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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55913

Chapter 55913 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Olyaei, A., 2014:
Statins do not improve cardiovascular outcomes for dialysis patients

Yang, K-Chien.; Chien, J-Yien.; Tseng, W-Kung.; Hsueh, P-Ren.; Yu, C-Jen.; Wu, C-Chung., 2007:
Statins do not improve short-term survival in an oriental population with sepsis

Das, S.; Fernandez Matilla, M.; Dass, S.; Buch, M.H.; Rawstron, A.C.; Vital, E.M.; Emery, P., 2013:
Statins do not influence clinical response and B cell depletion after rituximab treatment in rheumatoid arthritis

Mazilu, D.; Gudu, T.; Ionescu, R.; Opris, D., 2014:
Statins do not influence long-term rituximab clinical efficiency in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Terblanche, M.J.; Pinto, R.; Whiteley, C.; Brett, S.; Beale, R.; Adhikari, N.K.J., 2011:
Statins do not prevent acute organ failure in ventilated ICU patients: single-centre retrospective cohort study

Wang, W.; Lang, J.K.; Suzuki, G.; Canty, J.M.; Cimato, T., 2012:
Statins enhance clonal growth of late outgrowth endothelial progenitors and increase myocardial capillary density in the chronically ischemic heart

Chow, O.A.; von Köckritz-Blickwede, M.; Bright, A.Taylor.; Hensler, M.E.; Zinkernagel, A.S.; Cogen, A.L.; Gallo, R.L.; Monestier, M.; Wang, Y.; Glass, C.K.; Nizet, V., 2011:
Statins enhance formation of phagocyte extracellular traps

Wang, W.; Wong, C-Wai., 2010:
Statins enhance peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1alpha activity to regulate energy metabolism

Dolkart, O.; Liron, T.; Chechik, O.; Somjen, D.; Brosh, T.; Maman, E.; Gabet, Y., 2015:
Statins enhance rotator cuff healing by stimulating the COX2/PGE2/EP4 pathway: an in vivo and in vitro study

Maneechotesuwan, K.; Ekjiratrakul, W.; Kasetsinsombat, K.; Wongkajornsilp, A.; Barnes, P.J., 2010:
Statins enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of inhaled corticosteroids in asthmatic patients through increased induction of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase

Li, Q.; Zhuang, Q-K.; Yang, J-N.; Zhang, Y-Y., 2015:
Statins excert neuroprotection on cerebral ischemia independent of their lipid-lowering action: the potential molecular mechanisms

Wang, J-an.; Chen, W-ai.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Bi, H.; Hong, B.; Luo, Y.; Daugherty, A.; Xie, X., 2012:
Statins exert differential effects on angiotensin II-induced atherosclerosis, but no benefit for abdominal aortic aneurysms

Paraskevas, K.I.; Athyros, V.G.; Briana, D.D.; Kakafika, A.I.; Karagiannis, A.; Mikhailidis, D.P., 2007:
Statins exert multiple beneficial effects on patients undergoing percutaneous revascularization procedures

Miraglia, E.; Högberg, J.; Stenius, U., 2012:
Statins exhibit anticancer effects through modifications of the pAkt signaling pathway

Casarin, A.; McAuley, D.F.; Page, V.J., 2015:
Statins exposure and delirium risk: a winning association?*

Helmers, A.J.; Gowda, D.Channe.; Kain, K.C.; Liles, W.Conrad., 2009:
Statins fail to improve outcome in experimental cerebral malaria and potentiate Toll-like receptor-mediated cytokine production by murine macrophages

Pearson, M., 2012 :
Statins for COPD: a challenge to conventional beliefs?

Vale, N.; Nordmann, A.J.; Schwartz, G.G.; de Lemos, J.; Colivicchi, F.; den Hartog, F.; Ostadal, P.; Macin, S.M.; Liem, A.H.; Mills, E.J.; Bhatnagar, N.; Bucher, H.C.; Briel, M., 2015:
Statins for acute coronary syndrome

Squizzato, A.; Romualdi, E.; Dentali, F.; Ageno, W., 2011:
Statins for acute ischemic stroke

Bernard, G.R., 2010:
Statins for acutely hospitalized patients: randomized controlled trials are long overdue

Gehlbach, P.; Li, T.; Hatef, E., 2012:
Statins for age-related macular degeneration

Ebrahim, S.; Casas, J.P., 2012:
Statins for all by the age of 50 years?

Brookes, Z.L.S.; McGown, C.C.; Reilly, C.S., 2009:
Statins for all: the new premed?

Grundy, S.M., 2014:
Statins for all?

Barer, D., 2014:
Statins for all? A question for society

Anonymous, 2007:
Statins for aortic valve narrowing?

Mok, V.C.T.; Lam, W.W.M.; Chen, X.Y.; Wong, A.; Ng, P.Wing.; Tsoi, T.Hon.; Yeung, V.; Liu, R.; Soo, Y.; Leung, T.W.; Wong, K.Sing., 2009:
Statins for asymptomatic middle cerebral artery stenosis: The Regression of Cerebral Artery Stenosis study

Hermans, H.; Herijgers, P.; Holvoet, P.; Verbeken, E.; Meuris, B.; Flameng, W.; Herregods, M-Christine., 2010:
Statins for calcific aortic valve stenosis: into oblivion after SALTIRE and SEAS? An extensive review from bench to bedside

Ito, M.K.; Nanchen, D.; Rodondi, N.; Paccaud, F.; Waeber, Gérard.; Vollenweider, P.; Marques-Vidal, P., 2011:
Statins for cardiovascular prevention according to different strategies: a cost analysis

Siegel, A.B.; El-Serag, H.B., 2014:
Statins for chemoprevention of hepatocellular carcinoma: assessing the evidence

Vuorio, A.; Kuoppala, J.; Kovanen, P.T.; Humphries, S.E.; Tonstad, S.; Wiegman, A.; Drogari, E., 2015:
Statins for children with familial hypercholesterolemia

Anonymous, 2008:
Statins for children?

Viasus, D.; Garcia-Vidal, C.; Gudiol, F.; Carratalà, J., 2010:
Statins for community-acquired pneumonia: current state of the science

Gologorsky, Y.; Chi, J., 2014:
Statins for disc degeneration

Galvao, T.F.; Araujo, M.Elizete.A.; Penha, A.P.; Silva, M.T., 2015:
Statins for early stage chronic kidney disease: an overview of reviews

Anonymous, 2009:
Statins for everyone--(even for those at low risk.) Experts are excited, but the question is whether benefits would outweigh costs

Spain, D.A., 2012:
Statins for everyone: are we there yet?

von Haehling, S., 2008:
Statins for heart failure: still caught in no man's land?

Masoudi, F.A., 2007:
Statins for ischemic systolic heart failure

Anonymous, 2014:
Statins for millions more?

Wang, J.; Xiao, Y.; Luo, M.; Luo, H., 2012:
Statins for multiple sclerosis

Eslami, L.; Merat, S.; Malekzadeh, R.; Nasseri-Moghaddam, S.; Aramin, H., 2014:
Statins for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Feldman, C., 2015:
Statins for non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis

Hitzeman, N., 2010:
Statins for non-dialysis chronic kidney disease

Champion, Sébastien., 2014:
Statins for patients with cardiogenic shock

Donzelli, A., 2012:
Statins for people at low risk of cardiovascular disease

Battaggia, A.; Font, M., 2012:
Statins for people at low risk of cardiovascular disease

Cheung, B.M.Y., 2008:
Statins for people with diabetes

Clase, C.M., 2008:
Statins for people with kidney disease

Kämäräinen, A.; Virkkunen, I.; Silfvast, T.; Tenhunen, J., 2009:
Statins for post resuscitation syndrome

Liakopoulos, O.J.; Choi, Y-Hoon.; Kuhn, E.W.; Wittwer, T.; Borys, M.; Madershahian, N.; Wassmer, G.; Wahlers, T., 2009:
Statins for prevention of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: a systematic literature review

Kandula, P.; Shah, R.; Singh, N.; Markwell, S.J.; Bhensdadia, N.; Navaneethan, S.D., 2010:
Statins for prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy in patients undergoing non-emergent percutaneous coronary intervention

El-Azab, M.F.; Mysona, B.A.; El-Remessy, A.B., 2011:
Statins for prevention of diabetic-related blindness: a new treatment option?

Singh, S.; Singh, P.Paul., 2014:
Statins for prevention of hepatocellular cancer: one step closer?

Seehusen, D.A., 2011:
Statins for primary cardiovascular prevention

Tejani, A.M.; Musini, V.; Bassett, K.; Dormuth, C.; Perry, T.; Wright, J.M., 2012:
Statins for primary prevention

Bosch, M.; Danés, I., 2007:
Statins for primary prevention in diabetes

Zieman, S.J.; Ouyang, P., 2010:
Statins for primary prevention in older adults: who is high risk, who is old, and what denotes primary prevention?

Deckers, J.W.; Blumenthal, R.S., 2011:
Statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

Minder, C.Michael.; Blumenthal, R.S.; Blaha, M.J., 2014:
Statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: the benefits outweigh the risks

Bukkapatnam, R.N.; Gabler, N.B.; Lewis, W.R., 2010:
Statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular mortality in women: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mascitelli, L.; Pezzetta, F., 2007:
Statins for primary prevention of coronary artery disease

McPherson, R.; Kavaslar, N., 2007:
Statins for primary prevention of coronary artery disease

Thiago, L.; Tsuj, S.Rumiko.; Atallah, A.Nagib.; Puga, M.Eduarda.dos.Santos.; de Góis, Aécio.Flávio.Teixeira., 2011:
Statins for progression of aortic valve stenosis and the best evidence for making decisions in health care

Guedes, A.Malho.; Neves, P.Leão., 2012:
Statins for renal patients: a fiddler on the roof?

Niska, R.; Han, B., 2009:
Statins for secondary cardiovascular disease prevention for older primary care patients

Spector, R.; Snapinn, S.M., 2011:
Statins for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: the right dose

Kopterides, P.; Falagas, M.E., 2009:
Statins for sepsis: a critical and updated review

Patel, J.M.; Thickett, D.R.; Gao, F.; Sapey, E., 2013:
Statins for sepsis: distinguishing signal from the noise when designing clinical trials

Artero, A., 2012:
Statins for sepsis: has their time come?

Tonelli, M., 2008:
Statins for slowing kidney disease progression: an as yet unproven indication

Goldstein, L.B., 2008:
Statins for stroke prevention

Williams, T.M.; Harken, A.H., 2007:
Statins for surgical patients

Liu, Y-hui.; Liu, Y.; Duan, C-yang.; Tan, N.; Chen, J-yan.; Zhou, Y-ling.; Li, L-wen.; He, P-cheng., 2016:
Statins for the Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy After Coronary Angiography/Percutaneous Interventions: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Tleyjeh, I.M.; Kashour, T.; Hakim, F.A.; Zimmerman, V.A.; Erwin, P.J.; Sutton, A.J.; Ibrahim, T., 2009:
Statins for the prevention and treatment of infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zhang, T.; Shen, L-Hong.; Hu, L-Hua.; He, B., 2011:
Statins for the prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Athyros, V.G.; Kakafika, A.I.; Tziomalos, K.; Papageorgiou, A.A.; Karagiannis, A., 2008:
Statins for the prevention of first or recurrent stroke

Wang, W.; Zhang, B., 2014:
Statins for the prevention of stroke: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Sehdev, A.; Wanner, N.; Pendleton, R.C., 2014:
Statins for the prevention of venous thromboembolism? a narrative review

Taylor, F.; Huffman, M.D.; Macedo, A.Filipa.; Moore, T.H.M.; Burke, M.; Davey Smith, G.; Ward, K.; Ebrahim, S., 2013:
Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

Trifirò, G.; Alacqua, M.; Corrao, S.; Tari, M.; Arcoraci, V., 2008:
Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events in elderly patients: a picture from clinical practice without strong evidence from clinical trials

Ali, R.; Alexander, K.P., 2007:
Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events in older adults: a review of the evidence

Mora, S.; Glynn, R.J.; Hsia, J.; MacFadyen, J.G.; Genest, J.; Ridker, P.M., 2010:
Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events in women with elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein or dyslipidemia: results from the Justification for the Use of Statins in Prevention: An Intervention Trial Evaluating Rosuvastatin (JUPITER) and meta-analysis of women from primary prevention trials

Cantú, C.; Villarreal, J.; Barinagarrementeria, F.; Ruiz-Sandoval, Jé.Luis.; Arauz, A.; Leyva, A.; Murillo, L.; Fernández-Vera, Jé.Antonio.; Amaya, L.Enrique.; Venegas, Aés.; Merino, Jé.G.; Romano, Jé., 2010:
Statins for the secondary prevention of ischemic stroke

Jajoria, P.; Murthy, V.; Papalardo, E.; Romay-Penabad, Z.; Gleason, C.; Pierangeli, S.S., 2009:
Statins for the treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome?

Rubin, B.K., 2009:
Statins for the treatment of asthma: a discovery well, dry hole or just snake oil

McGuinness, B.; Craig, D.; Bullock, R.; Malouf, R.; Passmore, P., 2015:
Statins for the treatment of dementia

Lockshin, M.D.; Pierangeli, S.S., 2010:
Statins for the treatment of obstetric complications in antiphospholipid syndrome?

Lee, C.Whan.; Park, S-Jung., 2013:
Statins for treating stable angina: can statins improve the plaque morphology and angina?

Raval, A.D.; Hunter, T.; Stuckey, B.; Hart, R.J., 2011:
Statins for women with polycystic ovary syndrome not actively trying to conceive

Vos, E., 2007:
Statins for women, elderly: malpractice?

Matetzky, S.; Fefer, P.; Shenkman, B.; Shechter, M.; Novikov, I.; Savion, N.; Varon, D.; Hod, H., 2011:
Statins have an early antiplatelet effect in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Hamilton, P.K.; Hughes, S.M.T.; Plumb, R.D.; Devine, A.; Leahey, W.; Lyons, K.S.; Johnston, D.; McVeigh, G.E., 2010:
Statins have beneficial effects on platelet free radical activity and intracellular distribution of GTPases in hyperlipidaemia

Vos, E.; Mascitelli, L., 2007:
Statins have no role in pulmonary disease mortality

Anonymous, 2014:
Statins help more than harm those at risk of diabetes

Khan, M.A.; Gallo, R.M.; Renukaradhya, G.J.; Du, W.; Gervay-Hague, J.; Brutkiewicz, R.R., 2009:
Statins impair CD1d-mediated antigen presentation through the inhibition of prenylation

Ganapathy-Kanniappan, S.; Kunjithapatham, R.; Geschwind, J-Francois.H., 2013:
Statins impair glucose uptake in tumor cells

Madhoun, M.F.; Bader, T., 2010:
Statins improve ALT values in chronic hepatitis C patients with abnormal values

Ulus, T.; Parspour, A.; Cavusoglu, Y.; Entok, E.; Uslu, I.; Demirustu, C., 2012:
Statins improve myocardial perfusion in metabolic syndrome patients who have perfusion defects on myocardial perfusion imaging and angiographically normal coronary arteries

Indraswari, F.; Wang, H.; Lei, B.; James, M.L.; Kernagis, D.; Warner, D.S.; Dawson, H.N.; Laskowitz, D.T., 2013:
Statins improve outcome in murine models of intracranial hemorrhage and traumatic brain injury: a translational approach

Kuhn, E.W.; Liakopoulos, O.J.; Borys, M.J.; Haldenwang, P.L.; Strauch, J.T.; Madershahian, N.; Choi, Y-Hoon.; Wahlers, T., 2010:
Statins improve surgical ablation outcomes for atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing concomitant cardiac surgery

Choi, J-Yoon.; Seo, W-Keun.; Kang, S.Hoon.; Jung, J-Man.; Cho, K-Hee.; Yu, S.; Oh, K., 2014:
Statins improve survival in patients with cardioembolic stroke

Alcalá, A.; Jansen, S.; Téllez, T.; Gómez-Huelgas, R.; Pérez, O.; Egido, Jús.; Farkouh, M.E., 2010:
Statins improve visual field alterations related to hypercholesterolemia

Krum, H.; Hopper, I., 2015:
Statins in CHF

Andreucci, M., 2015:
Statins in CIN: a problem at least partly solved?

Hannink, J.D.C.; Heijdra, Y.F., 2010:
Statins in COPD--theoretical reflections

Janda, S.; Park, K.; FitzGerald, J.Mark.; Etminan, M.; Swiston, J., 2009:
Statins in COPD: a systematic review

Correale, M.; Abruzzese, S.; Greco, C.Adriana.; Concilio, M.; D.B.ase, M.; Brunetti, N.Daniele., 2012:
Statins in Heart Failure

Bates, D., 2007:
Statins in MS

Singh, P.P.; Srinivasa, S.; Lemanu, D.P.; Maccormick, A.D.; Hill, A.G., 2012:
Statins in abdominal surgery: a systematic review

Laskowitz, D.T.; Warner, D.S., 2007:
Statins in acute brain injury: getting the cart before the horse

Lama, T.A.; Vega, A.J.n., 2008:
Statins in acute coronary syndrome

Superko, H.Robert.; Momary, K.; King, S., 2010:
Statins in acute coronary syndromes and genetic insight

Morrissey, R.P.; Diamond, G.A.; Kaul, S., 2009:
Statins in acute coronary syndromes: do the guideline recommendations match the evidence?

Dejanović, J.; Ivanov, I., 2009:
Statins in aortic stenosis

Stamatogiannis, N.; Makris, D.; Zakynthinos, E., 2010 :
Statins in bacteremia, sepsis and pneumonia: have we found the holy grail?

Forrest, G.N.; Kopack, A.M.; Perencevich, E.N., 2010:
Statins in candidemia: clinical outcomes from a matched cohort study

Kassimatis, T.I.; Goldsmith, D.J.A., 2015:
Statins in chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation

Deedwania, P.C., 2014:
Statins in chronic kidney disease: cardiovascular risk and kidney function

Upadhyay, A., 2014:
Statins in chronic kidney disease: what do meta-analyses tell us?

Li, G-ming.; Fan, J-gao., 2010:
Statins in chronic liver diseases: safety and effect

Rutishauser, J., 2012:
Statins in clinical medicine

Clearfield, M., 2010:
Statins in combinations: from ARBITER-6 HALTS to ACCORD--what works?

Chalmers, J.D.; Short, P.M.; Mandal, P.; Akram, A.R.; Hill, A.T., 2011:
Statins in community acquired pneumonia: Evidence from experimental and clinical studies

Margaritis, M.; Antoniades, C., 2012:
Statins in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: lipid lowering and beyond

Ferrières, J., 2008:
Statins in coronary patients: a solved issue?

Jowkar, F.; Namazi, M.Reza., 2011:
Statins in dermatology

Mascitelli, L.; Goldstein, M.R., 2015:
Statins in dermatology: is nonmelanoma skin cancer the dark side of the moon?

Jacobson, J.R., 2008:
Statins in endothelial signaling and activation

Das, R.R.; Herman, S.T., 2010:
Statins in epilepsy: prime time? Not yet

Hawk, E.T.; Viner, J.L., 2008:
Statins in esophageal cancer cell lines: promising lead?

Sindone, A., 2015:
Statins in heart failure

Reiner, Z., 2008:
Statins in heart failure - a failure?

Tousoulis, D.; Oikonomou, E.; Siasos, G.; Stefanadis, C., 2015:
Statins in heart failure--With preserved and reduced ejection fraction. An update

Lyons, K.S.; McVeigh, G.E.; Harbinson, M.T., 2011:
Statins in heart failure-where do we stand?

Bonsu, K.Osei.; Kadirvelu, A.; Reidpath, D.Diamond., 2013:
Statins in heart failure: do we need another trial?

Gastelurrutia, P.; Lupón, J.; Bayes-Genis, A., 2013:
Statins in heart failure: not yet the end of the story?

Ryan, R.P.; McManus, R.J.; Mant, J.; Macleod, J.A.A.; Hobbs, F.D.Richard., 2011:
Statins in heart failure: retrospective cohort study using routine primary care data

Kittleson, M.M.; Kobashigawa, J.A., 2014:
Statins in heart transplantation

Flaster, M.; Morales-Vidal, S.; Schneck, M.J.; Biller, Jé., 2012:
Statins in hemorrhagic stroke

Lowyck, I.; Fevery, J., 2008:
Statins in hepatobiliary diseases: effects, indications and risks

Feldstein, C.A., 2010:
Statins in hypertension: are they a new class of antihypertensive agents?

Carrillo-Esper, Rúl., 2010:
Statins in influenza: time for a controlled clinical study

Stead, L.G.; Vaidyanathan, L.; Kumar, G.; Bellolio, M.Fernanda.; Brown, R.D.; Suravaram, S.; Enduri, S.; Gilmore, R.M.; Decker, W.W., 2009:
Statins in ischemic stroke: just low-density lipoprotein lowering or more?

Dworacka, M.; Krzyżagórska, E.; Wesołowska, A.; Borowska, M.; Iskakova, S.; Dworacki, G., 2014:
Statins in low doses reduce VEGF and bFGF serum levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Guo, Y-fang.; Hu, D-yi., 2008:
Statins in lowering cholesterol in the elderly

Atochina-Vasserman, E.N.; Goncharov, D.A.; Volgina, A.V.; Milavec, M.; James, M.L.; Krymskaya, V.P., 2013 :
Statins in lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Simvastatin and atorvastatin induce differential effects on tuberous sclerosis complex 2-null cell growth and signaling

El-Chemaly, S.; Taveira-DaSilva, A.; Stylianou, M.P.; Moss, J., 2009:
Statins in lymphangioleiomyomatosis: a word of caution

Lei, Q.; Peng, W.N.; You, H.; Hu, Z.P.; Lu, W., 2014:
Statins in nervous system-associated diseases: angels or devils?

Malfitano, A.Maria.; Marasco, G.; Proto, M.Chiara.; Laezza, C.; Gazzerro, P.; Bifulco, M., 2015:
Statins in neurological disorders: an overview and update

Reiss, A.B.; Wirkowski, E., 2010:
Statins in neurological disorders: mechanisms and therapeutic value

Verma, N.; Figueredo, V.M., 2012:
Statins in non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy: an update on our current clinical and pathophysiological understanding

Nseir, W.; Mahamid, M., 2013:
Statins in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis: updated review

Kubatka, P.; Kruzliak, P.; Rotrekl, V.; Jelinkova, S.; Mladosievicova, B., 2015:
Statins in oncological research: from experimental studies to clinical practice

Krishnan, S.; Jacobson, T.A., 2014:
Statins in patients with CKD prove beneficial in reducing cardiovascular events and mortality but show no benefit in patients on dialysis

Banach, M., 2014:
Statins in patients with chronic kidney disease - an attempt at recommendations

Kassimatis, T.I.; Konstantinopoulos, P.A., 2008:
Statins in patients with chronic kidney disease: a double-edged sword?

Savino, M.; Garofalo, C.; D.P.ris, V.; Michini, C.; Pirro, L.; Palmisano, R.; Provenzano, M.; Minutolo, R.; Conte, G.; D.N.cola, L., 2014:
Statins in patients with chronic kidney disease: new evidence

Gluba, A.; Rysz, J.; Banach, M., 2011:
Statins in patients with chronic kidney disease: why, who and when?

Athyros, V.G.; Karagiannis, A.; Katsiki, N.; Mikhailidis, D.P., 2012:
Statins in patients with renal dysfunction

Kandula, P., 2008:
Statins in perioperative prevention of acute kidney injury in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Kruger, P.S.; Thomas, R.M., 2016:
Statins in pneumonia--magic versus science?

Brown, S., 2012:
Statins in postmenopausal women linked to ‘increased diabetes risk’

Pokrovskiĭ, A.V.; Suntsov, D.S., 2009:
Statins in practice of the vascular surgeon and cardiologist

Morton, S.; Thangaratinam, S., 2014:
Statins in pregnancy

Vlachadis, N.; Tsamadias, V.; Economou, E., 2013:
Statins in pregnancy: safety and perspectives of therapeutic applications

Lenihan, D.J., 2013:
Statins in preparation for chemotherapy: "do these medications help your fitness for battle?"

Timsit, J-François.; Adrie, C., 2011:
Statins in preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia and death: still only a hope*

Kouroumichakis, I.; Papanas, N.; Proikaki, S.; Zarogoulidis, P.; Maltezos, E., 2011:
Statins in prevention and treatment of severe sepsis and septic shock

Zhang, Z-Jiang.; Cheng, Q.; Jiang, G-Xin.; Marroquin, O.C., 2010:
Statins in prevention of repeat revascularization after percutaneous coronary intervention--a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Abu Rajab, M.; Kaplan, M.M., 2010:
Statins in primary biliary cirrhosis: are they safe?

Zoller, M., 2011:
Statins in primary prevention - a must for the general practitioner?

Kobalava, Z.D.; Villeval'de, S.V., 2012:
Statins in primary prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases

Ben-Yehuda, O.; DeMaria, A.N., 2009:
Statins in rheumatic heart disease: taking the bite out?

Dobesh, P.P.; Swahn, S.M.; Peterson, E.J.; Olsen, K.M., 2012:
Statins in sepsis

Egesi, A.; Sun, G.; Khachemoune, A.; Rashid, R.M., 2010:
Statins in skin: research and rediscovery, from psoriasis to sclerosis

Gedikli, O.; Baykan, M., 2008:
Statins in stroke prevention

Castilla Guerra, L.; del Carmen Fernández Moreno, Mía.; López Chozas, Jé.Manuel.; Jiménez Hernández, Mía.Dolores., 2008:
Statins in stroke prevention: what an internist should know

Wilmot, K.A.; Khan, A.; Krishnan, S.; Eapen, D.J.; Sperling, L., 2015:
Statins in the elderly: a patient-focused approach

Zoungas, S.; Curtis, A.; Tonkin, A.; McNeil, J., 2015:
Statins in the elderly: an answered question?

Steg, P.Gabriel.; Tissot, C-Marie., 2010:
Statins in the elderly: what evidence of their benefit in prevention?

Ostadal, P.; Alan, D.; Vejvoda, J., 2005:
Statins in the first-line therapy of acute coronary syndrome - similar to aspirin?

Silveira, M.J.; Kazanis, A.Segnini.; Shevrin, M.P., 2008:
Statins in the last six months of life: a recognizable, life-limiting condition does not decrease their use

Matoba, T.; Egashira, K., 2010:
Statins in the management of acute coronary syndrome

Kramer, A.H., 2009:
Statins in the management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage--not (yet) a standard of care

Kramer, A.H., 2011:
Statins in the management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: an overview of animal research, observational studies, randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses

Scheen, Aé.J., 2012:
Statins in the management of dyslipidemias

Kramer, A.H.; Fletcher, J.J., 2010:
Statins in the management of patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Marchetti, V.; Panichi, V., 2012:
Statins in the patient with chronic kidney disease and with diabetes mellitus

Glassberg, H., 2010:
Statins in the prevention of heart failure after myocardial infarction

Banach, M.; Goch, J.Henryk.; Ugurlucan, M.; Mariscalco, G.; Rysz, J., 2008:
Statins in the prevention of postoperative atrial fibrillation: is there really no effect?

Azoulay, L.; Suissa, S., 2010:
Statins in the prevention of prostate cancer recurrence: are certain biases exaggerating the results?

Pahl, E., 2007:
Statins in the prevention of transplant coronary artery disease: in pediatric heart recipients

Virani, S.S., 2014:
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Statins linked to leg pain but not weakness

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Statins lower stroke risk after bypass surgery. Five to 15 percent of patients suffer a stroke after CABG surgery; statins lower LDL cholesterol to reduce that risk

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Statins may have fewer side effects than is claimed, meta-analysis finds

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Statins may help lower depression risk. The key could be that the medication reduces atherosclerosis in the brain

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Statins may reduce risk of prostate cancer

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Statins on the front line against heart disease. Cholesterol-lowering drugs also fight inflammation, stabilize plaque, prevent blood clots, and more

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Statins on trial. Pfizer faces clot of lawsuits that claim Lipitor caused women's diabetes

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Statins reduce stroke risk by one-fifth

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Statins role in the prevention and treatment of sepsis

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Statins said to reduce cancer deaths. But benefit is tied to existing statin use preceding a cancer diagnosis, not to statins as a cancer preventive

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Statins stimulate the production of a soluble form of the receptor for advanced glycation end products

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Statins suppress MMP2 secretion via inactivation of RhoA/ROCK pathway in pulmonary vascular smooth muscles cells

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Statins suppress the development of aneurysms: fact or fiction?

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Statins work around the world

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Statins work just as well in women as in men

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Statins "R" us. Pediatricians call for cholesterol-lowering drugs for some kids. Is this a quick fix for obesity's ills?

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Statins' reach extends beyond cholesterol management. Recent studies suggest the medication provides a range of cardiovascular benefits, but a healthy lifestyle is still vital to cardiac health

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Statins, aspirin affect prostate cancer test

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Stationary phases - news and views

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Stations For The Determination Of The Variations Of Latitude

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Stations in the seas

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