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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55753

Chapter 55753 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Deinhardt, K.; Chao, M.V., 2014:
Shaping neurons: Long and short range effects of mature and proBDNF signalling upon neuronal structure

Haebler, J., 2014:
Shaping nurse leaders in policy and advocacy

Zlotkin, S., 1998:
Shaping nutrition policy for Canadian children

Koganezawa, M.; Matsuo, T.; Kimura, K-ichi.; Yamamoto, D., 2009:
Shaping of Drosophila male courtship posture by a gustatory pheromone

Stojanovic, A.; Correia, M.P.; Cerwenka, A., 2012:
Shaping of NK cell responses by the tumor microenvironment

Solana, R.; Campos, C.; Pera, A.; Tarazona, R., 2014:
Shaping of NK cell subsets by aging

Rijs, A.M.; Crews, B.O.; de Vries, M.S.; Hannam, J.S.; Leigh, D.A.; Fanti, M.; Zerbetto, F.; Buma, W.J., 2008:
Shaping of a conformationally flexible molecular structure for spectroscopy

Vignola, J.F.; Judge, J.A.; Kurdila, A.J., 2009:
Shaping of a system's frequency response using an array of subordinate oscillators

Jaffe, D.B.; Wang, B.; Brenner, R., 2012:
Shaping of action potentials by type I and type II large-conductance Ca²+-activated K+ channels

Becht, E.; Goc, J.; Germain, C.; Giraldo, N.A.; Dieu-Nosjean, M-Caroline.; Sautès-Fridman, C.; Fridman, W-Herman., 2015:
Shaping of an effective immune microenvironment to and by cancer cells

Biess, A., 2013:
Shaping of arm configuration space by prescription of non-Euclidean metrics with applications to human motor control

Tapié, J.L.; Mourou, G., 1992:
Shaping of clean, femtosecond pulses at 1.053 microm for chirped-pulse amplification

Kondo, T.; Nakagoshi, N.; Isagi, Y., 2009:
Shaping of genetic structure along Pleistocene and modern river systems in the hydrochorous riparian azalea, Rhododendron ripense (Ericaceae)

Beziat, V.; Nguyen, Séphanie.; Exley, M.; Achour, A.; Simon, T.; Chevallier, P.; Sirvent, A.; Vigouroux, Séphane.; Debré, P.; Rio, B.; Vieillard, V.; Lubrano-Berthelier, C.; Alatrakchi, N., 2010:
Shaping of iNKT cell repertoire after unrelated cord blood transplantation

Rodrigo, Jé.A.; Alieva, T.; Abramochkin, E.; Castro, I., 2013:
Shaping of light beams along curves in three dimensions

Houizot, P.; Anne, M-Laure.; Boussard-Plédel, C.; Loréal, O.; Tariel, H.; Lucas, J.; Bureau, B., 2014:
Shaping of looped miniaturized chalcogenide fiber sensing heads for mid-infrared sensing

Chandrasekar, G.; Hartmann, M.; Murugesan, V., 2014:
Shaping of mesoporous AISBA-15 as cylindrical nano reactor for tertiary butylation of phenol

Schapiro, A.C.; Kustner, L.V.; Turk-Browne, N.B., 2013 :
Shaping of object representations in the human medial temporal lobe based on temporal regularities

Golfier, S.; Kondo, S.; Schulze, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Vassileva, G.; Achtman, A.H.; Gräler, M.H.; Abbondanzo, S.J.; Wiekowski, M.; Kremmer, E.; Endo, Y.; Lira, S.A.; Bacon, K.B.; Lipp, M., 2011:
Shaping of terminal megakaryocyte differentiation and proplatelet development by sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor S1P4

Sevastianov, S.B.; Vatnik, S.M.; Mayorov, A.P., 2008:
Shaping of the end of a multimode optical fiber for efficient coupling light from a laser diode

Kokuzawa, C.; Ebihara, A.; Watanabe, S.; Anjo, T.; Bolortuya, G.; Saegusa, H.; Suda, H., 2012:
Shaping of the root canal using Er:YAG laser irradiation

Fermann, M.E.; da Silva, V.; Smith, D.A.; Silberberg, Y.; Weiner, A.M., 1993:
Shaping of ultrashort optical pulses by using an integrated acousto-optic tunable filter

Krappmann, D., 2013:
Shaping oncogenic NF-κB activity in the nucleus

Rieger, P.Trahan., 2010:
Shaping oncology care for the future: an Oncology Nursing Society perspective

Martin, E.R., 2014:
Shaping opportunities for the new health sciences librarian

Amaral, A.M.; Falcão-Filho, E.L.; de Araújo, C.B., 2013:
Shaping optical beams with topological charge

Proksch, S.; Steinberg, T.; Vach, K.; Hellwig, E.; Tomakidi, P., 2014:
Shaping oral cell plasticity to osteogenic differentiation by human mesenchymal stem cell coculture

Chadwick, D.Gregory.; Wilson, M.B.; Anderson, C.F., 2014:
Shaping oral health care in North Carolina with East Carolina University's community service learning centers

Li, A.; Chen, M.; Jiang, T-Xin.; Wu, P.; Nie, Q.; Widelitz, R.; Chuong, C-Ming., 2013:
Shaping organs by a wingless-int/Notch/nonmuscle myosin module which orients feather bud elongation

D'Souza, R.N., 2012:
Shaping our future

Borenstein, J., 2007:
Shaping our future: the implications of genetic enhancement

Franco, S.J.; Müller, U., 2013:
Shaping our minds: stem and progenitor cell diversity in the mammalian neocortex

Shannon, E.A.; Burchill, T.Alice., 2013:
Shaping our workforce: a Tasmanian development program

Giovannone, T.; Migliau, G.; Bedini, R.; Ferrari, M.; Gallottini, L., 2008:
Shaping outcomes using two Ni-Ti rotary instruments in simulated canals

Streuli, Jürg.C.; Vayena, E.; Cavicchia-Balmer, Y.; Huber, J., 2014:
Shaping parents: impact of contrasting professional counseling on parents' decision making for children with disorders of sex development

Korum, K., 2014:
Shaping partnerships by doing the work

Swindell, J.S.; McGuire, A.L.; Halpern, S.D., 2011:
Shaping patients' decisions

Gang, O.; Zhang, Y., 2012:
Shaping phases by phasing shapes

Disch, J., 2012:
Shaping policy through Academy action

Mathews, M.; Newbury, J.; Housser, E.M., 2011:
Shaping policy: the Canadian Cancer Society and the Hormone Receptor Testing Inquiry

Kakar, S.; Dhingra, A.; Sharma, H., 2014:
Shaping potential of manual NiTi K-File and rotary ProTaper and analyzing the final outcome of shaped canals using CT

Mikkola, M., 2009:
Shaping professional identity for sustainability. Evidence in Finnish public catering

Elliott, D.D.; May, W.; Schaff, P.B.; Nyquist, J.G.; Trial, J.; Reilly, J.Marie.; Lattore, P., 2010:
Shaping professionalism in pre-clinical medical students: Professionalism and the practice of medicine

Sadana, R.; Petrakova, A., 2008:
Shaping public health education around the world to address health challenges in the coming decades

McIntyre, M.J.; Francis, K.; Chapman, Y., 2011:
Shaping public opinion on the issue of childbirth; a critical analysis of articles published in an Australian newspaper

Raphael, D., 2008:
Shaping public policy and population health in the United States: why is the public health community missing in action?

Cook, T.M.; Coupe, M.; Ku, T., 2012:
Shaping quality: the use of performance polygons for multidimensional presentation and interpretation of qualitative performance data

Ballard, K.J., 2013:
Shaping questions for the next decade: listening to clients, parents, and clinicians

Agler, M.T.; Werner, J.J.; Iten, L.B.; Dekker, A.; Cotta, M.A.; Dien, B.S.; Angenent, L.T., 2013:
Shaping reactor microbiomes to produce the fuel precursor n-butyrate from pretreated cellulosic hydrolysates

Hadley, M., 2008:
Shaping registered nursing

Kaneko, K., 2008:
Shaping robust system through evolution

Mounce, R.E.; Friedman, J., 2011:
Shaping root canal systems: a "real world" case

Razi, H.; Checa, S.; Schaser, K-Dieter.; Duda, G.N., 2013:
Shaping scaffold structures in rapid manufacturing implants: a modeling approach toward mechano-biologically optimized configurations for large bone defect

Celis, J.E.; Gago, Jé.Mariano., 2014:
Shaping science policy in Europe

Hueber, S.D.; Lohmann, I., 2008:
Shaping segments: Hox gene function in the genomic age

Li, L.; Lee, W.Ming.; Xie, X.; Krolikowski, W.; Rode, A.V.; Zhou, J., 2014:
Shaping self-imaging bottle beams with modified quasi-Bessel beams

Kelly, M.D.; Starr, T., 2013:
Shaping service-academia partnerships to facilitate safe and quality transitions in care

Moerland, R.J.; Eguiluz, L.; Kaivola, M., 2013:
Shaping single emitter emission with metallic hole arrays: strong focusing of dipolar radiation

Yucelen, G.Ipek.; Kang, D-Yen.; Guerrero-Ferreira, R.C.; Wright, E.R.; Beckham, H.W.; Nair, S., 2012:
Shaping single-walled metal oxide nanotubes from precursors of controlled curvature

Guenther, C.; Pantalena-Filho, L.; Kingsley, D.M., 2009:
Shaping skeletal growth by modular regulatory elements in the Bmp5 gene

Lamb, R.J.; Kirby, K.C.; Morral, A.R.; Galbicka, G.; Iguchi, M.Y., 2010:
Shaping smoking cessation in hard-to-treat smokers

Fjaer, E.Grip.; Vabø, M., 2014:
Shaping social situations: A hidden aspect of care work in nursing homes

Groves, A.K.; Fekete, D.M., 2012:
Shaping sound in space: the regulation of inner ear patterning

Buckley, S., 2007:
Shaping speech

Smith, L.G.E.; Postmes, T., 2011:
Shaping stereotypical behaviour through the discussion of social stereotypes

Allen, B.; Currie, G., 2011:
Shaping strategic change: making change in large organizations

Rodgers, V.; Gilmour, J., 2012:
Shaping student nurses' attitudes towards older people through learning and experience

Cox, M.A.; Zajac, A.J., 2010:
Shaping successful and unsuccessful CD8 T cell responses following infection

Puigmartí-Luis, J.; Pérez del Pino, A.; Laukhina, E.; Esquena, J.; Laukhin, V.; Rovira, Có.; Vidal-Gancedo, Jé.; Kanaras, A.G.; Nichols, R.J.; Brust, M.; Amabilino, D.B., 2008:
Shaping supramolecular nanofibers with nanoparticles forming complementary hydrogen bonds

Wang, L.; Wang, L.; Tan, E.; Guo, L.; Han, X., 2011:
Shaping surface of palladium nanospheres through the control of reaction parameters

McGaughey, G.; Bayly, C.I.; Cox, C.D.; Schreier, J.D.; Breslin, M.J.; Bogusky, M.; Pitzenberger, S.; Ball, R.; Coleman, P.J., 2014:
Shaping suvorexant: application of experimental and theoretical methods for driving synthetic designs

Zheng, Y.; Schwabe, L., 2014:
Shaping synaptic learning by the duration of postsynaptic action potential in a new STDP model

Smetzer, J.; Baker, C.; Byrne, F.D.; Cohen, M.R., 2010:
Shaping systems for better behavioral choices: lessons learned from a fatal medication error

Naro, A.; Leo, A.; Russo, M.; Quartarone, A.; Bramanti, P.; Calabrò, R.Salvatore., 2015:
Shaping thalamo-cortical plasticity: a marker of cortical pain integration in patients with post-anoxic unresponsive wakefulness syndrome?

Sorini, C.; Falcone, M., 2013:
Shaping the (auto)immune response in the gut: the role of intestinal immune regulation in the prevention of type 1 diabetes

Wang, X.Q.D.; Crutchley, J.L.; Dostie, Jée., 2011:
Shaping the Genome with Non-Coding RNAs

Brown, C.A.; Hickey, J.Scott.; Buck, D.S., 2014:
Shaping the Jail Inreach Project: program evaluation as a quality improvement measure to inform programmatic decision making and improve outcomes

Fiori, W.; Renner, S.P.; Siam, K.; Babapirali, J.; Roeder, N.; Dausch, E.; Hildebrandt, T.; Hillemanns, P.; Nehmzow, M.; Zygmunt, M.; Piroth, D.; Schem, C.; Schwenzer, T.; Friese, K.; Wallwiener, D.; Beckmann, M.W., 2014:
Shaping the System - The DRG Evaluation Project of the German Society for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe, DGGG)

Kamal, B.; Holman, C.; de Villers-Sidani, E., 2013:
Shaping the aging brain: role of auditory input patterns in the emergence of auditory cortical impairments

Ellen, A.F.; Zolghadr, B.; Driessen, A.M.J.; Albers, S-Verena., 2010:
Shaping the archaeal cell envelope

McEnery, R., 2013:
Shaping the battlefield

Blondeel, P.N.; Hijjawi, J.; Depypere, H.; Roche, N.; Van Landuyt, K., 2009:
Shaping the breast in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: an easy three-step principle

Blondeel, P.N.; Hijjawi, J.; Depypere, H.; Roche, N.; Van Landuyt, K., 2009:
Shaping the breast in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: an easy three-step principle. Part II--Breast reconstruction after total mastectomy

Blondeel, P.N.; Hijjawi, J.; Depypere, H.; Roche, N.; Van Landuyt, K., 2010:
Shaping the breast in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: an easy three-step principle. Part III--reconstruction following breast conservative treatment

Blondeel, P.N.; Hijjawi, J.; Depypere, H.; Roche, N.; Van Landuyt, K., 2009:
Shaping the breast in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: an easy three-step principle. Part IV--aesthetic breast surgery

Gravvanis, A.; Smith, R.W., 2011:
Shaping the breast in secondary microsurgical breast reconstruction: single- vs. two-esthetic unit reconstruction

Lackner, L.L., 2014:
Shaping the dynamic mitochondrial network

Vato, A.; Semprini, M.; Maggiolini, E.; Szymanski, F.D.; Fadiga, L.; Panzeri, S.; Mussa-Ivaldi, F.A., 2013:
Shaping the dynamics of a bidirectional neural interface

Phelan, C.F.; Hennessy, T.; Busch, T., 2013:
Shaping the evanescent field of optical nanofibers for cold atom trapping

Colozza, G.; Locker, M.; Perron, M., 2012:
Shaping the eye from embryonic stem cells: Biological and medical implications

Manchester, A., 2013:
Shaping the flow of primary health care nursing

Vecchi, G.; Giannini, V.; Gómez Rivas, J., 2009:
Shaping the fluorescent emission by lattice resonances in plasmonic crystals of nanoantennas

van Dijk, T.; Gbur, G.; Visser, T.D., 2008:
Shaping the focal intensity distribution using spatial coherence

Hartmann, T.; Sasse, C.; Schedler, A.; Hasenberg, M.; Gunzer, M.; Krappmann, S., 2011:
Shaping the fungal adaptome--stress responses of Aspergillus fumigatus

Scriven, A., 2007 :
Shaping the future has become the rallying cry for health promoters in the first decade of the 21st century

Abou-Alfa, G.; Colombo, M., 2013:
Shaping the future management of hepatocellular carcinoma

Poole, P.; Shulruf, B., 2014:
Shaping the future medical workforce: take care with selection tools

Bieber, T.; Simon, H-U., 2010:
Shaping the future of Allergy

Farley-Toombs, C., 2011:
Shaping the future of PMH-APRN practice through engagement

Søreide, E.; Kalman, S.; Åneman, A.; Nørregaard, O.; Pere, P.; Mellin-Olsen, J.; Gordh, T.; Hyldemo, P.Kristian.; Hüttle, M.; Kalman, S.; Lippert, F.; Mellin-Olsen, J.; Nørregaard, O.Hegnet.; Niskanen, M.; Pere, P.; Søreide, E.; Takala, R.; Wernerman, J.; Åneman, A., 2011:
Shaping the future of Scandinavian anaesthesiology: a position paper by the SSAI

Milone-Nuzzo, P., 2013:
Shaping the future of doctor of nursing practice education

McQueen, D.V., 2008:
Shaping the future of health promotion: priorities for action

Aloy, P., 2007:
Shaping the future of interactome networks

Karstadt, L., 2009:
Shaping the future of nursing

Jones, D.P.; Wolf, D.M., 2010:
Shaping the future of nursing education today using distant education and technology

Bradshaw, A., 2016:
Shaping the future of nursing: developing an appraisal framework for public engagement with nursing policy reports

Nabel, E.G., 2007:
Shaping the future of research: the NHLBI strategic plan

Christ, G.; Blacker, S., 2007:
Shaping the future of social work in end-of-life and palliative care

Winck, J.; Morais, A., 2011:
Shaping the future of the Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology

Polverini, P.J., 2011:
Shaping the future of the dental profession through research and discovery

Riedel, H-P.; Ellger-Rüttgardt, S.; Karbe, H.; Niehaus, M.; Rauch, A.; Schian, H-M.; Schmidt, C.; Schott, T.; Schröder, H.; Spijkers, W.; Wittwer, U., 2010:
Shaping the future of vocational rehabilitation of adults: eight fields of action as starting points for a cross-actor innovation process

Padgett, C., 2012:
Shaping the future through a survey of BVA members

Adam, G.; Forsting, M.; Bockisch, A.; Kotzerke, J., 2012:
Shaping the future together

Hattery, R.R.; Dunnick, N.Reed., 2007:
Shaping the future: maintenance of board certification and quality care

Demiris, G.; Edison, K.; Schopp, L.H., 2013:
Shaping the future: needs and expectations of telehealth professionals

Benton, D., 2010:
Shaping the future: role models and situated learning

Delp, L.; Riley, K.; Jacobs, S.; Bush, D.; Kirkland, K.; Denis, I.; London, M.; Harrison, R., 2014:
Shaping the future: ten years of the occupational health internship program

Platten, M.; Weller, M.; Wick, W., 2015:
Shaping the glioma immune microenvironment through tryptophan metabolism

Borroni, E.Monica.; Bonecchi, R., 2009:
Shaping the gradient by nonchemotactic chemokine receptors

Sieger, M.; Ertl-Schmuck, R.; Harking, M., 2010:
Shaping the interaction between nurses and patients in the rehabilitation process--the example of hospital care for paraplegic persons

Gfeller, D.; Michielin, O.; Zoete, V., 2014:
Shaping the interaction landscape of bioactive molecules

Crawley, S.W.; Mooseker, M.S.; Tyska, M.J., 2015:
Shaping the intestinal brush border

Levenstein, C., 1995:
Shaping the issues -

Bronfman, Z.Z.; Ginsburg, S.; Jablonka, E., 2014:
Shaping the learning curve: epigenetic dynamics in neural plasticity

Felfer, P.; Ringer, S.P.; Cairney, J.M., 2011:
Shaping the lens of the atom probe: fabrication of site specific, oriented specimens and application to grain boundary analysis

Čižmár, Táš.; Dholakia, K., 2012:
Shaping the light transmission through a multimode optical fibre: complex transformation analysis and applications in biophotonics

Laufs, P.; Peaucelle, A.; Höfte, H., 2009:
Shaping the meristem by mechanical forces

Weiner, B.H., 2007:
Shaping the message about interventional cardiology: sCAI launches a public education initiative

Hatlapatka, T.; Lavrentieva, A.; Moretti, P.; Hass, R.; Marquardt, N.; Jacobs, R.; Kasper, C., 2010:
Shaping the microenvironment of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cell-like cells

Heath-Heckman, E.A.C.; Gillette, A.A.; Augustin, Ré.; Gillette, M.X.; Goldman, W.E.; McFall-Ngai, M.J., 2015:
Shaping the microenvironment: evidence for the influence of a host galaxin on symbiont acquisition and maintenance in the squid-Vibrio symbiosis

Ranganathan, S.I.; Yoon, D.M.; Henslee, A.M.; Nair, M.B.; Smid, C.; Kasper, F.Kurtis.; Tasciotti, E.; Mikos, A.G.; Decuzzi, P.; Ferrari, M., 2010:
Shaping the micromechanical behavior of multi-phase composites for bone tissue engineering

Evriviades, D.; Jeffery, S.; Cubison, T.; Lawton, G.; Gill, M.; Mortiboy, D., 2011:
Shaping the military wound: issues surrounding the reconstruction of injured servicemen at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine

Sheldon, K.E.; Shandilya, H.; Kepka-Lenhart, D.; Poljakovic, M.; Ghosh, A.; Morris, S.M., 2013:
Shaping the murine macrophage phenotype: IL-4 and cyclic AMP synergistically activate the arginase I promoter

Treasure, E.T., 2013:
Shaping the next generation of 'population oral healthers'

Gard, J.A.; Stringfellow, D.A., 2014:
Shaping the norms that regulate international commerce of embryos

Yu, Y.; Casaccia, P.; Lu, Q.Richard., 2010:
Shaping the oligodendrocyte identity by epigenetic control

Seim, A.R.; Sandberg, W.S., 2011:
Shaping the operating room and perioperative systems of the future: innovating for improved competitiveness

Shcherbakov, A.; Aguirre-Lopez, A., 2003:
Shaping the optical components of solitary threewave weakly coupled states in a two-mode waveguide

Monte-Silva, K.; Kuo, M-Fang.; Liebetanz, D.; Paulus, W.; Nitsche, M.A., 2011:
Shaping the optimal repetition interval for cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)

Kort, R.; Caspers, M.; van de Graaf, A.; van Egmond, W.; Keijser, B.; Roeselers, G., 2014:
Shaping the oral microbiota through intimate kissing

Yarbrough, M.L.; White, M.A.; Fontoura, B.M.A., 2012:
Shaping the p53 response with nucleoporins

Mair, A.; Teige, M., 2013:
Shaping the pathogen response by protein kinase triggered oxidative burst

Stalker, T.J.; Welsh, J.D.; Brass, L.F., 2015:
Shaping the platelet response to vascular injury

Cutignano, A.; Cimino, G.; Villani, G.; Fontana, A., 2009:
Shaping the polypropionate biosynthesis in the solar-powered mollusc Elysia viridis

Sessa, B., 2012:
Shaping the renaissance of psychedelic research

Savage, P.A.; Leventhal, D.S.; Malchow, S., 2014:
Shaping the repertoire of tumor-infiltrating effector and regulatory T cells

Lindo, J.L.M.; Holder-Nevins, D.; Dover Roberts, D.; Dawkins, P.; Bennett, J., 2015:
Shaping the research experiences of graduate students using action research

Nag, A.; Faeder, J.R.; Goldstein, B., 2011:
Shaping the response: the role of FcεRI and Syk expression levels in mast cell signaling

Shattock, R., 2014:
Shaping the science of prevention

Gaisser, S.; Reiss, T., 2009:
Shaping the science-industry-policy interface in synthetic biology

Moore, A., 2011:
Shaping the service to fit the person

Evans, M.E.; Roth, R., 2014:
Shaping the skin: the interplay of mesoscale geometry and corneocyte swelling

Riznanto, B.; Pujasakti, M.Panji., 2008:
Shaping the social and welfare security in Indonesia through implementing macro-ergonomics

Reichelt, M.; Meier, T., 2009:
Shaping the spatiotemporal dynamics of the electron density in a hybrid metal-semiconductor nanostructure

Wlodarczyk, K.L.; Hand, D.P., 2014:
Shaping the surface of Borofloat 33 glass with ultrashort laser pulses and a spatial light modulator

Rusakov, D.A.; Savtchenko, L.P.; Zheng, K.; Henley, J.M., 2014:
Shaping the synaptic signal: molecular mobility inside and outside the cleft

DeSantis, C.J.; Sue, A.C.; Radmilovic, A.; Liu, H.; Losovyj, Y.B.; Skrabalak, S.E., 2014:
Shaping the synthesis and assembly of symmetrically stellated Au/Pd nanocrystals with aromatic additives

Wanninger, A., 2009:
Shaping the things to come: ontogeny of lophotrochozoan neuromuscular systems and the tetraneuralia concept

Lee, V.H.L., 2008:
Shaping the transformation of pharmaceutical science

Torres-Company, Víctor.; Torres, J.P.; Friberg, A.T., 2013:
Shaping the ultrafast temporal correlations of thermal-like photons

Martinez-Morales, J.Ramon.; Wittbrodt, J., 2010:
Shaping the vertebrate eye

Valencia, A.; Ceré, A.; Shi, X.; Molina-Terriza, G.; Torres, J.P., 2008:
Shaping the waveform of entangled photons

Pastrana, E., 2012:
Shaping the waves

Dorling, D.; Barford, A., 2007:
Shaping the world to illustrate inequalities in health

Manyuhina, O.V., 2014:
Shaping thin nematic films with competing boundary conditions

Huang, W.M.; Song, C.L.; Fu, Y.Q.; Wang, C.C.; Zhao, Y.; Purnawali, H.; Lu, H.B.; Tang, C.; Ding, Z.; Zhang, J.L., 2013:
Shaping tissue with shape memory materials

Polishchuk, R.S.; Capestrano, M.; Polishchuk, E.V., 2009:
Shaping tubular carriers for intracellular membrane transport

Thomson, R.R.; Bockelt, A.S.; Ramsay, E.; Beecher, S.; Greenaway, A.H.; Kar, A.K.; Reid, D.T., 2008:
Shaping ultrafast laser inscribed optical waveguides using a deformable mirror

Economos, C.D.; Curtatone, J.A., 2010:
Shaping up Somerville: a community initiative in Massachusetts

Bryder, D.; Sigvardsson, M., 2010:
Shaping up a lineage--lessons from B lymphopoesis

Denholm, B., 2014:
Shaping up for action: the path to physiological maturation in the renal tubules of Drosophila

Kadosh, D., 2014:
Shaping up for battle: morphological control mechanisms in human fungal pathogens

Sattelle, B.M.; Almond, A., 2014:
Shaping up for structural glycomics: a predictive protocol for oligosaccharide conformational analysis applied to N-linked glycans

Eliav, E.; Kielbassa, A., 2010:
Shaping up for the future

Chen, X.; Ellington, A.D., 2011:
Shaping up nucleic acid computation

Prasad, K.; Ambrose, B.A., 2010:
Shaping up the fruit: control of fruit size by an Arabidopsis B-sister MADS-box gene

Almena, Mía.; Mérida, I., 2012:
Shaping up the membrane: diacylglycerol coordinates spatial orientation of signaling

Lancaster, O.M.; Baum, B., 2015:
Shaping up to divide: coordinating actin and microtubule cytoskeletal remodelling during mitosis

Hargreaves, A., 2014:
Shaping up while pregnant

Gore, S.A., 2011:
Shaping up: boot camp and other programs addressing professional development needs of science librarians

Bressel, K.; Muthig, M.; Prevost, S.; Gummel, J.; Narayanan, T.; Gradzielski, M., 2012:
Shaping vesicles-controlling size and stability by admixture of amphiphilic copolymer

Evans, B.; MacInnes, T., 2014:
Shaping veterinary health policies in a global and evolving context

Fleming, S.M., 2009:
Shaping what we see: pinning down the influence of value on perceptual judgements

Mazzeo, M.; della Sala, F.; Mariano, F.; Melcarne, G.; D.A.ostino, S.; Duan, Y.; Cingolani, R.; Gigli, G., 2011:
Shaping white light through electroluminescent fully organic coupled microcavities

Zeimes, C.B.; Olsson, G.E.; Hjertqvist, M.; Vanwambeke, S.O., 2015:
Shaping zoonosis risk: landscape ecology vs. landscape attractiveness for people, the case of tick-borne encephalitis in Sweden

Capko, J., 2010:
Shaping-up the unruly physician

Prats Viñas, Jé.María.; Suinaga Errasti, I.; Blanco Lago, R., 2011:
Shapiro Shulman syndrome: a forgotten condition

Mathur, S.; Mathur, A.; Dubey, T.; Jain, S.; Mathur, S.; Agarwal, H.; Kulshrestha, M.; Jangid, R.; Ram, C., 2014:
Shapiro syndrome

Arkader, R.; Takeuchi, C.Augusto., 2008:
Shapiro syndrome with hypothalamic hypothyroidism

N.C., 1987:
Shapiro to leave michigan for princeton

Tambasco, N.; Belcastro, V.; Prontera, P.; Nigro, P.; Donti, E.; Rossi, A.; Calabresi, P., 2015:
Shapiro's syndrome: Defining the clinical spectrum of the spontaneous paroxysmal hypothermia syndrome

Azar, G.G.; Robert, M.P., 2012:
Shapiro-Shulman and Sturge-Weber syndromes

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SharING out the roles in replicatING DNA

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Share and share alike

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Share and share alike: exchanging innovations and best practices on the web

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Share experiment: hospital mobile pharmaceutical teams, a proven concept!

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Share information about patients to tackle static suicide rate, doctors are told

Anonymous, 2013:
Share knowledge to drive nurse innovation

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Share of Nations in 37 International Public Health Journals: An Equity and Diversity Perspective towards Health Research Capacity Building

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Share of dietary supplements in nutrition of coeliac disease patients

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Share of the pet care market

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Share risk, not roles. Providers, insurers must forge new links to manage slower growing payments

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Share the Care™: building teams in primary care practices

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Share the New Focus: 128th Annual Meeting

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Share the Wealth: LBJ Directive eginning To Show Some Effects

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Share the health: Looking for a good home for your unwanted diabetes supplies? Here are some options

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Share the sick leave--not the flu

Lee, J., 2013:
Share ware

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with Women. Menopause--what's it all about?

Brys, S., 2014:
Share with the community, and they will share with you

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Am I in labor?

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women. Bacterial vaginosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Share with women. Breastfeeding and birth control

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Breastfeeding and working

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Caring for your perineum after you give birth

Anonymous, 2016:
Share with women. Circumcision

Anonymous, 2008:
Share with women. Cord blood banking--what's it all about?

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Depression and use of SSRI medications during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Eating safely during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women. Emergency contraception

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Environmental hazards during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Epidural analgesia

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Exercise in pregnancy

Anonymous, 2016:
Share with women. Fetal heart rate monitoring in labor

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Folic acid--what's it all about?

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Good self-care during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. H1N1 flu (swine flu)

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Making decisions about prenatal tests for birth defects

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women. Menstrual suppression: choosing not to have your period

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Miscarriage

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Motherhood: the early days

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Motherhood: the first days

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Newborn screening and hearing test

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Nitrous oxide for pain relief in labor

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Postpartum depression

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Pregnancy after bariatric surgery

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Prenatal tests for Down syndrome

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Preventing pertussis (whooping cough)

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Promoting skin-to-skin contact

Anonymous, 2015:
Share with women. Rh-negative blood type and pregnancy

Anonymous, 2012:
Share with women. Second stage of labor: pushing your baby out

Anonymous, 2014:
Share with women. Should I have a C-section?

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Taking good care of yourself while you are pregnant

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Vitamin D

Anonymous, 2012:
Share with women. Vulvar care

Anonymous, 2012:
Share with women. Vulvodynia

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. Vulvovaginal candidiasis

Anonymous, 2011:
Share with women. Weight gain during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women. What is a midwife

Anonymous, 2016:
Share with women. When is my baby due?

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women. induction of labor

Anonymous, 2010:
Share with women: abnormal uterine bleeding

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women: gestational diabetes: what happens after my baby is born?

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women: infertility

Anonymous, 2013:
Share with women: planning your family: developing a reproductive life plan

Hutchison, J.A., 1976:
Share your Experience

Zucchero, Ré.A., 2011:
Share your experience and I'll lend you my ear: older adult outcomes of an intergenerational service-learning experience

Anonymous, 2012:
Share your herbal supplement use with your doctor. Research shows that some popular supplements may be dangerous for people with cardiovascular diseases

Lynch, P.K., 2011:
Share your knowledge on the BMET Wiki

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Share your life, share your decision

Ray, T.D., 2007:
Share your secrets--teach! A proposal to increase the number of nurse anesthesia educators

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Share your story, shape your care: engaging the diverse and disperse population of Northwestern Ontario in healthcare priority setting

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Share your views in the national stroke survey

Shaw, T., 2013:
Share your work at conferences

DerGurahian, J., 2008:
Share, and share alike. Proposed rule on PSOs could lead to more data-sharing

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Share, don't hoard: The importance of information exchange in 21st century health-criminal justice partnerships

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Share, steal, or buy? A social cognitive perspective of music downloading

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Share2Quit: Web-Based Peer-Driven Referrals for Smoking Cessation

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Shared Decision Making Guidance Reminders in Practice (SDM-GRIP)

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Shared Kernel Information Embedding for discriminative inference

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Shared REMS programs expanded in 2012

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Shared Savings Program for accountable care organizations: a bridge to nowhere?

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Shared accountability for surgical patients

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Shared accountability, appropriateness, and quality of surgical care

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Shared body representations and the 'Whose' system

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Shared care case studies. Dose of confidence

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Shared care model for mental health: is it a viable option for pakistan ?

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Shared care model in a federally qualified health care center for the homeless

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Shared care of adult survivors of childhood cancers

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Shared care--is it worth it for the patient?

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Shared care. Fair share

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Shared regulatory body unlikely

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Shared responsibility

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Shared responsibility for employers regarding health coverage. Final regulations

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Shared responsibility? Family caregivers and home care nurses

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Shared sacrifices, shared responsibilities will be key

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Shared savings don't jeopardize patient outcomes

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Shared standards, sharing care

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Shared, rented, occupied: expanding our concept of who we are

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Sharepoint site eases information flow for clinical engineering team

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Shareware program for nuclear medicine and PET/CT PACS display and processing

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Sharing & caring at William Beaumont Hospital: offering support to patients with breast cancer

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Sharing Data and Results in Ethnographic Research: Why This Should not be an Ethical Imperative

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Sharing God's love in the workplace

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Sharing H5N1 viruses to stop a global influenza pandemic

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Sharing Mechanisms for Information Technology in Developing Countries, Social Capital and Quality of Life

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Sharing MedlinePlus®/MEDLINE® for information literacy education (SMILE): a dental public health information project

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Sharing One Biographical Detail Elicits Priming between Famous Names: Empirical and Computational Approaches

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Sharing Place, Learning Together: the birthplace of new ways?

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Sharing Research Models: Using Software Engineering Practices for Facilitation

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Sharing Sensor Data with SensorSA and Cascading Sensor Observation Service

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Sharing Singapore's experience in dietetic practice and school nutrition programmes

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Sharing a collection of radiology educational websites as bookmarks among radiologists

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Sharing a commitment on the world stage: the International Year of the Nurse

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Sharing a driver's context with a caller via continuous audio cues to increase awareness about driver state

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Sharing a patient's information with others involved in care

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Sharing a precious resource: an example of the promise of therapeutics for rare diseases to treat common conditions

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Sharing a problem. We all should do more of it

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Sharing a roof

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Sharing a task or sharing space? On the effect of the confederate in action coding in a detection task

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Sharing a traumatic event: the experience of the listener and the storyteller within the dyad

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Sharing about sharecare: RDs reveal how the Q&A social platform boosts visibility

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Sharing adverse drug event data using business intelligence technology

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Sharing after hours care in a rural New Zealand community--a service utilization survey

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Sharing and Integration of Cognitive Neuroscience Data: Metric and Pattern Matching across Heterogeneous ERP Datasets

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Sharing and borrowing prescription medication: a survey of Irish college students

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Sharing and caring

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Sharing and giving across adolescence: an experimental study examining the development of prosocial behavior

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Sharing and growing together: EuroPCR 2013

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Sharing and presenting international nursing history research

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Sharing and re-use of phylogenetic trees (and associated data) to facilitate synthesis

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Sharing and reporting the results of clinical trials

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Sharing and reusing cardiovascular anatomical models over the Web: a step towards the implementation of the virtual physiological human project

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Sharing and reusing multimedia multilingual educational resources in medicine

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Sharing and selling of prescription medications in a college student sample

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Sharing area-specific information via an internet forum benefits rural clinicians: a lesson learned from a case with decompression sickness a remote island

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Sharing atrocity stories in hospice: A study of niceness message strategies in interdisciplinary team meetings

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Sharing behavioral data through a grid infrastructure using data standards

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