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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55863

Chapter 55863 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ai, L.; Hsiai, T.K., 2010:
Spatial mapping of real-time quantitative shear stress with vascular oxidative stress

Darling, E.M.; Wilusz, R.E.; Bolognesi, M.P.; Zauscher, S.; Guilak, F., 2010:
Spatial mapping of the biomechanical properties of the pericellular matrix of articular cartilage measured in situ via atomic force microscopy

Justice, B.J.; Mock, J.J.; Guo, L.; Degiron, A.; Schurig, D.; Smith, D.R., 2006:
Spatial mapping of the internal and external electromagnetic fields of negative index metamaterials

Griffith, A.V.; Fallahi, M.; Nakase, H.; Gosink, M.; Young, B.; Petrie, H.T., 2010:
Spatial mapping of thymic stromal microenvironments reveals unique features influencing T lymphoid differentiation

Jeffery, K., 2014:
Spatial mapping: graded precision of entorhinal head direction cells

Morrone, M.Concetta.; Cicchini, M.; Burr, D.C., 2011:
Spatial maps for time and motion

Siddon, E.Calvert.; Kristiansen, T.; Mueter, F.J.; Holsman, K.K.; Heintz, R.A.; Farley, E.V., 2014:
Spatial match-mismatch between juvenile fish and prey provides a mechanism for recruitment variability across contrasting climate conditions in the eastern Bering Sea

Jung, W-Sung.; Jung, J-Hong.; Chung, U-Seo.; Lee, K-Hyun., 2011:
Spatial measurement for safe placement of screws within the scaphoid using three-dimensional analysis

Chen, Y-Jong.; Matsuoka, R.H.; Tsai, K-Cheng., 2015:
Spatial measurement of mobility barriers: improving the environment of community-dwelling older adults in Taiwan

Nicoll, G., 2007:
Spatial measures associated with stair use

Myers, T., 2014:
Spatial medicine--a call to 'arms'

Collett, M., 2010:
Spatial memories in insects

Koenig, J.; Lecourtier, L.; Cosquer, B.; Pereira, P.Marques.; Cassel, J-Christophe., 2011:
Spatial memory alterations by activation of septal 5HT 1A receptors: no implication of cholinergic septohippocampal neurons

Cimadevilla, Jé.Manuel.; Lizana, J.Ramos.; Roldán, M.Dolores.; Cánovas, R.; Rodríguez, E., 2014:
Spatial memory alterations in children with epilepsy of genetic origin or unknown cause

Fagan, W.F.; Lewis, M.A.; Auger-Méthé, M.; Avgar, T.; Benhamou, S.; Breed, G.; LaDage, L.; Schlägel, U.E.; Tang, W-wu.; Papastamatiou, Y.P.; Forester, J.; Mueller, T., 2014:
Spatial memory and animal movement

Thomas, E.; Reeve, R.; Fredrickson, A.; Maruff, P., 2012:
Spatial memory and executive functions in children

Courtney, J.R.; Hubbard, T.L., 2008:
Spatial memory and explicit knowledge: an effect of instruction on representational momentum

Sharma, A.; Sisodia, R.; Bhatnagar, D.; Saxena, V.Kumar., 2014:
Spatial memory and learning performance and its relationship to protein synthesis of Swiss albino mice exposed to 10 GHz microwaves

Ruby, N.F.; Fernandez, F.; Garrett, A.; Klima, J.; Zhang, P.; Sapolsky, R.; Heller, H.Craig., 2014:
Spatial memory and long-term object recognition are impaired by circadian arrhythmia and restored by the GABAAAntagonist pentylenetetrazole

Mayer, U.; Watanabe, S.; Bischof, H-Joachim., 2015:
Spatial memory and the avian hippocampus: research in zebra finches

Vigil, F.Antônio.Borges.; Oliveira-Silva, I.de.Fátima.; Ferreira, Lívia.Freire.; Pereira, S.Rejane.Castanheira.; Ribeiro, A.Maria., 2010:
Spatial memory deficits and thalamic serotonergic metabolite change in thiamine deficient rats

Flinn, J.M.; Bozzelli, P.Lorenzo.; Adlard, P.A.; Railey, A.M., 2014:
Spatial memory deficits in a mouse model of late-onset Alzheimer's disease are caused by zinc supplementation and correlate with amyloid-beta levels

Goodrich-Hunsaker, N.J.; Hopkins, R.O., 2010:
Spatial memory deficits in a virtual radial arm maze in amnesic participants with hippocampal damage

Méndez-Couz, M.; Conejo, N.M.; Vallejo, G.; Arias, J.L., 2014:
Spatial memory extinction: a c-Fos protein mapping study

Dashniani, M.; Burjanadze, M.; Beselia, G.; Maglakelidze, G.; Naneishvili, T., 2009:
Spatial memory following selective cholinergic lesion of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis

Delint-Ramírez, I.; Salcedo-Tello, P.; Bermudez-Rattoni, F., 2008:
Spatial memory formation induces recruitment of NMDA receptor and PSD-95 to synaptic lipid rafts

Wang, F.; Song, Y-Feng.; Yin, J.; Liu, Z-Hua.; Mo, X-Dan.; Wang, D-Gui.; Gao, L-Ping.; Jing, Y-Hong., 2015 :
Spatial memory impairment is associated with hippocampal insulin signals in ovariectomized rats

Soares, E.; Prediger, R.D.; Nunes, S.; Castro, A.A.; Viana, S.D.; Lemos, C.; De Souza, C.M.; Agostinho, P.; Cunha, R.A.; Carvalho, E.; Fontes Ribeiro, C.A.; Reis, F.; Pereira, F.C., 2014:
Spatial memory impairments in a prediabetic rat model

Lee, J-Young.; Kho, S.; Yoo, H.Bin.; Park, S.; Choi, J-Seok.; Kwon, J.Soo.; Cha, K.Ryeol.; Jung, H-Yeon., 2014:
Spatial memory impairments in amnestic mild cognitive impairment in a virtual radial arm maze

Zamisch, V.; Vonk, J., 2013:
Spatial memory in captive American black bears (Ursus americanus)

Macpherson, K.; Roberts, W.A., 2010:
Spatial memory in dogs (Canis familiaris) on a radial maze

Collett, M.; Chittka, L.; Collett, T.S., 2014:
Spatial memory in insect navigation

Crystal, J.D.; Babb, S.J., 2009:
Spatial memory in rats after 25 hours

Diegues, Jão.Carlos.; Pauli, Jé.Rodrigo.; Luciano, E.; de Almeida Leme, Jé.Alexandre.Curiacos.; de Moura, L.Pereira.; Dalia, R.Augusto.; de Araújo, M.Barbosa.; Sibuya, C.Yoshiko.; de Mello, M.Alice.Rostom.; Gomes, R.José., 2015:
Spatial memory in sedentary and trained diabetic rats: molecular mechanisms

Sontag, T-A.; Fuermaier, A.B.M.; Hauser, J.; Kaunzinger, I.; Tucha, O.; Lange, K.W., 2014:
Spatial memory in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR)

Porte, Y.; Buhot, M.Christine.; Mons, N.E., 2008:
Spatial memory in the Morris water maze and activation of cyclic AMP response element-binding (CREB) protein within the mouse hippocampus

Marchette, S.A.; Yerramsetti, A.; Burns, T.J.; Shelton, A.L., 2012:
Spatial memory in the real world: long-term representations of everyday environments

Sharma, S.; Haselton, J.; Rakoczy, S.; Branshaw, S.; Brown-Borg, H.M., 2010:
Spatial memory is enhanced in long-living Ames dwarf mice and maintained following kainic acid induced neurodegeneration

Cassilhas, R.C.; Lee, K.S.; Fernandes, J.; Oliveira, M.G.M.; Tufik, S.; Meeusen, R.; de Mello, M.T., 2012:
Spatial memory is improved by aerobic and resistance exercise through divergent molecular mechanisms

Lee, I.Ho.; Culley, D.J.; Baxter, M.G.; Xie, Z.; Tanzi, R.E.; Crosby, G., 2008:
Spatial memory is intact in aged rats after propofol anesthesia

Narayanan, S.Naduvil.; Kumar, R.Suresh.; Potu, B.Kumar.; Nayak, S.; Mailankot, M., 2010:
Spatial memory performance of Wistar rats exposed to mobile phone

Perdue, B.M.; Snyder, R.J.; Pratte, J.; Marr, M.Jackson.; Maple, T.L., 2009:
Spatial memory recall in the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Carr, Z.J.; Torjman, M.C.; Manu, K.; Dy, G.; Goldberg, M.E., 2011:
Spatial memory using active allothetic place avoidance in adult rats after isoflurane anesthesia: a potential model for postoperative cognitive dysfunction

Rinaldi, A.; Oliverio, A.; Mele, A., 2013:
Spatial memory, plasticity and nucleus accumbens

Wolbers, T.; Dudchenko, P.A.; Wood, E.R., 2014:
Spatial memory-a unique window into healthy and pathological aging

Paul, C-Mora.; Magda, G.; Abel, Sía., 2009:
Spatial memory: Theoretical basis and comparative review on experimental methods in rodents

Friston, K.J.; Redish, A.David.; Gordon, J.A., 2018:
Computational Nosology and Precision Psychiatry

da Silva, B.M.; Bast, T.; Morris, R.G.M., 2014:
Spatial memory: behavioral determinants of persistence in the watermaze delayed matching-to-place task

Meneghetti, C.; Ronconi, L.; Pazzaglia, F.; De Beni, R., 2015:
Spatial mental representations derived from spatial descriptions: the predicting and mediating roles of spatial preferences, strategies, and abilities

Patel, S.A.; Currie, F.; Thakker, N.; Goodacre, R., 2009:
Spatial metabolic fingerprinting using FT-IR spectroscopy: investigating abiotic stresses on Micrasterias hardyi

Shayan, S.; Ozturk, O.; Bowerman, M.; Majid, A., 2015:
Spatial metaphor in language can promote the development of cross-modal mappings in children

Peng, R.D.; Bell, M.L., 2011:
Spatial misalignment in time series studies of air pollution and health data

Devictor, V.; Mouillot, D.; Meynard, C.; Jiguet, Fédéric.; Thuiller, W.; Mouquet, N., 2010:
Spatial mismatch and congruence between taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity: the need for integrative conservation strategies in a changing world

Baranauskas, G.; David, Y.; Fleidervish, I.A., 2013:
Spatial mismatch between the Na+ flux and spike initiation in axon initial segment

Li, B.; Chen, L.; Zhao, B.; Yang, M.; Li, J., 2012:
Spatial mismatch calibration using circular carrier technique in the simultaneous phase shifting interferometry

Zupan, L.; Cabeza, M.; Maiorano, L.; Roquet, C.; Devictor, V.; Lavergne, Sébastien.; Mouillot, D.; Mouquet, N.; Renaud, J.; Thuiller, W., 2014:
Spatial mismatch of phylogenetic diversity across three vertebrate groups and protected areas in Europe

Manganaris, D.; Talagala, P.; Kim, M.K., 1992:
Spatial mixed binary multiplication by photon echoes

Zhao, Z.; Kaestner, R.; Xu, X., 2015:
Spatial mobility and environmental effects on obesity

Gupta, K.; Vaidehi, Y.; Majumder, N., 2010:
Spatial mobility, alcohol use, sexual behavior and sexual health among males in India

Zhu, L.; Sun, X.; Derose, G.A.; Scherer, A.; Yariv, A., 2007:
Spatial modal control of two-dimensional photonic crystal Bragg lasers

Bourderionnet, J.; Brignon, A.; Huignard, J.P.; Delboulbé, A.; Loiseaux, B., 2007:
Spatial mode control of a diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser by an intracavity liquid-crystal light valve

Bourderionnet, J.; Huot, N.; Brignon, A.; Huignard, J.P., 2007:
Spatial mode control of a diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser by use of an intracavity holographic phase plate

Delaubert, V.; Lassen, M.; Pulford, D.R.N.; Bachor, H-A.; Harb, C.C., 2007:
Spatial mode discrimination using second harmonic generation

Leuthold, J.; Hess, R.; Eckner, J.; Besse, P.A.; Melchior, H., 1996:
Spatial mode filters realized with multimode interference couplers

Williams, M.O.; Kutz, J.Nathan., 2010:
Spatial mode-locking of light bullets in planar waveguide arrays

de Anna, P.; Di Patti, F.; Fanelli, D.; McKane, A.J.; Dauxois, T., 2010:
Spatial model of autocatalytic reactions

Kim, D.; Miranda, M.Lynn.; Tootoo, J.; Bradley, P.; Gelfand, A.E., 2011:
Spatial modeling for groundwater arsenic levels in North Carolina

Zhang, Q.; Deng, X.; Qian, P.Z.G.; Wang, X., 2013:
Spatial modeling for refining and predicting surface potential mapping with enhanced resolution

Jerrett, M.; Gale, S.; Kontgis, C., 2010:
Spatial modeling in environmental and public health research

Cardozo, E.Fabian.; Luo, R.; Piovoso, M.J.; Zurakowski, R., 2014:
Spatial modeling of HIV cryptic viremia and 2-LTR formation during raltegravir intensification

Augusto, S.; Máguas, C.; Matos, Jão.; Pereira, M.João.; Soares, Aílcar.; Branquinho, C., 2010:
Spatial modeling of PAHs in lichens for fingerprinting of multisource atmospheric pollution

Hart, J.E.; Yanosky, J.D.; Puett, R.C.; Ryan, L.; Dockery, D.W.; Smith, T.J.; Garshick, E.; Laden, F., 2010:
Spatial modeling of PM10 and NO2 in the continental United States, 1985-2000

Lee, D.; Shaddick, G., 2011:
Spatial modeling of air pollution in studies of its short-term health effects

Cowan, A.E.; Moraru, I.I.; Schaff, J.C.; Slepchenko, B.M.; Loew, L.M., 2012:
Spatial modeling of cell signaling networks

Teixeira, T.Rodrigues.de.Araujo.; Cruz, O.Gonçalves., 2011:
Spatial modeling of dengue and socio-environmental indicators in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cakmak, D.; Perovic, V.; Saljnikov, E.; Jaramaz, D.; Sikiric, B., 2014:
Spatial modeling of ecological areas by fitting the limiting factors for As in the vicinity of mine, Serbia

Piairo, H.; Menezes, R.; Sousa, Iês.; Figueira, R.; Sérgio, Cília., 2015:
Spatial modeling of factor analysis scores: the case of heavy metal biomonitoring in mainland Portugal

Sarker, M.Mizanur.Rahman., 2012:
Spatial modeling of households' knowledge about arsenic pollution in Bangladesh

Salehi, M.; Mohammad, K.; Farahani, M.M.; Zeraati, H.; Nourijelyani, K.; Zayeri, F., 2009:
Spatial modeling of malaria incidence rates in Sistan and Baluchistan province, Islamic Republic of Iran

Leyk, S.; Binder, C.R.; Nuckols, J.R., 2009:
Spatial modeling of personalized exposure dynamics: the case of pesticide use in small-scale agricultural production landscapes of the developing world

Fonseca, F.; Freitas, C.; Dutra, L.; Guimarães, R.; Carvalho, O., 2014:
Spatial modeling of the schistosomiasis mansoni in Minas Gerais State, Brazil using spatial regression

Klann, M.; Koeppl, H.; Reuss, M., 2012:
Spatial modeling of vesicle transport and the cytoskeleton: the challenge of hitting the right road

Betz-Stablein, B.D.; Morgan, W.H.; House, P.H.; Hazelton, M.L., 2013:
Spatial modeling of visual field data for assessing glaucoma progression

Thomassen, H.A.; Cheviron, Z.A.; Freedman, A.H.; Harrigan, R.J.; Wayne, R.K.; Smith, T.B., 2010:
Spatial modelling and landscape-level approaches for visualizing intra-specific variation

Achia, T.N.O., 2015:
Spatial modelling and mapping of female genital mutilation in Kenya

Zeilhofer, P.; Kummer, O.Patrícia.; Santos, E.Soares.dos.; Ribeiro, A.Lúcia.Maria.; Missawa, N.Akemi., 2008:
Spatial modelling of Lutzomyia (Nyssomyia) whitmani s.l. (Antunes & Coutinho, 1939) (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) habitat suitability in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Sohel, N.; Kanaroglou, P.S.; Persson, L.Ake.; Haq, M.Zahirul.; Rahman, M.; Vahter, M., 2010:
Spatial modelling of individual arsenic exposure via well water: evaluation of arsenic in urine, main water source and influence of neighbourhood water sources in rural Bangladesh

Kazembe, L.N., 2009:
Spatial modelling of initiation and duration of breastfeeding: analysis of breastfeeding behaviour in Malawi - I

Pullan, R.L.; Gething, P.W.; Smith, J.L.; Mwandawiro, C.S.; Sturrock, H.J.W.; Gitonga, C.W.; Hay, S.I.; Brooker, S., 2011:
Spatial modelling of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Kenya: a disease control planning tool

Ersbøll, A.K.; Ersbøll, B.K.; Houe, H.; Alban, L.; Kjeldsen, A.M., 2010:
Spatial modelling of the between-herd infection dynamics of bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in dairy herds in Denmark

Vidne, Y.; Rosenbluh, M., 2005:
Spatial modes in a PCF fiber generated continuum

Annamalai, M.; Stelmakh, N.; Vasilyev, M.; Kumar, P., 2012:
Spatial modes of phase-sensitive parametric image amplifiers with circular and elliptical Gaussian pumps

Hartmann, S.R.; Manassah, J.T., 1991:
Spatial modification of a Gaussian beam on reflection from a saturable absorber

Fukushima, K.; Morales, P.A., 2013:
Spatial modulation and topological current in holographic QCD matter

Malendevich, R.; Jankovic, L.; Stegeman, G.; Aitchison, J.S., 2007:
Spatial modulation instability in a Kerr slab waveguide

Fairbairn, N.; Light, R.A.; Carter, R.; Fernandes, R.; Kanaras, A.G.; Elliott, T.J.; Somekh, M.G.; Pitter, M.C.; Muskens, O.L., 2012:
Spatial modulation microscopy for real-time imaging of plasmonic nanoparticles and cells

Tizei, L.H.G.; Zagonel, L.F.; Tencé, M.; Stéphan, O.; Kociak, M.; Chiaramonte, T.; Ugarte, D.; Cotta, M.A., 2014:
Spatial modulation of above-the-gap cathodoluminescence in InP nanowires

Liu, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Ma, W.; Shin, H-dong.; Li, J.; Liu, L.; Du, G.; Chen, J., 2015:
Spatial modulation of key pathway enzymes by DNA-guided scaffold system and respiration chain engineering for improved N-acetylglucosamine production by Bacillus subtilis

Lehky, S.R.; Peng, X.; McAdams, C.J.; Sereno, A.B., 2008:
Spatial modulation of primate inferotemporal responses by eye position

Chen, Y.; Dang, W.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, X.; Deng, X., 2013:
Spatial modulation of second-harmonic generation via nonlinear Raman-Nath diffraction in an aperiodically poled lithium tantalite

Havard, N.; Li, Z.; Murthy, V.; Lo, S.Shang.; Hartland, G.V., 2014:
Spatial modulation spectroscopy of graphene sheets

Fang, H.; Malendevich, R.; Schiek, R.; Stegeman, G.I., 2007:
Spatial modulational instability in one-dimensional lithium niobate slab waveguides

Benito, N.; Fernández-Ruiz, A.; Makarov, V.A.; Makarova, J.; Korovaichuk, A.; Herreras, O., 2015:
Spatial modules of coherent activity in pathway-specific LFPs in the hippocampus reflect topology and different modes of presynaptic synchronization

Hellar-Kihampa, H.; De Wael, K.; Lugwisha, E.; Malarvannan, G.; Covaci, A.; Van Grieken, Ré., 2013:
Spatial monitoring of organohalogen compounds in surface water and sediments of a rural-urban river basin in Tanzania

Young, R.; Wolf, C.Roland.; Brown, K.; Hayes, J.D.; Whitelaw, C.Bruce.A., 2011:
Spatial monitoring of toxicity in HMOX-LacZ transgenic mice

Nguyen, L.; Fifis, T.; Malcontenti-Wilson, C.; Chan, L.Sam.; Costa, P.Nunes.Luiza.; Nikfarjam, M.; Muralidharan, V.; Christophi, C., 2013:
Spatial morphological and molecular differences within solid tumors may contribute to the failure of vascular disruptive agent treatments

Botella-Rocamora, P.; López-Quílez, A.; Martinez-Beneito, M.A., 2014:
Spatial moving average risk smoothing

de Glanville, W.A.; Vial, L.; Costard, S.; Wieland, B.; Pfeiffer, D.U., 2014:
Spatial multi-criteria decision analysis to predict suitability for African swine fever endemicity in Africa

Yang, M.; Qian, X.; Zhang, Y.; Sheng, J.; Shen, D.; Ge, Y., 2011:
Spatial multicriteria decision analysis of flood risks in aging-dam management in China: a framework and case study

Rabotyagov, S.; Campbell, T.; Valcu, A.; Gassman, P.; Jha, M.; Schilling, K.; Wolter, C.; Kling, C., 2013:
Spatial multiobjective optimization of agricultural conservation practices using a SWAT model and an evolutionary algorithm

Friesem, A.A.; Glaser, I., 1977:
Spatial multiplex tomography

Yang, Q.; Tian, Y-hua.; Wang, K., 2009:
Spatial nature of mental number line in neglect patients

Basso, D., 2008:
Spatial navigation

Laczó, J.; Andel, R.; Vlček, K.; Macoška, Václav.; Vyhnálek, M.; Tolar, M.; Bojar, M.; Hort, J., 2011:
Spatial navigation and APOE in amnestic mild cognitive impairment

de Haan, G.; Piguillet, H.; Post, F.H., 2010:
Spatial navigation for context-aware video surveillance

Nedelska, Z.; Andel, R.; Laczó, J.; Vlcek, K.; Horinek, D.; Lisy, J.; Sheardova, K.; Bures, J.; Hort, J., 2012:
Spatial navigation impairment is proportional to right hippocampal volume

Lind, S.E.; Williams, D.M.; Raber, J.; Peel, A.; Bowler, D.M., 2014:
Spatial navigation impairments among intellectually high-functioning adults with autism spectrum disorder: exploring relations with theory of mind, episodic memory, and episodic future thinking

Gazova, I.; Laczó, J.; Rubinova, E.; Mokrisova, I.; Hyncicova, E.; Andel, R.; Vyhnalek, M.; Sheardova, K.; Coulson, E.J.; Hort, J., 2014:
Spatial navigation in young versus older adults

Laczó, J.; Vlcek, K.; Vyhnálek, M.; Vajnerová, O.; Ort, M.; Holmerová, I.; Tolar, M.; Andel, R.; Bojar, M.; Hort, J., 2009:
Spatial navigation testing discriminates two types of amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Gazova, I.; Vlcek, K.; Laczó, J.; Nedelska, Z.; Hyncicova, E.; Mokrisova, I.; Sheardova, K.; Hort, J., 2012:
Spatial navigation-a unique window into physiological and pathological aging

Shapiro, M., 2014:
Spatial navigation: head direction cells are anchored by gravity

Stuchlik, A.; Kubik, S.; Vlcek, K.; Vales, K., 2014:
Spatial navigation: implications for animal models, drug development and human studies

Konishi, K.; Bohbot, Véronique.D., 2013:
Spatial navigational strategies correlate with gray matter in the hippocampus of healthy older adults tested in a virtual maze

Treccani, B.; Argyri, E.; Sorace, A.; Sala, S.Della., 2009:
Spatial negative priming in bilingualism

Corbetta, M.; Shulman, G.L., 2011:
Spatial neglect and attention networks

Ronchi, R.; Algeri, L.; Chiapella, L.; Spada, M.Simonetta.; Vallar, G., 2013:
Spatial neglect and perseveration in visuomotor exploration

Ptak, R.; Fellrath, J., 2013:
Spatial neglect and the neural coding of attentional priority

Kleinman, J.T.; Sepkuty, J.P.; Hillis, A.E.; Lenz, F.A.; Heidler-Gary, J.; Gingis, L.; Crone, N.E., 2007:
Spatial neglect during electrocortical stimulation mapping in the right hemisphere

Vallar, G., 2007:
Spatial neglect, Balint-Homes' and Gerstmann's syndrome, and other spatial disorders

Adair, J.C.; Barrett, A.M., 2008:
Spatial neglect: clinical and neuroscience review: a wealth of information on the poverty of spatial attention

Brandt, T.; Glasauer, S.; Strupp, M.; Dieterich, M., 2009:
Spatial neglect: hypothetical mechanisms of disturbed interhemispheric crosstalk for orientation

Stancampiano, L.; Mughini Gras, L.; Poglayen, G., 2010:
Spatial niche competition among helminth parasites in horse's large intestine

Harrison, S.; Cornell, H.; Moore, K.A., 2010:
Spatial niches and coexistence: testing theory with tarweeds

Xu, X-Qun.; Zeng, J-Ning.; Chen, Q-Zhen.; Liu, J-Jing.; Du, P.; Wang, G-zhong., 2014:
Spatial niches of dominant zooplankton species in Sanmen Bay, Zhejiang Province of East China

Kuo, S-shiaw.; Johnston, J.D., 2008:
Spatial noise shaping based on human visual sensitivity and its application to image coding

Serrano-Pedraza, I.; Hogg, E.L.; Read, J.C.A., 2011:
Spatial non-homogeneity of the antagonistic surround in motion perception

Miura, M.; Wakayama, Y.; Endoh, H.; Nakano, M.; Sugai, Y.; Hirose, M.; Ter Keurs, H.E.D.J.; Shimokawa, H., 2008:
Spatial non-uniformity of excitation-contraction coupling can enhance arrhythmogenic-delayed afterdepolarizations in rat cardiac muscle

Sykes, A.G.; Gangardt, D.M.; Davis, M.J.; Viering, K.; Raizen, M.G.; Kheruntsyan, K.V., 2008:
Spatial nonlocal pair correlations in a repulsive 1D Bose gas

Treviño-Palacios, C.G.; Stegeman, G.I.; Baldi, P., 1996:
Spatial nonreciprocity in waveguide second-order processes

Oka, K.; Yanagida, T.; Nagashima, K.; Kanai, M.; Kawai, T.; Kim, J-Soo.; Park, B.Ho., 2011:
Spatial nonuniformity in resistive-switching memory effects of NiO

Valsasina, P.; Horsfield, M.A.; Rocca, M.A.; Absinta, M.; Comi, G.; Filippi, M., 2013:
Spatial normalization and regional assessment of cord atrophy: voxel-based analysis of cervical cord 3D T1-weighted images

Chai, H.Seng.; Therneau, T.M.; Bailey, K.R.; Kocher, J-Pierre.A., 2010:
Spatial normalization improves the quality of genotype calling for Affymetrix SNP 6.0 arrays

Puri, B.K., 2011:
Spatial normalization of BOLD fMRI data in cases of qualitative gross neuroanatomical changes resulting from pathology

Mirzaalian, H.; Lee, T.K.; Hamarneh, G., 2015:
Spatial normalization of human back images for dermatological studies

Hong, X.; Arlinghaus, L.R.; Anderson, A.W., 2009:
Spatial normalization of the fiber orientation distribution based on high angular resolution diffusion imaging data

Weiss, M.; Alkemade, A.; Keuken, M.C.; Műller-Axt, C.; Geyer, S.; Turner, R.; Forstmann, B.U., 2016:
Spatial normalization of ultrahigh resolution 7 T magnetic resonance imaging data of the postmortem human subthalamic nucleus: a multistage approach

Stroman, P.W.; Figley, C.R.; Cahill, C.M., 2008:
Spatial normalization, bulk motion correction and coregistration for functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human cervical spinal cord and brainstem

Goh, J.Jeremy.; Manahan-Vaughan, D., 2013:
Spatial object recognition enables endogenous LTD that curtails LTP in the mouse hippocampus

Crane, C.A.; Pantoya, M.L.; Weeks, B.L., 2013:
Spatial observation and quantification of microwave heating in materials

Broms, K.M.; Johnson, D.S.; Altwegg, R.; Conquest, L.L., 2014:
Spatial occupancy models applied to atlas data show Southern Ground Hornbills strongly depend on protected areas

Harris, J.; Sullivan, D.; Oakley, M., 2008:
Spatial offset of test field elements from surround elements affects the strength of motion aftereffects

Zhang, S.; Manahan-Vaughan, D., 2015:
Spatial olfactory learning contributes to place field formation in the hippocampus

Vasey, F.; Reinhart, F.K.; Houdré, R.; Stauffer, J.M., 1993:
Spatial optical beam steerin with an AlGaAs integrated phased array

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