nün.; Yapici, S., 2011:
Severe fetal valproate syndrome: combination of complex cardiac defect, multicystic dysplastic kidney, and trigonocephaly

Zhang, L.; Wang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, H.; Wang, C.; Sun, J.; Lin, J.; Chai, C.; Yan, J., 2013 :
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome bunyavirus (SFTSV) infections in Zhejiang Province, China

Cui, N.; Liu, R.; Lu, Q-Bin.; Wang, L-Yuan.; Qin, S-Li.; Yang, Z-Dong.; Zhuang, L.; Liu, K.; Li, H.; Zhang, X-Ai.; Hu, J-Gong.; Wang, J-Yu.; Liu, W.; Cao, W-Chun., 2015:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome bunyavirus-related human encephalitis

Shimojima, M.; Fukushi, S.; Tani, H.; Yoshikawa, T.; Morikawa, S.; Saijo, M., 2015:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Japan

Wang, L-Yuan.; Cui, N.; Lu, Q-Bin.; Wo, Y.; Wang, H-Yu.; Liu, W.; Cao, W-Chun., 2015:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in children: a case report

Niu, G.; Li, J.; Liang, M.; Jiang, X.; Jiang, M.; Yin, H.; Wang, Z.; Li, C.; Zhang, Q.; Jin, C.; Wang, X.; Ding, S.; Xing, Z.; Wang, S.; Bi, Z.; Li, D., 2013:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus among domesticated animals, China

Yun, S-Min.; Lee, W-Gyo.; Ryou, J.; Yang, S-Chan.; Park, S-Whan.; Roh, J.Yeol.; Lee, Y-Ji.; Park, C.; Han, M.Guk., 2016:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in ticks collected from humans, South Korea, 2013

Zheng, B.; Wang, T.; Zhang, S.; Li, A-Qian.; Li, C.; Zhang, Q-Fu.; Liang, M-Fang.; Li, D-Xin., 2014:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus nucleoprotein specifically binds to 60kD SSA/Ro protein in host cells

Zhao, L.; Zhai, S.; Wen, H.; Cui, F.; Chi, Y.; Wang, L.; Xue, F.; Wang, Q.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, S.; Song, Y.; Du, J.; Yu, X-jie., 2012:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus, Shandong Province, China

Park, S-Whan.; Han, M-Guk.; Yun, S-Min.; Park, C.; Lee, W-Ja.; Ryou, J., 2015:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus, South Korea, 2013

Wen, H-Ling.; Zhao, L.; Zhai, S.; Chi, Y.; Cui, F.; Wang, D.; Wang, L.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, S.; Liu, Y.; Yu, H.; Yu, X-Jie., 2014:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, Shandong Province, China, 2011

Kim, K-Hyung.; Yi, J.; Kim, G.; Choi, S.Jin.; Jun, K.Il.; Kim, N-Hyun.; Choe, P.Gyun.; Kim, N-Joong.; Lee, J-Koo.; Oh, M-don., 2014:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, South Korea, 2012

Liu, Q.; He, B.; Huang, S-Yang.; Wei, F.; Zhu, X-Quan., 2014:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, an emerging tick-borne zoonosis

Chang, M.Soo.; Woo, J.Hee., 2014:
Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome: tick-mediated viral disease

Seixas, R.; Pissarra, H.; Santos, Jé.; Bernardino, R.; Fernandes, T.; Correia, J.; Vilela, C.Lobo.; Oliveira, M., 2014:
Severe fibrinonecrotic enteritis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a captive monitor lizard (Varanus niloticus)

Dumortier, Jérôme.; Salamé, E.; Roche, B.; Hurtova, M.; Conti, F.; Radenne, S.; Vanlemmens, C.; Pageaux, G-Philippe.; Saliba, F.; Samuel, D.; Compagnon, P.; Neau-Cransac, M.; Calmus, Y.; Guillaud, O.; Gugenheim, J.; Altieri, M.; Durand, Fçois.; Hardwigsen, J.; Lorho, R.; Dharancy, Sébastien.; Leroy, V.; Di Giambattista, F.; Duvoux, C., 2015:
Severe fibrosis in patients with recurrent hepatitis C after liver transplantation: a French experience on 250 patients over 15 years (the Orfèvre study)

Kassem, R.Rashad., 2012:
Severe fibrosis of extraocular muscles after the use of lyophilized amniotic membrane in strabismus surgery

Ibba-Manneschi, L.; Manetti, M.; Milia, A.F.; Miniati, I.; Benelli, G.; Guiducci, S.; Mecacci, F.; Mello, G.; Di Lollo, S.; Matucci-Cerinic, M., 2010:
Severe fibrotic changes and altered expression of angiogenic factors in maternal scleroderma: placental findings

Vitrat-Hincky, V.; Lebeau, B.; Bozonnet, E.; Falcon, D.; Pradel, P.; Faure, O.; Aubert, A.; Piolat, C.; Grillot, Rée.; Pelloux, Hé., 2010:
Severe filamentous fungal infections after widespread tissue damage due to traumatic injury: six cases and review of the literature

Yoshihara, H.; Abumi, K.; Ito, M.; Kotani, Y.; Sudo, H.; Takahata, M., 2014:
Severe fixed cervical kyphosis treated with circumferential osteotomy and pedicle screw fixation using an anterior-posterior-anterior surgical sequence

Vyshka, G.; Vacchiano, G., 2015:
Severe flaccid paraparesis following spinal anaesthesia: a sine materia occurrence

Martín, Jé.M.; Mateo, E.; Monteagudo, C.; Jordá, E., 2011:
Severe flare of Behcet's disease with intense mucucutaneous manifestations

van Hattem, S.; Beerthuizen, G.I.; Kardaun, S.H., 2015:
Severe flucloxacillin-induced acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP), with toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)-like features: does overlap between AGEP and TEN exist? Clinical report and review of the literature

Shimaoka, Y.; Hatamochi, A.; Hamasaki, Y.; Shimura, N.; Arisaka, O.; Imai, Y.; Yamazaki, S., 2009:
Severe focal dermal hypoplasia in a female patient transmitted from a mildly affected mother

Betrián Blasco, P.; Albert Brotóns, D.Calila.; Menduña, Q.Ferrer.; Noguer, Fán.Rosés.; García, G.Giralt., 2011:
Severe foetal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy evolving to left ventricular non-compaction

Clarke, V.; Weston-Smith, S., 2013:
Severe folate-deficiency pancytopenia

Rodríguez Bandera, A.Isabel.; Gómez Fernández, C.; Vorlicka, K.; Ruiz-Bravo Burguillo, E.; Herranz Pinto, P., 2016:
Severe folliculitis with secondary impetiginization in the scalp of a woman treated with panitumumab

Shannon, K.; Kerr, T.; Milloy, M-J.; Anema, A.; Zhang, R.; Montaner, J.S.G.; Wood, E., 2011:
Severe food insecurity is associated with elevated unprotected sex among HIV-seropositive injection drug users independent of HAART use

Sugizaki, Mário.Mateus.; Leopoldo, Aé.Soares.; Okoshi, M.Politi.; Bruno, A.; Conde, S.José.; Lima-Leopoldo, A.Paula.; Padovani, C.Roberto.; Carvalho, R.Francisco.; do Nascimento, Aé.Ferreira.; de Campos, D.Henrique.Salomé.; Nogueira, Célia.Regina.; Cicogna, A.Carlos., 2010:
Severe food restriction induces myocardial dysfunction related to SERCA2 activity

Otsuka, J.; Horii, E.; Koh, S.; Hayashi, Y., 2014:
Severe forearm deformity and instability after Monteggia fracture-dislocation: a case report

Andrijević, I.; Matijasević, J.; Povazan, D.; Kojicić, M.; Batranović, U., 2010:
Severe form of Legionnaires' disease in an immunocompetent patient

Phadke, S.; Puri, R.; Phadke, R., 2007:
Severe form of congenital cerebral and cerebellar atrophy: a neurodegenerative disorder of fetal onset

Mijatovic, D.; Blagaic, A.; Zupan, Z., 2014:
Severe form of hemolytic-uremic syndrome with multiple organ failure in a child: a case report

Cosson, A.; Mathieu, A.; Sevrin, P.; Nollet, S.; Tatu, L., 2011:
Severe form of hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy without SEPT9 gene mutation

Elalaoui, S.Chafai.; Ratbi, I.; Malih, M.; Bounasse, M.; Sefiani, A., 2010:
Severe form of hypoglossia-hypodactylia syndrome associated with complex cardiopathy: a case report

Haruna, K.; Suga, Y.; Oizumi, A.; Mizuno, Y.; Endo, H.; Shimizu, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Ikeda, S., 2010:
Severe form of keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness (KID) syndrome associated with septic complications

Jung, Y.; Kim, H-Jin.; Yoon, C-Hwan., 2012:
Severe form of persistent thebesian veins presenting as ischemic heart disease

Nalini, A.; Ramakrishna, A.; Dekumoy, P.; Kumar, R.Ravi.; Pakdee, W.; Saini, J.; Hegde, V.S., 2014:
Severe form of radiculo - myelo - neuropathy with meningo - encephalitis secondary to Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection: unusual corpus callosal lesions and serial magnetic resonance imaging findings

Rattan, R.; Shanker, V.; Tegta, G.R.; Verma, G.K., 2010:
Severe form of type 2 reaction in patients of Hansen's disease after withdrawal of thalidomide: case reports

Pellot, A.S.; Alessandri, J.L.; Robin, S.; Sampériz, S.; Attali, T.; Brayer, C.; Pasquet, M.; Jaffar-Bandjee, M.C.; Benhamou, L.S.; Tiran-Rajaofera, I.; Ramful, D., 2012:
Severe forms of chikungunya virus infection in a pediatric intensive care unit on Reunion Island

Spadone, C., 2009:
Severe forms of depression: the efficacy of escitalopram

Adnane Berdai, M.; Labib, S.; Harandou, M., 2012:
Severe forms of influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in pregnant women: experience of the University Hospital of Fez, Morocco and literature review

Petroli, R.J.; Maciel-Guerra, Aéa.T.; Soardi, F.C.; de Calais, Fávia.L.; Guerra-Junior, G.; de Mello, M.Palandi., 2011:
Severe forms of partial androgen insensitivity syndrome due to p.L830F novel mutation in androgen receptor gene in a Brazilian family

Almeida, F.K.; Esteves, J.F.; Gross, J.L.; Biavatti, K.; Rodrigues, T.C., 2012:
Severe forms of retinopathy predict the presence of subclinical atherosclerosis in type 1 diabetes subjects

Nascimento, G.Lima.; de Oliveira, M.Regina.Fernandes., 2014:
Severe forms of schistosomiasis mansoni: epidemiologic and economic impact in Brazil, 2010

Saito, C.; Gulinelli, J.; Cardoso, L.; Garcia, I.Rangel.; Panzarini, S.; Poi, W.; Sonoda, C., 2009:
Severe fracture of the maxillary alveolar process associated with extrusive luxation and tooth avulsion: a case report

Heiselberg, S.Erik.; Brink, O., 2016:
Severe fractures while driving a Segway personal transporter

Kloeters, O.; Ryssel, H.; Suda, A.J.; Lehnhardt, M., 2011:
Severe frostbite injury in a 19-year-old patient requiring amputation of both distal forearms and lower legs due to delayed rescue: a need for advanced accident collision notification systems?

Kilic, A.; Schwartzman, D.S.; Subramaniam, K.; Zenati, M.A., 2010:
Severe functional mitral regurgitation arising from isolated annular dilatation

Qu, L-jun.; Dong, X-guang.; Sun, S-ying.; Xie, L-xin., 2011:
Severe fungal corneal ulcer resulting in infectious endophthalmitis

Gierek, D.; Dąbek, Józefa.; Kuczera, Młgorzata.; Marmaj, Młgorzata.; Kluczewski, G.; Krzych, L., 2011:
Severe fungal infections in intensive therapy

Kuehn, B.M., 2008:
Severe fungal infections linked to drugs

Coomes, S.M.; Farmen, S.; Wilke, C.A.; Laouar, Y.; Moore, B.B., 2012:
Severe gammaherpesvirus-induced pneumonitis and fibrosis in syngeneic bone marrow transplant mice is related to effects of transforming growth factor-β

Tanaka, A.; Hayaishi, N.; Kondo, Y.; Kurachi, K.; Tanemura, A.; Katayama, I., 2014:
Severe gangrene accompanied by varicella zoster virus-related vasculitis mimicking rheumatoid vasculitis

Fukuhara, K.; Terakura, M.; Katsuragi, K., 2011:
Severe gastric and duodenal ulcer after chemotherapy of mFOLFOX6 and bevacizumab

Honda, S.; Shinkai, M.; Usui, Y.; Hirata, Y.; Kitagawa, N.; Take, H.; Ohhama, Y., 2011:
Severe gastric damage caused by button battery ingestion in a 3-month-old infant

Curiel-Valdés, Jé.de.Jesús.; Sánchez-Martínez, F.; Valdez-Carrillo, C.; Olvera-Gil, Héctor.; Zavala, E., 2007:
Severe gastric dysplasia with intramucosal carcinoma in a 16-year-old male

Furness, M.Catherine.; Snyman, H.Nicolaas.; Abrahams, M.; Moore, A.; Vince, A.; Anderson, M.E.C., 2014:
Severe gastric impaction secondary to a gastric polyp in a horse

Molina-Infante, J.; Fernandez-Bermejo, M.; Vinagre-Rodríguez, G., 2011:
Severe gastric ischemia after combined sclerotherapy for bleeding gastric ulcer

Chrysoula, P.; Fotios, N.; Kostantina, T., 2015:
Severe gastric lesions due to Helicobacter pylori infection in two patients undergoing hemodialysis

Scaillon, M.; Van Biervliet, S.; Bontems, P.; Dorchy, H.; Hanssens, L.; Ferster, A.; Segers, V.; Cadranel, S., 2009:
Severe gastritis in an insulin-dependent child with an IPEX syndrome

Rossi, G.; Gambi, R.; Uncini, R.; Piccinini, R.; Berardi, S.; Pengo, G.; Bassotti, G.; Cerquetella, M., 2015:
Severe gastritis with double Helicobacter spp. infection associated with Barrett's esophagus in a cheetah

Michot, J-Marie.; Treton, X.; Brink, C.; Fabiani, J-Noël.; Bouhnik, Y., 2012:
Severe gastro-intestinal angiodysplasia in context of Heyde's syndrome durably cured after aortic valve replacement

Gonçalves, A.Rita., 2010:
Severe gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Schreuder, R-Michel.; de Groot, J-Willem.; Kamper, A.M., 2011:
Severe gastroenteritis as presentation of a primary cytomegalovirus infection in an immunocompetent woman

Hwang, K-P.; Huang, Y-C.; Bányai, K.; Wu, H-S.; Chang, F-Y.; Yang, D.C-F.; Hsiung, C.A.; Lin, J-S.; Jiang, B.; Gentsch, J.R.; Wu, F-T., 2011:
Severe gastroenteritis associated with G3P[9] rotavirus in Taiwan

Schenk, S.; Petzold, A.; Hoehne, M.; Adam, Rüdiger.; Schroten, H.; Tenenbaum, T., 2010:
Severe gastroenteritis with secondary fever in a 10-month-old boy

de Waele, L.; Freson, K.; Louwette, S.; Thys, C.; Wittevrongel, C.; de Vos, R.; Debeer, A.; van Geet, C., 2010:
Severe gastrointestinal bleeding and thrombocytopenia in a child with an anti-GATA1 autoantibody

Murakami, N.; Yoshimoto, S.; Matsumoto, F.; Ueno, T.; Ito, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Harada, K.; Kitaguchi, M.; Sekii, S.; Takahashi, K.; Yoshio, K.; Inaba, K.; Morota, M.; Sumi, M.; Saito, Y.; Itami, J., 2015:
Severe gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma treated by concurrent radiotherapy and Cetuximab

Alcalde Vargas, A., 2013:
Severe gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to colon metastases from a cutaneous melanoma

Iglesias García, J.; López García, E.; Macías García, F.; Castro Castro, J.; Iglesias Canle, J.; Beiras, C.; Lariño Noia, J.; Cigarrán, B.; Forteza Vila, J.; Domínguez Muñoz, J.E., 2010:
Severe gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to duodenal metastasis from a choriocarcinoma

Kook, P.H.; Reusch, C.E., 2011:
Severe gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to lornoxicam in the dog

Araz, Cşkun.; Cekmen, N.; Erdemli, O.; Soylu, L.; Atalay, F.; Demirbaş, T.Ali.; Demirbağ, A.; Celep, B., 2013:
Severe gastrointestinal burn with hydrochloric acid

Klostermann, F.; Jugel, C.; Bömelburg, M.; Marzinzik, F.; Ebersbach, G.; Müller, T., 2013:
Severe gastrointestinal complications in patients with levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel infusion

Takizawa, Y.; Setoguchi, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Kuwata, G., 2014:
Severe gastrointestinal disease development coinciding with the progression of myelodysplastic syndrome after a long-term mild course of Behcet's disease

Minkley, L.; Göhring-Frischholz, K.; Mörike, K.; Lauer, U.M.; Müssig, K., 2011:
Severe gastrointestinal haemorrhage after methimazole intake

Salako, A.A.; Adisa, A.O.; Ojo, O.S.; Arigbabu, A.O., 2007:
Severe gastrointestinal haemorrhage due to primary intestinal kaposi's sarcoma - a case report

Piccin, A.; O'Marcaigh, A.; Deiratany, S.; Mc Mahon, C.; Smith, O.P., 2010:
Severe gastrointestinal haemorrhage, first manifestation of neonatal haemophilia A

Akamatsu, S.; Kanamaru, S.; Takenawa, J.; Soeda, A., 2008:
Severe gastrointestinal hemorrhage due to metastatic renal cell carcinoma to the pancreas successfully controlled by transarterial embolization and adjuvant administration of Sunitinib Malate

Assi, H.; Abdel-Samad, N., 2014:
Severe gastrointestinal hemorrhage during targeted therapy for advanced breast carcinoma

Gutiérrez, E.; Hernández, E.; Morales, E.; Praga, M., 2008:
Severe gastrointestinal involvement caused by late CMV: the importance of early treatment

Sharma, S.Kumar.; Handoo, A.; Choudhary, D.; Dhamija, G.; Gupta, N., 2013:
Severe gastrointestinal mucositis following high dose melphalan therapy for multiple myeloma

Navarro, R.J.; Silva, J.A., 1948:
Severe gastrointestinal upset as a manifestation of hepatic insufficiency

Tao, Y.; Yan, Z.; Sha, J.; Zhu, Z.; Lei, H., 2010:
Severe gastroparesis causing postoperative respiratory complications in a heart-lung recipient

Wang, H-Bin.; Hsu, C-Hui., 2009:
Severe gastroparesis in a patient with advanced Parkinson's disease

Del Pozo, E.; Vaquero, L.; Pisabarros, C.; Arias, L.; Vivas, S., 2012:
Severe gastroparesis with associated achalasia

Reddymasu, S.C.; Sarosiek, I.; McCallum, R.W., 2010:
Severe gastroparesis: medical therapy or gastric electrical stimulation

Abrahamsson, H., 2007:
Severe gastroparesis: new treatment alternatives

Strugnell, B.W.; Woodhouse, M.A.; Hinde, D.; Foster, A.P., 2010:
Severe generalised alopecia associated with demodicosis in a roe deer

Ansari, I.A.; Onyema, E., 2008:
Severe generalised hypersensitivity reaction to topical neomycin after cataract surgery: a case report

Hartung, B.; Merk, H.F.; Huckenbeck, W.; Daldrup, T.; Neuen-Jacob, E.; Ritz-Timme, S., 2013:
Severe generalised rhabdomyolysis with fatal outcome associated with isotretinoin

Leake, W.H.; Billings, H.J.; Kaplan, L., 1948:
Severe generalized atherosclerosis

Chanson, J-B.; Anheim, M.; Lagha-Boukbiza, O.; Fleury, M.; Sellal, F.; Tranchant, C., 2008:
Severe generalized dystonia due to postradiotherapy cerebral calcifications

Gonzalo-Garijo, M.Angeles.; Pérez-Calderón, R.; de Argila Fernández-Durán, D., 2008:
Severe generalized exanthema due to etanercept given for severe plaque psoriasis

Mahmoodi Nesheli, H.; Nakhjavani, N.; Galini Moghaddam, T., 2011:
Severe generalized muscular atrophia, nerve optic atrophia, ear problem and disability with Pelger-Huet anomaly

Marín-Valencia, I.; Antón, J.; Ros, J.; Cols, M., 2009:
Severe generalized oedema with haemodynamic instability in a previously healthy patient (Case Presentation)

Yamamoto, M.; Tada, Y.; Asahina, A.; Saeki, H.; Asano, Y.; Kimura, T.; Sugaya, M.; Kikuchi, K.; Tamaki, K.; Sato, S., 2012:
Severe generalized pustular psoriasis accompanied by bullae formation with increased serum vascular endothelial growth factor level

Ji, Y-Zhi.; Geng, L.; Ma, X-Hui.; Wu, Y.; Zhou, H-Bo.; Li, B.; Xiao, T.; Chen, H-Duo., 2011:
Severe generalized pustular psoriasis treated with mycophenolate mofetil

Dalis, J.S.; Kazeem, H.M.; Kwaga, J.K.P.; Kwanashie, C.N., 2014:
Severe generalized skin lesions due to mixed infection with Sporothrix schenkii and Dermatophilus congolensis in a bull from Jos, Nigeria

Chiang, W-F.; Chen, T-W.; Lin, S-H., 2015:
Severe genital swelling following laparoscopic omentectomy

Al-Rawahi, G.N.; Dobson, S.R.; Scheifele, D.W.; Rassekh, S.Rod.; Murphy, J.J., 2011:
Severe genital ulceration in an acute epstein-barr virus infection

Kim, S.; Moore, D.F.; Shih, W.; Lin, Y.; Li, H.; Shao, Y-Hsuan.; Shen, S.; Lu-Yao, G.L., 2013:
Severe genitourinary toxicity following radiation therapy for prostate cancer--how long does it last?

Niki, H.; Aoki, H.; Hirano, T.; Beppu, M., 2013:
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