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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55855

Chapter 55855 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Joolaee, S., 2009:
Soodabeh Joolaee. Interview by Anne J Davis

Kurjogi, M.; Satapute, P.; Jogaiah, S.; Abdelrahman, M.; Daddam, J.Rayalu.; Ramu, V.; Tran, L-Son.Phan., 2018:
Computational Modeling of the Staphylococcal Enterotoxins and Their Interaction with Natural Antitoxin Compounds

Marmstål, A.; Rosén, Måns.; Rosenqvist, Mårten., 2010:
Soon more and more Swedish centenarians. Increased 10 times since 1970

Rajnchapel-Messai, J., 2009:
Soon there will be a European chart for health professionals

van Mil, J.W.Foppe.; de Smet, P.J.A.M.; Husson, M.Caroline., 2011:
Soon: a new year, a new name, a new face

Tassara P, E., 2010:
Sooner or later

Hansen, H-Christian., 2011:
Sooner or later...? In search of the most useful components of the somatosensory evoked potential to define prognosis in critically ill patients with acute stroke

Gonçalves, D.C.; Byrne, G.J., 2012:
Sooner or later: age at onset of generalized anxiety disorder in older adults

Bravell, M.Ernsth.; Berg, S.; Malmberg, B.; Sundström, G., 2010 :
Sooner or later? A study of institutionalization in late life

Jereczek-Fossa, B.A.; Zerini, D.; Vavassori, A.; Fodor, C.; Santoro, L.; Minissale, A.; Cambria, R.; Cattani, F.; Garibaldi, C.; Serafini, F.; Matei, V.Deliu.; de Cobelli, O.; Orecchia, R., 2008:
Sooner or later? Outcome analysis of 431 prostate cancer patients treated with postoperative or salvage radiotherapy

Zigmond, J., 2007:
Sooner rather than later. Oklahoma County hospitals and health agencies take immediate action on the uninsured problem by collaborating

Splinter, G., 2013:
SoonerCare reflections

Joung, Y.; Song, J.; Lee, K.; Oh, H-Myung.; Joh, K.; Cho, J-Cheon., 2010:
Soonwooa buanensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from seawater

Schnitzler, E.G.; Dutt, A.; Charbonneau, Aé.M.; Olfert, J.S.; Jäger, W., 2015:
Soot aggregate restructuring due to coatings of secondary organic aerosol derived from aromatic precursors

Qiu, C.; Khalizov, A.F.; Zhang, R., 2013:
Soot aging from OH-initiated oxidation of toluene

Forsberg, B., 2008:
Soot articles make the air hazardous--again

Andreae, M.O., 1983:
Soot carbon and excess fine potassium: long-range transport of combustion-derived aerosols

Melton, L.A., 1984:
Soot diagnostics based on laser heating

Spencer, W.G., 1891:
Soot in Cells of Chimney-sweep's Cancer

Rouse, R.L.; Murphy, G.; Boudreaux, M.J.; Paulsen, D.B.; Penn, A.L., 2008:
Soot nanoparticles promote biotransformation, oxidative stress, and inflammation in murine lungs

Scrivner, S.M.; Taylor, T.W.; Sorensen, C.M.; Merklin, J.F., 1986:
Soot particle size distribution measurements in a premixed flame using photon correlation spectroscopy

Giordana, A.; Maranzana, A.; Ghigo, G.; Causà, M.; Tonachini, G., 2008:
Soot platelets and PAHs with an odd number of unsaturated carbon atoms and pi electrons: theoretical study of their spin properties and interaction with ozone

Knauer, M.; Schuster, M.E.; Su, D.; Schlögl, R.; Niessner, R.; Ivleva, N.P., 2009:
Soot structure and reactivity analysis by Raman microspectroscopy, temperature-programmed oxidation, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy

Mewes, B.; Seitzman, J.M., 1997:
Soot volume fraction and particle size measurements with laser-induced incandescence

Kashif, M.; Bonnety, Jérôme.; Guibert, P.; Morin, Céline.; Legros, G., 2013:
Soot volume fraction fields in unsteady axis-symmetric flames by continuous laser extinction technique

Greenberg, P.S.; Ku, J.C., 1997:
Soot volume fraction imaging

Schryer, D.R.; Rogowski, R.S.; Cofer, W.R., 1982:
Soot-catalyzed reactions

Seitzman, J.M.; Wainner, R.T.; Yang, P., 2007 :
Soot-velocity measurements by particle vaporization velocimetry

Desjardins, L., 2010:
Soothe billing nightmares with separate codes for visits

Allison, K.Cahill.; Friedman, L.S., 2008:
Soothing a sensitive gut

Xu, J.; Shuman, A.G.; Bye, B., 2015:
Soothing and balmy, cure without disfigurement: Benjamin Bye, false promises, and head and neck cancer

Anonymous, 2008:
Soothing dry eyes

Abdulrazzaq, Y.Mohamed.; Al Kendi, A.; Nagelkerke, N., 2009:
Soothing methods used to calm a baby in an Arab country

Nilsson, U., 2009:
Soothing music can increase oxytocin levels during bed rest after open-heart surgery: a randomised control trial

Anonymous, 2009:
Soothing scents. The art of aromatherapy

Holt, P.G.; Strickland, D.H., 2010:
Soothing signals: transplacental transmission of resistance to asthma and allergy

Anonymous, 2011:
Soothing solace

Hoozemans, J.J.M.; Veerhuis, R.; Rozemuller, J.M.; Eikelenboom, P., 2011:
Soothing the inflamed brain: effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on Alzheimer's disease pathology

Trueland, J., 2012:
Soothing the senses

Johnson, S.M.; Burgess Moser, M.; Beckes, L.; Smith, A.; Dalgleish, T.; Halchuk, R.; Hasselmo, K.; Greenman, P.S.; Merali, Z.; Coan, J.A., 2014:
Soothing the threatened brain: leveraging contact comfort with emotionally focused therapy

Maas, S., 2008:
Soothing tunes

Kombol, P., 2009:
Soothing your breastfed baby with reflux

Ramsey, M.L.; Wappes, J.R., 1998:
Soothing your summer skin problems: from sun abuse to bug bites to plant plagues

Hall, R.J.; Bonczyk, P.A., 1990:
Sooting flame thermometry using emission/absorption tomography

McEnally, C.S.; Pfefferle, L.D., 2011:
Sooting tendencies of oxygenated hydrocarbons in laboratory-scale flames

Mardanov, A.V.; Lane, D.; Ravin, N.V., 2010:
Sop proteins can cause transcriptional silencing of genes located close to the centromere sites of linear plasmid N15

Zhmurov, A.; Dima, R.I.; Kholodov, Y.; Barsegov, V., 2011:
Sop-GPU: accelerating biomolecular simulations in the centisecond timescale using graphics processors

Giacomodonato, Mónica.N.; Sarnacki, Sán.H.; Llana, Mángeles.Noto.; Cerquetti, Mía.C., 2011:
SopB effector protein of Salmonella Typhimurium is translocated in mesenteric lymph nodes during murine salmonellosis

Mallo, G.V.; Espina, M.; Smith, A.C.; Terebiznik, M.R.; Alemán, A.; Finlay, B.Brett.; Rameh, L.E.; Grinstein, S.; Brumell, J.H., 2008:
SopB promotes phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate formation on Salmonella vacuoles by recruiting Rab5 and Vps34

Madan, R.; Krishnamurthy, G.; Mukhopadhyay, A., 2008:
SopE-mediated recruitment of host Rab5 on phagosomes inhibits Salmonella transport to lysosomes

Christie, S., 2011:
Sophia Christie from 'up close' to 'at home'

Christie, S., 2010:
Sophia Christie on a crumbling model

Christie, S., 2009:
Sophia Christie on adding life to strategy

Christie, S., 2007:
Sophia Christie on collective commissioning

Christie, S., 2007:
Sophia Christie on déjà vu

Christie, S., 2010:
Sophia Christie on talking and asking

Christie, S., 2008:
Sophia Christie on the Naomi Campbell effect

Christie, S., 2009:
Sophia Christie on two kinds of thinking

Christie, S., 2008:
Sophia Christie on world class organisations

Ellis, H.; Jex-Blake, S., 2012:
Sophia Jex-Blake: the first woman medical graduate to practise in the UK

Staub, A.; Mannerheim, S., 2014:
Sophie Mannerheim - from bank employee to nursing pioneer

Clavagnier, I., 2012:
Sophie administers a blood transfusion

Clavagnier, I., 2012:
Sophie administers morning medication

Clavagnier, I., 2012:
Sophie and Pierre volunteer in an orphanage in India

Clavagnier, I., 2011:
Sophie supervises a student nurse

Clavagnier, I., 2011:
Sophie takes into care a patient with breathlessness

Clavagnier, I., 2010:
Sophie's first day at the hospital

Poland, G.A., 2011:
Sophiology, vaccinology, and the healing professions - a warning from ancient Greece?

Valigurová, A., 2013:
Sophisticated adaptations of Gregarina cuneata (Apicomplexa) feeding stages for epicellular parasitism

Regenwetter, M.; Ho, M-Ho.R.; Tsetlin, I., 2007 :
Sophisticated approval voting, ignorance priors, and plurality heuristics: a behavioral social choice analysis in a Thurstonian framework

Brivet, Fçois.G.; Jacobs, Fédéric.M.; Prat, D.; Grigoriu, B.D., 2008:
Sophisticated biomarkers for community-acquired pneumonia severity asessment: gadgets or useful tools?

Wu, Y.; Wang, D.; Zhou, G.; Yu, R.; Chen, C.; Li, Y., 2014:
Sophisticated construction of Au islands on Pt-Ni: an ideal trimetallic nanoframe catalyst

Hu, M.; Belik, A.A.; Sukegawa, H.; Nemoto, Y.; Imura, M.; Yamauchi, Y., 2011:
Sophisticated crystal transformation of a coordination polymer into mesoporous monocrystalline Ti-Fe-based oxide with room-temperature ferromagnetic behavior

Imoto, M.; Sakaki, T.; Osakai, T., 2013:
Sophisticated design of PVC membrane ion-selective electrodes based on the mixed potential theory

Lang, S.B., 1981:
Sophisticated designs

Anonymous, 2012:
Sophisticated device for heart failure works best in women. Research indicates cardiac synchronization therapy with defibrillation may actually reverse heart muscle damage caused by the condition

Zou, K.H.; Liu, A., 2008:
Sophisticated diagnostic modalities

Stormorken, H., 2008:
Sophisticated diseases

Hamada, H.; Tashima, Y.; Kisaka, Y.; Iwamoto, K.; Hanai, T.; Eguchi, Y.; Okamoto, M., 2009:
Sophisticated framework between cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction based on p53 dynamics

Yanagitani, K.; Kohno, K., 2012:
Sophisticated mechanisms of the mRNA splicing on the endoplasmic reticulum

Nilsson, L., 2013:
Sophisticated modeling uncovers atomic DNA structure in bacteriophage φ29 cavity

Kanai, A.; Zabbarova, I.; Ikeda, Y.; Yoshimura, N.; Birder, L.; Hanna-Mitchell, A.; de Groat, W., 2011:
Sophisticated models and methods for studying neurogenic bladder dysfunction

Talbot, S.G.; Pribaz, J.J., 2012:
Sophisticated surgical solutions for complex wound problems

Abdul Rahman, A.T.; Bräuer-Krisch, E.; Brochard, T.; Adamovics, J.; Clowes, S.K.; Bradley, D.; Doran, S.J., 2011:
Sophisticated test objects for the quality assurance of optical computed tomography scanners

Engel, M.B.; Catchpole, H.R., 1966:

Berry, P.A., 2009:
Sophistry and circumstance at the end of life

Byard, R.W., 2009:
Sophistry or justice: are the two mutually exclusive?

Macsuibhne, S.P., 2010:
Sophistry, the Sophists and modern medical education

Li, C.; Gao, Y.; Tian, J.; Shen, J.; Xing, Y.; Liu, Z., 2011:
Sophocarpine administration preserves myocardial function from ischemia-reperfusion in rats via NF-κB inactivation

Song, C-Yan.; Zeng, X.; Chen, S-Wen.; Hu, P-Fang.; Zheng, Z-Wu.; Ning, B-Fang.; Shi, J.; Xie, W-Fen.; Chen, Y-Xiang., 2011:
Sophocarpine alleviates non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in rats

Zhang, Y.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Xiao, Z.; Hu, Z.; Zhang, J., 2008:
Sophocarpine and matrine inhibit the production of TNF-alpha and IL-6 in murine macrophages and prevent cachexia-related symptoms induced by colon26 adenocarcinoma in mice

Qian, H.; Shi, J.; Fan, T-Ting.; Lv, J.; Chen, S-Wen.; Song, C-Yan.; Zheng, Z-Wu.; Xie, W-Fen.; Chen, Y-Xiang., 2015:
Sophocarpine attenuates liver fibrosis by inhibiting the TLR4 signaling pathway in rats

Zhang, S.; Ma, J-Hua.; Zhang, P-Hua.; Luo, A-Tao.; Ren, Z-Qiang.; Kong, L-Hao., 2013:
Sophocarpine attenuates the Na(+)-dependent Ca2(+) overload induced by Anemonia sulcata toxin-increased late sodium current in rabbit ventricular myocytes

Song, C-Yan.; Zeng, X.; Wang, Y.; Shi, J.; Qian, H.; Zhang, Y.; Fang, J-Qing.; Sheng, X.; Zheng, J-Ming.; Chen, Y-Xiang., 2016:
Sophocarpine attenuates toll-like receptor 4 in steatotic hepatocytes to suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines synthesis

Eagle, K.A.; Taubman, A.Alfred., 2010:
Sophomore season on the Laxa i'Adolol: a trout fisherman's search for Atlantic salmon

Magliulo, G.; Turchetta, R.; Iannella, G.; Valperga di Masino, R.; di Masino, R.Valpega.; de Vincentiis, M., 2016:
Sophono Alpha System and subtotal petrosectomy with external auditory canal blind sac closure

Marsella, P.; Scorpecci, A.; Vallarino, M.Vittoria.; Di Fiore, S.; Pacifico, C., 2014:
Sophono in Pediatric Patients: The Experience of an Italian Tertiary Care Center

Briggs, L.H.; Mangan, J.L., 1948:
Sophora alkaloids of the seeds of a possibly new species from Anawhata, New Zealand

Hong, M.Hee.; Lee, J.Young.; Jung, H.; Jin, D-Hoon.; Go, H.Yeon.; Kim, J.Hye.; Jang, B-Hyoung.; Shin, Y-Cheol.; Ko, S-Gyu., 2009:
Sophora flavescens Aiton inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines through inhibition of the NF kappaB/IkappaB signal pathway in human mast cell line (HMC-1)

Van Etten, M.L.; Houliston, G.J.; Mitchell, C.M.; Heenan, P.B.; Robertson, A.W.; Tate, J.A., 2014:
Sophora microphylla (Fabaceae) microsatellite markers and their utility across the genus

Kim, B-Hak.; Won, C.; Lee, Y-Han.; Choi, J.Sook.; Noh, K.Hee.; Han, S.; Lee, H.; Lee, C.Seok.; Lee, D-Sup.; Ye, S-Kyu.; Kim, M-Hwan., 2013:
Sophoraflavanone G induces apoptosis of human cancer cells by targeting upstream signals of STATs

Zhou, J.; Qu, C.; Sun, Q.; Wu, L.; Liu, Y.; Yang, Z.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Sophoricoside fails the embryo implantation by compromising the uterine endometrial receptivity at implantation "window" of pregnant mice

Lee, H.Kyung.; Kim, H.Sook.; Kim, Y.Jin.; Kim, J.Sung.; Park, Y.Soo.; Kang, J.Soon.; Yuk, D.Yeon.; Hong, J.Tae.; Kim, Y.; Han, S-Bae., 2013:
Sophoricoside isolated from Sophora japonica ameliorates contact dermatitis by inhibiting NF-κB signaling in B cells

Huang, L.; Xie, J-ning.; Liang, J-ping.; Li, Y-hong.; Zhou, Y., 2013:
Sophoridine inhibits NF-kappaB signaling pathway activation in kidney tissue of endotoxemia mice

Van Bogaert, I.N.A.; Roelants, S.; Develter, D.; Soetaert, W., 2011:
Sophorolipid production by Candida bombicola on oils with a special fatty acid composition and their consequences on cell viability

Ma, X-jing.; Li, H.; Wang, D-xue.; Song, X., 2014:
Sophorolipid production from delignined corncob residue by Wickerhamiella domercqiae var. sophorolipid CGMCC 1576 and Cryptococcus curvatus ATCC 96219

Sleiman, J.N.; Kohlhoff, S.A.; Roblin, P.M.; Wallner, S.; Gross, R.; Hammerschlag, M.R.; Zenilman, M.E.; Bluth, M.H., 2009:
Sophorolipids as antibacterial agents

Daverey, A.; Pakshirajan, K., 2010:
Sophorolipids from Candida bombicola using mixed hydrophilic substrates: production, purification and characterization

Baccile, N.; Noiville, R.; Stievano, L.; Van Bogaert, I., 2013:
Sophorolipids-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles

Tocheport, P., 2012:
Sophrology in geriatrics, an innovative approach to reducing pain and anxiety

Ducloux, D., 2008:
Sophrology, an ally against anxiety

Zachariae, H.; Engelsted, S.; Bergh, R., 2007:
Sophus Engelsted and Rudolph Bergh

Halsted, G.B., 1899:
Sophus Lie

Matsangas, P.; McCauley, M.E., 2014:
Sopite syndrome: a revised definition

Koda, H.; Nishimura, T.; Tokuda, I.T.; Oyakawa, C.; Nihonmatsu, T.; Masataka, N., 2013:
Soprano singing in gibbons

Abel, E.L.; Kruger, M.M.; Pandya, K., 2012:
Sopranos but not tenors live longer

Glerup, S.; Olsen, D.; Vaegter, C.B.; Gustafsen, C.; Sjoegaard, S.S.; Hermey, G.; Kjolby, M.; Molgaard, S.; Ulrichsen, M.; Boggild, S.; Skeldal, S.; Fjorback, A.N.; Nyengaard, J.R.; Jacobsen, J.; Bender, D.; Bjarkam, C.R.; Sørensen, E.S.; Füchtbauer, E-Martin.; Eichele, G.; Madsen, P.; Willnow, T.E.; Petersen, C.M.; Nykjaer, A., 2014:
SorCS2 regulates dopaminergic wiring and is processed into an apoptotic two-chain receptor in peripheral glia

Glerup, S.; Lume, M.; Olsen, D.; Nyengaard, J.R.; Vaegter, C.B.; Gustafsen, C.; Christensen, E.I.; Kjolby, M.; Hay-Schmidt, A.; Bender, D.; Madsen, P.; Saarma, M.; Nykjaer, A.; Petersen, C.M., 2013:
SorLA controls neurotrophic activity by sorting of GDNF and its receptors GFRα1 and RET

Capsoni, S.; Carlo, A-Sophie.; Vignone, D.; Amato, G.; Criscuolo, C.; Willnow, T.E.; Cattaneo, A., 2013:
SorLA deficiency dissects amyloid pathology from tau and cholinergic neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Salgado, I.K.; Serrano, M.; García, Jé.O.; Martínez, N.A.; Maldonado, Héctor.M.; Báez-Pagán, C.A.; Lasalde-Dominicci, Jé.A.; Silva, W.I., 2012:
SorLA in glia: shared subcellular distribution patterns with caveolin-1

Fjorback, A.W.; Andersen, O.M., 2013:
SorLA is a molecular link for retromer-dependent sorting of the Amyloid precursor protein

McCarthy, C.; O'Gaora, P.; James, W.G.; de Gaetano, M.; McClelland, S.; Fitzgerald, D.J.; Belton, O., 2011:
SorLA modulates atheroprotective properties of CLA by regulating monocyte migration

Klinger, S.C.; Glerup, S.; Raarup, M.K.; Mari, M.C.; Nyegaard, M.; Koster, G.; Prabakaran, T.; Nilsson, S.K.; Kjaergaard, M.M.; Bakke, O.; Nykjær, A.; Olivecrona, G.; Petersen, C.Munck.; Nielsen, M.S., 2011:
SorLA regulates the activity of lipoprotein lipase by intracellular trafficking

Äijö, T.; Granberg, K.; Lähdesmäki, H., 2013:
Sorad: a systems biology approach to predict and modulate dynamic signaling pathway response from phosphoproteome time-course measurements

Hansen, A.; Eschenhagen, T., 2010:

Ranieri, G.; Gadaleta-Caldarola, G.; Goffredo, V.; Patruno, R.; Mangia, A.; Rizzo, A.; Sciorsci, R.L.; Gadaleta, C.D., 2012:
Sorafenib (BAY 43-9006) in hepatocellular carcinoma patients: from discovery to clinical development

Ng, R.; Chen, E.X., 2008:
Sorafenib (BAY 43-9006): review of clinical development

Anonymous, 2014:
Sorafenib (Nexavar) for thyroid cancer

Safaian, N.N.; Czibere, A.; Bruns, I.; Fenk, R.; Reinecke, P.; Dienst, A.; Haas, R.; Kobbe, G., 2008:
Sorafenib (Nexavar) induces molecular remission and regression of extramedullary disease in a patient with FLT3-ITD+ acute myeloid leukemia

Kim, D.Ha.; Son, I.Pyeong.; Lee, J.Woong.; Lee, H.In.; Kim, B.Joon.; Kim, M.Nam., 2011:
Sorafenib (Nexavar®, BAY 43-9006)-induced Hand-foot Skin Reaction with Facial Erythema

Tadmor, T.; Tallman, M.S.; Polliack, A., 2010:
Sorafenib - a small molecule with big promise?

Senapati, J.; Devasia, A.J.; Ganapule, A.; George, L.; Viswabandya, A., 2014:
Sorafenib Induced Hand Foot Skin Rash in FLT3 ITD Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia-A Case Report and Review of Literature

Bellmunt, J.; González-Larriba, J.L.; Climent, M.A.; López-Vivanco, G.; Urruticoechea, L.; Albanell, J., 2007:
Sorafenib TARGET trial results in Spanish patients

Nishikawa, H.; Takeda, H.; Tsuchiya, K.; Joko, K.; Ogawa, C.; Taniguchi, H.; Orito, E.; Uchida, Y.; Osaki, Y.; Izumi, N., 2014:
Sorafenib Therapy for BCLC Stage B/C Hepatocellular Carcinoma; Clinical Outcome and Safety in Aged Patients: A Multicenter Study in Japan

Escudier, B., 2007:
Sorafenib [corrected] in kidney cancer

Park, M.A.; Reinehr, R.; Häussinger, D.; Voelkel-Johnson, C.; Ogretmen, B.; Yacoub, A.; Grant, S.; Dent, P., 2010:
Sorafenib activates CD95 and promotes autophagy and cell death via Src family kinases in gastrointestinal tumor cells

Jeong, Y.Kyoung.; Kim, M-Sook.; Lee, J.Young.; Kim, E.Ho.; Kim, W.; Ha, H.; Jeong, J-Hoon., 2013:
Sorafenib acts synergistically in combination with radiotherapy without causing intestinal damage in colorectal cancer

Staehler, M.; Haseke, N.; Roosen, A.; Stadler, T.; Bader, M.; Siebels, M.; Karl, A.; Stief, C.G., 2012:
Sorafenib after combination therapy with gemcitabine plus doxorubicine in patients with sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma: a prospective evaluation

Choi, G.Hyeon.; Shim, J.Hyun.; Kim, M-Joo.; Ryu, M-Hee.; Ryoo, B-Yeol.; Kang, Y-Koo.; Shin, Y.Moon.; Kim, K.Mo.; Lim, Y-Suk.; Lee, H.Chu., 2014:
Sorafenib alone versus sorafenib combined with transarterial chemoembolization for advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinoma: results of propensity score analyses

Tang, Y.; Yacoub, A.; Hamed, H.A.; Poklepovic, A.; Tye, G.; Grant, S.; Dent, P., 2012:
Sorafenib and HDAC inhibitors synergize to kill CNS tumor cells

Nojiri, K.; Sugimoto, K.; Shiraki, K.; Tameda, M.; Inagaki, Y.; Ogura, S.; Kasai, C.; Kusagawa, S.; Yoneda, M.; Yamamoto, N.; Takei, Y.; Nobori, T.; Ito, M., 2013:
Sorafenib and TRAIL have synergistic effect on hepatocellular carcinoma

Castellano, D.; Capdevila, J.; Sastre, J.; Alonso, V.; Llanos, M.; García-Carbonero, Río.; Manzano Mozo, Jé.Luis.; Sevilla, I.; Durán, I.; Salazar, Rón., 2014:
Sorafenib and bevacizumab combination targeted therapy in advanced neuroendocrine tumour: a phase II study of Spanish Neuroendocrine Tumour Group (GETNE0801)

Schmid, I.; Häberle, B.; Albert, M.H.; Corbacioglu, S.; Fröhlich, B.; Graf, N.; Kammer, B.; Kontny, U.; Leuschner, I.; Scheel-Walter, H-Gerhard.; Scheurlen, W.; Werner, S.; Wiesel, T.; von Schweinitz, D., 2012:
Sorafenib and cisplatin/doxorubicin (PLADO) in pediatric hepatocellular carcinoma

Vincenzi, B.; Silletta, M.; Schiavon, G.; Frezza, A.Maria.; Del Vescovo, R.; Zobel, B.Beomonte.; Santini, D.; Dei Tos, A.Paolo.; Tonini, G., 2013:
Sorafenib and dacarbazine in soft tissue sarcoma: a single institution experience

D'Angelo, S.; Secondulfo, M.; De Cristofano, R.; Sorrentino, P., 2013:
Sorafenib and entecavir: the dioscuri of treatment for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma?

Hainsworth, J.D.; Waterhouse, D.M.; Penley, W.C.; Shipley, D.L.; Thompson, D.S.; Webb, C.D.; Anthony Greco, F., 2013:
Sorafenib and everolimus in advanced clear cell renal carcinoma: a phase I/II trial of the SCRI Oncology Research Consortium

Hiramine, Y.; Uto, H.; Imamura, Y.; Tabu, K.; Baba, Y.; Hiwaki, T.; Sho, Y.; Tahara, K.; Higashi, H.; Tamai, T.; Oketani, M.; Ido, A.; Tsubouchi, H., 2011:
Sorafenib and hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy for unresectable advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A comparative study

Chen, K-Feng.; Chen, H-Ling.; Shiau, C-Wai.; Liu, C-Yu.; Chu, P-Yi.; Tai, W-Tien.; Ichikawa, K.; Chen, P-Jer.; Cheng, A-Lii., 2013:
Sorafenib and its derivative SC-49 sensitize hepatocellular carcinoma cells to CS-1008, a humanized anti-TNFRSF10B (DR5) antibody

Ravikumar, K.; Sridhar, B.; Bhujanga Rao, A.K.S.; Pulla Reddy, M., 2011:
Sorafenib and its tosylate salt: a multikinase inhibitor for treating cancer

Sabancι, P.Akιn.; Ergüven, M.; Yazιhan, N.; Aktaş, E.; Aras, Y.; Civelek, Eç.; Aydoseli, Aιn.; Imer, M.; Gürtekin, M.; Bilir, A., 2014:
Sorafenib and lithium chloride combination treatment shows promising synergistic effects in human glioblastoma multiforme cells in vitro but midkine is not implicated

Gadaleta-Caldarola, G.; Infusino, S.; Galise, I.; Ranieri, G.; Vinciarelli, G.; Fazio, V.; Divella, R.; Daniele, A.; Filippelli, G.; Gadaleta, C.Damiano., 2014:
Sorafenib and locoregional deep electro-hyperthermia in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A phase II study

Pedersen, A.M.; Thrane, S.; Lykkesfeldt, A.E.; Yde, C.W., 2015:
Sorafenib and nilotinib resensitize tamoxifen resistant breast cancer cells to tamoxifen treatment via estrogen receptor α

Li, Z-Dong.; Liu, Y.; Liao, Y.; Zuo, G-Qing., 2012:
Sorafenib and octreotide combination therapy can inhibit proliferation of and induce apoptosis in human hepatoma cells

Egberts, F.; Gutzmer, R.; Ugurel, S.; Becker, J.C.; Trefzer, U.; Degen, A.; Schenck, F.; Frey, L.; Wilhelm, T.; Hassel, J.C.; Schadendorf, D.; Livingstone, E.; Mauch, C.; Garbe, C.; Berking, C.; Rass, K.; Mohr, P.; Kaehler, K.C.; Weichenthal, M.; Hauschild, A., 2011:
Sorafenib and pegylated interferon-α2b in advanced metastatic melanoma: a multicenter phase II DeCOG trial

Bareford, M.Danielle.; Hamed, H.A.; Allegood, J.; Cruickshanks, N.; Poklepovic, A.; Park, M.A.; Ogretmen, B.; Spiegel, S.; Grant, S.; Dent, P., 2012:
Sorafenib and pemetrexed toxicity in cancer cells is mediated via SRC-ERK signaling

Horgan, A.M.; Dawson, L.A.; Swaminath, A.; Knox, J.J., 2012:
Sorafenib and radiation therapy for the treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

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