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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55901

Chapter 55901 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Cha, E-Joon.; Kim, J.Eun.; Ahn, C-Hee., 2010:
Stabilized polymeric micelles by electrostatic interactions for drug delivery system

Cheng, Z.; A.Z.ki, A.; Jones, I.W.; Hall, H.K.; Aspinwall, C.A.; Tsourkas, A., 2014:
Stabilized porous liposomes with encapsulated Gd-labeled dextran as a highly efficient MRI contrast agent

Nimmo, S.S.; Nimmo, A., 2011:
Stabilized record base for implant treatment

Hara, S.; Liu, M.; Wang, W.; Xu, M.; Li, Z.; Ito, Y., 2012:
Stabilized ribosome display for in vitro selection

Bashir, M.J.K.; Aziz, H.Abdul.; Yusoff, M.Suffian.; Aziz, S.Qarani.; Mohajeri, S., 2010:
Stabilized sanitary landfill leachate treatment using anionic resin: treatment optimization by response surface methodology

Wu, X.; van Zwieten, G.J.; van der Zee, K.G., 2014:
Stabilized second-order convex splitting schemes for Cahn-Hilliard models with application to diffuse-interface tumor-growth models

Paccou, J.; Confavreux, C.B.; David, C.; Leboime, A.; Mehsen, N.; Cortet, B., 2011:
Stabilized severe osteoporosis: should the treatment be stopped?

Ponikvar, D.R.; Ezekiel, S., 1981:
Stabilized single-frequency stimulated Brillouin fiber ring laser

Liu, B-Wen.; Hu, M-Lie.; Fang, X-Hui.; Li, Y-Feng.; Chai, L.; Wang, C-Yue.; Tong, W.; Luo, J.; Voronin, A.A.; Zheltikov, A.M., 2008:
Stabilized soliton self-frequency shift and 0.1- PHz sideband generation in a photonic-crystal fiber with an air-hole-modified core

Naka, K.; Sato, M.; Chujo, Y., 2008:
Stabilized spherical aggregate of palladium nanoparticles prepared by reduction of palladium acetate in octa(3-aminopropyl)octasilsesquioxane as a rigid template

Faiyazuddin, M.; Ahmad, N.; Khar, R.K.; Bhatnagar, A.; Ahmad, F.J., 2013:
Stabilized terbutaline submicron drug aerosol for deep lungs deposition: drug assay, pulmonokinetics and biodistribution by UHPLC/ESI-q-TOF-MS method

Yang, J-Sheng.; Chen, X-Hui.; Zhang, H.; Dai, W-Bing.; Wang, X-Qing.; Zhang, Q., 2016:
Stabilized thiomer PAA-Cys-6MNA

Zimmermann, E.; Salvadé, Y.; Dändliker, R., 1996:
Stabilized three-wavelength source calibrated by electronic means for high-accuracy absolute distance measurement

Schulz, A.; Villinger, A., 2013:
Stabilized transient R2PN species

Takasaki, H.; Umeda, N.; Tsukiji, M., 1980:
Stabilized transverse zeeman laser as a new light source for optical measurement

Chen, W.; Ren, Y.; Zheng, Q.; Jhanji, V., 2015:
Stabilized triple procedure for management of coexisting corneal opacity and cataract

Dong, J.; Zeng, Y.; Xun, Z.; Han, Y.; Chen, J.; Li, Y-Ying.; Li, Y., 2012:
Stabilized vesicles consisting of small amphiphiles for stepwise photorelease via UV light

Zhu, Y.; Chuanzhao, L.; Biying, A.Oh.; Sudarmadji, M.; Chen, A.; Tuan, D.Thanh.; Seayad, A.M., 2012:
Stabilized well-dispersed Pd(0) nanoparticles for aminocarbonylation of aryl halides

Kelly, J.Robert.; Denry, I., 2007:
Stabilized zirconia as a structural ceramic: an overview

Salgueiro, M.J.; Arnoldi, S.; Kaliski, M.A.; Torti, H.; Messeri, E.; Weill, R.; Zubillaga, M.; Boccio, J., 2008:
Stabilized-solubilized ferric pyrophosphate as a new iron source for food fortification. Bioavailability studies by means of the prophylactic-preventive method in rats

Gil, S.; Jiménez-Borja, C.; Martin-Campo, J.; Romero, A.; Valverde, Jé.Luis.; Sánchez-Silva, L., 2015:
Stabilizer effects on the synthesis of gold-containing microparticles. Application to the liquid phase oxidation of glycerol

Nigg, S.E.; Girvin, S.M., 2013:
Stabilizer quantum error correction toolbox for superconducting qubits

Richter, K.; Birkner, A.; Mudring, A-Verena., 2010:
Stabilizer-free metal nanoparticles and metal-metal oxide nanocomposites with long-term stability prepared by physical vapor deposition into ionic liquids

Fillafer, C.; Wirth, M.; Gabor, F., 2007:
Stabilizer-induced viscosity alteration biases nanoparticle sizing via dynamic light scattering

Itoi, E.; King, G.J.; Morrey, B.F.; An, K.N., 1992:
Stabilizers of capitellocondylar total elbow arthroplasty

Mao, X.; Li, X.; Wang, S.; Zhang, W.; Zeng, C., 2010:
Stabilizers of horseradish peroxidase

Fernández-Morales, Jé-Carlos.; Arranz-Tagarro, J-Alberto.; Calvo-Gallardo, E.; Maroto, M.; Padín, J-Fernando.; García, A.G., 2012:
Stabilizers of neuronal and mitochondrial calcium cycling as a strategy for developing a medicine for Alzheimer's disease

Jiang, H.; Bower, K.E.; Beuscher, A.E.; Zhou, B.; Bobkov, A.A.; Olson, A.J.; Vogt, P.K., 2009:
Stabilizers of the Max homodimer identified in virtual ligand screening inhibit Myc function

King, G.J.; Morrey, B.F.; An, K.N., 1993:
Stabilizers of the elbow

Pagnani, M.J.; Warren, R.F., 1994:
Stabilizers of the glenohumeral joint

Tasneem, M.; Siddique, F.; Ahmad, A.; Farooq, U., 2014:
Stabilizers: indispensable substances in dairy products of high rheology

Riha, S.C.; Jin, S.; Baryshev, S.V.; Thimsen, E.; Wiederrecht, G.P.; Martinson, A.B.F., 2013:
Stabilizing Cu2S for photovoltaics one atomic layer at a time

Chakroborty, S.; Briggs, C.; Miller, M.B.; Goussakov, I.; Schneider, C.; Kim, J.; Wicks, J.; Richardson, J.C.; Conklin, V.; Cameransi, B.G.; Stutzmann, G.E., 2013:
Stabilizing ER Ca2+ channel function as an early preventative strategy for Alzheimer's disease

Bruce, C.; Chin, K.R.; Cumming, V.; Crawford, N.R., 2014:
Stabilizing Effects of a Particulate Demineralized Bone Matrix in the L4 Interbody Space with and without PEEK Cage - A Literature Review and Preliminary Results of a Cadaveric Biomechanical Study

Zhang, H.; Xiang, J-Feng.; Hu, H-Yu.; Li, L.; Jin, X.; Liu, Y.; Li, P-Fei.; Tang, Y.; Chen, C-Feng., 2011:
Stabilizing G-quadruplex DNA by a scissors-shaped binaphthyl derivative through the entangling mode: cooperation of binaphthylene and the ethoxy chain

Grabowski, Sławomir.J.; Hoffmann, R., 2012:
Stabilizing H3-: or are we stabilizing a proton?

Dunn, N., 1922:
Stabilizing Operation in the Treatment of Paralytic Deformities of the Foot

Shimanovich, U.; Volkov, V.; Eliaz, D.; Aizer, A.; Michaeli, S.; Gedanken, A., 2011:
Stabilizing RNA by the sonochemical formation of RNA nanospheres

Wang, Z.; Hao, X.; Gerhold, S.; Mares, P.; Wagner, M.; Bliem, R.; Schulte, K.; Schmid, M.; Franchini, C.; Diebold, U., 2014:
Stabilizing Single Ni Adatoms on a Two-Dimensional Porous Titania Overlayer at the SrTiO 3 (110) Surface

Ramos, A.; Otten, E.; Stephan, D.W., 2009:
Stabilizing Zr and Ti cations by interaction with a ferrocenyl fragment

Wang, Q.; Sun, Q.; Jena, P., 2009:
Stabilizing a 22 karat nanogolden cage

Rosnizeck, I.C.; Graf, T.; Spoerner, M.; Tränkle, J.; Filchtinski, D.; Herrmann, C.; Gremer, L.; Vetter, I.R.; Wittinghofer, A.; König, B.; Kalbitzer, H.Robert., 2010:
Stabilizing a weak binding state for effectors in the human ras protein by cyclen complexes

Leibly, D.J.; Nguyen, T.Nhu.; Kao, L.T.; Hewitt, S.N.; Barrett, L.K.; Van Voorhis, W.C., 2013:
Stabilizing additives added during cell lysis aid in the solubilization of recombinant proteins

Zelinková, H.; Červenka, R.; Komárek, J., 2012:
Stabilizing agents for calibration in the determination of mercury using solid sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

Pérez-Arjona, I.; Silva, F.; Roldán, E.; de Valcárcel, Gán., 2004:
Stabilizing and controlling domain walls and dark-ring cavity solitons

Arakawa, T.; Hirano, A.; Shiraki, K.; Kita, Y.; Koyama, A.Hajime., 2010:
Stabilizing and destabilizing effects of arginine on deoxyribonucleic acid

Choi, S.Pin-Pin.; Pang, S.Mei-Che.; Cheung, K.; Wong, T.Kwok-Shing., 2012:
Stabilizing and destabilizing forces in the nursing work environment: a qualitative study on turnover intention

Kirillov, O.N., 2013:
Stabilizing and destabilizing perturbations of PT-symmetric indefinitely damped systems

Thompson, L.H.; Jones, N.J., 2010:
Stabilizing and remodeling the blocked DNA replication fork: anchoring FANCM and the Fanconi anemia damage response

Figueroa, S.; Bulos, M.; Forges, E.; Judkins-Cohn, T., 2013:
Stabilizing and retaining a quality nursing work force through the use of the Married State Preceptorship Model

Mahn, D.H., 2011:
Stabilizing and securing an RPD with a single implant

Verhoeff, B.; Fleck, L., 2015:
Stabilizing autism: A Fleckian account of the rise of a neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder

Zhou, Z.; Chen, X.; Holdcroft, S., 2008:
Stabilizing bicontinuous nanophase segregation in piCP-C60 donor-acceptor blends

Bommarius, A.S.; Paye, Métou.F., 2014:
Stabilizing biocatalysts

Ohgane, K.; Ueda, K-Ichi., 2010:
Stabilizing bipedal walking on posts through multiple constraints

Stovel, K.; Golub, B.; Milgrom, E.M.Meyersson., 2011:
Stabilizing brokerage

Kier, B.L.; Shu, I.; Eidenschink, L.A.; Andersen, N.H., 2010:
Stabilizing capping motif for beta-hairpins and sheets

Perez-Peralta, N.; Contreras, M.; Tiznado, W.; Stewart, J.; Donald, K.J.; Merino, G., 2011:
Stabilizing carbon-lithium stars

Peng, B.; Yuan, X.; Zhao, C.; Lercher, J.A., 2012:
Stabilizing catalytic pathways via redundancy: selective reduction of microalgae oil to alkanes

Morsbach, E.; Spéder, József.; Arenz, M.; Brauns, E.; Lang, W.; Kunz, S.; Bäumer, M., 2014:
Stabilizing catalytically active nanoparticles by ligand linking: toward three-dimensional networks with high catalytic surface area

Sangwan, S.; Green, R.A.; Taylor, N.F., 2016:
Stabilizing characteristics of rotator cuff muscles: a systematic review

Kim, D.Han.; Losego, M.D.; Hanson, K.; Alibabaei, L.; Lee, K.; Meyer, T.J.; Parsons, G.N., 2014:
Stabilizing chromophore binding on TiO2 for long-term stability of dye-sensitized solar cells using multicomponent atomic layer deposition

Fukuda, N.; Takaoka, M.; Oshita, K.; Mizuno, T., 2015:
Stabilizing conditions of metal mercury in mercury sulfurization using a planetary ball mill

Dahms, T.; Hövel, P.; Schöll, E., 2008:
Stabilizing continuous-wave output in semiconductor lasers by time-delayed feedback

Lee, S.Chek.; Wang, Q-Guo.; Nguyen, L.Binh., 2010:
Stabilizing control for a class of delay unstable processes

de los Reyes, A.A.; Jung, E.; Kappel, F., 2015:
Stabilizing control for a pulsatile cardiovascular mathematical model

Kim, A.D.; Kath, W.L.; Goedde, C.G., 1996:
Stabilizing dark solitons by periodic phase-sensitive amplification

Wong, M., 2008:
Stabilizing dendritic structure as a novel therapeutic approach for epilepsy

Alen'kina, S.A.; Zharkova, V.R.; Nikitina, V.E., 2008:
Stabilizing effect of Azospirillum lectins on beta-glucosidase activity

Golovko, V.A.; Bushneva, O.A., 2008:
Stabilizing effect of Silene pectin polysaccharide on electrical activity of the sinoatrial area in frog heart

Masse, L., 2007:
Stabilizing effect of anisotropic thermal diffusion on the ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability

Ballmann, C.; Mueller, B.W., 2008:
Stabilizing effect of cetostearyl alcohol and glyceryl monostearate as co-emulsifiers on hydrocarbon-free O/W glyceride creams

Nishio, R.; Shinke, T.; Otake, H.; Nakagawa, M.; Nagoshi, R.; Inoue, T.; Kozuki, A.; Hariki, H.; Osue, T.; Taniguchi, Y.; Iwasaki, M.; Hiranuma, N.; Konishi, A.; Kinutani, H.; Shite, J.; Hirata, K-Ichi., 2014:
Stabilizing effect of combined eicosapentaenoic acid and statin therapy on coronary thin-cap fibroatheroma

Makwana, K.Madhusudan.; Raghothama, S.; Mahalakshmi, R., 2014:
Stabilizing effect of electrostatic vs. aromatic interactions in diproline nucleated peptide β-hairpins

Paisley, A.N.; Savage, M.W.; Wiles, P.G., 2010:
Stabilizing effect of exenatide in a patient with C-peptide-negative diabetes mellitus

Sułkowska, J.I.; Sulkowski, P.; Szymczak, P.; Cieplak, M., 2009:
Stabilizing effect of knots on proteins

Kamal, M.Zahid.; Ahmad, S.; Rao, N.Madhusudhana., 2011:
Stabilizing effect of polyols is sensitive to inherent stability of protein

Moriguchi, T.; Azam, A.T.M.Zafrul.; Shinozuka, K., 2011:
Stabilizing effect of propionic acid derivative of anthraquinone--polyamine conjugate incorporated into α-β chimeric oligonucleotides on the alternate-stranded triple helix

Rodriguez Furlán, L.T.; Lecot, J.; Pérez Padilla, A.; Campderrós, M.E.; Zaritzky, N., 2012:
Stabilizing effect of saccharides on bovine plasma protein: a calorimetric study

Nowacka, O.; Shcharbin, D.; Klajnert-Maculewicz, B.; Bryszewska, M., 2014:
Stabilizing effect of small concentrations of PAMAM dendrimers at the insulin aggregation

Troiber, C.; Edinger, D.; Kos, P.; Schreiner, L.; Kläger, R.; Herrmann, A.; Wagner, E., 2013:
Stabilizing effect of tyrosine trimers on pDNA and siRNA polyplexes

Zaroog, M.Suleiman.; Abdul Kadir, H.; Tayyab, S., 2014:
Stabilizing effect of various polyols on the native and the denatured states of glucoamylase

Inoue, Y.; Sekiya, N.; Katayama, K.; Narutaki, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Iohara, D.; Hirayama, F.; Uekama, K., 2015:
Stabilizing effect of β-cyclodextrin on Limaprost, a PGE₁ derivative, in Limaprost alfadex tablets (Opalmon) in highly humid conditions

Ghasemi, A.; Shafiee, M.; Rowghani, K., 2008:
Stabilizing effects of cool dialysate temperature on hemodynamic parameters in diabetic patients undergoing hemodialysis

Jucker, T.; Bouriaud, O.; Avacaritei, D.; Coomes, D.A., 2015:
Stabilizing effects of diversity on aboveground wood production in forest ecosystems: linking patterns and processes

Koshida, S.; Kurata, Y.; Notsu, T.; Hirota, Y.; Kuang, T.Y.; Li, P.; Bahrudin, U.; Harada, S.; Miake, J.; Yamamoto, Y.; Hoshikawa, Y.; Igawa, O.; Higaki, K.; Soma, M.; Yoshida, A.; Ninomiya, H.; Shiota, G.; Shirayoshi, Y.; Hisatome, I., 2009:
Stabilizing effects of eicosapentaenoic acid on Kv1.5 channel protein expressed in mammalian cells

Li, C.; Wu, S.; Feng, G.Gary.; Liao, X., 2011:
Stabilizing effects of impulses in discrete-time delayed neural networks

Hsu, Y-tsung., 2009:
Stabilizing existing removable partial prostheses during impression procedures

Kassa, A.; Dey, A.K.; Sarkar, P.; Labranche, C.; Go, E.P.; Clark, D.F.; Sun, Y.; Nandi, A.; Hartog, K.; Desaire, H.; Montefiori, D.; Carfi, A.; Srivastava, I.K.; Barnett, S.W., 2014:
Stabilizing exposure of conserved epitopes by structure guided insertion of disulfide bond in HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein

Rodríguez Ortega, Mía.Pilar.Gema.; Montejo, M.; López González, J.Jesús., 2014:
Stabilizing factors of the molecular structure in silicon-based peptidomimetics in gas-phase and water solution. Assessment of the correlation between different descriptors of hydrogen bond strength

Jin, T.H.; Tsao, E.; Goudsmit, J.; Dheenadhayalan, V.; Sadoff, J., 2010:
Stabilizing formulations for inhalable powders of an adenovirus 35-vectored tuberculosis (TB) vaccine (AERAS-402)

Burger, J.L.; Cape, S.P.; Braun, C.S.; McAdams, D.H.; Best, J.A.; Bhagwat, P.; Pathak, P.; Rebits, L.G.; Sievers, R.E., 2008:
Stabilizing formulations for inhalable powders of live-attenuated measles virus vaccine

Evsikov, V.I.; Potapov, M.A.; Nazarova, G.G.; Potapova, O.F., 2007:
Stabilizing function of sexual selection in relation to male aggressiveness in rodents

Kolar, P.; Sulc, J.; Kyncl, M.; Sanda, J.; Neuwirth, J.; Bokarius, A.V.; Kriz, J.; Kobesova, A., 2011:
Stabilizing function of the diaphragm: dynamic MRI and synchronized spirometric assessment

Itoi, E.; Motzkin, N.E.; Morrey, B.F.; An, K.N., 1994:
Stabilizing function of the long head of the biceps in the hanging arm position

Yang, B.; Pan, Y.; Lin, X.; Nilius, N.; Freund, H-Joachim.; Hulot, C.; Giraud, A.; Blechert, S.; Tosoni, S.; Sauer, J., 2012:
Stabilizing gold adatoms by thiophenyl derivatives: a possible route toward metal redispersion

Ma, G.; Binder, A.; Chi, M.; Liu, C.; Jin, R.; Jiang, D-en.; Fan, J.; Dai, S., 2012:
Stabilizing gold clusters by heterostructured transition-metal oxide-mesoporous silica supports for enhanced catalytic activities for CO oxidation

Comenge, J.; Puntes, Víctor.F., 2014:
Stabilizing gold nanoparticle bioconjugates in physiological conditions by PEGylation

Wu, D.; Lagally, M.G.; Liu, F., 2011:
Stabilizing graphitic thin films of wurtzite materials by epitaxial strain

Dorrepaal, E.; Thomaes, K.; Smit, J.H.; van Balkom, A.J.L.M.; van Dyck, R.; Veltman, D.J.; Draijer, N., 2010:
Stabilizing group treatment for Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder related to childhood abuse based on psycho-education and cognitive behavioral therapy: a pilot study

Dorrepaal, E.; Thomaes, K.; Smit, J.H.; van Balkom, A.J.L.M.; Veltman, D.J.; Hoogendoorn, A.W.; Draijer, N., 2012:
Stabilizing group treatment for complex posttraumatic stress disorder related to child abuse based on psychoeducation and cognitive behavioural therapy: a multisite randomized controlled trial

Ma, L.; Harrell, W.A.; Davis, J.T., 2009:
Stabilizing guanosine-sterol ion channels with a carbamate to urea modification in the linker

Oommachen, S.; Ren, J.; McCallum, C.Michael., 2008:
Stabilizing helical polyalanine peptides with negative polarity or charge: capping with cysteine

Fishbane, S.; Larson, K.; VanBuskirk, S., 2008:
Stabilizing hemoglobin levels: what's new in IV iron and anemia management?

Lucendo-Villarin, B.; Cameron, K.; Szkolnicka, D.; Travers, P.; Khan, F.; Walton, J.G.; Iredale, J.; Bradley, M.; Hay, D.C., 2015:
Stabilizing hepatocellular phenotype using optimized synthetic surfaces

Gopakumar, S.; Tran, T.; Nguyen, T.Dinh.; Phung, D.; Venkatesh, S., 2015:
Stabilizing high-dimensional prediction models using feature graphs

Lewis, R.A.; Wu, G.; Hayton, T.W., 2011:
Stabilizing high-valent metal ions with a ketimide ligand set: synthesis of Mn(N=C(t)Bu2)4

Bloch-Salisbury, E.; Indic, P.; Bednarek, F.; Paydarfar, D., 2009:
Stabilizing immature breathing patterns of preterm infants using stochastic mechanosensory stimulation

Pandey, B.K.; Enck, S.; Price, J.L., 2015:
Stabilizing impact of N-glycosylation on the WW domain depends strongly on the Asn-GlcNAc linkage

Lo, C-Wen.; Desjouy, C.; Chen, S-Ru.; Lee, J-Lin.; Inserra, C.; Béra, J-Christophe.; Chen, W-Shiang., 2014:
Stabilizing in vitro ultrasound-mediated gene transfection by regulating cavitation

Vanhommerig, J.W.; Stolte, I.G.; Lambers, F.A.E.; Geskus, R.B.; van de Laar, T.J.W.; Bruisten, S.M.; Schinkel, J.; Prins, M., 2014:
Stabilizing incidence of hepatitis C virus infection among men who have sex with men in Amsterdam

Kannus, P.; Palvanen, M.; Niemi, S.; Parkkari, J.; Järvinen, M., 2008:
Stabilizing incidence of low-trauma ankle fractures in elderly people Finnish statistics in 1970-2006 and prediction for the future

Shinohara, T.; Horii, E.; Tatebe, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Kurimoto, S.; Hirata, H., 2013:
Stabilizing incomplete reduction of the radial head using a hinged splint: conservative treatment for a Monteggia equivalent lesion

Takano, Y.; Obuchi, S.; Mizorogi, N.; García, Rúl.; Herranz, M.Ángeles.; Rudolf, M.; Wolfrum, S.; Guldi, D.M.; Martín, N.; Nagase, S.; Akasaka, T., 2012:
Stabilizing ion and radical ion pair states in a paramagnetic endohedral metallofullerene/π-extended tetrathiafulvalene conjugate

Sidorova, N.Y.; Hung, S.; Rau, D.C., 2010:
Stabilizing labile DNA-protein complexes in polyacrylamide gels

Kersten, S.; Bensadoun, Aé., 2010:
Stabilizing lipoprotein lipase

Cui, M.; Emrick, T.; Russell, T.P., 2013:
Stabilizing liquid drops in nonequilibrium shapes by the interfacial jamming of nanoparticles

Betke, U.; Neuschulz, K.; Wickleder, M.S., 2011:
Stabilizing low-valent refractory metals in a strongly oxidizing medium: the first molybdenum(V) sulfate--MoO(HSO4)(SO4)--from Mo(CO)6 in oleum

Monari, J.H., 1980:
Stabilizing mandibular recording bases and occlusal rims

Yamamoto, N.; Muraki, T.; Sperling, J.W.; Steinmann, S.P.; Cofield, R.H.; Itoi, E.; An, K-Nan., 2010:
Stabilizing mechanism in bone-grafting of a large glenoid defect

Anonymous, 2015:
Stabilizing medicare fees

Scott, D.J.; Kummer, L.; Tremmel, D.; Plückthun, A., 2014:
Stabilizing membrane proteins through protein engineering

Cao, A.; Lu, R.; Veser, Götz., 2010:
Stabilizing metal nanoparticles for heterogeneous catalysis

Kim, K.; Saleh, O.A., 2008:
Stabilizing method for reflection interference contrast microscopy

Cao, H-M.; Wang, Q.; You, H-Y.; Li, J.; Yang, Z-Y., 2012:
Stabilizing microtubules decreases myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury

Mahboobi Esfanjani, R.; Nikravesh, S.K.Y., 2011:
Stabilizing model predictive control for constrained nonlinear distributed delay systems

van Keeken, H.G.; Vrieling, A.H.; Hof, A.L.; Postema, K.; Otten, B., 2012:
Stabilizing moments of force on a prosthetic knee during stance in the first steps after gait initiation

Jerratsch, J-Frederik.; Nilius, N.; Topwal, D.; Martinez, U.; Giordano, L.; Pacchioni, G.; Freund, H-Joachim., 2010:
Stabilizing monomeric iron species in a porous silica/Mo(112) film

Lunde, E.; Løset, G.Åge.; Bogen, B.; Sandlie, I., 2010:
Stabilizing mutations increase secretion of functional soluble TCR-Ig fusion proteins

Aidhy, D.S.; Zhang, Y.; Weber, W.J., 2013:
Stabilizing nanocrystalline grains in ceramic-oxides

Kim, J.; Shen, M.; Nioradze, N.; Amemiya, S., 2012:
Stabilizing nanometer scale tip-to-substrate gaps in scanning electrochemical microscopy using an isothermal chamber for thermal drift suppression

Gong, Y.; Palacio, D.; Song, X.; Patel, R.L.; Liang, X.; Zhao, X.; Goodenough, J.B.; Huang, K., 2014:
Stabilizing nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell cathode with atomic layer deposition

Wallnoefer, H.G.; Handschuh, S.; Liedl, K.R.; Fox, T., 2010:
Stabilizing of a globular protein by a highly complex water network: a molecular dynamics simulation study on factor Xa

Zou, W.; Senthilkumar, D.V.; Tang, Y.; Kurths, Jürgen., 2013:
Stabilizing oscillation death by multicomponent coupling with mismatched delays

Verlaan, J.J., 2014:
Stabilizing osteoporotic thoracolumbar fractures through an anterior or posterior approach: what works best?

Erwood, I., 2010:
Stabilizing partial dentures using small-diameter implants

Stoll, G.; Bischofberger, M.; Rougemont, J.; Naef, F., 2011:
Stabilizing patterning in the Drosophila segment polarity network by selecting models in silico

Fine, J.M.; Amazeen, E.L., 2014:
Stabilizing perceptual-motor asymmetries during social coordination

Al-Sagheer, F.; Ahmad, Z., 2015:
Stabilizing poly(vinyl chloride) using its blends with poly(methyl methacarylate): pyrolysis GC/MS studies

Papalia, E.; Manzoni, D.; Santarcangelo, E.L., 2015:
Stabilizing posture through imagery

Albasarah, Y.Y.; Somavarapu, S.; Taylor, K.M.G., 2011:
Stabilizing protein formulations during air-jet nebulization

Sullivan, B.J.; Nguyen, T.; Durani, V.; Mathur, D.; Rojas, S.; Thomas, M.; Syu, T.; Magliery, T.J., 2012:
Stabilizing proteins from sequence statistics: the interplay of conservation and correlation in triosephosphate isomerase stability

Gao, F.; Zhu, F-Fei.; Wang, X-Yong.; Xu, Y.; Wang, X-Ping.; Zuo, J-Lin., 2014:
Stabilizing radical cation and dication of a tetrathiafulvalene derivative by a weakly coordinating anion

Arora, K.; Moon, C.; Zhang, W.; Yarlagadda, S.; Penmatsa, H.; Ren, A.; Sinha, C.; Naren, A.P., 2014:
Stabilizing rescued surface-localized δf508 CFTR by potentiation of its interaction with Na(+)/H(+) exchanger regulatory factor 1

Royant, A.; Noirclerc-Savoye, M., 2011:
Stabilizing role of glutamic acid 222 in the structure of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein

Nergiz-Unal, R.; Cosemans, J.M.E.M.; Feijge, M.A.H.; van der Meijden, P.E.J.; Storey, R.F.; van Giezen, J.J.J.; oude Egbrink, M.G.A.; Heemskerk, J.W.M.; Kuijpers, M.J.E., 2011 :
Stabilizing role of platelet P2Y(12) receptors in shear-dependent thrombus formation on ruptured plaques

Cheng, Y.; Zhan, Q.; Zhao, J.; Xiao, J., 2010:
Stabilizing ryanodine receptor type 2: a novel strategy for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Tamaševičiūtė, E.; Mykolaitis, G.; Bumelienė, S.; Tamaševičius, Aūnas., 2014:
Stabilizing saddles

Chan, C-Ho.; Yu, T-Ha.; Wong, K-Bo., 2011:
Stabilizing salt-bridge enhances protein thermostability by reducing the heat capacity change of unfolding

Smarda, P.; Horová, L.; Bures, P.; Hralová, I.; Marková, M., 2011:
Stabilizing selection on genome size in a population of Festuca pallens under conditions of intensive intraspecific competition

Ryan, D.M.; Doran, T.M.; Nilsson, B.L., 2011:
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Stabilizing the foundation of the house that 'omics builds: the evolving value of cultured isolates to marine microbiology

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Stabilizing traumatized residents

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Stable (2)H isotope analysis of modern-day human hair and nails can aid forensic human identification

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Stable 10 W Er:ZBLAN fiber laser operating at 2.71-2.88 μm

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Stable 10 ns, kilowatt peak-power pulse generation from a gain-switched Tm-doped fiber laser

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Stable ATP binding mediated by a partial NBD dimer of the CFTR chloride channel

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Stable Allele Frequency Distribution of the Plasmodium falciparum clag Genes Encoding Components of the High Molecular Weight Rhoptry Protein Complex

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Stable Cu(II) and Cu(I) mononuclear intermediates in the assembly of the CuA center of Thermus thermophilus cytochrome oxidase

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Stable Encapsulation of QD Barcodes with Silica Shells

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Stable Feature Flow Fields

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Stable Field Emitters for a Miniature X-ray Tube Using Carbon Nanotube Drop Drying on a Flat Metal Tip

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Stable He- can exist in a strong magnetic field

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Stable Heliconius butterfly hybrid zones are correlated with a local rainfall peak at the edge of the Amazon basin

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Stable IL-10: a new therapeutic that promotes tumor immunity

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Stable Ni nanoparticle-reduced graphene oxide composites for the reduction of highly toxic aqueous Cr(VI) at room temperature

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Stable Redox-Cycling Nitroxide Tempol Inhibits NET Formation

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Stable SREBP-1a knockdown decreases the cell proliferation rate in human preadipocyte cells without inducing senescence

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Stable Semiconductor Liquid Junction Cell with 9 Percent Solar-to-Electrical Conversion Efficiency

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Stable Silenolates and Brook-Type Silenes with Exocyclic Structures

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Stable Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis by Citrus Sinensis (Orange) and Assessing Activity Against Food Poisoning Microbes

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Stable Skyrmions in SU(2) gauged Bose-Einstein condensates

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Stable Suppression of Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity during Anoxia in the Foot Muscle of Littorina littorea and the Potential Role of Acetylation as a Novel Posttranslational Regulatory Mechanism

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Stable T-bet(+)GATA-3(+) Th1/Th2 hybrid cells arise in vivo, can develop directly from naive precursors, and limit immunopathologic inflammation

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Stable T2Si(n) (T = Fe, Co, Ni, 1 < or = n < or = 8) cluster motifs

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Stable White Light Electroluminescence from Highly Flexible Polymer/ZnO Nanorods Hybrid Heterojunction Grown at 50 degrees C

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Stable accumulation of seed storage proteins containing vaccine peptides in transgenic soybean seeds

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Stable federal support

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Stable funding is key

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Stable heart infarct patient. Delayed catheter intervention without advantage

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Stable hovering of a jellyfish-like flying machine

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