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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55991

Chapter 55991 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barreiro, A.; Rurali, R.; Hernández, E.R.; Moser, J.; Pichler, T.; Forró, László.; Bachtold, A., 2008:
Subnanometer motion of cargoes driven by thermal gradients along carbon nanotubes

Chang, E.W.; Kobler, J.B.; Yun, S.H., 2013:
Subnanometer optical coherence tomographic vibrography

Xu, T.; Zhao, N.; Ren, F.; Hourani, R.; Lee, M.Tsang.; Shu, J.Y.; Mao, S.; Helms, B.A., 2011:
Subnanometer porous thin films by the co-assembly of nanotube subunits and block copolymers

Elhadj, S.; Rioux, R.M.; Dickey, M.D.; DeYoreo, J.J.; Whitesides, G.M., 2010:
Subnanometer replica molding of molecular steps on ionic crystals

Yamada, Y.; Murota, K.; Fujita, R.; Kim, J.; Watanabe, A.; Nakamura, M.; Sato, S.; Hata, K.; Ercius, P.; Ciston, J.; Song, C.Yu.; Kim, K.; Regan, W.; Gannett, W.; Zettl, A., 2014:
Subnanometer vacancy defects introduced on graphene by oxygen gas

Serysheva, I.I.; Ludtke, S.J.; Baker, M.L.; Cong, Y.; Topf, M.; Eramian, D.; Sali, A.; Hamilton, S.L.; Chiu, W., 2008:
Subnanometer-resolution electron cryomicroscopy-based domain models for the cytoplasmic region of skeletal muscle RyR channel

Cheng, L.; Fang, Q.; Shah, S.; Atanasov, I.C.; Zhou, Z.Hong., 2008:
Subnanometer-resolution structures of the grass carp reovirus core and virion

Pace, G.; Petitjean, A.; Lalloz-Vogel, M-Noëlle.; Harrowfield, J.; Lehn, J-Marie.; Samorì, P., 2008:
Subnanometer-resolved patterning of bicomponent self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)

Hau-Riege, S.P.; Chapman, H.N.; Krzywinski, J.; Sobierajski, R.; Bajt, S.; London, R.A.; Bergh, M.; Caleman, C.; Nietubyc, R.; Juha, L.; Kuba, J.; Spiller, E.; Baker, S.; Bionta, R.; Sokolowski Tinten, K.; Stojanovic, N.; Kjornrattanawanich, B.; Gullikson, E.; Plönjes, E.; Toleikis, S.; Tschentscher, T., 2007:
Subnanometer-scale measurements of the interaction of ultrafast soft x-ray free-electron-laser pulses with matter

Hauser, A.W.; Gomes, J.; Bajdich, M.; Head-Gordon, M.; Bell, A.T., 2013:
Subnanometer-sized Pt/Sn alloy cluster catalysts for the dehydrogenation of linear alkanes

Zhang, Y-Dong.; Hu, S-Xin.; Yuan, B.; Hou, X-Miao.; Lu, Y.; Li, M., 2009:
Subnanometer-thick PbS film on organic substrate and its usage as buffer for homo- and heteroepitaxial overgrowth

Dlubek, Günter.; Shaikh, M.Q.; Rätzke, K.; Pionteck, Jürgen.; Paluch, M.; Faupel, F., 2010:
Subnanometre size free volumes in amorphous Verapamil hydrochloride: a positron lifetime and PVT study through T(g) in comparison with dielectric relaxation spectroscopy

Ichimura, T.; Fujii, S.; Verma, P.; Yano, T.; Inouye, Y.; Kawata, S., 2009:
Subnanometric near-field Raman investigation in the vicinity of a metallic nanostructure

Yano, T-aki.; Ichimura, T.; Kuwahara, S.; Verma, P.; Kawata, S., 2012:
Subnanometric stabilization of plasmon-enhanced optical microscopy

Lai, C-Ze.; Joyer, M.M.; Fierke, M.A.; Petkovich, N.D.; Stein, A.; Bühlmann, P., 2010:
Subnanomolar Detection Limit Application of Ion-Selective Electrodes with Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous (3DOM) Carbon Solid Contacts

Shiraishi, T.; Hamzavi, R.; Nielsen, P.E., 2008:
Subnanomolar antisense activity of phosphonate-peptide nucleic acid (PNA) conjugates delivered by cationic lipids to HeLa cells

Kabagambe, B.; Garada, M.B.; Ishimatsu, R.; Amemiya, S., 2014:
Subnanomolar detection limit of stripping voltammetric Ca²⁺-selective electrode: effects of analyte charge and sample contamination

Kiss, Béla.; Laszlovszky, Ián.; Horváth, A.; Némethy, Z.; Schmidt, E.; Bugovics, G.; Fazekas, Károly.; Gyertyán, Ián.; Agai-Csongor, E.; Domány, Görgy.; Szombathelyi, Z., 2008:
Subnanomolar dopamine D3 receptor antagonism coupled to moderate D2 affinity results in favourable antipsychotic-like activity in rodent models: I. neurochemical characterisation of RG-15

Gyertyán, Ián.; Sághy, K.; Laszy, J.; Elekes, O.; Kedves, R.; Gémesi, L.I.; Pásztor, G.; Zájer-Balázs, Mária.; Kapás, M.; Agai Csongor, E.; Domány, Görgy.; Kiss, Béla.; Szombathelyi, Z., 2008:
Subnanomolar dopamine D3 receptor antagonism coupled to moderate D2 affinity results in favourable antipsychotic-like activity in rodent models: II. behavioural characterisation of RG-15

Zhao, P-Liang.; Wang, L.; Zhu, X-Lei.; Huang, X.; Zhan, C-Guo.; Wu, J-Wei.; Yang, G-Fu., 2010:
Subnanomolar inhibitor of cytochrome bc1 complex designed by optimizing interaction with conformationally flexible residues

Kim, Y.; Rodgers, P.J.; Ishimatsu, R.; Amemiya, S., 2009:
Subnanomolar ion detection by stripping voltammetry with solid-supported thin polymeric membrane

Kapale, K.T.; Agarwal, G.S., 2010:
Subnanoscale resolution for microscopy via coherent population trapping

Daido, H.; Schulz, M.S.; Murai, K.; Kodama, R.; Yuan, G.; Goto, J.; Tanaka, K.A.; Kato, Y.; Nakai, S.; Shinohara, K.; Honda, T.; Kodama, I.; Iwasaki, H.; Yoshinobu, T.; Tsukamoto, M.; Niibe, M.; Fukuda, Y.; Neely, D.; Macphee, A.; Slark, G., 1995:
Subnanosecond In-Line Soft X-Ray Holography Using Germanium Laser in the 20 nm Wavelength Region

Haskal, H.; Bernal G.E.; Chen, D., 1974:
Subnanosecond Laser Recording on MnBi Thin Films

Zhang, W.; Huang, Y.; Xing, Y-Dong.; Jing, Y.; Ye, L.; Fu, L-Min.; Ai, X-Cheng.; Hou, J-Hui.; Zhang, J-Ping., 2013:
Subnanosecond charge photogeneration and recombination in polyfluorene copolymer-fullerene solar cell: effects of electric field

Zhang, W.; Zhao, N-Jiu.; Huo, M-Ming.; Fu, L-Min.; Ai, X-Cheng.; Zhang, J-Ping., 2013:
Subnanosecond charge recombination dynamics in P3HT/PC61BM films

Xiao, S.; Guo, S.; Nesin, V.; Heller, R.; Schoenbach, K.H., 2011:
Subnanosecond electric pulses cause membrane permeabilization and cell death

Hodgkiss, J.M.; Campbell, A.R.; Marsh, R.Alex.; Rao, A.; Albert-Seifried, S.; Friend, R.H., 2010:
Subnanosecond geminate charge recombination in polymer-polymer photovoltaic devices

Huang, Y.P.; Chang, H.L.; Huang, Y.J.; Chang, Y.T.; Su, K.W.; Yen, W.C.; Chen, Y.F., 2009:
Subnanosecond mJ eye-safe laser with an intracavity optical parametric oscillator in a shared resonator

Faubert, D.; Chin, S.L., 1979:
Subnanosecond pulse generation from a passively mode-locked ruby laser

Plaessmann, H.; Yamada, K.S.; Rich, C.E.; Grossman, W.M., 1993:
Subnanosecond pulse generation from diode-pumped acousto-optically Q-switched solid-state lasers

Beziuk, G., 2011:
Subnanosecond pulse generator operating with arbitrary load

Luthjens, L.H.; Hom, M.L.; Vermeulen, M.J., 1978:
Subnanosecond pulsing of a 3-MV Van de Graaff electron accelerator by means of a passive coaxial pulse shaper

Koester, V.J.; Dowben, R.M., 1978:
Subnanosecond single photon counting fluorescence spectroscopy using synchronously pumped tunable dye laser excitation

Lacaita, A.; Cova, S.; Zappa, F.; Francese, P.A., 1993:
Subnanosecond single-photon timing with commercially available germanium photodiodes

Pronko, M.S.; Deniz, A.V.; Yun, V.; Leng, Y.; Goldhar, J., 2008:
Subnanosecond switching, plasma electrode pockels cell for high-contrast imaging with partially coherent light

Spears, K.G.; Cramer, L.E.; Hoffland, L.D., 1978:
Subnanosecond time-correlated photon counting with tunable lasers

Petrov, V.; Marchev, G.; Schunemann, P.G.; Tyazhev, A.; Zawilski, K.T.; Pollak, T.M., 2010:
Subnanosecond, 1 kHz, temperature-tuned, noncritical mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator based on CdSiP(2) crystal pumped at 1064 nm

Chuchumishev, D.; Gaydardzhiev, A.; Fiebig, T.; Buchvarov, I., 2014:
Subnanosecond, mid-IR, 0.5 kHz periodically poled stoichiometric LiTaO3 optical parametric oscillator with over 1 W average power

Bourne, O.L.; Alcock, A.J., 1984:
Subnanosecond-pulse generation at 308 and 450 nm by truncated stimulated Brillouin scattering

Yamada, K.; Hasama, T.; Sato, T., 1984:
Subnanosecond-pulse generation from an actively mode-locked XeCl laser

Geier, M.L.; Prabhumirashi, P.L.; McMorrow, J.J.; Xu, W.; Seo, J-Woo.T.; Everaerts, K.; Kim, C.H.; Marks, T.J.; Hersam, M.C., 2014:
Subnanowatt carbon nanotube complementary logic enabled by threshold voltage control

Loussert, C.; Iamsaard, S.; Katsonis, N.; Brasselet, E., 2014:
Subnanowatt opto-molecular generation of localized defects in chiral liquid crystals

Garg, A.K., 2008:
Subnasal elevation and bone augmentation in dental implantology

Fernández Sanromán, J.; Costas López, A.; Fernández Ferro, Mín.; Arenaz Bua, J.; López de Sánchez, A., 2015:
Subnasal modified Le Fort I osteotomy: indications and results

Jung, D-Hak.; Chang, G-Uck.; Baek, S-Hak.; Lee, Y-Kwon.; Choi, J-Young., 2010:
Subnasale flap for correction of columella base deviation in secondary unilateral cleft lip nasal deformity

Tobias, M., 2008:
Subnational burden of disease studies: Mexico leads the way

Blake, S., 2009:
Subnational patterns of population ageing

Bertuccelli, G.; Beverini, N.; Galli, M.; Inguscio, M.; Strumia, F.; Giusfredi, G., 1985:
Subnatural coherence effects in saturation spectroscopy using a single traveling wave

Du, S.; Kolchin, P.; Belthangady, C.; Yin, G.Y.; Harris, S.E., 2008:
Subnatural linewidth biphotons with controllable temporal length

Matthiesen, C.; Vamivakas, A.Nickolas.; Atatüre, M., 2012:
Subnatural linewidth single photons from a quantum dot

Liao, K.; Yan, H.; He, J.; Du, S.; Zhang, Z-Ming.; Zhu, S-Liang., 2014:
Subnatural-linewidth polarization-entangled photon pairs with controllable temporal length

Womelsdorf, T.; Westendorff, S.; Ardid, S., 2013:
Subnetwork selection in deep cortical layers is mediated by beta-oscillation dependent firing

Chowdhury, S.A.; Nibbe, R.K.; Chance, M.R.; Koyutürk, M., 2011:
Subnetwork state functions define dysregulated subnetworks in cancer

Chuang, H-Yu.; Rassenti, L.; Salcedo, M.; Licon, K.; Kohlmann, A.; Haferlach, T.; Foà, R.; Ideker, T.; Kipps, T.J., 2013:
Subnetwork-based analysis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia identifies pathways that associate with disease progression

Hu, Z.; Yu, F.; Gong, P.; Qiu, Y.; Zhou, W.; Cui, Y.; Li, J.; Chen, H., 2014:
Subneurotoxic copper(II)-induced NF-κB-dependent microglial activation is associated with mitochondrial ROS

Eaton, F.B., 1906:
Subnormal Accommodation As a Manifestation of Hysteria

Theobald, S., 1891:
Subnormal Accommodative Power in Young People a not Infrequent Cause of Asthenopia

Stone, A.K., 1914:
Subnormal Temperature in Tuberculosis

Blak, E.V., 1946:
Subnormal accommodation

Choudhury, S.A.; Matin, F., 2014:
Subnormal and waning immunity to tetanus toxoid in previously vaccinated HIV-infected children and response to booster doses of the vaccine

Jun, A.S.; Cope, L.; Speck, C.; Feng, X.; Lee, S.; Meng, H.; Hamad, A.; Chakravarti, S., 2011 :
Subnormal cytokine profile in the tear fluid of keratoconus patients

Jackson, M.M., 1947:
Subnormal intelligence in the maladjusted naval trainee; problems in recognizing low intelligence

Roos, S.; Macao, B.; Fusté, J.Miralles.; Lindberg, C.; Jemt, E.; Holme, E.; Moslemi, A-Reza.; Oldfors, A.; Falkenberg, M., 2014:
Subnormal levels of POLγA cause inefficient initiation of light-strand DNA synthesis and lead to mitochondrial DNA deletions and progressive external ophthalmoplegia [corrected

Stenberg Hammar, K.; Hedlin, G.; Konradsen, J.R.; Nordlund, Börn.; Kull, I.; Giske, C.G.; Pedroletti, C.; Söderhäll, C.; Melén, E., 2015:
Subnormal levels of vitamin D are associated with acute wheeze in young children

Yepsen, L.N., 1949:
Subnormal minds are abler than you think

Sun, S.; Wu, H.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, C.; Guo, Y.; Du, H.; Liu, L.; Jia, Q.; Wang, X.; Song, K.; Niu, K., 2015:
Subnormal peripheral blood leukocyte counts are related to the lowest prevalence and incidence of metabolic syndrome: Tianjin chronic low-grade systemic inflammation and health cohort study

Barnes, P.; Sauter, T.E.; Zaheri, S., 2009:
Subnormal prealbumin levels and wound healing

Friedenberg, H.L., 1949:
Subnormal vision device augmenting palliative treatment of hypertension; a case report

Firestone, L.A., 1947:
Subnormal vision due to keratoconus corrected with contact lenses; a case report

Roland, E.O., 1949:
Subnormal vision due to vitreous hemorrhage; a case report

den Elzen, W.P.J.; van der Weele, G.M.; Gussekloo, J.; Westendorp, R.G.J.; Assendelft, W.J.J., 2011:
Subnormal vitamin B12 concentrations and anaemia in older people: a systematic review

Knaak, J.M.; Spetzler, V.N.; Goldaracena, N.; Boehnert, M.U.; Bazerbachi, F.; Louis, K.S.; Adeyi, O.A.; Minkovich, L.; Yip, P.M.; Keshavjee, S.; Levy, G.A.; Grant, D.R.; Selzner, N.; Selzner, M., 2015:
Subnormothermic ex vivo liver perfusion reduces endothelial cell and bile duct injury after donation after cardiac death pig liver transplantation

Tolboom, H.; Izamis, M-Louisa.; Sharma, N.; Milwid, J.M.; Uygun, B.; Berthiaume, Fçois.; Uygun, K.; Yarmush, M.L., 2012:
Subnormothermic machine perfusion at both 20°C and 30°C recovers ischemic rat livers for successful transplantation

Bruinsma, B.G.; Yeh, H.; Ozer, S.; Martins, P.N.; Farmer, A.; Wu, W.; Saeidi, N.; Op den Dries, S.; Berendsen, T.A.; Smith, R.N.; Markmann, J.F.; Porte, R.J.; Yarmush, M.L.; Uygun, K.; Izamis, M-L., 2015:
Subnormothermic machine perfusion for ex vivo preservation and recovery of the human liver for transplantation

Gringeri, E.; Bonsignore, P.; Bassi, D.; D'Amico, F.E.; Mescoli, C.; Polacco, M.; Buggio, M.; Luisetto, R.; Boetto, R.; Noaro, G.; Ferrigno, A.; Boncompagni, E.; Freitas, I.; Vairetti, M.P.; Carraro, A.; Neri, D.; Cillo, U., 2013:
Subnormothermic machine perfusion for non-heart-beating donor liver grafts preservation in a Swine model: a new strategy to increase the donor pool?

Hoyer, D.P.; Gallinat, A.; Swoboda, S.; Wohlschläger, J.; Rauen, U.; Paul, A.; Minor, T., 2015:
Subnormothermic machine perfusion for preservation of porcine kidneys in a donation after circulatory death model

Vairetti, M.; Ferrigno, A.; Carlucci, F.; Tabucchi, A.; Rizzo, V.; Boncompagni, E.; Neri, D.; Gringeri, E.; Freitas, I.; Cillo, U., 2009:
Subnormothermic machine perfusion protects steatotic livers against preservation injury: a potential for donor pool increase?

Lowalekar, S.K.; Cao, H.; Lu, X-G.; Treanor, P.R.; Thatte, H.S., 2015:
Subnormothermic preservation in somah: a novel approach for enhanced functional resuscitation of donor hearts for transplant

Ornstein, L., 1965:
Subnuclear Particles: A Question of Social Priorities

Pawlicki, J.M.; Steitz, J.A., 2009:
Subnuclear compartmentalization of transiently expressed polyadenylated pri-microRNAs: processing at transcription sites or accumulation in SC35 foci

Powers, S.E.; Mandal, M.; Matsuda, S.; Miletic, A.V.; Cato, M.H.; Tanaka, A.; Rickert, R.C.; Koyasu, S.; Clark, M.R., 2013:
Subnuclear cyclin D3 compartments and the coordinated regulation of proliferation and immunoglobulin variable gene repression

Wang, J.; Wang, H.; Hou, W.; Liu, H.; Zou, Y.; Zhang, H.; Hou, L.; McNutt, M.A.; Zhang, B., 2014:
Subnuclear distribution of SSX regulates its function

Szüts, D.; Sale, J.E., 2007:
Subnuclear immunofluorescence

Zaidi, S.K.; Medina, R.F.; Pockwinse, S.M.; Bakshi, R.; Kota, K.P.; Ali, S.A.; Young, D.W.; Nickerson, J.A.; Javed, A.; Montecino, M.; van Wijnen, A.J.; Lian, J.B.; Stein, J.L.; Stein, G.S., 2010:
Subnuclear localization and intranuclear trafficking of transcription factors

Takizawa, T.; Takagi, M.; Sasaoka, H., 2010:
Subnuclear organization of genomes and gene regulation in the interphase nucleus

Tokita, K.; Inoue, T.; Boughter, J.D., 2011:
Subnuclear organization of parabrachial efferents to the thalamus, amygdala and lateral hypothalamus in C57BL/6J mice: a quantitative retrograde double labeling study

Albrethsen, J.; Knol, J.C.; Piersma, S.R.; Pham, T.V.; de Wit, M.; Mongera, S.; Carvalho, B.; Verheul, H.M.W.; Fijneman, R.J.A.; Meijer, G.A.; Jimenez, C.R., 2010 :
Subnuclear proteomics in colorectal cancer: identification of proteins enriched in the nuclear matrix fraction and regulation in adenoma to carcinoma progression

Jakociunas, T.; Domange Jordö, M.; Aït Mebarek, M.; Bünner, C.Marie.; Verhein-Hansen, J.; Oddershede, L.B.; Thon, Gève., 2014:
Subnuclear relocalization and silencing of a chromosomal region by an ectopic ribosomal DNA repeat

Yao, J.; Fetter, R.D.; Hu, P.; Betzig, E.; Tjian, R., 2011:
Subnuclear segregation of genes and core promoter factors in myogenesis

Heath, E.; Sablitzky, F.; Morgan, G.T., 2011:
Subnuclear targeting of the RNA-binding motif protein RBM6 to splicing speckles and nascent transcripts

Weber, F.P., 1928:
Suboccipital Furrowed Scalp (the Suboccipital Type of Cutis Striata or Cutis Sulcata)

E.A.bassi Skalli, A.; Talaoui, M.; Elamraoui, F.; Elouardi, Z.; Chikhaoui, N., 2009:
Suboccipital Pott's disease: a case report

Horiuchi, T.; Hara, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Nagashima, H.; Hongo, K., 2011:
Suboccipital approach for primitive trigeminal artery obliteration associated with cavernous aneurysm

Kepenekian, Mël.; Traore, B.; Blancon, J-Christophe.; Pedesseau, L.; Tsai, H.; Nie, W.; Stoumpos, C.C.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Even, J.; Mohite, A.D.; Tretiak, S.; Katan, C., 2018:
Concept of lattice mismatch and emergence of surface states in 2D hybrid perovskite quantum wells

Romero, Fávio.Ramalho.; Pereira,, 2011:
Suboccipital craniectomy with or without duraplasty: what is the best choice in patients with Chiari type 1 malformation?

Chen, J.A.; Coutin-Churchman, P.E.; Nuwer, M.R.; Lazareff, J.A., 2013 :
Suboccipital craniotomy for Chiari I results in evoked potential conduction changes

Chou, Y-Cheng.; Sarkar, R.; Osuagwu, F.C.; Lazareff, J.A., 2009:
Suboccipital craniotomy in the surgical treatment of Chiari I malformation

Scott, W.W.; Fearon, J.A.; Swift, D.M.; Sacco, D.J., 2013:
Suboccipital decompression during posterior cranial vault remodeling for selected cases of Chiari malformations associated with craniosynostosis

Giles, P.D.; Hensel, K.L.; Pacchia, C.F.; Smith, M.L., 2013:
Suboccipital decompression enhances heart rate variability indices of cardiac control in healthy subjects

Attenello, F.J.; McGirt, M.J.; Garcés-Ambrossi, G.L.; Chaichana, K.L.; Carson, B.; Jallo, G.I., 2009:
Suboccipital decompression for Chiari I malformation: outcome comparison of duraplasty with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene dural substitute versus pericranial autograft

Attenello, F.J.; McGirt, M.J.; Atiba, A.; Gathinji, M.; Datoo, G.; Weingart, J.; Carson, B.; Jallo, G.I., 2008:
Suboccipital decompression for Chiari malformation-associated scoliosis: risk factors and time course of deformity progression

Goyal, P.K.; Singh, D.; Singh, H.; Tandon, M., 2011:
Suboccipital double barrel twin meningocoele: Another new theory?

Raouf, A.; Zidan, I., 2014:
Suboccipital endoscopic management of the entrapped fourth ventricle: technical note

Zuniga, M.Geraldine.; Orr, B.A.; Chang, S.S.; Tufano, R.P., 2012:
Suboccipital malignant solitary fibrous tumor: report of a case

Weibelt, S.; Andress-Rothrock, D.; King, W.; Rothrock, J., 2010:
Suboccipital nerve blocks for suppression of chronic migraine: safety, efficacy, and predictors of outcome

Faber, H.T.; de Ru, J.A., 2013:
Suboccipital neuropathy after bone conduction device placement

Bartsch, T., 2008:
Suboccipital neurostimulation in medically intractable chronic daily headache

Kolagi, S.; Herur, A.; Ugale, M.; Manjula, R.; Mutalik, A., 2010:
Suboccipital retrosigmoid surgical approach for internal auditory canal--a morphometric anatomical study on dry human temporal bones

Muralimohan, S.; Pande, A.; Vasudevan, M.C.; Ramamurthi, R., 2009:
Suboccipital segment of the vertebral artery: a cadaveric study

Dodick, D.W., 2011:
Suboccipital steroid injections for cluster headache

Yu, J-lu.; Zhao, G.; Qu, L-mei.; Li, Y.; Li, Y-qian., 2013:
Suboccipital transtentorial approach to pineal region meningiomas by 3D-CTA assistance: surgical considerations

Mushkin, A.Iu.; Sovetova, N.A.; Alatortsev, A.V.; Snishchuk, V.P.; Nekachalova, A.Z.; Kovalenko, K.N.; Avdeeva, V.G., 2009:
Suboccipital tuberculosis: the clinical and radiation and potentialities of current surgical treatment

Emonet, E-Georges.; Andossa, L.; Taïsso Mackaye, H.; Brunet, M., 2014:
Subocclusal dental morphology of sahelanthropus tchadensis and the evolution of teeth in hominins

D'Ascenzi, F.; Iadanza, A.; Zacà, V.; Pierli, C.; Mondillo, S., 2010:
Subocclusion of the sinus node artery during coronary angioplasty: arrhythmological considerations

Pinto, P.Soares.; Moreira, B.; Alves, V.; Caixeiro, T.; Stocker, A.; Cruz, R.; Xavier, Jão., 2012:
Subocclusive transvenous approach of dural arteriovenous fistula

Glenn, W.M.; Kanani, S., 2015:
Subodh Kanani, MD CCFP FCFP

Zivkovic, Z.; Torina, A.; Mitra, R.; Alongi, A.; Scimeca, S.; Kocan, K.M.; Galindo, R.C.; Almazán, C.; Blouin, E.F.; Villar, M.; Nijhof, A.M.; Mani, R.; L.B.rbera, G.; Caracappa, S.; Jongejan, F.; de la Fuente, Jé., 2010:
Subolesin expression in response to pathogen infection in ticks

de la Fuente, J.; Moreno-Cid, J.A.; Galindo, R.C.; Almazan, C.; Kocan, K.M.; Merino, O.; Perez de la Lastra, J.M.; Estrada-Peña, A.; Blouin, E.F., 2014:
Subolesin/Akirin vaccines for the control of arthropod vectors and vectorborne pathogens

Shakya, M.; Kumar, B.; Nagar, G.; de la Fuente, Jé.; Ghosh, S., 2014:
Subolesin: a candidate vaccine antigen for the control of cattle tick infestations in Indian situation

Burge, R.E.; Browne, M.T.; Charalambous, P.; Slark, G.E.; Smith, P.J.; Lewis, C.L.; Neely, D., 1993:
Suboptical x-ray imaging using the Vulcan x-ray laser

Königsberger, S.; Weis, V.; Prodöhl, J.; Stehling, M.; Hobeika, E.; Reth, M.; Kiefer, F., 2015:
Suboptimal B-cell antigen receptor signaling activity in vivo elicits germinal center counterselection mechanisms

Cheng, J.; Leng, S.; Li, H.; Huang, C.; Niu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Liang, X.; Lin, H.; Zheng, Y., 2009:
Suboptimal DNA repair capacity predisposes coke-oven workers to accumulate more chromosomal damages in peripheral lymphocytes

Darling, K.Elizabeth.Anna.; Gloor, E.; Ansermet-Pagot, A.; Vaucher, P.; Durieux-Paillard, S.; Bodenmann, P.; Cavassini, M., 2014:
Suboptimal access to primary healthcare among street-based sex workers in southwest Switzerland

Bold, T.D.; Banaei, N.; Wolf, A.J.; Ernst, J.D., 2011:
Suboptimal activation of antigen-specific CD4+ effector cells enables persistence of M. tuberculosis in vivo

Marjoram, R.J.; Voss, B.; Pan, Y.; Dickeson, S.Kent.; Zutter, M.M.; Hamm, H.E.; Santoro, S.A., 2010:
Suboptimal activation of protease-activated receptors enhances alpha2beta1 integrin-mediated platelet adhesion to collagen

Ekstrand, M.L.; Shet, A.; Chandy, S.; Singh, G.; Shamsundar, R.; Madhavan, V.; Saravanan, S.; Heylen, E.; Kumarasamy, N., 2011:
Suboptimal adherence associated with virological failure and resistance mutations to first-line highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in Bangalore, India

Nelson, M.; Girard, P-Marie.; Demasi, R.; Chen, L.; Smets, E.; Sekar, V.; Lavreys, L., 2010:
Suboptimal adherence to darunavir/ritonavir has minimal effect on efficacy compared with lopinavir/ritonavir in treatment-naive, HIV-infected patients: 96 week ARTEMIS data

Khosropour, C.M.; Manhart, L.E.; Colombara, D.V.; Gillespie, C.W.; Lowens, M.Sylvan.; Totten, P.A.; Golden, M.R.; Simoni, J., 2014:
Suboptimal adherence to doxycycline and treatment outcomes among men with non-gonococcal urethritis: a prospective cohort study

Hoover, K.W.; Tao, G.; Nye, M.B.; Body, B.A., 2013:
Suboptimal adherence to repeat testing recommendations for men and women with positive Chlamydia tests in the United States, 2008-2010

Rea, R.S.; Capitano, B.; Bies, R.; Bigos, K.L.; Smith, R.; Lee, H., 2008:
Suboptimal aminoglycoside dosing in critically ill patients

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Suboptimal and inadequate quantification: an alarming crisis in medical applications of PET

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Subsequent to the receipt of the above, the following letter was received from Director Geiger

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Subservience: Does peanut butter outrank jelly?

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Subshock insulin therapy in the neuropsychiatric section of a general hospital

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Subsidence Of Atlantic Shoreline

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Subsidence of polyetheretherketone intervertebral cages in minimally invasive lateral retroperitoneal transpsoas lumbar interbody fusion

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Subsidence of the Corail femoral component in the elderly. A retrospective radiological review

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Subsidence of the stem after impaction bone grafting for revision hip replacement using irradiated bone

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Subsidence of titanium mesh cage: a study based on 300 cases

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Subsidence of uncemented stems in osteoporotic and non-osteoporotic cadaveric femora

Campbell, N.K.J.; Raz, A., 2013:
Subsidiary analysis of different Stroop-embedded negative priming trials

Jost, T.Stoltzfus., 2014:
Subsidies and the survival of the ACA--divided decisions on premium tax credits

Brodwall, K., 2013:
Subsidies for antimalarials

Gould, J.A., 1989:
Subsidies: They Aren't Just for Farmers Anymore

Yeates, J., 2014:
Subsidised neutering by practices

Rowett, D.S.; Clark, K.; Robinson, M.K.; Currow, D.C., 2013:
Subsidised use of methylnaltrexone in Australia for palliative care

Chalmers, J.; Ritter, A., 2013:
Subsidising patient dispensing fees: the cost of injecting equity into the opioid pharmacotherapy maintenance system

Kearney, M.S.; Levine, P.B., 2010:
Subsidized Contraception, Fertility, and Sexual Behavior

Fandeur, T.; Abani, M., 2011:
Subsidized artemisinin based combination treatments for Africa

Anderson, S.G.; Liu, M.; Liao, M., 2014:
Subsidized child care by grandparents: profiles of caregivers in an emerging public service context

Bernal, R.; Fernández, C., 2014:
Subsidized childcare and child development in Colombia: effects of Hogares Comunitarios de Bienestar as a function of timing and length of exposure

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Subsidized complementary therapies for staff and volunteers at a regional cancer centre: a formative study

Terland, O., 2009:
Subsidized drugs prescription bureaucracy

Parsons, P.L.; Mezuk, B.; Ratliff, S.; Lapane, K.L., 2011:
Subsidized housing not subsidized health: health status and fatigue among elders in public housing and other community settings

Sato, T.; Nakazawa, M.; Takahashi, S.; Ishikawa, K., 2013:
Subsidized project of hearing aid purchase for mild-moderate hearing impaired children in Akita prefecture

Galloro, V.; Vesely, R.; Zigmond, J., 2010:
Subsidized then scrutinized. Reform will bring billions of dollars to the industry, but it could also deliver added examination of executive pay

Anonymous, 1922:
Subsidizing Cultism

Kataoka, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Sugaya, A.; Maeda, Y.; Masuda, Y.; Nishizaki, K., 2011:
Subsidizing hearing aid purchase in mild to moderate pediatric hearing--pediatric status following prefectural assembly subvention

Slaught, H.E., 1922 :
Subsidy Funds For Mathematical Projects

Demko, P., 2014:
Subsidy ruling could become an issue in governors' races

Bleed, P., 1978:
Subsistence activities

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Subsistence activities and the sexual division of labor in the European Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic: evidence from upper limb enthesopathies

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Subsistence economy of el paraiso, an early peruvian site

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Subsistence hunting of Cuniculus paca in the middle of the Solimões River, Amazonas, Brazil

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Subsistence in the tropics

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Subsistence strategy changes: the evidence of entheseal changes

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Subsisting H1N1 influenza memory responses are insufficient to protect from pandemic H1N1 influenza challenge in C57BL/6 mice

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Subsite awareness in neuropathology evaluation of National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies: a review of select neuroanatomical structures with their functional significance in rodents

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Subsite cooperativity in protease specificity

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Subsite distribution of gastric cancer in an area of high prevalence--northwest Iran

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Subsite specificity of anthrax lethal factor and its implications for inhibitor development

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Subsite-based alterations in miR-21, miR-125b, and miR-203 in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and correlation to important target proteins

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Subsite-specific differences of estrogen receptor beta expression in the normal colonic epithelium: implications for carcinogenesis and colorectal cancer epidemiology

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Subsites for substrate recognition by bacterial ribonuclease P

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Subsocial Neotropical Doryphorini (Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae): new observations on behavior, host plants and systematics

Kelley, A.P., 1923:
Subsoil Acidity

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Subsoil TPH contamination in two oil pipeline pumping stations and one pipeline right-of-way in north Mexico

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Subsolid pulmonary nodule management and lung adenocarcinoma classification: state of the art and future trends

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Subsolid pulmonary nodules and the spectrum of peripheral adenocarcinomas of the lung: recommended interim guidelines for assessment and management

Godoy, M.C.B.; Sabloff, B.; Naidich, D.P., 2012:
Subsolid pulmonary nodules: imaging evaluation and strategic management

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Subsolidus phase relations in Ca2Mo2O8-NaEuMo2O8-powellite solid solution predicted from static lattice energy calculations and Monte Carlo simulations

Anonymous, 2007:
Subsonic low frequency sound--a topic for the environmentally related health protection? Report of the commission "Methods and Quality Assurance in Environmental Medicine

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Subspace approaches for FMRI time series estimation

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Subspace array processing using spatial time-frequency distributions: applications for denoising structural echoes of elastic targets

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Subspace based adaptive denoising of surface EMG from neurological injury patients

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Subspace detection of the impulse response function from intra-partum cardiotocography

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Subspace differential coexpression analysis: problem definition and a general approach

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Subspace electrode selection methodology for EEG multiple source localization error reduction due to uncertain conductivity values

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Subspace electrode selection methodology for the reduction of the effect of uncertain conductivity values in the EEG dipole localization: a simulation study using a patient-specific head model

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Subspace estimation approach to P300 detection and application to brain-computer interface

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Subspace identification and classification of healthy human gait

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Subspace identification methods and fMRI analysis

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Subspace identification of Hammerstein systems using B-splines

Jalaleddini, K.; Kearney, R.E., 2014:
Subspace identification of SISO Hammerstein systems: application to stretch reflex identification

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Subspace information criterion for nonquadratic regularizers-Model selection for sparse regressors

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Subspace learning for Mumford-Shah-model-based texture segmentation through texture patches

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Subspace learning from image gradient orientations

Yi, S.; Krim, H., 2014:
Subspace learning of dynamics on a shape manifold: a generative modeling approach

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Subspace matching thalamic microstimulation to tactile evoked potentials in rat somatosensory cortex

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Subspace method decomposition and identification of the parallel-cascade model of ankle joint stiffness: theory and simulation

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Subspace methods for identification of human ankle joint stiffness

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Subspace projection approaches to classification and visualization of neural network-level encoding patterns

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Subspace techniques to remove artifacts from EEG: a quantitative analysis

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Subspace-based and DIRECT algorithms for distorted circular contour estimation

Juefei-Xu, F.; Savvides, M., 2015:
Subspace-based discrete transform encoded local binary patterns representations for robust periocular matching on NIST's face recognition grand challenge

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Subspace-based method for phase retrieval in interferometry

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Subspace-based optimization method for reconstructing extended scatterers: transverse electric case

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Subspace-based support vector machines for pattern classification

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Subspace-based technique for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images

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Subspaces indexing model on Grassmann manifold for image search

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Subspecialisation and despecialisation in anatomical pathology

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Subspecialisation in Urology: Setting standards or creating monopoly?

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Subspecialisation in neurosurgery-does size matter?

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Subspecialisation--is it good for nursing?

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Subspecialist scholarship in quality improvement

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Subspecialist training in surgical gynecologic oncology in the Nordic countries

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Subspeciality training for neurologists--neurogenetics

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Subspecialization in community oncology: option or necessity?

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Subspecialization in community pathology practice

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Subspecialization in neurology: the role of the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties

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Subspecialization in neurosurgery

Millard, C., 2018:
Concepts, Diagnosis and the History of Medicine: Historicising Ian Hacking and Munchausen Syndrome

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Subspecialization in radiology and radiation oncology

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Subspecialization of radiation therapists in Australia and New Zealand

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Subspecialization of the ophthalmic literature: a review of the publishing trends of the top general, clinical ophthalmic journals

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Subspecialization training in PM&R

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Subspecialization: commercialism or professionalism?

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Subspecialties in family medicine: a question of values

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Subspecialties of ophthalmic practice

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Subspecialty accreditation: is being special good?

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Subspecialty certification in critical care medicine. Policy statement

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Subspecialty certification in transplant hepatology

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Subspecialty emergency room as alternative model for otolaryngologic care: implications for emergency health care delivery

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Subspecialty evaluation of chronically ill hospitalized patients with suspected immune defects

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Subspecialty exposure in a psychiatry clerkship does not improve student performance in the subject examination

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Subspecialty impact factors: the contribution of pediatric anesthesia and pain articles

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Subspecialty radiology and surgery

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Subspecialty surgical pathologist's performances as triage pathologists on a telepathology-enabled quality assurance surgical pathology service: A human factors study

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Subspecialty surveillance of long-term course of small and moderate muscular ventricular septal defect: heterogenous practices, low yield

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Subspecialty training and certification for radiation oncology

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Subspecialty training and surgical outcomes in children with failed bladder exstrophy closure

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Subspecialty training in preventive cardiology: the current status and discoverable fellowship programs

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Subspeciation of NiS in sulfidic nickel by carbon paste electrode voltammetry

Katribe, E.; Bogomolnaya, L.M.; Wingert, H.; Andrews-Polymenis, H., 2009:
Subspecies IIIa and IIIb Salmonellae are defective for colonization of murine models of salmonellosis compared to Salmonella enterica subsp. I serovar typhimurium

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Subspecies diversity in bacteriocin production by intestinal Lactobacillus salivarius strains

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Subspecies identification and significance of 257 clinical strains of Mycobacterium avium

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Subspecies identification for Mycobacterium abscessus group

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Subspecies-specific intron length polymorphism markers reveal clear genetic differentiation in common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon L.) in relation to the domestication of cultivated rice (O. sativa L.)

Perez, A.; Caban-Martinez, A.J.; Alvarez, W.; Salom, E.M., 2008:
Subsplenic ectopic pregnancy adjacent to a rudimentary uterine horn

Anders, M.; Lucks, Y.; El-Masry, M.Abbas.; Quaas, A.; Rösch, T.; Schachschal, G.; Bähr, C.; Gauger, U.; Sauter, G.; Izbicki, J.R.; Marx, A.H., 2014:
Subsquamous extension of intestinal metaplasia is detected in 98% of cases of neoplastic Barrett's esophagus

Mashimo, H., 2014:
Subsquamous intestinal metaplasia after ablation of Barrett's esophagus: frequency and importance

Bertz, S.; Denzinger, S.; Otto, W.; Wieland, W.F.; Stoehr, R.; Hofstaedter, F.; Hartmann, A., 2012:
Substaging by estimating the size of invasive tumour can improve risk stratification in pT1 urothelial bladder cancer-evaluation of a large hospital-based single-centre series

Jett, K.P., 2008:
Substance ABUSE Research Consortium (SARC): introduction

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Substance Abuse Disorders Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents

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Substance Abuse Research Consortium (SARC) introduction: moving forward to improve addiction treatment in California

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Substance Abuse Treatment Providers' Referral to Self-Help: Review and Future Empirical Directions

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Substance Abuse Treatment Stage and Personal Networks of Women in Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance Abuse Treatment, HIV/AIDS, and the Continuum of Response for People Who Inject Drugs

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Substance Abuse among Drivers of Motor Vehicle Collisions

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Substance Abuse among Students of Zanjan's Universities (Iran): A Knot of Today's Society

Islam, F.; Kar, S.; Debroy, A.; Sarma, R., 2014:
Substance Abuse amongst the Street-children in Guwahati City, Assam

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Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean

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Substance Abuse and the HIV Situation in Malaysia

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Substance Abuse in Pregnancy: Approach for family physicians

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Substance Abuse, Hepatitis C, and Aging in HIV: Common Cofactors that Contribute to Neurobehavioral Disturbances

Neacsu, C.; Ciobanu, C.; Barbu, I.; Toader, O.; Szegli, G.; Kerek, F.; Babes, A., 2010:
Substance MCS-18 isolated from Helleborus purpurascens is a potent antagonist of the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1, in rat cultured sensory neurons

Malvasi, A.; Tinelli, A.; Cavallotti, C.; Bettocchi, S.; D.R.nzo, G.Carlo.; Stark, M., 2011:
Substance P (SP) and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) in the lower uterine segment in first and repeated cesarean sections

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Substance P (SP) enhances CCL5-induced chemotaxis and intracellular signaling in human monocytes, which express the truncated neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1R)

Karagiannides, I.; Stavrakis, D.; Bakirtzi, K.; Kokkotou, E.; Pirtskhalava, T.; Nayeb-Hashemi, H.; Bowe, C.; Bugni, J.M.; Nuño, M.; Lu, B.; Gerard, N.P.; Leeman, S.E.; Kirkland, J.L.; Pothoulakis, C., 2011:
Substance P (SP)-neurokinin-1 receptor (NK-1R) alters adipose tissue responses to high-fat diet and insulin action

Endo, T.; Yanagawa, Y.; Komatsu, Y., 2016:
Substance P Activates Ca2+-Permeable Nonselective Cation Channels through a Phosphatidylcholine-Specific Phospholipase C Signaling Pathway in nNOS-Expressing GABAergic Neurons in Visual Cortex

Andersson, G.; Backman, L.J.; Scott, A.; Lorentzon, R.; Forsgren, S.; Danielson, P., 2012:
Substance P accelerates hypercellularity and angiogenesis in tendon tissue and enhances paratendinitis in response to Achilles tendon overuse in a tendinopathy model

Kang, M-Hyun.; Kim, D-Yeon.; Yi, J.Youn.; Son, Y., 2009:
Substance P accelerates intestinal tissue regeneration after gamma-irradiation-induced damage

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Substance P acting via the neurokinin-1 receptor regulates adverse myocardial remodeling in a rat model of hypertension

d'antonio, C.; Wang, B.; McKay, C.; Huizinga, J.D., 2009:
Substance P activates a non-selective cation channel in murine pacemaker ICC

Chakraborty, S.; Nepiyushchikh, Z.; Davis, M.J.; Zawieja, D.C.; Muthuchamy, M., 2011:
Substance P activates both contractile and inflammatory pathways in lymphatics through the neurokinin receptors NK1R and NK3R

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