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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55978

Chapter 55978 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Yang, Y-Wen.; Liu, X-Li.; Pu, C-Xia.; You, C.; Qian, Z-Gang., 2011:
Study on comparison of quantitative multistate character of infructescence of Amomum tsao-ko from five populations

Zhou, A.; Yin, H.; Wang, Z., 2012:
Study on compatibility extraction technology of Rhei Radix et Rhizoma, Scutellariae Radix and Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex

Wu, Y-Wen.; Sun, S-Qin.; Xiao, X-He.; Zhang, J-Hua.; Jin, C., 2010:
Study on compatibility of Coptidis-Evodia couples by FTIR spectroscopy

Yang, H.; Wu, Y.; Ma, Y.; Li, J.; Lv, J., 2012:
Study on compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine active constituents with antioxidant activity

Xue, J-peng.; Li, P.; Wang, Q-ming.; Zhao, W.; Wu, D-cheng., 2009:
Study on complex formation of quercetin reacting with Cu2+ using UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy

Pang, S.; Wang, H.; Xu, X., 2015:
Study on complex impedance properties of human lung tissue

Pi, F-wei.; Wang, J-hua.; Sun, X-dong.; Han, D-hai., 2010:
Study on component detection of cheese wrapped by polyethylene film based on NIRS

Guan, R-Ling.; Zhu, H., 2008:
Study on components in Shengli viscous crude oil by FTIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy

Shi, W.; Shen, L.; Qin, Y.; Lu, F-Rong.; Gao, L.; Pan, L-Mei., 2008:
Study on composing mechanism by effect of disassembled compositions of Yiqi Huoxue decoction on platelet aggregation of health adults

Xiang, Y.; Yu, J-Wei.; Cheng, Y-Bin.; Li, H-Xi.; Chang, X-Hui.; Zhou, D-Wei.; Sun, F.; Fang, Y-Guang., 2015:
Study on composing prescription laws of treating aplastic anemia by Chinese medicine using applying data mining technique

Wang, H.; Pan, L-xiang.; Zhang, X-yu.; Li, M.; Song, B-hua., 2015:
Study on composite stabilization of arsenic (As) contaminated soil

Yan, J.; Wei, Y-Fang.; Gu, R., 2014:
Study on composition of essential oil in above-ground and root of Bupleurum malconense and root of B. chinense by AMDIS and retention index

Cheng, L.; Wang, L.; Wang, Y-Li.; Liang, R-Xin.; Wang, W.; Hu, N.; Wang, J-Lu.; Hou, R., 2013:
Study on compound compatibility of Jinglingzi powder based on absorption-metabolism model

Gong, Z-yu.; Hou, J.; Liu, Q-yong.; Lei, J-bao.; Chen, Z-bing.; Fang, C-fu.; Zhu, H-ping.; Ling, F.; Sun, J-min., 2013:
Study on comprehensive monitoring of mouse and effect of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome vaccine in high prevalence areas of natural focus infectious disease of Zhejiang province in 1994--2010

Zhou, Y-Qing.; Fan, C-Xiang.; Zheng, J-Shan., 2010:
Study on comprehensive strategies of strenghening routine immunization program

Tan, L.; Gong, M.; Zheng, F.; Zhang, B.; Yang, K., 2009:
Study on compression behavior of porous magnesium used as bone tissue engineering scaffolds

Pan, Y.; Xiong, D., 2009:
Study on compressive mechanical properties of nanohydroxyapatite reinforced poly(vinyl alcohol) gel composites as biomaterial

Huang, D.; Li, W.; Gao, L.; Xu, G.; Ou, X.; Tang, G., 2008:
Study on computed tomography features of nasal septum cellule and its clinical significance

Li, Y.; Xu, M'en.; Wang, Q.; Yuan, M.; Hu, J., 2012:
Study on computer-aided deposition manufacturing of vascular tissue engineering scaffolds at low temperature

Han, L.; Long, Z., 2012:
Study on computer-aided diagnosis system based on multidetection

Sharma, S.K.; Datta, A.; Saud, T.; Mandal, T.K.; Ahammed, Y.N.; Arya, B.C.; Tiwari, M.K., 2010:
Study on concentration of ambient NH3 and interactions with some other ambient trace gases

Liang, S.; Xie, G-cheng.; Xu, Z-qian.; Li, J-song.; Li, D-tong.; Feng, S-long.; Duan, Z-jun., 2011:
Study on concentration of nuorovirus genegroup II from environmental water

Meng, Q-Yu.; Chen, B-Jiu.; Xu, W.; Zhao, X-Xia.; Yang, Y-Min.; Di, W-Hua.; Wang, X-Jun., 2010:
Study on concentration quenching and energy transfer in Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Tm, Eu) in Y2O3 nanocrystal powders

Wu, F-Kun.; Wang, Y-Si.; An, J-Lin.; Zhang, J-Gang., 2010:
Study on concentration, ozone production potential and sources of VOCs in the atmosphere of Beijing during Olympics period

Wang, S-mei.; Zhang, Z-yu.; Liu, C-dong.; Wang, S-zhen., 2014:
Study on concomitant surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse and TVT-O for treatment of stress urinary incontinence

Yang, Z.; Guo, Q.; Zhuang, J.; Liu, X.; Xiong, H.; Wu, Y.; Wang, S.; Chang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Bao, X.; Jiang, Y.; Qin, J., 2014:
Study on concordance of ictal and interictal epileptiform activity in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex

Zhu, G-Jie.; Ma, D-Bin.; Qian, X-Yun.; Zhou, H.; Chen, J.; Wang, F.; Gao, X., 2014:
Study on conditional myosin light chain kinase gene knockout mice resulting in hearing loss

Qiao, X-Yi.; Wang, H-Lei.; Guo, Y-Hai., 2007:
Study on conditions of seed germination of Cistanche

Dong, X-Wei.; Song, X-Yan.; Shi, M.; Zhang, Y-Zhong., 2015:
Study on conformation transitions of trichokonin VI, a peptaibol-like antimicrobial peptide, in different solvents by circular dichroism spectroscopy

Meng, F.; Tong, K-yu.; Chan, S-tak.; Wong, W-wa.; Lui, K-him.; Tang, K-wing.; Gao, X.; Gao, S., 2008:
Study on connectivity between coherent central rhythm and electromyographic activities

Zhang, J.P.; Liu, C.; Chen, X.; Cheng, G.L.; Zhou, A.X., 2015:
Study on constant-step stress accelerated life tests in white organic light-emitting diodes

Huang, L.; Wang, D.; Chen, X., 2011:
Study on constituents of essential oil from Lonicera fulvotomentosa in different collected periods

Zhou, Q-Mei.; Peng, C.; Li, X-Hong.; Guo, L.; Xiong, L.; Lin, D-Sheng., 2014:
Study on constituents of the aerial parts of Pogostemon cablin

Wei, Q-Kuan., 2012:
Study on construction and immune protective effect of recombinant nucleic acid vaccine of Toxoplasma gondii

Ren, Y.; Wu, S.; Wang, M.; Cen, Z., 2015:
Study on construction of a medical x-ray direct digital radiography system and hybrid preprocessing methods

Ha, X-Qin.; Wang, X-Guo.; Wu, Z-Ze., 2012:
Study on construction of a plasmid vector carrying human hepatocyte growth factor gene and activity of its expression product

Jun-Tang, L.; Cong-Rui, W.; Pramanik, J.; Hui-Yong, Z.; Hui-Gen, F.; Bao-Sheng, Y.; Yu-Chang, L.I.; Cun-Shuan, X., 2004:
Study on construction of cDNA libraries from rat normal liver and regeneration liver with smart technique

Juntang, L.; Pramanik, J.; Congrui, W.; Huiyong, Z.; Huigen, F.; Baosheng, Y.; Yuchang, L.; Cunshuan, X., 2004:
Study on construction of cDNA library of the treated changliver cell and quality analysis

Wang, D-Yang.; Liu, S-Hai.; Li, X.; Zhao, J-Li.; Chen, H.; Feng, F-Xue.; Wang, L-Xian.; Xia, H-Bin., 2011:
Study on construction of chimeric adenovirus vector Ad5/11 carrying human eGFP and endostatin-K5 and its experimental investigation in vitro

Ji, S.; Jun, J.; Xiaohan, Y.; Xia, H.; Xiaolei, W.; Xiaoqing, Y.; Jianzhou, G.; Wenping, L.; Yanhui, Z., 2011:
Study on construction of nano tPA plasmid to prevent thrombosis after mechanical valve replacement in dogs

Li, H.; Yang, F.; Shi, R.; Wang, W.; Yan, M.; Xie, T.; Ma, K.; Sun, M., 2009:
Study on construction, expression, and biological activity of recombinant adenovirus of neurturin

Cai, D.; Chen, J.; Fu, J.; Zheng, Y.; Song, Y.; Yan, J.; Ding, G., 2013:
Study on contamimation of endocrine disrupting chemicals in aquatic environment of Qiantang River

Chen, Y.; Guo, Q.; Liu, L.; Wang, C., 2012:
Study on content and distribution characteristics of mineral elements from cultivated and wild Prunella vulgaris

Yang, Y.; He, M.; Wang, G.; Robertson, J., 2008:
Study on content and intake status of vegetable fiber in rural residents in China

Shen, X-hong.; Wu, P-gu.; Wang, L-yuan.; Zhang, J.; Tan, Y.; Ying, Y.; Ma, B-jie., 2015:
Study on content of ethyl carbamate in yellow rice wine and its change in Zhejiang province

Wang, W-Jie.; Zhang, T-Qiang.; Wei, H., 2015:
Study on content of nickel in saliva released from the nickel-chromium and the nickel-chromium-titanium porcelain alloy

Lv, X-xiang.; Hou, L.; Huang, W-hua.; Guo, B-lin.; Zhang, L-xue.; Yu, J-guang., 2013:
Study on content of two sesquiterpenes in Alpinia oxyphylla

Yang, Y-Wen.; Qian, Z-Gang.; Li, Y-Kun., 2015:
Study on content of volatile oil in Amomum tsao-ko seeds and its influencing factors

Si, J-Ping.; Huang, W-Hua.; Guo, B-Lin.; Ruan, X-Chun.; Li, S-Jie., 2007:
Study on content variation of triptolide in medicinal material of Tripterygium

Azar Daryany, M.Karimi.; Hosseini, S.Masoud.; Raie, M.; Fakharie, J.; Zareh, A., 2009:
Study on continuous (254 nm) and pulsed UV (266 and 355 nm) lights on BVD virus inactivation and its effects on biological properties of fetal bovine serum

Liu, H.; Wang, H-xiang., 2015:
Study on contribution factor to atmospheric .OH by O3, HONO, HCHO and H2O2 in spring at Mangdang Mountain, Fujian Province

Wang, H-Lin.; Zhang, G-Ning.; Nei, L.; Wang, Y-Fei.; Hao, Z-Ping., 2013:
Study on control and management for industrial volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in China

Li, C-Hong.; Xu, K-Lin.; Pan, X-Ying.; Du, B., 2007:
Study on control of graft-versus-host disease by blocking CD137-CD137L ligand costimulatory pathway in mice

Bai, Y.; Wang, Y-dong.; Zheng, W-jie.; Chen, Y-sheng., 2008:
Study on coordination of selenoamino acids with Ag+ at silver nitrate-modified carbon paste electrode

Hao, Y-Ming.; Hong, M-Chao.; Wang, W-Jing., 2014:
Study on correlated proteins in the urine of chronic renal failure patients of Chinese medicine damp syndrome based on SELDI-TOF-MS technique

Shen, Y-Feng.; Wang, Z-An.; Yu, X-Ping.; Shen, X-Xia., 2008:
Study on correlation between Atractylodes macrocephala viability and germination rate

Xu, L.; Dou, D.; Wang, B.; Yang, Y.; Kang, T., 2011:
Study on correlation between ITS sequence of Arctium lappa and quality of Fructus Arctii

Wan, Y-gang.; Sun, W.; Wang, J., 2008:
Study on correlation between TCM syndrome and urinary protein in patients with early chronic kidney diseases

Zhang, G-liang.; Wu, Q-kai.; Lin, Q., 2007:
Study on correlation between TCM syndrome type and pathological changes of liver tissue in 260 patients with chronic hepatitis B

Mei, W-xuan.; Lao, S-xian.; Zhou, Z., 2007:
Study on correlation between aquaporin 3, 4 gene expression in gastric mucosa and severity of Pi-Wei damp-heat syndrome in patients with chronic superficial gastritis

Sun, J.; Chen, C-wei.; He, Y-huai.; Qiu, M-lei.; Chen, Y-qiang., 2009:
Study on correlation between connective tissue growth factor, macrophage colony-stimulating factor and cartilage degeneration in the osteoarthritis chondrocytes

Zhang, H.; Peng, C.; Yu, C-Hao., 2008:
Study on correlation between decocting time, administration dose and efficacy of warming Yang of crude lateral root of aconite

Yu, W-wu.; Fu, Q-gong.; Dai, W-shen.; Li, Z-ju., 2009:
Study on correlation between effective ingredients of dogwood fruit from genuine producing regions and traits

Wang, G-qiang.; Wang, M-shu.; Tong, G-an.; Sun, D-dan.; Zhang, L.; Hu, W-bin., 2014:
Study on correlation between neuropsychological features and Chinese medical syndrome types in patients with Wilson's disease

He, W.; Zeng, Q.; Zhang, Q.; Li, Y.; Pang, Z.; Zeng, P.; Wang, H.; Yuan, H., 2008:
Study on correlation between pain grading, stage of necrosis and bone marrow-edema in nontraumatic osteonecrosis of femoral head

Shen, J.; Han, Z.; Guo, L.; Fan, W., 2011:
Study on correlation between physical and chemical parameters of oil-bearing water bodies and ultrafiltration membrane flux in four simulative system of traditional Chinese medicine volatile oil

Li, W-Zhong.; Tang, J-Bao.; He, Q., 2007:
Study on correlation between relative density and kinematical viscosity of concentration for Yuxianling granules

Liu, B.; Sun, W.; Li, Z.; Yue, D.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, D.; Wang, X., 2012:
Study on correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism in promotor of hepatic lipase gene and nontraumatic avascular necrosis of femoral head

Yang, J.; Sun, J.; Cao, H-Yan., 2013:
Study on correlation between the habits of growing development and the formation of morphology of Semiaquilegia adoxoides

Xiu, Z-Biao.; Chen, W-Tong.; Sun, K-Min., 2011:
Study on correlation between the pathological changes under arthroscopy and the cytokine levels in the knee osteoarthritis of the Blood Stasis type

Zhang, B.; Zhong, D-wu.; Wang, Q-wei.; Miao, X-ying.; Dai, W-dong.; Liu, C.; Pan, K-hua., 2010:
Study on correlation of JAK/STAT signal pathway with progression and prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

Xu, T.; Shi, M.; Qiu, Y-Xia.; Wang, Y-Gang., 2014:
Study on correlation of glucagons, type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation

Xu, C-Shuan.; Shao, H-Yi.; Du, B., 2009:
Study on correlation of signal molecule genes and their receptor-associated genes with rat liver regeneration

Wang, Z-Yue.; Li, R-Ming.; Wang, Z-Quan.; Ma, W-Wei.; Kang, Y-Hua., 2007:
Study on correlation of soil nutrients and content of active constituents in root of Rumex gmelini

Qu, H.; Ning, G.; Li, X.; Bao, L.; Chen, X.; Li, J., 2014:
Study on correlations between CT perfusion parameters and tumor angiogenesis of cervical cancer

Duan, Y.; He, Z.; Liang, S.; Wang, Y.; Xiong, J.; Zhan, F.; Zeng, R., 2012:
Study on correlations between total saponins content in rhizome or mycorrhizal infection rate of Pairs polyphylla var. yunnanensis and soil factors

Lu, X-yan.; Xu, H.; Li, G.; Zhao, T., 2014:
Study on correspondence between prescription and syndrome and the essence of phlegm and blood stasis syndrome in coronary heart disease based on metabonomics

Xu, F-Ming.; Xie, P.; Lü, F-Jin.; Mou, J.; Li, Y-Mei.; Zhao, J-Nong.; Chen, W-Juan.; Gong, Q-Yong.; Zhao, L-Bo.; Liu, Q-Jun.; Shen, L.; Zhai, H.; Yang, D-Yu., 2008:
Study on corresponding areas the liver and lung channels in brain with fMRI

Wu, Z.; Xu, S.; Li, W.; Teng, J.; Li, N., 2015:
Study on corrosion resistance of three non-noble porcelain alloys

Yang, L.; Wang, J-han.; Gao, J-hua., 2011:
Study on cotransfection of genes of insulin-like growth factor I and herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase for optimization of wound healing

Rani, R.; Kansal, V.K., 2011:
Study on cow ghee versus soybean oil on 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)-anthracene induced mammary carcinogenesis & expression of cyclooxygenase-2 & peroxisome proliferators activated receptor-γ in rats

Sun, C-Ling.; Xie, S-Dong., 2015:
Study on critical loads of sulfur and nitrogen in the Pearl River Delta

Lv, G-fa.; Chen, B.; Zhang, W-fu.; Wang, Y-chuan.; Zhu, X-xiang.; Hu, D-hai., 2009:
Study on crosstalk between phosphatidylinositol 3 -kinase/Akt pathway and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in cardiomyocyte with challenge of burn serum

Hong, S-rong.; Yin, M-hua., 2007:
Study on cryopreservation of Pueraria lobata germplasm by vitrification

Huang, Y.Z.; Wang, S.H.; Yang, P.D., 2015:
Study on cryopreservation of human bone marrow cells

Liu, C.; Qin, T.; Wang, Z.; Chen, X.; Yang, Z., 2011:
Study on cryopreservation of tissue engineered tendon by vitrification

Zhang, Y-wang.; Zeng, J-hui.; Liu, Y.; Guo, J-yu., 2009:
Study on crystal chemistry and spectra of feldspar from Zhoukoudian granodiorite

Liu, J-He.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L-Jie.; Zeng, F-Ming.; Wang, C-Wei.; Zhang, X-Jian., 2008:
Study on crystal growth and vibrational spectra of Yb(x) : KY(1-x) (WO4)2

Yang, M.; Zhang, D-Kun.; Zhong, L-Yun.; Wang, F., 2013:
Study on culture and philosophy of processing of traditional Chinese medicines

Huang, Y.; Wang, S-ming.; Wang, J-song.; Huang, X-ling., 2007:
Study on culture, identification and differentiation of CD133+ endothelial progenitor cells from human umbilical cord blood

Lin, L.; Wang, P.; Zhao, X-lan., 2013:
Study on curcumin-induced apoptosis in ovarian cancer resistant cell lines COC1/DDP

Zhang, L.; Huang, C.; Lan, Y.; Wang, M.; Shu, L.; Zhang, W.; Yu, L.; Yao, S.; Liao, Y., 2014:
Study on current status of work-related musculoskeletal disorders evaluation

Haque, M.K.; Mansur, D.I.; Sharma, K., 2012:
Study on curvatures of clavicle with its clinical importance

Kamijo, K., 2011:
Study on cutoff value setting for differential diagnosis between Graves' disease and painless thyroiditis using the TRAb (Elecsys TRAb) measurement via the fully automated electrochemiluminescence immunoassay system

Ahmad, M., 2011:
Study on cytochrome p-450 dependent retinoic Acid metabolism and its inhibitors as potential agents for cancer therapy

Huo, F-Fei.; Liu, X.; Sun, Z-Min.; Zhu, W-Bo.; Zheng, C-Cheng.; Wang, J.; Wu, Z-Wei., 2012:
Study on cytogenetic changes with relation to FAB classification in 397 patients with acute leukemias

Xiao, Y-Jun.; Chen, Y-Zhong.; Chen, B-Hua.; Chen, J-Hu.; Lin, Z-Xing.; Fan, Y-Li., 2008:
Study on cytotoxic activities on human leukemia cell line HL-60 by flavonoids extracts of Scurrula parasitica from four different host trees

Boonchai, N.; Asano, S-Ishiro.; Bando, H.; Wiwat, C., 2008:
Study on cytotoxicity and nucleotide sequences of enterotoxin FM of Bacillus cereus isolated from various food sources

Guo, J.; Song, W.; Ding, F.; Zhang, J.; Sun, Z., 2012:
Study on cytotoxicity and structure-activity relationship of HL-7702 cell exposed to naphthoquinones

Zhou, M.; Li, Y.; Li, B.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, N.; Zhang, K.; Li, B., 2011:
Study on cytotoxicity of microdoses peracetic acid in vitro

Qiao, G-Yan.; Shen, Q-Ping.; Su, J-Sheng., 2015:
Study on cytotoxicity of three kinds of dental ceramic alloys on L929 mouse fibroblasts in vitro

Zhu, Y.; Zhou, W.; Wang, J.; Wang, B.; Wu, J.; Huang, G., 2007:
Study on damping mechanism based on the free volume for CIIR by PALS

Xie, E.; Ding, A.; Dou, J.; Zheng, L.; Yang, J., 2015:
Study on decaying characteristics of activated sludge from a circular plug-flow reactor using response surface methodology

Li, W-li.; Luo, J-sheng.; Liu, F.; Ma, R-na.; Chen, Z-feng.; Cui, P-cheng., 2014:
Study on decellularized laryngeal scaffold in dogs

Wu, S.; Liu, Y-Long.; Cui, B.; Qu, X-Hua.; Chen, G-Qiang., 2007:
Study on decellularized porcine aortic valve/poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) hybrid heart valve in sheep model

Xu, G.; Sun, N.; Zhao, M-Jie.; Ju, C-Guo.; Jia, T-Zhu., 2014:
Study on decoction's effect of different processed rhizomes of Cibotium barometz on retinoic acid induced male rats osteoporosis

Pan, T.; Liu, D-Wei.; Ren, S-Zhou.; Guo, J.; Sun, G-Ping., 2013:
Study on decolorization of triphenylmethane dyes by DTT

Shimizu, K.; Kuwabara, T.; Blajan, M., 2012:
Study on decomposition of indoor air contaminants by pulsed atmospheric microplasma

Sun, D-ping.; Yang, X-hua.; Liu, Y-yan.; Chen, Y-qin., 2008:
Study on decomposition products of methanol in AC discharge by spectroscopy

Anderson, B.L.; Strunk, A.L.; Schulkin, J., 2012:
Study on defensive medicine practices among obstetricians and gynecologists who provide breast care

Wu, Y.; Mao, J.; You, Y.; Liu, S., 2014:
Study on degradation kinetics of sulforaphane in broccoli extract

Sun, H.; Chen, H.; Shu, D.; Xie, Z.; He, C.; Peng, L., 2010:
Study on degradation of acid orange II in aqueous solution using one-dimensional MnO(2) nanorods

Liu, Y-Nan.; Jin, D.; Lu, X-Ping.; Han, P-Fang., 2008:
Study on degradation of dimethoate solution in ultrasonic airlift loop reactor

Yin, C-Qin.; Jiang, X.; Wang, F.; Wang, C-Ying., 2013:
Study on degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) with different additional carbon sources in aged contaminated soil

Xian, X-Min.; Hou, Y.; Lin, J-Rn.; Huang, S.; Lai, X-Ping.; Chen, J-Nan., 2011:
Study on degradation of protein of the edible birds' nest (Aerodramus) in vitro

Zhang, B.; F.C.unhua; Wang Yuanliang, 2012:
Study on degradation performance of star-shaped polymer of ESO and lactide

Li, N.; Qiu, K., 2014:
Study on delacquer used beverage cans by vacuum pyrolysis for recycle

Poorterman, J.H.G.; Dikkes, B.T.; Brand, H.S., 2010:
Study on delegation. Dental activities by students in dental practices

Luo, L.; Li, H.; Liang, J.; Lei, X.; Zhang, H.; Peng, S.; Liang, C., 2012:
Study on demineralization and remineralization of human fluorosed teeth in vitro

Wang, X-Shun.; Qi, D-Wei.; Huang, A-Min., 2014:
Study on denoising near infrared spectra of wood based on wavelet transform

Wang, H.; Xiao, J.; Cai, H.; Cai, B., 2010:
Study on density quality control of crude pyritum

Li, J.; Liu, H.; Ge, L-hong., 2010:
Study on dental pulp stem cells from patients with hypophosphatasia

Lei, F-feng.; Zhao, J-xiong.; Wang, X-xi.; Yao, B-tai.; Ding, K., 2008:
Study on depressant effects of THPS on S180 tumor-bearing-mice and its mechanisms

Shi, X-hong.; Xun, J.; Wang, S-ping.; Zhang, J., 2010:
Study on depression in 212 patients with viral hepatitis

Ge, H-min.; Liu, L-fen.; Han, J-bo., 2008:
Study on depressive disorder and related factors in surgical inpatients

Liu, F.; Zhu, X-Hui.; Liu, M.; Zhou, J.; Che, X-Ping.; Han, R-Fa., 2008:
Study on deproteinization and decoloration in extraction of polysaccharides from Rabdosia rubescens

Kibirev, V.K.; Osadchuk, T.V.; Vadziuk, O.B.; Shablykin, O.V.; Kozachenko, A.P.; Chumachenko, S.A.; Popil'nichenko, S.V.; Brovarets, V.S., 2011:
Study on derivatives of 5-amino-4-acylamino-1H-pyrazole as inhibitors of furin

Li, C-xi.; Li, M.; Feng, X-lian.; Cao, P.; Wang, X-dan.; Liu, S.; Xu, H-bin., 2014:
Study on dermal absorption of Imidacloprid in vitro

Bruno, M.Cecilia.Teixeira.de.Carvalho.; Vilela, M.Aparecida.Constantino.; Oliveira, C.Alberto.B.Mendes.de., 2014:
Study on dermatoses and their prevalence in groups of confirmed alcoholic individuals in comparison to a non-alcoholic group of individuals

Gong, X.; Kang, L.; Wang, J., 2008:
Study on design method for the individual anatomical hip joint endoprosthesis

Tanaka, K.; Sakurai, Y.; Endo, S.; Takada, J., 2015:
Study on detecting spatial distribution of neutrons and gamma rays using a multi-imaging plate system

Wang, Y.; Cui, S.; Li, F., 2010:
Study on detection and identification of Salmonella species by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Yin, J.; Sun, J.; Huang, J.; Huo, J., 2015:
Study on detection function of protein microarray for iron deficiency diagnosis

Yan, L.; Wang, X.; Guo, Y.; Pei, X.; Yu, D.; Yang, D., 2015:
Study on detection of Salmonella in poultry samples by real-time PCR with Taqman probes

Wu, J.; Liang, B.; He, J.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Z., 2002:
Study on detection of aberrant promoter hypermethylation of p16 and DAP kinase in serum DNA from patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Lin, L.; Wu, H.Jie.; Zhao, L-ying.; Li, G.; Zhang, B-ju.; Wu, J-cheng., 2015:
Study on detection of changes in tissue structure and composition by using virtual internal hyper-spectrum of body surface

Yamamoto, S.; Sumioka, S.; Fujioka, M.; Mikami, E.; Miyamoto, K-ichi., 2012:
Study on detection of drugs in slimming health foods using GC-MS/MS

Wang, R.; Xie, H.; Xu, Y-Bing.; Jia, Z-Ping.; Meng, X-Dong.; Zhang, J-Hong.; Ma, J.; Wang, J.; Wang, X-Hua., 2012:
Study on detection of mutation DNA fragment in gastric cancer by restriction endonuclease fingerprinting with capillary electrophoresis

Jiang, L-di.; Xuan, G-da.; Zhao, L.; Zhu, Y-fei.; Lou, X-fang., 2011:
Study on determination and pharmacokinetics of metabolites from Folium Mori extract in rats

Yan, H-Jing.; Fang, Z-Jian., 2008:
Study on determination and principal component analysis of inorganic elements in Polygonum multiflorum from different areas

Xiong, Y.; Zhang, D-Jun.; Xue, Q-Fang.; Huang, S-Wu., 2014:
Study on determination method for components in monocrotalinum liposomes and their entrapment efficiency

Xiao, C.; Rao, W-Wen.; Zhong, M-Cheng., 2013:
Study on determination methods for abietic acid in fake Myrrha

Zhang, Z.; Zhang, W., 2014:
Study on determination of Chinese medicine flavor and its regularity

Du, F-pei.; Liu, G.; Luo, X-lin.; Hou, S-cong.; Li, K-an.; Ren, L-ping.; Huang, Q.; Mao, Z-shu.; Jie, N-qin., 2008:
Study on determination of acetamiprid and interaction between acetamiprid and deoxyribonucleic acid by resonance light scattering

Wang, Y-Sheng.; Deng, J-Hua.; Wei, H-Zhen.; Rao, Y.; Shen, F-Yun.; Jin, H-Xin., 2013:
Study on determination of anthraquinones in dachengqi tang residues of Magnolia officinalis and Citrus aurantium removed in decoction process

Huang, Y-ping.; Gu, Y.; Fang, Y-fen.; Liu, Y-liang.; Zhu, S-ji.; Lou, G-fu., 2008:
Study on determination of bovine serum albumin using o-hydroxyphenylfluorone reagent with fluorescence spectrophotometry

Dai, G-Liang.; Ma, S-Tang.; Liu, S-Jia.; Cheng, X-Gui.; Zang, Y-Xin.; Ju, W-Zheng.; Tan, H-Shan., 2014:
Study on determination of caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid in rat plasma and their pharmacokinetics with LC-MS/MS

Xiao, H-Bin.; Liu, M-Hua.; Yuan, H-Chao.; Xu, J.; Zhao, J-Hui., 2014:
Study on determination of carbaryl content in duck meat based on synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy

Liu, L-yun.; Wang, P.; Feng, M-li.; Dong, Z-guo.; Li, J., 2010:
Study on determination of eight metal elements in Hainan arecanut leaf by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Ansari, M.; Neupane, D., 2010:
Study on determination of errors in prescription writing: A semi-electronic perspective

Zhang, S-Bang.; Li, J-Yan.; Guo, Y-Sheng., 2007:
Study on determination of metal elements in honeysuckle by carbon pick-up acid dissolvation digestion with ICP-AES

Yang, G.; Fen, W.; Lei, C.; Xiao, W.; Sun, H., 2009:
Study on determination of pentacyclic triterpenoids in Chaenomeles by HPLC-ELSD

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Study on endoplasmic reticulum stress and injury to basic function unit of colonic motility in rats with scald injury

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Study on establishing a project concerning the process quality control of treating liver cancer with CyberKnife

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Study on establishing animal model of myocardial infarction of blood-stasis and Xin-qi deficiency syndrome or blood-stasis and Xin-yang deficiency syndrome type

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Study on establishment of RP-HPLC and GC-MS fingerprints for wild germplasm resource of Ophiopogon japonicus in Sichuan and hierarchical clustering analysis

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Study on establishment of congenic strains and screening of characteristics in IRS-2 deficient mice to support translational research on type 2 diabetes

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Study on establishment of kidney deficient aging model and comparison with D-galactose induced aging model

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Study on estimation of fall dormancy in alfalfa by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and support vector machine model

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Study on estimation of postmortem interval using FTIR in rat lung

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Study on estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the hippocampus of premenstrual syndrome model rats of gan-qi depression syndrome

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Study on evaluating sex determining region of the Y as an engrafting track of BMSCs transplantation for repairing osteonecrosis of the femoral head of rabbit

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Study on interaction of cationic porphyrazine with synthetic polynucleotides

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Study on intercalations between double-stranded DNA and pyrene by single-molecule force spectroscopy: toward the detection of mismatch in DNA

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Study on interference therapy induced by epidermal growth factor receptor-antisense cDNA in signal transduction of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

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Study on intestinal absorption, metabolism, and adaptation

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Study on intralymphatic-targeted hyaluronic acid-modified nanoliposome: influence of formulation factors on the lymphatic targeting

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Study on invasion and metastasis-associated genes of lung cancer related with NM23-H1 gene

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Study on inverse estimation of radiative reflection properties in mid-wavelength infrared region by using the repulsive particle swarm optimization algorithm

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Study on iodine nutritional status of target population due to different iodine concentrations in drinking water after stopped iodized salt

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