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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55952

Chapter 55952 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Structural determination of aspericins A-C, new furan and pyran derivates from the marine-derived fungus Rhizopus sp. 2-PDA-61, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 48(2): 155-158 (2010)

Structural determination of atricins A and B, new triterpenes from Perovskia atriplicifolia, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 47(3): 266-269 (2009)

Structural determination of biomolecular interfaces by nuclear magnetic resonance of proteins with reduced proton density
, Journal of Biomolecular Nmr 47(1): 41-54 (2010)

Structural determination of cerebrosides isolated from Asterias amurensis starfish eggs using high-energy collision-induced dissociation of sodium-adducted molecules
, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 25(5): 572-578 (2011)

Structural determination of crotamides A and B, the new amides from Croton sparsiflorus
, Journal of Asian Natural Products Research 12(8): 662-665 (2010)

Structural determination of daphnecin, a new coumarinolignan from Daphne mucronata
, Journal of Asian Natural Products Research 12(4): 324-327 (2010)

Structural determination of elicitors in Sogatella furcifera (Horváth) that induce Japonica rice plant varieties (Oryza sativa L.) to produce an ovicidal substance against S. furcifera eggs
, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 78(6): 937-942 (2014)

Structural determination of epsilon-lactams by 1H and 13C NMR
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 47(12): 1013-1018 (2009)

Structural determination of estrogen-related receptor gamma in the presence of phenol derivative compounds
, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 108(1-2): 44-54 (2008)

Structural determination of flavonoids from Sophora flavescens
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(9): 903-906 (2008)

Structural determination of functional domains in early B-cell factor (EBF) family of transcription factors reveals similarities to Rel DNA-binding proteins and a novel dimerization motif
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 285(34): 25875 (2010)

Structural determination of functional units of the nucleotide binding domain (NBD94) of the reticulocyte binding protein Py235 of Plasmodium yoelii
, Plos One 5(2): E9146-E9146 (2010)

Structural determination of glucosylceramides in the distillation remnants of shochu, the Japanese traditional liquor, and its production by Aspergillus kawachii
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 60(46): 11473-11482 (2012)

Structural determination of glucosylceramides isolated from marine sponge by fast atom bombardment collision-induced dissociation linked scan at constant B/E
, Journal of Mass Spectrometry 44(12): 1698-1708 (2009)

Structural determination of glycopeptidolipids of Mycobacterium smegmatis by high-resolution multiple-stage linear ion-trap mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization
, Journal of Mass Spectrometry 47(10): 1269-1281 (2012)

Structural determination of individual chemical species in a mixed system by iterative transformation factor analysis-based X-ray absorption spectroscopy combined with UV-visible absorption and quantum chemical calculation
, Analytical Chemistry 80(4): 1102-1110 (2008)

Structural determination of kochiosides A-C, new steroidal glucosides from Kochia prostrata, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 45(9): 785-788 (2007)

Structural determination of large molecules through the reassembly of optimized fragments
, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 27(3): 364-375 (2008)

Structural determination of molecular stereochemistry using VCD spectroscopy and a conformational code: absolute configuration and solution conformation of a chiral liquid pesticide, (R)-(+)-malathion
, Chirality 21(Suppl. 1): E172 (2009)

Structural determination of monosubstituted alkylbenzenes by proton magnetic resonance
, Analytical Chemistry 44(11): 1794-1803 (1972)

Structural determination of montanacin D by total synthesis
, Organic Letters 10(19): 4223-4226 (2008)

Structural determination of nerve agent markers using gas chromatography mass spectrometry after derivatization with 3-pyridyldiazomethane
, Journal of Mass Spectrometry 48(7): 813-822 (2013)

Structural determination of paraffin boiling points
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 69(1): 17-20 (1947)

Structural determination of picomole amounts of phospholipids via electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
, Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 6(12): 1202-1210 (1995)

Structural determination of protein-based polymer blends with a promising tool: combination of FTIR and STXM spectroscopic imaging
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(17): 7741-7748 (2014)

Structural determination of prunusins A and B, new C-alkylated flavonoids from Prunus domestica, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 48(2): 151-154 (2010)

Structural determination of quercusides A and B, new flavonoid glucosides from Quercus incana, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 47(7): 605-608 (2009)

Structural determination of salsolins A and B, new antioxidant polyoxygenated triterpenes from Salsola baryosma, by 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(1): 94-98 (2008)

Structural determination of seven new triterpenoids from Kadsura heteroclita by NMR techniques
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 45(6): 522-526 (2007)

Structural determination of sildenafil and its analogues in dietary supplements by fast-atom bombardment collision-induced dissociation tandem mass spectrometry
, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 23(19): 3158-3166 (2009)

Structural determination of the O-antigenic polysaccharide from Escherichia coli O74
, Carbohydrate Research 344(12): 1592-1595 (2009)

Structural determination of the O-antigenic polysaccharide from Salmonella Mara (O:39)
, Carbohydrate Research 344(8): 1054-1057 (2009)

Structural determination of the O-antigenic polysaccharide of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli O103:H2
, Canadian Journal of Microbiology 56(5): 366-372 (2010)

Structural determination of the O-chain polysaccharide from the haloalkaliphilic Halomonas alkaliantarctica bacterium strain CRSS
, Carbohydrate Research 344(15): 2051-2055 (2009)

Structural determination of the O-specific polysaccharide from Aeromonas hydrophila strain A19 (serogroup O:14) with S-layer
, Carbohydrate Research 346(15): 2519-2522 (2011)

Structural determination of three different series of compounds as Hsp90 inhibitors using 3D-QSAR modeling, molecular docking and molecular dynamics methods
, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 12(2): 946-970 (2011)

Structural determination of three new eudesmanolides from Inula helenium
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(11): 1084-1088 (2008)

Structural determination of two new sesquiterpenes biotransformed from germacrone by Mucor alternata
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(2): 178-181 (2008)

Structural determination of two new steroidal saponins from Smilax china
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 47(9): 741-745 (2009)

Structural determination of two new triterpenoids biotransformed from glycyrrhetinic acid by Mucor polymorphosporus
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 48(2): 164-167 (2010)

Structural determination of two new triterpenoids from Potentilla discolor Bunge by NMR techniques
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(8): 794-797 (2008)

Structural development and energy dissipation in simulated silicon apices
, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 4: 941-948 (2013)

Structural development of aleurone and its function in common wheat
, Molecular Biology Reports 40(12): 6785-6792 (2013)

Structural development of benzhydrol-type 1'-acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA) analogs as human leukemia cell-growth inhibitors based on quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) analysis
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 56(10): 1490-1495 (2008)

Structural development of gold and silver nanoparticles within hexagonally ordered spherical micellar diblock copolymer thin films
, Nanoscale 6(11): 5999-6008 (2014)

Structural development of liver X receptor (LXR) antagonists derived from thalidomide-related glucosidase inhibitors
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 55(12): 1750-1754 (2007)

Structural development of long-term care insurance--past the reform facing the next reform
, Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 41(2): 79-80 (2008)

Structural development of mercaptophenol self-assembled monolayers and the overlying mineral phase during templated CaCO3 crystallization from a transient amorphous film
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(34): 10370-10381 (2007)

Structural development of p-carborane-based potent non-secosteroidal vitamin D analogs
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 22(21): 5891-5901 (2014)

Structural development of redwood branches and its effects on wood growth
, Tree Physiology 34(3): 314-330 (2014)

Structural development of root and their relationship to accumulation of triterpenoid saponins in Achyranthes bidentata Bl
, Fen Zi Xi Bao Sheng Wu Xue Bao 40(2): 121-129 (2007)

Structural development of the basal ganglia in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a diffusion tensor imaging study
, Psychiatry Research 172(3): 220-225 (2009)

Structural development of the hippocampus and episodic memory: developmental differences along the anterior/posterior axis
, Cerebral Cortex 24(11): 3036-3045 (2014)

Structural development of wheat nutrient transfer tissues and their relationships with filial tissues development
, Protoplasma 252(2): 605-617 (2015)

Structural development studies of anti-hepatitis C virus agents with a phenanthridinone skeleton
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 18(7): 2402-2411 (2010)

Structural development study of a novel pharmacological chaperone for folding-defective rhodopsin mutants responsible for retinitis pigmentosa
, Yakugaku Zasshi 131(3): 325-334 (2011)

Structural development, haematological immunological and pharmacological effects of quinolones
, Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery 2(2): 157-168 (2007)

Structural diagnostics of course observation for glaucoma
, Der Ophthalmologe 110(11): 1036-1044 (2013)

Structural difference between liquidlike and gaslike phases in supercritical fluid
, Physical Review. E Statistical Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 78(5 Pt 1): 051503 (2008)

Structural difference in the complement activation site of human IgG1 and IgG3
, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 70(6): 553-564 (2009)

Structural difference of vasoactive intestinal peptide in two distinct membrane-mimicking environments
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1814(5): 724-730 (2011)

Structural differences among alkali-soluble arabinoxylans from maize (Zea mays), rice (Oryza sativa), and wheat (Triticum aestivum) brans influence human fecal fermentation profiles
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58(1): 493-499 (2010)

Structural differences among cost-effectiveness models of human papillomavirus vaccines
, Expert Review of Vaccines 7(7): 895-913 (2008)

Structural differences among subfamilies of EF-hand proteins--a view from the pseudo two-fold symmetry axis
, Proteins 82(11): 2915-2924 (2014)

Structural differences between Abeta(1-40) intermediate oligomers and fibrils elucidated by proteolytic fragmentation and hydrogen/deuterium exchange
, Biophysical Journal 96(3): 1091-1104 (2009)

Structural differences between C-terminal regions of tropomyosin isoforms
, Peerj 1: E181 (2013)

Structural differences between Pb2+- and Ca2+-binding sites in proteins: implications with respect to toxicity
, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 102(10): 1901-1909 (2008)

Structural differences between apoE3 and apoE4 may be useful in developing therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(23): 8913-8918 (2012)

Structural differences between apolipoprotein E3 and E4 as measured by (19)F NMR
, Protein Science 19(1): 66-74 (2010)

Structural differences between chitin and chitosan extracted from three different marine sources
, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 65: 298-306 (2014)

Structural differences between cold- and melt-crystallized poly(trimethylene terephthalate) samples
, Applied Spectroscopy 67(3): 307-313 (2013)

Structural differences between health insurance funds and their impact on health services research: results from the Bertelsmann Health-Care Monitor
, Gesundheitswesen ) 74(5): 291-297 (2012)

Structural differences between human proteins and aero- and microbial allergens define allergenicity
, Plos one 7(7): E40552 (2012)

Structural differences between native Hen egg white lysozyme and its fibrils under different environmental conditions
, Spectrochimica Acta. Part A Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 114: 368-376 (2013)

Structural differences between soluble and membrane bound cytochrome P450s
, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 108: 150-158 (2012)

Structural differences between the SH3-HOOK-GuK domains of SAP90/PSD-95 and SAP97
, Protein Expression and Purification 68(2): 201-207 (2009)

Structural differences between the Streptococcus agalactiae housekeeping and pilus-specific sortases: SrtA and SrtC1
, Plos one 6(8): E22995 (2011)

Structural differences between the avian and human H7N9 hemagglutinin proteins are attributable to modifications in salt bridge formation: a computational study with implications in viral evolution
, Plos one 8(10): E76764 (2013)

Structural differences between the bladder dome and trigone revealed by mRNA expression analysis of cold-cut biopsies
, Bju International 108(2 Pt 2): E126 (2011)

Structural differences between the closed and open states of channelrhodopsin-2 as observed by EPR spectroscopy
, Febs Letters 587(20): 3309-3313 (2013)

Structural differences between the shafts of mammalian vibrissae and hairs and their causes
, Doklady Biological Sciences 438: 182-185 (2011)

Structural differences between thermophilic and mesophilic membrane proteins
, Protein Science 21(11): 1746-1753 (2012)

Structural differences determine the relative selectivity of nicotinic compounds for native alpha 4 beta 2*-, alpha 6 beta 2*-, alpha 3 beta 4*- and alpha 7-nicotine acetylcholine receptors
, Neuropharmacology 58(7): 1054-1066 (2010)

Structural differences explain diverse functions of Plasmodium actins
, Plos Pathogens 10(4): E1004091 (2014)

Structural differences in adult orbital and ventromedial prefrontal cortex predicted by infant temperament at 4 months of age
, Archives of General Psychiatry 67(1): 78-84 (2010)

Structural differences in chromosomes distinguish species in the tomato clade
, Cytogenetic and Genome Research 129(1-3): 24-34 (2010)

Structural differences in hippocampal and prefrontal gray matter volume support flexible context-dependent navigation ability
, Journal of Neuroscience 34(6): 2314-2320 (2014)

Structural differences in lipomannans from pathogenic and nonpathogenic mycobacteria that impact CD1b-restricted T cell responses
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 286(41): 35438-35446 (2011)

Structural differences in the motor domain of temperature-associated myosin heavy chain isoforms from grass carp fast skeletal muscle
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 154(2): 248-254 (2009)

Structural differences in the umbilical vein wall after full-term and pre-term delivery
, Anatomia Histologia Embryologia 38(5): 387-391 (2009)

Structural differences observed in arboviruses of the alphavirus and flavivirus genera
, Advances in Virology 2014: 259382 (2014)

Structural differences of orthologous genes: insights from human-primate comparisons
, Genomics 92(3): 134-143 (2008)

Structural differences of oxidized iron-sulfur and nickel-iron cofactors in O2-tolerant and O2-sensitive hydrogenases studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1847(2): 162-170 (2015)

Structural differences of prebiotic oligosaccharides influence their capability to enhance iron absorption in deficient rats
, Food and Function 5(10): 2430-2437 (2014)

Structural differences of proteins between solution state and solid state probed by attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
, Applied Spectroscopy 63(4): 458-464 (2009)

Structural differences on bone matrix associated with metabolized radium
, Radiology 52(6): 856-865 (1949)

Structural differences within negative and depressive syndrome dimensions in schizophrenia, organic brain disease, and major depression: A confirmatory factor analysis of the positive and negative syndrome scale
, Psychopathology 42(4): 242-248 (2009)

Structural differentiation of apical openings in active mitochondria-rich cells during early life stages of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) as a response to osmotic challenge
, Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 39(5): 1101-1114 (2013)

Structural differentiation of bacterial communities in indole-degrading bioreactors under denitrifying and sulfate-reducing conditions
, Research in Microbiology 161(8): 687-693 (2010)

Structural differentiation of graphs using Hosoya-based indices
, Plos one 9(7): E102459 (2014)

Structural differentiation of the three eukaryotic RNA polymerases
, Genomics 94(6): 388-396 (2009)

Structural discovery of small molecule binding sites in Cu-Zn human superoxide dismutase familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mutants provides insights for lead optimization
, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 53(3): 1402-1406 (2010)

Structural discrimination in small molecules by accurate measurement of long-range proton-carbon NMR residual dipolar couplings
, Angewandte Chemie 50(33): 7576-7580 (2011)

Structural discrimination of isomeric tetrahydrofuran lignan glucosides by tandem mass spectrometry
, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 24(7): 979-985 (2010)

Structural discrimination of networks by using distance, degree and eigenvalue-based measures
, Plos one 7(7): E38564 (2012)

Structural discrimination of robustness in transcriptional feedforward loops for pattern formation
, Plos one 6(2): E16904 (2011)

Structural disjoining potential for grain-boundary premelting and grain coalescence from molecular-dynamics simulations
, Physical Review. E Statistical Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 81(3 Pt 1): 031601 (2010)

Structural disorder and diffusional pathway of oxide ions in a doped Pr2NiO4-based mixed conductor
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 130(9): 2762-2763 (2008)

Structural disorder and dynamics of elastin
, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 88(2): 239-250 (2010)

Structural disorder and local order of hNopp140
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1834(1): 342-350 (2013)

Structural disorder and protein elasticity
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 725: 159-183 (2012)

Structural disorder and the loss of RNA homeostasis in aging and neurodegenerative disease
, Frontiers in Genetics 4: 149 (2013)

Structural disorder and transformation in crystal growth: direct observation of ring-opening isomerization in a metal-organic solid solution
, Iucrj 1(Pt 5): 318-327 (2014)

Structural disorder in AMoO4 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) scheelite nanocrystals
, Inorganic Chemistry 53(2): 1056-1061 (2014)

Structural disorder in alkaline earth metal doped Ba(x)Mn[Fe(CN)6](2(x+1)/3)·zH2O molecular magnets: a reverse Monte Carlo study
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12(38): 12208-12216 (2010)

Structural disorder in amyloid fibrils: its implication in dynamic interactions of proteins
, Febs Journal 276(19): 5406-5415 (2009)

Structural disorder in eukaryotes
, Plos one 7(4): E34687 (2012)

Structural disorder in expanding the functionome of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
, Chemistry and Biology 20(9): 1093-1099 (2013)

Structural disorder in lithium lanthanum titanate: the basis of superionic conduction
, Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 22(40): 404203 (2010)

Structural disorder in molecular framework materials
, Chemical Society Reviews 42(12): 4881-4893 (2013)

Structural disorder in proteins of the rhabdoviridae replication complex
, Protein and Peptide Letters 17(8): 979-987 (2010)

Structural disorder in the HIV-1 Vif protein and interaction-dependent gain of structure
, Protein and Peptide Letters 17(8): 988-998 (2010)

Structural disorder in viral proteins
, Chemical Reviews 114(13): 6880-6911 (2014)

Structural disorder provides increased adaptability for vesicle trafficking pathways
, Plos Computational Biology 9(7): E1003144 (2013)

Structural disorder within Henipavirus nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein: from predictions to experimental assessment
, Plos one 5(7): E11684 (2010)

Structural disorder within paramyxovirus nucleoproteins and phosphoproteins
, Molecular Biosystems 8(1): 69-81 (2012)

Structural disorder within sendai virus nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein: insight into the structural basis of molecular recognition
, Protein and Peptide Letters 17(8): 952-960 (2010)

Structural disorder within the measles virus nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein
, Protein and Peptide Letters 17(8): 961-978 (2010)

Structural disorder, magnetism, and electrical and thermoelectric properties of pyrochlore Nd2Ru2O7
, Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 25(18): 186004 (2013)

Structural displacements during the swallow in patients with early laryngeal cancers and other early primary cancers of the head and neck
, Dysphagia 24(2): 127-136 (2009)

Structural disruption increases toxicity of graphene nanoribbons
, Journal of Applied Toxicology 34(11): 1235-1246 (2014)

Structural disruption of phospholipid bilayers over a range of length scales by n-butanol
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 118(11): 3085-3093 (2014)

Structural disruption of the dorsal cingulum bundle is associated with impaired Stroop performance in patients with schizophrenia
, Schizophrenia Research 114(1-3): 119-127 (2009)

Structural dissection and in vivo effectiveness of a peptide inhibitor of Porphyromonas gingivalis adherence to Streptococcus gordonii
, Infection and Immunity 79(1): 67-74 (2011)

Structural dissection of a gating mechanism preventing misactivation of ubiquitin by NEDD8's E1
, Biochemistry 47(34): 8961-8969 (2008)

Structural dissection of cyclin dependent kinases regulation and protein recognition properties
, Cell Cycle 9(8): 1551-1561 (2010)

Structural dissection of the C-terminal sterile alpha motif (SAM) of human p73
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 558: 133-142 (2014)

Structural dissection of the extracellular moieties of the type III secretion apparatus
, Molecular Biosystems 4(12): 1176-1180 (2008)

Structural dissipative solitons in passive mode-locked fiber lasers
, Physical Review. E Statistical Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 77(6 Pt 2): 066201 (2008)

Structural dissociation and its resolution among Holocaust survivors: a qualitative research study
, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation 10(4): 385-404 (2009)

Structural dissociation of attentional control and memory in adults with and without mild traumatic brain injury
, Brain 131(Pt 12): 3209-3221 (2008)

Structural distance and evolutionary relationship of networks
, Bio Systems 107(3): 186-196 (2012)

Structural distinction of diacyl-, alkylacyl, and alk-1-enylacyl glycerophosphocholines as [M - 15]⁻ ions by multiple-stage linear ion-trap mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization
, Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 25(8): 1412-1420 (2014)

Structural distortion, charge modulation and local anisotropies in magnetite below the Verwey transition using resonant X-ray scattering
, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 19(Pt 2): 159-173 (2012)

Structural distortions and dynamic behavior of the elusive "L"-shaped cis-bicyclo[3.3.0]octenyllithium: X-ray crystallographic and NMR studies
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(13): 4961-4965 (2007)

Structural distortions in M[E(SiMe₃)₂]₃ complexes (M = group 15, f-element; E = N, CH): is three a crowd?
, Inorganic Chemistry 53(18): 9703-9714 (2014)

Structural distortions in few-layer graphene creases
, Acs Nano 5(12): 9984-9991 (2011)

Structural distortions in molecular-based quantum cellular automata: a minimal model based study
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(33): 17777-17785 (2014)

Structural distortions upon oxidation in heteroleptic [Cp(2)W(dmit)] tungsten dithiolene complex: combined structural, spectroscopic, and magnetic studies
, Inorganic Chemistry 49(21): 9777-9787 (2010)

Structural distribution and rotational disorder in myoglobin crystals
, Biophysical Journal 32(1): 634-635 (1980)

Structural distributions from single-molecule measurements as a tool for molecular mechanics
, Chemical Physics 396: 61-71 (2012)

Structural divergence among genomes of closely related baculoviruses and its implications for baculovirus evolution
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 101(3): 181-186 (2009)

Structural divergence and functional versatility of the rhodopsin superfamily
, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 9(11): 1458-1465 (2010)

Structural divergence and loss of phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C signaling components during the evolution of the green plant lineage: implications from structural characteristics of algal components
, Frontiers in Plant Science 5: 380 (2014)

Structural divergence between the two subgroups of P5 ATPases
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1797(6-7): 846-855 (2010)

Structural divergence in vertebrate phylogeny of a duplicated prototype galectin
, Genome Biology and Evolution 6(10): 2721-2730 (2014)

Structural divergence is more extensive than sequence divergence for a family of intrinsically disordered proteins
, Proteins 81(10): 1686-1698 (2013)

Structural divergence of paralogous S components from ECF-type ABC transporters
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(35): 13990 (2012)

Structural divergence of plant TCTPs
, Frontiers in Plant Science 5: 361 (2014)

Structural divergence of the rotary ATPases
, Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 44(3): 311-356 (2011)

Structural diversity among copper(I) ethylene adducts of 3,6-bis(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine
, Dalton Transactions 42(12): 4258-4266 (2013)

Structural diversity and bioactivities of natural benzophenones
, Natural Product Reports 31(9): 1158-1174 (2014)

Structural diversity and biological significance of glycosphingolipids in pathogenic and opportunistic fungi
, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 4: 138 (2014)

Structural diversity and changes in conformational equilibria of biantennary complex-type N-glycans in water revealed by replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulation
, Biophysical Journal 101(10): L44 (2011)

Structural diversity and differential expression of novel human intersectin 1 isoforms
, Molecular Biology Reports 37(6): 2789-2796 (2010)

Structural diversity and evolution of the N-terminal isoform-specific region of ecdysone receptor-A and -B1 isoforms in insects
, Bmc Evolutionary Biology 10: 40 (2010)

Structural diversity and flexibility of MgO gas-phase clusters
, Angewandte Chemie 50(7): 1716-1719 (2011)

Structural diversity and initial oligomerization of PrP106-126 studied by replica-exchange and conventional molecular dynamics simulations
, Plos one 9(2): E87266 (2014)

Structural diversity and magnetic properties in 1D and 2D azido-bridged cobalt(II) complexes with 1,2-bis(2-pyridyl)ethylene
, Dalton Transactions 40(6): 1254-1260 (2011)

Structural diversity and magnetic properties of five copper-organic frameworks containing one-, two-, and three-types of organic ligands
, Dalton Transactions 42(10): 3455-3463 (2013)

Structural diversity and magnetic properties of six metal-organic polymers based on semirigid tricarboxylate ligand of 3,5-bi(4-carboxyphenoxy)benzoic acid
, Dalton Transactions 43(42): 15979-15989 (2014)

Structural diversity and photoluminescent properties of zinc benzotriazole-5-carboxylate coordination polymers
, Inorganic Chemistry 53(3): 1500-1506 (2014)

Structural diversity and physical properties of paramagnetic molecular conductors based on bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene (BEDT-TTF) and the tris(chloranilato)ferrate(III) complex
, Inorganic Chemistry 53(13): 7028-7039 (2014)

Structural diversity and properties of Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes with a flexible dicarboxylate building block 1,3-phenylenediacetate and various heterocyclic co-ligands
, Dalton Transactions 2009(27): 5355-5364 (2009)

Structural diversity and protein engineering of the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
, Biochemistry 51(44): 8705-8729 (2012)

Structural diversity and specific recognition of four stranded G-quadruplex DNA
, Current Molecular Medicine 11(9): 744-769 (2011)

Structural diversity and spectral and thermal properties of the first alkaline earth metal tetracyanidoborates: [Mg(H₂O)₆][B(CN)₄]₂, [Mg(H₂O)₂][B(CN)₄]₂, [Mg(DMF)₆][B(CN)₄]₂, [Ca(H₂O)₃][B(CN)₄]₂, and [Ca(H₂O)₂(CH₃CN)][B(CN)₄]₂
, Dalton Transactions 43(19): 7128-7138 (2014)

Structural diversity and supramolecular aggregation in calcium, strontium, and barium salicylates incorporating 1,10-phenanthroline and 4,4'-bipyridine: probing the softer side of group 2 metal ions with pyridinic ligands
, Inorganic Chemistry 46(26): 11048-11062 (2007)

Structural diversity and thermochromic properties of iodobismuthate materials containing d-metal coordination cations: observation of a high symmetry [Bi3I11]2- anion and of isolated I- anions
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(3): 603-612 (2011)

Structural diversity based on variability in quaternary association. A case study involving eubacterial and related SSBs
, Methods in Molecular Biology 922: 23-35 (2012)

Structural diversity by mixing chalcogen atoms in the chalcophosphate system K/In/P/Q (Q = S, Se)
, Inorganic Chemistry 49(3): 1144-1151 (2010)

Structural diversity directed by switchable coordination of substitute groups in a ternary Cu(II)-triazole-sulfoisophthalate self-assembly system: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic behavior
, Dalton Transactions 42(5): 1581-1590 (2013)

Structural diversity due to amino alcohol ligands leading to rare μ4-hydroxo-bridged tetranuclear and "bicapped cubane" cores in copper(II) complexes: a theoretical and experimental magnetostructural study
, Inorganic Chemistry 52(19): 11096-11109 (2013)

Structural diversity for phosphine complexes of stibenium and stibinidenium cations
, Chemical Communications 47(45): 12331 (2011)

Structural diversity from the transannular cyclizations of natural germacrone and epoxy derivatives: a theoretical-experimental study
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