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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55986

Chapter 55986 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Escalera, S.; Tax, D.M.J.; Pujol, O.; Radeva, P.; Duin, R.P.W., 2008:
Subclass problem-dependent design for error-correcting output codes

Suk, H-Ii.; Lee, S-Whan.; Shen, D., 2014:
Subclass-based multi-task learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis

Yamada, J.; Jinno, S., 2015:
Subclass-specific formation of perineuronal nets around parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic neurons in Ammon's horn of the mouse hippocampus

Chen, J.; Qi, X.; Zheng, H., 2012:
Subclass-specific localization and trafficking of Arabidopsis p24 proteins in the ER-Golgi interface

Vinet, J.; Lemieux, P.; Tamburri, A.; Tiesinga, P.; Scafidi, J.; Gallo, V.; Sík, A., 2010:
Subclasses of oligodendrocytes populate the mouse hippocampus

Oberthuer, Aé.; Kaderali, L.; Kahlert, Y.; Hero, B.; Westermann, F.; Berthold, F.; Brors, B.; Eils, R.; Fischer, M., 2008:
Subclassification and individual survival time prediction from gene expression data of neuroblastoma patients by using CASPAR

de Ru, J.A., 2009:
Subclassification does matter

Renshaw, A.A., 2011:
Subclassification of atypical cells of undetermined significance in direct smears of fine-needle aspirations of the thyroid: distinct patterns and associated risk of malignancy

Deshpande, V.; Gupta, R.; Sainani, N.; Sahani, D.V.; Virk, R.; Ferrone, C.; Khosroshahi, A.; Stone, J.H.; Lauwers, G.Y., 2011:
Subclassification of autoimmune pancreatitis: a histologic classification with clinical significance

George, E.; McClain, S.E.; Slingluff, C.L.; Polissar, N.L.; Patterson, J.W., 2009:
Subclassification of desmoplastic melanoma: pure and mixed variants have significantly different capacities for lymph node metastasis

Nakamura, K.; Ogoshi, K.; Makuuchi, H., 2011:
Subclassification of extranodal involvement in gastric cancer patients

Huang, B-Tao.; Peng, Y.; Liu, W.; Zhang, C.; Huang, F-Yang.; Wang, P-Ju.; Zuo, Z-Liang.; Liao, Y-Biao.; Chai, H.; Li, Q.; Zhao, Z-Gang.; Luo, X-Lin.; Ren, X.; Huang, K-Sen.; Meng, Q-Tao.; Chen, C.; Huang, D-Jia.; Chen, M., 2015:
Subclassification of left ventricular hypertrophy based on dilation stratifies coronary artery disease patients with distinct risk

Billis, E.V.; McCarthy, C.J.; Oldham, J.A., 2007:
Subclassification of low back pain: a cross-country comparison

Tong, L.Chu.; Ko, H-Mi.; Saieg, M.Ajaj.; Boerner, S.; Geddie, W.R.; da Cunha Santos, G., 2013:
Subclassification of lymphoproliferative disorders in serous effusions: a 10-year experience

Itabashi, M., 2012:
Subclassification of mucosal carcinoma of the esophagus

Kimbrell, H.Z.; Gustafson, K.S.; Huang, M.; Ehya, H., 2012:
Subclassification of non-small cell lung cancer by cytologic sampling: a logical approach with selective use of immunocytochemistry

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Katzenstein, A-Luise.A., 2011:
Subclassification of non-small cell lung carcinomas lacking morphologic differentiation on biopsy specimens: Utility of an immunohistochemical panel containing TTF-1, napsin A, p63, and CK5/6

Bai, Y.; Kakudo, K.; Li, Y.; Liu, Z.; Ozaki, T.; Ito, Y.; Kihara, M.; Miyauchi, A., 2008:
Subclassification of non-solid-type papillary thyroid carcinoma identification of high-risk group in common type

Prat, J., 2010:
Subclassification of ovarian cancer based on pathology and genetics

Shariat, S.F.; Zigeuner, R.; Rink, M.; Margulis, V.; Hansen, J.; Kikuchi, E.; Kassouf, W.; Raman, J.D.; Remzi, M.; Koppie, T.M.; Bensalah, K.; Guo, C.C.; Mikami, S.; Sircar, K.; Ng, C.K.; Haitel, A.; Kabbani, W.; Chun, F.K.; Wood, C.G.; Scherr, D.S.; Karakiewicz, P.I.; Langner, C., 2012:
Subclassification of pT3 urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvicalyceal system is associated with recurrence-free and cancer-specific survival: proposal for a revision of the current TNM classification

Kapila, K.; Al-Ayadhy, B.; Francis, I.M.; George, S.S.; Al-Jassar, A., 2014:
Subclassification of pulmonary non-small cell lung carcinoma in fine needle aspirates using a limited immunohistochemistry panel

Yamamoto, M.; Sato, Y.; Serizawa, T.; Kawabe, T.; Higuchi, Y.; Nagano, O.; Barfod, B.E.; Ono, J.; Kasuya, H.; Urakawa, Y., 2012:
Subclassification of recursive partitioning analysis Class II patients with brain metastases treated radiosurgically

Ajisaka, H.; Miwa, K., 2008:
Subclassification of stage IV gastric cancer

Ma, Y.; Xue, Y.; Li, Y.; Lan, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, M., 2010:
Subclassification of stage IV gastric cancer (IVa, IVb, and IVc) and prognostic significance of substages

Jin, L.; Yoshida, M.; Kitagawa, Y.; Saikawa, Y.; Takeuchi, H.; Wada, N.; Kumai, K.; Kubota, T.; Kitajima, M., 2009:
Subclassification of superficial cardia cancer in relation to the endoscopic esophagogastric junction

Kita, Y.; Inoue, T.; Shimizu, Y.; Kamba, T.; Yoshimura, K.; Ogawa, O., 2012:
Subclassification of the D'Amico's high risk group to predict biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

Bonzanini, M.; Amadori, P.; Morelli, L.; Fasanella, S.; Pertile, R.; Mattiuzzi, A.; Marini, G.; Niccolini, M.; Tirone, G.; Rigamonti, M.; Dalla Palma, P., 2011:
Subclassification of the "grey zone" of thyroid cytology; a retrospective descriptive study with clinical, cytological, and histological correlation

Luo, H-Lun.; Chen, Y-Ta.; Chuang, Y-Chi.; Cheng, Y-Tso.; Lee, W-Ching.; Kang, C-Hsiung.; Chiang, P-Hui., 2014:
Subclassification of upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma by the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) improves prediction of oncological outcome

Wu, H.H.; Inman, A.; Cramer, H.M., 2014:
Subclassification of "atypia of undetermined significance" in thyroid fine-needle aspirates

Huang, F.; Oldfield, C.; Meng, J.; Hsu, W-Lun.; Xue, B.; Uversky, V.N.; Romero, P.; Dunker, A.Keith., 2013:
Subclassifying disordered proteins by the CH-CDF plot method

Eliot, E., 1932:
Subclavian Aneurism

Muller, G.P., 1935:
Subclavian Aneurism: With Report Of A Case

Petronio, A.Sonia.; D.C.rlo, M.; Giannini, C.; D.C.ro, F.; Bortolotti, U., 2014:
Subclavian TAVI: more than an alternative access route

Ilhan, E.; Ture, M.; Yilmaz, C.; Arslan, M., 2009:
Subclavian Vein Thrombosis Extending into the Internal Jugular Vein: Paget-von Schroetter Syndrome

Witte, K., 2008:
Subclavian access without subclavian puncture

Raman, J.; Loor, G.; London, M.; Jolly, N., 2010:
Subclavian artery access for ambulatory balloon pump insertion

Santos, N.; Caeiro, D.; Mota, Jão.; Braga, P.; Gonçalves, M.; Gama, V.; Vouga, L., 2009:
Subclavian artery access for transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Lentini, S.; Gaeta, R., 2011:
Subclavian artery access for transcatheter aortic valve implantation and cardiopulmonary support

Ipaktchi, R.; Dettmer, S.; Vogt, P.M.; Knobloch, K., 2011:
Subclavian artery and jugular vein rupture after a blunt thoracic trauma due to a BMX handlebar

Walther, N.D.; Auyong, D.B., 2012:
Subclavian artery and vein transposition has implications for regional anesthesia and subclavian vein catheter insertion

Yasuda, S.; Imoto, K.; Uchida, K.; Uranaka, Y.; Kurosawa, K.; Masuda, M., 2016:
Subclavian artery aneurysm in a patient with vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Naz, I.; Zia-ur-Rehman; Aziz, M.; Sophie, Z., 2013:
Subclavian artery aneurysms: management implications in a resource-limited setting

Javidfar, J.; Brodie, D.; Costa, J.; Miller, J.; Jurrado, J.; LaVelle, M.; Newmark, A.; Takayama, H.; Sonett, J.R.; Bacchetta, M., 2013:
Subclavian artery cannulation for venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Schurr, U.P.F.; Emmert, M.Y.; Berdajs, D.; Reuthebuch, O.; Seifert, B.; Dzemali, O.; Genoni, M., 2014 :
Subclavian artery cannulation provides superior outcomes in patients with acute type-A dissection: long-term results of 290 consecutive patients

Touchan, J.; Cerda, M.; Chapman, D.B., 2015:
Subclavian artery dissection presenting as non-ST elevation myocardial infarction

Rahim, S.A.; Pitta, S.; Mathew, V.; Barsness, G.W.; Gulati, R., 2011:
Subclavian artery endovascular intervention for vertebrobasilar ischemia: the use of dual arterial access and embolic protection

Nakamura, A.; Nakajima, S.; Endo, H.; Takahashi, T.; Nozaki, E., 2016:
Subclavian artery intervention with a balloon-tipped occlusion catheter via the ipsilateral brachial artery without an introducer sheath

Michael, T.T.; Banerjee, S.; Brilakis, E., 2009:
Subclavian artery intervention with vertebral embolic protection

Kim, J.Bun.; Jung, H.Ju.; Lee, J.Myeong.; Im, K.Shil., 2011:
Subclavian artery penetration involving central line access treated with a self-expanding stent

Lee, D.Jun.; Yun, J.Cheol.; Choi, H.Ran.; Im, U.Jae.; Woo, S.Hoon., 2013:
Subclavian artery perforation and hemothorax after right internal jugular vein catheterization

Habib, N.; Jerzewski, A.; Koomen, E.M.; Groenemeijer, B.E.; Waalewijn, R.A.; Braam, R.L.; Ten Hove, W.; Overtoom, T.T.C., 2011:
Subclavian artery perforation complicating coronary angiography

Rossi, U.G.; Petrocelli, F.; Ferro, C., 2014:
Subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm complicating central venous catheterization: endovascular treatment with Amplatzer Vascular Plug 4 and covered stent

Koklu, E.; Poyrazoglu, H.; Yikilmaz, A.; Canpolat, M.; Konuskan, B., 2007 :
Subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm: a rare and serious complication of central venous catheterization in an infant

Palchik, E.; Bakken, A.M.; Wolford, H.Y.; Saad, W.E.; Davies, M.G., 2007:
Subclavian artery revascularization: an outcome analysis based on mode of therapy and presenting symptoms

Rulliat, E.; Ndiaye, A.; David, J-S.; Voiglio, E.J.; Lieutaud, T., 2012:
Subclavian artery rupture after road crash: many similitaries

Derkacz, A.; Bezubka, J.; Szełemej, R., 2012:
Subclavian artery stenosis as a cause of acute coronary syndrome in a patient after coronary artery bypass grafting

Rughani, A.I.; Visioni, A.; Hamill, R.W.; Tranmer, B.I., 2008:
Subclavian artery stenosis causing transient bilateral brachial diplegia: an unusual cause of anterior spinal artery syndrome

Economopoulos, V.; Psaltis, E.; Kelpis, T.; Pitsis, A., 2010:
Subclavian artery stenosis detected with transit-time flowmeter during OPCAB

Arısoy, A.; Topçu, S.; Karal, Hüseyin.; Sevimli, S., 2015:
Subclavian artery stenosis in a patient undergoing coronary bypass using composite t-grafting technique: is it subclavian artery stenosis or more?

Reyna, J.; Peguero, J.G.; Elmahdy, H.M.; Santana, O.; Conde, C., 2014:
Subclavian artery stenosis: a case series and review of the literature

Ochoa, V.M.; Yeghiazarians, Y., 2011:
Subclavian artery stenosis: a review for the vascular medicine practitioner

Lee, C.E.; Shaiful, A.Y.; Hanif, H., 2010:
Subclavian artery stent fracture

Miyamoto, M.; Asano, T.; Osanai, T.; Endo, S.; Nakayama, N.; Kuroda, S.; Houkin, K., 2012:
Subclavian artery stenting using gadolinium contrast medium in a case with iodine allergy

Wu, C-Hsueh.; Sung, S-Hsien.; Chang, J.Chia-Yu.; Huang, C-Hsiung.; Lu, T-Min., 2010:
Subclavian artery thrombosis associated with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Prakash, J.; Takhellambam, B.; Ghosh, B.; Choudhury, T.Alam.; Singh, S.; Sharma, O.Prakash., 2014:
Subclavian artery- internal jugular vein fistula and heart failure: complication of internal jugular vein catheterization

Moukabary, T.; Thai, H.; Thal, S., 2011:
Subclavian balloon venoplasty to facilitate lead implant in patient with subclavian venous obstruction

Nouraei, S.M.; Nouraei, S.A.Reza.; Sadashiva, A.K.; Pillay, T., 2007:
Subclavian cannulation improves outcome of surgery for type a aortic dissection

Vassallo, J.M.A.; Bennett, M.J., 2011:
Subclavian cannulation with ultrasound: a novel method

Gentile, A.; Petit, L.; Masson, Fçoise.; Cottenceau, V.; Bertrand-Barat, J.; Freyburger, Gève.; Pinaquy, C.; Léger, A.; Cochard, J-François.; Sztark, Fçois., 2015:
Subclavian central venous catheter-related thrombosis in trauma patients: incidence, risk factors and influence of polyurethane type

Griswold-Theodorson, S.; Farabaugh, E.; Handly, N.; McGrath, T.; Wagner, D., 2014:
Subclavian central venous catheters and ultrasound guidance: policy vs practice

Paiva, L.; Providencia, R.; Faustino, A.; Nascimento, J., 2013:
Subclavian crush syndrome AND subcutaneous ICD in primary prevention patients

Femenia, F.; Diez, J.C.L.; Arce, M.; Baranchuk, A., 2011:
Subclavian crush syndrome: a cause of pacemaker lead fracture

Sen Gupta, P.; Boyton, C.; Bax, S.; Khan, K.; Sivardeen, Z.; Rowe, S.; Anderson, J.V., 2011:
Subclavian cycle syndrome

Buljan, K.; Buljan, V.; Hegeduš, I.; Palić Kramarić, Ržica.; Petek, M.; Kristek, B.; Butković Soldo, S., 2014:
Subclavian fusiform aneurysm causing partial subclavian steal syndrome. Case report

Gregory, A.J.; Prusinkiewicz, C.A.; Herget, E.; Wong, J.; Kent, W.D.T.; Appoo, J.J., 2015:
Subclavian graft thrombosis as an alternative cause for delayed spinal cord ischemia following hybrid aortic arch repair

Shafii, A.E.; McCurry, K.R., 2012:
Subclavian insertion of the bicaval dual lumen cannula for venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Rukewe, A.; Ogunlade, S.O.; Idowu, O.A.; Aderinto, D.A., 2010:
Subclavian perivascular block for open reduction and internal fixation of left midshaft humeral fracture--a case report

Edirmanasinghe, D.; Kaushal, S.; Rigsby, C.K.; Gossett, J.G., 2011:
Subclavian pseudoaneurysm repair after Blalock-Taussig shunt placement

Scali, S.T.; Chang, C.K.; Pape, S.G.; Feezor, R.J.; Berceli, S.A.; Huber, T.S.; Beck, A.W., 2013:
Subclavian revascularization in the age of thoracic endovascular aortic repair and comparison of outcomes in patients with occlusive disease

Bates, M.C., 2009:
Subclavian steal and "redistribution of wealth"

Kawahara, I.; Nakamoto, M.; Matsuo, Y.; Tokunaga, Y., 2010:
Subclavian steal phenomenon associated with hypervascular thyroid tumor

Potter, B.J.; Pinto, D.S., 2014:
Subclavian steal syndrome

Correia, M.; Mendes, S.; Araújo, C.; Martins, Lís.; Bettencourt, N.; Leite, D.; Rocha, Jão.; Carvalho, Mónica., 2011:
Subclavian steal syndrome in a coronary patient

Ching, M.Er.; Ong, P.Jau.Lueng.; Ho, H.Hwa., 2016:
Subclavian steal syndrome in a post-coronary artery bypass patient

He, Y.; Li, T.; Yang, C-rong.; Zhao, Y-xuan.; Hu, Y-bing., 2013:
Subclavian steal syndrome like appearance resulting from a vertebral artery origin stenosis: a case report

Tsivgoulis, G.; Georgios, T.; Heliopoulos, I.; Vadikolias, K.; Birbilis, T.; Piperidou, C., 2010:
Subclavian steal syndrome secondary to Takayasu arteritis in a young female Caucasian patient

Muzaffar, M.; Fatimi, S.Hasnain.; Tariq, M.; Hanif, H.Muhammed., 2013:
Subclavian steal syndrome secondary to subclavian artery thrombosis in a patient with homocysteinemia and its successful treatment

Psillas, G.; Kekes, G.; Constantinidis, J.; Triaridis, S.; Vital, V., 2007:
Subclavian steal syndrome: neurotological manifestations

Birgi, E.; Ergun, O.; Durmaz, H.Ali.; Özçınar, E.; Conkbayır, Işık., 2015:
Subclavian steal-carotid recovery phenomenon due to innominate artery occlusion: Doppler ultrasound and digital subtraction angiography findings and endovascular treatment

Tsyvine, D.; Hartzell, M.; Bonaca, M.P.; Connors, G.; Kinlay, S., 2009:
Subclavian stenosis causing angina after coronary artery bypass grafting

Smith, D.A., 2008:
Subclavian stenosis was associated with an increase in all-cause and cardiovascular mortality at a mean of 9.4 years

Patel, R.; Muthu, C.; Goh, K.Huat., 2015:
Subclavian stump syndrome causing a posterior circulation stroke after thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair (TEVAR) with adjunctive carotid to subclavian bypass and endovascular embolization of the left subclavian artery

Zarogoulidis, P.; Terzi, E.; Kouliatsis, G.; Zervas, V.; Kontakiotis, T.; Mitrakas, A.; Zarogoulidis, K., 2011:
Subclavian thrombosis in a patient with advanced lung cancer: a case report

Kinoglu, B.; Hokenek, F.; Ugurlucan, M.; Kaplan, L., 2010:
Subclavian to aorta bypass for adult aortic coarctation

Domenig, C.M.; Linni, K.; Mader, N.; Kretschmer, G.; Magometschnigg, H.; Hölzenbein, T.J., 2008:
Subclavian to carotid artery transposition: medial versus lateral approach

Grasso, C.; Costanzo, L.; Tamburino, C., 2015:
Subclavian transectional stent fracture and migration to the aortic carrefour: a case description of retrieval by snare system

da Motta Leal Filho, J.Mauricio.; Carnevale, F.Cesar.; Cerri, G.Guido., 2010:
Subclavian vein an unusual access for the removal of intravascular foreign bodies

Karkee, D.V., 2011:
Subclavian vein dialysis access catheter-complications are low

Tawfic, Q.A.; Bhakta, P.; Mohammed, A.Khamis.; Sharma, J., 2011:
Subclavian vein injury and massive hemothorax requiring thoracotomy following insertion of tunneled dialysis catheter--a case report and review of literature

Ricci, A.; Majbar, A., 2011:
Subclavian vein portacath placement - the Yoffa supraclavicular technique

Farley, E.Patrick.; Siegel, A.; Forauer, A.; Seltzer, M., 2008:
Subclavian vein stenosis detected with a gastrointestinal bleeding scan

Dias, B.H.; Hanji, S.B.; Varghese, K.; Kumar, S.; Olakkengil, S.A., 2016:
Subclavian vein stent fracture treated using the stent within a stent technique

Badlani, N.; Korenblit, A.; Hammerberg, K., 2013:
Subclavian vein thrombosis after application of body cast

Wright, S.W., 2010:
Subclavian vein thrombosis following clavicular fracture

Young, K.; Tunstall, O.; Mumford, A., 2015:
Subclavian vein thrombosis in an otherwise healthy 9-year-old boy

Hameed, A.; Pahuja, A.; Thwaini, A.; Nambirajan, T., 2011:
Subclavian vein thrombosis: an unusual presentation of renal cell carcinoma

Glass, C.; Maevsky, V.; Massey, T.; Illig, K., 2009:
Subclavian vein to right atrial appendage bypass without sternotomy to maintain arteriovenous access in patients with complete central vein occlusion, a new approach

Akahane, A.; Sone, M.; Ehara, S.; Kato, K.; Tanaka, R.; Nakasato, T., 2012 :
Subclavian vein versus arm vein for totally implantable central venous port for patients with head and neck cancer: a retrospective comparative analysis

Worley, S.Joseph.; Gohn, D.Charles.; Pulliam, R.Ward.; Raifsnider, M.A.; Ebersole, B.I.; Tuzi, J., 2011:
Subclavian venoplasty by the implanting physicians in 373 patients over 11 years

San Norberto, E.M.; Gutiérrez, V.M.; Revilla, A.; Vaquero, C., 2010:
Subclavian venous aneurysm: endovascular treatment

Etgen, T.; Hochreiter, M.; Kiechle, V., 2013:
Subclavian-axillary graft plus graft-carotid interposition in symptomatic radiation-induced occlusion of bilateral subclavian and common carotid arteries

Salimov, D.R.; Ignat'ev, I.M.; Nasunov, S.Iu., 2013:
Subclavian-brachial bypass grafting with an autovein in situ in acute ischaemia of the upper limb

Emrecan, B.; Ozcan, A.Vefa.; Onem, Gökhan.; Baltalarlı, A., 2010:
Subclavian-carotid transposition for subclavian artery stenosis causing recurrent brachial artery embolism: case report

Dziundzia, A.N.; Shcherbiuk, A.N.; Vinogradov, O.A.; Ul'ianov, D.A.; Lysenko, A.V.; Dadashov, S.A., 2012:
Subclavian-femoral bypass grafting in treatment of lower-limb critical ischaemia in an elderly patient with an inoperable thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm

Biria, M.; Tadros, P.; Gupta, K., 2007:
Subclavian-vertebral artery bifurcation stenting using drug-eluting stents: a report of two cases using different techniques

Abizanda Soler, P.; Paterna Mellinas, G.; Martín Sebastiá, E.; Casado Moragón, L.; López Jiménez, E.; Martínez Sánchez, E., 2010:
Subclinial atherosclerosis as a predictor of functional limitation at one year in high-functioning older adults: the Albacete study

Lionetti, E.; Catassi, C.; Francavilla, R.; Miraglia Del Giudice, M.; Sciacca, P.; Arrigo, T.; Leonardi, S.; Salpietro, A.; Salpietro, C.; L.R.sa, M., 2013:
Subclinic cardiac involvement in paediatric patients with celiac disease: a novel sign for a case finding approach

Tamboto, H.; Vickery, K.; Deva, A.K., 2010:
Subclinical (biofilm) infection causes capsular contracture in a porcine model following augmentation mammaplasty

Overbey, G.A.; Snell, W.E.; Callis, K.E., 2011:
Subclinical ADHD, stress, and coping in romantic relationships of university students

Iglesias, P.; Díez, J.J., 2012:
Subclinical Addison's disease mimicking a silent corticotroph adenoma

Manenti, G.; Scarano, A.L.; Pistolese, C.A.; Perretta, T.; Bonanno, E.; Orlandi, A.; Simonetti, G., 2014:
Subclinical Breast Cancer: Minimally Invasive Approaches. Our Experience with Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation vs. Cryotherapy

Zayoud, M.; E.M.lki, K.; Frauenknecht, K.; Trinschek, B.; Kloos, L.; Karram, K.; Wanke, F.; Georgescu, J.; Hartwig, U.F.; Sommer, C.; Jonuleit, H.; Waisman, A.; Kurschus, F.C., 2014:
Subclinical CNS inflammation as response to a myelin antigen in humanized mice

Berciano, Jé.; Fernández-Torre, Jé.L.; Ramón, César.; Pelayo-Negro, A.L.; Infante, J., 2012:
Subclinical Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A in an ex-professional cyclist

Jeckel, S.; Williams, C.Louise., 2009:
Subclinical Cryptosporidium species infection in lambs

Yoshida, M.; Miyata, M.; Ueda, H.; Oiso, Y., 2015:
Subclinical Cushing syndrome associated with an empty sella turcica

Starker, L.F.; Kunstman, J.W.; Carling, T., 2014:
Subclinical Cushing syndrome: a review

Silva, Bárbara.C.Carvalho.; Baruqui Júnior, A.M.; Barbosa, Víctor.Eurípedes.; Pena, G.Patrus.Mundim.; Campos, M.Helena.de.F.; Ramos, A.Versiani.; Dias, E.Pimentel., 2007:
Subclinical Cushing's disease: presentation of three cases and critical review

Tsinberg, M.; Liu, C.; Duh, Q-Yang., 2012:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome

D.L.o, M.; Cozzolino, A.; Colao, A.; Pivonello, R., 2013:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome

Anagnostis, P.; Karras, S.N.; Athyros, V.G.; Mikhailidis, D.P.; Karagiannis, A., 2014:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome and cardiovascular disease

Lee, S.S.; Baek, K.H.; Lee, Y.S.; Lee, J.M.; Kang, M.I.; Cha, B.Y.; Lee, K.W.; Son, H.Y.; Kang, S.K., 2008:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome associated with an adrenocortical oncocytoma

Gagliardi, L.; Torpy, D.J., 2010:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome in adrenal incidentaloma: a common problem or an artefact of current diagnostic testing?

Bohdanowicz-Pawlak, A.; Szymczak, J.; Waszczuk, E.; Bolanowski, M.; Bednarek-Tupikowska, Gżyna., 2014:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome in adrenal incidentalomas--possible metabolic consequences

Caetano, M.Silvia.S.; Vilar, L.; Kater, C.E., 2008:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome in populations at risk

Guldiken, S.; Guldiken, B., 2008 :
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome is a potential cause of metabolic dementia and rapidly progressive Alzheimer-type dementia

Inagaki, Y.; Uemura, M.; Nakata, W.; Nakai, Y.; Takayama, H.; Tsujimura, A.; Nonomura, N.; Kitamura, T.; Otsuki, M., 2014:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome with primary aldosteronism with the developing symptom of complications : a case report

Zografos, G.N.; Perysinakis, I.; Vassilatou, E., 2015:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome: current concepts and trends

Terzolo, M.; Pia, A.; Reimondo, G., 2012:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome: definition and management

Feng, C.; Li, H-Zhong.; Xiao, H.; Yan, W-Gang.; Li, Y-Qiang.; Xu, W-Feng., 2008:
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome:analysis of diagnosis and surgical effect

Bamoulid, J.; Courivaud, C.; Coaquette, A.; Chalopin, J-M.; Gaiffe, E.; Saas, P.; Ducloux, D., 2013:
Subclinical Epstein-Barr virus viremia among adult renal transplant recipients: incidence and consequences

Tysnes, K.Relling.; Skancke, E.; Robertson, L.J., 2015:
Subclinical Giardia in dogs: a veterinary conundrum relevant to human infection

Kedir, H.; Berhane, Y.; Worku, A., 2014:
Subclinical Iodine Deficiency among Pregnant Women in Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia: A Community-Based Study

Ohyama, Y.; Volpe, G.J.; Lima, J.A.C., 2014:
Subclinical Myocardial Disease in Heart Failure Detected by CMR

Seo, J-Min.; Park, T-Ho.; Lee, D-Yeol.; Cho, Y-Rak.; Baek, H-Kyung.; Park, J-Seong.; Kim, M-Hyun.; Kim, Y-Dae.; Choi, S-Young.; Lee, S-Mi.; Hong, Y-Seoub., 2011:
Subclinical Myocardial Dysfunction in Metabolic Syndrome Patients without Hypertension

Schenck, C.H.; Mahowald, M.W., 2009:
Subclinical REM sleep behavior disorder and its clinical and research implications

Nagashima, T.; Maruyama, A.; Takatori, S.; Saito, M.; Osuga, J-ichi.; Minota, S., 2012:
Subclinical Riedel's thyroiditis with hypothyroidism coexisting with Mikulicz's disease

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Subclinical Sjögren's syndrome and anti-Ro/SSA-positive autoimmune fatigue syndrome in children

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