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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55848

Chapter 55848 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1944:
Some Observations on Nutrition

Edelson, M.G.; Polania, R.; Ruff, C.C.; Fehr, E.; Hare, T.A., 2018:
Computational and neurobiological foundations of leadership decisions

Green, H.M., 1920:
Some Observations on Pellagra with Special Reference to Therapy

Dewitt, L.M., 1910:
Some Observations on Phenol as a Clearing Agent in histologic Work

Model, A., 1959:
Some Observations on Physical Treatment of Psychotic Patients in General Practice

Dukes, C., 1928:
Some Observations on Pyuria

Howard, J.E.; Thomas, W.C., 1959:
Some Observations on Rachitic Rat Cartilage of Probable Significance in the Etiology of Renal Calculi

Crozier, T.H., 1933:
Some Observations on Respiratory Diseases in Childhood

Harkin, A., 1882:
Some Observations on Rheumatism and Gout, with a New Departure in their Cure

Phair, J.T., 1923:
Some Observations on School Health Supervision in Rural and Urban Centres

Taylor, R.B., 1936:
Some Observations on Short Wave Therapy

Fisk, S.A., 1901:
Some Observations on Southern California

Cooper, A., 1811:
Some Observations on Spina Bifida

Legge, R.T., 1913:
Some Observations on Symptoms and Treatment of Suppurative Appendicitis

Dix, V.W., 1933:
Some Observations on Temporary Drainage of the Kidney

Powell, A., 1922:
Some Observations on Tuberculosis in India

Buckley, J.J., 1933:
Some Observations on Two West Indian Parasites of Man: (Section of Comparative Medicine)

Kay, C.F., 1959:
Some Observations on Urinary Sediment Examination in the Diagnosis of Renal Disease

Robinson, G.D., 1911:
Some Observations on Vaginal Secretion in Infants

Harland, W.H., 1901:
Some Observations on Veld Sore

Bell, A.N., 1888:
Some Observations on Yellow-Fever and its Habitudes, as opposed to the Fallacies and Dangers of Personal Quarantine

Paddon, W.A., 1943:
Some Observations on a Panama Passage

Parker, G.E., 1947:
Some Observations on a Personal Series of Battle Casualties Involving the Genito-Urinary System [Abridged

Jones, E.I., 1940:
Some Observations on a Pressor Principle in the Urine of Hyperpietics: (Section of Medicine)

Foulerton, A.G., 1913:
Some Observations on a Series of 78 Cases of Streptothrix Infection

Philip, A.P., 1816:
Some Observations on a Species of Pulmonary Consumption, very frequent in Great Britain

Green, H.M., 1934:
Some Observations on and Lessons from the Experiences of the Past Ten Years

Wardrop, J., 1818:
Some Observations on one species of Nævus Maternus; with the case of an Infant where the Carotid Artery was tied

Sieveking, E.H., 1894:
Some Observations on our Out-Patient Departments

Robertson, D., 1936:
Some Observations on the Adaptation of the Cathode Ray Oscillograph to the Recording of Bio-Electrical Phenomena, with Special Reference to the Electrocardiogram: (Section of Physical Medicine)

Donovan, G.E., 1943:
Some Observations on the Adaptation of the Double Beam Cathode-ray Oscilloscope to Biology and Medicine

Ball, H.A., 1933:
Some Observations on the Altered Physiology of Hypophysectomized Albino Rats

Graham-Smith, G.S., 1911:
Some Observations on the Anatomy and Function of the Oral Sucker of the Blow-fly (Calliphora erythrocephala)

Thompson, H., 1857:
Some Observations on the Anatomy and Pathology of the Adult Prostate, founded upon Fifty Preparations of the Organ, dissected by the Author, and accompanying the Paper; with Two Plates

Teague, O.; Deibert, O., 1922:
Some Observations on the Bacillus of Unna-Ducrey

Eyre, J.W.; Payne, J.L., 1910:
Some Observations on the Bacteriology of Pyorrhoea Alveolaris, and the Treatment of the Disease by Bacterial Vaccines

Eyre, J.W.; Payne, J.L., 1910:
Some Observations on the Bacteriology of Pyorrhœa Alveolaris, and the Treatment of the Disease by Bacterial Vaccines

Robinson, B., 1889:
Some Observations on the Causation and Treatment of Asthma

Malden, W., 1907:
Some Observations on the Condition of the Blood in Men Engaged in Anilin Dyeing and the Manufacture of Nitrobenzine and its Compounds

Longcope, W.T., 1937:
Some Observations on the Course and Outcome of Hemorrhagic Nephritis

Weil, G.C., 1912:
Some Observations on the Cultivation of Tissues in Vitro

Wood, K., 1818:
Some Observations on the Cure of Hydrocele of the Tunica Vaginalis Testis, without procuring an obliteration of the Sac

Thomson, D., 1914:
Some Observations on the Development of Red Blood Cells as seen during the Growth of Embryonic Chick Tissue in vitro

Young, M., 1922:
Some Observations on the Distribution of Cancer in the Seven Valley

Davis, E.D., 1922:
Some Observations on the Early Diagnosis and Drainage of Otitic Meningitis, illustrated by Fourteen Cases and Specimens

Jones, C.H., 1852:
Some Observations on the Effects of Cholagogue Medicines, and some remarks on Morbid Changes in the Liver

Moeller, T.; Zimmerman, P.A., 1954:
Some Observations on the Electrolyses of Solutions of Rare-Earth Metal Salts in Basic Solvents

Cambrook, J.D., 1933:
Some Observations on the Extraction of Teeth in Cases of Haemophilia

Cambrook, J.D., 1933:
Some Observations on the Extraction of Teeth in Cases of Hæmophilia

Boyd, J., 1932:
Some Observations on the First Year's Working of the Panel Practice in Northern Ireland

Tumarkin, I.A., 1937:
Some Observations on the Function of the Labyrinth: (Section of Otology)

Hopewell-Smith, A., 1923:
Some Observations on the Histology, Physiology and Pathology of the Dental Pulp

Macneil, F.A., 1942:
Some Observations on the History of Orthoptics

Ross, E.M., 1920:
Some Observations on the Occurrence of Acidosis after Anaesthesia

Perry, H.M., 1923:
Some Observations on the Occurrence of Leishmania in the Intestinal Tissues in Indian Kala-Azar; on the Pathological Changes occasioned by their Presence, and on their possible Significance in this Situation

Love, R.J., 1935:
Some Observations on the Operation of Radical Cure of an Inguinal Hernia

Smith, T., 1888:
Some Observations on the Origin and Sources of Pathogenic Bacteria

Harrison, J.B., 1844:
Some Observations on the Origin of Catarrhs

Toynbee, J., 1851:
Some Observations on the Pathology of those Affections of the Ear which produce Disease in the Brain

Philip, A.P., 1823:
Some Observations on the Powers of Circulation, and the State of the Vessels in an inflamed Part

Tanner, F.W.; Davis, E., 1922:
Some Observations on the Sanitary Condition of Confections

Goldbloom, A., 1922:
Some Observations on the Starvation Treatment of Epilepsy

Cromarty, R.P., 1922:
Some Observations on the Surgery of Duodenal Membrances, with a call-in-report of results of treatment

Folger, H.P., 1942:
Some Observations on the Surgical Treatment of Concomitant Strabismus

Millin, T., 1939:
Some Observations on the Surgical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence: (Section of Urology)

Sawyer, J.E., 1903:
Some Observations on the Temperature of Coma

Wakeford, C.A., 1927:
Some Observations on the Tooth Band and on the Enamel Organs of the Human Deciduous Teeth

Gordon, W., 1916:
Some Observations on the Treatment of Disabled Soldiers by the Physico-therapeutic Methods now being used in Paris

Givens, J.T., 1945:
Some Observations on the Treatment of Sterility in the Female

Badger, G.S.C., 1898:
Some Observations on the Urine and Blood in Diabetes

Stewart, 1813 :
Some Observations on the Use of Opium in Uterine Hemorrhagy

Hilton, G., 1943:
Some Observations on the X-ray Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Wingfield, A.L., 1946:
Some Observations on the Ætiology and Treatment of Sprue

TICE, J.W.; SELLERS, A.H., 2010:
Some Observations on venereal-disease control in the Royal Canadian Air Force

Puzey, C., 1887:
Some Observations regarding the Permanence of the Radical Cure of Hernia

Park, W.H., 1905:
Some Observations upon the Agglutination of Bacteria

Bardswell, N.D., 1913:
Some Observations upon the Results of Four Years' Work at King Edward VII Sanatorium

Newton, R.C., 1895:
Some Observations which Appear to Establish the Aërial Transportation of Malarial Germs

Carlson, A.J., 1943:
Some Obstacles In The Path Towards An Optimum Diet.Ii

Macaskill, J., 1945:
Some Ocular Complications Of Scrub Typhus

Barkan, H., 1918:
Some Ocular Defects In Mentally Retarded Children

Gumbiner, A., 1924:
Some Ocular Manifestations Of Disease Processes

Maccallan, A.F., 1929:
Some Ocular Manifestations of Focal Sepsis

Swallow, C.W., 1892:
Some Oddities In Bird-Life

Corney, B.G., 1913:
Some Oddities in Nomenclature

Anonymous, 1914:
Some Of Our Diseases

Spitzka, E.A., 1903:
Some Of The Dangers Of Formal

Mann, J.D., 1908:
Some Of The Effects Of Excessive Smoking

Phelps, E.B., 1925:
Some Of The Engineering Aspects Of Pasteurization

Blake, D., 1926:
Some Of The Functions Of Humidity

Holman, W.L., 1923:
Some Of The Fundamental Contributions Of Pasteur To Bacteriology

Lyle, T.K., 1961:
Some Of The Great Historical Figures Associated With Moorfields

Davis, J.S., 1936:
Some Of The Hazards Of Irradiation

Sharples, S.P., 1880:
Some Of The Infusoria Found In Fresh Pond, Cambridge

Hasseltine, H.E., 1926:
Some Of The Laboratory Aspects Of Shellfish Control

Soper, G., 1911:
Some Of The Larger Aspects Of The Work Of The Metropolitan Sewerage Commission Of New York

Gibson, A.G., 1928:
Some Of The More Remote Complications Of Gonorrhœa

Bessey, C.E., 1913:
Some Of The Next Steps In Botanical Science

Davis, J.S., 1917:
Some Of The Problems Of Plastic Surgery

Hedgcock, G.G., 1905:
Some Of The Results Of Three Years' Experiments With Crown Gall

Branner, J.C., 1917:
Some Of The Scientific Problems And Duties At Our Doors

Keen, W.W., 1920:
Some Of The Things That Surgeons As A Profession Stand For

Heath, H., 1893:
Some Ohio Mounds

Babbitt, F.E., 1886:
Some Ojibwa and Dakota practices

Anonymous, 1915:
Some Old Calcutta Surgeons

Cockerell, T.D., 1907:
Some Old-World Types Of Insects In The Miocene Of Colorado

Anonymous, 1909:
Some Open Locations

Anonymous, 1901:
Some Open Scholarships and Prizes

Eve, F., 1907:
Some Operations For Removal Of Malignant Growths From The Naso-Pharynx

Kestner, O.H., 1940:
Some Operative Factors of Seaside Climate

Anonymous, 1940:
Some Ophthalmic Army Problems

Cobbledick, A.S., 1910:
Some Ophthalmic Conditions Caused Or Influenced By Diseases Of The Upper Respiratory Tract

Stephenson, C.C., 1912:
Some Opinions Concerning Tonsil Surgery

Fisher, W.J., 1918:
Some Opinions On College Physics Teaching

Anonymous, 1930:
Some Optometric Trends

Fisher, A.G., 1945:
Some Orthopaedic Aspects of Rheumatic Disease

Bastow, J., 1941:
Some Orthopaedic Procedures Employed in the Treatment of Arthritis: (Section of Physical Medicine)

Bastow, J., 1941:
Some Orthopædic Procedures Employed in the Treatment of Arthritis: (Section of Physical Medicine)

Bano, S.; Khan, A-Ullah.; Asghar, F.; Usman, M.; Badshah, A.; Ali, S., 2018:
Computational and Pharmacological Evaluation of Ferrocene-Based Acyl Ureas and Homoleptic Cadmium Carboxylate Derivatives for Anti-diabetic Potential

Nagarajan, D.; Nagarajan, T.; Roy, N.; Kulkarni, O.; Ravichandran, S.; Mishra, M.; Chakravortty, D.; Chandra, N., 2017:
Computational antimicrobial peptide design and evaluation against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of bacteria

Sturniolo, S., 2018:
Computational applications of the many-interacting-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

Hodgkinson, A.; Chaplain, M.A.J.; Domschke, P.; Trucu, D., 2018:
Computational Approaches and Analysis for a Spatio-Structural-Temporal Invasive Carcinoma Model

Todorov, H.; Saeys, Y., 2018:
Computational approaches for high-throughput single cell data analysis

Guerrero-Ramirez, G-Issac.; Valdez-Cordoba, C-Miguel.; Islas-Cisneros, J-Francisco.; Trevino, V., 2018:
Computational approaches for predicting key transcription factors in targeted cell reprogramming (Review)

Anonymous, 1906:
Some Others

Thomason, G., 1922:
Some Outstanding Features Of Recent Progress In Surgery

Frampton, V.L.; Skinner, W.A.; Bailey, P.S., 1952:
Some Oxidation Products of DL-agr-Tocopherol Obtained with Ferric Chloride

Oehnell, R.F., 1948:
Some PQ problems

Collis, W.R.; Macclancy, P.C., 1946:
Some Paediatric Problems at Belsen Camp: A Clinical Survey

Baldwin, A., 1933:
Some Painful Conditions about the Anus

Berry, E.W., 1913:
Some Paleontological Results Of The Swedish South Polar Expedition Under Nordenskiold

Anonymous, 1927:
Some Papers Presented At The Philadelphia Meeting

Noble, D., 1873:
Some Particulars of Treatment in a Case of Pneumothorax

Johnson, H.C., 1864:
Some Particulars of a Case of Popliteal Aneurism cured by Flexion of the Knee

Johnson, J., 1827 :
Some Particulars of a Remarkable Disease of the Heart, attended with Partial Discoloration of the Skin

Morrow, H.; Taussig, L., 1925:
Some Pathological Conditions Of The Tongue

Pickerill, H.P., 1912:
Some Pathological Conditions found in the Teeth and Jaws of Maori Skulls in New Zealand

Chance, B.; Castor, L.N., 1952:
Some Patterns of the Respiratory Pigments of Ascites Tumors of Mice

Perry, J.E., 1917:
Some Peculiar Manifestations of Syphilis

Williams, H.W., 1875:
Some Peculiar Phenomena attending a Case of Sudden Temporary Loss of Hearing and Sight

Jastrow, J., 1885:
Some Peculiarities In The Age Statistics Of The United States

Meschter, E., 1931:
Some Peculiarities In The Thermoelectric Properties Of Monel Metal

Heaton, G., 1905:
Some Peculiarities Of Appendicitis In The Female Sex, With Special Reference To Appendicitis Occurring During Pregnancy

Penhallow, D.P., 1884:
Some Peculiarities Of Plant-Growth

Collier, J.S., 1908:
Some Peculiarities of Cerebral Gummata

Page, I.H., 1964:
Some Perils of Authorship

Woodworth, R.S., 1944:
Some Personal Characteristics

Johnston, W., 1899:
Some Personal Experiences in Disinfection

Kenney, J.A., 1911:
Some Personal Experiences with Pathologic Conditions of the Female Pelvis

Underwood, W.L., 1906:
Some Personal Experiences with the Gypsy and Brown-tail Moths

Anonymous, 1905:
Some Personal Impressions

Kenney, J.A., 1913:
Some Personal Impressions Gained from Fifty Appendectomies

Rudolf, R.D., 1936:
Some Personal Impressions of the British Medical Association World Tour

Kenney, J.A., 1925:
Some Personal Observations on Operative Technic

Loomis, H.P., 1900:
Some Personal Observations on the Effect of Intrapleural Injection of Nitrogen Gas in Tuberculosis

Newton, R.C., 1897:
Some Personal Observations upon the Effects of Changes of Climate upon Men and Animals

Brooks, C.S., 1919:
Some Perversions of the Sexual Instinct

Tombo, R., 1905:
Some Ph.D. Statistics

Brown, D., 1911:
Some Pharmacological Effects of the Strong Sulphur Water (Harrogate)

Anonymous, 1888:
Some Phases In The Progress Of Chemistry

Steinberg, J., 1923:
Some Phases Of Gonorrheal Complications And Their Prevention By Attention To Certain Points In The Treatment Of Acute Gonorrhea

Reber, W., 1917:
Some Phases Of Modern Ocular Therapeutics

Waugh, F.A., 1897:
Some Phases Of Weed Evolution

Evans, G.H., 1910:
Some Phases in the Handling of Tuberculosis Patients

Stewart, J.G., 1921:
Some Phases in the Treatment of Lobar Pneumonia

Howard, C.P., 1922:
Some Phases of Dysthyroidism

Anonymous, 1922:
Some Phases of Quackery in relation to Diseases of the Eye

Maclean, N.J., 1922:
Some Phases of Thyroid Disease

Stewart, D.A., 1930:
Some Phases of the Epidemiology of Tuberculosis

Bonney, S.G., 1900:
Some Phases of the Tuberculosis Problem in Colorado

Mahomed, A.G., 1913:
Some Phenomena connected with the Passage of Electricity through Rocks and its Relation to Atmospheric Electricity

Braine, F.W., 1869:
Some Phenomena of Anaesthesia by Protoxide of Nitrogen

Hunter, J.E., 1922:
Some Phenomena of Liver Pathology

Boas, F., 1906:
Some Philological Aspects Of Anthropological Research

Sugiura, M.; Boussac, A., 2014:
Some Photosystem II properties depending on the D1 protein variants in Thermosynechococcus elongatus

Hollenberg, G.J., 1932:
Some Physical And Chemical Properties Of The Cell Sap Of Halicystis Ovalis (Lyngb.) Aresch

Taylor, R.B., 1938:
Some Physical And Clinical Characteristics Of Short Waves

Bauer, L.A., 1923:
Some Physical Aspects Of A Recent Analysis Of The Earth's Magnetic Field

Meylan, G.L., 1908:
Some Physical Characteristics Of College Students

Schereschewsky, J.W., 1915:
Some Physical Characteristics Of Male Garment-Workers Of The Cloak And Suit Trades, Based Upon 2,107 Physical Examinations Made In New York, N. Y

Russ, S.; Clark, L.H., 1921:
Some Physical Considerations in Radio-Therapy

Horine, C.F., 1940:
Some Physical Factors Regarding Catgut Ligatures And Catgut Knots: A Preliminary Report

Hildebrandt, F.M., 1919:
Some Physical Improvements In National Army Men Under Military Training

Smith, G.H., 1942:
Some Physician Friends of Joseph Farington, R.A

Dragstedt, L.R., 1935:
Some Physiologic Principles Involved In The Surgical Treatment Of Gastric And Duodenal Ulcer

Bodine, J.H., 1924:
Some Physiological Actions Of Cyanides

Cameron, H.C., 1908:
Some Physiological Aspects Of Gastroenterostomy

Harris, D.F., 1912:
Some Physiological Aspects Of Referred Pain

Santesson, L., 1932 :
Some Physiological Characteristics Of Epithelial Tumors Of The Mouse

Gorham, F.P., 1899:
Some Physiological Effects of Reduced Pressure on Fish

Corney, B.G., 1914:
Some Physiological Phantasies of Third Century Repute

Pollock, J.B., 1907:
Some Physiological Variations Of Plants, And Their General Significance

Melo, R.; Lemos, A.; Preto, A.J.; Almeida, J.G.; Correia, J.D.G.; Sensoy, O.; Moreira, I.S., 2018:
Computational Approaches in Antibody-Drug Conjugate Optimization for Targeted Cancer Therapy

Nabarro, D., 1931:
Some Pitfalls In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Inherited Syphilis

McEachern, J.S., 1934:
Some Pitfalls In The Diagnosis Of Conditions Giving Rise To Chronic Abdominal Discomfort

Gallie, W.E., 1927:
Some Pitfalls In The Diagnosis Of Intussusception

Singer, D.W., 1916:
Some Plague Tractates (Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries)

Hay, P.J., 1920:
Some Plastic Operations About The Lids And Socket

Wheeler, W.I., 1919:
Some Points About Bone Grafts

Creer, W.S., 1947:
Some Points About the Monteggia Fracture

Patmore, T., 1894:
Some Points Bearing on "Malingering."

Sherman, M.; Contreras, L., 2018:
Computational approaches in design of nucleic acid-based therapeutics

Steward, F.J., 1918:
Some Points Concerning The Operation For Varicose Veins

McFarland, R.W., 1892:
Some Points In Chronology

Elliot, R.H., 1929:
Some Points In Connexion With Cataract Extraction

Hill, E.F., 1932:
Some Points In Connexion With Spinal Analgesia

Elliot, R.H., 1931:
Some Points In Connexion With The Treatment Of Glaucoma

Adams, P.H., 1918:
Some Points In Retrobulbar Neuritis, With Special Reference To Prognosis

Carmichael, E.S., 1908:
Some Points In The Anatomy And Pathology Of The Hernial Sac

Long, J.H., 1901:
Some Points In The Early History And Present Condition Of The Teaching Of Chemistry In The Medical Schools Of The United States

Underwood, L.M., 1892:
Some Points In The Nomenclature-Priority Question

Ogilvie, W.H., 1935:
Some Points In The Operation Of Gastrectomy

Clarke, W.B., 1903:
Some Points In The Pathology And Treatment Of Prostatic Obstruction, With An Account Of Thirty-Three Operations For Its Removal

Boyd, W., 1927:
Some Points In The Pathology Of The Gall Bladder

Symes, J.O., 1920:
Some Points In The Prognosis And Treatment Of Chronic Nephritis

Harburn, J.E., 1905:
Some Points In The Treatment Of Brachialgia And Sciatica

Rowlands, R.P., 1911:
Some Points In The Treatment Of Severe Talipes

Fuller, G.W.; Johnson, G.A., 1900:
Some Points Of The Differentiation And Classification Of Water Bacteria

Hughes, B., 1914:
Some Points On The Examination Of Recruits Of The Territorial Force And Their Early Training

Macwatters, J.C., 1910:
Some Points Relating To Therapeutic Immunization

Ross, T.A., 1922:
Some Points about Repression

Anonymous, 1920:
Some Points concerning Tumour Growth

McDonagh, J.E.; Klein, B.G., 1913:
Some Points concerning the Vaccine Treatment of Gonorrhoea and the Regulation thereof by the Complement-fixation Test

McDonagh, J.E.; Klein, B.G., 1913:
Some Points concerning the Vaccine Treatment of Gonorrhœa and the Regulation thereof by the Complement-fixation Test

Willcox, W., 1930:
Some Points in Connection with the Toxic Effects of Lead, Arsenic, Morphine, Cocaine, etc

Smith, J.S., 1917:
Some Points in Lateral Curvature of the Spine

Squire, J.E., 1911:
Some Points in Relation to Tuberculosis and its Prevention

Elliot, R.H., 1935:
Some Points in Sclerocorneal Trephining

Rowlands, R.P., 1932:

Etherington, F., 1924:
Some Points in Treatment of Breast Cancer

Wellings, A.W., 1926:
Some Points in the Anatomy of the Capillary of the Tooth Pulp

Symonds, C.P., 1927:
Some Points in the Diagnosis and Localization of Cerebral Abscess

Riggs, H.W., 1923:
Some Points in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperthyroidism

Langton, C.D., 1942:
Some Points in the Diagnosis of Osteochondritis of the Knee: (Section of Orthopaedics)

Langton, C.D., 1942:
Some Points in the Diagnosis of Osteochondritis of the Knee: (Section of Orthopædics)

Wells, C.A., 1935:
Some Points in the Diagnosis of Stone by X-rays: (Section of Urology)

Paterson, H.J., 1935:
Some Points in the Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Indigestion

Gale, A.M., 1921:
Some Points in the Epidemiology of an Outbreak of Cerebro-spinal Fever in Hong-Kong, 1918

Rugg-Gunn, A., 1932:
Some Points in the Fitting of Contact-Glasses

Campion, G.G.; Millard, J., 1922:
Some Points in the Growth of the Face

Cameron, J.C., 1894:
Some Points in the Hygiene of the Young in Schools

Fisher, C.P., 1906:
Some Points in the Interior Arrangement and Construction of a Building for a Special Library

Richards, E.H., 1901:
Some Points in the Life History and in the Decomposition of Blue-Green Algae as Illustrated by Oscillaria Prolifica (with Samples)

Ramsbottom, J., 1924:
Some Points in the Life-histories of Yeasts

Stallard, H.B., 1938:
Some Points in the Modern Technique of Cataract Extraction

Spender, J.K., 1868:
Some Points in the Pathology and Treatment of Acute Capillary Bronchitis

Whitfield, A., 1910:
Some Points in the Pathology of Acne

Buzzard, T., 1887:
Some Points in the Pathology of Multiple Neuritis

Davis, E.D., 1925:
Some Points in the Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Maxillary Antrum

McKenty, J., 1929:
Some Points in the Post-Operative Care of Surgical Cases

Sargent, P., 1913:
Some Points in the Surgery of Cervical Ribs

Haslam, W.F., 1893:
Some Points in the Surgical Treatment of Simple Ulcer of the Stomach

Wilson, S.A., 1913:
Some Points in the Symptomatology of Cervical Rib, with Especial Reference to Muscular Wasting

Bryan, C.W., 1914:
Some Points in the Technique of Anoci-association

Page, C.M.; Perkins, G., 1922:
Some Points in the Technique of Bone-grafting, with a Special Reference to Bridge-grafts: (ABSTRACT.)

Howarth, W., 1927:
Some Points in the Technique of Laryngo-fissure

Solomons, B., 1927:
Some Points in the Technique of the Lower Segment Caesarean Operation

Bolton, C., 1910:
Some Points in the Treatment of Gastric Ulcer

Milton, J.P., 1904:
Some Points in the Treatment of Haemoptysis at a Sanatorium

Tubby, A.H., 1900:
Some Points in the Treatment of Spinal Abscesses

Pirie, A.H., 1924:
Some Points in the Value of X-Rays for Prognosis in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Robinson, W.L., 1928:
Some Points of the Mechanism of Filtration by the Spleen

Downing, L.C., 1919:
Some Points on Developing a Hospital

Langmead, F.S., 1929:

Fuller, G.W.; Johnson, G.A., 1899:
Some Points on the Differentiation and Classification of Water Bacteria

Fleischner, E.C., 1911:
Some Points on the Etiology and Treatment of Enuresis

Goldsmith, W.N., 1934:
Some Points on the Nervous and Psychological Ætiology of Skin Disorder

Wilbur, R.L., 1908:
Some Points on the Symptoms and Localization of Intestinal Obstruction Due to Carcinomata

Drummond, H., 1914:
Some Points relating to the Surgical Anatomy of the Arterial Supply of the Large Intestine

Porter, L., 1911:
Some Points to be Considered in Feeding Infants

Hedayat, K.M., 2007:
Some Pompeian artifact

Williams, J.R., 1894:
Some Popular Superstitions

Zuber, T.L., 1923:
Some Possibilities and Opportunities in Medical Practice in the South

Holmes, J.R., 1960:
Some Possible Applications of Atomic Energy in Veterinary Medicine

Bittner, J.J., 1936:
Some Possible Effects Of Nursing On The Mammary Gland Tumor Incidence In Mice

Anonymous, 1891:
Some Possible Modifications In The Methods Of Protecting Buildings From Lightning

Wilde, J.F., 1943:
Some Post-War Psychological Problems

Brainerd, H.G., 1922:
Some Practicable Problems Confronting The Medical Profession: President's Inaugural Address

Fergus, F., 1905:
Some Practical Aspects Of Conjunctival Bacteriology

Anonymous, 1950:
Some Practical Aspects of Communicable Disease Control

Bowen, W.H., 1919:
Some Practical Considerations On The Operation For Removal Of Adenoids And Enucleation Of Tonsils

Scannell, J.J., 1912:
Some Practical Considerations On The Presence Of Leucocytes And Streptococci In Milk

Eldering, G.; Kendrick, P.L., 1936:
Some Practical Considerations in B. Pertussis Vaccine Preparation

Mackenzie, M.D., 1941:
Some Practical Considerations in the Control of Louse-borne Typhus Fever in Great Britain in the Light of Experience in Russia, Poland, Rumania and China: (Section of Epidemiology and State Medicine)

Willmore, J.G., 1928:
Some Practical Considerations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Dysentery

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Some Practical Methods Of Bacteriological Water Analysis And Results Obtained Therewith

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Some Practical Observations on So-Called Malaria being a Water-Borne Disease

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Some Practical Points In Medical Reconstruction

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Some Practical Points In Operating On The Kidneys And Ureters

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Some Practical Points In The Treatment Of Simple Detachment Of The Retina

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Some Practical Points associated with Appendicitis

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Some Practical Points in Connection with Operative Procedures in the Lower Abdominal Cavity

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Some Practical Points in the Diagnosis and Operative Treatment of Perforated Gastric Ulcer

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Some Practical Points in the Removal of Foreign Bodies impacted in the Food and Air Passages

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Some Practical Points in the Technique of Cystoscopy

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Some Practical Points in the Treatment of Haemoptysis

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Some Practical Suggestions For The Working Of A Venereal Clinic

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Some Practical Suggestions In The Treatment Of Fractures

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Some Practical Suggestions Regarding Testimony Of Medical Experts

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Some Practical Suggestions from my Experience in Surgery and Gynecology

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Some Practical Uses of Phenol

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Some Practical and Theoretical Points in Labyrinthology: (Section of Otology)

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Some Prehlistoric Connections between Siberia and America

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Some Preliminary Experiments On The Motion Of Ions In A Varying Magnetic Field

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Some Preliminary Observations on the Neuromuscular and Ganglionic Blocking Action in Man of Bis-Trimethylammonium Decane and Pentane Diiodide

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Some Preliminary Studies In Air Washing And Its Results

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Some Present Possibilities In The Analysis Of Iron And Steel

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Some Present Problems In Agriculture

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Some Present-Day Medical Organization Problems: Address of the Retiring President of the California Medical Association

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Some Present-Day Problems Of Tuberculosis Research

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Some Preventive Measures to Diminish the Number of Abortions and Still-Births

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Some Primary Abilities in the Areas of Nonverbal Divergent Production

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Some Primary Factors in the Causation of Gingivitis

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Some Principles Governing the Indications for Caesarean Section

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Some Principles In Laboratory Construction

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Some Principles In The Modern Treatment Of Rheumatic Diseases

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Some Principles Of After-Treatment In Acute Abdominal Disease

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Some Principles Of Investigation In Blood-Pressure Problems In Health And Disease

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Some Principles Of Museum Administration

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Some Principles Of The Treatment Of Fractures

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Some Principles Underlying Prognosis in Schizophrenia

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Some Principles Underlying The Treatment Of Headache

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Some Principles in Selection of Medical Students

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Some Principles in the Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach

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Some Principles involved in the Treatment of Mandibular Fractures

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Some Principles of Reform in Medical Education

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Some Problems

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Some Problems About To Confront Astronomers Of The Twentieth Century

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Some Problems Associated With The Transmission Of Syphilis To The Second And Third Generation

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Some Problems Connected With Deep Mining In The Lake Superior Copper District

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Some Problems Connected With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Some Problems Encountered in Surgery of the Intestines

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Some Problems For Agricultural Chemists

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Some Problems In Botanical Classification

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Some Problems In Connection With The Surgery Of The Biliary Tract

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Some Problems In Evolution

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Some Problems In Fundamental Astronomy

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Some Problems In Infection And Its Control

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Some Problems In The Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Sarcoma Of The Long Bones

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Some Problems In The Life History Of Pathogenic Microorganisms

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Some Problems In The Management Of Tumors Of The Urinary Bladder

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Some Problems In The Surgical Treatment Of Carcinoma Of The Intestines

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Some Problems In The Treatment Of Venereal Diseases

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Some Problems Met by a Practitioner

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Some Problems Of An Educated Minority

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Some Problems Of Childhood

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Some Problems Of Cosmical Physics, Solved And Unsolved

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Some Problems Of Doctors

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Some Problems Of Glycosuria

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Some Problems Of Jaundice And Their Significance In Surgery

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Some Problems Of Medical Education

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Some Problems Of Medical Investigation And Medical Education

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Some Problems Of Nephritis

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Some Problems Of Nutrition In The Army

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Some Problems Of The Health Officer Of A Small City

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Some Problems Of The Industrial Chemist

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Some Problems Of Thoracoplasty

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Some Problems Of Veterinary Surgery

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Some Problems and Disorders Encountered in Light Horse Practice

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Some Problems in Diagnosis and their Solution by Radiologic Examination of the Alimentary Canal: (Section of Radiology)

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Some Problems in Intracranial Diagnosis

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Some Problems in Medical Economics

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Some Problems in the Histopathology of General Paralysis of the Insane

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Some Problems in the Study of Radiation Epidemiology

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Some Problems in the Study of Sciatica: (Section of Physical Medicine)

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Some Problems in the Surgery of Old Age: (Section of Surgery)

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Some Problems in the Treatment of Disorders of the Hip-joint in Various Age Groups

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Some Problems of Gynecological Surgery

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Some Problems of Heart Disease in Childhood

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Some Problems of Medical Education

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Some Problems of Miniature Mass Radiography

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Some Problems of Modern Radiology: (Section of Radiology)

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Some Problems of Rehabilitation

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Some Problems of Renal Lithiasis: President's Address

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Some Problems of Thyroid Disease

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Some Problems of the Panel Practitioner

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Some Problems of the Rheumatic Child

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Some Progress

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Some Properties And Actions Of Tethelin, The Active Constituent Of The Anterior Lobe Of The Pituitary Body

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Some Properties Of Serum From Rabbits Immunized With Human Urinary Erythropoietin. Ucrl-11184

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Some Properties Of The Encephalitogenic Agent In Lymphadenomatous Tissue

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Some Properties of 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride and Several Iodo Derivatives

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Some Prussian Educational Data

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Some Psychiatric Problems From The General Practitioner's Standpoint

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Some Psychological Experiments

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Some Psychological Experiments Ii

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Some Psychosomatic and Therapeutic Aspects of War Neuroses

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Some Public Health Aspects of Housing

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Some Public Health Aspects of Juvenile Rheumatism

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Some Public Health Lessons Of The War

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Some Punkins!

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Some Ramifications of the Sexual Impulse

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Some Rare Abdominal Tumours; Sarcoma Of Stomach; Hydatid Cyst Of Liver; Hydro-Salpinx

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Some Rare Cases of Enlargement of the Prostate

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Some Reaction-Time Studies

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Some Recent Advances In Fluorescence And Phosphorescence

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Some Recent Advances in Therapeutics, Including the Newer Drugs of the Sulfonamide Group

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Some Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Some Recent And Definite Figures For Antivaccinators

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Some Recent Applications Of The A. O. U. Code

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Some Recent Canadian Researches on the Tubercle Bacillus

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Some Recent Changes in the Composition of Physicians in California

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Some Recent Classical Publications

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Some Recent Contributions To Terrestrial Magnetism

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Some Recent Economic And Scientific Questions In Ornithology.*

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Some Recent Elections To Fellowship In The Royal Society Of Canada

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Some Recent Experiences as to the Notification of Measles

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Some Recent Experiments With Oil In Stopping Breakers

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Some Recent Observations of Certain Allergic Conditions

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Some Recent Research on the Heart and Circulation

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Some Recent Researches On Iodide and Bromide Eruptions

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Some Recent Researches On Psittacosis

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Some Recent Results from the Study of Labour by Means of Frozen Sections and Casts

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Some Recent Results in Retinal Detachment from the Internal Use of Iodine

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Some Recent Studies On Ideas Of Motion

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Some Recent Work on Acute Infectious Diseases

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Some Recent Work on Barbiturates: (Section of Anaesthetics)

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Some Recent Work on Barbiturates: (Section of Anæsthetics)

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Some Recent Work on the Pathology of Schizophrenia

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Some Recently Discovered Trilobites with Appendages

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Some Recommendations of the President's Commission on Higher Education

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Some Red Rules Shouldn't Rule In Hospitals

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Some Reflections Concerning Valence Variation And Atomic Structure

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Some Reflections On Arthritis

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Some Reflections On Cardiac Conditions In Soldiers

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Some Reflections Regarding The Free Use Of Bacteriological Cultures For The Destruction Of Rats And Mice

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Some Reflections Upon Botanical Education In America

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Some Reflections based upon the Work done in the Electrical Department of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

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Some Reflections on Current Plans to Control Radiation Exposure in the United States

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Some Reflections on Genius

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Some Reflections on Sex Relations between Physician and Patient

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Some Reflections on Virus Immunity: (Section of Comparative Medicine)

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Some Reflections on the Cause of Heat and Cold

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Some Reflections upon Villous-covered Tumours of the Urinary Bladder: (President's Address)

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Some Relation Between Our Health And Our Environment: A Study Of The Prevalence Of Disease In The City Of Detroit With Special Reference To The Influence Of The Type And Sanitation Of Dwellings Upon Disease

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Some Relations Between Filtered Water And Typhoid Fever As Shown In The Two Years' Service Of The Wilmington Filters

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Some Relations Between Philosophy And Science In The First Half Of The Nineteenth Century In Germany

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Some Remarks Concerning the Conservative Treatment of Severe Ocular Injuries

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Some Remarks On A Case Of Actinomycosis Of The Lungs

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Some Remarks On Activated Sludge

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Some Remarks On Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media Its Prevention And Treatment

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Some Remarks On Lagrange's Surgical Treatment Of Detachment Of The Retina

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Some Remarks On Laryngeal Affections

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Some Remarks On Ligaments

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Some Remarks On Mathematical Statistics

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Some Remarks On Medical Education

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Some Remarks On Oedema

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Some Remarks On Pilocarpine

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Some Remarks On Puerperal Infection

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Some remarks on so-called "Automobile Fractures."

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Some Remarks On The Art And Science Of Urology

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Some Remarks On The Culture Of Eastern Near-Arctic Indians

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Some Remarks On The Irish Poor-Law Medical Service

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Some Remarks On The Kinetic Theory Of Gases

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Some Remarks On The Literature Of Rust Fungi

Delogé, 1922:
Some Remarks On The Nature And Treatment Of Strabismus

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Some Remarks On The Photosynthesis Of Green Plants

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Some Remarks On The Recession Operation For Squint

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Some Remarks Upon Spring Catarrh: With Special Reference To Its Diagnosis And Its Treatment With Radium

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Some Remarks Upon Syphilis, More Especially Inherited Syphilis

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Some Remarks as to Abortions and Still Births, and their Relation to Hygiene

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Some Remarks oa Professor Cyrus Thomas's Brief Study of the Palenque Tablet

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Some Remarks on Asthenopia and the Changes in Refraction in Adolescent and Adult Eyes

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Some Remarks on Climate and Renal Diseases

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Some Remarks on Constipation as Attendant on Chronic Uterine Disorders

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Some Remarks on Differential Diagnosis of Blood Diseases

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Some Remarks on Dr. Johnson's Paper on the Minute Anatomy of the Small Red Granular Kidney

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Some Remarks on Ehrlich and Gibbes's Methods for the Detection of Bacillus Tuberculosis

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Some Remarks on Gonorrhea in Women

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Some Remarks on Hysterectomy

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Some Remarks on Industrial Diseases in Ontario

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Some Remarks on Industrial Insurance Work

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Some Remarks on Mal-formation of the Internal Ear; being the result of post-mortem investigations performed in five cases of Congenital Deafness

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Some Remarks on Our Present Hospital System

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Some Remarks on Post Partum Haemorrhage

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Some Remarks on Ringworm: With Especial Reference to the Early Stage of Attack of the Hair and the Production of Pustular Inflammation

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Some Remarks on Whooping-Cough and its Treatment by Carbolic Acid Inhalations

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Some Remarks on a Case of Chloroma

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Some Remarks on the After-Treatment of Deseases of the Hip-Joint

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Some Remarks on the Botanic Trinomial

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Some Remarks on the Classification and Nomenclature of Diseases

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Some Remarks on the Condition of the Cerebral Circulation Produced by Stimulants and Hypnotics

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Some Remarks on the Deligation of Large Arteries by the Application of Two Ligatures and the Division of the Vessel between Them

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Some Remarks on the Etiologie and Prophylaxis of the Transmissible Diseases

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Some Remarks on the Evolution of Naval Hygiene

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Some Remarks on the Industrial Insurance Act

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Some Remarks on the Influenza Bacillus

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Some Remarks on the Present State of our Knowledge of the Comma-Bacilli of Koch

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Some Remarks on the Radical Cure of Hernia; based on 190 Cases of Operation for the Cure of Oblique Inguinal Hernia

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Some Remarks on the Routine of Examination of a Patient

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Some Remarks on the Treatment of Fractures

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Some Remarks on the Use of Nitrat of Silver, for the detection of minute portions of Arsenic

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Some Remarks upon the Result of the Preventive Treatment of Rabies and its Present State

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Some Responsibilities Of Botanical Science

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Some Responsibilities Of Science With Relation To Government

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Some Results Obtained From The Local Application Of Solid Carbon Dioxide

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Some Results Obtained in the Treatment of Atrophic Rhinitis (Ozaena)

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Some Results Of A Second Induction Of Malaria In General Paralysis Of The Insane

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Some Results Of Microscopical Research Which Have Been Significant For Human Welfare

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Some Results Of The Magnetic Survey Of The United States

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Some Results Of The Treatment Of The Baltimore Drinking Water By Calcium Hypochlorite

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Some Results of Myomectomy undertaken in the hope of Curing Sterility

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Some Results of Protective Inoculation against Epidemic Influenza

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Some Results of Radium Treatment in Sarcoma

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Some Results of the Army Canteen or post Exchange from the Standpoint of Discipline and Hygiene

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Some Results with the Elliott Treatment in Pelvic Inflammation and Prostatitis

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Some Revised Principles of Blood Transfusion

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Some Rules For Dosage Of Protamine Zinc Insulin

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Some Scientific Instrument Makers Of The Eighteenth Century

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Some Secondary Complications Of Posterior Gastro-Enterostomy

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Some Selected Cases of Reconstructive Surgery in the Orbital Region

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Some Sequelae of Antityphoid Inoculation

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Some Settled and Unsettled Points in Dietetics

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Some Shortcomings Of Socio-Sanitary Investigations

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Some Sialograms

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Some Sidelights On The Life Of Russian Professors

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Some Sidelights on the St. Louis Meeting

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Some Significant Features of Cancer Incidence in Japan

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Some Significant Findings Of The Experiment Stations In 1941

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Some Significant Negro Movements to Lower their Mortality

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Some Simple Anaerobic Methods

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Some Simple Calculations Concerning the Efficiency of the Photosynthetic Mechanism

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Some Simple Generators Of High Frequency Oscillations

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Some Simple Hot Air Appliances For Field Units

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Some Simple Observations And Procedures Of Assistance To The Practitioner In The Diagnosis And Eradication Of Tuberculosis

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Some Simple Psychiatric Conceptions

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Some Simple Tests of Physical Efficiency : (Abstract)

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Some Simplification Of Microscopical Technique

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Some Singular Nickel-Steel Alloys

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Some Skulls in the Bronze Age

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Some Social And Economic Paradoxes

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Some Social And Medical Institutions Of Hungary

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Some Sources of Error in Blood Pressure Measurements

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Computational Approaches to Studying Voltage-Gated Ion Channel Modulation by General Anesthetics

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Some South African universities provide good specialist otorhinolaryngology training

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Some Southern California Health Resorts

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Some Special Problems in Atmospheric Pollution

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Some Spinal Cases of Interest: (Section of Orthopaedics)

Smith, E.J., 1942:
Some Spinal Cases of Interest: (Section of Orthopædics)

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Some Standard Disinfectants and the Conditions for their Greatest Efficiency

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Some State Agricultural Experiment-Stations

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Some State Census Figures For 1905

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Some State Geological Reports

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Some Statistical Aspects Of Pneumonia

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Some Statistical Aspects of Infant Mortality

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Some Statistical Information

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Some Statistical Needs for Proper Administration of Maternal and Child Health Programs

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Some Statistics Of Myopia In School Children; With Remarks Thereon

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Some Statistics of Garbage Disposal for the Larger American Cities in 1902

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Some Statistics of Pneumonia, with especial Reference to the Relations of Delirium and Temperature

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Some Statistics of Small-Pox

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Some Statistics upon Sero-therapy in Tuberculosis

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Some Step-Down Procedures Controlling The False Discovery Rate Under Dependence

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Computational approach for generating robust models for discovering novel molecules as Cyclin Dependent Kinase 4 inhibitors

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Some Strange Practices In Plant Naming

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Some Studies on the Rh Factor and its Significance in Obstetrical Practice

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Some Subjective Symptoms in Dilaudid Medication

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Some Suggested Alternatives to Operation for "Adenoids" and Enlarged Tonsils in Young Children

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Some Suggestions For National Service On The Part Of Zoologists And Zoological Laboratories

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Some Suggestions For Photographing Fossils

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Some Suggestions For Scientific Seminars And Conferences

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Some Suggestions For The Improvement Of Instruction In Technical Chemistry

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Some Suggestions For The Study Of Comets

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Some Suggestions In The Treatment Of Puerperal Sepsis

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Some Suggestions On Classification

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Some Suggestions On Demonstration

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Some Suggestions On Methods For The Study Of Nitrification

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Some Suggestions On The Study Of Systematic Bacteriology

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Some Suggestions Regarding The Standard Methods Of Milk Analysis

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Some Suggestions concerning the Medical Statistics of Children

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Some Suggestions in Regard to Sanitation and the Drainage of Small Cities and Towns

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Some Suggestions on Plastic Operations without Pedicle

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Some Suggestions on the Embryology of Congenital Crescents

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Some Surgical Aspects Of Asphyxia

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Some Surgical Aspects Of The Pathology Of Gliomas Of The Brain

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Some Surgical Aspects Of Tubercular Peritonitis

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Some Surgical Developments In Wound Treatment During The War

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Some Surgical Experiences Relative to Disorders of the Lens: President's Address

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Some Surgical Hints

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Some Surgical Notes On Tuberculosis Of The Kidney

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Some Surgical Problems Attending The Operation Of Extrapleural Thoracoplasty

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Some Surgical Relations Of Cholecystitis

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Some Symbiotic Relations of Bacillus Diphtheriae

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Some Tables Of Student Hours Of Instruction

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Some Temporal Bones which had been Subjected to Mastoid Operations

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Some Tendencies In The Promotion Of Chemical Research

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Some Tendencies in Modern Clinical Medicine

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Some Tenotomies for the Correction of Heterophoria

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Some Tenotomies of Recti Muscles for Insufficiencies

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Some Tentative Conclusions On The Boltz Test In General Paralysis Of The Insane

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Some Tetrahydropyranyl Derivatives of Glycine, Serine and Urea

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Some Theoretical Aspects Of Collapse Therapy

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Some theoretical considerations in "Distance" Sampling. Hw-80500

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Some Theoretical Considerations Upon The Nature Oe Agglutinins, Together With Further Observations Upon Bacillus Typhi Abdominalis, Bacillus Enteritidis, Bacillus Coli Communis, Bacillus Lactis Aerogenes, And Some Other Bacilli Of Allied Character

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Some Therapeutic Fallacies

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Some Things We Learned from Sidman and Some We Did Not (We Think)

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Some Thoughts About Hyperpiesia

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Some Thoughts Concerning The Teaching Of Chemistry

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Some Thoughts On Modern Mathematical Research

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Some Thoughts On Pleurisy

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Some Thoughts On The Agricultural Experiment Station

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Some Thoughts On The Phylogeny Of The Mole Cricket

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Some Thoughts On The Problem Of Progress And Decline

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Some Thoughts On The Psychology Of Refraction

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Some Thoughts Relative to Sanitary Legislation

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Some Thoughts on Acute Osteomyelitis of the Long Bones

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Some Thoughts on Death

Anonymous, 1929:
Some Thoughts on Medical Education

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Some Thoughts on the Antibiotic Therapy of Orthopaedic Tuberculosis [Summary

Lunt, H.R., 1960:
Some Thoughts on the Antibiotic Therapy of Orthopædic Tuberculosis [Summary

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Some Thoughts on the Environment

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Some Thoughts on the Field of KTE

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Some Thoughts on the Methods of Emptying an Obstructed Bowel

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Some Thoughts on the Nervous System in Pulmonary Phthisis as a Basis for Treatment

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Some Toxic Effects following Trilene Decomposition Products [Précis

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Some Toxic Effects of Aspirin

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Some Toxic Effects of Vitamin D

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Some Traditional Beliefs Encountered In The Practice Of Paediatrics

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Some Trends In Higher Education

Anonymous, 1929:
Some trends in hospital Treatment, in relation to the "High cost of medical Care"

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Some Trends in Chem(o)informatics

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Some Trends in Current Researches on the Vitamin B Complex

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Some Trends in Medical Economics

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Some Trends in Public Housing

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Some Triumphs and Some Problems of Middle Ear Surgery

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Some Tropical Diseases and the Remedies required for their Treatment and Prophylaxis: Notes on a Demonstration

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Some Turbellaria of Alachua County, Florida

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Some Twentieth Century Problems

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Some Types Of Chronic Recurrent Pyelitis And Their Treatment

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Some Types of Intestinal Indigestion Occurring in Young Children

Gordon, A.H., 1924:
Some Types of Non-Tuberculous Pulmonary Infection

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Some typical cases of "Subnormal accommodative Power."

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Some Typical Examples of Roentgen-Ray and High-Frequency Treatment: With observations Thereon

Vecki, V.G., 1915:
Some Typical Experiences With Syphilitic Patients

Ghosh, R.; Guha, D.; Bhowmik, S.; Karmakar, S., 2013:
Some UV-bystander effects are mediated through induction of antioxidant defense in mammalian cells

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Some Uncertainties in the Diagnosis of Cerebral Tumour

Parker, G.H., 1918:
Some Underlying Principles In The Structure Of The Nervous System

Horsley, J.S., 1921:
Some Underlying Principles Of Intestinal And Gastric Surgery

Horsley, J.S., 1928:
Some Underlying Principles Of Intestinal Surgery

Gordon, G.S., 1921:
Some Unfortunate Sequelae of Suprapubic Prostatectomy

Wadsworth, M.E., 1884:
Some United States geologists, and the propylite question

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Some Unscientific Reflections Upon Science

Robinson, B., 1904:
Some Unsettled and Important Problems in the Treatment of Acute Lobar Pneumonia

Hargitt, C.W., 1904:
Some Unsoltved Problems Of Organic Adaptation

Johnson, E.M., 1929:
Some Unsolved Child Labor Problems

Poffenberger, A.T., 1938:
Some Unsolved Problems In Human Adjustment

Birkhoff, G.D., 1941:
Some Unsolved Problems Of Theoretical Dynamics

Otis, E.O., 1914:
Some Unsolved and Debatable Problems in Tuberculosis

Bruce, H.A., 1921:
Some Unusual Abdominal Emergencies

Barnett, G.D., 1917:
Some Unusual Aspects Of Exophthalmic Goiter

Thro, W.C., 1918:
Some Unusual Blood Cells in Diseases of Bone Marrow Origin

Narat, J.K., 1925:
Some Unusual Cases Of Malignant Neoplasms

Coverdale, H., 1948:
Some Unusual Cases Of Sjogren's Syndrome

Smith, D.T.; Poston, M.A., 1936:
Some Unusual Cases of Brucella Infection

Goldbloom, A., 1923:
Some Unusual Feeding Cases

Low, G.C., 1920:
Some Unusual Forms Of Dysentery

Feigenbaum, J., 1932:
Some Unusual Manifestations Of The Insulin Reaction

Rolleston, H., 1934:
Some Unusual Manifestations Of Tuberculosis

Horsley, J.S., 1925:
Some Unusual New Growths In The Region Of The Inguinal And The Femoral Canals

Butler, T.H., 1923:
Some Unusual Results of Operations for Cataract

Bruce, H.A., 1929:
Some Unusual Types Of Abdominal Haemorrhage

Cooper, A., 1906:
Some Unusual Variations Of The Erythematous Syphilide

Hance, R.T.; Chermock, R.L., 1940:
Some Uses Of Vacuum In Micrology

Cameron, G.S., 1923:
Some Uses of Radium in Diseases of Women

Anonymous, 1892:
Some Uses, Of Bacteria

Coggin, D., 1889:
Some Vagaries of Accommodation

Flint, A.S., 1896:
Some Values Of Stellar Parallax By The Method Of Meridian Transits

Dane, J., 1900:
Some Variations In The Skeleton Of The Foot

Gorham, F.P., 1901:
Some Varieties Of Bacillus Pyocyaneus Found In The Throat

Brown, R.G., 1928:
Some Varieties of Skin Flaps in Connexion with Cases of Total and Hemi-Laryngectomies

Bowles, R.L., 1879:
Some Varieties of Sore-Throat

Kosolapoff, G.M., 1948:
Some Views on the Phosphorylation Reactions

Ebrahimi, A.; Ghasemi, M.; Ghasemi, B., 2014:
Some Virulence Factors of Staphylococci Isolated From Wound and Skin Infections in Shahrekord, IR Iran

Morgan, W.W., 1960:
Some Vistas of Astronomical Discovery

Routley, T.C., 1941:
Some Weaknesses Observed in Health Insurance Acts

Brown, L., 1904:
Some Weather Observations in the Adirondacks

Anderson, W., 1887:
Some Western Mummies

Anonymous, 1912:
Some Whys

Anonymous, 1929:
Some Winter Motoring Suggestions

Brunton, L., 1943:
Some Women in Medicine

Anonymous, 1886:
Some Work Of The Government Surveys

Stokes, W.R.; Fulton, J.S., 1901:
Some Work on a Curative Serum for Typhoid Fever

Howitt, H.O., 1922:
Some Work with Block and Local Anaesthesia

Anonymous, 1885:
Some Works On Geology And Geography

Powell, D., 1991:
Some Would KO KAON

Riley, W.C., 1904:
Some Wrinkles with Fehling's Test

Gordon, G.S., 1920:
Some X-ray Plates and their Significance

Fisher, T.L., 1957 :
Some Year's End Thoughts

Hunt, W.A.; French, E.G., 1949:
Some abbreviated individual intelligence scales containing nonverbal items

Lautre, M.A., 1947:
Some abdominal emergencies

Lilienthal, B., 2011:
Some abnormal oral conditions present in young adults

Schnitker, M.A., 2016:
Some abuses of the antibiotic agents

Mitchell, W.N.; Wolfe, R.W., 1969:
Some accessories for making color measurements with the cary 14 spectrophotometer

Blundell, J., 1819:
Some account of a Case of Obstinate Vomiting, in which an attempt was made to prolong Life by the Injection of Blood into the Veins

Bell, C.W., 1843:
Some account of an epidemic which prevailed at Teheran, in the months of January and February 1842

Clayton, O., 1843:
Some account of an hysterical affection of the vocal apparatus, with several cases

Callender, G.W., 1864:
Some account of the Amputations performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1853-63

McVey, E.S.; Lee, J.W., 1982:
Some accuracy and resolution aspects of computer vision distance measurements

Clopper, C.G.; Pisoni, D.B., 2004:
Some acoustic cues for the perceptual categorization of American English regional dialects

Khan, J.Sarfraz., 2014:
Some action on reflection

HAJDU.I.; McDOWALL.R.J.S., 1949:
Some actions of calcium and potassium in the rat diaphragm

Altamirano, M.; Huidobro, F., 1948:
Some actions of potassium chloride at the neuromuscular junction

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Some active areas of DC research and their medical potential

Callari, M.; Batra, A.Sati.; Batra, R.Nath.; Sammut, S-John.; Greenwood, W.; Clifford, H.; Hercus, C.; Chin, S-Feung.; Bruna, A.; Rueda, O.M.; Caldas, C., 2018:
Computational approach to discriminate human and mouse sequences in patient-derived tumour xenografts

Nau, J-Yves., 2007:
Some actual images of our irrationality

Sari, I.; Bakir, S.; Engin, A.; Aydin, Hüseyin.; Poyraz, O., 2013:
Some acute phase reactants and cholesterol levels in serum of patient with Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever

Aliakrinskaia, I.O., 2010:
Some adaptations of Monodonta turbinata (born, 1780) (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Trochidae) to feeding and habitation in the littoral zone

Potter, B., 1999:
Some additional considerations of protocol analyses

Liu, Y.; Gu, Z.M.; Luo, Y.L., 2010:
Some additional data to the occurrence, morphology and validity of Myxobolus turpisrotundus Zhang, 2009 (Myxozoa: Myxosporea)

Bagchi, B.K.; Bassett, R.C., 2014:
Some additional electroencephalographic techniques for the localization of intracranial lesions

Dang, C.Pham., 2011:
Some additional insight into ultrasound imaging for successful ultrasound-guided placement of catheters

Müller-Oerlinghausen, B., 2009:
Some additional points

Häyry, M., 2014:
Some additional thoughts on considerable life extension and the meaning of life

Lamont, C.T., 1969:
Some additional thoughts on residency training

Rajna, Péter.; Baran, B.; Veres, J., 2007:
Some additional thoughts on sudden/unexpected death (SUDEP) in epilepsy

Dignam, J.J., 2012:
Some additional thoughts on time-varying treatment effects in breast cancer

Dixon, C.F.; Lichtman, A.L., 2010:
Some adjuvant measures in intestinal surgery

Kasaba, T., 2011:
Some adjuvants added to local anesthetics improve the duration and quality of epidural anesthesia

Cordes, D.W., 2011:
Some administrative aspects of an occupational therapy department

Han, Y.; Huo, F.; Yang, Y.; Liao, Y.; Liu, H., 2008:
Some advances and prospects in fingerprintings of traditional Chinese medicines

Koçak, A.; Lucania, J.P.; Berets, S.L., 2009:
Some advances in Fourier transform infrared transflection analysis and potential applications in forensic chemistry

Heilig, R., 2010:
Some advances in medical treatment

Gallagher, T.F., 2012:
Some advances in the partial synthesis of adrenal cortical steroids

Sister, M.Oney, 2011:
Some advances in the science of x ray during the past decade

Neiger, S., 1971:
Some advances in treating the anorgasmic woman

Hu, D-yi.; Shi, X-bo., 2015:
Some advice on prevention strategy of atherosclerosis

Shapiro, P.C., 1948:
Some after care patients in rural areas

Watts, C.A.; Cawte, E.C.; Kuenssberg, E.V., 1965:
Some afterthoughts on the mental illness survey

Bradley, J.L., 1948:
Some aids in diagnosis in oral surgery

Hard, G.C., 2009:
Some aids to histological recognition of hyaline droplet nephropathy in ninety-day toxicity studies

Meier, B., 2012:
Some air for closure of the patent foramen ovale

Taft, C.E., 2011:
Some algae, including new species, from New Mexico

Fuller, A.T.; King, H., 2012:
Some alkoxy- and alkylenedioxydi-amines and alkoxy- and alkylenedioxydi-guanidines

Speas, W.P., 2014:
Some allergic manifestations of the eye

Bun, H.I.N.P.; Lecocq, J., 2012:
Some alpha beta beta-triarylacrylonitriles, -triarylacrylic acids, and their derivatives

Janes, R.G.; Bradbury, J.T., 1946:
Some alterations in the blood following the administration of diethylstilbestrol to normal and thyroidectomized rats and to rats given thiourea

Pepper, D.S., 1992:
Some alternative coupling chemistries for affinity chromatography

Navarro, A.; Reis, R.J.; Martin, M., 2010:
Some alternatives in the statistical analysis of sickness absence

Bertrand, J.; Comets, E.; Chenel, M.; Mentré, F., 2012:
Some alternatives to asymptotic tests for the analysis of pharmacogenetic data using nonlinear mixed effects models

Gordon, W.G.; Semmett, W.F., 2011:
Some amino acid analyses of whole casein, alpha-casein and beta-casein

Fadel, F.I.; Elshamaa, M.F.; Essam, R.G.; Elghoroury, E.A.; El-Saeed, G.S.M.; El-Toukhy, S.E.; Ibrahim, M.Hamed., 2014:
Some amino acids levels: glutamine,glutamate, and homocysteine, in plasma of children with chronic kidney disease

Melampy, R.M., 2011:
Some amino acids of chicken erythrocytes

Petrow, V., 2011:
Some amino-derivatives of dihydro beta-quinindene and tetrahydroacridine

Shah, G.D.; Kshatriya, K.C., 1945:
Some analogues of D.D.T

Karlinsky, M.G., 2012:
Some analysis of the work of K.E.H.

Usha, B.N.; Rangaswamy; Yathirajan, H.S., 1982:
Some analytical applications of chlorbromamine-B

Osborn, G.H., 1948:
Some analytical applications of m-nitrobenzoic acid with particular reference to the separation of quadrivalent elements from the rare earths

Paneth, P., 1987:
Some analytical aspects of the measurement of heavy-atom kinetic isotope effects

Gorinstein, S.; Haruenkit, R.; Poovarodom, S.; Vearasilp, S.; Ruamsuke, P.; Namiesnik, J.; Leontowicz, M.; Leontowicz, H.; Suhaj, M.; Sheng, G.Ping., 2010:
Some analytical assays for the determination of bioactivity of exotic fruits

Lewis, R.K.; Smith, W., 1948:
Some analytical characters of iodinated proteins and of dried thyroid

Angell, F.G., 2011:
Some analytical methods applicable to furan and its derivatives

Krieg, E.G.M., 1948:
Some anatomical and physiological considerations of the inguinal regions

Darcus, H.D.; Weddell, A.G.M., 1947:
Some anatomical and physiological principles concerned in the design of seats for naval war-weapons

Camara Silveira, A., 2014:
Some anatomical data on the veins of the superficial and perforating-communicating systems of the lower limb; its application in the surgical treatment of varicose veins

Last, R.J., 1948:
Some anatomical details of the knee joint

MacCONAILL.M.A., 2010:
Some anatomical factors affecting the stabilising functions of muscles

Owsley, J.Q.; Roberts, C.L., 2008:
Some anatomical observations on midface aging and long-term results of surgical treatment

Harty, M., 1948:
Some anatomical points in the fenestration operation

Weddell, G.; Darcus, H.D., 2011:
Some anatomical problems in naval warfare

Berjis, N.; Hashemi, S.Mostafa.; Rogha, M.; Biron, M.Abdollahi.; Setareh, M., 2014:
Some anatomical variation of paranasal sinuses using sinus endoscopic approach on "cadaver" in Isfahan, Iran

Sinha, A.C., 2009:
Some anesthetic aspects of morbid obesity

Tallmadge, G.K., 2011:
Some anesthetics of antiquity

Rees, F.G., 2011:
Some animal parasites

Soares, S.C.; Esteves, F.; Lundqvist, D.; Ohman, A., 2012:
Some animal specific fears are more specific than others: Evidence from attention and emotion measures

Powell, R.W., 1949:
Some anisotropic properties of gallium

Woodruff, C.N., 2010:
Some anomalies of feeble-mindedness

Davidson, S.W., 2014:
Some anomalies of the respiratory system

Singh, A.R., 2004:
Some answers

Aybeke, M., 2011:
Some anther structures in Sanguisorba minor Scop. (Rosaceae)

Fang, J., 2015:
Some anthocyanins could be efficiently absorbed across the gastrointestinal mucosa: extensive presystemic metabolism reduces apparent bioavailability

Trevor, J.C., 1938:
Some anthropological characteristics of hybrid populations

Arbesman, C.E.; Koepf, G.F.; Miller, G.E., 2010:
Some antianaphylactic and antihistaminic properties of n'pyridyl, n'benzyl, dimethylethylenediamine monohydrochloride (pyribenzamine)

Anonymous, 2010:
Some antidepressants interfere with tamoxifen more than others

Chen, P.P.; Yang, C.D.; Ede, K.; Wu, C.C.; FitzGerald, J.D.; Grossman, J.M., 2008:
Some antiphospholipid antibodies bind to hemostasis and fibrinolysis proteases and promote thrombosis

Chen, P.P.; Wu, M.; Hahn, B.H., 2010:
Some antiphospholipid antibodies bind to various serine proteases in hemostasis and tip the balance toward hypercoagulant states

Bonardi, C.; Bartle, C.; Bowles, K.; de Pulford, F.; Jennings, Dómhnall.J., 2010:
Some appetitive procedures for examining associative learning in the mouse: Implications for psychopathology

da Cunha, J.Teixeira., 2008:
Some applause and one lament

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