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Social cognitive theory variables mediation of moderate exercise

Hortz, B.; Petosa, R.L.

American Journal of Health Behavior 32(3): 305-314


ISSN/ISBN: 1087-3244
PMID: 18067470
Accession: 055826617

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To identify the degree to which the social cognitive theory constructs targeted by the Planning to Be Active Program (PBA) were mediators of moderate-intensity exercise. High school students in treatment and comparison groups received activity-based physical education. The treatment group also received PBA, which develops self-regulation skills to promote leisure-time exercise. PBA increased self-regulation scores, social situation scores, and moderate-intensity exercise. Self-regulation and social situation mediated moderate-intensity exercise at posttest. As mediators, self-regulation and social situation help explain how PBA produces increases in moderate-intensity exercise.

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