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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55971

Chapter 55971 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Santhanalakshmi, J.; Shanthalakshmi, G.; Aswal, V.K.; Goyal, P.S., 2012:
Studies on the microstructure of bile salt aggregates in aqueous n-alkanol solutions by Small Angle Neutron Scattering

Polet, M.; Van Renterghem, P.; Van Gansbeke, W.; Van Eenoo, P., 2015:
Studies on the minor metabolite 6a-hydroxy-androstenedione for doping control purposes and its contribution to the steroid profile

Koya, P.Ajmal.; Kabir-ud-Din, 2011:
Studies on the mixed micelles of alkyltrimethylammonium bromides and butanediyl-1,4-bis(alkyldimethylammonium bromide) dimeric surfactants in the presence and absence of ethylene glycol at different temperatures

Lilly, J.C., 1946:
Studies on the mixing of gases within the respiratory system with a new type nitrogen meter

Noda, M., 2014:
Studies on the mode of action of bacterial AB5 toxins

Breton, B.; Mikolajczyk, T.; Weill, C.; Danger, J.M.; Vaudry, H., 1990:
Studies on the mode of action of neuropeptide Y (NPY) on maturational gonadotropin (GtH) secretion from perifused rainbow trout pituitary glands

Rhymer, I.; Wallace, G.I., 1947:
Studies on the mode of action of streptomycin: the nature of a streptomycin inhibitor occurring in brain tissue and plant extracts

Olson, R.E.; Philipps, G.R., 1967:
Studies on the mode of action of vitamin k

Swain, U.; Sindhu, K.Kumar.; Boda, U.; Pothani, S.; Giridharan, N.V.; Raghunath, M.; Rao, K.Subba., 2012:
Studies on the molecular correlates of genomic stability in rat brain cells following Amalakirasayana therapy

Zhu, H.; Hu, Y.; Li, J.; Yang, Y.; Wu, X., 2010:
Studies on the molecular diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis of the spinal muscular atrophy carriers by multiplex ligation-dependent probe

Pina, A.S.; Roque, A.C.A., 2008:
Studies on the molecular recognition between bioactive peptides and angiotensin-converting enzyme

Nagarajan, U.; Gladstone Christopher, J.; Chandrasekaran, B.; Jonnalagadda, R.Rao.; Balachandran, U.Nair.; Kohsaku, K., 2014:
Studies on the molecular significance in the interaction of bilirubin with collagen

Forsyth, W.G.C., 2011:
Studies on the more soluble complexes of soil organic matter; a method of fractionation

Glatthaar, E., 2014:
Studies on the morphogenesis of pavement-epithelium carcinoma of the portio

Gormley, I.P.; Bolton, R.E.; Brown, G.; Davis, J.M.; Donaldson, K., 2012:
Studies on the morphological patterns of asbestos induced mesotheliomas in vivo and in vitro

Watson, J.M., 1946:
Studies on the morphology and bionomics of a little-known holotrichous ciliate, Balantiophorus minutus Schew; coprophilic habits and the effect of urine

Kopp, P.M.; Bate, N.; Hansen, T.M.; Brindle, N.P.J.; Praekelt, U.; Debrand, E.; Coleman, S.; Mazzeo, D.; Goult, B.T.; Gingras, A.R.; Pritchard, C.A.; Critchley, D.R.; Monkley, S.J., 2010:
Studies on the morphology and spreading of human endothelial cells define key inter- and intramolecular interactions for talin1

Li, M.; Li, Z., 2007:
Studies on the morphology and structure of electrospun poly (3-hydroxybutyrate)/soya protein isolates fibers

Groupe, V.; Rake, G., 2011:
Studies on the morphology of the elementary bodies of fowl pox

Popp, R.A.; Amand, W.S., 2014:
Studies on the mouse hemoglobin locus. Identification of hemoglobin types and linkage of hemoglobin with albinism

Hummel, K.P.; Little, C.C., 1949:
Studies on the mouse mammary tumor agent; survival and propagation of the agent in transplanted tumors and in hosts that grew these tumors in their tissues

Sun, J.; Jia, Y.; Guo, S.; Chen, L., 2010:
Studies on the movements of ionic selectivity, compatible solutes, and intracellular ions caused in the leaves of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) plants cultured in a nutrient solution with seawater

Lyshede, O.B., 1977:
Studies on the mucilaginous cells in the leaf ofSpartocytisus filipes W.B

Winzler, R.J.; Smyth, I.M., 1948:
Studies on the mucoproteins of human plasma; plasma mucoprotein levels in cancer patients

Makino, S., 2014:
Studies on the murine chromosomes. V. A study of the chromosomes in apodemus, especially with reference to the sex chromosomes in meiosis

Shahin, M.M., 1989:
Studies on the mutagenicity of aniline in association with norharman in the Salmonella/mammalian microscome assay

Chen, X-wen.; Yue, L-jie.; Li, C-rong.; Li, C-gang.; Shi, H-song.; Zhang, M., 2010:
Studies on the mutation and polymorphism of the TPMT gene in Chinese children with acute leukemia

Salivar, C.J.; Grenfell, T.C.; Brown, E.V., 1948:
Studies on the naturally occurring penicillins; precipitation of crystalline ammonium penicillins

Figge, F.H.J., 2014:
Studies on the nature and significance of Heinz-body formation in erythrocytes

Subbiah, M.T.Ravi.; Yunker, R., 2008:
Studies on the nature of anti-platelet aggregatory factors in the seeds of the Amazonian Herb Guarana (Paullinia cupana)

Rosenow, E.C., 1947:
Studies on the nature of antibodies produced in vitro from bacteria with hydrogen peroxide and heat

Wolf, G.A.; Wolff, H.G., 2010:
Studies on the nature of certain symptoms associated with cardiovascular disorders

Stollar, V.; Schlesinger, R.W.; Stevens, T.M., 1967:
Studies on the nature of dengue viruses. III. RNA synthesis in cells infected with type 2 dengue virus

Studies on the nature of experimental leukopenia produced by immunization with typhoid Vi-vaccines

Starek, A., 2008:
Studies on the nature of hemolytic effect induced by ethylene glycol alkyl ethers

Marathe, S.G.; Patil, B.N.; Bhandiwad, V.; Chander, K., 1983:
Studies on the nature of the reactions and species involved in potentiometric titrimetric determination of uranium

Pratt, D.B.; Tetrault, P.A., 2012:
Studies on the nature of the thermophilic fermentation of cellulose; oxygen relations

Jørgensen, H.Stig., 2008:
Studies on the neuroendocrine role of serotonin

Subramanian, U.; Poongavanam, S.; Vanisree, A.J., 2010:
Studies on the neuroprotective role of Piper longum in C6 glioma induced rats

McKEE.H.S., 2014:
Studies on the nitrogen metabolism of the barley plant (Hordeum sativum)

MacVICAR.R.; BURRIS.R.H., 1948:
Studies on the nitrogen metabolism of tomato using N15-labeled ammonium sulfate

Caines, C.M., 1948:
Studies on the non-alkaloidal constituents of ergot

Chu, Y-Qiu.; Dai, X-Hua.; Jiang, D.; Jiang, G-Yu.; Fang, X.; Ding, C-Fan., 2010:
Studies on the non-covalent interactions between cyclodextrins and aryl alkanol piperazine derivatives by mass spectrometry and fluorescence spectroscopy

Gronow, M., 2010:
Studies on the non-protein thiols of a human prostatic cancer cell line: glutathione content

Zhou, E., 2013:
Studies on the notes of 'Bianque's Diagnosis and Treatment in Guo'

Abdul-Rahim, O.; Simonov, A.N.; Boas, J.F.; Rüther, T.; Collins, D.J.; Perlmutter, P.; Bond, A.M., 2014:
Studies on the nuances of the electrochemically induced room temperature isomerization of cis-stilbene in acetonitrile and ionic liquids

Schoenborn, H.W., 2012:
Studies on the nutrition of colorless euglenoid flagellates; growth of Astasia in an inorganic medium

Lane, A.; Ivy, A.C., 1948:
Studies on the nutritional effects of heated fats

Rake, G.; Donovick, R., 2012:
Studies on the nutritional requirements of Actinomyces griseus for the formation of streptomycin

Studies on the nutritional requirements of Bacillus anthracis

Studies on the nutritional requirements of Brucella suis

Rake, G.; Donovick, R., 1946:
Studies on the nutritional requirements of Streptomyces griseus for the formation of streptomycin

Sant, M.Ria, J.V.; Sarue, P.E.; Pescio, C.S., 2014:
Studies on the nutritional state of 1,167 children of workers in Santiago; vitamin A, carotene and vitamin C in 401 blood samples; correlation with the diet and clinical examination

Misra, O.P., 1949:
Studies on the nutritional state of surgical patients

Deuel, H.J.; Hrubetz, M.C., 2014:
Studies on the nutritive value of fish proteins; evaluation by the rat growth method and by the Cannon method

Deuel, H.J.; Hrubetz, M.C., 2014:
Studies on the nutritive value of fish proteins; the use of mackerel protein in the bioassay test for vitamin A

Ershoff, B.H., 2014:
Studies on the nutritive value of lactose and galactose with the single-food choice method

Desikachar, H.S.R.; De.S.S.; Subrahmanyan, V., 1946:
Studies on the nutritive value of soya-bean milk; supplementing value of soya milk to a poor Indian diet

Austin, G.M.; Lewey, F.H.; Grant, F.C., 1949:
Studies on the occipital lobe; significance of small areas of preserved central vision

Maruyama, S., 1948:
Studies on the occupational teleangiectasia maculosa multiplex acquisita

Minorczyk, M.; Starski, A.; Jedra, Młgorzata.; Gawarska, H.; Sawilska-Rautenstrauch, D., 2012:
Studies on the occurrence of furan in food for infants by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry method

Kumar, P.; Kumar, J.; Prakash, O.; Saini, V.K.; Dixit, S.K.; Nakhe, S.V., 2013:
Studies on the optogalvanic effect and isotope-selective excitation of ytterbium in a hollow cathode discharge lamp using a pulsed dye laser

Wilde, C.E., 2014:
Studies on the organogenesis in vitro of the urodele limb bud

Kading, R.C., 2013:
Studies on the origin of Culex pipiens pipiens form molestus in New York City

Myers, W.M., 1948:
Studies on the origin of Dactylis glomerata L

Wu, D-Mei.; Fu, G-Lei.; Fang, H-Zhuang.; Hu, L.; Li, J-Lian.; Yuan, X.; Zhang, Z-Yong., 2009 :
Studies on the origin of the voltammetric response of the PC-3 cell suspension

Yokoyama, H.O.; Hasler, A.D.; Bilstad, N.M., 1947:
Studies on the origin, development, and seasonal variations in the blood cells of the perch, Perca flavescens

Ming-Wei, J.; Cheng-Gong, G.; Liang, W.; Ya-Kun, L.; Cai-Qi, W., 2013:
Studies on the orthogonal assembly of β-cyclodextrin-poly (ε-caprolactone) and ferrocene-poly (ethylene oxide)

Gopalakrishnan, R.; Das, M.; Baruah, I.; Veer, V.; Dutta, P., 2013:
Studies on the ovitraps baited with hay and leaf infusions for the surveillance of dengue vector, Aedes albopictus in northeastern India

Rothchild, I., 1949:
Studies on the ovulation of the avian ovarian follicle

Sun, X.; Liu, Q-ping.; Zheng, X-fang.; Liu, Z.; Wang, R-jun.; Huang, Z-yu.; Zhang, F., 2010:
Studies on the oxidation of LDL induced by Cu2 at different time by spectroscopic method

Sun, Y-hui.; Wang, W-long.; Wu, L-sheng.; Jia, X-li., 2015:
Studies on the oxidation of tyrosine induced by hydroxyl radical with fluorescence spectroscopic method

Eisenbrandt, L.L., 2010:
Studies on the oxidation-reduction potentials of saliva

Rosenbaum, E.; Ferruit, Mène.; Durá, M.Asunción.; Franzetti, B., 2011:
Studies on the parameters controlling the stability of the TET peptidase superstructure from Pyrococcus horikoshii revealed a crucial role of pH and catalytic metals in the oligomerization process

Sakaguchi, T.; Kato, A.; Kiyotani, K.; Yoshida, T.; Nagai, Y., 2009:
Studies on the paramyxovirus accessory genes by reverse genetics in the Sendai virus-mouse system

Attwood, S.W., 2010:
Studies on the parasitology, phylogeography and the evolution of host-parasite interactions for the snail intermediate hosts of medically important trematode genera in Southeast Asia

Foster, C.L., 2012:
Studies on the parathyroid of the mouse; some observations upon the post-natal cytological development of the normal gland, with particular reference to its mitotic activity and Golgi elements

Lorincz, A.L.; Jacoby, J.J.; Livingstone, H.M., 1948:
Studies on the parenteral administration of hydrogen peroxide

Downs, C.M.; Buchele, L.; Owen, B.J., 2011:
Studies on the pathogenesis and immunity in tularemia; the course of infection with Bacterium tularense as seen in the normal, vaccinated, and recovered white rat

Holman, R.L., 1949:
Studies on the pathogenesis of arterial disease

Hartnett, M.Elizabeth., 2011:
Studies on the pathogenesis of avascular retina and neovascularization into the vitreous in peripheral severe retinopathy of prematurity (an american ophthalmological society thesis)

Spink, W.W.; Hall, W.H.; Braude, A.I., 1947:
Studies on the pathogenesis of human brucellosis

Reichsman, F., 2011:
Studies on the pathogenesis of pulmonary edema following bilateral vagotomy

Fashena, G.J.; Pike, R.M.; Sulkin, S.E., 1948:
Studies on the pathogenesis of rheumatic fever

Cavelti, P.A., 1947:
Studies on the pathogenesis of rheumatic fever; cardiac lesions produced in rats by means of autoantibodies to heart and connective tissues

Cavelti, P.A., 1947:
Studies on the pathogenesis of rheumatic fever; experimental production of autoantibodies to heart, skeletal muscle and connective tissue

Huffman, W.C.; Lierle, D.M., 1949:
Studies on the pathologic anatomy of the unilateral harelip nose

Gasparini, C.F.; Sutherland, H.G.; Griffiths, L.R., 2014:
Studies on the pathophysiology and genetic basis of migraine

Roche, M., 1959:
Studies on the pathophysiology of hookworm anemia utilizing radioisotopes

Clark, W.G., 1946:
Studies on the penetration of sulfonamides into the skin; penetration of sulfanilamide and sulfathiazole into intact and injured skin of guinea pigs from various vehicles, including polyethylene glycols (carbowax)

Yang, Y.; Gu, D.; Aisa, H.Akber.; Ito, Y., 2011:
Studies on the performance of different coiled column configurations for compact type-I countercurrent chromatography

Schwarz, F., 1948:
Studies on the performance times of visual tests

Anderson, E.; Long, J.A.; Lindner, E., 2010:
Studies on the perfusion of the isolated pancreas, factors influencing insulin production

Greig, M.E.; Holland, W.C., 1949:
Studies on the permeability of erythrocytes; the relationship between cholinesterase activity and permeability of dog erythrocytes

Flexner, L.B., 2014:
Studies on the permeability of mammalian membranes

Duffy, E.; Mooney, M.H.; Elliott, C.T.; O'Keeffe, M., 2010:
Studies on the persistence of estradiol benzoate and nortestosterone decanoate in hair of cattle following treatment with growth promoters, determined by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Philips, F.S.; Gilman, A., 1946:
Studies on the phaarmacology of DDT (2,2 bis-(parachlorphenyl)-l,l,l trichloroethane); the acute toxicity of DDT following intravenous injection in mammals with observations on the treatment of acute DDT poisoning

Zheng, M.; Wang, J.; Lubinski, J.; Flint, O.P.; Krishna, R.; Yao, M.; Pursley, J.M.; Thakur, A.; Boulton, D.W.; Santone, K.S.; Barten, D.M.; Anderson, J.J.; Felsenstein, K.M.; Hansel, S.B., 2009:
Studies on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of a gamma-secretase inhibitor BMS-299897, and exploratory investigation of CYP enzyme induction

Quimby, J.M.; Gustafson, D.L.; Samber, B.J.; Lunn, K.F., 2012:
Studies on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of mirtazapine in healthy young cats

Chen, C.; Yamaguchi, N.; Varin, F., 2010:
Studies on the pharmacokinetics of cisatracurium in anesthetized dogs: in vitro-in vivo correlations

Papper, E.M.; Brodie, B.B., 1948:
Studies on the pharmacologic properties of procaine and diethyl-amino-ethanol

Loewe, S., 2011:
Studies on the pharmacology and acute toxicity of compounds with marihuana activity

Studies on the pharmacology of DDT (2,2 bis-para-chlorophenyl-l,l,l,trichloroethane); the chronic toxicity of DDT in the dog

Philips, F.S.; Gilman, A.; Crescitelli, F.N., 1946:
Studies on the pharmacology of DDT (2,2,bis-parachlorphenyl-l,l,l trichloroethane); the sensitization of the myocardium to sympathetic stimulation during acute DDT intoxication

Hazleton, L.W.; Hellerman, R.C., 1948:
Studies on the pharmacology of Euphorbia pilulifera

Hazleton, L.W.; Hellerman, R.C., 2011:
Studies on the pharmacology of cholic acid

Chenoweth, M.B.; Gilman, A., 1946:
Studies on the pharmacology of fluoro acetate; species response to fluoroacetate

Chenoweth, M.B.; Gilman, A., 1947:
Studies on the pharmacology of fluoroacetate; action on the heart

Chenoweth, M.B.; S.J.Hn.E.F., 1947:
Studies on the pharmacology of fluoroacetate; effects on the central nervous systems of dogs and rabbits

Richardson, A.P., 1947:
Studies on the pharmacology of penicillin G and K

Pawlik, E.; Plässer, G.; Mahler, H.; Daldrup, T., 2012:
Studies on the phase I metabolism of the new designer drug 3-fluoromethcathinone using rabbit liver slices

Yang, J-Yong.; Wan, C-Peng.; Qiu, Y., 2011:
Studies on the phenolic acids from Sarcopyramis bodinieri var. delicata

Jaganathan, S.Kumar.; Mandal, S.Mohan.; Jana, S.Kumar.; Das, S.; Mandal, M., 2011:
Studies on the phenolic profiling, anti-oxidant and cytotoxic activity of Indian honey: in vitro evaluation

Fouad, D.Mamdouh.; Mohamed, M.Bakr., 2012:
Studies on the photo-catalytic activity of semiconductor nanostructures and their gold core-shell on the photodegradation of malathion

Westendorf, A.F.; Bodtke, A.; Bednarski, P.J., 2011:
Studies on the photoactivation of two cytotoxic trans,trans,trans-diazidodiaminodihydroxo-Pt(IV) complexes

Zhao, L.; Xia, W.; Gou, B.; Lu, Y.; Yang, C.; Li, D., 2012:
Studies on the photochemical behavior of N-salicylidenaniline in chloroform

Schmidbauer, S.; Hohenleutner, A.; König, B., 2013:
Studies on the photodegradation of red, green and blue phosphorescent OLED emitters

Zhao, B.; Ranguelova, K.; Jiang, J.; Mason, R.P., 2011:
Studies on the photosensitized reduction of resorufin and implications for the detection of oxidative stress with Amplex Red

Sharma, A.Satish.Chandra.; Gupta, S.; Singh, N.Rajmuhon., 2014:
Studies on the physico-chemical parameters in water of Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur, India

Annapoorani, A.; Anilakumar, K.R.; Khanum, F.; Murthy, N.Anjaneya.; Bawa, A.S., 2010:
Studies on the physicochemical characteristics of heated honey, honey mixed with ghee and their food consumption pattern by rats

Al-Bachir, M., 2015:
Studies on the physicochemical characteristics of oil extracted from gamma irradiated pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)

Uruno, K., 1948:
Studies on the physiological changes of the leucocytes of infants; daily variation of their leucocytes

Uruno, K., 1948:
Studies on the physiological changes of the leucocytes of infants; effects of hot baths upon the condition of the leucocytes of infants

Hober, R.; Langston, M., 1948:
Studies on the physiological effects of non-polar-polar organic electrolytes; the influence of detergents upon the potentiometric reaction and the contractility of nerve and muscle

Ren, L-Min.; Cheng, Z-Feng.; Liu, P.; Li, Z-Gang., 2008:
Studies on the physiological response of Phytolacca americana to manganese toxicity by FTIR spectroscopy

Mühle, E.; Frauenstein, K., 1970:
Studies on the physiological specialization of Erysiphe graminis DC : IV. The host plants of cocksfoot mildew

Kent, A., 2008:
Studies on the physiology and alternative treatment of premenstrual syndrome

Toman, J.E.P.; Swinyard, E.A., 1948:
Studies on the physiology and therapy of convulsive disorders; some properties of experimental convulsions

Woodruff, H.B.; Ruger, M., 1948:
Studies on the physiology of a streptomycin-producing strain of Streptomyces grisseus on proline medium

Hochwald, A.; Rackemann, F.M., 1946:
Studies on the physiology of anaphylactic shock; the reactivity of the isolated rat intestine to antigen, to histamine, and to acetylcholine

Brazier, M.A.B., 2016 :
Studies on the physiology of flight; effect of anoxia on the electroencephalogram of psychoneurotic and normal adults

Kidder, G.W., 2011:
Studies on the physiology of protozoa

Scholz, R.O.; Cowie, D.B.; Wilde, W.S., 1947:
Studies on the physiology of the eye using tracer substances; the steady-state ratio of sodium between the plasma and aqueous humor in the guinea pig

Wilde, W.S.; Scholz, R.O.; Cowie, D.B., 1947:
Studies on the physiology of the eye using tracer substances; the turnover rate of sodium in the aqueous humor of the guinea pig; methods of analysis

Holubinsky, I.N., 2014:
Studies on the physiology of the germination of pollen; mutual stimulation in the germination of pollen grains

Wagner, R., 2012:
Studies on the physiology of the white blood cell; the glycogen content of leukocytes in leukemia and polycythemia

Friedenwald, J.S.; Woods, A.C., 1948:
Studies on the physiology, biochemistry, and cytopathology of the cornea in relation to injury by mustard gas and allied toxic agents

Van Niel, C.B., 1947:
Studies on the pigments of the purple bacteria; the yellow and red pigments of Rhodopseudomonas spheroides

Jailer, J.W.; Goldbaum, L.R., 1946:
Studies on the plasma concentration and tissue distribution of sodium pentothal (sodium ethyl(1-methyl-butyl) thiobarbiturate)

Harkness, E.V.; Forbes, R.P.; Rose, B., 1948:
Studies on the plasma histaminase in pregnancy

Ralli, E.P.; Claps, F.X., 1949:
Studies on the plasma levels of vitamin A and carotene in diabetes mellitus and in cirrhosis of the liver

Malik, W.U.; Goyal, R.N.; Jain, R., 1977:
Studies on the polarographic reduction of the azomethine bond in the products of beta-keto-esters coupled with aryldiazonium chlorides

Alford, C.E.; Hinkel, E.T., 1947:
Studies on the polishing power of dentifrices

Liteanu, C.; Hopîrtean, E., 1972:
Studies on the polymer + plasticizer membrane-electrode-VIII Use of the PVC + tricresyl phosphate membrane as indicating electrode in potentiometric precipitation titration

Rossiter, R.J.; Wallace, A.C., 1948:
Studies on the polymorphonuclear leucocytes; the effect of tonicity of medium

Huang, C-Ping.; Li, J.; Liu, Q-Ye.; Lu, X-Wen.; Meng, A-Ping.; Zhu, S-Jun., 2011:
Studies on the polysaccharide SGPS2 from the fruits of Siraitia grosvenorii

Bratland, Aé.; Nylund, A., 2010:
Studies on the possibility of vertical transmission of Norwegian salmonid Alphavirus in production of Atlantic salmon in Norway

Szabó, Béla.; Majoros, László.; Papp-Falusi, Eébet.; Szabó, Z.; Szabó, J.; Márton, Ió.; Kelentey, B., 2014:
Studies on the possible aetiological role of different Candida species in pathogenesis of dentine caries by monitoring the calcium release from tooth particles

Brzychczy-Włoch, M.; Strus, M.; Pawlik, D.; Gosiewski, T.; Krzysztof, R.; Drzewiecki, A.; Lauterbach, R.; Heczko, P.B., 2008:
Studies on the possible application of molecular methods in diagnosing carriers and in similarity analysis of group B streptococci (Streptococcus agalactiae)

Okoli, C.O.; Obidike, I.C.; Ezike, A.C.; Akah, P.A.; Salawu, O.A., 2011:
Studies on the possible mechanisms of antidiabetic activity of extract of aerial parts of Phyllanthus niruri

Alvsaker, J.O., 1987:
Studies on the possible presence of the uratebinding alpha-1-alpha-2 globulin in human erythrocytes

Chadee, D.D., 2013:
Studies on the post-oviposition blood-feeding behaviour of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratory

Umezawa, H.; Suzuki, S., 1948:
Studies on the potency test of penicillin; on the error in the cup assay and Miyamura's rapid method

Umezawa, H.; Shiozawa, F., 1948:
Studies on the potency test of tuberculin

Adenusi, A.A.; Adewoga, T.O.S., 2015:
Studies on the potential and public health importance of non-biting synanthropic flies in the mechanical transmission of human enterohelminths

Tundis, R.; Menichini, F.; Loizzo, M.R.; Bonesi, M.; Solimene, U.; Menichini, F., 2012:
Studies on the potential antioxidant properties of Senecio stabianus Lacaita (Asteraceae) and its inhibitory activity against carbohydrate-hydrolysing enzymes

Pfaffenrath, V.; Niederberger, U.; Kaube, H., 1989:
Studies on the predictive factors of treatment success in combination headache.

Mu, X-Yan.; Chang, H.; Liu, T.; Gong, Y-Ping.; Niu, T.; Qin, H.; Ma, H-Bing.; Meng, W-Tong., 2010:
Studies on the predictors of response to immunosuppressive therapy in severe aplastic anemia patients

Ramachandran, S.; Sprecher, H.W.; Cornwell, D.G., 1968:
Studies on the preparation and analysis of glyceryl ether derivatives and the isolation and reductive ozonolysis of unsaturated glyceryl ethers

Hicks, E.M.; Berg, C.J.; Wallis, E.S., 2010:
Studies on the preparation and rearrangement of certain steroid oxides

Hao, L.; Wang, X.; Zhang, D.; Xu, Q.; Song, S.; Wang, F.; Li, C.; Guo, H.; Liu, Y.; Zheng, D.; Zhang, Q., 2012:
Studies on the preparation, characterization and pharmacokinetics of Amoitone B nanocrystals

Sun, F.; Sui, C.; Teng, L.; Liu, X.; Teng, L.; Meng, Q.; Li, Y., 2011:
Studies on the preparation, characterization and pharmacological evaluation of tolterodine PLGA microspheres

Tang, K.; Li, Y.; Han, Y.; Han, F.; Li, J.; Nie, Y.; Xu, Y., 2015:
Studies on the preparative isolation and stability of seven main anthocyanins from Yan 73 grape

Tominaga, H.; Nagazawa, T., 1948:
Studies on the preparatory conditions of an artificial convulsion; expression of the limit of the induced convulsion and the advocacy of KD50

Singh, R.; Blackall, P.J.; Remington, B.; Turni, C., 2014:
Studies on the presence and persistence of Pasteurella multocida serovars and genotypes in fowl cholera outbreaks

Benoliel, J.J.; Carayon, A.; Jean-Joseph, P.; Legrand, J.C.; Cesselin, F., 1984:
Studies on the presence of insulin in rat brain

Ferranti, C.; Quadri, F.Delli.; Palleschi, L.; Marchiafava, C.; Pezzolato, M.; Bozzetta, E.; Caramelli, M.; Draisci, R., 2011:
Studies on the presence of natural and synthetic corticosteroids in bovine urine

Rollo, F.; Ermini, L.; Luciani, S.; Marota, I.; Olivieri, C., 2008:
Studies on the preservation of the intestinal microbiota's DNA in human mummies from cold environments

Simanaviciene, V.; Gudleviciene, Z.; Popendikyte, V.; Dekaminaviciute, D.; Stumbryte, A.; Rubinaite, V.; Zvirbliene, A., 2015:
Studies on the prevalence of oncogenic HPV types among Lithuanian women with cervical pathology

Flink, Håkan., 2008:
Studies on the prevalence of reduced salivary flow rate in relation to general health and dental caries, and effect of iron supplementation

Morenikej, O.A.; Idowu, B.A., 2011:
Studies on the prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in Ogun State, South-Western Nigeria

Peter, R.; Stehelin, D.; Reinbolt, J.; Peter, C.; Duranton, H., 2010:
Studies on the primary structure of turnip yellow mosaic virus protein. II. Primary structure of the tryptic peptides of aminoethylated protein

Stehelin, D.; Peter, R.; Duranton, H., 2010:
Studies on the primary structure of turnip yellow mosaic virus protein. III. Primary structure of the chymotryptic peptides of aminoethylated protein. Complete sequence

Kurzrok, R., 1946:
Studies on the problem of repeated miscarriage; genital hypoplasia

Samsonov, G.V.; El'kina, E.I.; El'kin, G.E.; Kan, A.M., 1958:
Studies on the process of sorption and purification of oxytetracycline with the aid of ion-exchange resins

Agarwal, S.C.; Basu, S.K.; Vora, V.C.; Mason, J.R.; Pirt, S.J., 1987:
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Concentrations of Plasma Nucleosomes but Not Cell-Free DNA Are Prognostic in Dogs Following Trauma

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Studies say--tentatively--that greenhouse warming is here

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Studies seek to find answers about Gulf oil spill legacy

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Studies shed light on risks and trends in pediatric antipsychotic prescribing

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Studies should report estimates of treatment effects with confidence intervals

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Studies show combination laser therapy effective at clearing acne, reducing oil production

Anonymous, 2010:
Studies show decrease in senior care continuity

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Studies show spiritual care linked to better health outcomes

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Studies sit at various points along a continuum from the initial testing of interventions to more formally constructed trials of effectiveness

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Studies spotlight concerns about caesarean section rates

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Studies suggest new approaches to pain

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Studies suggest potential approaches for early detection of Alzheimer disease

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Studies support removing CRNA supervision rule to maximize anesthesia workforce and ensure patient access to care

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Studies support risk-based mammography screening

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Studies support value of exercise in patients at different stages of cancer

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Studies the effects of low dose of gamma rays on the behaviour of chickpea under various conditions

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Studies to arrest early tuberculosis

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Studies to determine the ability of tyrothricin to sensitize the skin

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Studies to evaluate the validity of a diagnostic test: systematic revision and meta-analysis

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Studies toward communesin F: a Diels-Alder approach

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Studies toward the Development of Antiproliferative Neoclerodanes from Salvinorin A

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Studies toward the analysis of S-nitrosoproteins

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Studies toward the generation of functionalized quaternary carbon centers relying on Wittig and Wittig-Still allylic ether anionic transpositions

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Studies toward the synthesis of maoecrystal V

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Studies toward the synthesis of palhinine lycopodium alkaloids: a Morita-Baylis-Hillman/intramolecular Diels-Alder approach

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Studies toward the synthesis of phomactin A. An approach to the macrocyclic core

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Studies toward the synthesis of pinnatoxins: the B,C,D-dispiroketal fragment

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Studies toward the synthesis of potent anti-inflammatory peptides solomonamides A and B: synthesis of a macrocyclic skeleton and key fragment 4-amino-6-(2'-amino-4'-hydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxy-2-methyl-6-oxohexanoic acid (AHMOA)

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Studies toward the synthesis of spirolide C: exploration into the formation of the 23-membered all-carbon macrocyclic framework

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Studies toward the synthesis of spirolides: assembly of the elaborated E-ring fragment

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Studies toward the synthesis of the epoxykinamycin FL-120B': discovery of a decarbonylative photocyclization

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Studies toward the total syntheses of cucurbitacins B and D

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Studies toward the total synthesis of dihydrolycolucine. Preparation of AB and CEF ring fragments

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Studies toward the total synthesis of gambieric acids: stereocontrolled synthesis of a DEFG-ring model compound

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Studies toward the total synthesis of nagelamide K

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Studies toward the total synthesis of pluraflavin A

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Studies toward the total synthesis of sorangiolides and their analogues. A convergent stereoselective synthesis of the macrocyclic lactone precursors

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Studies toward the total synthesis of the oroidin dimers

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Studies with telaprevir

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Studies with vitamin E and beta-carotene as single agents do not prove lack of benefit

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Studies: Just a brief daily walk or run offers health benefits

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Study At Home

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Study Design of PROCEDURE Study. A Randomized Comparison of the Dose-Dependent Effects of Pitavastatin in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Massive Aortic Atheroma: Prevention of Cholesterol Embolization during Endovascular and Open Aneurysm Repair with Pitavastatin (PROCEDURE) Study

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Study Habits, Motives, and Strategies of College Students With Symptoms of ADHD

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Study II: Studies of a Diphtheroid Organism isolated from the Sputum of Patients with bronchial Asthma

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Study II: mechanoreceptive sensation is of increased importance for human postural control under alcohol intoxication

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Study III: Studies on the Sensitization of Patients with Bronchial Asthma to Bacterial Proteins as demonstrated by the Skin Reaction and the Methods employed in the Preparation of these Proteins

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Study IV: Studies on the Sensitization of Patients with Bronchial Asthma to the different Proteins Found in the Dandruff of the Horse and in the Hair of the Cat and the Dog and to the Sera of these Animals

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Study In Post-Operative Blood Chemistry

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Study Of A Swimming Pool With A Return Purification System

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Study Of Chronic Rheumatism: An International Congress

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Study Of Experimental Purpura

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Study Of Germicides And Bactericides At The Ohio State University

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Study Of The Causes And Treatment Of Cancer

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Study Of The Classification Of Meningococci

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Study Of The Correlation Of The Human Skull

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Study Of The Earthquake

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Study Of Transfused Blood : I. The Periodicity In Eliminative Activity Shown By The Organism

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Study Of Transfused Blood : Ii. Blood Destruction In Pernicious Anemia

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Study On Trachoma In Infants Less Than A Year Old In The Outpatient Clinic, With Special Reference To Its Symptoms

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Study Protocol: establishing good relationships between patients and health care providers while providing cardiac care. Exploring how patient-clinician engagement contributes to health disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in South Australia

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Study Protocol: insulin and its role in cancer

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Anonymous, 2011:
Study Results Support Telaprevir-Based Therapy for HCV

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Study Site Experiences and Attitudes Toward Prospective Assessments of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Clinical Trials: Results of an Internet-based Survey

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Study V: Studies on the Sensitization of Patients with Bronchial Asthma to the different Proteins in Wheat and to the Whole Protein of Wheat, Corn, Rice, Barley, Rye, and Oat

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Study X: Studies on the Sensitization of Patients with Bronchial Asthma to the Proteins in Animal, Fruit, and Vegetable Foods

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Study XI: Studies on the Sensitization of Patients with Bronchial Asthma to the various Pollens

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Study XII: Complement Fixation and Precipitin Reactions with the Serum of Bronchial Asthmatics who are sensitive to the Proteins of Wheat, Horse Dandruff, Cat Hair, and Bacteria, using these Proteins as Antigens, and the cutaneous Reaction as an Index of Sensitization

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Study XIII: The Relationship between the Cutaneous Reaction, Serum Agglutination Tests and Bacteriological Examination of the Sputum and Nasal Secretions in determining the part Staphylococcus Pyogenes Aureus and Albus may play in the cause of Bronchial Asthma

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Study XIV: The Treatment of Patients with Bronchial Asthma with subcutaneous Injections of the Proteins to which they are sensitive

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Study XIX : Glomerular Lesions in Acute experimental (Uranium) Nephritis in the Rabbit

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Study XIX. Types of Streptococci found in the Sputum of Bronchial Asthmatics

Walker, I.C., 1917:
Study XV: The Treatment with Bacterial Vaccines of Bronchial Asthmatics who are not Sensitive to Proteins

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Study XVI: The Sensitization of Hay Fever and Asthmatic Patients to the Proteins found in the different Parts of Plants and to the Individual Proteins of the Cereals

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Study XVII: A Comparison between the Cutaneous and the Intradermal Tests in the Sensitization of Asthmatic and Hay Fever Patients

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Study about cardiomyocyte apoptosis in myocardial ischemic-reperfusion injury of rats and NF-κB p65, iNOS expression

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Study about correlation of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies and anticardiolipin antibodies with thromboangiitis obliterans

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Study about eye complication of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Study about outcomes of non-pharmacological conservative treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis

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Study about power spectral entropy and its application in EEG in epileptic rats

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Study about seroconversion of HBV NAT screening-positive crowd from blood donors

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Study about target-network of anti-cerebral infarction neuropathy based on theory of neurovascular unit and network pharmacology

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Study about the associated use of different types of drugs by high school students

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Study about the association between anticardiolipin antibodies and peripheral vascular phenomena in patients suffering from systemic scleroderma

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Study about the clinical and pathological characteristics of salivary duct carcinoma

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Study about the effects of dental noises on the emotional experiences of children aged 6 to 10 years. A pilot study

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Study about the effects of different fitness sports on cognitive function and emotion of the aged

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Study about upper limb on highly repetitive work in maquila operations

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Study abroad experience is related to Japanese doctors' behavior to see foreign patients

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Study abroad program leaves lasting impression on nursing students

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Study abroad programs: Using alumni and graduate students as affiliate faculty

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Study advance of relationship between HPV and lung cancer

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Study advance of the toxic effect of ammonium perchlorate and its endocrine disruptor activity

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Study advance on formation, transformation and detection of masked deoxynivalenol

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Study advance on reproductive and developmental toxicity of haloacetic acids in drinking water

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Study advance on the alert methods of infectious disease

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Study advancement of anatomy and biomechanics of posterior three type screw fixation techniques of axial

Liu, J.; Xu, J.; Wang, G.; Yang, M.; Guo, L., 2011:
Study advancement of calpain and apoptosis following cerebral ischemia

Wang, Z.; Zhang, L., 2010:
Study advances on carcinogens and their metabolites in urine of smokers

Miller, J.Dudley., 2007:
Study affirms PhRMA's influence on physicians

Anonymous, 2008:
Study affirms connection between diabetes, depression

Mitka, M., 2007:
Study aims to clarify efficacy, safety of eye drug treatments

Atkinson, W., 2008:
Study aims to improve colorectal cancer screening participation

Anonymous, 2014:
Study aims to prove worth of MS nurses

Zuccotti, M.; Redi, C.Alberto.; Garagna, S., 2013:
Study an egg today to make an embryo tomorrow

Anonymous, 2013:
Study analyzes CT-related cancer risks for children

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Study and analysis of contralateral acoustic reflex in children with phonological disorder

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Study and analysis of light infrared detection system with dual spectrum and wide temperature range

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Study and analysis of occupational risk factors for ergonomic design of construction worksystems

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Study and analysis of the state of rare disease research in Shandong Province, China

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Study and analysis on the hemorrhage of pterygoid venous plexus in large nasopharyngeal angiofibroma resection

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Study and analysis on the quantitive detection of EBV-DNA in adenoidal hypertrophic and tonsillitis tissues of children

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Study and application of acoustic emission testing in fault diagnosis of low-speed heavy-duty gears

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Study and application of determination of protein with meso-tetra-(3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrin fading spectrophotometry

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Study and application of the interaction between asymmetrical porphyrin and ascorbic acid

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Study and application of transmission tracking analysis technique during incubation period of respiratory infectious diseases

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Study and characterization of crystalline hydrate/polymorph forms of 5,11-dihydro-11-ethyl-5-methyl-8-(2-(1-oxido-4-quinolinyl)ethyl-6H-dipyrido(3,2-B:2',3'-E)(1,4)diazepin-6-one by solid-state NMR and solution NMR

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Study and characterization of interfaces in a two-dimensional generalized voter model

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Study and characterization of polyphenol oxidase from eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

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Study and characterization of porous copper oxide produced by electrochemical anodization for radiometric heat absorber

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Study and classification of the abdominal adiposity throughout the application of the two-dimensional predictive equation Garaulet et al., in the clinical practice

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Study and compare of the bidirectional filtering technique for anti-baseline drift

Ribichini, R.; Cegla, F.; Nagy, P.B.; Cawley, P., 2013:
Study and comparison of different EMAT configurations for SH wave inspection

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Study and comparison on HPLC fingerprints of flavonoids of frequently used Chinese materia medica in citrus

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Study and description of hydrogels and organogels as vehicles for cosmetic active ingredients

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Study and design of spectral domain optical coherence tomography-based high-resolution ophthalmic imaging system

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Study and design of the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser control system based on S3C2410

Yan, L-Wei., 2014:
Study and design on Dyson imaging spectrometer in spectral broadband with high resolution

Guiberteau, A.; Galeano, T.; Mora, N.; Parrilla, P.; Salinas, F., 2008:
Study and determination of the pesticide Imidacloprid by square wave adsorptive stripping voltammetry

Hokezu, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Tokunaga, S.; Niikura, M.; Nagamatsu, K.; Kira, J-ichi.; Fukunaga, T.; Shima, K.; Kikuchi, S.; Kimura, I.; Kondo, K.; Mori, T.; Goto, K.; Takigami, S.; Shioya, K.; Uehara, M., 2010:
Study and development of a new automatic suction system (SS) of intratracheal sputum in order to improve QOL of many patients with tracheostomy mechanical ventilation (TMV) and their family members by this new autonomic SS

Antoniou, C.G.; Markopoulou, C.K.; Kouskoura, M.G.; Koundourellis, J.E., 2011:
Study and development of reversed-phase HPLC systems for the determination of 2-imidazolines in the presence of preservatives in pharmaceutical preparations

Cail-Schultz, I., 2013:
Study and discussion around the management of sharps waste in the patient's home

Chen, Q.; Dou, X.; Ni, Y.; Cheng, S.; Zhuang, S., 2012:
Study and enhance the photovoltaic properties of narrow-bandgap Cu2SnS3 solar cell by p-n junction interface modification

Petropoulos, A.; Kaltsas, G., 2012:
Study and evaluation of a PCB-MEMS liquid microflow sensor

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Study and evaluation of effect on the parameters of heterotrophic plate counts in drinking water in distribution networks

Gao, H.; Yang, Z.; Zhang, S.; Pang, Z.; Liu, Q.; Jiang, X., 2014:
Study and evaluation of mechanisms of dual targeting drug delivery system with tumor microenvironment assays compared with normal assays

Lan, Y-jia., 2007:
Study and evaluation of occupational carcinogens

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Study and evaluation of preparation of silybin PLGA microspheres by stainless steel membrane emulsification technique

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Study and evaluation of the Siemens virtual wedge factor: dosimetric monitor system and variable field effects

Yang, L.; Xu, J.; Xi, T., 2011:
Study and evaluation on hemocompatibility of biomaterials

Saleh, M.I.; Kusrini, E.; Mohd Sarjidan, M.A.; Abd Majid, W.H., 2011:
Study and fabrication of europium picrate triethylene glycol complex

Lin, S.I.En., 2011:
Study and implementation of a hybrid diffractive/refractive lens and a color inkjet head on high density data storage

Knopp, S.; Mohammed, K.A.; Ali, S.M.; Khamis, I.Simba.; Ame, S.M.; Albonico, M.; Gouvras, A.; Fenwick, A.; Savioli, L.; Colley, D.G.; Utzinger, Jürg.; Person, B.; Rollinson, D., 2014:
Study and implementation of urogenital schistosomiasis elimination in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba islands) using an integrated multidisciplinary approach

Ghanbarzadeh, M.; Mehdipour, A., 2011:
Study and influence of exercise program on respiratory function of adults with kyphosis

Zhang, C.; Zhang, S., 2007:
Study and investigation of mechanism of atrial fibrillation--(I) High resolution cardiac mapping system

Zhang, C.; Zhang, S., 2007:
Study and investigation of mechanism of atrial fibrillation--(II). Atrial fibrillation animal model and data analysis method

Masood, S., 2011:
Study and management of breast disease

Xu, L.; Yan, D.; Zhou, Z., 2013:
Study and manufacture of a degradable bioactive glass

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Study and modeling of iron hydroxide nanoparticle uptake by AOT (w/o) microemulsions

Camera-Roda, G.; Santarelli, F.; Panico, M., 2009:
Study and optimization of an annular photocatalytic slurry reactor

Alventosa-deLara, E.; Barredo-Damas, S.; Alcaina-Miranda, M.I.; Iborra-Clar, M.I., 2013:
Study and optimization of the ultrasound-enhanced cleaning of an ultrafiltration ceramic membrane through a combined experimental-statistical approach

Chen, X-xin.; Liao, Y-mao.; Zhu, Z-min., 2014:
Study and preparation of a novel apatite-wollastonite bioactive glass-ceramic-calcium sulphate hemihydrate composite

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Study and prevalence of post-transplant diabetes mellitus; analysis on a group of kidney transplant recipients

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Study and prevention of contact lens-related microbial keratitis with a standardized questionnaire

Niu, Y-Hua., 2011:
Study and production of chlortetracycline in China in the 1950s

Wang, Y-ying.; Yang, J-sheng., 2009:
Study and prospects for clinical diseases treated with scraping therapy

Mwape, K.E.; Phiri, I.K.; Praet, N.; Dorny, P.; Muma, J.B.; Zulu, G.; Speybroeck, N.; Gabriël, S., 2015:
Study and ranking of determinants of Taenia solium infections by classification tree models

Li, Z.; Zhang, J.; Yang, X., 2014:
Study and realization of multidimensional visualization techniques for multimodality medical images

Cheng, F.T.; Hour, T.L.; Sun, Y.Y.; Chen, T.H., 1997:
Study and resolution of singularities for a 6-DOF PUMA manipulator

Bani-Yaghoub, M.; Amundsen, D.E., 2008:
Study and simulation of reaction-diffusion systems affected by interacting signaling pathways

Wang, X-quan.; Xiangli, B.; Huang, M.; Hu, L.; Jing, J-juan., 2011:
Study and simulation of the intensity modulation-Fourier transform spectropolarimeter

Yu, Y.; Shi, W-jian.; Yang, N-fei., 2007:
Study and spectrophotometric determination of nitrite with sulfanilamide and N-phenyl J-Acid system

Khandelwal, N.; Yadav, A.; Gautam, N.; Gautam, D.C., 2013:
Study and synthesis of biologically active phenothiazines, their sulfones, and ribofuranosides

Hu, S-yu., 2010:
Study and thinking on traditional Chinese medicine syndrome typing of depression

Xia, Z-fan.; Wang, Z-shan.; Fang, H., 2014:
Study and translation of systemic control technology for the burn and trauma related lung injuries

Gula, M., 1947:
Study and treatment homes for troubled children

Marconis, J.T., 2010:
Study and treatment of 27 cases of schistosomiasis mansoni with fuadin

Singleton, J.M., 2011:
Study and treatment of dysmenorrhea

Frolov, Y.P., 2012:
Study and treatment of infants diseases in the U.S.S.R

Moreno-Ramírez, D.; de la Cruz, L.; Ferrándiz, L.; Camacho, F.M., 2010:
Study and treatment of locally advanced melanoma

Lindsay, D.S., 1948:
Study and treatment of the neuroses

Anonymous, 2010:
Study and treatment of women in the climacteric and postmenopause. Point of view of the Mexican Association for the Study of Climacteric 2010

Stephens, R., 2007:
Study asks why alcohol and drug nurses smoke

Zander, B.; Dobler, L.; Busse, R., 2011:
Study assesses causes of burnout. Psychological illnesses are disproportionately frequent in the nursing field

Leen, S.; Steven, V.Laere.; Marie, D.Anne.; Valérie, D.; Annemie, D.Pauw.; Gert, V.Den.Eynden.; Peter, V.Dam.; Luc, D.; Peter, V.; Filip, L., 2014:
Study assessing the quality of quantification of estrogen receptor protein expression by immunohistochemistry and gene expression in breast cancer

Anonymous, 2014:
Study associates tooth loss to depression and anxiety

Vilca, F.Zirena.; Rossi, S.; de Olinda, R.Alves.; Sánchez-Sarmiento, Aélica.Maria.; Prioste, Fíola.Eloisa.Setim.; Matushima, E.Reiko.; Tornisielo, V.Luiz., 2018:
Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in liver samples of juvenile green sea turtles from Brazil: Can these compounds play a role in the development of fibropapillomatosis?

Yang, Z.; Wang, H.; Zhang, Z.; Zhong, Y.; Chen, Z.; Lu, G., 2012:
Study based on ICA of "dorsal attention network" in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

Zamora, N.; Cibrián, R.; Gandia, J-Luis.; Paredes, V., 2014:
Study between anb angle and Wits appraisal in cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

Haddadin, R.B.; Shamo'on, H.I., 2008:
Study between axillary and rectal temperature measurements in children

Ahmadi, F.; Alizadeh, A.A.; Shahabadi, N.; Rahimi-Nasrabadi, M., 2011:
Study binding of Al-curcumin complex to ds-DNA, monitoring by multispectroscopic and voltammetric techniques

Silva, M.Suênia.P.; Brandão, D.O.; Chaves, T.P.; Formiga Filho, A.L.N.; Costa,; Santos, V.L.; Medeiros, A.Cláudia.D., 2012:
Study bioprospecting of medicinal plant extracts of the semiarid northeast: contribution to the control of oral microorganisms

Fairbairn, C.E.; Dundon, W.D.; Xie, H.; Plebani, J.G.; Kampman, K.M.; Lynch, K.G., 2008:
Study blinding and correlations between perceived group assignment and outcome in a cocaine pharmacotherapy trial

Kiser, K., 2011:
Study break. Medical students use Art of Medicine awards to explore their creative side

Zetterberg, H., 2008:
Study bridges the gap between advanced mass spectrometry and immuno-based multiplex assays

Charron, C., 2011:
Study buddy

Mayor, S., 2014:
Study busts myth of "metabolically healthy" obesity

Arl, D.; Aubriet, Fédéric.; Gaumet, J-Jacques., 2009:
Study by ESI-FTICRMS and ESI-FTICRMS(n) of zinc and cadmium thiophenolate complexes used as precursors for the synthesis of II-VI nanosemiconductors

Martínez, A.; Moreno, V.; Sanglas, L.; de Llorens, R.; Avilés, F.X.; Lorenzo, J., 2008 :
Study by HPLC-MS of the interaction of platinum antitumor complexes with potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor (PCI)

Ernst, E., 2007:
Study by Robertson et al is a fine example of nonsensical, misleading statistics

Nosaka, A.Y.; Tanaka, G.; Nosaka, Y., 2014:
Study by Use of 1 H NMR Spectroscopy of the Adsorption and Decomposition of Glycine, Leucine, and Derivatives in TiO 2 Photocatalysis

Berríos, C.; Marco, Jé.F.; Gutiérrez, C.; Ureta-Zañartu, Mía.Soledad., 2008:
Study by XPS and UV-visible and DRIFT spectroscopies of electropolymerized films of substituted Ni(II)-p-phenylporphyrins and -phthalocyanines