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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55890

Chapter 55890 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yang, F-Chi.; Lin, J-Chyun.; Chen, C-Yu.; Peng, G-Sheun., 2008:
Spontaneous early recanalization of an acute symptomatic critical stenosis of the extracranial internal carotid artery: a case report

Kawabori, M.; Yoshimoto, T.; Ito, M.; Fujimoto, S.; Mikami, T.; Muraki, M.; Kaneko, S.; Nakayama, N.; Kuroda, S.; Houkin, K., 2013:
Spontaneous echo contrast and thrombus formation at the carotid bifurcation after carotid endarterectomy

Hsu, H-Yi.; Chung, C-Ping.; Chen, S-Yi.; Chiang, Y-Ying.; Hu, H-Hwa., 2012:
Spontaneous echo contrast in internal jugular veins: a probable indicator for systemic inflammation and a prothrombotic state

Choi, J.Chol.; Oh, Y-Hee.; Kim, J.Goo.; Kim, H-Ju.; Kong, M-Hee.; Paeng, D-Guk.; Ko, N.U.; Easton, J.Donald., 2016:
Spontaneous echo-contrast in the internal jugular veins of patients with ischemic stroke

Toib, A.; Goldstein, S.B.; Khanna, G.; Canter, C.E.; Lee, C.K.; Balzer, D.T.; Singh, G.K., 2012:
Spontaneous echocardiographic contrast associated with portosystemic shunt due to persistent patent ductus venosus

Gharde, P.; Aggarwal, V.; Chauhan, S.; Hote, M., 2013:
Spontaneous echocardiographic contrast in an obstructed coronary sinus because of a perforated membrane

Ralph, A.G.; Saunders, A.B.; Hariu, C.D.; Nabity, M., 2011:
Spontaneous echocardiographic contrast in three dogs

Drakopoulos, P.; Julen, O.; Petignat, P.; Dällenbach, P., 2015 :
Spontaneous ectopic tubal pregnancy after laparoscopic tubal sterilisation by segmental isthmic partial salpingectomy

Yoshida, T.; Torsani, V.; Gomes, S.; De Santis, R.R.; Beraldo, M.A.; Costa, E.L.V.; Tucci, M.R.; Zin, W.A.; Kavanagh, B.P.; Amato, M.B.P., 2014:
Spontaneous effort causes occult pendelluft during mechanical ventilation

Morisaka, T.; Sakai, M.; Kogi, K.; Nakasuji, A.; Sakakibara, K.; Kasanuki, Y.; Yoshioka, M., 2014:
Spontaneous ejaculation in a wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus)

Oosterhuis, I.; Heijting, Léon.; van Puijenbroek, Eène., 2013:
Spontaneous ejaculation with the use of noradrenergic reuptake inhibitors

Cassidy, A.; Plekan, O.; Balog, R.; Jones, N.C.; Field, D., 2012:
Spontaneous electric fields in films of CF3Cl, CF2Cl2 and CFCl3

Plekan, O.; Cassidy, A.; Balog, R.; Jones, N.C.; Field, D., 2012:
Spontaneous electric fields in films of cis-methyl formate

Garcia-Perez, E.; Mazzoni, A.; Torre, V., 2008:
Spontaneous electrical activity and behavior in the leech hirudo medicinalis

Moore, A.R.; Zhou, W-Liang.; Jakovcevski, I.; Zecevic, N.; Antic, S.D., 2011:
Spontaneous electrical activity in the human fetal cortex in vitro

Kim, S-Ouck.; Jeong, H-Seong.; Jang, S.; Wu, M-Jin.; Park, J.Kyu.; Jiao, H-Yi.; Jun, J.Yeoul.; Park, J-Seong., 2014:
Spontaneous electrical activity of cultured interstitial cells of cajal from mouse urinary bladder

Lang, R.J.; Hashitani, H.; Tonta, M.A.; Bourke, J.L.; Parkington, H.C.; Suzuki, H., 2010:
Spontaneous electrical and Ca2+ signals in the mouse renal pelvis that drive pyeloureteric peristalsis

Dey, A.; Nguyen, D-Thanh.T.; Lang, R.J.; Exintaris, B., 2009:
Spontaneous electrical waveforms in aging guinea pig prostates

Take, Y.; Morita, H.; Wu, J.; Nagase, S.; Morita, S.; Toh, N.; Nishii, N.; Nakamura, K.; Kusano, K.F.; Ohe, T.; Ito, H.; Zipes, D.P., 2011:
Spontaneous electrocardiogram alterations predict ventricular fibrillation in Brugada syndrome

Pala, Sçuk.; Kahveci, Gökhan.; Emiroğlu, Y., 2009:
Spontaneous electrocardiographic changes after syncope in a patient with Brugada syndrome: importance of serial ECG recordings

Yoshimoto, S.; Ogata, H.; Nishiyama, K., 2013:
Spontaneous electrodeposition of gold and platinum complexes through a coronene adlayer on Au(111)

Fernández, A.; Gil Gregorio, P.; Maestú, F., 2012:
Spontaneous electroencephalographic and magneto-encephalographic activity as a marker of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment

Grint, N.J.; Johnson, C.B.; Clutton, R.E.; Whay, H.R.; Murrell, J.C., 2015:
Spontaneous electroencephalographic changes in a castration model as an indicator of nociception: a comparison between donkeys and ponies

Tejero, E.M.; Amatucci, W.E.; Ganguli, G.; Cothran, C.D.; Crabtree, C.; Thomas, E., 2011:
Spontaneous electromagnetic emission from a strongly localized plasma flow

Chernodub, M.N., 2011:
Spontaneous electromagnetic superconductivity of vacuum in a strong magnetic field: evidence from the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model

Prell, J.; Rampp, S.; Rachinger, J.; Scheller, C.; Naraghi, R.; Strauss, C., 2008:
Spontaneous electromyographic activity during microvascular decompression in trigeminal neuralgia

Sorar, M.; Fesli, R.; Gürer, B.; Kertmen, H.; Sekerci, Z., 2014:
Spontaneous elevation of a ping-pong fracture: case report and review of the literature

Miranda, A.Cristina.Portorreal.; Machado, R.Strehl.; Kawakami, E., 2008:
Spontaneous elimination of Helicobacter pylori infection in a cohort of asymptomatic school children by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay polyclonal antigen in stool

Pernas Gómez, P.; Gómez López, L.; Moreno Hernando, J., 2008:
Spontaneous elimination of a gallstone in an infant

Wietzke-Braun, P.; Manhardt, L-Bettina.; Rosenberger, A.; Uy, A.; Ramadori, G.; Mihm, S., 2007:
Spontaneous elimination of hepatitis C virus infection: a retrospective study on demographic, clinical, and serological correlates

de Borst, G.J.; Moll, F.L., 2011:
Spontaneous embolisation in asymptomatic and recently symptomatic patients with TIA/Minor stroke

Lesanovsky, I.; von Klitzing, W., 2007:
Spontaneous emergence of angular momentum josephson oscillations in coupled annular bose-einstein condensates

Blanco, C.; Crusats, J.; El-Hachemi, Z.; Moyano, A.; Hochberg, D.; Ribó, J.M., 2014:
Spontaneous emergence of chirality in the limited enantioselectivity model: autocatalytic cycle driven by an external reagent

Mauksch, M.; Tsogoeva, S.B., 2008:
Spontaneous emergence of homochirality via coherently coupled antagonistic and reversible reaction cycles

Segota, I.; Boulet, L.; Franck, D.; Franck, C., 2015:
Spontaneous emergence of large-scale cell cycle synchronization in amoeba colonies

Shiozawa, H.; Skeldon, A.C.; Lloyd, D.J.B.; Stolojan, V.; Cox, D.C.; Silva, S.Ravi.P., 2010:
Spontaneous emergence of long-range shape symmetry

Sun, J.; Deem, M.W., 2008:
Spontaneous emergence of modularity in a model of evolving individuals

He, J.; Sun, J.; Deem, M.W., 2009:
Spontaneous emergence of modularity in a model of evolving individuals and in real networks

Colijn, C.; Cohen, T.; Ganesh, A.; Murray, M., 2011:
Spontaneous emergence of multiple drug resistance in tuberculosis before and during therapy

Lin, Y-Chih.; Sun, J-Ming.; Hsiao, J-Hao.; Hwu, Y.; Wang, C.L.; Hong, T-Ming., 2010:
Spontaneous emergence of ordered phases in crumpled sheets

Faccio, D.; Lotti, A.; Kolesik, M.; Moloney, J.V.; Tzortzakis, S.; Couairon, A.; Di Trapani, P., 2008:
Spontaneous emergence of pulses with constant carrier-envelope phase in femtosecond filamentation

St-Jean, P.; Vaillant, C.; Audit, B.; Arneodo, A., 2008:
Spontaneous emergence of sequence-dependent rosettelike folding of chromatin fiber

Onnela, J-Pekka.; Reed-Tsochas, F., 2010:
Spontaneous emergence of social influence in online systems

Carneiro, M.V.; Charret, I.C., 2008:
Spontaneous emergence of spatial patterns in a predator-prey model

van de Waal, E.; Whiten, A., 2013 :
Spontaneous emergence, imitation and spread of alternative foraging techniques among groups of vervet monkeys

Yraola, E.; Molina, P.; Plaza, Jé.L.; Ramírez, M.O.; Bausá, L.E., 2013:
Spontaneous emission and nonlinear response enhancement by silver nanoparticles in a Nd³⁺-doped periodically poled LiNbO₃ laser crystal

Maghrebi, M.F.; Jaffe, R.L.; Kardar, M., 2012:
Spontaneous emission by rotating objects: a scattering approach

Frimmer, M.; Koenderink, A.Femius., 2013:
Spontaneous emission control in a tunable hybrid photonic system

Iwase, H.; Englund, D.; Vuckovic, J., 2008:
Spontaneous emission control in high-extraction efficiency plasmonic crystals

Summers, H.; Berry, G.; Lewis, G.; Blood, P., 1998:
Spontaneous emission control in quantum well laser diodes

Mitsuishi, M.; Morita, S.; Tawa, K.; Nishii, J.; Miyashita, T., 2012:
Spontaneous emission control of CdSe/ZnS nanoparticle monolayer in polymer nanosheet waveguide assembled on a one-dimensional silver grating surface

Huang, C-Hsien.; Cheng, S-Cheng.; Wu, J-Nuo.; Hsieh, W-Feng., 2011:
Spontaneous emission dynamics in an omnidirectional waveguide made of photonic crystals

Gupta, S.; Waks, E., 2014:
Spontaneous emission enhancement and saturable absorption of colloidal quantum dots coupled to photonic crystal cavity

Lee, K-G.; Eghlidi, H.; Chen, X-W.; Renn, A.; Götzinger, S.; Sandoghdar, V., 2013:
Spontaneous emission enhancement of a single molecule by a double-sphere nanoantenna across an interface

Ho, S.T.; McCall, S.L.; Slusher, R.E., 1993:
Spontaneous emission from excitons in thin dielectric layers

Mavrogordatos, T.K.; Morris, S.M.; Wood, S.M.; Coles, H.J.; Wilkinson, T.D., 2013:
Spontaneous emission from radiative chiral nematic liquid crystals at the photonic band-gap edge: an investigation into the role of the density of photon states near resonance

Nemes, László.; Keszler, A.M.; Parigger, C.G.; Hornkohl, J.O.; Michelsen, H.A.; Stakhursky, V., 2007:
Spontaneous emission from the C3 radical in carbon plasma

David, A.; Benisty, H.; Weisbuch, C., 2009:
Spontaneous emission in GaN/InGaN photonic crystal nanopillars

Fussell, D.P.; Dignam, M.M., 2007:
Spontaneous emission in coupled microcavity-waveguide structures at the band edge

Zhang, L.; Fu, X.; Zhang, M.; Yang, J., 2013:
Spontaneous emission in paired graphene plasmonic waveguide structures

Birowosuto, M.D.; Zhang, G.; Yokoo, A.; Takiguchi, M.; Notomi, M., 2014:
Spontaneous emission inhibition of telecom-band quantum disks inside single nanowire on different substrates

Park, S.; Zapasskii, V.; Wick, D.; Nelson, T.; Ell, C.; Gibbs, H.; Khitrova, G.; Schulzgen, A.; Kira, M.; Jahnke, F.; Koch, S., 1999:
Spontaneous emission lifetime of carriers in a semiconductor microcavity measured by photoluminescence without distortion by reabsorption

Yuan, X.W.; Shi, L.; Wang, Q.; Chen, C.Q.; Liu, X.H.; Sun, L.X.; Zhang, B.; Zi, J.; Lu, W., 2015:
Spontaneous emission modulation of colloidal quantum dots via efficient coupling with hybrid plasmonic photonic crystal

Cheng, S-Cheng.; Wu, J-Nuo.; Tsai, M-Rung.; Hsieh, W-Feng., 2009:
Spontaneous emission near the band edge of a three-dimensional photonic crystal: a fractional calculus approach

Chen, H-Ying.; Lee, Y.; Bowen, S.; Hilty, C., 2011:
Spontaneous emission of NMR signals in hyperpolarized proton spin systems

Ruijgrok, P.V.; Wüest, R.; Rebane, A.A.; Renn, A.; Sandoghdar, V., 2010:
Spontaneous emission of a nanoscopic emitter in a strongly scattering disordered medium

Hussain, R.; Keene, D.; Noginova, N.; Durach, M., 2014:
Spontaneous emission of electric and magnetic dipoles in the vicinity of thin and thick metal

Rukhlenko, I.D.; Handapangoda, D.; Premaratne, M.; Fedorov, A.V.; Baranov, A.V.; Jagadish, C., 2010:
Spontaneous emission of guided polaritons by quantum dot coupled to metallic nanowire: beyond the dipole approximation

Chen, G-Yin.; Chen, Y-Nan.; Chuu, D-San., 2008:
Spontaneous emission of quantum dot excitons into surface plasmons in a nanowire

Wang, D.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Deng, L.; Zhang, C.; Han, X.; Hou, Y.H., 2008:
Spontaneous emission of terbium complex in-filled in single-crystal colloidal multilayer

Liu, C.Y.; Stubenrauch, M.; Bimberg, D., 2011:
Spontaneous emission study on 1.3 µm InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers

Morillas-Romero, A.; Tortella-Feliu, M.; Balle, M.; Bornas, X., 2015:
Spontaneous emotion regulation and attentional control

Volokhov, R.N.; Demaree, H.A., 2010:
Spontaneous emotion regulation to positive and negative stimuli

Dill, J.L., 2011:
Spontaneous emphysema of the neck case report

Aiyappan, S.Kumar.; Ranga, U.; Veeraiyan, S., 2014:
Spontaneous emphysematous osteomyelitis of spine detected by computed tomography: Report of two cases

Chen, C-Hao.; Ho-Chang; Liu, H-Chang.; Tsung, T-Tshih.; Hung, T-Ti., 2011:
Spontaneous empyema necessitatis caused by Aspergillus fumigatus in an immunocompetent patient

Bozeya, A.; Al-Bawab, A.; Friberg, S.E.; Ge, L.; Rong, G., 2013:
Spontaneous emulsification between incompatible aqueous solutions in the water/ethanol/benzene system

Kowacz, M.; Esperança, Jé.M.S.S.; Rebelo, Lís.Paulo.N., 2014:
Spontaneous emulsification in ionic liquid/water systems and its use for templating of solids

Weerapol, Y.; Limmatvapirat, S.; Kumpugdee-Vollrath, M.; Sriamornsak, P., 2015:
Spontaneous emulsification of nifedipine-loaded self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system

de Souza, T.Pereira.; Fahr, A.; Luisi, P.Luigi.; Stano, P., 2015:
Spontaneous encapsulation and concentration of biological macromolecules in liposomes: an intriguing phenomenon and its relevance in origins of life

Jiang, Y.; Zhang, K.; Li, H.; He, Y.; Song, X., 2013:
Spontaneous encapsulation behavior of ionic liquid into carbon nanotube

Wind, J.J.; Caputy, A.J.; Roberti, F., 2008:
Spontaneous encephaloceles of the temporal lobe

Jagadeesan, N.; Patra, S.; Singh, A.Pal.; Nagesh, C.Mahadevappa.; Reddy, B.; Badnur, S.C.; Nanjappa, M.Cholenahally., 2014:
Spontaneous endocarditis caused by rapidly growing non-tuberculous Mycobacterium chelonae in an immunocompetent patient with rheumatic heart disease

Grissom, C.K.; Harmston, C.H.; McAlpine, J.C.; Radwin, M.I.; Ellington, B.; Hirshberg, E.L.; Crouch, A., 2011:
Spontaneous endogenous core temperature rewarming after cooling due to snow burial

Duman, O.; Durmaz, E.; Akcurin, S.; Serteser, M.; Haspolat, S., 2011:
Spontaneous endogenous hypermelatoninemia: a new disease?

Dhillon, S.S.; Khoo, N.Scze.; Quinonez, L.; Buchholz, H., 2013:
Spontaneous endogenous microbubbles in a child with Berlin heart ventricular assist device

Kusakabe, K.; Kiso, Y.; Hondo, E.; Takeshita, A.; Kato, K.; Okada, T.; Shibata, M-Aki.; Otsuki, Y., 2009:
Spontaneous endometrial hyperplasia in the uteri of IL-2 receptor beta-chain transgenic mice

Chatzikokkinou, P.; Thorfinn, J.; Angelidis, I.K.; Papa, G.; Trevisan, G., 2009:
Spontaneous endometriosis in an umbilical skin lesion

Solntseva, S.V.; Storozheva, Z.I.; Nikitin, V.P.; Sherstnev, V.V., 2013:
Spontaneous enhancement of long-term memory retrieval during a few days after training

Akine, S.; Hotate, S.; Matsumoto, T.; Nabeshima, T., 2011:
Spontaneous enrichment of one-handed helices by dissolution of quasiracemic crystals of a tetranuclear single helical complex

Kumar, A.; Pahwa, H.Singh.; Pandey, A.; Kumar, S., 2013:
Spontaneous enterocutaneous fistula due to femoral hernia

Günay, Y.; Bırcan, Hüseyin.; Demıralay, E.; Sade, Çağrı.; Emek, E.; Demırağ, A., 2014:
Spontaneous enterocutaneous fistula: unusual presentation of colon cancer

Cho, S.Hyun.; Oh, S.Young.; Zhu, Z.; Lee, J.; Lane, A.P., 2012:
Spontaneous eosinophilic nasal inflammation in a genetically-mutant mouse: comparative study with an allergic inflammation model

González-López, J.J.; Górgolas, M.; Muñiz, Jús.; López-Medrano, F.; Barnés, P.Ruiz.; Fernández Guerrero, M.L., 2010:
Spontaneous epidural abscess: analysis of 15 cases with emphasis on diagnostic and prognostic factors

Eisa, N.; Moh'd, H.; Alraiyes, A.Hamid.; Shaheen, K.; Kheir, F., 2014:
Spontaneous epidural air entrapment

Y, A.Kilit.; Yaman, Y.; Isguder, R.; Carti, O.; Demirag, B.; Agin, H.; Ozek, G.; Tatli, B.Gunes.; Albudak, E.; Berksoy, E., 2015:
Spontaneous epidural and subdural hematoma in a child with afibrinogenemia and postoperative management

Babatola, B.O.; Salman, Y.A.; Abiola, A.M.; Okezie, K.O.; Oladele, A.S., 2013:
Spontaneous epidural haematoma in sickle cell anaemia: case report and literature review

Cañete-Prette, M.A.; Martínez-Galdámez, M.; Alcázar, Aés.; Viñas, D.; Aranda, M.Ángeles., 2012:
Spontaneous epidural haematoma, an infrequent cause of cervicodorsal pain

Kanai, R.; Kubota, H.; Terada, T.; Hata, T.; Tawaraya, E.; Fujii, K., 2008:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma due to skull metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Woo, K.Moo.; Kim, B-Cheol.; Cho, K-Tae.; Kim, E-Jin., 2010:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma from skull base metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Farah, R.A.; Al Danaf, J.Z.; Chahinian, R.A.; Braiteh, N.T.; Al Ojaimi, N.F.; Cairo, A.; Farhat, H.; Mantoura, J.R., 2014:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma in a child with inherited factor XIII deficiency

Lannum, S.; Stratton, J., 2009:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma of the thoracic spine in a 17-year-old adolescent boy: a case report

Cai, H-Xin.; Liu, C.; Zhang, J-Feng.; Wan, S-Lin.; Uchida, K.; Fan, S-Wu., 2011:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma of thoracic spine presenting as Brown-Séquard syndrome: report of a case with review of the literature

Shin, Y-Il.; Yang, C-Yong.; Joo, M-Cheol.; Moon, S-Keun.; Park, J-Tae.; Kim, T-Jin., 2007:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma recurred three times

Takahashi, Y.; Hashimoto, N.; Hino, A., 2010:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma secondary to sphenoid sinusitis -case report-

Sangle, S.A.; Lohiya, R.V.; Karne, S.S.; Chugh, A., 2011:
Spontaneous epidural hematoma: a rare complication of sickle cell anemia

Tucker, A.; Miyake, H.; Tsuji, M.; Ukita, T.; Nishihara, K.; Ito, S.; Ohmura, T., 2008:
Spontaneous epidural pneumocephalus

Sivakumaran, R.; King, A.; Bodi, I.; Chandler, C.L.; Walsh, D.C., 2016:
Spontaneous epidural spinal haematoma in children caused by vascular malformations

Koch, C.A.; Olsen, S.M.; Saleh, A.M.; Orvidas, L.J., 2010:
Spontaneous epiglottic hematoma secondary to supratherapeutic anticoagulation

Lapray, D.; Popova, I.Y.; Kindler, J.; Jorquera, I.; Becq, Hélène.; Manent, J-Bernard.; Luhmann, H.J.; Represa, A., 2011:
Spontaneous epileptic manifestations in a DCX knockdown model of human double cortex

Yang, L.; Afroz, S.; Michelson, H.B.; Goodman, J.H.; Valsamis, H.A.; Ling, D.S.F., 2010:
Spontaneous epileptiform activity in rat neocortex after controlled cortical impact injury

Ziyatdinova, S.; Gurevicius, K.; Kutchiashvili, N.; Bolkvadze, T.; Nissinen, J.; Tanila, H.; Pitkänen, A., 2011:
Spontaneous epileptiform discharges in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease are suppressed by antiepileptic drugs that block sodium channels

Kolomeyer, A.M.; Schwartz, D.M., 2013:
Spontaneous epiretinal membrane separation

Zagon, I.S.; Campbell, A.M.; Sassani, J.W.; McLaughlin, P.J., 2012:
Spontaneous episodic decreased tear secretion in rats is related to opioidergic signaling pathways

Lesniak, D.; Sabri, S.; Xu, Y.; Graham, K.; Bhatnagar, P.; Suresh, M.; Abdulkarim, B., 2014:
Spontaneous epithelial-mesenchymal transition and resistance to HER-2-targeted therapies in HER-2-positive luminal breast cancer

Tsuchiya, T.; Gray, T.L.; Gatto, N.T.; Forest, T.; Machotka, S.V.; Troth, S.P.; Prahalada, S., 2015:
Spontaneous epithelioid hemangiosarcoma in a rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Chen, T-Li.; Fung, C-Phone.; Lee, S-Dong., 2011:
Spontaneous eradication of a NDM-1 positive Klebsiella pneumoniae that colonized the intestine of an asymptomatic carrier

Berti, S.de.Azambuja.; Pompermayer, A.Bastos.; Couto Souza, P.Henrique.; Tanaka, O.Motohiro.; Westphalen, Vânia.Portela.Ditzel.; Westphalen, F.Henrique., 2010:
Spontaneous eruption of a canine after marsupialization of an infected dentigerous cyst

Sano, K.; Yoshimura, H.; Tobita, T.; Kimura, S.; Imamura, Y., 2013:
Spontaneous eruption of involved second molar in unicystic ameloblastoma of the mandible after marsupialization followed by enucleation: a case report

Bremmer, M.; Deng, A.; Martin, D.Bilu., 2008:
Spontaneous eruptive keloid-like cutaneous lesions in a renal transplant patient: a form of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis?

Adeniyi, M.; Sun, Y.; Servilla, K.S.; Hartshorne, M.F.; Tzamaloukas, A.H., 2009:
Spontaneous erythrocytosis in a patient on chronic hemodialysis

Marcos-Pinto, R.; Caetano, C.; Ferreira, Jé.; Areias, J., 2012:
Spontaneous esophageal hematoma: endoscopic follow up

Chiu, Y-Hui.; Chen, J-Dar.; Hsu, C-Yang.; How, C-Kuang.; Yen, D.Hung-Tsang.; Huang, C-I., 2009:
Spontaneous esophageal injury: esophageal intramural hematoma

Negreanu, L.; Tribus, L.C.; Purcarea, M.; Fierbinteanu Braticevici, C., 2011:
Spontaneous esophageal mucosal dissection in a patient with upper digestive bleeding and esophageal varices

Tonolini, M.; Bianco, R., 2013:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation (Boerhaave syndrome): Diagnosis with CT-esophagography

Lyman, D., 2012:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation in a patient with mixed connective tissue disease

Robles-Medranda, C.; Villard, F.; Bouvier, R.; Dumortier, J.; Lachaux, A., 2008:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation in eosinophilic esophagitis in children

Abel, A.G.; Brown, W.A.; Smith, A.; Nottle, P., 2013:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation leading to vertebral osteomyelitis and spinal cord compression

Razi, E.; Davoodabadi, A.; Razi, A., 2013:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation presenting as a right-sided pleural effusion: a case report

Ota, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Aoki, M.; Higuchi, K., 2015:
Spontaneous esophageal perforation with a posterior mediastinal hematoma

Blencowe, N.S.; Strong, S.; Hollowood, A.D., 2014:
Spontaneous esophageal rupture

Salvador Baudet, J.; Arencibia, A.; Soler, M.; Redondo, I.; Hernández, G., 2012:
Spontaneous esophageal rupture (Boerhaave's syndrome). An uncommon image

Gómez Senent, S.; Adán Merino, L.; Froilán Torres, C.; Plaza Santos, Río.; Suárez de Parga, Jé.Manuel., 2008:
Spontaneous esophageal rupture as onset of eosinophilic esophagitis

Oza, N.; Eguchi, Y.; Ootani, H.; Tsunada, S.; Sakata, H.; Iwakiri, R.; Fujimoto, K., 2009:
Spontaneous esophageal rupture with liver cirrhosis ruptured atypical location postoperaive endoscopic injection sclerotherapy, and treated endoscopically

Vyas, S.; Prakash, M.; Kaman, L.; Bhardwaj, N.; Khandelwal, N., 2011:
Spontaneous esophageal-pleural fistula

Nari, G.Adrián.; Huerta, C.Guerrero.; Revelez, Rúl.Barragán.; González, A.Sánchez., 2010:
Spontaneous esophago-pleural fistula secondary to candidiasis in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus infection. An infrequent complication of esophageal moniliasis

Singhal, M.; Singh, S.; Gupta, P.; Sharma, A.; Khandelwal, N.; Burns, J.C., 2017:
Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography for Evaluation of Children With Kawasaki Disease

Gaisinsky, B.E., 2011:
Spontaneous evagination of the intestine through a fistula

Harihara, S.; Nakamura, K.; Takubo, K.; Takeuchi, F., 2013:
Spontaneous event of mitochondrial DNA mutation, A3243G, found in a family of identical twins

Luczak, A.; Barthó, P.; Harris, K.D., 2009:
Spontaneous events outline the realm of possible sensory responses in neocortical populations

Randriambololona, R.A.; Rakotovao, M.; Rakototiana, A.F.; Botolahy, Z.A.; Rakoto-Ratsimba, H.N., 2011:
Spontaneous evisceration of an abdominal pregnancy. Report of a case in Madagascar

Ogu, U.Stanley.; Valko, J.; Wilhelm, J.; Dy, V., 2013:
Spontaneous evisceration of bowel through an umbilical hernia in a patient with refractory ascites

Coppo, M.; Bertoli, R., 2014:
Spontaneous evolution and medical therapy of pulmonary abscess; clinical contribution

Lee, M.; Kim, W.; Choi, Y.; Kim, S.; Kim, D.; Yu, S.Jong.; Lee, J-Hoon.; Kim, H.Young.; Jung, Y.Jin.; Kim, B.Gwan.; Kim, Y.Jun.; Yoon, J-Hwan.; Lee, K.Lae.; Lee, H-Suk., 2015:
Spontaneous evolution in bilirubin levels predicts liver-related mortality in patients with alcoholic hepatitis

Desai, J.; Rosser, T., 2013:
Spontaneous evolution of an unusual cortical malformation in SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome

Santiviago, C.A.; Blondel, C.J.; Quezada, C.P.; Silva, C.A.; Tobar, P.M.; Porwollik, S.; McClelland, M.; Andrews-Polymenis, H.L.; Toro, C.S.; Zaldívar, M.; Contreras, Iés., 2010:
Spontaneous excision of the Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis-specific defective prophage-like element phiSE14

Yu, N.; Morris, C.E.; Joós, Béla.; Longtin, Aé., 2013:
Spontaneous excitation patterns computed for axons with injury-like impairments of sodium channels and Na/K pumps

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Spontaneous free perforation of the small intestine in adults

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Spontaneous frequency of micronuclei among the newborns from high level natural radiation areas of Kerala in the southwest coast of India

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Spontaneous generation in medieval Jewish philosophy and theology

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Spontaneous growth of self-relief wrinkles in freely floating lipid-based nanomembranes, formed on a reactive bath of polyoxometalate aqueous solution

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Spontaneous haematoma of the iliopsoas muscle

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Spontaneous haematoma of the pharynx due to a rare drug interaction

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Spontaneous haematomata of the vulva

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Spontaneous haemoperitoneum after the second trimester of pregnancy. Diagnosis and management

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Spontaneous haemoperitoneum due to segmental arterial mediolysis and rupture of the left colic artery

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Spontaneous haemopneumothorax

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Spontaneous haemorrhage and rupture of third ventricular colloid cyst

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Spontaneous haemorrhage in a healthy newborn

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Spontaneous haemothorax

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Spontaneous haemothorax from an osteochondroma

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Spontaneous hair cell regeneration in the mouse utricle following gentamicin ototoxicity

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Spontaneous hair cell regeneration in the neonatal mouse cochlea in vivo

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