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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55940

Chapter 55940 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Royer, M.; Thomas, T.; Cesini, J.; Legrand, E., 2013:
Stress fractures in 2011: practical approach

Fredericson, M.; Jennings, F.; Beaulieu, C.; Matheson, G.O., 2007:
Stress fractures in athletes

Ferry, A.T.; Graves, T.; Theodore, G.H.; Gill, T.J., 2016:
Stress fractures in athletes

Maquirriain, J.; Ghisi, J.Pablo., 2007:
Stress fractures in athletes. role of magnetic resonance imaging in predicting injury morbidity

Sułko, J.; Oberc, A., 2014:
Stress fractures in children

Laboute, E.; Druvert, J.C.; Pailler, D.; Piera, J-B., 2008:
Stress fractures in disabled athletes' preparation for the paralympic games in Athens, 2004: an assessment

Breer, S.; Krause, M.; Marshall, R.P.; Oheim, R.; Amling, M.; Barvencik, F., 2013:
Stress fractures in elderly patients

Laker, S.R.; Saint-Phard, D.; Tyburski, M.; Van Dorsten, B., 2007:
Stress fractures in elite cross-country athletes

McBryde, A.M., 1982:
Stress fractures in runners

Brukner, P.D.; Bennell, K.L., 1995:
Stress fractures in runners

Harrast, M.A.; Colonno, D., 2011:
Stress fractures in runners

Corrarino, J.E., 2012:
Stress fractures in runners

Logan, K., 2007:
Stress fractures in the adolescent athlete

Iundusi, R.; Scialdoni, A.; Arduini, M.; Battisti, D.; Piperno, A.; Gasbarra, E.; Tarantino, U., 2014:
Stress fractures in the elderly: different pathogenetic features compared with young patients

Dixon, S.; Newton, J.; Teh, J., 2011:
Stress fractures in the young athlete: a pictorial review

Oestreich, A.E.; Bhojwani, N., 2010:
Stress fractures of ankle and wrist in childhood: nature and frequency

Fujioka, H.; Nishikawa, T.; Koyama, S.; Yamashita, M.; Takagi, Y.; Oi, T.; Tsunemi, K.; Tanaka, J.; Yoshiya, S., 2014:
Stress fractures of bilateral clavicles in an adolescent gymnast

Gofrit, O.N.; Livneh, A., 2011:
Stress fractures of bone in conscripted infantry recruits: lack of correlation to pre-army physical fitness

Kuo, C-Lin.; Pan, R-Yu.; Wu, J-Lin.; Huang, W-Sheng.; Wang, S-Jye., 2009:
Stress fractures of forearm bones in military recruits of rifle drill training

Bianchi, S.; Luong, D.Hung., 2014:
Stress fractures of the ankle malleoli diagnosed by ultrasound: a report of 6 cases

Albisetti, W.; Perugia, D.; D.B.rtolomeo, O.; Tagliabue, L.; Camerucci, E.; Calori, G.Maria., 2010:
Stress fractures of the base of the metatarsal bones in young trainee ballet dancers

Schwartz, F.; Heerfordt, I.Marie., 2016:
Stress fractures of the distal fibula in an osteoporotic woman

Brockwell, J.; Yeung, Y.; Griffith, J.F., 2010:
Stress fractures of the foot and ankle

Bluth, B.; Eagan, M.; Otsuka, N.Y., 2012:
Stress fractures of the lateral rays in the cavovarus foot: indication for surgical intervention

Balius, R.; Pedret, C.; Estruch, A.; Hernández, G.; Ruiz-Cotorro, A.; Mota, J., 2010:
Stress fractures of the metacarpal bones in adolescent tennis players: a case series

McCLURE.E.B., 1947:
Stress fractures of the metatarsals in childhood

Munemoto, M.; Sugimoto, K.; Takakura, Y., 2009:
Stress fractures of the proximal phalanx of the great toe: a report of four cases

Dragoni, S.; Giombini, A.; D.C.sare, A.; Ripani, M.; Magliani, G., 2007:
Stress fractures of the ribs in elite competitive rowers: a report of nine cases

Georgitzikis, A.; Siopi, D.; Doumas, A.; Mitka, E.; Antoniadis, A., 2010:
Stress fractures of the ribs with acute thoracic pain in a young woman, diagnosed by the bone scan

Chuckpaiwong, B.; Cook, C.; Nunley, J.A., 2007:
Stress fractures of the second metatarsal base occur in nondancers

Caesar, B.C.; McCollum, G.A.; Elliot, R.; Williams, A.; Calder, J.D.F., 2014:
Stress fractures of the tibia and medial malleolus

Fottner, A.; Baur-Melnyk, A.; Birkenmaier, C.; Jansson, V.; Dürr, H-Roland., 2007:
Stress fractures presenting as tumours: a retrospective analysis of 22 cases

Lee, D., 2011:
Stress fractures, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2004-2010

Dash, N.; Kushwaha, A., 2012:
Stress fractures-a prospective study amongst recruits

Kaeding, C.C.; Najarian, R.G., 2011:
Stress fractures: classification and management

Patel, D.R., 2010:
Stress fractures: diagnosis and management in the primary care setting

Patel, D.S.; Roth, M.; Kapil, N., 2011:
Stress fractures: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

Aspenberg, P.; Schilcher, Jörg., 2015:
Stress fractures: wheel axles and sports careers burst

Elsheikh, A.; Whitford, C.; Hamarashid, R.; Kassem, W.; Joda, A.; Büchler, P., 2013:
Stress free configuration of the human eye

Falconier, M.K.; Nussbeck, F.; Bodenmann, G.; Schneider, H.; Bradbury, T., 2016:
Stress from daily hassles in couples: its effects on intradyadic stress, relationship satisfaction, and physical and psychological well-being

Bovier, P.A.; Perneger, T.V., 2007:
Stress from uncertainty from graduation to retirement--a population-based study of Swiss physicians

Konnur, R.G., 2008:
Stress from working with computers

Chai, W-zhao.; Wang, X-ting.; Chen, X-kai.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, D-wei., 2010:
Stress gastrointestinal bleeding in critically ill patients and its effect on the prognosis

Flynn, M.; Rudolph, K.D., 2012:
Stress generation and adolescent depression: contribution of interpersonal stress responses

Shapero, B.G.; Hankin, B.L.; Barrocas, A.L., 2014:
Stress generation and exposure in a multi-wave study of adolescents: Transactional processes and sex differences

Zumdieck, A.; Kruse, K.; Bringmann, H.; Hyman, A.A.; Jülicher, F., 2007:
Stress generation and filament turnover during actin ring constriction

Mondal, T.; Bhowmick, A.K.; Krishnamoorti, R., 2014:
Stress generation and tailoring of electronic properties of expanded graphite by click chemistry

Dasanayake, N.L.; Carlsson, A.E., 2014:
Stress generation by myosin minifilaments in actin bundles

Kim, H-Cheol.; Sung, S.Yup.; Ha, J-Hong.; Solomonov, M.; Lee, J-Min.; Lee, C-Joo.; Kim, B-Min., 2015 :
Stress generation during self-adjusting file movement: minimally invasive instrumentation

Chan, P.T.; Doan, S.N.; Tompson, M.C., 2015:
Stress generation in a developmental context: the role of youth depressive symptoms, maternal depression, the parent-child relationship, and family stress

Harkness, K.L.; Lumley, M.N.; Truss, A.E., 2007:
Stress generation in adolescent depression: the moderating role of child abuse and neglect

Liu, R.T.; Alloy, L.B., 2010:
Stress generation in depression: A systematic review of the empirical literature and recommendations for future study

Wu, S.M.; Andersen, B.L., 2010:
Stress generation over the course of breast cancer survivorship

Mongkolsuk, S.; Schumann, W., 2008:
Stress goes Far East: meeting report of the Sixth International Workshop on the Molecular Biology of Stress Responses

Stajdohar, R.E.; Hettwer, P.F.; McCann, D.R., 1968:
Stress gradient in solid methane at high pressures

Katz, S.; Trebicz-Geffen, M.; Ankri, S., 2015:
Stress granule formation in Entamoeba histolytica: cross-talk between EhMLBP, EhRLE3 reverse transcriptase and polyubiquitinated proteins

Okonski, K.M.; Samuel, C.E., 2013:
Stress granule formation induced by measles virus is protein kinase PKR dependent and impaired by RNA adenosine deaminase ADAR1

Hu, S.; Claud, E.C.; Musch, M.W.; Chang, E.B., 2010:
Stress granule formation mediates the inhibition of colonic Hsp70 translation by interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor-alpha

Yang, X.; Shen, Y.; Garre, E.; Hao, X.; Krumlinde, D.; Cvijović, M.; Arens, C.; Nyström, T.; Liu, B.; Sunnerhagen, P., 2015:
Stress granule-defective mutants deregulate stress responsive transcripts

Anderson, P.; Kedersha, N., 2009:
Stress granules

Hanson, K.K.; Mair, G.R., 2013:
Stress granules and Plasmodium liver stage infection

Kedersha, N.; Ivanov, P.; Anderson, P., 2014:
Stress granules and cell signaling: more than just a passing phase?

Ghisolfi, L.; Dutt, S.; McConkey, M.E.; Ebert, B.L.; Anderson, P., 2012:
Stress granules contribute to α-globin homeostasis in differentiating erythroid cells

Jones, B.L.; VanLoozen, J.; Kim, M.H.; Miles, S.J.; Dunham, C.M.; Williams, L.Dean.; Snell, T.W., 2014:
Stress granules form in Brachionus manjavacas (Rotifera) in response to a variety of stressors

Bentmann, E.; Haass, C.; Dormann, D., 2013:
Stress granules in neurodegeneration--lessons learnt from TAR DNA binding protein of 43 kDa and fused in sarcoma

Sablina, A.A.; Chudinova, E.M.; Nadezhdina, E.S.; Ivanov, P.A., 2012:
Stress granules in the cells with intact and discrupted microtubules: analysis with new algorithm of image processing

Montero, H.; Trujillo-Alonso, V., 2012:
Stress granules in the viral replication cycle

Takahashi, M.; Higuchi, M.; Matsuki, H.; Yoshita, M.; Ohsawa, T.; Oie, M.; Fujii, M., 2013 :
Stress granules inhibit apoptosis by reducing reactive oxygen species production

Takahara, T.; Maeda, T., 2013:
Stress granules: the last refuge of TORC1?

Niethammer, P., 2015:
Stress heals

Li, X.; Romain, R.D.; Park, D.; Scadden, D.T.; Merchant, J.L.; Arnaout, M.Amin., 2014:
Stress hematopoiesis is regulated by the Krüppel-like transcription factor ZBP-89

Karlsson, S., 2011:
Stress hematopoiesis requires Erg

Logrip, M.L.; Zorrilla, E.P., 2013:
Stress history increases alcohol intake in relapse: relation to phosphodiesterase 10A

Tognetti, V.B.; Mühlenbock, P.; Van Breusegem, F., 2014:
Stress homeostasis - the redox and auxin perspective

Madhavan, M.; Borlaug, B.A.; Lerman, A.; Rihal, C.S.; Prasad, A., 2009:
Stress hormone and circulating biomarker profile of apical ballooning syndrome (Takotsubo cardiomyopathy): insights into the clinical significance of B-type natriuretic peptide and troponin levels

Mosavat, M.; Ooi, F.Kiew.; Mohamed, M., 2015:
Stress hormone and reproductive system in response to honey supplementation combined with different jumping exercise intensities in female rats

Han, R.; Kitlinska, J.B.; Munday, W.R.; Gallicano, G.Ian.; Zukowska, Z., 2013:
Stress hormone epinephrine enhances adipogenesis in murine embryonic stem cells by up-regulating the neuropeptide Y system

Ali, A.; Diebel, L.; Liberati, D., 2014:
Stress hormone epinephrine increases IgA transport across respiratory epithelial surfaces

Joshi, Y.B.; Chu, J.; Praticò, D., 2012:
Stress hormone leads to memory deficits and altered tau phosphorylation in a model of Alzheimer's disease

Hasegawa-Ohira, M.; Toda, M.; Morimoto, K., 2012:
Stress hormone levels in saliva after shogi competition are modified by stress coping strategies

Liebl, A.L.; Martin, L.B., 2013:
Stress hormone receptors change as range expansion progresses in house sparrows

Holsboer, F.; Ising, M., 2010:
Stress hormone regulation: biological role and translation into therapy

Grycz, E.; Siemiątkowski, A., 2014:
Stress hormone response to various anaesthetic techniques during thyroidectomy

Stuempfle, K.J.; Nindl, B.C.; Kamimori, G.H., 2010:
Stress hormone responses to an ultraendurance race in the cold

Stroth, N.; Eiden, L.E., 2010:
Stress hormone synthesis in mouse hypothalamus and adrenal gland triggered by restraint is dependent on pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide signaling

Huang, C-Jung.; Webb, H.E.; Garten, R.S.; Kamimori, G.H.; Evans, R.K.; Acevedo, E.O., 2010:
Stress hormones and immunological responses to a dual challenge in professional firefighters

Shalev, A.Y.; Videlock, E.J.; Peleg, T.; Segman, R.; Pitman, R.K.; Yehuda, R., 2007 :
Stress hormones and post-traumatic stress disorder in civilian trauma victims: a longitudinal study. Part I: HPA axis responses

Videlock, E.J.; Peleg, T.; Segman, R.; Yehuda, R.; Pitman, R.K.; Shalev, A.Y., 2007:
Stress hormones and post-traumatic stress disorder in civilian trauma victims: a longitudinal study. Part II: the adrenergic response

Ledón-Rettig, C.C.; Pfennig, D.W.; Crespi, E.J., 2010:
Stress hormones and the fitness consequences associated with the transition to a novel diet in larval amphibians

Webb, H.E.; Garten, R.S.; McMinn, D.R.; Beckman, J.L.; Kamimori, G.H.; Acevedo, E.O., 2011:
Stress hormones and vascular function in firefighters during concurrent challenges

Lucin, K.M.; Sanders, V.M.; Popovich, P.G., 2009:
Stress hormones collaborate to induce lymphocyte apoptosis after high level spinal cord injury

Siegmund, A.; Köster, L.; Meves, A.M.; Plag, J.; Stoy, M.; Ströhle, A., 2011:
Stress hormones during flooding therapy and their relationship to therapy outcome in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia

Crawford-Achour, E.; Saint Martin, M.; Roche, Fédéric., 2014:
Stress hormones in obstructive sleep apnea complications: the role of cortisol

von Känel, R.; Schmid, J-Paul.; Abbas, C.C.; Gander, M-Louise.; Saner, H.; Begré, S., 2010:
Stress hormones in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder caused by myocardial infarction and role of comorbid depression

Viblanc, V.A.; Gineste, B.; Stier, A.; Robin, J-Patrice.; Groscolas, Ré., 2014:
Stress hormones in relation to breeding status and territory location in colonial king penguin: a role for social density?

Bernabé, D.G.; Tamae, A.C.; Biasoli, Éder.R.; Oliveira, S.H.P., 2011:
Stress hormones increase cell proliferation and regulates interleukin-6 secretion in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells

Flint, M.S.; Kim, G.; Hood, B.L.; Bateman, N.W.; Stewart, N.A.; Conrads, T.P., 2010:
Stress hormones mediate drug resistance to paclitaxel in human breast cancer cells through a CDK-1-dependent pathway

Denver, R.J., 2009:
Stress hormones mediate environment-genotype interactions during amphibian development

Katan, M.; Nigro, N.; Fluri, F.; Schuetz, P.; Morgenthaler, N.G.; Jax, F.; Meckel, S.; Gass, A.; Bingisser, R.; Steck, A.; Kappos, L.; Engelter, S.; Müller, B.; Christ-Crain, M., 2011:
Stress hormones predict cerebrovascular re-events after transient ischemic attacks

Takahashi, T.; Shinada, M.; Inukai, K.; Tanida, S.; Takahashi, C.; Mifune, N.; Takagishi, H.; Horita, Y.; Hashimoto, H.; Yokota, K.; Kameda, T.; Yamagishi, T., 2011:
Stress hormones predict hyperbolic time-discount rates six months later in adults

Segev, A.; Ramot, A.; Akirav, I., 2012:
Stress hormones receptors in the amygdala mediate the effects of stress on the consolidation, but not the retrieval, of a non aversive spatial task

Papathanasiou, E.; Palaska, I.; Theoharides, T.C., 2013:
Stress hormones regulate periodontal inflammation

Foury, A.; Devillers, N.; Sanchez, M-P.; Griffon, H.; L.R.y, P.; Mormède, P., 2005:
Stress hormones, carcass composition and meat quality in Large White×Duroc pigs

Petraglia, F.; Florio, P., 2012:
Stress hormones, human pregnancy and parturition

Kyrou, I.; Tsigos, C., 2010 :
Stress hormones: physiological stress and regulation of metabolism

Fonseca, S.G.; Urano, F.; Burcin, M.; Gromada, J., 2011:
Stress hypERactivation in the β-cell

Dungan, K.M.; Braithwaite, S.S.; Preiser, J-Charles., 2009:
Stress hyperglycaemia

Llompart-Pou, J.A.; Fernández-de-Castillo, A.G.; Burguera, B.; Pérez-Bárcena, J.; Marsé, P.; Rodríguez-Yago, M.; Barceló, A.; Raurich, J.Ma., 2012:
Stress hyperglycaemia in critically ill patients: potential role of incretin hormones; a preliminary study

McAllister, D.A.; Hughes, K.A.; Lone, N.; Mills, N.L.; Sattar, N.; McKnight, J.; Wild, S.H., 2015:
Stress hyperglycaemia in hospitalised patients and their 3-year risk of diabetes: a Scottish retrospective cohort study

Colomo, N.; Linares, F.; Rubio-Martín, E.; Moreno, Mía.J.; de Mora, M.; García, A.M.; González, A.M.; Rojo-Martínez, G.; Valdés, S.; Ruiz de Adana, Mía.S.; Olveira, G.; Soriguer, F., 2014:
Stress hyperglycaemia in hospitalized patients with coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes risk

Webster, K.A., 2008:
Stress hyperglycemia and enhanced sensitivity to myocardial infarction

Manzanares, W.; Aramendi, I., 2010:
Stress hyperglycemia and its control with insulin in critically ill patients: current evidence

Richards, J.E.; Hutchinson, J.; Mukherjee, K.; Jahangir, A.Alex.; Mir, H.R.; Evans, J.M.; Perdue, A.M.; Obremskey, W.T.; Sethi, M.K.; May, A.K., 2014:
Stress hyperglycemia and surgical site infection in stable nondiabetic adults with orthopedic injuries

Djordjevic-Radojkovic, D.; Koracevic, G.; Stanojevic, D.; Damjanovic, M.; Apostolovic, S.; Pavlovic, M., 2013 :
Stress hyperglycemia in acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction is a marker of left ventricular remodeling

Koraćević, G.; Vasiljević, S.; Velicković-Radovanović, R.; Sakac, D.; Obradović, S.; Damjanović, M.; Krstić, N.; Zdravković, M.; Kostić, T., 2015:
Stress hyperglycemia in acute myocardial infarction

Saz, E.U.; Ozen, S.; Simsek Goksen, D.; Darcan, S., 2011:
Stress hyperglycemia in febrile children: relationship to prediabetes

Al-Himyari, F.A.; Abbas, F.N., 2007:
Stress hyperglycemia in nondiabetic Iraqi patients presenting with acute stroke

Rattanataweeboon, P.; Vilaichone, W.; Vannasaeng, S., 2009:
Stress hyperglycemia in patients with sepsis

Srinivasan, V., 2012:
Stress hyperglycemia in pediatric critical illness: the intensive care unit adds to the stress!

Xiu, F.; Stanojcic, M.; Diao, L.; Jeschke, M.G., 2014:
Stress hyperglycemia, insulin treatment, and innate immune cells

Madl, C.; Holzinger, U.; Kitzberger, R.; Warszawska, J., 2008:
Stress hyperglycemia--effect on morbidity and mortality in acute patients

Marik, P.E.; Bellomo, R., 2015:
Stress hyperglycemia: an essential survival response!

Koracevic, G.P., 2013:
Stress hyperglycemia: better prognosticator with different cut-offs

Garcia-Alvarez, M.; Marik, P.; Bellomo, R., 2014:
Stress hyperlactataemia: present understanding and controversy

Kaukonen, K-Maija.; Bailey, M.; Egi, M.; Orford, N.; Glassford, N.J.; Marik, P.E.; Bellomo, R., 2014:
Stress hyperlactatemia modifies the relationship between stress hyperglycemia and outcome: a retrospective observational study

Merriam, G.R.; Koenig, J.I., 2011:
Stress hypogonadism: not everything that suppresses must converge

Tyan, C.Chun.; Armstrong, S.; Scholl, D.; Stirrat, J.; Blackwood, K.; El-Sherif, O.; Thompson, T.; Wisenberg, G.; Prato, F.S.; So, A.; Lee, T.Yim.; Drangova, M.; White, J.A., 2013:
Stress hypoperfusion and tissue injury in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: spatial characterization using high-resolution 3-tesla magnetic resonance imaging

Deegan, R.D., 2010:
Stress hysteresis as the cause of persistent holes in particulate suspensions

Robbers-Visser, Dëlle.; Luijnenburg, S.E.; van den Berg, J.; Moelker, A.; Helbing, W.A., 2010:
Stress imaging in congenital cardiac disease

van der Wall, E.E.; Scholte, A.J.; Holman, E.R.; Bax, J.J., 2012:
Stress imaging in patients with diabetes; routine practice?

Saito, Y.; Motohashi, M.; Hayazawa, N.; Kawata, S., 2008:
Stress imagining of semiconductor surface by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Poggi, A.; Zocchi, M.Raffaella., 2014:
Stress immunity in lymphomas: mesenchymal cells as a target of therapy

Lee, C-Chun.; Chang, S-Tong., 2012:
Stress impact of a tensile contact etch stop layer on nanoscale strained NMOSFETs embedded with a silicon-carbon alloy stressor

Wolf, O.T.; Minnebusch, D.; Daum, I., 2008:
Stress impairs acquisition of delay eyeblink conditioning in men and women

Graham, L.K.; Yoon, T.; Kim, J.J., 2010:
Stress impairs optimal behavior in a water foraging choice task in rats

Arora, S.; Sevdalis, N.; Aggarwal, R.; Sirimanna, P.; Darzi, A.; Kneebone, R., 2011:
Stress impairs psychomotor performance in novice laparoscopic surgeons

Merz, C.J.; Wolf, O.T.; Hennig, Jürgen., 2010:
Stress impairs retrieval of socially relevant information

Schwabe, L.; Schächinger, H.; de Kloet, E.Ron.; Oitzl, M.S., 2010:
Stress impairs spatial but not early stimulus-response learning

Grigoryan, G.; Biella, G.; Albani, D.; Forloni, G.; Segal, M., 2014:
Stress impairs synaptic plasticity in triple-transgenic Alzheimer's disease mice: rescue by ryanodine

Schwabe, L.; Wolf, O.T., 2010:
Stress impairs the reconsolidation of autobiographical memories

Sevilgen, V.; Stein, R.S.; Pollitz, F.F., 2012:
Stress imparted by the great 2004 Sumatra earthquake shut down transforms and activated rifts up to 400 km away in the Andaman Sea

Hoskin, R.; Hunter, M.D.; Woodruff, P.W.R., 2014:
Stress improves selective attention towards emotionally neutral left ear stimuli

Umberson, D.; Williams, K.; Powers, D.A.; Liu, H.; Needham, B., 2005 :
Stress in Childhood and Adulthood: Effects on Marital Quality Over Time

Seiffge-Krenke, I., 2008:
Stress in German schools: frequencies, causes and international comparison

Rogers, C.; Malone, K.M., 2010:
Stress in Irish dentists: developing effective coping strategies

East, P.L.; Chien, N.C., 2014:
Stress in Latino families following an adolescent's childbearing: effects on family relationships and siblings

Rúa, J.; de Castro, C.; de Arriaga, D.; García-Armesto, Mía.Rosario.; Busto, Félix.; del Valle, P., 2015:
Stress in Phycomyces blakesleeanus by glucose starvation and acetate growth: response of the antioxidant system and reserve carbohydrates

Burke, A.R.; Miczek, K.A., 2015:
Stress in adolescence and drugs of abuse in rodent models: role of dopamine, CRF, and HPA axis

Ferranti, A.; Spada, S.; Mosconi, G., 2010:
Stress in auto-transportation sector between prejudice and reality

Green, D.R., 2010:
Stress in biomedical research: six impossible things

Tafaro, L.; Tombolillo, M.Teresa.; Brükner, N.; Troisi, G.; Cicconetti, P.; Motta, M.; Cardillo, E.; Bennati, E.; Marigliano, V., 2008:
Stress in centenarians

Antabak, A.; Luetić, T.; Stilinović, M., 2013:
Stress in children due to hospitalization and surgery

Brobeck, E.; Marklund, B.; Haraldsson, K.; Berntsson, L., 2007:
Stress in children: how fifth-year pupils experience stress in everyday life

Hester, H.; Cunliffe, C.; Hunnisett, A., 2013:
Stress in chiropractic education: a student survey of a five-year course

Fernström, A.L.; Sutian, W.; Royo, F.; Westlund, K.; Nilsson, T.; Carlsson, H-E.; Paramastri, Y.; Pamungkas, J.; Sajuthi, D.; Schapiro, S.J.; Hau, J., 2008:
Stress in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) subjected to long-distance transport and simulated transport housing conditions

Parker, V.J.; Douglas, A.J., 2010:
Stress in early pregnancy: maternal neuro-endocrine-immune responses and effects

Medinas Amorós, Mía.Magdalena.; Más Tous, C.; Renom Sotorra, F., 2009:
Stress in elderly hospitalized patients with chronic respiratory disease: assessment in a public geriatric hospital

Cornamusaz, Aélie., 2010:
Stress in emergencies. From the hospital... to Tribunal

Healy, S.; Tyrrell, M., 2011:
Stress in emergency departments: experiences of nurses and doctors

Rudner, H.L., 1986:
Stress in family practice residents

Joseph, R.A.; Mackley, A.B.; Davis, C.G.; Spear, M.L.; Locke, R.G., 2007:
Stress in fathers of surgical neonatal intensive care unit babies

Syrek, C.J.; Apostel, E.; Antoni, C.H., 2014:
Stress in highly demanding IT jobs: transformational leadership moderates the impact of time pressure on exhaustion and work-life balance

Tunnah, K.; Jones, A.; Johnstone, R., 2012:
Stress in hospice at home nurses: a qualitative study of their experiences of their work and wellbeing

Hopkins-Chadwick, D.L.; Ryan-Wenger, N., 2009:
Stress in junior enlisted air force women with and without children

Gay, R.E.; Ilharreborde, B.; Zhao, K.D.; Berglund, L.J.; Bronfort, G.; An, K-Nan., 2007:
Stress in lumbar intervertebral discs during distraction: a cadaveric study

McKee, M.G.; Gillinov, A.Marc.; Duffy, M.Bridget.; Gevirtz, R.N.; Russoniello, C.V., 2012:
Stress in medicine: strategies for caregivers, patients, clinicians

Hedborg, K.; Anderberg, U.Maria.; Muhr, C., 2011:
Stress in migraine: personality-dependent vulnerability, life events, and gender are of significance

Felimban, M.A.; Salih, M.A., 2000:
Stress in mothers of diabetic children in riyadh city, saudi arabia

Khan, N.Z.; Muslima, H.; Bhattacharya, M.; Parvin, R.; Begum, N.; Jahan, M.; Begum, D.; Akhtar, S.; Ahmed, A.S.M.N.U.; Darmstadt, G.L., 2008:
Stress in mothers of preterm infants in Bangladesh: associations with family, child and maternal factors and children's neuro-development

Lovera, J.; Reza, T., 2014:
Stress in multiple sclerosis: review of new developments and future directions

Henriques, T.P.; Szawka, R.E.; Diehl, L.A.; de Souza, M.A.; Corrêa, C.N.; Aranda, B.C.C.; Sebben, V.; Franci, C.R.; Anselmo-Franci, J.A.; Silveira, P.P.; de Almeida, R.M.M., 2015:
Stress in neonatal rats with different maternal care backgrounds: monoaminergic and hormonal responses

Linch, G.Fernanda.da.Costa.; Guido, L.de.Azevedo., 2011:
Stress in nurses at a hemodynamics ward in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Cavalheiro, A.Maria.; Moura Junior, D.Faria.; Lopes, A.Carlos., 2008:
Stress in nurses working in intensive care units

Holvoet, P., 2012:
Stress in obesity and associated metabolic and cardiovascular disorders

Foss, B.; Dyrstad, S.M., 2011:
Stress in obesity: cause or consequence?

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