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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55793

Chapter 55793 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ragaini, V.; Pirola, C.; Borrelli, S.; Ferrari, C.; Longo, I., 2012:
Simultaneous ultrasound and microwave new reactor: detailed description and energetic considerations

Tortoli, P.; Palombo, C.; Ghiadoni, L.; Bini, G.; Francalanci, L., 2012:
Simultaneous ultrasound assessment of brachial artery shear stimulus and flow-mediated dilation during reactive hyperemia

Aula, A.S.; Töyräs, J.; Tiitu, V.; Jurvelin, J.S., 2011:
Simultaneous ultrasound measurement of articular cartilage and subchondral bone

Cabaleiro, N.; De La Calle, I.; Gil, S.; Pena, F.J.; Costas, M.; Bendicho, C.; Lavilla, I., 2011:
Simultaneous ultrasound-assisted emulsification-derivatization as a simple and miniaturized sample preparation method for determination of nitrite in cosmetic samples by microvolume UV-vis spectrophotomety

Pérez-Serradilla, J.A.; Priego-Capote, F.; Luque de Castro, M.D., 2007:
Simultaneous ultrasound-assisted emulsification-extraction of polar and nonpolar compounds from solid plant samples

Roosta, M.; Ghaedi, M.; Daneshfar, A.; Darafarin, S.; Sahraei, R.; Purkait, M.K., 2014:
Simultaneous ultrasound-assisted removal of sunset yellow and erythrosine by ZnS:Ni nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon: optimization by central composite design

Malatesta, M.; Zancanaro, C.; Costanzo, M.; Cisterna, B.; Pellicciari, C., 2014:
Simultaneous ultrastructural analysis of fluorochrome-photoconverted diaminobenzidine and gold immunolabelling in cultured cells

Cai, S.; Fujii, N.; Saito, T.; Fujii, N., 2015:
Simultaneous ultraviolet B-induced photo-oxidation of tryptophan/tyrosine and racemization of neighboring aspartyl residues in peptides

Das, S., 2008:
Simultaneous umbilical hernia repair in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy: is obesity a risk factor for recurrence?

Han, I.B.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, K.N.; Ahn, J.Y., 2010:
Simultaneous unilateral internal carotid artery and occlusive basilar artery dissections

Killory, B.D.; Gonzalez, L.Fernando.; Wait, S.D.; Ponce, F.A.; Albuquerque, F.C.; Spetzler, R.F., 2008:
Simultaneous unilateral moyamoya disease and ipsilateral dural arteriovenous fistula: case report

Navratilova, Z.; Zatloukal, J.; Kriegova, E.; Kolek, V.; Petrek, M., 2013:
Simultaneous up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinases 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases 1, 4 in serum of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Kim, H.Koo.; Bae, T.Hui.; Kim, W.Seob., 2011:
Simultaneous upper and lower eyelid reconstruction using a first web space free flap

Oh, J-Ryool.; Lim, J-Hoon.; Jeong, S-Young.; Heo, S-Hee.; Chong, A.; Min, J-Joon., 2011:
Simultaneous uptake of I-131 and F-18 FDG by a renal metastasis of thyroid papillary cancer

Jarmander, J.; Hallström, Börn.M.; Larsson, G., 2015:
Simultaneous uptake of lignocellulose-based monosaccharides by Escherichia coli

Idigoras, P.; Zapico, Mía.Soledad.; Montes, M.; Romano, C., 2015:
Simultaneous urethritis and conjunctivitis caused by adenovirus type 56

Meyer, C.R.; Leichtman, G.S.; Brunberg, J.A.; Wahl, R.L.; Quint, L.E., 1995:
Simultaneous usage of homologous points, lines, and planes for optimal, 3-D, linear registration of multimodality imaging data

Guler, N.; Volegov, P.; Danly, C.R.; Grim, G.P.; Merrill, F.E.; Wilde, C.H., 2012:
Simultaneous usage of pinhole and penumbral apertures for imaging small scale neutron sources from inertial confinement fusion experiments

Yin, B.; Ahmad, C.S., 2015:
Simultaneous use of 2 C-arm devices facilitates percutaneous treatment of proximal humerus fractures

Clemens, J.Quentin., 2013:
Simultaneous use of 2 different antimuscarinics to treat refractory urge urinary incontinence. Con

Wyndaele, J-Jacques., 2013:
Simultaneous use of 2 different antimuscarinics to treat refractory urge urinary incontinence. Pro

Al-Jefout, M.; Palmer, J.; Fraser, I.S., 2007:
Simultaneous use of a levonorgestrel intrauterine system and an etonogestrel subdermal implant for debilitating adolescent endometriosis

Santos, P.Caleb.Junior.Lima.; Soares, R.Alonso.Gadi.; Strunz, C.Maria.Cassaro.; Grinberg, M.; Ferreira, Jão.Fernando.M.; Cesar, L.Antônio.Machado.; Scanavacca, Mício.; Krieger, J.Eduardo.; Pereira, A.Costa., 2014:
Simultaneous use of amiodarone influences warfarin maintenance dose but is not associated with adverse events

Okamura, T.; Shin'oka, T.; Ishibashi, N.; Ishii, H.; Kurosawa, H., 2010:
Simultaneous use of argatroban and heparin during cardiopulmonary bypass

Rohilla, R.; Singh, R.; Magu, N.K.; Devgan, A.; Siwach, R.; Sangwan, S.Singh., 2011:
Simultaneous use of cannulated reamer and schanz screw for closed intramedullary femoral nailing

Eftimie, R., 2014:
Simultaneous use of different communication mechanisms leads to spatial sorting and unexpected collective behaviours in animal groups

Pignanelli, S.; Shurdhi, A.; Delucca, F.; Donati, M., 2009:
Simultaneous use of direct and indirect diagnostic techniques in atypical respiratory infections from Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Mughal, A.; Vikram, A.; Kushwaha, S.; Jena, G.B., 2011:
Simultaneous use of erythropoietin and prior bleeding enhances the sensitivity of the peripheral blood micronucleus assay

Gasco, J.; Tummala, S.; Mahajan, N.M.; Weinberg, J.S.; Prabhu, S.S., 2010:
Simultaneous use of functional tractography, neuronavigation-integrated subcortical white matter stimulation and intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging in glioma surgery: technical note

Kühne, M.; Sakumura, M.; Reich, S.Scott.; Sarrazin, J-Francois.; Wells, D.; Chalfoun, N.; Crawford, T.; Boonyapisit, W.; Horwood, L.; Chugh, A.; Good, E.; Jongnarangsin, K.; Bogun, F.; Oral, H.; Morady, F.; Pagani, F.; Pelosi, F., 2010:
Simultaneous use of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and left ventricular assist devices in patients with severe heart failure

Shigeyasu, C.; Imamura, Y.; Ishida, S.; Tsubota, K.; Inoue, M., 2009:
Simultaneous use of intravitreal viscoelastics and perfluorocarbon liquid during vitrectomy for severe globe rupture

Wilhelm, D.; von Delius, S.; Burian, M.; Schneider, A.; Frimberger, E.; Meining, A.; Feussner, H., 2008:
Simultaneous use of laparoscopy and endoscopy for minimally invasive resection of gastric subepithelial masses - analysis of 93 interventions

Li, Y-Tai.; Hsieh, J.Ching-Hung.; Hou, G-Qiong.; Chen, T-Hui.; Chu, Y-Chih.; Lin, T-Chin.; Kuan, L-Ching.; Lin, M.; Tang, H-Han.; Kuo, T-Cheng., 2011:
Simultaneous use of mifepristone and misoprostol for early pregnancy termination

Leonards, R., 1971:
Simultaneous use of multiple drugs

Ooi, Y.Cher.; Falowski, S.; Wang, D.; Jallo, J.; Ho, R.T.; Sharan, A., 2012:
Simultaneous use of neurostimulators in patients with a preexisting cardiovascular implantable electronic device

Egan, K.L.; Reboussin, B.A.; Blocker, J.N.; Wolfson, M.; Sutfin, E.L., 2014:
Simultaneous use of non-medical ADHD prescription stimulants and alcohol among undergraduate students

McKinnell, J.A.; Eells, S.J.; Wang, A.A.; Miller, L.G., 2011:
Simultaneous use of other antimicrobials may have influenced clinical outcomes

Dessau, R.B.; Ejlertsen, T.; Hilden, Jørgen., 2010:
Simultaneous use of serum IgG and IgM for risk scoring of suspected early Lyme borreliosis: graphical and bivariate analyses

Rinaldelli, M.; Ravera, E.; Calderone, V.; Parigi, G.; Murshudov, G.N.; Luchinat, C., 2015:
Simultaneous use of solution NMR and X-ray data in REFMAC5 for joint refinement/detection of structural differences

Bardiaux, B.; Favier, A.; Etzkorn, M.; Baldus, M.; Böckmann, A.; Nilges, M.; Malliavin, Térèse.E., 2010:
Simultaneous use of solution, solid-state NMR and X-ray crystallography to study the conformational landscape of the Crh protein during oligomerization and crystallization

Tabouret, H.; Bareille, G.; Claverie, F.; Pécheyran, C.; Prouzet, P.; Donard, O.F.X., 2010:
Simultaneous use of strontium:calcium and barium:calcium ratios in otoliths as markers of habitat: application to the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in the Adour basin, South West France

Singh, H.B.; Singh, P.; Jadaun, G.P.S.; Srivastava, K.; Sharma, V.D.; Chauhan, D.S.; Sharma, S.K.; Katoch, V.M., 2007:
Simultaneous use of two PCR systems targeting IS6110 and MPB64 for confirmation of diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis

Gerstein, N.Stuart.; Shah, M.Bipin.; Jorgensen, K.Michael., 2016:
Simultaneous use of two defibrillators for the conversion of refractory ventricular fibrillation

Schorr, A.B.; Ofan, R., 2013:
Simultaneous use of two external subcutaneous pumps delivering insulin and SYMLIN: use of a double-pump system

Ho, S-Ying.; Chang, S-Dhy.; Liang, C-Chung., 2011:
Simultaneous uterine and urinary bladder rupture in an otherwise successful vaginal birth after cesarean delivery

Sasaki, M.; Jojima, T.; Inui, M.; Yukawa, H., 2008:
Simultaneous utilization of D-cellobiose, D-glucose, and D-xylose by recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum under oxygen-deprived conditions

Yang, X.; Jin, G.; Gong, Z.; Shen, H.; Song, Y.; Bai, F.; Zhao, Z.K., 2014:
Simultaneous utilization of glucose and mannose from spent yeast cell mass for lipid production by Lipomyces starkeyi

Egli, T.; Bosshard, C.; Hamer, G., 1986:
Simultaneous utilization of methanol-glucose mixtures by Hansenula polymorpha in chemostat: Influence of dilution rate and mixture composition on utilization pattern

Huang, Y.; Jin, Y.; Fang, Y.; Li, Y.; Zhao, H., 2013:
Simultaneous utilization of non-starch polysaccharides and starch and viscosity reduction for bioethanol fermentation from fresh Canna edulis Ker. tubers

Boot, H.J.; Schipper, C.Maarten.A., 2008:
Simultaneous vaccination with Prevenar and multicomponent vaccines for children: interference or no interference?

Gardner, C., 1948:
Simultaneous vagotomy and partial gastrectomy for intractable peptic ulcer

Polo Friz, H.; Facchetti, R.; Primitz, L.; Beltrame, L.; Galbiati, V.; Ricioppo, A.; Bombelli, M.; Sega, R., 2010:
Simultaneous validation of the SunTech 247 diagnostic station blood pressure measurement device according to the British Hypertension Society protocol, the International Protocol and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standards

Guo, J., 2011:
Simultaneous variable selection and class fusion for high-dimensional linear discriminant analysis

He, Z.; Tu, W.; Wang, S.; Fu, H.; Yu, Z., 2015:
Simultaneous variable selection for joint models of longitudinal and survival outcomes

Quinn, T.Alexander.; Cabreriza, S.E.; Richmond, M.E.; Weinberg, A.D.; Holmes, J.W.; Spotnitz, H.M., 2010:
Simultaneous variation of ventricular pacing site and timing with biventricular pacing in acute ventricular failure improves function by interventricular assist

Hong, J.Man.; Joo, I.Soo.; Huh, K.; Sheen, S.Soo., 2010:
Simultaneous vasomotor reactivity testing in the middle cerebral and basilar artery with suboccipital probe fixation device

Hart, R.C.; Balla, R.J.; Herring, G.C., 2008:
Simultaneous velocimetry and thermometry of air by use of nonresonant heterodyned laser-induced thermal acoustics

Kimura, F.; McCann, J.; Khalil, G.E.; Dabiri, D.; Xia, Y.; Callis, J.B., 2010:
Simultaneous velocity and pressure measurements using luminescent microspheres

Sánchez-González, R.; Srinivasan, R.; Bowersox, R.D.W.; North, S.W., 2011:
Simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements in gaseous flow fields using the VENOM technique

Sánchez-González, R.; Bowersox, R.D.W.; North, S.W., 2012:
Simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements in gaseous flowfields using the vibrationally excited nitric oxide monitoring technique: a comprehensive study

Smith, R.; Brown, J.M., 2009:
Simultaneous ventilation of two healthy subjects with a single ventilator

Nieva, G.; Ortega, L.L.; Mondon, S.; Ballbè, M.; Gual, A., 2011:
Simultaneous versus delayed treatment of tobacco dependence in alcohol-dependent outpatients

McGree, J.M.; Eccleston, J.A.; Duffull, S.B., 2009:
Simultaneous versus sequential optimal design for pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic models with FO and FOCE considerations

Van Derlinden, E.; Bernaerts, K.; Van Impe, J.F., 2010:
Simultaneous versus sequential optimal experiment design for the identification of multi-parameter microbial growth kinetics as a function of temperature

Hussain, N.; Chien, T.; Hussain, F.; Bookwala, A.; Simunovic, N.; Shetty, V.; Bhandari, M., 2014:
Simultaneous versus staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty: a meta-analysis evaluating mortality, peri-operative complications and infection rates

Bennett, J.; Frank, B.; Santoro, P., 2015:
Simultaneous versus staged hepatic resection for colorectal metastases with an intact primary cancer

Wang, L.; Yan, X.; Wang, K.; Bao, Q.; Sun, Y.; Wang, H.; Jin, K.; Xing, B., 2015:
Simultaneous versus staged liver resection of synchronous liver metastasis from colorectal cancer

Martin, R.C.G.; Augenstein, V.; Reuter, N.P.; Scoggins, C.R.; McMasters, K.M., 2009:
Simultaneous versus staged resection for synchronous colorectal cancer liver metastases

Park, M.Kyun.; Lee, C.Kyou.; Park, K.Hoon.; Lee, J.Dae.; Lee, C.Goo.; Lee, B.Don., 2012:
Simultaneous versus subsequent intratympanic dexamethasone for idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Artzi, Z.; Nemcovsky, C.E.; Tal, H.; Weinberg, E.; Weinreb, M.; Prasad, H.; Rohrer, M.D.; Kozlovsky, A., 2011:
Simultaneous versus two-stage implant placement and guided bone regeneration in the canine: histomorphometry at 8 and 16 months

Kwak, Y-Seok.; Kang, D-Hun.; Woo, H-Jin., 2012:
Simultaneous vertebral artery dissection and contralateral posterior inferior cerebellar artery dissecting aneurysm

Urban, I.; Caplanis, N.; Lozada, J.L., 2010:
Simultaneous vertical guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration in the posterior maxilla using recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor: a case report

Quercia, J.H.; Kane, B.G.; Kane, K.E., 2008:
Simultaneous very late angiographic stent thrombosis of 2 drug-eluting stents: a case report

Narasimhan, S.; Krim, N.Rostane.; Silverman, G.; Monrad, E.Scott., 2013:
Simultaneous very late stent thrombosis in multiple coronary arteries

Tang, Y-Wen., 2011:
Simultaneous very thick split-thickness and split-thickness skin grafting for treating burned limbs

Oreifej, O.; Li, X.; Shah, M., 2013:
Simultaneous video stabilization and moving object detection in turbulence

Xie, D.; Xie, H.; Zhu, Y.; Jiang, G., 2015:
Simultaneous video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery sleeve lobectomy and thymectomy

Xie, Z.; Chen, S-Liang.; Fabiilli, M.L.; Fowlkes, J.Brian.; Shung, K.Kirk.; Zhou, Q.; Carson, P.L.; Wang, X., 2014 :
Simultaneous viewing of individual cells and ambient microvasculature using optical absorption and fluorescence contrasts

Speck-Planche, A.; Cordeiro, M.N.D.S., 2014:
Simultaneous virtual prediction of anti-Escherichia coli activities and ADMET profiles: A chemoinformatic complementary approach for high-throughput screening

Mbanzibwa, D.R.; Tian, Y.P.; Tugume, A.K.; Mukasa, S.B.; Tairo, F.; Kyamanywa, S.; Kullaya, A.; Valkonen, J.P.T., 2011:
Simultaneous virus-specific detection of the two cassava brown streak-associated viruses by RT-PCR reveals wide distribution in East Africa, mixed infections, and infections in Manihot glaziovii

Stempel, A.J.; Morgans, C.W.; Stout, J.Timothy.; Appukuttan, B., 2015:
Simultaneous visualization and cell-specific confirmation of RNA and protein in the mouse retina

Imamura, K.; Takeuchi, M.; Haruki, N.; Kaku, K.; Yoshitani, H.; Yamashita, E.; Sonoda, S.; Kashiyama, K.; Ota, T.; Otsuji, Y., 2011:
Simultaneous visualization of 2 intracardiac masses in both atria on 3-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography

Yapar, A.F., 2013:
Simultaneous visualization of FDG avid and non-avid metastases in renal cell cancer

Moralli, D.; Monaco, Z.L., 2010:
Simultaneous visualization of FISH signals and bromo-deoxyuridine incorporation by formamide-free DNA denaturation

Weibrecht, I.; Grundberg, I.; Nilsson, M.; Söderberg, O., 2011:
Simultaneous visualization of both signaling cascade activity and end-point gene expression in single cells

Watakabe, A.; Takaji, M.; Kato, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Mizukami, H.; Ozawa, K.; Ohsawa, S.; Matsui, R.; Watanabe, D.; Yamamori, T., 2015:
Simultaneous visualization of extrinsic and intrinsic axon collaterals in Golgi-like detail for mouse corticothalamic and corticocortical cells: a double viral infection method

Yu, S.Uk.; Park, B.; Cho, Y.; Hyun, S.; Kim, J.Kon.; Kim, K.S., 2014:
Simultaneous visualization of graphene grain boundaries and wrinkles with structural information by gold deposition

Kerppola, T.K., 2014:
Simultaneous visualization of multiple protein interactions using multicolor bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) analysis

Ribarič, S.; Čebašek, V., 2013:
Simultaneous visualization of myosin heavy chain isoforms in single muscle sections

Zhang, Z.; Meng, Q.; Li, Z.; Pan, B.; Regatte, R.R.; Schweitzer, M.E., 2012:
Simultaneous visualization of nerves and vessels of the lower extremities using magnetization-prepared susceptibility weighted magnetic resonance imaging at 3.0 T

Ouyang, M.; Huang, H.; Shaner, N.C.; Remacle, A.G.; Shiryaev, S.A.; Strongin, A.Y.; Tsien, R.Y.; Wang, Y., 2010:
Simultaneous visualization of protumorigenic Src and MT1-MMP activities with fluorescence resonance energy transfer

Pähler, M.; Schuhmann, W.; Gratzl, Mós., 2012:
Simultaneous visualization of surface topography and concentration field by means of scanning electrochemical microscopy using a single electrochemical probe and impedance spectroscopy

Marks, D.L.; Wiemann, J.N.; Burton, K.A.; Lent, K.L.; Clifton, D.K.; Steiner, R.A., 1992:
Simultaneous visualization of two cellular mRNA species in individual neurons by use of a new double in Situ hybridization method

Larsson, K.; Johansson, O.; Aldén, M.; Bood, J., 2014:
Simultaneous visualization of water and hydrogen peroxide vapor using two-photon laser-induced fluorescence and photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence

De Bantel, A.; Fleury-Feith, J.; Poirot, C.; Berthaut, I.; Garcin, C.; Landais, P.; Ravel, C., 2015:
Simultaneous vitality and DNA-fragmentation measurement in spermatozoa of smokers and non-smokers

Lee, P.; Klos, M.; Bollensdorff, C.; Hou, L.; Ewart, P.; Kamp, T.J.; Zhang, J.; Bizy, A.; Guerrero-Serna, G.; Kohl, P.; Jalife, Jé.; Herron, T.J., 2012:
Simultaneous voltage and calcium mapping of genetically purified human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac myocyte monolayers

Zhang, Y.; Yuan, R.; Chai, Y.; Li, W.; Zhong, X.; Zhong, H., 2016:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination for DA, AA and NO₂⁻ based on graphene/poly-cyclodextrin/MWCNTs nanocomposite platform

Sanghavi, B.J.; Srivastava, A.K., 2012:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of acetaminophen and tramadol using Dowex50wx2 and gold nanoparticles modified glassy carbon paste electrode

Xu, X.; Lin, Q.; Liu, A.; Chen, W.; Weng, X.; Wang, C.; Lin, X., 2010:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid using polybromothymol blue film-modified glassy carbon electrode

Figueiredo-Filho, L.C.S.; Silva, T.A.; Vicentini, F.C.; Fatibello-Filho, O., 2015:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of dopamine and epinephrine in human body fluid samples using a glassy carbon electrode modified with nickel oxide nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes within a dihexadecylphosphate film

Ensafi, A.A.; Taei, M.; Khayamian, T.; Hasanpour, F., 2010:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in urine and plasma using multiwall carbon nanotubes modified glassy carbon electrode by least-squares support vector machines

Qiu, P.; Ni, Y.; Kokot, S., 2015:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of four triazine herbicides in water samples with the aid of chemometrics

Zapata-Urzúa, C.; Pérez-Ortiz, M.; Bravo, M.; Olivieri, A.C.; Alvarez-Lueje, A., 2010:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of levodopa, carbidopa and benserazide in pharmaceuticals using multivariate calibration

Ensafi, A.A.; Khayamian, T.; Atabati, M., 2008:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of molybdenum and copper by adsorption cathodic differential pulse stripping method using a principal component artificial neural network

Gandhi, S.; Mehta, V.; Rajput, S., 2012:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of nitazoxanide and ofloxacin in pharmaceutical formulation

Shariar, S.Mohammad.; Hinoue, T., 2011:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of nitrate and nitrite ions using a copper electrode pretreated by dissolution/redeposition

Tyszczuk-Rotko, K.; Bęczkowska, I.; Wójciak-Kosior, M.; Sowa, I., 2015:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of paracetamol and ascorbic acid using a boron-doped diamond electrode modified with Nafion and lead films

Lourenção, B.Cláudia.; Medeiros, R.Antigo.; Rocha-Filho, R.C.; Mazo, L.Henrique.; Fatibello-Filho, O., 2009:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of paracetamol and caffeine in pharmaceutical formulations using a boron-doped diamond electrode

Goyal, R.N.; Bishnoi, S., 2009:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of prednisone and prednisolone in human body fluids

Medeiros, R.A.; Lourencao, B.C.; Rocha-Filho, R.C.; Fatibello-Filho, O., 2012:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of synthetic colorants in food using a cathodically pretreated boron-doped diamond electrode

Locatelli, C.; Torsi, G., 2008:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of toxic metals in sediments

Arvand, M.; Gholizadeh, T.M., 2013:
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of tyrosine and paracetamol using a carbon nanotube-graphene nanosheet nanocomposite modified electrode in human blood serum and pharmaceuticals

Lianos, G.; Ignatiadou, E.; Lianou, E.; Anastasiadi, Z.; Fatouros, M., 2013:
Simultaneous volvulus of the transverse and sigmoid colon: case report

Dave, H.; Phoenix, V.; Becker, E.R.; Lambert, S.R., 2010:
Simultaneous vs sequential bilateral cataract surgery for infants with congenital cataracts: Visual outcomes, adverse events, and economic costs

Lambert, S.R.; Dave, H.; Phoenix, V.; Becker, E.R., 2011:
Simultaneous vs sequential bilateral cataract surgery for infants with congenital cataracts: weighing the risks of general anesthesia during infancy vs endophthalmitis

Bolognesi, M.P.; Watters, T.Steven.; Attarian, D.E.; Wellman, S.S.; Setoguchi, S., 2014:
Simultaneous vs staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty among Medicare beneficiaries, 2000-2009

Berend, K.R.; Lombardi, A.V.; Adams, J.B., 2007:
Simultaneous vs staged cementless bilateral total hip arthroplasty: perioperative risk comparison

Viers, B.R.; Tollefson, M.K.; Patterson, D.E.; Gettman, M.T.; Krambeck, A.E., 2014:
Simultaneous vs staged treatment of urolithiasis in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy

Chen, J.; Li, Q.; Wang, C.; Zhu, H.; Shi, Y.; Zhao, G., 2011:
Simultaneous vs. staged resection for synchronous colorectal liver metastases: a metaanalysis

Yang, S-Shan.; Guo, W-Qian.; Cao, G-Li.; Zheng, H-Shan.; Ren, N-Qi., 2013:
Simultaneous waste activated sludge disintegration and biological hydrogen production using an ozone/ultrasound pretreatment

He, H.; Zhou, M.; Yang, J.; Hu, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2014:
Simultaneous wastewater treatment, electricity generation and biomass production by an immobilized photosynthetic algal microbial fuel cell

Verhaeghe, J.; Reader, A.J., 2013:
Simultaneous water activation and glucose metabolic rate imaging with PET

Qu, Y.; Feng, Y.; Wang, X.; Liu, J.; Lv, J.; He, W.; Logan, B.E., 2012:
Simultaneous water desalination and electricity generation in a microbial desalination cell with electrolyte recirculation for pH control

Miller, E.J.; Malcuit, M.S.; Boyd, R.W., 1990:
Simultaneous wave-front and polarization conjugation of picosecond optical pulses by stimulated Rayleigh-wing scattering

Li, X.; Sun, Q.; Liu, D.; Liang, R.; Zhang, J.; Wo, J.; Shum, P.Ping.; Liu, D., 2012:
Simultaneous wavelength and frequency encoded microstructure based quasi-distributed temperature sensor

Xu, L.; Ophir, N.; Menard, M.; Lau, R.Kin.Wah.; Turner-Foster, A.C.; Foster, M.A.; Lipson, M.; Gaeta, A.L.; Bergman, K., 2011:
Simultaneous wavelength conversion of ASK and DPSK signals based on four-wave-mixing in dispersion engineered silicon waveguides

Rakher, M.T.; Ma, L.; Davanço, M.; Slattery, O.; Tang, X.; Srinivasan, K., 2011:
Simultaneous wavelength translation and amplitude modulation of single photons from a quantum dot

Davila, A.; Huntley, J.M.; Pallikarakis, C.; Ruiz, P.D.; Coupland, J.M., 2012:
Simultaneous wavenumber measurement and coherence detection using temporal phase unwrapping

Goswami, S.; Pal, M.; Nandi, A.; Panigrahi, P.K.; Ghosh, N., 2014:
Simultaneous weak value amplification of angular Goos-Hänchen and Imbert-Fedorov shifts in partial reflection

Schäfer, Jürgen.F.; Gatidis, S.; Schmidt, H.; Gückel, B.; Bezrukov, I.; Pfannenberg, C.A.; Reimold, M.; Ebinger, M.; Fuchs, Jörg.; Claussen, C.D.; Schwenzer, N.F., 2015:
Simultaneous whole-body PET/MR imaging in comparison to PET/CT in pediatric oncology: initial results

Taneja, S.; Jena, A.; Goel, R.; Sarin, R.; Kaul, S., 2015:
Simultaneous whole-body ¹⁸F-FDG PET-MRI in primary staging of breast cancer: a pilot study

Van Hook, M.J.; Thoreson, W.B., 2014:
Simultaneous whole-cell recordings from photoreceptors and second-order neurons in an amphibian retinal slice preparation

Webb, S.E.D.; Rolfe, D.J.; Needham, S.R.; Roberts, S.K.; Clarke, D.T.; McLachlan, C.I.; Hobson, M.P.; Martin-Fernandez, M.L., 2008:
Simultaneous widefield single molecule orientation and FRET microscopy in cells

Al-Abed, Y.; Elsherif, M.; Firth, J.; Borgstein, R.; Myint, F., 2013:
Simultaneous xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis and gallbladder cancer in a patient with a large abdominal aortic aneurysm

Deng, W.; Yang, C.; Alagappan, V.; Wald, L.L.; Boada, F.E.; Stenger, V.Andrew., 2009:
Simultaneous z-shim method for reducing susceptibility artifacts with multiple transmitters

Didigu, C.A.; Wilen, C.B.; Wang, J.; Duong, J.; Secreto, A.J.; Danet-Desnoyers, G.A.; Riley, J.L.; Gregory, P.D.; June, C.H.; Holmes, M.C.; Doms, R.W., 2014:
Simultaneous zinc-finger nuclease editing of the HIV coreceptors ccr5 and cxcr4 protects CD4+ T cells from HIV-1 infection

Schatloff, O.; Ramon, J.; Nadu, A., 2008:
Simultaneous "cut and suture": a novel technique for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy without vascular clamping

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Simultaneous-bilateral TKA: double trouble - opposes

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Simultaneously selecting appropriate partners for gaming and strategy adaptation to enhance network reciprocity in the prisoner's dilemma

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Simurgh as a medical symbol for iran

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Simvastatin + ezetimibe: a combination with no proven advantages

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Simvastatin administration

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Simvastatin interactions with other drugs

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Singapore retains Penal Code provision criminalizing sex between men

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Single B cell antibody technologies

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Single access laparoscopic surgery: Complementary or alternative to NOTES?

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