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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55852

Chapter 55852 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Zhao, Y-Ming., 2013:
Some problems encountered in clinical efficacy evaluation of Chinese medicine

Murphy, W.J., 2014:
Some problems encountered in dental prosthetics for recruits

Xu, J-ming., 2011:
Some problems facing the molecular targeting therapy for colorectal cancer

Yi, X-hua., 2008:
Some problems for clinico-radiologic-pathologic diagnosis of lung interstitial disease

Ogata, I.; Yamasaki, K.; Tsuruda, A.; Tsuzaki, S.; Ishimatsu, T.; Hirayama, H.; Seo, H., 2008:
Some problems for dosage form based on questionnaire surveying compliance in patients taking tamsulosin hydrochloride

Golden, R., 1946:
Some problems in abnormal intestinal physiology associated with peritoneal adhesions and ileus

SLATER, J.H., 1947:
Some problems in assessing the part of trauma in nervous disease

Vlasov, I.V.; Toreeva, E.K., 2010:
Some problems in assessing the quality of rendering medical assistance to people with multiple sclerosis

McFALL.W.T., 1945:
Some problems in children's dentistry

Macmahon, J.F., 2011:
Some problems in conditioning the adult feebleminded

Kaufman, I., 2010:
Some problems in daily practice and how to solve them

Fleeson, W.; Clarke, E.K., 1949:
Some problems in dealing with parents

Chandrasekaran, C.; Murty, D.V.; Srinivasan, K., 1971:
Some problems in determining the number of acceptors needed in a family planning programme to achieve a specified reduction in the birth rate

Wu, Q-Qiu., 2008:
Some problems in diagnosis and treatment of spinal tuberculosis

Nair, T.D., 1946:
Some problems in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in the tropics

Evans, D.H.L., 1949:
Some problems in enteric innervation

Sun, J-heng.; Cai, S-mo.; Gao, Y-liang., 2010:
Some problems in gynecologic oncology and training of gynecologic oncologists

Roth, N., 2011:
Some problems in narcolepsy

Yonezawa, T.; Hasegawa, M., 2012:
Some problems in proving the existence of the universal common ancestor of life on Earth

Willard, W.R., 2011:
Some problems in public health administration in the U.S. Army Military Government in Korea

Steffens, L.F., 1948:
Some problems in refraction

Poverennova, I.E.; Vlasov, I.V.; Zakharov, A.V.; Kuznetsova, N.I.; Romanova, T.V.; Katsnel'son, V.M.; Platonova, A.S.; Ustinova, E.V., 2010:
Some problems in rehabilitating disabled people with multiple sclerosis in agencies for social protection

MARSDEN, H.E., 2016:
Some problems in rural public health

Shao, Q-shu.; Peng, S-you., 2010:
Some problems in surgeries anrnt pancreatic head carcinoma

Lari, J.; Lister, J., 1972:
Some problems in surgical Management of Children with Hiatus Hernia

Pandya, M.M.; Worah, C.S., 1947:
Some problems in surgical treatment of gastro-duodenal ulcer and the value of partial gastrectomy

Stepanov, A.V.; Shapovalov, K.G., 2010:
Some problems in teaching anesthesiology and reanimatology at a higher medical educational establishment

Teska, P.T., 2014:
Some problems in the adjustment of the mentally handicapped

Stokes, J.H.; Beerman, H., 1948:
Some problems in the biology of the syphilitic infection

Friedenwald, J.S., 1948:
Some problems in the calibration of tonometers

EISELE, C.W., 2011:
Some problems in the diagnosis of chronic brucellosis

JAMIESON, W.M., 1949:
Some problems in the diagnosis of meningeal tuberculosis

Lyle, T.K., 1947:
Some problems in the diagnosis of symptom producing heterophoria

James, H.M., 2011:
Some problems in the differential diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Shoulders, H.H., 2011:
Some problems in the economics of medical care

Arkhangel'skii, D.S., 2014:
Some problems in the epidemiology of tick rickettsiosis in the foothill areas of Zailiiskii Altai

Shoulders, H.H., 2011:
Some problems in the field of medical economics

Cai, W-min., 2008:
Some problems in the investigation of hepatic fibrosis

Wang, S-qiang.; Bai, Y-ping.; Dong, Y-xin., 2007:
Some problems in the literature of acupuncture treatment of peripheral facial paralysis and suggestions

Jiang, H-chi., 2010:
Some problems in the management of abdominal trauma

Odel, H.M., 1947:
Some problems in the management of cardiac failure among elderly patients

Marinelli, L.D., 1947:
Some problems in the measurement of labelled compounds

Elder, S.D., 1948:
Some problems in the physiology of the eye

Pei, F-Xing., 2010:
Some problems in the revision hip arthroplasties

Hurley, V., 1949:
Some problems in the surgery of the gall-bladder

Wang, X-Na.; Liang, H., 2012:
Some problems in the surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Palmer, G.T., 2012:
Some problems in the training of personnel

Wang, M-Yi.; Jiang, X-Yuan., 2010:
Some problems in the treatment of elbow joint injury

May, J.R.; Voureka, A.E.; Fleming, A., 2011:
Some problems in the tritration of streptomycin

Fish, F.J., 2012:
Some problems of a medical records department in a semi-open hospital

Solomon, C.I., 1947:
Some problems of alcoholism in a general hospital

Kaye, G., 1947:
Some problems of anaesthesia in 1947

Topchibashev, M.A., 1947:
Some problems of anesthesia produced by ether-oil injections

MacKINNON.D.W., 2014:
Some problems of assessment

Hill, L.W., 1947:
Some problems of atopic dermatitis in infancy and childhood

Lindon, L., 1946:
Some problems of backache and sciatica

Bingham, J.A.W., 1948:
Some problems of causalgic pain; a clinical and experimental study

Stagnaro, J.C., 2008:
Some problems of contemporary psychiatry analyzed from a bioethical perspective

Laub, G.R., 1947:
Some problems of deafness

Weaver, R., 2014:
Some problems of dental health education

Tenen, C., 2011:
Some problems of discipline among adolescents in factories

Ives, L.A., 1949:
Some problems of emergency gastrectomy for haematemesis

Fergusson, I., 2014:
Some problems of epilepsy in the Royal Navy

Miakotnykh, V.S.; Chursin, S.A.; Borovkova, T.A.; Matveeva, O.N., 2008:
Some problems of interrelations between ischemic stroke and cranial-cerebral trauma in elderly and aged patients

Robinson, C.A., 2010:
Some problems of lighting

Ash, C., 2011:
Some problems of meat transportation

Chopra, R.N., 2010:
Some problems of medical and general interest

Miakotnykh, V.S., 2012:
Some problems of modern gerontology and geriatrics in the Russian Federation: the sight of the clinical physician

Chinn, A.B., 2014:
Some problems of nutrition in the aged

Sheldon, J.H., 2011:
Some problems of old age

Tikhonov, D.G.; Nikolaev, V.P.; Sedalishchev, V.I., 2011:
Some problems of pathogenesis and clinical symptoms of atherosclerosis (coronary heart disease, hypertension) in the Far North

Gaumann, E., 2014:
Some problems of pathological wilting in plants

Eppeldauer, G., 1973 :
Some problems of photocurrent measurement of photovoltaic cells

Carr-Saunders, A.M., 1939:
Some problems of population

van BEUNINGEN, E.G.A., 2014:
Some problems of pressure reducing operations in connection with gonioscopic findings, (Elliot, cyclodialysis, iridectomy)

Ravdin, I.S., 2011:
Some problems of protein deficiency

Mitchell, J.S., 1956:
Some problems of radiotherapeutics

Jacobs, F.M., 1949:
Some problems of reconstruction in urology

Hatchette, C.V., 1949:
Some problems of rehabilitation following injuries to the foot and ankle

Parkes, A.S., 2010:
Some problems of reproductive physiology

Davies, T.A.L., 1947:
Some problems of resettlement in industry

Iordanskiĭ, N.N., 2010:
Some problems of the evolutionary adaptatiogenesis

Adler, P., 2014:
Some problems of the nerve supply of the periodontium

Sukiasian, S.G.; Margarian, S.P.; Babakhanian-Gambarian, A.A.; Kirakosian, A.L.; Pogosian, A.N., 2010:
Some problems of the organization of outpatient psychiatric service

Dalton, B.B., 1948:
Some problems of the rural general practitioner

Morse, W.C., 2011:
Some problems of therapeutic camping

Crank, H.H., 1948:
Some problems of therapy in psychosomatic disease

Wang, Y., 2010:
Some problems of total hip replacements for the treatment of patients with development dysplasia of the hip

Lawes, C.H.W., 2011:
Some problems of varicose veins

Hickman, K.C.D., 2010:
Some problems of vitamin dosage

Goodridge, J.H.; Fuller, G.W.; Lockett, E.B., 2011:
Some problems of water supplies in rural areas at home and overseas

Moule, G.R., 2011:
Some problems of wool production

Nicholson, E., 2011:
Some problems related to chronic illness

Vick, F.A., 2011:
Some problems relating to vision

Rao, X-rong., 2007:
Some problems should be mentioned in treating nephropathy

Gao, Y-tang., 2013:
Some problems should be paid attention to in research on cancer prevention and epidemiology

Yan, X-ping., 2007:
Some problems that should be paid attenion to in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with TCM

Lee, A.W.C.; Costa, C.Mendonca.; Strocchi, M.; Rinaldi, C.A.; Niederer, S.A., 2018:
Computational Modeling for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Mroczko, B.; Medraś, M., 2007:
Some problems with testosterone determination

Roth, B.E., 2009:
Some problems with treatment: destructive enactments in combined therapy

Flaxman, A.J., 2016:
Some procedures facilitating roentgenologic interpretation in an induction station

Rothstein, A., 1948:
Some procedures for the preparation of highly purified adenosine triphosphate

Shamasundar, C., 2008:
Some professional experiences

Vernon, W.H.D., 1946:
Some professional problems of the consulting psychologist

Tanne, J.Hopkins., 2014 :
Some progress and some missed targets in the TB epidemic

Moncrieff, J.; Thomas, P.; Huws, R., 2008:
Some progress in UK psychiatry

Kuehn, B.M., 2014:
Some progress in effort to reduce hospital-acquired infections

May, D., 2010:
Some progress to report. We're gaining in fight against cancer and HIV but other gains are bad news

Chen, U., 2011:
Some properties and applications of cell lines and clones established from tet-responsive-SV40 tag mice and mES cell lines

Korn, U.; Rav-Noy, Z.; Shtrikman, S., 1978:
Some properties and applications of thin self-supporting polymer membranes

Cowan, D.A.; Daniel, R.M.; Martin, A.M.; Morgan, H.W., 1984:
Some properties of a beta-galactosidase from an extremely thermophilic bacterium

Harris, R.H.; Johnson, M.; Jesperson, E., 2011:
Some properties of a flour proteinase

Tytell, A.A.; Logan, M.A.; Tytell, A.G., 2011:
Some properties of a mucopolysaccharide isolated from a strain of Clostridium perfringens

Gledhill, A.W., 2014:
Some properties of a thermolabile antigen of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Some properties of a transsulfurase responsible for conversion of cyanide to thiocyanate

Gottlieb, D.; Bhattacharyya, P.K., 1948:
Some properties of an antibiotic obtained from a species of streptomyces

Hooker, S.B., 2011:
Some properties of antigens and antibodies

Bibikov, N.G.; Grigor'ev, D.Iu.; Nizamov, S.V., 2013:
Some properties of auditory neuron's model trained by firing caused by tones modulated by low-frequency noise

Goto, K.; Suzuki, A.; Shibata, N.; Okawa, Y., 2010:
Some properties of beta-1,2-mannosyltransferases related to the biosynthesis of the acid-labile oligomannosyl side chains in Candida albicans NIH B-792 strain cells

Ceithaml, J.; Gollub, M.C., 1948:
Some properties of beta-keto acid carboxylases from plants

Kauss, H.; Bowles, D.J., 1976:
Some properties of carbohydrate-binding proteins (lectins) solubilized from cell walls of Phaseolus aureus

Baker, R.R.; Dowdall, M.J., 1976:
Some properties of choline acetyltransferase isolated from the electric organ ofTorpedo marmorata: Specificity for choline analogues and inhibition by certain amines and amino acids

Pivovarova, A.V.; Chebotareva, N.A.; Guseev, N.B.; Levitskiĭ, D.I., 2008:
Some properties of complexes formed by small heat shock proteins with denatured actin

Ozdemir, T.; Mengeloglu, F., 2009:
Some properties of composite panels made from wood flour and recycled polyethylene

Mead, S., 2016:
Some properties of denervated muscle; the relation of fibrillation to acetylcholine

Jones, D.W.; Wilson, H.J., 2016:
Some properties of dental ceramics

Toman, J.E.P.; Swinyard, E.A., 2014:
Some properties of experimental electroshock seizures

Hornišová, K.; Billik, P., 2013:
Some properties of horn equation model of ultrasonic system vibration and of transfer matrix and equivalent circuit methods of its solution

Hill, P.; Brantley, H.; Van Dyke, M., 2010:
Some properties of keratin biomaterials: kerateines

Alderton, G.; Fevold, H.L.; Lightbody, H.D., 1946:
Some properties of lysozine

Tanner, F.W.; English, A.R.; Lees, T.M.; Routien, J.B., 2014:
Some properties of magnamycin; a new antibiotic

Toman, J.E.P.; Swinyard, E.A.; Goodman, L.S., 2014:
Some properties of maximal electroshock seizures

Durska, G., 2008:
Some properties of methylotrophic bacteria isolated from sewage sludges derived from mechanical and biological sewage treatment plants

Yalçin-Ozdilek, Sükran.; Sönmez, Bş., 2007:
Some properties of new nesting areas of sea turtles in north-eastern Mediterranean situated on the extension of the Samandag Beach, Turkey

Polley, J.R.; Burr, M.M.; Gillen, A.L., 2014:
Some properties of normal chick allantoic fluid in relation to influenza virus hemagglutination

Michaelis, L.; Granick, S., 1948:
Some properties of phenanthrene semiquinone

Doyle, W.L., 1947:
Some properties of phosphatases in the salivary glands of Drosophila

Krishnan, P.S., 1949:
Some properties of potato apyrase

Osterhout, W.J.V., 2010:
Some properties of protoplasmic gels

Osterhout, W.J.V., 2014:
Some properties of protoplasmic gels; tension in the chloroplast of Spirogyra

Honda, M., 2010:
Some properties of scattered radiation and the influence to image degradation

Ilea, V.Ana.; Otrocol, D., 2014:
Some properties of solutions of a functional-differential equation of second order with delay

Smith, E.L., 1948:
Some properties of the glycyl-L-leucine dipeptidases of animal tissues

Sabapathy, U.; Teo, L.H., 1995:
Some properties of the intestinal proteases of the rabbitfish, Siganus canaliculatus (Park)

Mata-Mendez, O.; Avendaño, J., 2007 :
Some properties of the optical resonances in a single subwavelength slit

Gray, J.A.B.; Macolm, J.L., 1949:
Some properties of the pacinian corpuscle

Renaud, F.L.; Rowe, A.J.; Gibbons, I.R., 2009:
Some properties of the protein forming the outer fibers of cilia

Anderson, D.H., 2011:
Some properties of the radiation from radiomanganese 54 and the adsorption of manganous manganese on hydrous ferric oxide

Kong, E.Y.; Choi, V.W.Y.; Cheng, S.H.; Yu, K.N., 2015:
Some properties of the signals involved in unirradiated zebrafish embryos rescuing α-particle irradiated zebrafish embryos

Pereira, E.; Solha, R.B., 2010:
Some properties of the thermal conductivity of chains of oscillators

McCully, M.; Canny, M.; Baker, A.; Miller, C., 2014:
Some properties of the walls of metaxylem vessels of maize roots, including tests of the wettability of their lumenal wall surfaces

Maccioni, H.J.; Panzetta, P.; Arrieta, D., 1984:
Some properties of uridine-5'-diphospho-N-acetylgalactosamine:Hematoside N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase at early and late stages of embryonic development of chicken retina

Stanford, W.R., 2010:
Some prophylactic suggestions regarding the science of geriatrics

Jones, F.W., 1949:
Some proportional weights and measurements of the human body

Ringelblum, E.; Ringelblum, E., 2011:
Some proposals submitted to the World Congress of Jewish Physicians. 1936

DeJohn, P., 2008:
Some proposed Medicare rules worry ASCs

Moore, J.; Cooper, J.O., 2003:
Some proposed relations among the domains of behavior analysis

Zorina, V.N.; Zorina, R.M.; Trofimenko, N.A.; Chirikova, T.S.; Arkhipova, S.V.; Zorin, N.A., 2008:
Some proteins of acute phase of inflammation in differential diagnostics of rheumatoid arthritis

Morris, D.P., 1949:
Some psychiatric aspects of cardiovascular disease

Arieff, A.J.; Bowie, C.G., 1947:
Some psychiatric aspects of shoplifting

Welles, C., 1948:
Some psychiatric factors in the patient-therapist relationship

Evans, H.S., 2014:
Some psychiatric notes on the war in the Pacific

Tyhurst, J.S., 1949:
Some psychiatric observations on censorship

Ingalls, G.S., 2014:
Some psychiatric observations on patients with hearing defect

YASKIN, J.C., 1945:
Some psychiatric problems in obstetrics and gynecology; diagnosis and treatment

Hastings, D., 1948:
Some psychiatric problems of mental deficiency

Forchuk, C., 2008:
Some psychiatric survivors can't survive the system

Schneider, L., 2014:
Some psychiatric views on freedom and the theory of social systems

Bertling, M.H., 1948:
Some psychic aspects of dysmenorrhea and nausea and vomiting of pregnancy

Scott, W.C.M., 1948:
Some psycho-dynamic aspects of disturbed perception of time

Walker, G.H., 1948:
Some psycho-sexual considerations of institutionalized mental defectives

Brenner, A.B., 1948:
Some psychoanalytic speculations on anti-Semitism

Anderson, N.H.; Lopes, L.L., 1974:
Some psycholinguistic aspects of person perception

Kirkpatrick, M.E., 2010:
Some psychologic hazards in the adoption of a child

Colm, H., 1949:
Some psychological after-effects of meningitis; six cases

Campillo Serrano, C.; Sotelo Monroy, G.E.; Trejo Márquez, H.Dayran., 2011:
Some psychological and emotional aspects of retirement in physicians: a first approach

Arntzen, F.I., 1948:
Some psychological aspects of nicotinism

Agoston, T., 2010:
Some psychological aspects of prostitution; the pseudo-personality

Geron, E.; Mashiach, A.; Dunkelman, N.; Raviv, S.; Levin, Z., 1985:
Some psychological aspects of sports for adolescents

Blumenau, L., 1947:
Some psychological aspects of thumbsucking

Maraš, J.S.; Kolundžija, K.; Dukić, O.; Marković, J.; Okanović, P.; Stokin, B.; Mitrović, D.; Ivanović-Kovačević, S., 2013:
Some psychological characteristics of adolescents hospitalized following a suicide attempt

D'iakovich, M.P.; Efimova, N.V., 2007:
Some psychological characteristics of persons exposed to small-dose methylated mercury

Lowry, C.B.; Campbell, S.B., 1973:
Some psychological correlates of generalized and focal epilepsy in children

Razran, G., 1949:
Some psychological factors in the generalization of salivary conditioning to verbal stimuli

Kecskemeti, P.; Leites, N., 1948:
Some psychological hypotheses on Nazi Germany

Kecskemeti, P.; Leites, N., 1948 :
Some psychological hypotheses on Nazi Germany

Plaut, A.B.J., 1948:
Some psychological observations on electro-convulsive therapy

Yuan, S.; Freeman, R.; Lahti, S.; Lloyd-Williams, F.; Humphris, G., 2008:
Some psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale with cross validation

Stevanović, D.; Lakić, A.; Damnjanović, M., 2012:
Some psychometric properties of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ Version 4.0 Generic Core Scales (PedsQL™) in the general Serbian population

Campos, A.; Pérez-Fabello, Mía.José., 2011:
Some psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Clarity of Auditory Imagery Scale

Hoch, P.H., 1947:
Some psychopathological aspects of organic brain damage

Kudra, M., 1988:
Some psychopathological disturbances of adolescents as factors of their failure in school

Alekseeva, N.V.; Alekseev, O.L.; Chukhrova, M.G., 2007:
Some psychosocial aspects of smoking: 10-year experience in "Quit & Win" campaigns in Novosibirsk

Sontag, L.W., 2011:
Some psychosomatic aspects of childhood

Landa, J.S., 2011:
Some psychosomatic aspects of medicine

Lipkin, M.; Joseph, E., 1949:
Some psychosomatic aspects of the management of surgical patients

Musser, M.J., 1948:
Some psychosomatic aspects of thyrotoxicosis

Moloney, J.C., 2011:
Some psychosomatic disorders involve the skin

Hardie, P.W., 1947:
Some psychosomatic principles

Thomas, W.L., 1947:
Some psychosomatic problems in gynecology

Wheatley, G.M., 2011:
Some public health aspects of rheumatic fever; including the present status of organized efforts to control its effects

Burn, J.L., 2014:
Some public health aspects of the care of the feet

Perrott, G.S.J., 2014:
Some public health implications of slective service rejections

PARKER, W.S., 1949:
Some public health problems of seaside resorts

Petersen, A.; Heegaard, P.M.H.; Pedersen, A.L.; Andersen, J.B.; Sørensen, R.B.; Frøkiaer, H.; Lahtinen, S.J.; Ouwehand, A.C.; Poulsen, M.; Licht, T.R., 2010:
Some putative prebiotics increase the severity of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection in mice

Emmert, M.Y.; Schmitt, B.A.; Loerakker, S.; Sanders, B.; Spriestersbach, H.; Fioretta, E.S.; Bruder, L.; Brakmann, K.; Motta, S.E.; Lintas, V.; Dijkman, P.E.; Frese, L.; Berger, F.; Baaijens, F.P.T.; Hoerstrup, S.P., 2018:
Computational modeling guides tissue-engineered heart valve design for long-term in vivo performance in a translational sheep model

Shamroukh, A.H.; Rashad, A.E.; Abdel-Megeid, R.E.; Ali, H.S.; Ali, M.M., 2015:
Some pyrazole and pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives: synthesis and anticancer evaluation

Kahn, H.J.; Petrow, V.A., 1945:
Some pyridyl analogues of triphenylmethane

Vreeland, E.M., 1948:
Some qualitative and quantitative factors in nurse education

Ishay, J.S.; Plotkin, M.; Volynchik, S.; Bergman, D.J., 2009:
Some qualitative liver functions in hornet yellow cuticle

Zangwill, O.L., 2011:
Some qualitative observations on verbal memory in cases of cerebral lesion

Ozcan, M.Musa.; Olmez, C., 2015:
Some qualitative properties of different monofloral honeys

Ahn, B.Seok., 2008:
Some quantifier functions from weighting functions with constant value of orness

Danziger, L.; Landahl, H.D., 2014:
Some quantitative aspects of shock therapy in psychoses

Some quantitative dental characteristics of the chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutang

Some quantitative dental characters of fossil anthropoids

Denne, M.P.; Wilson, J.E., 1977:
Some quantitative effects of indoleacetic acid on the wood production and tracheid dimensions of Picea

Wolynes, P.G., 2009:
Some quantum weirdness in physiology

Hartwell, J.L.; Kornberg, S.R.L., 1946:
Some quaternary ammonium salts of heterocyclic bases

Bahner, C.T.; Pickens, D.; Bales, D.B., 1948:
Some quaternary ammonium salts of substituted thiazoles

Miranda, A.; Cova, Tânia.; Sousa, Jão.; Vitorino, C.; Pais, A., 2017:
Computational modeling in glioblastoma: from the prediction of blood-brain barrier permeability to the simulation of tumor behavior

Vincent, T., 2007:
Some question in the genes

Mitka, M., 2012:
Some question use of statins to reduce cardiovascular risks in healthy women

Woodard, D.E., 1948:
Some questionable accepted procedures in the extraction of teeth

Stohs, S.J., 2013:
Some questionable conclusions in the article "Dietary supplements and hypertension: potential benefits and precautions"

Joffe, A.R.; Anton, N.R., 2007:
Some questions about brain death: a case report

Murray, A.C., 1948:
Some questions about drugs frequently asked of the Food and Drug Administration

Aminolroayaee Yamini, E., 2014:
Some questions about herbal and traditional medicine

Murawiec, Sławomir., 2010:
Some questions about the essence of delusions in the light of recent neurobiological findings

Wang, L.; Song, Y-Ming., 2012:
Some questions about two different surgical approaches of laminoplasty

Pivovaro, M.A., 2011:
Some questions concerning conditions of work of aviators

Anonymous, 1983:
Some questions for politicians

Lukomsky, P.E.; Krivosheina, A.G.; Rostovtseva, N.P., 1945:
Some questions of clinics and therapy of poisoning with hibernated corns (so-called septic angina or alimentary toxical aleikia)

Piesikova, L.N., 2010:
Some questions of etiology, pathogenesis and differentiation of various forms of diabetes insipidus

Morosov, N.N., 2011:
Some questions of organization and work of the sanitary epidemiological station

Rupasov, N.F., 2010:
Some questions of the surgery of pseudoarticulations

Chen, C.; Zhao, B., 2010:
Some questions on dispersion of human exhaled droplets in ventilation room: answers from numerical investigation

Gao, X-shan., 2007:
Some questions on the author of Qian Jin Yi Fang

Molina-Martínez, F.J.; Jiménez-Martínez, M.C.; Vives-Pastor, B., 2010:
Some questions provoked by a chronic headache (with mixed migraine and cluster headache features) in a woman with a pineal cyst. Answers from a literature review

Reis, B., 2015:
Some questions regarding reality, subjectivity, and psychoanalytic theory construction

Roberts, C.G., 2010:
Some questions text-books do not answer

Bessmertny, B.S., 2010:
Some questions with regard to the work of epidemiological groups

Gilman, H.; Christian, R.V.; Spatz, S.M., 2010:
Some quinolines patterned as open models of a modified atebrin

Radi Dar, M.A.; El-Saharty, A.A., 2013:
Some radioactive-elements in the coastal sediments of the Mediterranean Sea

Abramov, V.I.; Stepanova, A.A.; Famelis, S.A., 2010:
Some radiobiological effects in higher plants growing at the territory of the East Ural radioactive trace

Ford, F.A., 1949:
Some radiologic experiences with UNRRA in China

Gregg, D.M., 2014:
Some radiological aspects of primary intrathoracic neurogenic tumours based on a review of 19 cases

Brombart, M., 2014:
Some radiological aspects of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum in relation to diseases of the blood

Rees, J.D.; Lama, W., 1980:
Some radiometric properties of gradient-index fiber lenses

Eyre-Brook, A.L., 1956:
Some radiosensitive bone tumours

Kater, M.H., 2012:
Some ramifications of good and evil medicine in nazi Germany and beyond

Handousa Bey, A.S., 1949:
Some rare anomalies of the oesophagus; with discussion of their aetiology

Rajan, S., 1993:
Some rare homoeopathic medicinal plants of South India

Zaidi, S.H., 2009:
Some rare presentations of hydatid cysts: two case reports

Campbell, M., 1948:
Some rarer causes of attacks of unconsciousness

Khairallah, A.A., 2011:
Some rarer clinical manifestations of chronic appendicitis

Cazorla, O.; de Tombe, P.P., 2008:
Some rat: a very special rat with a rather special titin

Kermack, W.O., 1949:
Some reactions and enzymes concerned in glycolysis

Price, C.C.; Roberts, R.M., 2011:
Some reactions of 1,2-bis(beta-chloroethylthio)ethane

Jeanloz, R.; Fletcher, H.G.; Hudson, C.S., 1948:
Some reactions of 2,3,4-tribenzoyl-beta-dribopyranosyl bromide

May, E.L.; Mosettig, E., 1948:
Some reactions of amidone

Bruce, M.I.; Fox, M.A.; Low, P.J.; Skelton, B.W.; Zaitseva, N.N., 2010:
Some reactions of an eta3-tetracyanobutadienyl-ruthenium complex

Goldman, L., 1949:
Some reactions of antibiotics

Doak, G.O.; Steinman, H.G., 1946:
Some reactions of arylstibonic acids

McKENNIS.H., 1948:
Some reactions of cholesteryl-p-toluenesulfonate

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Some relationships between maturation and acculturation

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Some relationships of insects to net necrosis of the potato in Colorado

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Some remarks by Galen about the teaching and studying of medicine

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Some remarks on the quantitative expression of the selectivity of an analytical procedure

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Some remarks on the statistical background in bio-assay

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Some remarks on the use of penicillin as a topical application

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Some remarks on wounded arteries, secondary hæmorrhage, and false aneurisms

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Some remarks upon the cadmium reaction and its correlation with the electrophoretic serum protein pattern

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Some reminders about RRSPs

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Some reminiscences of Keith Campbell

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Some reminiscences of a hospital ship

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Some removable appliances

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Some reproductive indices of the Nigerian local bitches in Ibadan, Nigeria

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Some research advances of immune mechanism during infection in China

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Some research development on non-small cell lung cancer genetics and genetic expression

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Some research in aids to the blind

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Computational Modeling of Antiviral Drug Diffusion from Poly(lactic- co-glycolic-acid) Fibers and Multicompartment Pharmacokinetics for Application to the Female Reproductive Tract

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Some research notes on Carl A. Trocki's publication Opium, Empire and the Global Political Economy

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Some research on sports physiology

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Some research progress of CXCR4 antagonist AMD3100

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Some research wants to be free, some follows the money: bogus journals complicate the open access movement

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Some reservists incorporated into the army reported psychotic reactions

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Some responsibilities of medical education

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Some results from asian population growth studies

Some results in mental and performance testing with neurologic patients

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Some results in the processing of the holy shroud of turin

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Some results of anisometropia

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Some results of arterial spasm

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Some results of experimental anti-endotoxin chemotherapy

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Some results of our research on composite facial allograft transplantation in dogs

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Some results of plastic surgery

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Some results of radiaton monitoring of the ISS Russian Segment in 2000-2005

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Some results of the gastric secretory response of patients having duodenal ulcer noted during the administration of benadryl

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Some results of the study of the trematod fauna of the fresh-water molluscs Melanopsis praemorsa (L.) from water bodies in Azerbaijan. Communication 4. New species of cyathocotylid cercariae

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Some results of the study of trematode fauna of the freshwater mollusc Melanopsis praemorsa (L.) from Azerbaijan water bodies. Report 3. New species of stylet cercaria

Manafov, A.A., 2012:
Some results of the study of trematode fauna of the freshwater mollusc Melanopsis praemorsa (L.) from Azerbaijan water bodies. Report 5. The morphology of Cercaria metagonimus sp

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Some results of the trematode fauna investigation in the freshwater mollusk Melanopsis praemorsa (L.) from water bodies of Azerbaijan. 2. New species of virgulate cercaria

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Some retrohippocampal afferents to the entorhinal cortex. Cells of origin as studied by the HRP method in the rat and mouse

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Some revolutions in neuroscience

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Some rights not constitutionally defined which are part of the rights to health. The Colombian case

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Some ring-dye-laser designs incorporating a low-concentration double dye cell for 20-nsec pump pulses

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Some risk factors in breast tumour etiology. Observations in Iaşi County between 2006 and 2010

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Some risks from new remedies in tropical disease

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Some robust higher-level percepts for music

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Some roots of prejudice

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Some rules for the employment of local analgesia in the treatment of somatic pain

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Some safeguards in antibiotic therapy with special reference to penicillin and streptomycin

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Some safety aspects of in vitro fertilization and pre-embryo freezing

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Some salient dynamic factors of the passive personality reaction type

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Some salivary proteins as a biomarkers of local and general diseases. Literature review

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Some salt with your statin, professor?

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Some sauropods raised their necks--evidence for high browsing in Euhelopus zdanskyi

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Some sequels of abnormality at the thoracic outlet

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Some serum parameters of first lactation cows in relation to their supply of macro and trace elements as well as of vitamins

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Some severe maternal diseases might be caused by fetal-versus-maternal disease (FVMD)

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Some sex differences in attitude towards change of environment among evacuated central school children

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Some sex differences in sentencing severity for a mock crime scenario

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Some sex hormone profiles are consistent over time in normal menstruating women: implications for sports injury epidemiology

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Some sexually transmitted infections rising, some falling

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Some shallow-water hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the central east coast of Florida, USA

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Some side effects of breast cancer treatment may be a good sign

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Some sidelights on the nursing shortage

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Some significant correlates of love and family attitudes and behavior

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Some signposts of surgical progress

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Some signs of women applying for abortion

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Some simple diagnostic measures in neuromuscular and articular pain, with special reference to differential palpation

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Some simple facts about urinary incontinence in the elderly

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Some simple observations on transfusion reactions

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Some simple rules for effective communication in clinical teaching and practice environments

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Some single-machine scheduling problems with learning effects and two competing agents

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Some single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the TSSK2 gene may be associated with human spermatogenesis impairment

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Some skin diseases of small animals

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Some small schools are big on manufacturing scientists

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Some smart approaches to a tough problem

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Some social aspects of industrial dentistry

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Some social hygiene problems of Los Angeles County

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Some social reflections of a biologist

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Some social-psychiatric remarks on epilepsy

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Some sociodemographic characteristics of Hispanic Cubans in Mexico during the Porfiriato

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Some socioeconomic characteristics of acute myocardial infarction patients in the Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez. Comparison of two decades: 1954-1964 and 1997-2007

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Some sociological concomitants of excessive drinking as revealed in the life history of an itinerant inebriate

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Some solutions to obtain very efficient separations in isocratic and gradient modes using small particles size and ultra-high pressure

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Some solutions to technical hurdles for developing a practical intracortical visual prosthesis device

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Some solved and unsolved problems of chemoinformatics

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Some sources of discontent in Australian veterinary services

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Some soybean cultivars have ability to induce germination of sunflower broomrape

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Some stages of Litomosides carinii in Liponyssus bacoti

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Some stages of grief

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Some staining reactions of invertebrate mucoproteins

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Some states reluctant. Little known on federal exchange plans

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Some statistical considerations in the assessment of compliance

Some statistical observations on the frequency of occurrence of pterygium and pinguecula in relation to age

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Some statistical properties of differencing schemes for baseline correction of sedimentation velocity data

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Some statistics in bioinformatics: the fifth Armitage Lecture

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Some statistics on Rochester babies born in 1944

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Some stereotypic behaviors in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) are correlated with both perseveration and the ability to cope with acute stressors

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Some steroid mercaptols

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Some strange tumors

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Some structural aspects of language are more stable than others: a comparison of seven methods

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Some studies in dental public health

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Some studies of British heredity: Four recent books

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Some studies of the Physiological Leucocyte Content of Cow's Milk

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Some studies of the nucleolus of cells cultivated in vitro

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Some studies of the spectra of thermal and stimulated molecular scattering of light

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Some studies on Capillaria philipinensis and its mysterious trip from Philippines to Egypt (review article)

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Some studies on the morphological aspects of buffalo oocytes in relation to the ovarian morphology and culture condition

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Some studies on the nutritive value of butter fatty acids

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Some studies suggest antirejection drugs not always needed to protect kidney graft

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Some subgroups of reproductive age women in the United States may be at risk for iodine deficiency

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Some substituted 1,10-phenanthrolines

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Some substituted isoquinolines

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Some substituted sulfanilamidopyridines

Anonymous, 2014:
Some success for a 12th National Rural Health Conference priority

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Some suggest wider therapeutic window for offering alteplase to treat stroke

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Some suggested cautions for pregnant women

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Some suggested improvements for postwar medical schools

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Some suggested perspectives for multifunctional hybrid porous solids

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Some suggested units on voice and articulation for secondary schools

Some suggestions concerning the administration and interpretation of the T.A.T

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Some suggestions for an improved maternity service

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Some suggestions for handling children in the X-ray department

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Computational modeling of blast induced whole-body injury: a review

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Some suggestions for the DSM-5 schizotypal personality disorder construct

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Some suggestions for the conduct of continuous spinal anaesthesia

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Some suggestions for the nomenclature of radiation

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Some suggestions for the prevention of mental illness

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Some suggestions in the clinical examination of the heart

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Some suggestions on WHO/ICTM terminologies

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Some suggestions on the academic thoughts of famous elderly doctors--address at the symposium on academician CHEN Ke-Ji's academic thoughts

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Some suggestions on the present translation of TCM terms

Fang, F-de., 2010:
Some suggestions on the realization of cancer genome-wide association studies in China

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Some suggestions........

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Some sulfonamide derivatives of 2-aminobenzimidazole

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Some sulfonamide drugs inhibit ATPase activity of heat shock protein 90: investigation by docking simulation and experimental validation

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Some sulphanilamidophenyl cyanides and related compounds

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Some supplementary methods for the analysis of the RBANS

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Some surgeons disregard advance directives

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Some surgical and technical aspects in the usage of wire sutures

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Some surgical aspects of inguinal hernia

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Some surgical aspects of osteoid osteoma

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Some surgical aspects of portal hypertension

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Some surgical aspects of urinary bilharziasis

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Some surgical conditions of the intestines of dairy cattle

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Some surgical emergencies

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Some surgical problems in a theatre of war, with special reference to the campaign in Sicily; the general surgical picture

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Some surprising facts about (the problem of) surprising facts (from the Dusseldorf Conference, February 2011)

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Some surprising findings on the involvement of the parietal lobe in human memory

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Some surprising twists on the road to discovering the contribution of rare variants to complex diseases

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Some symbols used by the alchemists

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Some syndromes of James Ramsay Hunt

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Some synthetic cyclitol derivatives alleviate the effect of water deficit in cultivated and wild-type chickpea species

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Some synthetic resins in combined fixing, staining and mounting media

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Some systemic disturbances occurring during spinal anesthesia

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Some systems for conducting foot health examinations among school children

Some systems of carbon halides with dioxane, pyridine and cyclohexane

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Some technical and physiological aspects of anaemia

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Some technical aspects of surgery of the thyroid gland

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Some technical considerations in primary rhinoplasty

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Some technical considerations in the arteriographic examination of the lower extremity

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Some technical considerations in the resection of carcinoma involving the lower esophagus

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Some technical considerations in thyroidectomy

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Some technical considerations of open thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair in a transition country

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Some technical implications of Klein's concept of 'premature ego development'

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Some technical issues in managing PCBs

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Some technical problems associated with complicated malignant lesions of the colon

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Some technical procedures in the use of dental alloys

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Some technological properties and uses of paulownia (Paulownia tomentosa Steud.) wood

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Some tenets of postgraduate medical education

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Some tentative models of molecular motion applied to water in small reversed micelles

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Computational Modeling of Blast Wave Transmission Through Human Ear

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Some tertiary diamines derived from 1,2-bis(beta chloroethylthio)ethane

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Some tests on elasticity

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Some thematic apperception test norms and a note on the use of the test cards in the guidance of college students

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Some theoretic aspects of the use of inert gases in sealed cabin environments

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Some theoretical and practical aspects in the separation of humic substances by combined liquid chromatography methods

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Some theoretical and technical problems of dust sampling in air of working places

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Some theoretical aspects of high resolution xerographic development

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Some theoretical aspects of the turbulent point-spread function

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Some theoretical aspects of thin-film optics and their applications

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Some theoretical aspects on dextran as a blood and plasma substitute

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Some theoretical consequences of basic need-gratification

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Some theoretical considerations of dementia praecox

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Some theoretical limitations of the optical power spectrum analyzer

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Some theoretical properties of Silverman's method for Smoothed functional principal component analysis

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Some theoretical underpinnings of knowledge translation

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Some therapeutic and neurological aspects of peripheral nerve injuries

Derbes, V.J.; Englehardt, H.T., 2010:
Some therapeutic considerations of uncomplicated diabetes

Irvine, H.G., 1946 :
Some things I remember

Hoffman, M., 2008:
Some things I thought I knew about tissue factor that turn out to be wrong

Castillo, M., 2014:
Some things are better left unsaid

Tarr, R.W., 2014:
Some things are too hot to touch: the human mind can only stand so much

Jankharia, B., 2010:
Some things change fast, other take their own sweet time

Mullan, Zë., 2015:
Some things change, some stay the same

Freeman, P.B., 2010:
Some things deserve to be repeated

Tagliareni, M.Elaine., 2010:
Some things do not change: an enduring lesson from the game of trivial pursuit

Williams, K.Jon., 2009:
Some things just have to be done in vivo: GPIHBP1, caloric delivery, and the generation of remnant lipoproteins

Barie, P.S., 2008:
Some things new for this journal blue

Smiley, D.F., 2010:
Some things we have learned about medical motion pictures

Takhar, S.S.; Schriger, D.L.; Barrett, T.W., 2012:
Some think antibiotics are candy, but we know they're not

Takhar, S.S.; Schriger, D.L.; Barrett, T.W., 2012:
Some think antibiotics are candy, but we know they're not: answers to the May 2012 Journal Club Questions

Molcho, M.; Pickett, W., 2011:
Some thoughts about 'acceptable' and 'non-acceptable' childhood injuries

Davis, S.G., 2014:
Some thoughts about 150 years ... in 150 seconds

Heine, V.; Hafner, J., 2012:
Some thoughts about Jürgen Hafner's work in computational materials science

Gargiulo, G.J., 2014:
Some thoughts about consciousness: from a quantum mechanics perspective

Aretz, H.Thomas., 2011:
Some thoughts about creating healthcare professionals that match what societies need

Rollins, J.A., 2014:
Some thoughts about empathy

Pellissier, Jérôme., 2010:
Some thoughts about good treatment

Watkins, C.Edward., 2013:
Some thoughts about parallel process and psychotherapy supervision: when is a parallel just a parallel?

Conti, C.Richard., 2007:
Some thoughts about recent hypertension trials

Gottfredson, D.C., 2007:
Some thoughts about research on youth violence prevention

Terracini, B., 2008:
Some thoughts about the ethics of scientific publishing and Epidemiologia & Prevenzione

Kulynych, J.J., 2007:
Some thoughts about the evaluation of non-clinical functional magnetic resonance imaging

Roberts, W.C., 2010:
Some thoughts about the future of environmental health

Cooley, D.A., 2013:
Some thoughts about the historic events that led to the first clinical implantation of a total artificial heart

Hallberg, L.R-M., 2010:
Some thoughts about the literature review in grounded theory studies

Yu, S-yang., 2012:
Some thoughts about the modification of diagnostic criteria for acute respiratory distress syndrome

Casselyn, M.; Nau, J-Yves., 2011:
Some thoughts about "supernumerary (s)"

Bridge, J.C., 1946:
Some thoughts after 30 years in industry

Drooby, S.A.Dean., 2014:
Some thoughts and solutions on the private practice of medicine in 2013 in Oklahoma

Barhash, A.Z.; Bentley, M.C., 1949:
Some thoughts arising from a preliminary survey of state programs

Bogdanoff, S.P., 2010:
Some thoughts as we face challenging times

Solano, L., 2011:
Some thoughts between body and mind in the light of Wilma Bucci's multiple code theory

Spendelow, C.W., 2011:
Some thoughts concerning the carrying out of minor dental operations under general anaesthesia

Leng, G.; Baker, M., 2012:
Some thoughts from NICE

Zhang, H-Zhen.; Luo, Y-Ming.; Xia, J-Qi.; Zhang, H-Bo., 2011:
Some thoughts of the comparison of risk based soil environmental standards between different countries

McKechnie, R.E., 1922:
Some thoughts on Goitre

Franch, N.Parada., 2010:
Some thoughts on Mayer Subrin's 'stumbling towards termination'

Shoham, M., 2008:
Some thoughts on a therapeutic state of mind

Atlee, H.B., 1947:
Some thoughts on abortion

Keim, R.G., 2012:
Some thoughts on appointment intervals

Alpert, J.S., 2009:
Some thoughts on bedside teaching

Bowers, J., 1980:
Some thoughts on communication

Soli, S.D., 2008:
Some thoughts on communication handicap and hearing impairment

Saks, E.R., 2009:
Some thoughts on denial of mental illness

Gubbay, E.R., 1949:
Some thoughts on diagnosis

Strunk, O.C., 2008:
Some thoughts on discourse analysis

Crotti, S.; Seraglia, R.; Traldi, P., 2011:
Some thoughts on electrospray ionization mechanisms

Zepf, S.; Hartmann, S., 2008:
Some thoughts on empathy and countertransference

Ng, W-Tat.; Kwan, T-Lok.; Ng, W-fu., 2010:
Some thoughts on endoscopic thyroidectomy

Dar-Nimrod, I.; Heine, S.J., 2012:
Some thoughts on essence placeholders, interactionism, and heritability: reply to Haslam (2011) and Turkheimer (2011)

Aronson, S.M., 2008:
Some thoughts on ethical guidelines for the neurologically-impaired elderly

Braun, W., 2016:
Some thoughts on gene action

Hayne, J.A., 1948:
Some thoughts on geriatrics

Kushner, A.L., 2014:
Some thoughts on global surgery: reply

de Granda-Orive, Jé.Ignacio.; Jiménez-Ruiz, C.Andrés., 2012:
Some thoughts on hand-rolled cigarette

Pierson, C.A., 2015:
Some thoughts on how to do good quality peer review

Campillo-Soto, A.; Lirón-Ruiz, Rón.; Martín-Lorenzo, J.Gervasio.; Aguayo-Albasini, Jé.Luis., 2010:
Some thoughts on how to interpret the results of studies on diagnostic tests: the DINO study

Urbain, J.; Wuilmart, C., 1982:
Some thoughts on idiotypic networks and immunoregulation

Lecavalier, L., 2013:
Some thoughts on intervention research

Gebhardt, D., 2014:
Some thoughts on living with HIV

Flynn, B.W., 2010:
Some thoughts on methodology and results from a non-researcher

Ramamurthi, B., 1981:
Some thoughts on neurophysiological basis of yoga

Chapman, S., 2010:
Some thoughts on nomenclature

Van Woensel, M., 2011:
Some thoughts on our profession

Haux, R.; Marschollek, M.; Wolf, K-Hendrik., 2014:
Some thoughts on personal living environments as new diagnostic and therapeutic areas

Goldwyn, R.M., 2009:
Some thoughts on plastic surgical training

Becker, L.H., 2009:
Some thoughts on professional ethics

Melanson, J.A., 1949:
Some thoughts on public health in New Brunswick

Fulton, J.S., 2007:
Some thoughts on publishing clinical data

Woods, D., 1984:
Some thoughts on reader response

Gordon Lan, K.K.; Wittes, J.T., 2013:
Some thoughts on sample size: a Bayesian-frequentist hybrid approach

Sathyanarayana Rao, T.S., 2004:
Some thoughts on sexualities and research in India

Hamlin, L.E., 1948:
Some thoughts on silicosis

Vivian, R.P., 2011:
Some thoughts on socialized health services and on social medicine

Von Bonin, G., 2012:
Some thoughts on teaching anatomy

Spier, R.E., 2007:
Some thoughts on the 2007 World Conference on Research Integrity

Bullough, W.A., 2012:
Some thoughts on the National Health Service Act, Part III

Goodwin, J., 2009:
Some thoughts on the SOGC Health Human Resources Project

Msmw, 1980:
Some thoughts on the competence and performance of physicians

Frisch, S.; Frisch-Desmarez, C., 2010:
Some thoughts on the concept of the internal parental couple

Della Rocca, D.G.; Pepine, C.J., 2015:
Some thoughts on the continuing dilemma of angina pectoris

Durant, T.M., 2014:
Some thoughts on the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary heart disease (cor pulmonale)

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Some thoughts on the true value of ultrasound

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Some thoughts on the "A" in computer-aided molecular design

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Some thoughts on trauma, pain, posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury

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Computational modeling of cardiac disease: potential for personalized medicine

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Some three-body atomic systemn

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Some tracer and therapeutic studies with artificial radioactivity

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Some traditional representations of the human body in Basque

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Some traditional umbilical cord care practices in developing countries

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Some trees

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Some trends in dental undergraduate education in the United States

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Some trends in the development of psychological tests

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Computational Modeling of Cobalt-Based Water Oxidation: Current Status and Future Challenges

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Some tropical diseases in general practice; a post-war legacy

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Some typhus case histories

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Some ultrastructural observations of the vegetative, resting and excysting ciliate, urostyla grandis (urostylidae, hypotrichida)

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Some unanswered questions about temperature management

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Some unanswered questions in clinical allergy

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Some unanswered questions on the road to health care reform

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Some uncommon surgical causes of right lower quadrant abdominal pain

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Some unconscious determinants of the use of technical terms in psychoanalytic writing

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Some unfortunate public health aspects of gonorrhea control

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Some unintended effects of teamwork in healthcare

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Some unique features in the selection and protection of pharmaceutical trademarks

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Some unique features of polymer crystallisation

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Some unmet challenges in the immunology of viral infections

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Some unofficial observations at Dachau

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Some unresolved issues for the study of fatigue: the way forward

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Some unsolved problems in chemotherapy

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Some unsolved problems in squint

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Some unused narcotics should go down the drain, FDA says

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Some unusual Conditions in Gall-Bladder Surgery

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Some unusual aspects of tularemia as found in Mississippi

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Some unusual cases of Sjögren's syndrome

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Some unusual complications of diphtheria

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Some unusual cystic lesions of the liver

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Some unusual oral lesions

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Some unusual tumors of the orbit, eyelids, and vicinity

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Some unusual type 2 reactions in leprosy

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Some unusual types of formation of the ansa cervicalis in humans and proposal of a new morphological classification

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Some upper limits of possible alpha-activity

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Some urethans of phenolic quaternary ammonium salts

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Some urgent clinical problems for Parkinson's disease

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Some useful insights for graduate students beginning their research in physiological psychology: anecdotes and attitudes

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Some useful microchemical apparatus

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Some useful minor surgery

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Some useful odds and ends from the n-electron valence state perturbation theory

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Some useful plants for renal therapy listed in De Plantis Aegypti Liber by Prospero Alpini in the 16th century: modern considerations

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Some useful points

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Some uses for free muscle grafts in urology

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Some uses for the tomograph

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Some uses of ascorbic acid in the analytical chemistry of iron

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Some uses of endocrine therapy in gynaecology

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Some uses of nembutal in obstetrics

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Some uses of penicillin in dentistry

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Some uses of penicillin in veterinary practice

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Some uses of radioactive isotopes in medicine

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Some uses of the artificial radioactive elements for investigation and treatment

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Some uses of thrombin in the surgery of the ear, nose, and throat

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Some uses of transition metal complexes as anti-cancer and anti-HIV agents

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Some uses of undetached omentum in surgery

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Some usual and unusual mechanisms of abdominal pain

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Some utilitarian influences in Freud's early writings

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Some valuable lessons we've learned from MDA members

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Some variables affecting the characteristics of Eudragit E-sodium alginate polyelectrolyte complex as a tablet matrix for diltiazem hydrochloride

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Some variations in lymphatic drainage of selected bronchopulmonary segments in human lungs

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Some varieties of shadow illusions: split shadows, occluded shadows, stolen shadows, and shadows of shadows

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Some verbal behavior about verbal behavior

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Some veterinary aspects of the atomic bomb tests

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Some viewpoints on the acne problem; experiences of one year's sulpha-addition treatment with pyretotherapy

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Some views and suggestions to carry out discussion on initial consensus in cancer clinics

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Some views are better than others: evidence for a visual bias in object views self-generated by toddlers

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Computational Modeling of Contrast Sensitivity and Orientation Tuning in First-Episode and Chronic Schizophrenia

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Some views on femoral hernia and its treatment

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Some views on the treatment of vesical tumores, especially ureteral implantation in the bowel and total cystectomy

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Some viral microRNAs were up-regulated in megakaryocytes incubated with immune thrombocytopenia plasma

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Some virus diseases in domestic animals

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Some visual defects and ocular diseases the general practitioner ought to know about

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Some vocal consequences of sleep deprivation and the possibility of "fatigue proofing" the voice with Voicecraft® voice training

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Some vulgar errors in regard to goitre

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Some war-time biological books in French

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Some wartime influences on health and welfare institutions in the United States

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Some wary of RAC's cousin. Exec: MIC makes RAC seem like child's play

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Some water chemistry parameters of breeding habitats of the Caucasian salamander, Mertensiella caucasica in the Western Lesser Caucasus

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Some water supply problems in north-east Essex

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Some weaknesses and strengths of present-day psychiatric nursing programs

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Some weighty thoughts on dieting and epidemics

Gardner-Thorpe, C., 2014:
Some who preceded those of us in 2014

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Some wider aspects of the management of cerebral palsy

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Some wild-growing plant species from Serbia and Montenegro as the potential sources of drugs

Anonymous, 2008:
Some wins and losses on tobacco use

Kouba, J., 2007:
Some women found breast feeding physically and emotionally demanding

McCartney, M.; Bewley, S., 2010:
Some women may not want cervical screening

Niemczyk, N.A., 2015:
Some women with elevated body mass index are at low risk for complications in labor

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Some words about lower limb torsion and rotation problems

Li, G.; Lu, J.; Chen, X., 2013:
Some worries about Dendrobium officinale industry

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Some wounds are hard to heal: an interesting presentation of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

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Some x-ray cristallographic data on DDT

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Some "face time" for health information technology

Zhang, J-qing., 2008:
Some "old" issues on translation of terms in traditional Chinese medicine

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Some, but not all, retromer components promote morphogenesis of C. elegans sensory compartments

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Some, but not complete, reassurance on the safety of folic acid fortification

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Some-or-none recollection: Evidence from item and source memory

Pak, J.; Chen, Z.J.; Sun, K.; Przekwas, A.; Walenga, R.; Fan, J., 2017:
Computational modeling of drug transport across the in vitro cornea

Hillman, B.J., 2012:
Somebody has to pay

Aslam, S., 2011:
Somebody to lean on. Interview by Ian A McMillan

Laurance, J., 2011:
Somebody's mother

Carlson, J., 2012:
Somebody's watching: technology helping hospitals stay safe and secure

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Computational Modeling of Exciton-Bath Hamiltonians for LH2 and LH3 Complexes of Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria at Room Temperature

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Someone does believe the introductory books: Mahoney's problems with behaviorism

Robben, J.; Boroffka, S., 2010:
Someone else's kitchen

Carlson, J., 2008:
Someone else's problem. CEO exits Martin Memorial in midst of deportation lawsuit

Waugh, W.Scott., 2013:
Someone guided your professional growth: do the same

Billeke, P.; Zamorano, F.; López, T.; Rodriguez, C.; Cosmelli, D.; Aboitiz, F., 2015:
Someone has to give in: theta oscillations correlate with adaptive behavior in social bargaining

Hafner, J.H., 2012:
Someone is going to pay for this

Arango, C., 2013:
Someone is not listening to the facts: there is little psychiatry outside child and adolescent psychiatry

Walters, S.R.; Godbold, R., 2015:
Someone is watching you: the ethics of covert observation to explore adult behaviour at children's sporting events

Dall, B.Ervin., 2008:
Someone needs to claim it!

Anonymous, 2015:
Someone to rely on

Plawecki, L.H.; Amrhein, D.W., 2010:
Someone to talk to. The nurse and the depressed or suicidal older patient

Mills, A.; Schmied, V.; Taylor, C.; Dahlen, H.; Shuiringa, W.; Hudson, M.E., 2014:
Someone to talk to: young mothers' experiences of participating in a young parents support programme

Anonymous, 2011:
Someone to watch over me. Monitoring project that won Health Devices Achievement Award is featured in Anesthesiology

Zysberg, L.; Kimhi, S.; Eshel, Y., 2014:
Someone to watch over me: exposure to war events and trust in the armed forces in Israel as factors in war-related stress