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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55949

Chapter 55949 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kubala, M.H.; Kovtun, O.; Alexandrov, K.; Collins, B.M., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic analysis of the GFP:GFP-nanobody complex

Camacho, C.J.; Katsumata, Y.; Ascherman, D.P., 2008:
Structural and thermodynamic approach to peptide immunogenicity

Ohki, T.; Harada, M.; Okada, T., 2007:
Structural and thermodynamic aspects of ionic solvation in concentrated aqueous poly(ethylene glycol)

Brautigam, C.A.; Wynn, R.Max.; Chuang, J.L.; Naik, M.T.; Young, B.B.; Huang, T-Huang.; Chuang, D.T., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic basis for weak interactions between dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase and subunit-binding domain of the branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex

Wilderman, P.Ross.; Shah, M.B.; Jang, H-Hee.; Stout, C.David.; Halpert, J.R., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic basis of (+)-α-pinene binding to human cytochrome P450 2B6

Aripirala, S.; Gonzalez-Pacanowska, D.; Oldfield, E.; Kaiser, M.; Amzel, L.Mario.; Gabelli, S.B., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic basis of the inhibition of Leishmania major farnesyl diphosphate synthase by nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates

Hernandez, D.Alejandro.; Domínguez, H., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic behavior of alkane chains at the liquid/vapor interface

Gutierrez, L.J.; Enriz, R.D.; Baldoni, Héctor.A., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic characteristics of the exosite binding pocket on the human BACE1: a molecular modeling approach

Makbul, C.; Constantinescu Aruxandei, D.; Hofmann, E.; Schwarz, D.; Wolf, E.; Herrmann, C., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of Nore1-SARAH: a small, helical module important in signal transduction networks

Ando, N.; Barstow, B.; Baase, W.A.; Fields, A.; Matthews, B.W.; Gruner, S.M., 2008:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of T4 lysozyme mutants and the contribution of internal cavities to pressure denaturation

D.J.nge, N.; Hohlweg, W.; Garcia-Pino, A.; Respondek, M.; Buts, L.; Haesaerts, S.; Lah, J.; Zangger, K.; Loris, R., 2010:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of Vibrio fischeri CcdB

Pokutta, S.; Choi, H-Jung.; Ahlsen, G.; Hansen, S.D.; Weis, W.I., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of cadherin·β-catenin·α-catenin complex formation

Suárez, D.F.; Consuegra, J.; Trajano, V.C.; Gontijo, Sávio.M.L.; Guimarães, P.P.G.; Cortés, M.E.; Denadai, Ângelo.L.; Sinisterra, Rén.D., 2015:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of doxycycline/β-cyclodextrin supramolecular complex and its bacterial membrane interactions

Haikarainen, T.; Thanassoulas, A.; Stavros, P.; Nounesis, G.; Haataja, S.; Papageorgiou, A.C., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of metal ion binding in Streptococcus suis Dpr

Lima, C.F.R.A.C.; Rocha, M.A.A.; Melo, Aé.; Gomes, Lígia.R.; Low, J.N.; Santos, Lís.M.N.B.F., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of polyphenylbenzenes

Van Molle, I.; Moonens, K.; Garcia-Pino, A.; Buts, L.; D.K.rpel, M.; Wyns, L.; Bouckaert, J.; D.G.eve, H., 2009:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of pre- and postpolymerization states in the F4 fimbrial subunit FaeG

Chrencik, J.E.; Patny, A.; Leung, I.K.; Korniski, B.; Emmons, T.L.; Hall, T.; Weinberg, R.A.; Gormley, J.A.; Williams, J.M.; Day, J.E.; Hirsch, J.L.; Kiefer, J.R.; Leone, J.W.; Fischer, H.David.; Sommers, C.D.; Huang, H-Chih.; Jacobsen, E.J.; Tenbrink, R.E.; Tomasselli, A.G.; Benson, T.E., 2010:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of the TYK2 and JAK3 kinase domains in complex with CP-690550 and CMP-6

Müller, Jürgen.J.; Hannemann, F.; Schiffler, B.; Ewen, K.M.; Kappl, R.; Heinemann, U.; Bernhardt, R., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of the adrenodoxin-like domain of the electron-transfer protein Etp1 from Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Wafer, L.N.; Tzul, F.O.; Pandharipande, P.P.; McCallum, S.A.; Makhatadze, G.I., 2015:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of the recognition of the S100-binding peptides TRTK12 and p53 by calmodulin

Kudo, S.; Caaveiro, J.M.M.; Miyafusa, T.; Goda, S.; Ishii, K.; Matsuura, T.; Sudou, Y.; Kodama, T.; Hamakubo, T.; Tsumoto, K., 2012:
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of the self-adhesive properties of human P-cadherin

Davies, C.W.; Paul, L.N.; Kim, M-Il.; Das, C., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic comparison of the catalytic domain of AMSH and AMSH-LP: nearly identical fold but different stability

Zhao, Y.; Sun, L.; Muralidhara, B.K.; Kumar, S.; White, M.A.; Stout, C.David.; Halpert, J.R., 2007:
Structural and thermodynamic consequences of 1-(4-chlorophenyl)imidazole binding to cytochrome P450 2B4

Robinson, A.C.; Castañeda, C.A.; Schlessman, J.L.; García-Moreno, E.Bertrand., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic consequences of burial of an artificial ion pair in the hydrophobic interior of a protein

Marsh, D., 2010:
Structural and thermodynamic determinants of chain-melting transition temperatures for phospholipid and glycolipids membranes

Yin, Z.; Kelso, M.J.; Beck, J.L.; Oakley, A.J., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic dissection of linear motif recognition by the E. coli sliding clamp

Proctor, E.A.; Ding, F.; Dokholyan, N.V., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic effects of post-translational modifications in mutant and wild type Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase

Grigorovich, N.V.; Moiseenko, D.V.; Antipova, A.S.; Anokhina, M.S.; Belyakova, L.E.; Polikarpov, Y.N.; Korica, N.; Semenova, M.G.; Baranov, B.A., 2012:
Structural and thermodynamic features of covalent conjugates of sodium caseinate with maltodextrins underlying their functionality

Lara-González, S.; Estrella-Hernández, P.; Ochoa-Leyva, Aán.; Del Carmen Portillo-Téllez, Mía.; Caro-Gómez, L.A.; Figueroa-Angulo, E.E.; Salgado-Lugo, H.; Miranda Ozuna, Jús.F.T.; Ortega-López, J.; Arroyo, R.; Brieba, L.G.; Benítez-Cardoza, C.G., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic folding characterization of triosephosphate isomerases from Trichomonas vaginalis reveals the role of destabilizing mutations following gene duplication

Jain, V.; Hilton, B.; Lin, B.; Jain, A.; MacKerell, A.D.; Zou, Y.; Cho, B.P., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic insight into Escherichia coli UvrABC-mediated incision of cluster diacetylaminofluorene adducts on the NarI sequence

Leiros, H-Kirsti.S.; Flydal, M.Innselset.; Martinez, A., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic insight into phenylalanine hydroxylase from the human pathogen Legionella pneumophila

Bocharov, E.V.; Mineev, K.S.; Goncharuk, M.V.; Arseniev, A.S., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic insight into the process of "weak" dimerization of the ErbB4 transmembrane domain by solution NMR

Armstrong, A.; Hildreth, J.E.K.; Amzel, L.Mario., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic insights into the recognition of native proteins by anti-peptide antibodies

Chong, S-Ho.; Lee, C.; Kang, G.; Park, M.; Ham, S., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic investigations on the aggregation and folding of acylphosphatase by molecular dynamics simulations and solvation free energy analysis

Garg, I.; Deo, N., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic properties of a linearly perturbed matrix model for RNA folding

Jedlovszky, Pál.; Pártay, Lívia.B.; Bartók, A.P.; Voloshin, V.P.; Medvedev, N.N.; Garberoglio, G.; Vallauri, R., 2008:
Structural and thermodynamic properties of different phases of supercooled liquid water

Sevastianova, T.N.; Bodensteiner, M.; Lisovenko, A.S.; Davydova, E.I.; Scheer, M.; Susliakova, T.V.; Krasnova, I.S.; Timoshkin, A.Y., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamic properties of molecular complexes of aluminum and gallium trihalides with bifunctional donor pyrazine: decisive role of Lewis acidity in 1D polymer formation

Disalvo, E.A.; Martini, M.F.; Bouchet, A.M.; Hollmann, A.; Frías, M.A., 2015:
Structural and thermodynamic properties of water-membrane interphases: significance for peptide/membrane interactions

van der Werf, R.; Wijmenga, S.S.; Heus, H.A.; Olsthoorn, Ré.C.L., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic signatures that define pseudotriloop RNA hairpins

Zeilinger, M.; Fässler, T.F., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic similarities of phases in the Li-Tt (Tt = Si, Ge) systems: redetermination of the lithium-rich side of the Li-Ge phase diagram and crystal structures of Li17Si4.0-xGex for x = 2.3, 3.1, 3.5, and 4 as well as Li4.1Ge

Loch, J.I.; Polit, A.; Bonarek, P.; Olszewska, D.; Kurpiewska, K.; Dziedzicka-Wasylewska, M.; Lewiński, K., 2012:
Structural and thermodynamic studies of binding saturated fatty acids to bovine β-lactoglobulin

Shmyt'ko, I.M.; Jiménez-Riobóo, R.J.; Hassaine, M.; Ramos, M.A., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamic studies of n-butanol

Martino, L.; Virno, A.; Pagano, B.; Virgilio, A.; D.M.cco, S.; Galeone, A.; Giancola, C.; Bifulco, G.; Mayol, L.; Randazzo, A., 2007:
Structural and thermodynamic studies of the interaction of distamycin A with the parallel quadruplex structure [d(TGGGGT)]4

Camargo, A.I.; Wiggers, H.J.; Damalio, J.C.P.; Araujo, A.P.U.; Ribichich, K.F.; de Camargo, P.C., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic studies of two centrin isoforms from Blastocladiella emersonii upon calcium binding

Hazra, S.; Suresh Kumar, G., 2015:
Structural and thermodynamic studies on the interaction of iminium and alkanolamine forms of sanguinarine with hemoglobin

Tian, G.; Teat, S.J.; Rao, L., 2014:
Structural and thermodynamic study of the complexes of Nd(III) with N,N,N',N'-tetramethyl-3-oxa-glutaramide and the acid analogues

Martínez Casado, F.J.; Ramos Riesco, M.; García Pérez, M.V.; Redondo, M.I.; López-Andrés, S.; Rodríguez Cheda, J.A., 2010:
Structural and thermodynamic study on short metal alkanoates: lithium propanoate and pentanoate

Lukšič, M.; Hribar-Lee, B.; Vlachy, V.; Pizio, O., 2013:
Structural and thermodynamical properties of charged hard spheres in a mixture with core-softened model solvent

Cao, Z.; Liu, L.; Wu, P.; Wang, J., 2011:
Structural and thermodynamics characters of isolated α-syn12 peptide: long-time temperature replica-exchange molecular dynamics in aqueous solution

Schnurr, S.; Wiedwald, U.; Ziemann, P.; Verchenko, V.Y.; Shevelkov, A.V., 2013:
Structural and thermoelectric properties of TMGa3 (TM = Fe, Co) thin films

Lopera, D.; Naranjo, T.W.; Cruz, O.G.; Restrepo, A.; Cano, L.Elena.; Lenzi, H.Leonel., 2011:
Structural and topographic dynamics of pulmonary histopathology and local cytokine profiles in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis conidia-infected mice

Kaseman, D.C.; Hung, I.; Gan, Z.; Aitken, B.; Currie, S.; Sen, S., 2014:
Structural and topological control on physical properties of arsenic selenide glasses

Fourré, I.; Bergès, J.; Houée-Levin, C., 2010:
Structural and topological studies of methionine radical cations in dipeptides: electron sharing in two-center three-electron bonds

Lee, M.; Lipfert, J.; Sanchez, H.; Wyman, C.; Dekker, N.H., 2013:
Structural and torsional properties of the RAD51-dsDNA nucleoprotein filament

Anderson, O.D.; Coleman-Derr, D.; Gu, Y.Q.; Heath, S., 2010:
Structural and transcriptional analysis of plant genes encoding the bifunctional lysine ketoglutarate reductase saccharopine dehydrogenase enzyme

Sava, M-M.; Boulocher, C.; Matei, C.I.; Munteanu, B.; Schramme, M.; Viguier, E.; Roger, T.; Berthier, Y.; Blanchin, M-G.; Trunfio-Sfarghiu, A-M., 2014:
Structural and tribological study of healthy and biomimetic SF

Gonçalves, L.A.; Boldrini, S.C.; Capote, T.S.O.; Binotti, C.B.; Azeredo, R.A.; Martini, D.T.; Rosenberg, B.; Bautz, W.G.; Liberti, E.A., 2009:
Structural and ultra-structural features of the first mandibular molars of young rats submitted to pre and postnatal protein deficiencies

Cordeiro, B.A.; Tibúrcio, V.Hugo.S.; Hallwass, M.; Paes, H.C.; Ribeiro, B.M.; Báo, Sônia.N., 2008:
Structural and ultrastructural alterations of Malpighian tubules of Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae infected with different Anticarsia gemmatalis multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AgMNPV) recombinant viruses

Hernández-Fonseca, J.P.; Rincón, J.; Pedreañez, A.; Viera, N.; Arcaya, Jé.L.; Carrizo, E.; Mosquera, Jús., 2009:
Structural and ultrastructural analysis of cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and hypothalamus from diabetic rats

Saouter, E.; L.M.nn, R.; Boudou, A.; Ribeyre, F., 1991:
Structural and ultrastructural analysis of gills and gut of Hexagenia rigida nymphs (ephemeroptera) in relation to contamination mechanisms

Maia, F.C.L.; McCall, J.W.; Silva, V.A.; Peixoto, C.A.; Supakorndej, P.; Supakorndej, N.; Alves, L.C., 2012:
Structural and ultrastructural changes in the lungs of cats Felis catus (Linnaeus, 1758) experimentally infected with D. immitis (Leidy, 1856)

Roy, B.Chandra.; Ando, M.; Itoh, T.; Tsukamasa, Y., 2012:
Structural and ultrastructural changes of full-cycle cultured Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) muscle slices during chilled storage

Moreira, J.; Araújo, Vícius.Albano.; Báo, Sônia.Nair.; Lino-Neto, Jé., 2010:
Structural and ultrastructural characteristics of male reproductive tract and spermatozoa in two Cryptinae species (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Fiorillo, B.S.; Lino-Neto, J.; Báo, S.N., 2008:
Structural and ultrastructural characterization of male reproductive tracts and spermatozoa in fig wasps of the genus Pegoscapus (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

Corradi, L.S.; Jesus, M.M.; Fochi, R.A.; Vilamaior, P.S.L.; Justulin, L.A.; Góes, R.M.; Felisbino, Sérgio.L.; Taboga, São.R., 2013:
Structural and ultrastructural evidence for telocytes in prostate stroma

da Silva Neto, I.D., 1993:
Structural and ultrastructural observations of the ciliate Phacodinium metchnicoffi certes, 1891 (Heterotrichea, Phacodiniida)

Almášiová, V.; Holovská, Kína.; Cigánková, V.; Račeková, Eö.; Fabianová, K.; Martončíková, M., 2014:
Structural and ultrastructural study of rat testes influenced by electromagnetic radiation

Almasiova, V.; Holovska, K.; Tarabova, L.; Cigankova, V.; Lukacinova, A.; Nistiar, F., 2012:
Structural and ultrastructural study of the rabbit testes exposed to carbamate insecticide

Mukherjee, D.; Saha, R.Prasad.; Chakrabarti, P., 2009:
Structural and unfolding features of HlyT, a tetrameric LysR type transcription regulator of Vibrio cholerae

Singh, B.P.; Parchur, A.K.; Singh, R.K.; Ansari, A.A.; Singh, P.; Rai, S.B., 2013:
Structural and up-conversion properties of Er3+ and Yb3+ co-doped Y2Ti2O7 phosphors

Matsuoka, T.; Fujihisa, H.; Hirao, N.; Ohishi, Y.; Mitsui, T.; Masuda, R.; Seto, M.; Yoda, Y.; Shimizu, K.; Machida, A.; Aoki, K., 2011:
Structural and valence changes of europium hydride induced by application of high-pressure H₂

Schwab, G.; Stern, D.; Stalke, D., 2008:
Structural and variable-temperature NMR studies of 9-diisopropylphosphanylanthracenes and 9,10-bis(diisopropylphosphanyl)anthracenes and their oxidation products

Almeida, H.A.; Bártolo, P.J., 2012:
Structural and vascular analysis of tissue engineering scaffolds, Part 1: Numerical fluid analysis

Almeida, H.A.; Bártolo, P.J., 2012:
Structural and vascular analysis of tissue engineering scaffolds, Part 2: Topology optimisation

Raschi, A.B.; Romano, E.; Benavente, A.M.; Ben Altabef, A.; Tuttolomondo, M.E., 2010:
Structural and vibrational analysis of thymoquinone

do Nascimento, G.M.; Kobata, P.Y.G.; Temperini, M.L.A., 2008:
Structural and vibrational characterization of polyaniline nanofibers prepared from interfacial polymerization

Maczka, M.; Pietraszko, A.; Paraguassu, W.; Filho, A.G.Souza.; Freire, P.T.C.; Filho, J.Mendes.; Hanuza, J., 2009:
Structural and vibrational properties of K(3)Fe(MoO(4))(2)(Mo(2)O(7))-a novel layered molybdate

Schnaars, D.D.; Wilson, R.E., 2013:
Structural and vibrational properties of U(VI)O2Cl4(2-) and Pu(VI)O2Cl4(2-) complexes

Pagliai, M.; Bonazzi, P.; Bindi, L.; Muniz-Miranda, M.; Cardini, G., 2011:
Structural and vibrational properties of arsenic sulfides: alacranite (As8S9)

Johansson, P.; Grondin, J.; Lassègues, J-Claude., 2011:
Structural and vibrational properties of diglyme and longer glymes

Dymińska, L.; Węgliński, Z.; Gągor, A.; Hanuza, J., 2013:
Structural and vibrational properties of imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine, a structural unit in natural products

Huang, Q-Wei.; Zhang, J.; Berlie, A.; Qin, Z-Xing.; Zhao, X-Miao.; Zhang, J-Bo.; Tang, L-Yun.; Liu, J.; Zhang, C.; Zhong, G-Hua.; Lin, H-Qing.; Chen, X-Jia., 2013:
Structural and vibrational properties of phenanthrene under pressure

Arjunan, V.; Marchewka, M.K.; Raj, A.; Yang, H.; Mohan, S., 2015:
Structural and vibrational spectral investigations of melaminium glutarate monohydrate by FTIR, FT-Raman and DFT methods

Arjunan, V.; Kalaivani, M.; Marchewka, M.K.; Mohan, S., 2013:
Structural and vibrational spectral investigations of melaminium maleate monohydrate by FTIR, FT-Raman and quantum chemical calculations

Kecel-Gunduz, S.; Celik, S.; Ozel, A.E.; Akyuz, S., 2016:
Structural and vibrational spectroscopic elucidation of sulpiride in solid state

Jaiswal, S.; Kushwaha, A.; Prasad, R.; Prasad, R.L.; Yadav, R.A., 2009:
Structural and vibrational studies of molecular conductors using quantum mechanical methods: 1,3-Dithiole-2-thione, 1,3-dithiole-2-one, 1,3-dioxole-2-one and 1,3-dioxole-2-thione

de Freitas, L.Viana.; da Silva, C.C.P.; Ellena, J.; Costa, L.Antônio.Sodré.; Rey, Nás.A., 2014:
Structural and vibrational study of 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone--a potential metal-protein attenuating compound (MPAC) for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Courcot, B.; Bridgeman, A.J., 2010:
Structural and vibrational study of [Mo7O24]6- and [W7O24]6-

Celik, S.; Kecel-Gunduz, S.; Ozel, A.E.; Akyuz, S., 2016:
Structural and vibrational study of primidone based on monomer and dimer calculations

Rentschler, I.; Gschwind, M.; Brettel, H.; Osman, E.; Caelli, T., 2008:
Structural and view-specific representations for the categorization of three-dimensional objects

Lieleg, O.; Schmoller, K.M.; Purdy Drew, K.R.; Claessens, M.M.A.E.; Semmrich, C.; Zheng, L.; Bartles, J.R.; Bausch, A.R., 2010:
Structural and viscoelastic properties of actin networks formed by espin or pathologically relevant espin mutants

Schmoller, K.M.; Lieleg, O.; Bausch, A.R., 2009:
Structural and viscoelastic properties of actin/filamin networks: cross-linked versus bundled networks

Xu, L.; Adali, Tülay.; Schretlen, D.; Pearlson, G.; Calhoun, V.D., 2011:
Structural angle and power images reveal interrelated gray and white matter abnormalities in schizophrenia

van der Hooft, J.J.J.; Akermi, M.; Ünlü, F.Yelda.; Mihaleva, V.; Roldan, V.Gomez.; Bino, R.J.; de Vos, R.C.H.; Vervoort, J., 2013:
Structural annotation and elucidation of conjugated phenolic compounds in black, green, and white tea extracts

Anand, P.; Sankaran, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Yeturu, K.; Laskowski, R.; Bhardwaj, A.; Bhagavat, R.; Brahmachari, S.K.; Chandra, N., 2012:
Structural annotation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome

Coleman, S.J.; Zeng, Z.; Wang, K.; Luo, S.; Khrebtukova, I.; Mienaltowski, M.J.; Schroth, G.P.; Liu, J.; MacLeod, J.N., 2015:
Structural annotation of equine protein-coding genes determined by mRNA sequencing

Aggarwal, M.; Boone, C.D.; Kondeti, B.; McKenna, R., 2013:
Structural annotation of human carbonic anhydrases

Zhou, B.; Kobayashi, A.; Okano, Y.; Cui, H.; Graf, D.; Brooks, J.S.; Nakashima, T.; Aoyagi, S.; Nishibori, E.; Sakata, M.; Kobayashi, H., 2009:
Structural anomalies associated with antiferromagnetic transition of single-component molecular metal [Au(tmdt)2

Bromley, B.; Shipp, T.D.; Benacerraf, B.R., 2010:
Structural anomalies in early embryonic death: a 3-dimensional pictorial essay

Krekelberg, W.P.; Mittal, J.; Ganesan, V.; Truskett, T.M., 2008:
Structural anomalies of fluids: origins in second and higher coordination shells

Guzmán-Afonso, C.; González-Silgo, C.; Torres, M.E.; Matesanz, E.; Mujica, A., 2013:
Structural anomalies related to changes in the conduction mechanisms of α-Sm2(MoO4)3

Tessa, C.; Michelucci, R.; Nobile, C.; Giannelli, M.; Della Nave, R.; Testoni, S.; Bianucci, D.; Tinuper, P.; Bisulli, F.; Sofia, V.; D.F.o, M.R.; Giallonardo, A.T.; Tassinari, C.A.; Mascalchi, M., 2007:
Structural anomaly of left lateral temporal lobe in epilepsy due to mutated LGI1

Cochran, J.K.; Bjerregaard, B., 2012 :
Structural anomie and crime: a cross-national test

Mouret, Sébastien., 2013:
Structural anthropology of bird flu: about Un monde grippé by Frédéric Keck

O'Connor, P.M.; Evans, R.G., 2010:
Structural antioxidant defense mechanisms in the mammalian and nonmammalian kidney: different solutions to the same problem?

Echeverria, C.; Santibañez, J.Francisco.; Donoso-Tauda, O.; Escobar, C.A.; Ramirez-Tagle, R., 2009:
Structural antitumoral activity relationships of synthetic chalcones

Haberland, A.; Zaitsev, S.; Waldöfner, N.; Erdmann, B.; Böttger, M.; Henke, W., 2008:
Structural appearance of linker histone H1/siRNA complexes

Lafarge, F.; Descombes, X.; Zerubia, J.; Pierrot-Deseilligny, M., 2009:
Structural approach for building reconstruction from a single DSM

Toriumi, D.M., 2002:
Structural approach to primary rhinoplasty

Masson, P.; Nachon, F.; Lockridge, O., 2010:
Structural approach to the aging of phosphylated cholinesterases

Parkhurst, J.O., 2015:
Structural approaches for prevention of sexually transmitted HIV in general populations: definitions and an operational approach

Nury, H.; Blesneac, I.; Ravaud, S.; Pebay-Peyroula, E., 2010:
Structural approaches of the mitochondrial carrier family

Gupta, G.Rao.; Parkhurst, J.O.; Ogden, J.A.; Aggleton, P.; Mahal, A., 2008:
Structural approaches to HIV prevention

Lieberman, L.; Golden, S.D.; Earp, J.Anne.L., 2014:
Structural approaches to health promotion: what do we need to know about policy and environmental change?

Parker, L.J.; Ascher, D.B.; Gao, C.; Miles, L.A.; Harris, H.H.; Parker, M.W., 2013:
Structural approaches to probing metal interaction with proteins

Orban, T.; Jastrzebska, B.; Palczewski, K., 2014:
Structural approaches to understanding retinal proteins needed for vision

Kravets, E.A.; Berezhnaia, V.V.; Sakada, V.I.; Rashidov, N.M.; Grodzinskiĭ, D.M., 2012:
Structural architectonics of apical root meristems in coherence with the quantitative assessment of its damage by radiation

Grüber, A.; Manimekalai, M.S.S.; Preiser, P.R.; Grüber, G., 2013:
Structural architecture and interplay of the nucleotide- and erythrocyte binding domain of the reticulocyte binding protein Py235 from Plasmodium yoelii

Sethe Burgie, E.; Bingman, C.A.; Makino, S-Ichi.; Wesenberg, G.E.; Pan, X.; Fox, B.G.; Phillips, G.N., 2011:
Structural architecture of Galdieria sulphuraria DCN1L

Gamazon, E.R.; Cox, N.J.; Davis, L.K., 2015:
Structural architecture of SNP effects on complex traits

Qiao, Q.; Yang, C.; Zheng, C.; Fontán, L.; David, L.; Yu, X.; Bracken, C.; Rosen, M.; Melnick, A.; Egelman, E.H.; Wu, H., 2013:
Structural architecture of the CARMA1/Bcl10/MALT1 signalosome: nucleation-induced filamentous assembly

Sosa, S., 2015:
Structural architecture of the social network of a non-human primate (Macaca sylvanus): a study of its topology in La Forêt des Singes, Rocamadour

Dempski, R.E.; Lustig, J.; Friedrich, T.; Bamberg, E., 2007:
Structural arrangement and conformational dynamics of the gamma subunit of the Na+/K+-ATPase

Hosoyamada, Y.; Sakai, T., 2013:
Structural arrangement of collagen fibrils in the periarterial connective tissue of the kidney: their functional relevance as a structural stabilizer against arterial pressure

Benedicto, H.G.; Bombonato, P.P.; Macchiarelli, G.; Stifano, G.; Prado, I.M.M., 2012:
Structural arrangement of the cardiac collagen fibers of healthy and diabetic dogs

Dixit, M.; Kim, S.; Matthews, G.F.; Erreger, K.; Galli, A.; Cobb, C.E.; Hustedt, E.J.; Beth, A.H., 2013:
Structural arrangement of the intracellular Ca2+ binding domains of the cardiac Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX1.1): effects of Ca2+ binding

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