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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55798

Chapter 55798 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Du, Y-Ping.; Zhang, Y-Wen.; Yan, Z-Guang.; Sun, L-Dong.; Gao, S.; Yan, C-Hua., 2007:
Single-crystalline and near-monodispersed NaMF3 (M = Mn, Co, Ni, Mg) and LiMAlF6 (M = Ca, Sr) nanocrystals from cothermolysis of multiple trifluoroacetates in solution

Su, D.; Wang, G., 2013:
Single-crystalline bilayered V2O5 nanobelts for high-capacity sodium-ion batteries

Li, Z.; Lapeyre, Véronique.; Ravaine, Vérie.; Ravaine, S.; Kuhn, A., 2009:
Single-crystalline gold nanoplates from a commercial gold plating solution

Nam, K.Min.; Shim, J.Ha.; Ki, H.; Choi, S-Il.; Lee, G.; Jang, J.Kwon.; Jo, Y.; Jung, M-Hwa.; Song, H.; Park, J.T., 2008:
Single-crystalline hollow face-centered-cubic cobalt nanoparticles from solid face-centered-cubic cobalt oxide nanoparticles

Li, W.; Wang, X.; Liu, B.; Xu, J.; Liang, B.; Luo, T.; Luo, S.; Chen, D.; Shen, G., 2014:
Single-crystalline metal germanate nanowire-carbon textiles as binder-free, self-supported anodes for high-performance lithium storage

Kawamichi, T.; Kodama, T.; Kawano, M.; Fujita, M., 2008:
Single-crystalline molecular flasks: chemical transformation with bulky reagents in the pores of porous coordination networks

Cheng, L.; Shao, M.; Wang, X.; Hu, H., 2009:
Single-crystalline molybdenum trioxide nanoribbons: photocatalytic, photoconductive, and electrochemical properties

Suga, H.; Sumiya, T.; Furuta, S.; Ueki, R.; Miyazawa, Y.; Nishijima, T.; Fujita, J-ichi.; Tsukagoshi, K.; Shimizu, T.; Naitoh, Y., 2013:
Single-crystalline nanogap electrodes: enhancing the nanowire-breakdown process with a gaseous environment

Liu, J.; Xue, D.; Li, K., 2011:
Single-crystalline nanoporous Nb2O5 nanotubes

Hong, X.; Wang, D.; Cai, S.; Rong, H.; Li, Y., 2012:
Single-crystalline octahedral Au-Ag nanoframes

Guo, X.; Wang, L.; Yue, S.; Wang, D.; Lu, Y.; Song, Y.; He, J., 2014:
Single-crystalline organic-inorganic layered cobalt hydroxide nanofibers: facile synthesis, characterization, and reversible water-induced structural conversion

Wang, H.; Miyauchi, M.; Ishikawa, Y.; Pyatenko, A.; Koshizaki, N.; Li, Y.; Li, L.; Li, X.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D., 2011:
Single-crystalline rutile TiO2 hollow spheres: room-temperature synthesis, tailored visible-light-extinction, and effective scattering layer for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells

Park, J.Hyuk.; Ambwani, P.; Manno, M.; Lindquist, N.C.; Nagpal, P.; Oh, S-Hyun.; Leighton, C.; Norris, D.J., 2012:
Single-crystalline silver films for plasmonics

Cong, S.; Tian, Y.; Li, Q.; Zhao, Z.; Geng, F., 2014:
Single-crystalline tungsten oxide quantum dots for fast pseudocapacitor and electrochromic applications

Qiu, J.; Lil, X.; Gao, X.; Gan, X.; He, W.; Kim, H-Kook.; Hwang, Y-Hwae., 2011:
Single-crystalline twinned ZnO nanoleaf structure via a facile hydrothermal process

Ho, S-Te.; Hsiao, C-Lun.; Lin, H-Yu.; Chen, H-An.; Wang, C-Yen.; Lin, H-Nan., 2010:
Single-crystalline zinc oxide nanowires as photoanode material for dye-sensitized solar cells

Li, X.; Wei, W.; Wang, S.; Kuai, L.; Geng, B., 2011:
Single-crystalline α-Fe2O3 oblique nanoparallelepipeds: high-yield synthesis, growth mechanism and structure enhanced gas-sensing properties

Chiu, W-Li.; Chiu, C-Hua.; Chen, J-Yuan.; Huang, C-Wei.; Huang, Y-Ting.; Lu, K-Chang.; Hsin, C-Lun.; Yeh, P-Hung.; Wu, W-Wei., 2013:
Single-crystalline δ-Ni2Si nanowires with excellent physical properties

Jiang, L.; Fu, Y.; Li, H.; Hu, W., 2008:
Single-crystalline, size, and orientation controllable nanowires and ultralong microwires of organic semiconductor with strong photoswitching property

Liu, Q.; Wu, D.; Zhou, Y.; Su, H.; Wang, R.; Zhang, C.; Yan, S.; Xiao, M.; Zou, Z., 2014:
Single-crystalline, ultrathin ZnGa(2)O(4) nanosheet scaffolds to promote photocatalytic activity in CO(2) reduction into methane

Hankins, C.L.; Tang, X., 2007:
Single-cuff Bier's block in the forearm: factors affecting its efficacy and need for supplementation with local anaesthetics

Dias, Lís.G.; Fernandes, A.; Veloso, A.C.A.; Machado, Aélio.A.S.C.; Pereira, Jé.A.; Peres, Aónio.M., 2015:
Single-cultivar extra virgin olive oil classification using a potentiometric electronic tongue

Xie, X-Tao.; Macovei, M.A., 2010:
Single-cycle gap soliton in a subwavelength structure

Palau, W.; D.P.imo, C., 2012:
Single-cycle kinetic analysis of ternary DNA complexes by surface plasmon resonance on a decaying surface

Junginger, F.; Sell, A.; Schubert, O.; Mayer, B.; Brida, D.; Marangoni, M.; Cerullo, G.; Leitenstorfer, A.; Huber, R., 2010:
Single-cycle multiterahertz transients with peak fields above 10 MV/cm

Goulielmakis, E.; Schultze, M.; Hofstetter, M.; Yakovlev, V.S.; Gagnon, J.; Uiberacker, M.; Aquila, A.L.; Gullikson, E.M.; Attwood, D.T.; Kienberger, R.; Krausz, F.; Kleineberg, U., 2008:
Single-cycle nonlinear optics

Wu, H-Chun.; Sheng, Z-Ming.; Zhang, J., 2008:
Single-cycle powerful megawatt to gigawatt terahertz pulse radiated from a wavelength-scale plasma oscillator

Levy, E.C.; Horowitz, M., 2011:
Single-cycle radio-frequency pulse generation by an optoelectronic oscillator

Dong, X.G.; Sheng, Z.M.; Wu, H.C.; Wang, W.M.; Zhang, J., 2009:
Single-cycle strong terahertz pulse generation from a vacuum-plasma interface driven by intense laser pulses

Schlecker, B.; Dukic, M.; Erickson, B.; Ortmanns, M.; Fantner, G.; Anders, J., 2015:
Single-cycle-PLL detection for real-time FM-AFM applications

Bodsworth, N.; Fife, K.; Koltun, W.; Tyring, S.; Abudalu, M.; Prichard, M.; Hamed, K., 2009:
Single-day famciclovir for the treatment of genital herpes: follow-up results of time to next recurrence and assessment of antiviral resistance

Stone, A.A.; Schneider, S.; Broderick, J.E.; Schwartz, J.E., 2015:
Single-day pain assessments as clinical outcomes: not so fast

Modi, S.; Van, L.; Gewirtzman, A.; Mendoza, N.; Bartlett, B.; Tremaine, A.Marie.; Tyring, S., 2008:
Single-day treatment for orolabial and genital herpes: a brief review of pathogenesis and pharmacology

Caselli, Désirée.; Petris, M.Grazia.; Rondelli, R.; Carraro, F.; Colombini, A.; Muggeo, P.; Ziino, O.; Melchionda, F.; Russo, G.; Pierani, P.; Soncini, E.; DeSantis, R.; Zanazzo, G.; Barone, A.; Cesaro, S.; Cellini, M.; Mura, R.; Milano, G.M.; Meazza, C.; Cicalese, M.P.; Tropia, S.;, S.; Castagnola, E.; Aricò, M.; Orofino, M.Graz.; L.S.ina, M.; Tucci, F.; Ripaldi, M.; D'amico, M.Rosaria.; Calore, E.; Baldanti, F.; Decembrino, N.; Perruccio, K.; Carraro, F.; Maximova, N.; Livadiott, 2014:
Single-day trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole prophylaxis for Pneumocystis pneumonia in children with cancer

Vikas; Chayawan, 2015:
Single-descriptor based quantum-chemical QSPRs for physico-chemical properties of polychlorinated-dibenzo-p-dioxins and -dibenzo-furans (PCDD/Fs): exploring the role of electron-correlation

Cordeiro, C.M.; Franco, M.A.; Matos, C.J.; Sircilli, F.; Serrão, V.A.; Cruz, C.H., 2007:
Single-design-parameter microstructured optical fiber for chromatic dispersion tailoring and evanescent field enhancement

Rashidifard, C.; Martin, S.; Kumar, N.; Azimi, E.; Liu, B.; Brezinski, M.E., 2013:
Single-detector polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography for assessment of rotator cuff tendon integrity

Oh, W.Y.; Vakoc, B.J.; Yun, S.H.; Tearney, G.J.; Bouma, B.E., 2008:
Single-detector polarization-sensitive optical frequency domain imaging using high-speed intra A-line polarization modulation

Scull, J.A.; McSpadden, L.C.; Himel, H.D.; Badie, N.; Bursac, N., 2012:
Single-detector simultaneous optical mapping of V(m) and [Ca(2+)](i) in cardiac monolayers

Wong, B.; Szücs, Dénes., 2014:
Single-digit Arabic numbers do not automatically activate magnitude representations in adults or in children: evidence from the symbolic same-different task

Boets, B.; D.S.edt, B., 2010:
Single-digit arithmetic in children with dyslexia

Mihulowicz, U.; Willmes, K.; Karnath, H-Otto.; Klein, E., 2014:
Single-digit arithmetic processing-anatomical evidence from statistical voxel-based lesion analysis

Erskine, J., 2011:
Single-disease health campaigns: the case of cervical cancer

Moosmann, J.; Hofmann, R.; Baumbach, T., 2011:
Single-distance phase retrieval at large phase shifts

Damian, M.; Hausner, L.; Jekel, K.; Richter, M.; Froelich, L.; Almkvist, O.; Boada, M.; Bullock, R.; D.D.yn, P.Paul.; Frisoni, G.B.; Hampel, H.; Jones, R.W.; Kehoe, P.; Lenoir, H.; Minthon, L.; Olde Rikkert, M.G.M.; Rodriguez, G.; Scheltens, P.; Soininen, H.; Spiru, L.; Touchon, J.; Tsolaki, M.; Vellas, B.; Verhey, F.R.J.; Winblad, B.; Wahlund, L-Olof.; Wilcock, G.; Visser, P.Jelle., 2014:
Single-domain amnestic mild cognitive impairment identified by cluster analysis predicts Alzheimer's disease in the european prospective DESCRIPA study

Baral, T.Nath.; MacKenzie, R.; Arbabi Ghahroudi, M., 2014:
Single-domain antibodies and their utility

Cardoso, F.Miguel.; Ibañez, L.Itatí.; Van den Hoecke, S.; D.B.ets, S.; Smet, A.; Roose, K.; Schepens, B.; Descamps, F.J.; Fiers, W.; Muyldermans, S.; Depicker, A.; Saelens, X., 2014:
Single-domain antibodies targeting neuraminidase protect against an H5N1 influenza virus challenge

Veggiani, G.; Ossolengo, G.; Aliprandi, M.; Cavallaro, U.; de Marco, A., 2011:
Single-domain antibodies that compete with the natural ligand fibroblast growth factor block the internalization of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 1

Even-Desrumeaux, K.; Fourquet, P.; Secq, Véronique.; Baty, D.; Chames, P., 2012:
Single-domain antibodies: a versatile and rich source of binders for breast cancer diagnostic approaches

Zaman, M.Badruz.; Baral, T.Nath.; Jakubek, Z.J.; Zhang, J.; Wu, X.; Lai, E.; Whitfield, D.; Yu, K., 2011:
Single-domain antibody bioconjugated near-IR quantum dots for targeted cellular imaging of pancreatic cancer

Rozan, C.; Cornillon, Aélie.; Pétiard, C.; Chartier, M.; Behar, G.; Boix, C.; Kerfelec, B.; Robert, B.; Pèlegrin, Aé.; Chames, P.; Teillaud, J-Luc.; Baty, D., 2014:
Single-domain antibody-based and linker-free bispecific antibodies targeting FcγRIII induce potent antitumor activity without recruiting regulatory T cells

Tillib, S.V.; Privezentseva, M.E.; Ivanova, T.I.; Vasilev, L.F.; Efimov, G.A.; Gursky, Y.G.; Georgiev, G.P.; Goldman, I.L.; Sadchikova, E.R., 2014:
Single-domain antibody-based ligands for immunoaffinity separation of recombinant human lactoferrin from the goat lactoferrin of transgenic goat milk

Huang, P-Ji.; Tay, L-Lin.; Tanha, J.; Ryan, S.; Chau, L-Kwan., 2010:
Single-domain antibody-conjugated nanoaggregate-embedded beads for targeted detection of pathogenic bacteria

Ryan, S.; Kell, A.J.; van Faassen, H.; Tay, L-Lin.; Simard, B.; MacKenzie, R.; Gilbert, M.; Tanha, J., 2011:
Single-domain antibody-nanoparticles: promising architectures for increased staphylococcus aureus detection specificity and sensitivity

Alzogaray, V.; Danquah, W.; Aguirre, Aés.; Urrutia, M.; Berguer, P.; García Véscovi, E.; Haag, F.; Koch-Nolte, F.; Goldbaum, F.A., 2011:
Single-domain llama antibodies as specific intracellular inhibitors of SpvB, the actin ADP-ribosylating toxin of Salmonella typhimurium

Summers, K.L.; Sutherland, D.E.K.; Stillman, M.J., 2013:
Single-domain metallothioneins: evidence of the onset of clustered metal binding domains in Zn-rhMT 1a

Lederer, C.; Heider, D.; van den Boom, J.; Hoffmann, D.; Mueller, J.W.; Bayer, P., 2011:
Single-domain parvulins constitute a specific marker for recently proposed deep-branching archaeal subgroups

Mazzucchelli, S.; Colombo, M.; D.P.lma, C.; Salvadè, A.; Verderio, P.; Coghi, M.D.; Clementi, E.; Tortora, P.; Corsi, F.; Prosperi, D., 2011:
Single-domain protein A-engineered magnetic nanoparticles: toward a universal strategy to site-specific labeling of antibodies for targeted detection of tumor cells

Metzger, L.C.; Francez-Charlot, A.; Vorholt, J.A., 2013:
Single-domain response regulator involved in the general stress response of Methylobacterium extorquens

Edwards, J., 2013:
Single-domain β-thymosins: the family history

Hitzler, W.E., 2014:
Single-donor (apheresis) platelets and pooled whole-blood-derived platelets--significance and assessment of both blood products

Chen, T-Mo.; Tzeng, Y-Sheng.; Tsai, J-Che.; Burnouf, T., 2013:
Single-donor allogeneic platelet fibrin glue and osteoconductive scaffold in orbital floor fracture reconstruction

Zarek, S.M.; Hill, M.J.; Richter, K.S.; Wu, M.; DeCherney, A.H.; Osheroff, J.E.; Levens, E.D., 2014:
Single-donor and double-donor sperm intrauterine insemination cycles: does double intrauterine insemination increase clinical pregnancy rates?

Kajbafzadeh, A-Mohammad.; Abolghasemi, H.; Eshghi, P.; Alizadeh, F.; Elmi, A.; Shafaattalab, S.; Dianat, S.; Amirizadeh, N.; Mohseni, M.Javad., 2011:
Single-donor fibrin sealant for repair of urethrocutaneous fistulae following multiple hypospadias and epispadias repairs

Al-Adra, D.P.; Gill, R.S.; Imes, S.; O'Gorman, D.; Kin, T.; Axford, S.J.; Shi, X.; Senior, P.A.; Shapiro, A.M.James., 2015:
Single-donor islet transplantation and long-term insulin independence in select patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Salvadori, U.; Minelli, C.; Graziotin, B.; Gentilini, I., 2015:
Single-donor platelet apheresis: observational comparison of the new Haemonetics Universal Platelet protocol with the previous Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocol

Fleetham, T.; Ecton, J.; Wang, Z.; Bakken, N.; Li, J., 2013:
Single-doped white organic light-emitting device with an external quantum efficiency over 20%

Warady, B.A.; Seligman, P.A.; Dahl, N.V., 2007:
Single-dosage pharmacokinetics of sodium ferric gluconate complex in iron-deficient pediatric hemodialysis patients

Pan-Petesch, B.; Laguna, P.; Mital, A.; Stanley, J.; Torchet, M.F.; Salek, S.Z.; Salaj, P., 2010:
Single-dose (270 microg kg(-1)) recombinant activated factor VII for the treatment and prevention of bleeds in haemophilia A patients with inhibitors: experience from seven European haemophilia centres

Block, S.L.; Arrieta, A.; Seibel, M.; McLinn, S.; Eppes, S.; Murphy, M.J., 2003:
Single-dose (30 mg/kg) azithromycin compared with 10-day amoxicillin/clavulanate for the treatment of uncomplicated acute otitis media: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial

Andrukhova, O.; Salama, M.; Krssak, M.; Wiedemann, D.; El-Housseiny, L.; Hacker, M.; Gildehaus, F.J.; Andrukhov, O.; Mirzaei, S.; Kocher, A.; Zuckermann, A.; Aharinejad, S., 2014:
Single-dose GSTP1 prevents infarction-induced heart failure

Isik, A.Z.; Caglar, G.S.; Sozen, E.; Akarsu, C.; Tuncay, G.; Ozbicer, T.; Vicdan, K., 2010:
Single-dose GnRH agonist administration in the luteal phase of GnRH antagonist cycles: a prospective randomized study

Jonklaas, J.; Burman, K.D.; Wang, H.; Latham, K.R., 2015:
Single-dose T3 administration: kinetics and effects on biochemical and physiological parameters

Verhamme, P.; Gunn, S.; Sonesson, E.; Peerlinck, K.; Vanassche, T.; Vandenbriele, C.; Ageno, W.; Glazer, S.; Prins, M.; Buller, H.; Tangelder, M., 2014:
Single-dose TB-402 or rivaroxaban for the prevention of venous thromboembolism after total hip replacement. A randomised, controlled trial

Schulman, S.; Melinyshyn, A.; Ennis, D.; Rudd-Scott, L., 2010:
Single-dose adjustment versus no adjustment of warfarin in stably anticoagulated patients with an occasional international normalized ratio (INR) out of range

Addy, C.; Assaid, C.; Hreniuk, D.; Stroh, M.; Xu, Y.; Herring, W.Joseph.; Ellenbogen, A.; Jinnah, H.A.; Kirby, L.; Leibowitz, M.T.; Stewart, R.Malcolm.; Tarsy, D.; Tetrud, J.; Stoch, S.Aubrey.; Gottesdiener, K.; Wagner, J., 2009 :
Single-dose administration of MK-0657, an NR2B-selective NMDA antagonist, does not result in clinically meaningful improvement in motor function in patients with moderate Parkinson's disease

Kaczmarzyk, T.; Wichlinski, J.; Stypulkowska, J.; Zaleska, M.; Panas, M.; Woron, J., 2007:
Single-dose and multi-dose clindamycin therapy fails to demonstrate efficacy in preventing infectious and inflammatory complications in third molar surgery

Nave, Rüdiger.; Connolly, S.M.; Popper, L.; Lahu, G.; Schmitt, H., 2012:
Single-dose and multi-dose delivery systems for intranasal fentanyl spray are bioequivalent as demonstrated in a replicate pharmacokinetic study

Mermelstein, F.; Hamilton, D.A.; Wright, C.; Lacouture, P.G.; Ramaiya, A.; Carr, D.B., 2014:
Single-dose and multiple-dose pharmacokinetics and dose proportionality of intravenous and intramuscular HPβCD-diclofenac (Dyloject) compared with other diclofenac formulations

Li, L.; Ma, P.; Cao, Y.; Tao, L.; Tao, Y., 2011:
Single-dose and multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of zaltoprofen after oral administration in healthy Chinese volunteers

Suchy, D.; Dostalek, M.; Perinova, I.; Brozmanova, H.; Grundmann, M.; Vyskocil, V.; Mayer, O., 2012:
Single-dose and steady state pharmacokinetics of CSA and two main primary metabolites, AM1 and AM4n in patients with rheumatic/autoimmune diseases

Jackson, R.L.; Greiwe, J.S.; Desai, P.B.; Schwen, R.J., 2011:
Single-dose and steady-state pharmacokinetic studies of S-equol, a potent nonhormonal, estrogen receptor β-agonist being developed for the treatment of menopausal symptoms

Koskimies, P.; Turunen, J.; Lammintausta, R.; Scheinin, M., 2014:
Single-dose and steady-state pharmacokinetics of ospemifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, in postmenopausal women

van Hees, B.C.; Vijverberg, P.L.M.; Hoorntje, L.E.; Wiltink, E.H.H.; Go, P.M.N.Y.H.; Tersmette, M., 2011:
Single-dose antibiotic prophylaxis for urinary catheter removal does not reduce the risk of urinary tract infection in surgical patients: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Shortt, S., 1981:
Single-dose antibiotic treatment: a new approach to lower urinary tract infections in primary care

Amrol, D., 2007:
Single-dose azithromycin microsphere formulation: a novel delivery system for antibiotics

Jensen, Jørgen.Skov., 2009:
Single-dose azithromycin treatment for Mycoplasma genitalium-positive urethritis: best but not good enough

Morris, P.S.; Gadil, G.; McCallum, G.B.; Wilson, C.A.; Smith-Vaughan, H.C.; Torzillo, P.; Leach, A.J., 2010:
Single-dose azithromycin versus seven days of amoxycillin in the treatment of acute otitis media in Aboriginal children (AATAAC): a double blind, randomised controlled trial

Zhang, Y-Yuan.; Liu, J-Hong.; Su, F.; Lui, Y-Tao.; Li, J-Feng., 2009:
Single-dose bioequivalence assessment of two formulations of polysaccharide iron complex capsules in healthy adult male Chinese volunteers: A sequence-randomized, double-blind, two-way crossover study

Godfrey, A.R.; Digiacinto, J.; Davis, M.W., 2011:
Single-dose bioequivalence of 105-mg fenofibric acid tablets versus 145-mg fenofibrate tablets under fasting and fed conditions: a report of two phase I, open-label, single-dose, randomized, crossover clinical trials

Gjessing, P.Fosse.; Hagve, M.; Fuskevåg, O-Martin.; Revhaug, A.; Irtun, Øivind., 2015:
Single-dose carbohydrate treatment in the immediate preoperative phase diminishes development of postoperative peripheral insulin resistance

Starks, I.; Ayub, G.; Walley, G.; Orendi, J.; Roberts, P.; Maffulli, N., 2008:
Single-dose cefuroxime with gentamicin reduces Clostridium difficile-associated disease in hip-fracture patients

Westen, E.H.M.N.; Kolk, P.R.; van Velzen, C.L.; Unkels, R.; Mmuni, N.S.; Hamisi, A.D.; Nakua, R.E.; Vlek, A.L.M.; van Beekhuizen, H.J., 2015:
Single-dose compared with multiple day antibiotic prophylaxis for cesarean section in low-resource settings, a randomized controlled, noninferiority trial

Walter, S.; Weinschenk, T.; Reinhardt, C.; Singh-Jasuja, H., 2013:
Single-dose cyclophosphamide synergizes with immune responses to the renal cell cancer vaccine IMA901

Salama, N.N.; Segal, J.H.; Churchwell, M.D.; Patel, J.H.; Gao, L.; Heung, M.; Mueller, B.A., 2010:
Single-dose daptomycin pharmacokinetics in chronic haemodialysis patients

Davis, B.E.; Illamperuma, C.; Gauvreau, G.M.; Watson, R.M.; O'Byrne, P.M.; Deschesnes, F.; Boulet, L.P.; Cockcroft, D.W., 2009:
Single-dose desloratadine and montelukast and allergen-induced late airway responses

Cross, K.P.; Paul, R.I.; Goldman, R.D., 2012:
Single-dose dexamethasone for mild-to-moderate asthma exacerbations: effective, easy, and acceptable

Kaufman, R.; Nunes, I.; Bolognese, J.A.; Miller, D.L.; Salotti, D.; McCarthy, J.M.; Smith, W.B.; Herman, G.A.; Feig, P.U., 2011:
Single-dose effects of isosorbide mononitrate alone or in combination with losartan on central blood pressure

Zhou, X-Jian.; Pietropaolo, K.; Damphousse, D.; Belanger, B.; Chen, J.; Sullivan-Bólyai, J.; Mayers, D., 2009:
Single-dose escalation and multiple-dose safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of IDX899, a candidate human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, in healthy subjects

Gu, W-Jie.; Wang, F.; Tang, L.; Liu, J-Chen., 2015:
Single-dose etomidate does not increase mortality in patients with sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and observational studies

Banh, K.V.; James, S.; Hendey, G.W.; Snowden, B.; Kaups, K., 2013:
Single-dose etomidate for intubation in the trauma patient

Warner, K.J.; Cuschieri, J.; Jurkovich, G.J.; Bulger, E.M., 2009:
Single-dose etomidate for rapid sequence intubation may impact outcome after severe injury

McPhee, L.C.; Badawi, O.; Fraser, G.L.; Lerwick, P.A.; Riker, R.R.; Zuckerman, I.H.; Franey, C.; Seder, D.B., 2013:
Single-dose etomidate is not associated with increased mortality in ICU patients with sepsis: analysis of a large electronic ICU database

Arguedas, A.; Soley, C.; Kamicker, B.J.; Jorgensen, D.M., 2011:
Single-dose extended-release azithromycin versus a 10-day regimen of amoxicillin/clavulanate for the treatment of children with acute otitis media

Jorgensen, D.M., 2010:
Single-dose extended-release oral azithromycin vs. 3-day azithromycin for the treatment of group A beta-haemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis/tonsillitis in adults and adolescents: a double-blind, double-dummy study

Taylor, D.R., 2013:
Single-dose fentanyl sublingual spray for breakthrough cancer pain

Grunberg, S.; Chua, D.; Maru, A.; Dinis, Jé.; DeVandry, S.; Boice, J.A.; Hardwick, J.S.; Beckford, E.; Taylor, A.; Carides, A.; Roila, F.; Herrstedt, Jørn., 2011:
Single-dose fosaprepitant for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting associated with cisplatin therapy: randomized, double-blind study protocol--EASE

Clendenen, S.R.; Harrison, B.A., 2007:
Single-dose gabapentin does not augment postoperative analgesia in ambulatory arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Wildgruber, M.; Stadlbauer, T.; Rasper, M.; Hapfelmeier, A.; Zelger, O.; Eckstein, H-Henning.; Halle, M.; Rummeny, E.J.; Huber, A.M., 2015:
Single-dose gadobutrol in comparison with single-dose gadobenate dimeglumine for magnetic resonance imaging of chronic myocardial infarction at 3 T

Malik, I.Ahmed.; Moriconi, F.; Sheikh, N.; Naz, N.; Khan, S.; Dudas, J.; Mansuroglu, Tümen.; Hess, C.Friedrich.; Rave-Fränk, M.; Christiansen, H.; Ramadori, G., 2010:
Single-dose gamma-irradiation induces up-regulation of chemokine gene expression and recruitment of granulocytes into the portal area but not into other regions of rat hepatic tissue

Segal, J.L.; Gilman, T.A.; Thompson, J.F., 2010:
Single-dose gentamicin clearance is a predictor of creatinine clearance in spinal man

Cooper, C.; Shafran, S.; Greenbloom, S.; Enns, R.; Farley, J.; Hilzenrat, N.; Williams, K.; Elkashab, M.; Abadir, N.; Neuman, M., 2014:
Single-dose infliximab in hepatitis C genotype 1 treatment-naive patients with high serum tumour necrosis factor-alpha does not influence the efficacy of pegylated interferon alpha-2b/ribavirin therapy

Webb, L.; Petersen, M.; Boden, S.; LaBelle, V.; Bird, J.Andrew.; Howell, D.; Burks, A.Wesley.; Laubach, S., 2011:
Single-dose influenza vaccination of patients with egg allergy in a multicenter study

Sunagawa, S.; Higa, F.; Cash, H.L.; Tateyama, M.; Uno, T.; Fujita, J., 2013:
Single-dose inhaled laninamivir: registered in Japan and its potential role in control of influenza epidemics

Haraji, A.; Rakhshan, V., 2014:
Single-dose intra-alveolar chlorhexidine gel application, easier surgeries, and younger ages are associated with reduced dry socket risk

Wei, J.; Lei, G-hua.; Gao, S-Guang.; Zeng, C.; Qin, J-bi.; Kong, F-jing.; Yang, T-bao., 2015:
Single-dose intra-articular bupivacaine versus morphine after arthroscopic knee surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized-controlled studies

Corsini, T.; Cuvillon, P.; Forgeot, A.; Chapelle, C.; Seffert, P.; Chauleur, C., 2013:
Single-dose intraincisional levobupivacaine infiltration in caesarean postoperative analgesia: a placebo-controlled double-blind randomized trial

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Single-level posterolateral arthrodesis, with or without posterior decompression, for the treatment of isthmic spondylolisthesis

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Single-limb-balance difficulty on 4 commonly used rehabilitation devices

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Single-living is associated with increased risk of long-term mortality among employed patients with acute myocardial infarction

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Single-lobe living donor liver transplant in a morbidly obese cirrhotic patient preceded by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

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