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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55862

Chapter 55862 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shibukawa, A.; Okamoto, A.; Takabayashi, M.; Tomita, A., 2014:
Spatial cross modulation method using a random diffuser and phase-only spatial light modulator for constructing arbitrary complex fields

Teuscher, U.; Brang, D.; Ramachandran, V.S.; Coulson, S., 2010:
Spatial cueing in time-space synesthetes: An event-related brain potential study

Hoffmann, S.; Wascher, E., 2012:
Spatial cueing modulates the monitoring of correct responses

Nicholls, M.E.R.; McIlroy, A.M., 2010:
Spatial cues affect mental number line bisections

Schwartz, A.; McDermott, J.H.; Shinn-Cunningham, B., 2012:
Spatial cues alone produce inaccurate sound segregation: the effect of interaural time differences

Roy, E.A., 1977:
Spatial cues in memory for movement

Gaudio, J.L.; Snowdon, C.T., 2008:
Spatial cues more salient than color cues in cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) reversal learning

Ghorashi, S.; Enns, J.T.; Spalek, T.M.; D.L.llo, V., 2009:
Spatial cuing does not affect the magnitude of the attentional blink

Sieber, R.E.; Wellen, C.C.; Jin, Y., 2011:
Spatial cyberinfrastructures, ontologies, and the humanities

Currie, H.N.; Loos, M.S.; Vrana, J.A.; Dragan, K.; Boyd, J.W., 2014:
Spatial cytokine distribution following traumatic injury

Geremia, E.; Menze, B.H.; Clatz, O.; Konukoglu, E.; Criminisi, A.; Ayache, N., 2010:
Spatial decision forests for MS lesion segmentation in multi-channel MR images

Geremia, E.; Clatz, O.; Menze, B.H.; Konukoglu, E.; Criminisi, A.; Ayache, N., 2011:
Spatial decision forests for MS lesion segmentation in multi-channel magnetic resonance images

Barth, B.B.; Shen, X., 2018:
Computational motility models of neurogastroenterology and neuromodulation

Peeters, M.; Verschaffelt, G.; Thienpont, H.; Mandre, S.; Fischer, I.; Grabherr, M., 2005:
Spatial decoherence of pulsed broad-area vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Smiechowski, M.; Forbert, H.; Marx, D., 2013:
Spatial decomposition and assignment of infrared spectra of simple ions in water from mid-infrared to THz frequencies: Li(+)(aq) and F(-)(aq)

Breen, A.; Moody, M.P.; Gault, B.; Ceguerra, A.V.; Xie, K.Y.; Du, S.; Ringer, S.P., 2013:
Spatial decomposition of molecular ions within 3D atom probe reconstructions

Yamazaki, T.; Kovalenko, A., 2011:
Spatial decomposition of solvation free energy based on the 3D integral equation theory of molecular liquid: application to miniproteins

Goodrich-Hunsaker, N.J.; Livingstone, S.A.; Skelton, R.W.; Hopkins, R.O., 2010:
Spatial deficits in a virtual water maze in amnesic participants with hippocampal damage

Gomez, A.; Rousset, S.; Charnallet, A., 2013:
Spatial deficits in an amnesic patient with hippocampal damage: questioning the multiple trace theory

Derenne, A.; Brown-Borg, H.M.; Martner, S.; Wolff, W.; Frerking, M., 2014:
Spatial delayed nonmatching-to-sample performances in long-living Ames dwarf mice

Silveirinha, Mário.G.; Engheta, N., 2013:
Spatial delocalization and perfect tunneling of matter waves: electron perfect lens

Coventry, K.R.; Griffiths, D.; Hamilton, C.J., 2015:
Spatial demonstratives and perceptual space: describing and remembering object location

Swezey, S.L.; Nieto, D.J.; Pickett, C.H.; Hagler, J.R.; Bryer, J.A.; Machtley, S.A., 2014:
Spatial density and movement of the Lygus spp. parasitoid Peristenus relictus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in organic strawberries with alfalfa trap crops

Aziz, S.; Aidil, R.M.; Nisfariza, M.N.; Ngui, R.; Lim, Y.A.L.; Yusoff, W.S.Wan.; Ruslan, R., 2015:
Spatial density of Aedes distribution in urban areas: a case study of breteau index in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ragnarsson-Olding, B.K., 2011:
Spatial density of primary malignant melanoma in sun-shielded body sites: A potential guide to melanoma genesis

Arani, A.Shayan.; Zhu, Y.; Zhang, W.; Jung, T-Ping.; Duann, J-Ren.; Makeig, S.; Cheng, C-Kuan., 2007:
Spatial density reduction in the study of the ECG signal using independent component analysis

Finfrock, Y.Zou.; Stern, E.A.; Yacoby, Y.; Alkire, R.W.; Evans-Lutterodt, K.; Stein, A.; Isakovic, A.F.; Kas, J.J.; Joachimiak, A., 2011:
Spatial dependence and mitigation of radiation damage by a line-focus mini-beam

Jin, T.; Kim, S-Gi., 2007:
Spatial dependence of CBV-fMRI: a comparison between VASO and contrast agent based methods

Lorenz, F.; Nalichowski, A.; Rosca, F.; Kung, J.; Wenz, F.; Zygmanski, P., 2007:
Spatial dependence of MLC transmission in IMRT delivery

Braz, R.Moreira.; Guimarães, R.Fontes.; Carvalho Júnior, O.Abí; Tauil, P.Luiz., 2016:
Spatial dependence of malaria epidemics in municipalities of the Amazonian Ecosystem

Heyden, M.; Tobias, D.J., 2014:
Spatial dependence of protein-water collective hydrogen-bond dynamics

Petravic, J.; Harrowell, P., 2009:
Spatial dependence of viscosity and thermal conductivity through a planar interface

Leech, R.; Scott, G.; Carhart-Harris, R.; Turkheimer, F.; Taylor-Robinson, S.D.; Sharp, D.J., 2015:
Spatial dependencies between large-scale brain networks

Lindgren, J.T.; Hurri, J.; Hyvärinen, A., 2008:
Spatial dependencies between local luminance and contrast in natural images

Osei, F.B.; Duker, A.A., 2009:
Spatial dependency of V. cholera prevalence on open space refuse dumps in Kumasi, Ghana: a spatial statistical modelling

McDonald, A.; Picco, B.R.; Belbeck, A.L.; Chow, A.Y.; Dickerson, C.R., 2013:
Spatial dependency of shoulder muscle demands in horizontal pushing and pulling

Ng, I-Chan.; Wen, T-Hung.; Wang, J-Yuan.; Fang, C-Tai., 2013:
Spatial dependency of tuberculosis incidence in Taiwan

Stevenson, D.; Searchfield, G.; Xu, X., 2015:
Spatial design of hearing AIDS incorporating multiple vents

Bagyan, S.; Mair, T.; Suchorski, Y.; Hauser, M.J.B.; Straube, R., 2008:
Spatial desynchronization of glycolytic waves as revealed by Karhunen-Loeve analysis

Battapady, H.; Lin, P.; Holroyd, T.; Hallett, M.; Chen, X.; Fei, D-Yu.; Bai, O., 2009:
Spatial detection of multiple movement intentions from SAM-filtered single-trial MEG signals

Haukås, M.; Hylland, K.; Berge, J.Arthur.; Nygård, T.; Mariussen, E., 2009:
Spatial diastereomer patterns of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) in a Norwegian fjord

Jin, Z-Jiang.; Liu, J.; Xiao, Y.; Li, J-Cheng.; Tian, H-Tao.; Wu, L., 2012:
Spatial difference of microbial community structure and enzyme activity in constructed wetlands receiving wastewater containing heavy metals

Ort, C.; van Nuijs, A.L.N.; Berset, J-Daniel.; Bijlsma, L.; Castiglioni, S.; Covaci, A.; de Voogt, P.; Emke, E.; Fatta-Kassinos, D.; Griffiths, P.; Hernández, Félix.; González-Mariño, I.; Grabic, R.; Kasprzyk-Hordern, B.; Mastroianni, N.; Meierjohann, A.; Nefau, T.; Ostman, M.; Pico, Y.; Racamonde, I.; Reid, M.; Slobodnik, J.; Terzic, S.; Thomaidis, N.; Thomas, K.V., 2015:
Spatial differences and temporal changes in illicit drug use in Europe quantified by wastewater analysis

Reid, W.D.K.; Sweeting, C.J.; Wigham, B.D.; Zwirglmaier, K.; Hawkes, J.A.; McGill, R.A.R.; Linse, K.; Polunin, N.V.C., 2014:
Spatial differences in East scotia ridge hydrothermal vent food webs: influences of chemistry, microbiology and predation on trophodynamics

Wang, Z.; Han, J.; Schey, K.L., 2008 :
Spatial differences in an integral membrane proteome detected in laser capture microdissected samples

Krakova, Y.; Tajalli, H.; Thongpang, S.; Derafshi, Z.; Ban, T.; Rahmani, S.; Selner, A.N.; Al-Tarouti, A.; Williams, J.C.; Hetling, J.R., 2014:
Spatial differences in corneal electroretinogram potentials measured in rat with a contact lens electrode array

Maeda, N.; Onimura, M.; Ohmoto, M.; Inui, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Matsumoto, I.; Abe, K., 2009:
Spatial differences in molecular characteristics of the pontine parabrachial nucleus

Bihrmann, K.; Nielsen, Søren.Saxmose.; Toft, N.; Ersbøll, A.Kjær., 2012:
Spatial differences in occurrence of paratuberculosis in Danish dairy herds and in control programme participation

D.B.uyne, G.; Aerts, J-Marie.; Van der Perre, G.; Goffin, J.; Verpoest, I.; Berckmans, D., 2008:
Spatial differences in sensible and latent heat losses under a bicycle helmet

de Boer, O.J.; Teeling, P.; Jansen, M.; Ploegmakers, H.; van der Loos, C.M.; Kummer, J.Alain.; Florquin, S.; van der Wal, A.C., 2011:
Spatial differences in the presence of FOXP3+ and GranzymeB+ T cells between the intra- and extravascular compartments in renal allograft vasculopathy

Mallick, S.; Françon, M.; Sáez, A., 1972:
Spatial differentiation by a lateral shear interferometer

Zhu, X.; Pfueller, S.; Whitelaw, P.; Winter, C., 2010:
Spatial differentiation of landscape values in the Murray River region of Victoria, Australia

Doskolovich, L.L.; Bykov, D.A.; Bezus, E.A.; Soifer, V.A., 2014:
Spatial differentiation of optical beams using phase-shifted Bragg grating

Marcott, C.; Lo, M.; Kjoller, K.; Prater, C.; Noda, I., 2011:
Spatial differentiation of sub-micrometer domains in a poly(hydroxyalkanoate) copolymer using instrumentation that combines atomic force microscopy (AFM) and infrared (IR) spectroscopy

Farimani, A.Barati.; Aluru, N.R., 2011:
Spatial diffusion of water in carbon nanotubes: from fickian to ballistic motion

Sanabria, H.; Digman, M.A.; Gratton, E.; Waxham, M.Neal., 2009:
Spatial diffusivity and availability of intracellular calmodulin

Allen, B.; Gore, J.; Nowak, M.A., 2013:
Spatial dilemmas of diffusible public goods

Eaves, J.D.; Reichman, D.R., 2009:
Spatial dimension and the dynamics of supercooled liquids

Liebman, K.A.; Stoddard, S.T.; Morrison, A.C.; Rocha, C.; Minnick, S.; Sihuincha, M.; Russell, K.L.; Olson, J.G.; Blair, P.J.; Watts, D.M.; Kochel, T.; Scott, T.W., 2012:
Spatial dimensions of dengue virus transmission across interepidemic and epidemic periods in Iquitos, Peru (1999-2003)

Cromley, E.K.; Schensul, J.J.; Singh, S.K.; Berg, M.J.; Coman, E., 2010:
Spatial dimensions of research on alcohol and sexual risk: a case example from a Mumbai study

Radvansky, G.A., 2009:
Spatial directions and situation model organization

Wang, X-Hui.; Lu, J.; Zhang, Q-Zhong.; Wang, B.; Yao, R-Hua.; Zhang, H-Yuan.; Huang, F., 2012:
Spatial discharge characteristics and total load control of non-point source pollutants based on the catchment scale

Shen, J.; Dahmann, C.; Pflugfelder, G.O., 2010:
Spatial discontinuity of optomotor-blind expression in the Drosophila wing imaginal disc disrupts epithelial architecture and promotes cell sorting

Mühlhoff, N.; Stevens, J.R.; Reader, S.M., 2011:
Spatial discounting of food and social rewards in guppies (poecilia reticulata)

Haagensen, A.M.J.; Grand, N.; Klastrup, S.; Skytte, C.; Sørensen, D.B., 2013:
Spatial discrimination and visual discrimination: two methods evaluating learning and memory in juvenile Göttingen minipigs

Rumbo, E.R.; Deacon, S.M.; Regan, L.P., 1993:
Spatial discrimination between sources of pheromone and an inhibitor by the light-brown apple mothEpiphyas postvittana (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Reagh, Z.M.; Roberts, J.M.; Ly, M.; DiProspero, N.; Murray, E.; Yassa, M.A., 2014:
Spatial discrimination deficits as a function of mnemonic interference in aged adults with and without memory impairment

Walter-Walsh, K.; Weiss, T.; Spohn, D.; Torma, F.; Miltner, W.H.R., 2009:
Spatial discrimination learning of electrocutaneous stimuli is influenced by the type of stimulation

Watson, D.J.; Stanton, M.E., 2009:
Spatial discrimination reversal learning in weanling rats is impaired by striatal administration of an NMDA-receptor antagonist

Holly, J.E.; Harmon, K.J., 2009:
Spatial disorientation in gondola centrifuges predicted by the form of motion as a whole in 3-D

Poisson, R.J.; Miller, M.E., 2014:
Spatial disorientation mishap trends in the U.S. Air force 1993-2013

Gibb, R.; Ercoline, B.; Scharff, L., 2011:
Spatial disorientation: decades of pilot fatalities

Cheung, B., 2014:
Spatial disorientation: more than just illusion

Burwell-Naney, K.; Zhang, H.; Samantapudi, A.; Jiang, C.; Dalemarre, L.; Rice, L.; Williams, E.; Wilson, S., 2015:
Spatial disparity in the distribution of superfund sites in South Carolina: an ecological study

Butler, C.D.; Trumble, J.T., 2012:
Spatial dispersion and binomial sequential sampling for the potato psyllid (Hemiptera: Triozidae) on potato

Matthys, B.; Koudou, B.G.; N'Goran, E.K.; Vounatsou, P.; Gosoniu, L.; Koné, M.; Gissé, G.; Utzinger, J., 2011:
Spatial dispersion and characterisation of mosquito breeding habitats in urban vegetable-production areas of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Zhang, C.; Cui, T.Jun., 2007:
Spatial dispersion and energy in strong chiral medium

Chern, R-Lin., 2014:
Spatial dispersion and nonlocal effective permittivity for periodic layered metamaterials

Tuniz, A.; Pope, B.; Wang, A.; Large, M.C.J.; Atakaramians, S.; Min, S-Sik.; Pogson, E.M.; Lewis, R.A.; Bendavid, A.; Argyros, A.; Fleming, S.C.; Kuhlmey, B.T., 2012:
Spatial dispersion in three-dimensional drawn magnetic metamaterials

Tian, G.; Li, G.; Yan, B-Lin.; Huang, Y-Hu.; Qin, J-Ping., 2008:
Spatial dispersion laws of fugitive dust from construction sites

Külahci, F.; Sen, Zâi., 2007:
Spatial dispersion modeling of 90Sr by point cumulative semivariogram at Keban Dam Lake, Turkey

Kruk, S.S.; Powell, D.A.; Minovich, A.; Neshev, D.N.; Kivshar, Y.S., 2012:
Spatial dispersion of multilayer fishnet metamaterials

Puosi, F.; Leporini, D., 2012:
Spatial displacement correlations in polymeric systems

Sullivan, B.T.; Mori, K., 2010:
Spatial displacement of release point can enhance activity of an attractant pheromone synergist of a bark beetle

Berliner, A., 1949:
Spatial displacement of straight and curved lines

Ernst, S.M.A.; Verhey, J.L.; Uppenkamp, S., 2008:
Spatial dissociation of changes of level and signal-to-noise ratio in auditory cortex for tones in noise

Schade, U.; Meinecke, C., 2010:
Spatial distance between target and irrelevant patch modulates detection in a texture segmentation task

Heo, J., 2015:
Spatial distance effect of bienzymes on the efficiency of sequential reactions in a microfluidic reactor packed with enzyme-immobilized microbeads

Wang, P.; Menon, R., 2018:
Computational multispectral video imaging [Invited

Schützwohl, A.; Morjaria, S.; Alvis, S., 2013:
Spatial distance regulates sex-specific feelings to suspected sexual and emotional infidelity

Graf, I.M.; Schreuder, F.H.B.M.; Mess, W.H.; Reneman, R.S.; Hoeks, A.P.G., 2010:
Spatial distension variations are associated with focal atherosclerotic plaques

Chaudhari, A.J.; Joshi, A.A.; Wu, Y.; Leahy, R.M.; Cherry, S.R.; Badawi, R.D., 2010:
Spatial distortion correction and crystal identification for MRI-compatible position-sensitive avalanche photodiode-based PET scanners

Choudhri, A.F.; Chin, E.M.; Klimo, P.; Boop, F.A., 2014:
Spatial distortion due to field inhomogeneity in 3.0 tesla intraoperative MRI

Gamberini, L.; Roncato, S., 2011:
Spatial distortions induced by dotted patterns

Hess, R.F.; Huang, P-Chun.; Maehara, G., 2010:
Spatial distortions produced by purely dichoptic-based visual motion

Remus-Emsermann, M.N.P.; Lücker, S.; Müller, D.B.; Potthoff, E.; Daims, H.; Vorholt, J.A., 2014:
Spatial distribution analyses of natural phyllosphere-colonizing bacteria on Arabidopsis thaliana revealed by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Jin, H.Sung.; Chu, C.; Han, D.Yeob., 2013:
Spatial distribution analysis of scrub typhus in Korea

Li, M.; Cao, H.; Hong, Y.; Gu, J-Dong., 2011:
Spatial distribution and abundances of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in mangrove sediments

Wu, Q.; Wang, S.; Wang, L.; Liu, F.; Lin, C-Jen.; Zhang, L.; Wang, F., 2015:
Spatial distribution and accumulation of Hg in soil surrounding a Zn/Pb smelter

Zhang, X-Min.; Zhang, X-Ying.; Zhong, T-Yang.; Jiang, H., 2015:
Spatial distribution and accumulation of heavy metal in arable land soil of China

de Oliveira, R.Rosseto.; da Costa, J.Rosenilda.; Mathias,, 2012:
Spatial distribution and autocorrelation of infant mortality for three cities in Paraná state, Brazil

Martins, V.Emanuel.Pessoa.; Alencar,; Facó, Pícia.Emília.Gomes.; Dutra, R.Fireman.; Alves, C.Roberto.; Pontes, R.José.Soares.; Guedes, M.Izabel.Florindo., 2010:
Spatial distribution and breeding site characteristics of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti in Fortaleza, State of Ceará

Olivera-Pasilio, V.; Peterson, D.A.; Castelló, Mía.E., 2014:
Spatial distribution and cellular composition of adult brain proliferative zones in the teleost, Gymnotus omarorum

Medhi, G.Kumar.; Mahanta, J.; Adhikary, R.; Akoijam, B.S.; Liegise, B.; Sarathy, K.; Thomas, C.Joshua.; Sarmah, B., 2011:
Spatial distribution and characteristics of injecting drug users (IDU) in five Northeastern states of India

Westercamp, N.; Moses, S.; Agot, K.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Parker, C.; Amolloh, K.O.; Bailey, R.C., 2010:
Spatial distribution and cluster analysis of sexual risk behaviors reported by young men in Kisumu, Kenya

Meng, J.; Wang, T-Yu.; Wang, P.; Lü, Y-Long., 2015:
Spatial distribution and composition of perfluorinated compounds in soils around the Huaihe River

Silva, C.S.; Moreira, I.T.A.; de Oliveira, O.M.C.; Queiroz, A.F.S.; Garcia, K.S.; Falcão, B.A.; Escobar, N.F.C.; Rios, M.Cruz., 2014:
Spatial distribution and concentration assessment of total petroleum hydrocarbons in the intertidal zone surface sediment of Todos os Santos Bay, Brazil

Farmer, N.A.; Karnauskas, M., 2014:
Spatial distribution and conservation of speckled hind and warsaw grouper in the Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern U.S

Song, L.; Gu, D-Gang.; Huang, M-Sheng.; Chen, L.; Huang, Q-Chao.; He, Y., 2012:
Spatial distribution and contamination assessments of heavy metals in sediments of Wenzhou River network

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Spatial distribution and contamination evaluation of heavy metals in the intertidal surface sediments of Eastern Chongming

Segal, D.; Schmitz, C.; Hof, P.R., 2008:
Spatial distribution and density of oligodendrocytes in the cingulum bundle are unaltered in schizophrenia

Zhao, Q.; Yi, M.; Liu, Y., 2012:
Spatial distribution and dose-response relationship for different operation modes in a reaction-diffusion model of the MAPK cascade

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Spatial distribution and dynamics of proton conductivity in fuel cell membranes: potential and limitations of electrochemical atomic force microscopy measurements

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Spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in the estuaries surface sediments from the Haihe River Basin

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Spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of metals in sediments of Baiyangdian wetland ecosystem

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Spatial distribution and ecological risk of polychlorinated biphenyls in sediments from Qinzhou Bay, Beibu Gulf of South China

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Spatial distribution and ecological significance of heavy metals in soils from Chatian mercury mining deposit, western Hunan province

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Spatial distribution and ecotoxicological risk assessment of heavy metals in surface sediments of the southern Bohai Bay, China

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Spatial distribution and elimination of Schistosome japonicum intermediate hosts Oncomelania hupensis in mountainous regions

de Andrade, A.Rachel.Oliveira.; da Silva, B.Antonio.Kato.; Cristaldo, G.; de Andrade, S.Maria.Oliveira.; Filho, A.Conceição.Paranhos.; Ribeiro, A.; da Cunha Santos, M.Ferreira.; Andreotti, R., 2015:
Spatial distribution and environmental factors associated to phlebotomine fauna in a border area of transmission of visceral leishmaniasis in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Xu, S-juan.; Zheng, N.; Liu, J-shuang.; Sun, C-yu.; Wang, Y.; Chang, S-zhi., 2012:
Spatial distribution and environmental risk of As and Pb from street dust in non-ferrous metals smelting areas

Gambarra, W.Porto.Tito.; Martins, W.Fabrício.Silva.; de Lucena Filho, Mício.Lilioso.; de Albuquerque, I.Meneses.Cavalcanti.; Apolinário, Oávia.Karla.os.Santos.; Beserra, E.Barbosa., 2013:
Spatial distribution and esterase activity in populations of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti (Linnaeus) (Diptera: Culicidae) resistant to temephos

Gan, S.; Lu, S-Yong.; Qin, P-Feng.; Jin, X-Can.; Jiao, W.; Wang, P., 2014:
Spatial distribution and evaluation of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter in surface sediments from western lakeside belt of Lake Taihu

da Silva, P.S.D.; Leal, I.R.; Wirth, R.; Tabarelli, M., 2014:
Spatial distribution and fruiting phenology of Protium heptaphyllum (Burseraceae) determine the design of the underground foraging system of Atta sexdens L. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Li, F.; Huang, J.; Zeng, G.; Huang, X.; Liu, W.; Wu, H.; Yuan, Y.; He, X.; Lai, M., 2015:
Spatial distribution and health risk assessment of toxic metals associated with receptor population density in street dust: a case study of Xiandao District, Changsha, Middle China

Ye, F.; Tokumura, M.; Islam, M.Saiful.; Zushi, Y.; Oh, J.; Masunaga, S., 2015:
Spatial distribution and importance of potential perfluoroalkyl acid precursors in urban rivers and sewage treatment plant effluent--case study of Tama River, Japan

L.G.ff, G.; Mailleux, A-Catherine.; Detrain, C.; Deneubourg, J-Louis.; Clotuche, G.; Hance, T., 2009:
Spatial distribution and inbreeding in Tetranychus urticae

Wang, T.; Han, S.; Ruan, T.; Wang, Y.; Feng, J.; Jiang, G., 2013:
Spatial distribution and inter-year variation of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tris-(2,3-dibromopropyl) isocyanurate (TBC) in farm soils at a peri-urban region

Lan, G.; Getzin, S.; Wiegand, T.; Hu, Y.; Xie, G.; Zhu, H.; Cao, M., 2013:
Spatial distribution and interspecific associations of tree species in a tropical seasonal rain forest of China

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Spatial distribution and life-history aspects of blackspot seabream Pagellus bogaraveo (Osteichthyes: Sparidae)

Zushi, Y.; Ye, F.; Motegi, M.; Nojiri, K.; Hosono, S.; Suzuki, T.; Kosugi, Y.; Yaguchi, K.; Masunaga, S., 2012:
Spatial distribution and loading amounts of particle sorbed and dissolved perfluorinated compounds in the basin of Tokyo Bay

Meng, Y.; Li, G.; Lin, W.; Gilmore, J.H.; Shen, D., 2015:
Spatial distribution and longitudinal development of deep cortical sulcal landmarks in infants

Tokuoka, Y.; Hosogi, D., 2013:
Spatial distribution and management of isolated woody plants traditionally used as farmland boundary markers in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

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Spatial distribution and mobility of the Ran GTPase in live interphase cells

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Spatial distribution and molecular identification of leishmania species from endemic foci of South-eastern iran

Montuori, P.; Cirillo, T.; Fasano, E.; Nardone, A.; Esposito, F.; Triassi, M., 2014:
Spatial distribution and partitioning of polychlorinated biphenyl and organochlorine pesticide in water and sediment from Sarno River and Estuary, southern Italy

Kobayashi, J.; Serizawa, S.; Sakurai, T.; Imaizumi, Y.; Suzuki, N.; Horiguchi, T., 2010:
Spatial distribution and partitioning of polychlorinated biphenyls in Tokyo Bay, Japan

Guo, G.; Wu, F.; Xie, F.; Zhang, R., 2012:
Spatial distribution and pollution assessment of heavy metals in urban soils from southwest China

Ding, X-Wen.; Shen, Z-Yao., 2014:
Spatial distribution and pollution source identification of agricultural non-point source pollution in Fujiang watershed

Motoie, G.; Ferreira, G.Eduardo.Melim.; Cupolillo, E.; Canavez, F.; Pereira-Chioccola, V.Lucia., 2014:
Spatial distribution and population genetics of Leishmania infantum genotypes in São Paulo State, Brazil, employing multilocus microsatellite typing directly in dog infected tissues

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