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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55999

Chapter 55999 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Burley, C., 2009:
Successful participation in the PQRI

Arledge, S., 2010:
Successful partnership to provide critical environmental health response training to practitioners

Bailey, S.; Hunt, J., 2012:
Successful partnerships are the key to improving Aboriginal health

Kwankam, S.Yunkap., 2012:
Successful partnerships for international collaboration in e-health: the need for organized national infrastructures

Salmon, D., 2013:
Successful partnerships in practice: a payer perspective

Palmer, L., 2014:
Successful partnerships yield better quality patient care

Olupona, T.; Scheinman, P., 2008:
Successful patch testing despite concomitant low-dose prednisone use

Schvarstman, C.; Glina, S., 2012:
Successful pathways

Hollada, J.; Marfori, W.; Tognolini, A.; Speier, W.; Ristow, L.; Ruehm, S.G., 2014:
Successful patient recruitment in CT imaging clinical trials: what factors influence patient participation?

Kruis, A.L.; van Schayck, O.C.P.; in't Veen, J.C.C.M.; van der Molen, T.; Chavannes, N.H., 2014:
Successful patient self-management of COPD requires hands-on guidance

Hansen, M.Mejlby.; Hasselkvist, B.; Thordal, S.; Riiskjær, E.; Kelsen, J., 2018:
Successful patient-activated help call for a doctor during in-hospital stay

Almeida-Chen, G.M.; Perez-Protto, S.E.; Niezgoda, J.; Motta, P., 2011:
Successful pediatric cardiac transplant from a donor heart with an unexpected myocardial tumor found post-CPB by intraoperative transesophageal echocardiogram

Kawano, Y.; Mizuta, K.; Hisikawa, S.; Saito, T.; Egami, S.; Takatsuka, Y.; Sanada, Y.; Fujiwara, T.; Yasuda, Y.; Ohmori, M.; Sakamoto, K.; Liu, W.; Nishiguchi, S.; Hada, T.; Kawarasaki, H., 2007:
Successful pediatric living donor liver transplantation from carrier to carrier of hereditary butyrylcholinesterase variant

Pawale, A.; McKean, M.; Dark, J.; Hasan, A., 2010:
Successful pediatric single-lung transplantation with previous contralateral pneumonectomy, using controlled "donation after cardiac death" lung, for congenital pulmonary vein stenosis

Ichikawa, T.; Taura, N.; Miyaaki, H.; Matsuzaki, M.; Eguchi, S.; Takatsuki, M.; Kanematsu, T.; Nakao, K., 2011:
Successful pegylated interferon alpha2a monotherapy for hepatitis C virus infection in a transplanted patient who relapsed after the preceding course

Molina-Infante, J.; Perez-Gallardo, B.; Barros-Garcia, P., 2011:
Successful pelvic abscess drainage by cecal biopsies in Crohn's disease

Makita, T.; Suzuki, K.; Takizawa, K.; Ootomo, T.; Inoue, N.; Meguro, T., 2015:
Successful penetration and bougie dilatation with Brockenbrough needle for severely calcified occlusion in superficial femoral artery

Akino, T.; Shinohara, N.; Hatanaka, K.; Kobayashi, N.; Yamamoto, Y.; Nonomura, K., 2015:
Successful penile reconstruction after multimodal therapy in patients with primitive neuroectodermal tumor originating from the penis

Naraynsingh, V.; Harnarayan, P.; Hariharan, S., 2011:
Successful penile replantation using loupe magnification

Haq, T.Ul.; Alqamari, N.; Sayani, R.; Hilal, K., 2014:
Successful percutaneous angioembolisation of bleeding jejunal varix by acrylate glue and coils

Dineen, S.; Smith, S.; Arko, F.R., 2007:
Successful percutaneous angioplasty and stenting of the radial artery in a patient with chronic upper extremity ischemia and digital gangrene

Montorfano, M.; Latib, A.; Chieffo, A.; Moshiri, S.; Franco, A.; Grimaldi, A.; Alfieri, O.; Colombo, A., 2012:
Successful percutaneous anterograde transcatheter valve-in-valve implantation in the mitral position

Vavuranakis, M.; Vrachatis, D.A.; Toutouzas, K.; Economopoulos, G.; Kalogeras, K.I.; Stefanadis, C., 2010:
Successful percutaneous aortic valve implantation via a stenotic left subclavian artery access

Akilli, H.; Aribaş, A.; Altunbaş, Gökhan.; Özdemir, Kş., 2015:
Successful percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty in patients with left atrial appendage thrombus

Freund, M.W.; Schouten, T.; Lemmers, P.; Schroer, C.; Strengers, J., 2008:
Successful percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty in a preterm infant weighing 1500 g with critical pulmonary valve stenosis

Alizade, E.; Ozkan, B.; Acar, G.; Karabay, C.Y.; Bulut, M.; Koyuncu, A.; Guler, A.; Esen, A.M., 2013:
Successful percutaneous closure in patients with difficult atrial septal defects: case series and review of literature

Kashour, T.S.; Latroche, B.; Elhoury, M.E.; Galal, M.O., 2011:
Successful percutaneous closure of a secundum atrial septal defect through femoral approach in a patient with interrupted inferior vena cava

Cawley, P.J.; Gill, E.; Goldberg, S., 2008:
Successful percutaneous closure of an aortic graft pseudo-aneurysm with a patent foramen ovale occluder device

Hendry, C.; Mahadevan, V.; Fath-Ordoubadi, F., 2009:
Successful percutaneous closure of coronary artery fistula with angiographic follow-up at 6 months

Numasawa, Y.; Motoda, H.; Yamazaki, H.; Kuno, T.; Takahashi, T., 2014:
Successful percutaneous coil embolization of a large and tortuous coronary artery to pulmonary artery fistula

Varughese, S.; David, V.George.; Basu, G.; Mohapatra, A.; Sundaram, M.; Veerasamy, T., 2012:
Successful percutaneous continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion in a patient with past abdominal surgeries

Ocal, A.; Kilci, H.; Altunkas, F.; Tumuklu, M.M., 2007:
Successful percutaneous coronary angioplasty in a patient with anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from the left anterior descending artery

Geist, V.; Sherif, M.A.; Khattab, A.A., 2009:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention after implantation of a CoreValve percutaneous aortic valve

Libungan, B.; Dworeck, C.; Omerovic, E., 2014:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention during cardiac arrest with use of an automated chest compression device: a case report

Liu, Y-yang.; Zhou, Y-jie.; Yang, S-wei., 2011:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention for a patient with total occlusion of left main stem on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Kim, D-Kie.; Kim, D-Il.; Kim, M-Se.; Lee, E-Ji.; Kim, Y-Bok.; Cho, H-Jin.; Han, Y.Chun.; Kim, U.; Seol, S-Hoon.; Yang, T-Hyun.; Kim, D-Kyung.; Kim, D-Soo., 2010:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndrome in a patient with severe hemophilia a

Sucu, M.; Ozer, O.; San, I.; Davutoglu, V., 2010:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention for severe stenosis of a double right coronary artery

Lee, K.Hong.; Jeong, M.Ho.; Chung, C.Yun.; Kim, D.; Lee, M.Goo.; Park, K-Ho.; Sim, D.Sun.; Yoon, N.Sik.; Yoon, H.Ju.; Kim, K.Hun.; Hong, Y.Joon.; Kim, J.Han.; Ahn, Y.; Cho, J.Gwan.; Park, J.Chun.; Kang, J.Chaee., 2012:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention in a centenarian patient with acute myocardial infarction

Patel, A.J.; Liu, H-H.; Lager, R.A.; Malkovska, V.; Zhang, B., 2014:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention in a patient with combined deficiency of FV and FVIII due to novel compound heterozygous mutations in LMAN1

Jin, S-Ah.; Seong, S-Woo.; Kim, S.Soo.; Lee, Y.Dal.; Choi, U.Lim.; Choi, S-Wan.; Jeong, J-Ok., 2012:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention in an anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from the ascending aorta above the left sinus of the valsalva

Ho, H.Hwa.; Loh, K.Kong.; Ooi, Y.Wei.; Ong, P.Jau., 2012:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention of 2 cases of complex coronary lesions facilitated by use of 0.010-inch guidewire and compatible balloon catheters

Numasawa, Y.; Motoda, H.; Yamazaki, H.; Kuno, T.; Takahashi, T., 2015:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention of a chronic totally occluded left anterior descending artery via an ipsilateral intraseptal channel using intravascular ultrasound-guided retrograde wire-crossing technique

Komatsu, T.; Yaguchi, I.; Yufu, T., 2013:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention of an anomalous right coronary artery with high anterior takeoff using a DIO thrombus aspiration catheter

Jokhi, P.P.; Walsh, S.J.; Saw, J., 2010:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention of anomalous origin right coronary arteries with 3-D RCA guide catheters: a report of three cases

Numasawa, Y.; Hamazaki, Y.; Takahashi, T., 2015:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention of chronic total occlusion of the right coronary artery using "bidirectional kissing-balloon" technique

Honda, T.; Fujimoto, K.; Miyao, Y., 2014:
Successful percutaneous coronary intervention using a 4-in-3 "Slender Mother and Child" PCI technique

Aliyev, F.; Türkoğlu, C., 2009:
Successful percutaneous cryoablation of recurrent atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia after radiofrequency ablation

Yang, J.C.; Rivard, D.C.; Morello, F.P.; Ostlie, D.J., 2008:
Successful percutaneous drainage of duodenal hematoma after blunt trauma

Zerem, E.; Omerović, S., 2012:
Successful percutaneous drainage with iodine irrigation for pancreatic fistulas and abscesses after necrotizing pancreatitis

Radomski, M.; Messing, J.; Krishnasamy, V.; Akman, A.; Venbrux, A.; Sarani, B., 2015:
Successful percutaneous embolization of a persistent extraperitoneal bladder leak

Sepulveda, W.; Mena, F.; Ortega, X., 2010:
Successful percutaneous embolization of feeding vessels of a lung tumor in a hydropic fetus

Mao, E.J.; Watson, J.B.; Soares, G.; Habr, F.G., 2015:
Successful percutaneous endobiliary radiofrequency ablation for unresectable malignant biliary obstruction: a case report and review of the literature

Patel, T.; Kuladhipati, I.; Shah, S., 2010:
Successful percutaneous endovascular management of acute post-traumatic superior mesenteric artery dissection using a transradial approach

Oh, P.Chun.; Kang, W.Chol.; Choi, D.Young.; Choi, I.Suck.; Lee, S-Min.; Byun, S.Su., 2013:
Successful percutaneous endovascular retrieval of a coil in the left ventricle which migrated during embolization for pulmonary arteriovenous malformation

Donas, K.P.; Schönefeld, T.; Schwindt, A.; Troisi, N.; Torsello, G., 2011:
Successful percutaneous endovascular treatment of symptomatic infrarenal aortic stenosis caused by soft-plaque with the Endurant stent-graft

Köse, S.; Başarıcı, I.; Kabul, K.Hasan.; Barçın, C., 2011:
Successful percutaneous epicardial ablation of an accessory pathway located at the right atrial appendage

Ebrille, E.; Killu, A.M.; Anavekar, N.S.; Packer, D.L.; Munger, T.M.; McLeod, C.J.; Asirvatham, S.J.; Friedman, P.A., 2015:
Successful percutaneous epicardial access in challenging scenarios

Schumm, J.; Ferrari, M.; Figulla, H., 2011:
Successful percutaneous implantation of an aortic valve stent prosthesis in a patient with a mechanical mitral valve

Bildirici, U.; Celikyurt, U.; Ural, E.; Sahin, T.; Vural, A.; Koz, C.; Ural, D., 2010:
Successful percutaneous intervention to acute myocardial infarction presenting with typical chest pain in transplanted heart

Goel, S.; Nath, R.; Sharma, A.; Pandit, N.; Wardhan, H., 2015:
Successful percutaneous management of Lutembacher syndrome

Chrysant, G.S.; Horstmanshof, D.A.; Snyder, T.; Chaffin, J.S.; Elkins, C.Craig.; Kanaly, P.J.; Long, J.W., 2011:
Successful percutaneous management of acute left ventricular assist device stoppage

Walsh, S.J.; Jokhi, P.P.; Saw, J., 2008:
Successful percutaneous management of coronary dissection and extensive intramural haematoma associated with ST elevation MI

Kapadia, S.R.; Svensson, L.; Tuzcu, E.Murat., 2009:
Successful percutaneous management of left main trunk occlusion during percutaneous aortic valve replacement

Zimmet, J.; Kaiser, E.; Tseng, E.; Shunk, K., 2014:
Successful percutaneous management of partial avulsion of the native aortic valve complex complicating transcatheter aortic valve replacement

O'Donnell, M.E.; Coan, K.E.; Naidu, S.G.; Money, S.R., 2014:
Successful percutaneous management of ruptured middle colic aneurysm following endovascular aneurysm repair

Porres-Aguilar, M.; Munoz, O.C.; Alvarez, P.; Gonzalez-Ayala, E., 2010:
Successful percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy in a haemodynamically unstable patient with massive pulmonary embolism

Guven, S.; Istanbulluoglu, O.; Gul, U.; Ozturk, A.; Celik, Hüseyin.; Aygün, C.; Ozdemir, U.; Ozturk, B.; Ozkardes, H.; Kilinc, M., 2011:
Successful percutaneous nephrolithotomy in children: multicenter study on current status of its use, efficacy and complications using Clavien classification

Tyczynski, P.; Moreno-Ambroj, C.; Pugliese, F.; Kukreja, N.; Pieri, E.; Katoh, O.; D.M.rio, C., 2014:
Successful percutaneous opening of chronic total occlusion of the right coronary artery originating from the right sinus common coronary trunk

Sainani, N.I.; Tatli, S.; Anthony, S.G.; Shyn, P.B.; Tuncali, K.; Silverman, S.G., 2014:
Successful percutaneous radiologic management of renal cell carcinoma tumor seeding caused by percutaneous biopsy performed before ablation

Dryżek, Pł.; Michalak, K.W.; Moszura, T., 2014:
Successful percutaneous removal of a fractured stent fragment using a novel stretching method

Sorajja, P.; Cabalka, A.K.; Hagler, D.J.; Reeder, G.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Cetta, F.; Rihal, C.S., 2007:
Successful percutaneous repair of perivalvular prosthetic regurgitation

Yoshida, N.; Yamada, T.; McElderry, H.Thomas., 2014:
Successful percutaneous repositioning of a dislodged pacemaker lead

Ozmen, Nık.; Uz, O.; Cingözbay, B.Yılmaz.; Yiğiner, O., 2011:
Successful percutaneous retrieval of a broken intravascular ultrasound catheter tip from the renal artery

Chan, N-Yin.; Choy, C-Chung.; Lau, C-Leung., 2015:
Successful percutaneous retrieval of a dislodged left atrial appendage occlusion device with double transseptal sheaths and biopsy bioptome

Zhao, Y.; Liu, T.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, L.; Hao, D., 2015:
Successful percutaneous retrieval of a large pulmonary cement embolus caused by cement leakage during percutaneous vertebroplasty: case report and literature review

Veerapong, J.; Wahlgren, C.Magnus.; Jolly, N.; Bassiouny, H., 2008:
Successful percutaneous retrieval of an inferior vena cava filter migrating to the right ventricle in a bariatric patient

Bose, R.; Choi, J.W., 2010:
Successful percutaneous retrieval of methyl methacrylate orthopedic cement embolism from the pulmonary artery

Nagata, Y.; Taniguchi, Y.; Usuda, K.; Kawabata, M.; Iida, H., 2010:
Successful percutaneous revascularization in a patient with a chronic totally occluded renal artery in an atrophied kidney

Akkus, N.Ilker.; Bahadur, F.; Cilingiroglu, M., 2012 :
Successful percutaneous revascularization of totally occluded left subclavian artery using orbital atherectomy

Kulić, M.; Spuzić, M.; Tahirović, E.; Sehović, S.; Mujacić, V.; Zorman, D.; Velebit, V., 2011:
Successful percutaneous septal alcohol ablation after surgical myectomy

Khan, S.; Koerner, M.M.; Pae, W.; Stephenson, E.R.; Weber, H.; Brehm, C.; El-Banayosy, A., 2014:
Successful percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve replacement in multi-organ failure due to aortic bioprosthesis regurgitation in a patient with continuous-flow LVAD

Hascoet, S.; Fraisse, A.; Elbaz, M., 2014:
Successful percutaneous transcatheter patent foramen ovale closure through the right internal jugular vein using a steerable catheter

Takayama, K.; Taoka, T.; Nakagawa, H.; Myouchin, K.; Wada, T.; Sakamoto, M.; Fukusumi, A.; Iwasaki, S.; Kurokawa, S.; Kichikawa, K., 2007:
Successful percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stenting for symptomatic intracranial vertebral artery stenosis using intravascular ultrasound virtual histology

Maruyama, K.; Chinda, J.; Kabara, M.; Nakagawa, N.; Fujino, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Hasebe, N., 2015:
Successful percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for the treatment of renovascular hypertension with an atrophic kidney

Lin, M-Chih.; Lee, W-Lieng.; Fu, Y-Ching., 2015:
Successful percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction in a 12-year-old boy with fibromuscular dysplasia: a case report

Mason, B.M.; Hakimi, A.Ari.; Clerkin, K.J.; Silva, J.V., 2011:
Successful percutaneous transperineal drainage of a large prostatic abscess

Fujita, T.; Tanabe, M.; Iida, E.; Matsunaga, N.; Ito, K., 2015:
Successful percutaneous treatment for massive hemorrhage due to infectious pseudoaneurysm in the abdominal wall after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: a case report

Salami, A.; Keramati, S.; Mahmud, E., 2008:
Successful percutaneous treatment of acute bilateral lower limb ischemia

Regueiro, A.; Freixa, X.; Bartolomé, Y.; Postigo, C.; Sales, S.; Falcó, J., 2015:
Successful percutaneous treatment of an arteriovenous fistula after radial primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Patel, M.; Bhangoo, M.; Prasad, A., 2012:
Successful percutaneous treatment of suspected embolic left main thrombosis in a patient with a mechanical aortic valve

Ivashchenko, V.V.; Skvortsov, K.K.; Ivashchenko, A.V., 2013:
Successful performance of laparoscopic cholecystectomy for chronic calculous cholecystitis in a woman patient, previously numerously operated on abdominal organs

Davies, H.; Ollivere, B.; Motha, J.; Porteous, M.; August, A., 2010:
Successful performance of the bi-metric uncemented femoral stem at a minimum follow-up of 13 years in young patients

Tomek, V.; Vlk, R.; Tláskal, Táš.; Skovránek, J., 2011:
Successful pericardio-amniotic shunting for fetal intrapericardial teratoma

Smolarczyk, R.; Grymowicz, M.; Sienko, J.; Czajkowski, K., 2010:
Successful perinatal outcome in an early onset intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy with extremely high serum hepatic function tests

Mitchell, J.M., 1948:
Successful perineal hernia operation

Dangaria, S.Jayant.; Ito, Y.; Luan, X.; Diekwisch, T.G.H., 2012:
Successful periodontal ligament regeneration by periodontal progenitor preseeding on natural tooth root surfaces

Tani, M.; Hirota, K.; Habara, T.; Fukuda, K., 2014:
Successful perioperative airway management in a patient with angiomatous macroglossia for laser ablation under general anesthesia

Okita, R.; Hihara, J.; Konishi, K.; Osaki, A.; Fujimura, K., 2012:
Successful perioperative management for a breast cancer patient with Bernard-Soulier syndrome

Senaratne, K.T.; Cottrell, A.M.; Prentice, R.I., 2012:
Successful perioperative management of a patient with C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency with a novel bradykinin receptor B2 antagonist

Kato, K.; Mizota, T.; Hirota, K.; Fukuda, K., 2013:
Successful perioperative management of a patient with primary systemic carnitine deficiency: a case report

Fujii, T.; Nakabayashi, T.; Hashimoto, S.; Kuwano, H., 2009:
Successful perioperative management of patients with Parkinson's disease following gastrointestinal surgery: report of three cases

Motono, N.; Aoki, T.; Shimada, K.; Nakayama, T.; Yazawa, M., 2008:
Successful perioperative management with non-invasive positive pressure ventilation in muscular dystrophy with thymoma; report of a case

Takeshige, M.; Aoki, T.; Motono, N.; Shimada, K.; Nakayama, T.; Yazawa, M., 2009:
Successful perioperative management with plasma exchange for elderly patient with myasthenia gravis; report of a case

Fujita, N.; Tachibana, K.; Takeuchi, M.; Kinouchi, K., 2014:
Successful perioperative use of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in a pregnant woman with acute pulmonary edema

Litvak, A.; Kumar, A.; Wong, R.J.; Smith, L.; Hassou, H.; Soff, G., 2015:
Successful perioperative use of prothrombin complex concentrate in the treatment of acquired factor X deficiency in the setting of systemic light-chain (AL) amyloidosis

Chanswangphuwana, C.; Kupatawintu, P.; Panjai, P.; Tunsittipun, P.; Intragumtornchai, T.; Bunworasate, U., 2015:
Successful peripheral blood stem cell mobilization using pegfilgrastim in allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Vokurka, S.; Koza, V.; Lysak, D.; Karas, M.; Dvorak, P.; Jindra, P.; Hrabetova, M.; Vozobulova, V., 2010:
Successful peripheral blood stem cells collection in imatinib pretreated and nilotinib-treated chronic myeloid leukemia patient

Cornish, P.; Wall, C., 2016:
Successful peripheral neuromodulation for phantom limb pain

Toyohara, T.; Hayami, N.; Ubara, Y., 2011:
Successful peritoneal dialysis after renal transcatheter arterial embolization in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Vellanki, V.S.; Bargman, J.M., 2015:
Successful peritoneal dialysis in 2 siblings with Alport's disease and gastric pull-up

Solak, Y.; Turkmen, K.; Atalay, H.; Turk, S., 2011:
Successful peritoneal dialysis in a hemophilia A patient with factor VIII inhibitor

Ahmadi, J.; Antaya, R., 2007:
Successful peritoneal dialysis in a patient with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Ubara, Y.; Tagami, T.; Hara, S., 2011:
Successful peritoneal lavage therapy for prevention of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis: a case report

Sotiropoulos, G.C.; Saner, F.H.; Molmenti, E.P.; Fouzas, I.; Treckmann, Jürgen.W.; Paul, A., 2012:
Successful peritonitis management after 27 consecutive operations

Nishioka, H.; Morimoto, S.; Yurugi, T.; Nishikawa, M.; Iwasaka, T.; Maki, K., 2010:
Successful permanent catheter implantation after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty to the right subclavian and inominate vein stenosis in a hemodialysis patient

Kubuš, P.; Materna, Ořej.; Tax, P.; Tomek, V.; Janoušek, J., 2015:
Successful permanent resynchronization for failing right ventricle after repair of tetralogy of Fallot

Eleftheriadis, N.; Protopapas, A.; Katsogridakis, J.; Hatzitolios, A.I., 2014:
Successful peroral endoscopic myotomy for radical treatment of sigmoid-type esophageal achalasia by Greek gastroenterologists

Kumta, N.A.; Kedia, P.; Lambroza, A.; Kahaleh, M., 2015:
Successful peroral endoscopic myotomy with use of a single instrument multipurpose knife

Walbert, H., 2010:
Successful personnel recruitment. What must be observed in the employment interview

Ling, Y.; Li, D.; An, Q., 2015:
Successful perventricular device closure of cardiac diverticulum in an infant

Rouhette, H.; Conté, M.; Guillemot, F., 2015:
Successful phacoemulsification in vitrectomized eyes: technical considerations

Ruhé, H.G.; Booij, J.; Veltman, D.J.; Michel, M.C.; Schene, A.H., 2012:
Successful pharmacologic treatment of major depressive disorder attenuates amygdala activation to negative facial expressions: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Firat, C.; Coban, Y.Kenan., 2010:
Successful pharmacological treatment and treatment of large soft-tissue ulceration with split-thickness skin graft in a chronically critical ischemic leg

Porres-Aguilar, M.; Burgos, J.D.; Munoz, O.C.; Soto-Cora, E.; Mukherjee, D., 2015:
Successful pharmacomechanical intervention with ultrasonic-accelerated thrombolytic catheter for massive pulmonary embolism

Leke, E.B.; Papanna, R.; Moise, K.J.; Johnson, A., 2010:
Successful photocoagulation on both sides of inter-twin membrane for twin-twin transfusion syndrome in a case of iatrogenic septostomy after an amnioreduction

Bechmann, L-P.; Hilgard, P.; Frilling, A.; Schumacher, B.; Baba, H-A.; Gerken, G.; Zoepf, T., 2008:
Successful photodynamic therapy for biliary papillomatosis: a case report

Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Chen, J.; He, Q.; Xiang, L.; Huang, X.; Ding, G.; Xu, S., 2010:
Successful photodynamic therapy with topical 5-aminolevulinic acid for five cases of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Marmgren, V.; Hindsén, M.; Zimerson, E.; Bruze, M., 2011:
Successful photopatch testing with ketoprofen using one-hour occlusion

Lewicky-Gaupp, C.; Morgan, D.M.; Chey, W.D.; Muellerleile, P.; Fenner, D.E., 2008:
Successful physical therapy for constipation related to puborectalis dyssynergia improves symptom severity and quality of life

Royer, T.C., 2014:
Successful physician transformation strategies for the new health system environment

Manenti, R.; Cotelli, M.; Miniussi, C., 2011:
Successful physiological aging and episodic memory: a brain stimulation study

Akaki, Y.; Yoshioka, K.; Noguchi, M.; Hoshi, H.; Funahashi, H., 2009:
Successful piglet production in a chemically defined system for in-vitro production of porcine embryos: dibutyryl cyclic amp and epidermal growth factor-family peptides support in-vitro maturation of oocytes in the absence of gonadotropins

Maheshwari, A.; Sharma, N.; Mathur, P., 2013:
Successful placement of double lumen endotracheal tube using fluoroscopy

Ekeh, A.Peter.; Ilyas, S.; Saxe, J.M.; Whitmill, M.; Parikh, P.; Schweitzer, J.S.; McCarthy, M.C., 2014:
Successful placement of intracranial pressure monitors by trauma surgeons

Unsworth, B.; Sutaria, N.; Davies, D.Wyn.; Kanagaratnam, P., 2011:
Successful placement of left atrial appendage closure device is heavily dependent on 3-dimensional transesophageal imaging

October, T.W.; Hardart, G.E., 2009:
Successful placement of postpyloric enteral tubes using electromagnetic guidance in critically ill children

Schuurman, T.; Veersema, S., 2013:
Successful placement of the Essure device after a failed procedure using the Adiana system for hysteroscopic sterilisation

Wong, P.; Hewson, R., 2008:
Successful plan A, failed plan B

Fukui, M.; Shimakawa, S.; Ashida, A.; Takahashi, T.; Tamai, H., 2012:
Successful plasma exchange treatment for a case with neuromyelitis optica

Sellier, A.Laure.; Labrune, P.; Kwon, T.; Boudjemline, A.Mollet.; Deschènes, G.; Gajdos, V., 2013:
Successful plasmapheresis for acute and severe unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in a child with crigler najjar type I syndrome

Place, E.; Wenzel, J.E.; Arumugam, R.; Belani, K.; Messinger, Y., 2007:
Successful plasmapheresis for extreme hyperbilirubinemia caused by acute Epstein-Barr virus

Shiraishi, H.; Migita, K.; Honda, S.; Yamasaki, S.; Ida, H.; Shibatomi, K.; Kawakami, A.; Kawabe, Y.; Eguchi, K., 2001:
Successful plasmapheresis in alveolar hemorrhage associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

Scheinberg, P.; Singulane, C.Carvalho.; Barbosa, L.Sergio.Guedes.; Scheinberg, M., 2015:
Successful platelet count recovery in lupus-associated thrombocytopenia with the thrombopoietin agonist eltrombopag

Kim, J.Eun.; Lee, C.; Park, K.In.; Park, M.Soo.; Namgung, R.; Park, I.Kyu., 2012:
Successful pleurodesis with OK-432 in preterm infants with persistent pleural effusion

Ozutemiz, O.; Tekin, F.; Aydin, A., 2010:
Successful pneumatic balloon dilation of achalasia in a case with a history of Billroth II gastroenterostomy operation

Pulanic, R.; Kalauz, M.; Opacic, M.; Rustemovic, N.; Brkic, T., 2008:
Successful pneumatic dilation of achalasia in pregnancy

Ali, S.S.; Melnick, R.L.; Crozier, J.; Phillips-Mora, W.; Strem, M.D.; Shao, J.; Zhang, D.; Sicher, R.; Meinhardt, L.; Bailey, B.A., 2015:
Successful pod infections by Moniliophthora roreri result in differential Theobroma cacao gene expression depending on the clone's level of tolerance

Altarescu, G.; Renbaum, P.; Brooks P, B.; Margalioth, E.J.; Ben Chetrit, A.; Munter, G.; Levy-Lahad, E.; Eldar-Geva, T., 2008:
Successful polar body-based preimplantation genetic diagnosis for achondroplasia

Zagorac, N.; Retelj, E.; Katić, R., 2009:
Successful pole vault influenced by certain kinematical parameters

Coates, E.A.; Waisbord, S.; Awale, J.; Solomon, R.; Dey, R., 2013:
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Successful rapid desensitization for allergic dermatitis to cattle

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Successful removal of a foreign body from the urethra

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Successful removal of a penile constriction ring in a 14-year-old male

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Successful removal of malpositioned chest drain within the liver by embolization of the transhepatic track

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Successful removal of metal objects causing penile strangulation by a silk winding method

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Successful removal of polyacrylamide hydrogel by pulsed fiberoptic 1444-nm Nd-YAG laser

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Successful removal of saddle embolus of the aorta

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Successful remove of a metal axletree causing penile strangulation in a 19-year-old male by degloving operation

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Successful researchers are tenacious

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Successful retrieval of migrated Amplatzer septal occluder

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Successful return to work after surgical repair of fracture of the medial condyle of the distal femur in two working farm dogs

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Successful revaccination

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Successful reversal of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 of both upper extremities in five patients

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Successful revision of a femoral head ostectomy (complicated by postoperative sciatic neurapraxia) to a total hip replacement in a cat

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Successful revision of polyethylene only, after delayed presentation of a dislocated bearing in an Oxford unicompartmental knee replacement

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Successful rifampin desensitization in a pediatric patient with latent tuberculosis

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Successful right hepatectomy after four treatments of yttrium-90 microspheres (SIR-Spheres) and concomitant FOLFOX as bridging therapy to resection of colorectal liver metastases

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Successful robotically assisted laparoscopic correction of chronic uterine inversion

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Successful salvage and restoration of damaged records after fire and flood

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Successful salvage in a scalp avulsion through unilateral microvascular anastomosis

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Successful salvage of right common iliac vein injury in a 10-year-old boy undergoing laparoscopic appendectomy

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Successful salvage reimplantation of penile prosthesis after reservoir erosion into continent urinary reservoir

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Successful screening--Breastcheck uptake in urban general practice

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Successful service integration depends on authentic partnerships

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Successful sex pre-selection using natural family planning

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Successful signage: how hospitals have solved wayfinding challenges

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