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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55757

Chapter 55757 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1981:
Shimadzu scientific instruments, inc

Anonymous, 1983:
Shimadzu scientific instruments, inc

Anonymous, 1983:
Shimadzu scientific instruments, inc

Hameed, A.; Shahina, M.; Lin, S-Yao.; Lai, W-An.; Hsu, Y-Han.; Liu, Y-Cheng.; Huang, Y-Ming.; Young, C-Chung., 2014:
Shimia biformata sp. nov., isolated from surface seawater, and emended description of the genus Shimia Choi and Cho 2006

Hyun, D-Wook.; Kim, M-Soo.; Shin, N-Ri.; Kim, J.Yong.; Kim, P.Soo.; Whon, T.Woong.; Yun, J-Hyun.; Bae, J-Woo., 2014:
Shimia haliotis sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from the gut of an abalone, Haliotis discus hannai

Chen, M-Hui.; Sheu, S-Yi.; Chen, C.Allen.; Wang, J-Terng.; Chen, W-Ming., 2011:
Shimia isoporae sp. nov., isolated from the reef-building coral Isopora palifera

Franck, J.M.; Demas, V.; Martin, R.W.; Bouchard, L-S.; Pines, A., 2010:
Shimmed matching pulses: simultaneous control of rf and static gradients for inhomogeneity correction

Hansen, N.F.; Gartner, J.J.; Mei, L.; Samuels, Y.; Mullikin, J.C., 2013:
Shimmer: detection of genetic alterations in tumors using next-generation sequence data

Khan, M.; Rao, P.Kumar.; Rao, R.C., 2014:
Shimmering lights

Wen, Z.; Fahrig, R.; Williams, S.T.; Pelc, N.J., 2008:
Shimming with permanent magnets for the x-ray detector in a hybrid x-ray/ MR system

Matsumura, M.; Ota, T.; Takeshima, N.; Takizawa, K., 2010:
Shimodaira-Taniguchi conization method: its utility and reliability

Kuzmin, I.V.; Mayer, A.E.; Niezgoda, M.; Markotter, W.; Agwanda, B.; Breiman, R.F.; Rupprecht, C.E., 2010:
Shimoni bat virus, a new representative of the Lyssavirus genus

Blackman, P., 2010:
Shin pain in athletes - assessment and management

Balink, H., 2009:
Shin splints: an unexpected effect of bisphosphonates in osteogenesis imperfecta

Story, J.; Cymet, T.Childs., 2007:
Shin splints: painful to have and to treat

Bedny, M.; Dravida, S.; Saxe, R., 2015:
Shindigs, brunches, and rodeos: the neural basis of event words

Takeda, N., 2012:
Shine a light on jellyfish Cytaeis uchidae

Sarris, M.; Betz, A.G., 2009:
Shine a light: imaging the immune system

Duffin, C., 2011 :
Shine a light: nurses find ways to improve care and cut costs

Amato, I., 1991:
Shine on, holey silicon

Hickerson, E., 2010:
Shine on. New lighting control technologies increase efficiencies and lower costs

Perry, B., 2008:
Shine on: achieving career satisfaction as a registered nurse

Stefan, A.; Schwarz, F.; Bressanin, D.; Hochkoeppler, A., 2011:
Shine-Dalgarno sequence enhances the efficiency of lacZ repression by artificial anti-lac antisense RNAs in Escherichia coli

Welch, M.; Helfgott, D., 2007:
Shine: still a glittering moment, or now a little bit tarnished?

Lin, D.Xu.; Wang, E.Tao.; Tang, H.; Han, T.Xu.; He, Y.Rong.; Guan, S.Hua.; Chen, W.Xin., 2008:
Shinella kummerowiae sp. nov., a symbiotic bacterium isolated from root nodules of the herbal legume Kummerowia stipulacea

Matsui, T.; Shinzato, N.; Tamaki, H.; Muramatsu, M.; Hanada, S., 2009:
Shinella yambaruensis sp. nov., a 3-methyl-sulfolane-assimilating bacterium isolated from soil

Litchfield, S.M., 2010:

Keating, G.M., 2014:
Shingles (herpes zoster) vaccine (zostavax(®)): a review of its use in the prevention of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia in adults aged ≥50 years

Norman, J.; Politz, D., 2008 :
Shingles (varicella zoster) outbreaks in patients with hyperparathyroidism and their relationship to hypercalcemia

Strandberg, T.E.; Tienari, P., 2015:
Shingles and statin treatment: confounding by cholesterol or APOE4 status?

Wielawski, I.M., 2009:
Shingles and the vaccine to prevent it

Coulehan, J., 2011:
Shingles does it

Russell, M.L.; Dover, D.C.; Simmonds, K.A.; Svenson, L.W., 2015:
Shingles in Alberta: before and after publicly funded varicella vaccination

Dobson, R., 2009:
Shingles vaccination is likely to be cost effective at age 65 or 70

Anonymous, 2014:
Shingles vaccination pros and cons. Vaccination against the chicken pox virus prevents a painful rash common in older men, but it has limits

Purssell, E., 2014:
Shingles vaccination: background and advice for community nurses

Willison, C.Beau.; Morrison, L.Katie.; Mendoza, N.; Tyring, S.K., 2010:
Shingles vaccine

Shaheen, L., 2009:
Shingles vaccine (JANUARY 2009)

Vionnet, J.; Hart, K.; Spertini, F., 2014:
Shingles vaccine: which recommendations in 2014?

Ahmed, S.Viqar.; Hamada, H.; Jayawarna, C.; Chandra, S., 2013:
Shingles with secondary asymptomatic CNS involvement!

Anonymous, 2010:
Shingles: prevention is the way to go. But obstacles include vaccine cost, Medicare reimbursement policies, and vaccine shortages

Novatnack, E.; Schweon, S., 2007:
Shingles: what you should know

Vriend, I.; Valkenberg, H.; Schoots, W.; Goudswaard, G.Jan.; van der Meulen, W.J.; Backx, F.J.G., 2016:
Shinguards effective in preventing lower leg injuries in football: Population-based trend analyses over 25 years

Petchey, W.G.; Johnson, D.W.; Isbel, N.M., 2011:
Shining D' light on chronic kidney disease: mechanisms that may underpin the cardiovascular benefit of vitamin D

Whalen, D.M.; Hymowitz, S.G., 2015:
Shining LIGHT on functional promiscuity in the TNF and TNFR superfamilies

Picavet, E.; Morel, T.; Cassiman, D.; Simoens, S., 2014:
Shining a light in the black box of orphan drug pricing

Tibbetts, J., 2008:
Shining a light on BP-3 exposure

McBride, M.J., 2011:
Shining a light on an opportunistic pathogen

Young, B., 2009:
Shining a light on care

Patil, C.; Siegel, V., 2010:
Shining a light on dark data

Bragg, L.M.; Stone, G.; Butler, M.K.; Hugenholtz, P.; Tyson, G.W., 2013:
Shining a light on dark sequencing: characterising errors in Ion Torrent PGM data

Ghamari-Langroudi, M.; Cone, R.D., 2011:
Shining a light on energy homeostasis

Cyster, J.G., 2010:
Shining a light on germinal center B cells

Symonds, A.; Janney, R., 2013:
Shining a light on hoarding disorder

Murphy, C.T.; Nally, K.; Shanahan, F.; Melgar, S., 2012:
Shining a light on intestinal traffic

Saksida, L.M., 2014:
Shining a light on memory representations

Leventhal, R., 2014:
Shining a light on patient engagement. How one hospital places the tools for engagement in the hands of the patients

Richards, N.G.J., 2009:
Shining a light on post-translational modification

Crutch, S.J.; Schott, J.M.; Rabinovici, G.D.; Boeve, B.F.; Cappa, S.F.; Dickerson, B.C.; Dubois, B.; Graff-Radford, N.R.; Krolak-Salmon, P.; Lehmann, M.; Mendez, M.F.; Pijnenburg, Y.; Ryan, N.S.; Scheltens, P.; Shakespeare, T.; Tang-Wai, D.F.; van der Flier, W.M.; Bain, L.; Carrillo, M.C.; Fox, N.C., 2013:
Shining a light on posterior cortical atrophy

Kitsis, E.A., 2011:
Shining a light on shadowing

Chandross, E.A., 2014:
Shining a light on solar water splitting

Anonymous, 2015:
Shining a light on stem cell tooth repair

Peck, A.A., 2013:
Shining a light on the Sunshine Act

Nau, J-Yves., 2009:
Shining a light on the economic crisis

Pennisi, E., 2011:
Shining a light on the genome's 'dark matter'

Anonymous, 2013:
Shining a light on the reinvention of the safety net

Anonymous, 2010:
Shining a light on thoracic aortic disease. Problems with the body's main pipeline for blood often overlooked, misdiagnosed

Wainapel, S., 2012:
Shining a light on usability. Interview by Elizabeth Gardner

Mullins, R.J.; Camargo, C.A., 2011:
Shining a light on vitamin D and its impact on the developing immune system

Li, L., 2012:
Shining a light on vitamin D testing

Simborg, D.W., 2013:
Shining a little light and a little heat on the issue of EHRs and fraud

Corden, J.L., 2010:
Shining a new light on RNA-protein interactions

Sacht, J., 2012:
Shining a new light on safety

Ridge, R.A.; Antonacci, L.M., 2008:
Shining a spotlight on anticoagulation safety

Anonymous, 2014:
Shining a spotlight on intact proteins

Bryce, A.; Gertz, M., 2014:
Shining a warm light on cryoglobulinemia

Tárnok, A., 2008:
Shining cats and the tiny stem cells

Farrelly, R., 2014:
Shining examples of nursing care surface from helicopter tragedy

Robeznieks, A., 2012:
Shining examples. More hospitals work to earn the Energy Star logo as they advance the greening of their facilities

Samal, A.; Martin, O.C., 2013:
Shining fresh light on the evolution of photosynthesis

Jaffer, F.A., 2012:
Shining light and illuminating murine atherosclerosis via optical coherence tomography

Bürgi, T., 2011:
Shining light at working interfaces and chiral nanoparticles

Zink, T., 2009:
Shining light in dark places. Child abuse hurts a physician as well as her young patient

Whelan, P.J., 2010:
Shining light into the black box of spinal locomotor networks

Quaroni, L.; Zhao, R.; Casson, A.G., 2010:
Shining light on Barrett's esophagus

He, L.; Wang, X.; Montell, D.J., 2012:
Shining light on Drosophila oogenesis: live imaging of egg development

Lederer, S.E., 2012:
Shining light on a shady study

Haddock, R.L., 2013:
Shining light on cancer in the Pacific

Sipieter, Fçois.; Ladik, M.; Vandenabeele, P.; Riquet, F., 2014:
Shining light on cell death processes - a novel biosensor for necroptosis, a newly described cell death program

Brodsky, B.; Kaplan, D.L., 2014:
Shining light on collagen: expressing collagen in plants

Jolly, B., 2012:
Shining light on competence

Curley, J.J.; Cook, T.R.; Reece, S.Y.; Müller, P.; Cummins, C.C., 2008 :
Shining light on dinitrogen cleavage: structural features, redox chemistry, and photochemistry of the key intermediate bridging dinitrogen complex

Wong, M., 2013:
Shining light on epilepsy: optical approaches for treating seizures

Ho, A.J., 2009:
Shining light on foreign animal diseases: the story of Plum Island

Mendoza, J.K.; Baldwin, D., 2014:
Shining light on infants' discovery of structure

Schiwon, R.; Klingan, K.; Dau, H.; Limberg, C., 2013:
Shining light on integrity of a tetracobalt-polyoxometalate water oxidation catalyst by X-ray spectroscopy before and after catalysis

Noimark, S.; Dunnill, C.W.; Parkin, I.P., 2013:
Shining light on materials--a self-sterilising revolution

Dam, D.Hieu.M.; Culver, K.S.B.; Sisco, P.N.; Odom, T.W., 2013:
Shining light on nuclear-targeted therapy using gold nanostar constructs

Tucker, J.W.; Stephenson, C.R.J., 2012:
Shining light on photoredox catalysis: theory and synthetic applications

McNaughton, C.; Barrett, T.W.; Schriger, D.L., 2011:
Shining light on pupillary response after paralysis and the role of case series in clinical research: answers to the March 2011 Journal Club questions

Silva, E., 2014:
Shining light on the Sunshine Act

Frenette, M.; Hatamimoslehabadi, M.; Bellinger-Buckley, S.; Laoui, S.; La, J.; Bag, S.; Mallidi, S.; Hasan, T.; Bouma, B.; Yelleswarapu, C.; Rochford, J., 2015:
Shining light on the dark side of imaging: excited state absorption enhancement of a bis-styryl BODIPY photoacoustic contrast agent

Huang, W.E.; Li, M.; Jarvis, R.M.; Goodacre, R.; Banwart, S.A., 2010:
Shining light on the microbial world the application of Raman microspectroscopy

Holick, M.F., 2010:
Shining light on the vitamin D: Cancer connection IARC report

de Lecea, L.; Carter, M.E.; Adamantidis, A., 2012:
Shining light on wakefulness and arousal

Provenzano, P.P.; Eliceiri, K.W.; Keely, P.J., 2009:
Shining new light on 3D cell motility and the metastatic process

Eelman, M.D.; Blacquiere, J.M.; Moriarty, M.M.; Fogg, D.E., 2007:
Shining new light on an old problem: retooling MALDI mass spectrometry for organotransition-metal catalysis

Izawa, M.R.; French, M.D.; Hedge, A., 2011:
Shining new light on the Hawthorne illumination experiments

Gross, M., 2012:
Shining new light on the brain

Harvey, J.; Tuckett, R.P.; Bodi, A., 2014:
Shining new light on the multifaceted dissociative photoionisation dynamics of CCl4

Reichenberger, F.; Dreyer, T.; Hirschburger, M.; Steiner, D., 2012:
Shining pleura

Egger, G., 2015:
Shining the 'spotlight' on obesity

Shore-Lorenti, C.; Brennan, S.L.; Sanders, K.M.; Neale, R.E.; Lucas, R.M.; Ebeling, P.R., 2015:
Shining the light on Sunshine: a systematic review of the influence of sun exposure on type 2 diabetes mellitus-related outcomes

Bearss, D.J., 2012:
Shining the light on aurora-a kinase as a drug target in pancreatic cancer

Cherpelis, B.S., 2010:
Shining the light on photodynamic therapy in the treatment of extramammary Paget's disease

Conn, L.; Vernaglia, L., 2011:
Shining the light on physician-pharmaceutical and medical device industry financial relationships

Leake, M.C., 2010:
Shining the spotlight on functional molecular complexes: The new science of single-molecule cell biology

Sempere, L.F.; Korc, M., 2008:
Shining the spotlight on shed KRAS in pancreatic cancer

Anonymous, 2010:
Shining the spotlight on vitamin D. New research seeks to pinpoint the role of this key nutrient

Kricka, L.J.; Stanley, P.E., 2013:
Shining worms in oysters: early scientific papers about luminescence

Doi, K.; Morita, K.; Sakuma, S.; Takahashi, M.; Takahashi, S., 2012:
Shinji Takahashi, M.D. (1912-1985): pioneer in early development toward CT and IMRT

Yang, X-Lin.; Yuan, Y-Liang.; Zhang, D-Mei.; Li, F.; Ye, W-Cai., 2014:
Shinjulactone O, a new quassinoid from the root bark of Ailanthus altissima

Klein, J., 2014:
Shinseki (still) must go

Amato, I., 1993:
Shiny molecules gain new luster

Emer, J.; George, D.David.; Bernardo, S.; Sidhu, H., 2013:
Shiny white patches of the arms and forehead

Di Stefani, A.; Campbell, T.M.; Malvehy, J.; Massone, C.; Soyer, H.Peter.; Hofmann-Wellenhof, R., 2011:
Shiny white streaks: An additional dermoscopic finding in melanomas viewed using contact polarised dermoscopy

Shitara, D.; Ishioka, P.; Alonso-Pinedo, Y.; Palacios-Bejarano, L.; Carrera, C.; Malvehy, J.; Puig, S., 2014:
Shiny white streaks: a sign of malignancy at dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions

McMurdie, P.J.; Holmes, S., 2015:
Shiny-phyloseq: Web application for interactive microbiome analysis with provenance tracking

Henderson, J., 2009:
Shiny-side down is best for foil splints after nailbed repairs

Inoué, S., 2011:
Shinya Inoue: lighting the way in microscopy. Interviewed by Caitlin Sedwick

Ochi, M.; Yamanaka, S., 2013:
Shinya Yamanaka's 2012 Nobel Prize and the radical change in orthopedic strategy thanks to his discovery of iPS cells

Mahley, R.W.; Yamanaka, S., 2015:
Shinya Yamanaka, M.D., Ph.D. - 2012 Nobel Prize Laureate: how his dream of a research career provides vision for the next generation of young scientists

Yamanaka, S., 2013:
Shinya Yamanaka: purveyor of pluripotency. Interview by Ruth Williams

Turner, G.A., 1905:
Ship Beri-Beri

Anonymous, 1921:
Ship Lighting

Anonymous, 1940:
Ship Rats

Elliott, J.F., 1910:
Ship Surgeons

Bao, F.; Li, C.; Wang, X.; Wang, Q.; Du, S., 2010:
Ship classification using nonlinear features of radiated sound: an approach based on empirical mode decomposition

Qu, X.; Meng, Q.; Suyi, L., 2011:
Ship collision risk assessment for the Singapore Strait

Röttger, S.; Vetter, S.; Kowalski, J.T., 2013:
Ship management attitudes and their relation to behavior and performance

Popovicheva, O.; Kireeva, E.; Shonija, N.; Zubareva, N.; Persiantseva, N.; Tishkova, V.; Demirdjian, B.; Moldanová, J.; Mogilnikov, V., 2010:
Ship particulate pollutants: characterization in terms of environmental implication

Gordon, H.R. , 1985:
Ship perturbation of irradiance measurements at sea. 1: Monte Carlo simulations

Chang, Y-Chiang.; Wang, N.; Durak, O.Sabri., 2011:
Ship recycling and marine pollution

Folegot, T., 2012:
Ship traffic noise distribution in the Strait of Gibraltar: an exemplary case for monitoring global ocean noise using real-time technology now available for understanding the effects of noise on marine life

Sherbaz, S.; Duan, W., 2014:
Ship trim optimization: assessment of influence of trim on resistance of MOERI container ship

Bunkin, A.F.; Klinkov, V.K.; Lukyanchenko, V.A.; Pershin, S.M., 2011:
Ship wake detection by Raman lidar

Rabaud, M.; Moisy, Fédéric., 2013:
Ship wakes: Kelvin or Mach angle?

Collingridge, W., 1897:
Ship's Water

Mishra, K.Prasad.; Yadav, A.Prakash.; Shweta; Chanda, S.; Ganju, L.; Majumdar, D.; Ilavazhagan, G., 2011:
Ship-borne journey induces Th1 cytokines level in antarctic summer expeditioners

Shmakov, S.N.; Dergunov, S.A.; Pinkhassik, E., 2011:
Ship-in-a-bottle entrapment of molecules in porous nanocapsules

Fang, J.; Qin, S.; Zhang, X.; Wang, F., 2013:
Ship-in-bottle synthesis of gold nanoparticles in amino-functionalized mesoporous silica thin films

Kawagoe, H.; Imo-oka, N.; Shinohara, H.; Yamanaka, S., 2014:
Ship-in-bottle synthesis of the mixed-layered compounds of clay silicate/zirconium phosphate

Kim, H.S.; Kim, Y.H.; Song, C.H., 2013:
Ship-plume sulfur chemistry: ITCT 2K2 case study

Hastings, M.C.; Miksis-Olds, J., 2012:
Shipboard assessment of hearing sensitivity of tropical fishes immediately after exposure to seismic air gun emissions at Scott Reef

Ramzaev, V.; Nikitin, A.; Sevastyanov, A.; Artemiev, G.; Bruk, G.; Ivanov, S., 2015:
Shipboard determination of radiocesium in seawater after the Fukushima accident: results from the 2011-2012 Russian expeditions to the Sea of Japan and western North Pacific Ocean

Richardson, D., 2008:
Shipboard revolts, African authority, and the Atlantic slave trade

Wright, D.A.; Dawson, R.; Caceres, V.; Orano-Dawson, C.E.; Kananen, G.E.; Cutler, S.J.; Cutler, H.G., 2009:
Shipboard testing of the efficacy of SeaKleen as a ballast water treatment to eliminate non-indigenous species aboard a working tanker in Pacific waters

Wright, D.A.; Gensemer, R.W.; Mitchelmore, C.L.; Stubblefield, W.A.; van Genderen, E.; Dawson, R.; Orano-Dawson, C.E.; Bearr, J.S.; Mueller, R.A.; Cooper, W.J., 2011:
Shipboard trials of an ozone-based ballast water treatment system

Rousmaniere, P.; Raj, N., 2007:
Shipbreaking in the developing world: problems and prospects

Bianchi, C.; Bianchi, T., 2012:
Shipbuilding and mesothelioma in Monfalcone, Italy

Zon, R., 1922:
Shipment Of American Scientific Literature To Russia

Ichii, H.; Sakuma, Y.; Pileggi, A.; Fraker, C.; Alvarez, A.; Montelongo, J.; Szust, J.; Khan, A.; Inverardi, L.; Naziruddin, B.; Levy, M.F.; Klintmalm, G.B.; Goss, J.A.; Alejandro, R.; Ricordi, C., 2007:
Shipment of human islets for transplantation

Anderson, H.J., 2008:
Shipping I.T. out. More hospitals are outsourcing infrastructure but continuing to manage applications on their own

Olson, W.C.; Smolkin, M.E.; Farris, E.M.; Fink, R.J.; Czarkowski, A.R.; Fink, J.H.; Chianese-Bullock, K.A.; Slingluff, C.L., 2011:
Shipping blood to a central laboratory in multicenter clinical trials: effect of ambient temperature on specimen temperature, and effects of temperature on mononuclear cell yield, viability and immunologic function

Fuglestvedt, J.; Berntsen, T.; Eyring, V.; Isaksen, I.; Lee, D.S.; Sausen, R., 2010:
Shipping emissions: from cooling to warming of climate-and reducing impacts on health

Oliver, C.O.; Marente, V.C.; Bellido, C.B.; Martínez, J.M.Á.; Gómez, L.M.M.; Artacho, G.S.; Canedo, J.S.D.; Pulido, L.B.; Ruiz, F.J.P.; Bravo, M.A.G., 2014:
Shipping impact on liver graft: results of liver transplantation program in Andalusia

Gervaise, Cédric.; Simard, Y.; Roy, N.; Kinda, B.; Ménard, N., 2012:
Shipping noise in whale habitat: characteristics, sources, budget, and impact on belugas in Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park hub

Whiteside, T.L.; Griffin, D.L.; Stanson, J.; Gooding, W.; McKenna, D.; Sumstad, D.; Kadidlo, D.; Gee, A.; Durett, A.; Lindblad, R.; Wood, D.; Styers, D., 2011:
Shipping of therapeutic somatic cell products

Block, D.J., 2011:
Shipping prisoners to Australia and population health-responding to health care reform

Anonymous, 1938 :
Ships And Seamen

Lakhtakia, R., 2015:
Ships passing in the night : opportunities for cancer education

Wheeler, D.; García-Herrera, R., 2008:
Ships' logbooks in climatological research: reflections and prospects

Pearson, S., 2007:
Shipshape to nurse

Morrell, L.R., 1981:
Shipwreck archeology

Anonymous, 1956:
Shipwrecked Mariners

Shimada, Y.; Kameyama, H.; Nagahashi, M.; Ichikawa, H.; Muneoka, Y.; Yagi, R.; Tajima, Y.; Okamura, T.; Nakano, M.; Sakata, J.; Kobayashi, T.; Nogami, H.; Maruyama, S.; Takii, Y.; Hayashida, T.; Takaishi, H.; Kitagawa, Y.; Oki, E.; Konishi, T.; Ishida, F.; Kudo, S-Ei.; Ring, J.E.; Protopopov, A.; Lyle, S.; Ling, Y.; Okuda, S.; Ishikawa, T.; Akazawa, K.; Takabe, K.; Wakai, T., 2017:
Comprehensive genomic sequencing detects important genetic differences between right-sided and left-sided colorectal cancer

Firoozifar, M.; Khosravi, M.B.; Ghafari, S.; Sahmeddini, M.A.; Eghbal, H.; Salahi, H.; Bahador, A.; Nikeghbalian, S.; Kazemi, K.; Shamsaeefar, A.R.; Gholami, S.; Farhadi, E.; Shahnazi, M.A.; Malek-Hosseini, S.A., 2014:
Shiraz guideline for the management of patients with brain death

Fabrikant, H.; Roberts-Nelson, S.Dallas., 2012:
Shirley Dallas Roberts-Nelson (11 August 1927-20 July 2011)

Coombes, R.; Williams, S., 2011:
Shirley Williams: still a rebel

Neilon, P., 1948:
Shirley's babies after 15 years; a personality study

Dhuri, K.D.; Bodhe, P.V.; Vaidya, A.B., 2013:
Shirodhara: A psycho-physiological profile in healthy volunteers

Long, J.W., 1916:
Shirring the Round Ligaments: a new Method of Shortening the Ligaments for Retrodisplacements of the Uterus

Silva, F.R., 2007:
Shirt fold mimicking pneumothorax on chest radiograph: accurate diagnosis by ultrasound

Chen, C-Chieh.; Chen, H-Yu.; Su, K-Yi.; Hong, Q-Sheng.; Yan, B-Shiun.; Chen, C-Hsien.; Pan, S-Hua.; Chang, Y-Leong.; Wang, C-Jen.; Hung, P-Fang.; Yuan, S.; Chang, G-Chen.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P-Chyr.; Yang, Y-Chien.; Yu, S-Liang., 2014:
Shisa3 is associated with prolonged survival through promoting β-catenin degradation in lung cancer

Feng, Y-Kang.; Chen, S., 2009:
Shisan C Chen

Sun, M., 1989:
Shiseido grant: more than skin deep

Jawad, M.; Khaki, H.; Hamilton, F., 2012:
Shisha guidance for GPs: eliciting the hidden history

Al-Naggar, R.A.; Bobryshev, Y.V., 2013:
Shisha smoking and associated factors among medical students in Malaysia

Chaouachi, K., 2014:
Shisha smoking, nickel and chromium levels in Tunisia

Anjum, Q.; Ahmed, F.; Ashfaq, T., 2007:
Shisha smoking--an imminent health hazard

Wiwanitkit, S.; Wiwanitkit, V., 2015:
Shisha versus cigarette smoking and endothelial function

Khan, M.Sikander.Ghayas.; Shahid, N.; Qurrat-ul-Ain, 2014:
Shisha..... modern society killer

Mughal, F.; Meki, A.; Kassamali, R.H., 2015:
Shisha: is this addressed within smoking cessation in general practice?

Murayama, S.; Imae, Y.; Takada, K.; Kikuchi, J.; Nakao, Y.; van Soest, R.W.M.; Okada, S.; Matsunaga, S., 2012:
Shishicrellastatins, inhibitors of cathepsin B, from the marine sponge Crella (Yvesia) spinulata

Fernandez-Alberti, S.; Roitberg, A.E.; Kleiman, V.D.; Nelson, T.; Tretiak, S., 2012:
Shishiodoshi unidirectional energy transfer mechanism in phenylene ethynylene dendrimers

Godlaski, T.M., 2012:
Shiva, Lord of Bhang

Lutz, M.; Vánky, Kálmán.; Piątek, M., 2013:
Shivasia gen. nov. for the Australasian smut Ustilago solida that historically shifted through five different genera

Gordon, V.D., 2011:
Shiver me timbers: pulsatile contractility in model tissues

Feketa, V.V.; Balasubramanian, A.; Flores, C.M.; Player, M.R.; Marrelli, S.P., 2013:
Shivering and tachycardic responses to external cooling in mice are substantially suppressed by TRPV1 activation but not by TRPM8 inhibition

Koda, K.; Kitamura, T.; Tagami, M., 2014:
Shivering associated with general anesthesia using remifentanil

Abreu, Múcio.Paranhos.de.; Vieira, Jão.Lopes.; Lutti, M.Negrão.; Montarroyos, E.Santos.; Rossi, R.de.Tarso.; Moraes, R., 2004:
Shivering during epidural anesthesia with and without fentanyl: comparative study.

Seder, D.B.; May, T.; Fraser, G.L.; Riker, R.R., 2011:
Shivering during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest

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Short Course of Lectures and Clinical Conferences

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Short Courses in General Anesthesia

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Short Courses in Hypnosis

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Short Oesophagus and Hiatus Hernia

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Short Outline of the Evidence given before the Royal Commission on Vaccination

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Short Papers

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Short Sight Amongst the Boys of Greenwich Hospital School

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Short Term Effects of Tiotropium on COPD Patients Treated with Long Acting Bronchodilators

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Short Tour through the Ambulances of Brussels and Paris during the Early Part of March

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Short Wave Radiations: Mechanism of the Anti-Inflammatory Effect

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Short access to 6-substituted pyrimidine derivatives by the S(RN)1 mechanism. Synthesis of 6-substituted uracils through a one-pot procedure

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Short acting insulin analogues for type 2 diabetes. Unnecessary additional expenditure or valuable added benefit? Interview by Böhm Sanja

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Short acting insulin analogues in intensive care unit patients

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Short acting opioids for the elderly: What's the point?

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Short anagen hair syndrome

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Short anagen syndrome

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Short anagen syndrome in an African American woman

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