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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55826

Chapter 55826 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wlotko, E.W.; Federmeier, K.D., 2012:
So that's what you meant! Event-related potentials reveal multiple aspects of context use during construction of message-level meaning

Scoboria, A.; Lynn, S.Jay.; Hessen, J.; Fisico, S., 2007:
So that's why I don't remember: normalizing forgetting of childhood events influences false autobiographical beliefs but not memories

Wandeler, E., 2012:
So the case will not become a faulty rate case

Carrillo, J.L., 2008:
So the confessionals speak!: Disease, gender and social class in the nineteenth century Seville

Robak, C., 2013:
So the hat fits--or?

Smith, C.J., 2012:
So there is a difference, but how big is it? Measuring the effect size for binary outcomes

Smith, C.J., 2012:
So there is a difference, but how big is it? Measuring the effect size for numerical outcomes using the mean and median

Reid, W.H., 2011:
So they want you to be their medical director

Chescheir, N.C., 2014:
So very much to learn

Roy, M., 2013:
So we think we can dance

Vincent, J-Louis., 2011:
So we use less pulmonary artery catheters--but why?

Miyao, C., 2014:
So what about ACOs and CCOs?

Pontious, J.Michael., 2014:
So what about the medical staff?

Washington, J.L., 2012:
So what am I supposed to do in the or monday morning?

Berg, J.H., 2013:
So what can I do?

Alexander, S.P.H., 2012:
So what do we call GPR18 now?

Gatherer, D., 2010:
So what do we really mean when we say that systems biology is holistic?

Mulaik, M.W., 2014:
So what does this really mean?

Clarke, L., 2011:
So what exactly is nursing knowledge?

Griffin, J.L.; Steinbeck, C., 2010:
So what have data standards ever done for us? The view from metabolomics

Coates, T.D., 2011:
So what if blood is thicker than water?

Sellier, A-Laure.; Avnet, T., 2015:
So what if the clock strikes? Scheduling style, control, and well-being

Okan, D.; Woo, K.; Sibbald, R.Gary., 2007:
So what if you are blue? Oral colloidal silver and argyria are out: safe dressings are in

Burd, A., 2007:
So what is a keloid scar?

Zinner, D.; Roos, C., 2014:
So what is a species anyway? A primatological perspective

Cannon, G., 2009:
So what is new?

Henderson, S.; Happell, B.; Martin, T., 2007:
So what is so good about clinical experience? A mental health nursing perspective

Johnson, S., 2008:
So what shall we do about assertive community treatment?

Lawless, J., 2010:
So what's happening with safe staffing and healthy workplaces?

Peck, S., 2008:
So what's new? Arch expansion, again

Anonymous, 2015:
So what's next?

Macgregor, H., 2013:
So what's so special about these things called lampbrush chromosomes?

Fielding, J.E.; Teutsch, S.M., 2013:
So what? A framework for assessing the potential impact of intervention research

Michelson, D.J.; Shevell, M.I.; Sherr, E.H.; Moeschler, J.B.; Gropman, A.L.; Ashwal, S.; Trevathan, E., 2012:
So what? Does the test lead to improved health outcomes?

Batalden, P.; Davidoff, F.; Marshall, M.; Bibby, J.; Pink, C., 2011:
So what? Now what? Exploring, understanding and using the epistemologies that inform the improvement of healthcare

Hughes, R.G.; Clancy, C.M., 2007:
So what? The challenge of doing "need to know" versus "would like to know" research

Moser, C., 2010:
So where do we go from here?

Miller, E.Tilka., 2008:
So where is the evidence?

Deveny, K., 2008:
So where's the epidemic?

Kimble, P., 2012:
So who'd want to be a senior nurse?

Avery, J.Kelley., 2009:
So who's counting?

Lynch, A.Craig., 2008 :
So why are New Zealand-trained doctors leaving?

Nogueira-Filho, G.; Tenenbaum, H.C., 2011:
So why do we call it the oral-systemic health connection?

Talmage, J., 2010:
So why does my back hurt doc?

Civil, I.D.S.; Kao, L.S., 2015:
So why would my paper be rejected?

Talley, N.J., 2009:
So you aspire to be a Professor?

Anonymous, 2009:
So you have primary hyperparathyroidism. You may feel fine--but you could need surgery

Dabiri Abkenari, L.; Jordaens, L., 2012:
So you implanted an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, now what to do with it?

Anonymous, 2010:
So you just became the office safety coordinator--what do you do now?

Heim, T., 2008:
So you keep the nerves

Budde, P.Prakash., 2015:
So you think you can edit?

Carvalho, A-Maria.; Poirier, V., 2012:
So you think you can fly?: determining if your emergency department patient is fit for air travel

Wendell, L.C.; Kofke, W.Andrew., 2012:
So you think you can safely extubate your patient?

Piaskowski, P., 2012:
So you think you can write! (Of course you can!)

Ward, S.A., 2008:
So you think you can't dance?

Sayle, R.A., 2010:
So you think you understand tautomerism?

Bodnar, B.E., 2012:
So you think you want to save the world

Killgore, W.D.S.; Kelley, A.; Balkin, T.J., 2010:
So you think you're bulletproof: Development and validation of the Invincibility Belief Index (IBI)

von Heimburg, P., 2010:
So you thought you had HIPAA under control

Griffiths, R., 2011:
So you want a career in pain medicine

Dixon, J.Michael., 2010:
So you want to be ... a breast surgeon

Westaby, S., 2010:
So you want to be ... a cardiac surgeon

Velmurugan, S.; Holdright, D.R., 2009:
So you want to be ... a cardiologist

Ather, M.; Salmon, G., 2010 :
So you want to be ... a child and adolescent psychiatrist

Brealey, D.A.; Singer, M., 2010:
So you want to be ... a critical care physician

Kelly, S., 2011:
So you want to be ... a gastroenterologist

D Sa, S.; Brennan, P.A., 2009:
So you want to be ... a maxillofacial surgeon

Gore, M., 2010:
So you want to be ... a medical oncologist

Storey, I.; Philpott, A., 2010:
So you want to be ... a neonatologist

Joshi, J.R.; Sivakumar, B., 2010:
So you want to be ... a plastic surgeon

Turner, T., 2009:
So you want to be ... a psychiatrist

Monzon, L.; Upadhyay, N.; O'Regan, D., 2011:
So you want to be ... a radiologist

Jones, R.; Pozniak, A., 2009:
So you want to be ... a specialist in HIV/AIDS medicine

Tillett, E.; Haddad, F., 2010:
So you want to be ... a sport and exercise medicine physician

Farid, S.; Prasad, R., 2011 :
So you want to be ... a transplant surgeon

Osman, N.I.; Moore, K.C.; Mokete, M., 2010:
So you want to be ... a urologist

Todd, S.; Beeching, N., 2011:
So you want to be ... an infectious disease physician

Hale, S.L.; Lightman, S., 2009:
So you want to be ... an ophthalmologist

Hegarty, A.M.; Mighell, A.J., 2010:
So you want to be ... an oral medicine physician

Haddad, F.; Hudson, B., 2009:
So you want to be ... an orthopaedic surgeon

Swift, A.C., 2010:
So you want to be ... an otorhinolaryngologist

Rothberg, E.D., 2008:
So you want to be a CEO: lessons from the field

Schuerenberg, B.Kelly., 2008:
So you want to be a CIO?

Hoey, S., 2014:
So you want to be a Dermatologist

Murphy, A., 2014:
So you want to be a Foundation Doctor

Houghton, J., 2015:
So you want to be a Histopathologist?

Maxwell, A.P., 2012:
So you want to be a Nephrologist

McGuinness, T.M., 2008:
So you want to be a better psychiatric nurse? Try being a writer as well

Trouton, T., 2015:
So you want to be a cardiologist

Rohrich, R.J.; Sullivan, D., 2012:
So you want to be a change artist?

Ali, F.R.; Griffiths, C.Em., 2012:
So you want to be a clinical academic

Shelton, J.W.; Smithgall, F.J., 2009:
So you want to be a dentist? An investigative report

Luxon, B.A., 2014:
So you want to be a hepatologist?

Killingbeck, R., 2014:
So you want to be a medical student in Europe?

Stanek, A., 2016:
So you want to be a medical student in the UK (and you come from mainland Europe)?

Winland, R.D., 2008:
So you want to be a mentor?

Robson, E., 2007:
So you want to be a midwife? Part 1: myths and midwifery

Robson, E., 2007:
So you want to be a midwife? Part 3: Finding out about midwifery

Robson, E., 2007:
So you want to be a midwife? Part 4: completing the application form

Robson, E., 2007:
So you want to be a midwife? Part 5: Preparing for the interview

Robson, E., 2008:
So you want to be a midwife? Part 6: excelling at the interview

Hornett, M., 2013:
So you want to be a nurse?

Hayward, C., 2014:
So you want to be a pharmaceutical physician?

Sweedler, J.V., 2014:
So you want to be a principal investigator?

Hu, J.C., 2013:
So you want to be a robotic surgeon?

Fleischman, J.; Szalinski, C., 2015:
So you want to be a science writer

Gebel, E., 2013:
So you want to be a scientist

Wenzel, F.J., 2009:
So you want to be a teacher: how you can share your knowledge of your profession with the next generation

Brassard, A., 2014:
So you want to be an APRN?

Hadid, L.Z.; Sahraoui, F.; Galtier, S.; Huang, S.Y., 2018:
Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Earth's Magnetosheath: Estimation of the Energy Cascade Rate Using in situ Spacecraft Data

Eaves, F.F.; Rohrich, R.J., 2011:
So you want to be an evidence-based plastic surgeon? A lifelong journey

Ahmadian, R.R., 2010:
So you want to be an expert

Luce, E.A., 2010:
So you want to be an expert

Solon, M., 2014:
So you want to be an expert witness...

Rohrich, R.J.; Rosen, J.; Longaker, M.T., 2010:
So you want to be an innovator?

Rohrich, R.J., 2011:
So you want to be an international plastic surgeon? Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery visits China

Hanna, G., 2014:
So you want to be an oncologist?

Rohrich, R.J., 2010:
So you want to be better: the role of evidence-based medicine in plastic surgery

Rohrich, R.J.; Sullivan, D.; Buonarroti, M.; da Vinci, L., 2012:
So you want to be like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo? Which one are you?

Farrow, S.J.; Kingsley, G.H., 2007:
So you want to be... a rheumatologist

D'Sa, S., 2011:
So you want to be... an interventional radiologist

Apps, M., 2008:
So you want to be...a chest physician

Singh, I.; Vilches, A.; Manku, L.; Wallace, J., 2011:
So you want to be...a geriatrician

Cade, A., 2009:
So you want to be...a paediatrician

Aitsi-Selmi, A.; Gibbons, D.C., 2009:
So you want to be...a public health physician

Down, J., 2009:
So you want to be...an anaesthetist

Alcon, A.; Pfaff, M.J.; Haran, O., 2013:
So you want to become a plastic surgeon? What you need to do and know to get into a plastic surgery residency

Lusardi, P., 2012:
So you want to change practice: recognizing practice issues and channeling those ideas

Hundley, V.; Cheyne, H.; Bland, J.Martin.; Styles, M.; Barnett, C.A., 2010:
So you want to conduct a cluster randomized controlled trial? Lessons from a national cluster trial of early labour

Rohrich, R.J.; Sullivan, D., 2012:
So you want to get paid for what you do? The saga continues

Thompson, S.R., 2013:
So you want to know if your message has an IRES?

Callister, L.Clark., 2009:
So you want to make a difference in global health?

Cohen, L., 1984:
So you want to practise in British Columbia?

Roberts, W.Clifford., 2010:
So you want to see your heart

Bryen, D.Nelson.; Potts, B.B.; Carey, A.C., 2007:
So you want to work? What employers say about job skills, recruitment and hiring employees who rely on AAC

Sullivan, G.M., 2014:
So you want to write? Practices that work

LeFebvre, K.B., 2010:
So you're ready to give chemotherapy--now what?

Zhong, R.; Baranoski, M.; Feigenson, N.; Davidson, L.; Buchanan, A.; Zonana, H.V., 2014:
So you're sorry? The role of remorse in criminal law

Collen, M.R., 2008:
So you've got chronic pain--what's next?

Kerty, E., 2007:
So young and hit by stroke

Livingston, L.G., 2018:
So your Ob is Rh negative?

Gammons, S., 2014:
So your baby has Down's syndrome

Rohrich, R.J., 2014:
So … are we really safe?

Zuzek, C., 2015:
So "appy" together

Borgstedt, F.J., 2011:
So, I made a microscope

Lajoie, G., 2011:
So, do we buy? A survey tells us more about the habits of people from Quebec

Hanslik, T.; Kerneis, S., 2010:
So, doctor, should I take the pandemic flu shot

Waterman, L., 2015:
So, doctor, was I worth £10?

Warkentin, T.E.; Greinacher, A., 2007:
So, does low-molecular-weight heparin cause less heparin-induced thrombocytopenia than unfractionated heparin or not?

Regnard, C.; George, R.; Grogan, E.; Harlow, T.; Hutchison, S.; Keen, J.; McGettrick, S.; Manson, C.; Murray, S.A.; Robinson, V.; Stone, P.; Tallon, C., 2012:
So, farewell then, doctrine of double effect

Verklan, M.Terese., 2009:
So, he's a little premature...what's the big deal?

Rohrich, R.J., 2013:
So, how do you do high-performance teamwork?

Stein, W.E., 2012:
So, how was your day?

Rodriguez-Morales, A.J.; Jiménez-Canizales, C.E.; Mondragón-Cardona, A.; Taype-Rondán, A.; Vargas-Gandica, J.A., 2015:
So, if I travel to "Venezuela", can I get coccidioidomycosis?

Longerich, B., 2010:
So, let us disturb now!

Oliveira, V.Marques.de.; Aldrighi, Jé.Mendes.; Gebara, O.C.E., 2012:
So, now what? what are the risks of breast cancer and myocardial infarction among women receiving hormonal replacement therapy after menopause?

Lakhanpal, A.; Arfon, S.; McKeon, D.John., 2013:
So, they thought it was all over

Naini, F.B., 2007:
So, those who can't do it, teach it?

Martini, J.Gue., 2008:
So, what are we really talking about when we approach integrality?

Weiss, K., 2015:
So, what are you doing now?

Neithercott, T., 2009:
So, what can I eat? Meal planning is central to managing your diabetes. Here's how to get started

Anonymous, 2009:
So, what exactly is a cytokine?

Belmont, L., 2013:
So, what's it really like to work in biotech?

Kuller, L.H., 2007:
So, what's new?

St Clair-Gray, W.; Kearns, A.; Cassford, T.; Holmes, A., 2008:
So, what's up doc? Interview by Christian Duffin

Grantham, D., 2012:
So, what's wrong with hearing voices?

Sakaue, T., 2018:
Compressing a confined DNA: from nano-channel to nano-cavity

Malay, D.Scot., 2008:
So, why peer review?

Zhang, Y.; Li, M.; Gao, Y.; Xu, B.; Lu, W., 2018:
Compressing liquid nanofoam systems: liquid infiltration or nanopore deformation?

Pleil, J.D., 2014:
So, you have been asked to peer review an article for Journal of breath research

Radcliffe, M., 2010:
So, you think swimming with sharks is stressful?

Voit, E.O.; Kemp, M.L., 2016:
So, you want to be a systems biologist? Determinants for creating graduate curricula in systems biology

Arya, D., 2011:
So, you want to design an acute mental health inpatient unit: physical issues for consideration

Gestating, 2008:
So, you want to get pregnant? How good is our advice for couples?

Freeman, P.B., 2011:
So, you want to learn to swim…

Alpert, J.S.; Chen, Q.M., 2012:
So, you want to live to 120? The genie in the bottle

Malay, D.Scot., 2007:
So, you want to see how your patients are really doing?

Stemple, D.L., 2015:
So, you want to sequence a genome..

Anonymous, 2009:
So--what's new?

Stewart, G.N., 1911:
So-Called Biological Tests for Adrenalin in Blood, with some Observations on Arterial Hypertonus

Stephens, P., 1923:
So-Called Chauffeur's Fracture

Taylor, A.S., 1921:
So-Called Congenital Dislocation of the Shoulder Posterior Subluxation

Milch, H., 1942:
So-Called Dislocation of the Lower End of the Ulna

Sichel, A.W., 1923:
So-Called Glass-Workers' Cataract Occurring in other Occupations, with a Report of two Cases

Fox, T., 1874:
So-Called Ichthyosis Linguae, and its Relation to Ichthyosis

Bull, P.N., 1925:
So-Called Idiopathic Dilatation of the Oesophagus: Synonyms: Dilatatio Fusiformis Oesophagi, Cardiospasmus, Megaoesophagus Five Cases, of which Four have Been Treated by Means of Oesophago-Gastrostomia Subdiaphragmatica

Bull, P.N., 1925:
So-Called Idiopathic Dilatation of the Oesophagus: Treatment and Report of Cases

Hale, G.W., 1894:
So-Called Muscular Asthenopia

Eichel, O.R., 1919:
So-Called Nonresident Deaths: a Preliminary Note on An Experimental Study of this Subject in new York State

Burton, J.E., 1884:
So-Called Obstructive Dysmenorrhoea

Regan, J.S.; Sanes, S.; Maccallum, J.D., 1943:
So-Called Retroperitoneal Lipoma: Report of Seven Cases

Laughlen, G.F.; Warner, W.P.; Holmes, H.A., 1919:
So-Called Trench Mouth and other Manifestations of Vincent's Disease as a spreading Infection in Canada

Tredgold, A.F., 1933:
So-Called "neurasthenia"

Tyndale, W., 1902:
So-Called "remittent" or "pretoria" Fever

Kim, H-Woo.; Lim, C-Yeon.; Kim, B-Yeo.; Cho, S-In., 2014:
So-Cheong-Ryong-Tang, a herbal medicine, modulates inflammatory cell infiltration and prevents airway remodeling via regulation of interleukin-17 and GM-CSF in allergic asthma in mice

Sameshima, N.; Marutsuka, K.; Tsukino, H.; Kamoto, T.; Kono, S.; Asada, Y., 2012:
So-called 'adenosarcoma' of the kidney a novel adult renal tumor with a cystic appearance

Donald, A., 1914:
So-called Chronic Metritis in a Nullipara

Langmead, F., 1914:
So-called Congenital Hypertrophic Stenosis of the Pylorus

Weber, F.P., 1916:
So-called Idiopathic Multiple Pigment Sarcoma of Kaposi (Acro-sarcoma Multiplex Cutaneum Telangiectodes of Unna)

Gray, A.M., 1923:
So-called Kaposi's Multiple Idiopathic Pigment Sarcoma

Syme, W.S., 1919:
So-called Malignant Mixed-parotid Tumour

Casasco, E., 2014:
So-called Merkel's spur in radiograms and stratigrams of proximal extremity of the femur

Bamber, G., 1941:
So-called Monilia Infections of the Nail Fold: (Section of Dermatology)

Sequeira, J.H., 1921:
So-called Multiple Idiopathic Pigment Sarcoma (Kaposi)

Mollison, W.M., 1915:
So-called Primary Acute Mastoiditis

Anonymous, 1925:
So-called Rickety Dwarf

Levi-Faict, T.W.; Quatrehomme, Gérald., 2012:
So-called Spontaneous Human Combustion

Zondek, H.; Ticho, A., 1945:
So-called Thyrotropic Exophthalmos

Weber, F.P., 1909:
So-called Trophoedema of the Left Lower Extremity

Weber, F.P., 1909:
So-called Trophœdema of the Left Lower Extremity

Bell, W.B., 1915:
So-called True Hermaphroditism, with the Report of a Case

White, J.A., 1897:
So-called accommodation in a lensless eye, with report of a case

Marburg, O., 1949:
So-called agenesia of the corpus callosum; anterior cerebral dysraphism

Usizima, K., 1948:
So-called angina abdominis, and dyspragia intermittens Ortner

Kruger, G.O.; Prickman, L.E.; Pugh, D.G., 1949:
So-called eosinophilic granuloma of the ribs and jaws associated with visceral (pulmonary) involvement characteristic of xanthomatosis

Murphy, F.D.; Peters, B.J.; Newman, R.C., 1948:
So-called extrarenal uremia; a study of 20 cases

Alvarez, W.C., 2018:
So-called fever or brucellosis in nervous persons

Tosios, K.I.; Gopalakrishnan, R.; Koutlas, I.G., 2010:
So-called hybrid central odontogenic fibroma/central giant cell lesion of the jaws. A report on seven additional cases, including an example in a patient with cherubism, and hypotheses on the pathogenesis

Solarz, S.D., 2014:
So-called infarction type electrocardiographic changes following paroxysmal tachycardia

Mahe, G.; Chevalier, C.; Caroff, J.; Leftheriotis, G., 2010:
So-called lateral meniscal cyst

Lacroix, L.J.; Coble, J.P., 2018:
So-called mixed bacterial infections of dogs

Bykova, M.P., 2014:
So-called physiological weight loss in newborn in breast feeding 20-30 minutes after birth

Smith, W.D., 2010:
So-called possession in pre-Christian Greece

Molokanov, K.P., 2018:
So-called pseudofractures

Sachs, W.; Scannone, F., 2016:
So-called pustular psoriasis

Senechal, M., 1992:
So-called quasicrystals

Bonomini, B., 2014:
So-called retropneumoperitoneum

Kalhor, N.; Staerkel, G.A.; Moran, C.A., 2010:
So-called sclerosing hemangioma of lung: current concept

Bradley, J.F., 2011:
So-called skin tuberculosis

Filimonov, I.N., 2018:
So-called subcortical attacks ; epilepsia subcorticalis

Bethune, C.W.; Hayden, C.; Warwick, M., 2011:
So-called triple bladder; report of a case of congenital diverticula

Thomas, E.W.P., 2014:
So-called triple-symptom complex of Behçet

Mohanty, J.K., 2018:
So-called tropical ulcer in Angul

Maccormac, H., 1913:
So-called "Acne Agminata of Crocker."

Stewart, F.W.; Parker, F., 1926:
So-called "Endothelial Blockade" with Collargol: An Immunologic and Histologic Study

Swan, R.H., 1915:
So-called "Frost-bite."

Sibley, W.K., 1920:
So-called "Multiple Haemorrhagic Sarcoma" (Kaposi)

Sibley, W.K., 1920:
So-called "Multiple Hæmorrhagic Sarcoma" (Kaposi)

Acar, P.; Abadir, S.; Brierre, G., 2008:
So-called "absence" of the leaflets of the pulmonary valve

Gifford, F., 2007:
So-called "clinical equipoise" and the argument from design

Scuderi, S.; Giaccone, M.; Falletto, E.; Fronticelli, C.Maria.; Maorenzic, M.Alejandra.; Seghesio, R.; Gaetini, A.Maria., 2010:
So-called "dense-vascularised" peritoneal adhesions: clinical and aetiopathogenetic considerations

Bannon, M., 2011:
So-called "legal highs"

Martin, R.C.W.; Murali, R.; Scolyer, R.A.; Fitzgerald, P.; Colman, M.H.; Thompson, J.F., 2009:
So-called "malignant blue nevus": a clinicopathologic study of 23 patients

Lee, S.Ku.; Yoon, D.Wui.; Yi, H.; Lee, S.Woo.; Kim, J.Yeol.; Kim, J.Kwan.; Hong, J.Hwa.; Shin, C., 2015:
So-eum type as an independent risk factor for irritable bowel syndrome: a population-based study in Korea

Knight, K.; Hoppeler, H., 2009:
So-long and welcome

Zito, D.; Pepe, D.; Mincica, M.; Zito, F.; Tognetti, A.; Lanata, A.; De Rossi, D., 2011:
SoC CMOS UWB Pulse Radar Sensor for Contactless Respiratory Rate Monitoring

Munshaw, S.; Kepler, T.B., 2010:
SoDA2: a Hidden Markov Model approach for identification of immunoglobulin rearrangements

Papachristoudis, G.; Diplaris, S.; Mitkas, P.A., 2010:
SoFoCles: feature filtering for microarray classification based on gene ontology

Naranjo-Hernández, D.; Roa, L.M.; Reina-Tosina, J.; Estudillo-Valderrama, M.Ángel., 2013:
SoM: a smart sensor for human activity monitoring and assisted healthy ageing

Mirjalili, S.Mohammad., 2014:
SoMIR framework for designing high-NDBP photonic crystal waveguides

Huang, Y-Lin.; Huang, C-Cheng.; Tang, C.Yi.; Lu, C.Lung., 2010:
SoRT2: a tool for sorting genomes and reconstructing phylogenetic trees by reversals, generalized transpositions and translocations

Rim, H-Kun.; Moon, P-Dong.; Choi, I-Hwa.; Lee, E-Hee.; Kim, H-Min.; Jeong, H-Ja., 2014:
SoSoSo or its active ingredient chrysophanol regulates production of inflammatory cytokines & adipokine in both macrophages & adipocytes

Sadruddin, N.; Chinoy, M.Amin.; Javed, M.Imran., 2007:
Soak the cast off

Mon, H.; Li, Z.; Kobayashi, I.; Tomita, S.; Lee, J.; Sezutsu, H.; Tamura, T.; Kusakabe, T., 2015:
Soaking RNAi in Bombyx mori BmN4-SID1 cells arrests cell cycle progression

Xu, J.; Nagata, Y.; Mon, H.; Li, Z.; Zhu, L.; Iiyama, K.; Kusakabe, T.; Lee, J.Man., 2013:
Soaking RNAi-mediated modification of Sf9 cells for baculovirus expression system by ectopic expression of Caenorhabditis elegans SID-1

Boltz, A., 2007:
Soaking in midwifery

Jakobsen, T.; Baas, Jørgen.; Bechtold, J.E.; Elmengaard, B.; Søballe, K., 2007:
Soaking morselized allograft in bisphosphonate can impair implant fixation

Wojtas, M.N.; Abrescia, N.G.A., 2012:
Soaking of DNA into crystals of archaeal RNA polymerase achieved by desalting in droplets

Zuo, Z.; Tian, S.; Chen, Z.; Li, J.; Yang, X., 2012:
Soaking pretreatment of corn stover for bioethanol production followed by anaerobic digestion process

Novia, D.; Juliyarsi, I.; Sandra, A.; Dan, Y.; Muhammad, R., 2014:
Soaking salted eggs in gambier liquid waste inhibit bacterial growth

Rogell, M.R.; Parks, B.G.; O'Donnell, J.B., 2009:
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Social Web site for persons with HIV launched in March. Site hopes to attract medical professionals

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