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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 57

Section 57 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Takahashi, T.; Murata, T.; Wada, Y., 2007:
Successful treatment of blepharospasm with tandospirone, a 5-HT1A partial agonist: a case report

Girona, E.; Borrás-Blasco, Jín.; Conesa-García, V.; Navarro-Ruiz, Aés.; Solís, J.; García-Sepulcre, M.Fe.; Oliver-García, I., 2007:
Successful treatment of severe gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to Crohn disease with recombinant factor VIIa

Khosla, M.M.; Rao, S.P., 1972:
Successive complexometric determination of thorium and uranium in sulphuric acid media

Inoue, H.; Kinoshita, K.; Sugiyama, M.; Funauchi, M.; Hanagama, M.; Nata, M., 2008:
Sudden death from ischaemic heart disease in a female patient with Sjögren syndrome: a case report

Mäkinen, K.K., 2010:
Sugar alcohols, caries incidence, and remineralization of caries lesions: a literature review

Vance, D.E.; Moneyham, L.; Farr, K.F., 2008:
Suicidal ideation in adults aging with HIV: neurological and cognitive considerations

Chan, C.Hon.; Caine, E.D.; You, S.; Fu, K.Wa.; Chang, S.Sen.; Yip, P.Siu.Fai., 2014:
Suicide rates among working-age adults in South Korea before and after the 2008 economic crisis

Kurogi, K.; Chepak, A.; Hanrahan, M.T.; Liu, M-Yih.; Sakakibara, Y.; Suiko, M.; Liu, M-Cheh., 2015:
Sulfation of opioid drugs by human cytosolic sulfotransferases: metabolic labeling study and enzymatic analysis

Heyl, J.T., 1941:
Sulphathiazole in the Treatment of War Wounds: (Section of Orthopædics)

Klacik, S., 2018:
Concider a sterilization subject matter expert to increase compliance

Diffey, B., 2014:
Sunbeds and young people: an easy target for legislation?

Anonymous, 1980:
Superannuation: ARM asks for full review

Papadogiannakis, E.; Frangia, K.; Matralis, D., 2009:
Superficial necrolytic dermatitis in a dog associated with hyperplasia of pancreatic neuroendocrine cells

Ding, H.; Tsai, C.; Gutiérrez, R.Alikiiteaga.; Zhou, F.; Buchy, P.; Deubel, V.; Zhou, P., 2011:
Superior neutralizing antibody response and protection in mice vaccinated with heterologous DNA prime and virus like particle boost against HPAI H5N1 virus

Narahara, M.; Hamada-Kanazawa, M.; Kouda, M.; Odani, A.; Miyake, M., 2011:
Superoxide scavenging and xanthine oxidase inhibiting activities of copper-β-citryl-L-glutamate complex

Lee, R., 1850:
Supplement to a paper on Fibro-Calcareous tumours, and Polypi of the uterus. Published in Volume XIX of the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions

Abély, M., 2014:
Support for parental caregivers in pediatrics

Beatson, J.E., 2013:
Supporting refugee Somali Bantu mothers with children with disabilities

Xu, Y.; Fang, F.; S.C.air, D.K.; Josson, S.; Sompol, P.; Spasojevic, I.; S.C.air, W.H., 2007:
Suppression of RelB-mediated manganese superoxide dismutase expression reveals a primary mechanism for radiosensitization effect of 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) in prostate cancer cells

Browne, C.D.; Del Nagro, C.J.; Cato, M.H.; Dengler, H.S.; Rickert, R.C., 2009:
Suppression of phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate production is a key determinant of B cell anergy

Byrd, J.W.Thomas., 2013:
Supraacetabular fossa

Rezaei, F.; Yamini, Y.; Moradi, M.; Daraei, B., 2014:
Supramolecular solvent-based hollow fiber liquid phase microextraction of benzodiazepines

Speel, H.C., 2016:
Surface active agents; chemical types and applications

Amjad, R.J.; Sahar, M.R.; Dousti, M.R.; Ghoshal, S.K.; Jamaludin, M.N.A., 2014:
Surface enhanced Raman scattering and plasmon enhanced fluorescence in zinc-tellurite glass

Narayanan, R.; Stottrup, B.L.; Wang, P., 2009:
Surface packing characterization of Langmuir monolayer-anchored enzyme

Rodrigues, M.; Blair, H.; Stockdale, L.; Griffith, L.; Wells, A., 2013:
Surface tethered epidermal growth factor protects proliferating and differentiating multipotential stromal cells from FasL-induced apoptosis

Kadoury, S.; Paragios, N., 2010:
Surface/volume-based articulated 3D spine inference through Markov random fields

Hanson, B.; van der Werken, C.; Stengel, D., 2008:
Surgeons' beliefs and perceptions about removal of orthopaedic implants

Ruisinger, M.Maria.; Heister, L., 2008:
Surgery in letters. The example of Lorenz Heister's epistolary consultation

Smith, M.K., 1935:
Surgical Treatment Of Toxic Goiter

Charalampaki, P.; Ayyad, A.; Kockro, R.Alfons.; Perneczky, A., 2009:
Surgical complications after endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery

Megerian, C.A.; Heddon, C.; Melki, S.; Momin, S.; Paulsey, J.; Obokhare, J.; Alagramam, K., 2010:
Surgical induction of endolymphatic hydrops by obliteration of the endolymphatic duct

Mabula, J.B.; Chalya, P.L., 2013:
Surgical management of inguinal hernias at Bugando Medical Centre in northwestern Tanzania: our experiences in a resource-limited setting

Korets, S.B.; Curtin, J.P., 2012:
Surgical options for recurrent uterine sarcomas

Robicsek, F.; Fokin, A.A., 2009:
Surgical repair of anterior chest wall deformities: the past, the present, the future: introduction

Dengler, J.; Vajkoczy, P., 2014:
Surgical strategies for fusiform A2 and giant anterior communicating artery aneurysms

Maeda, H.; Kanzaki, M.; Sakamoto, K.; Yoshiya, T.; Wachi, N.; Kikkawa, T.; Isaka, T.; Shimizu, T.; Oyama, K.; Murasugi, M.; Onuki, T., 2013:
Surgical treatment for mediastinal cysts

Daneshgari, F., 2011:
Surgical treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, decades learned lessons

Nierenberg, G.; Falah, M.; Keren, Y.; Eidelman, M., 2011:
Surgical treatment of residual osgood-schlatter disease in young adults: role of the mobile osseous fragment

Zadran, S.; Arumugam, R.; Herschman, H.; Phelps, M.E.; Levine, R.D., 2015:
Surprisal analysis characterizes the free energy time course of cancer cells undergoing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

Jones, P.H.; Dawson, S.; Gaskell, R.M.; Coyne, K.P.; Tierney, A.; Setzkorn, C.; Radford, A.D.; Noble, P-J.M., 2015:
Surveillance of diarrhoea in small animal practice through the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET)

Kepler, K.; Vladimirov, A., 2013:
Survey of compliance with European acceptability criteria for HVL and AEC

Muehlethaler, C.; Massonnet, Gève.; Deviterne, M.; Bradley, M.; Herrero, A.; de Lezana, I.Diaz.; Lauper, S.; Dubois, D.; Geyer-Lippmann, J.; Ketterer, S.; Milet, Séphane.; Bertrand, M.; Langer, W.; Plage, B.; Gorzawski, G.; Lamothe, Véronique.; Marsh, L.; Turunen, R., 2013:
Survey on batch-to-batch variation in spray paints: a collaborative study

Chan, K.Chuen.Gary., 2014:
Survival analysis without survival data: connecting length-biased and case-control data

Nielsen, M.; van Steenbergen, L.N.; Jones, N.; Vogt, S.; Vasen, H.F.A.; Morreau, H.; Aretz, S.; Sampson, J.R.; Dekkers, O.M.; Janssen-Heijnen, M.L.G.; Hes, F.J., 2010:
Survival of MUTYH-associated polyposis patients with colorectal cancer and matched control colorectal cancer patients

Glavaski-Joksimovic, A.; Thonabulsombat, C.; Wendt, M.; Eriksson, M.; Palmgren, Börn.; Jonsson, A.; Olivius, P., 2008:
Survival, migration, and differentiation of Sox1-GFP embryonic stem cells in coculture with an auditory brainstem slice preparation

Tascini, C.; Leonildi, A.; Ciullo, I.; Flammini, S.; Tagliaferri, E.; Menichetti, F., 2012:
Susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates to quinolones

Tarhan, M.C.; Orazov, Y.; Yokokawa, R.; Karsten, S.L.; Fujita, H., 2013:
Suspended microtubules demonstrate high sensitivity and low experimental variability in kinesin bead assay

Martín-Mola, E.; Sieper, J.; Leirisalo-Repo, M.; Dijkmans, B.A.C.; Vlahos, B.; Pedersen, R.; Koenig, A.S.; Freundlich, B., 2010:
Sustained efficacy and safety, including patient-reported outcomes, with etanercept treatment over 5 years in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Muffly, T.M.; Cook, C.; Distasio, J.; Bonham, A.J.; Blandon, R.E., 2010:
Suture end length as a function of knot integrity

Damle, S.G., 2012:
Sweet but toxic poison?

Fareed, M.M.; DeMora, L.; Esnaola, N.F.; Denlinger, C.S.; Karachristos, A.; Ross, E.E.; Hoffman, J.; Meyer, J.E., 2018:
Concurrent chemoradiation for resected gall bladder cancers and cholangiocarcinomas

Hatta, T.; Takeda, K.; Shiotsu, Y.; Sugishita, C.; Adachi, T.; Kimura, T.; Sonomura, K.; Kusaba, T.; Kishimioto, N.; Narumiya, H.; Tanda, S.; Tamagaki, K.; Yamada, K.; Kameyama, H.; Kido, H.; Harada, S.; Bito, Y.; Moriguchi, J.; Morimoto, S.; Okigaki, M.; Itoh, H.; Mori, Y.; Nakata, T.; Maki, K.; Sasaki, S.; Sawada, K.; Matsubara, H., 2013:
Switching to an L/N-type calcium channel blocker shows renoprotective effects in patients with chronic kidney disease: the Kyoto Cilnidipine Study

Blyuss, K.B.; Kyrychko, Y.N., 2013:
Symmetry breaking in a model of antigenic variation with immune delay

Smith, A.B., 1948:
Symposium on headache as a symptom; headache from sinus infections

Chun, B.Jo.; Moon, J.Mi., 2010 :
Symptomatic epidural pneumorrhachis associated with an occult pneumomediastinum due to minor trauma

Tonstad, S.; Gustavsson, G.; Kruse, E.; Walmsley, J.M.; Westin, Åke., 2015:
Symptoms of nicotine toxicity in subjects achieving high cotinine levels during nicotine replacement therapy

Kosturakis, A.; Gebhardt, R., 2013:
SynchroMed II intrathecal pump memory errors due to repeated magnetic resonance imaging

Cooper, J.C.; Hew, K.E.; Audlin, K.M.; Im, D.D.; Matsuo, K., 2012:
Synchronous of breast and vulvar Paget's disease: a case report

Hirata, Y.; Yokote, T.; Nishiwaki, U.; Tsuji, M.; Hanafusa, T., 2012:
Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion associated with primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Nita, L.E.; Chiriac, A.; Bercea, M.; Wolf, B.A., 2013:
Synergistic behavior of poly(aspartic acid) and Pluronic F127 in aqueous solution as studied by viscometry and dynamic light scattering

Heider, U.; Rademacher, J.; Lamottke, B.; Mieth, M.; Moebs, M.; von Metzler, I.; Assaf, C.; Sezer, O., 2009:
Synergistic interaction of the histone deacetylase inhibitor SAHA with the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib in cutaneous T cell lymphoma

Vieira-Sousa, E.; Gerlag, D.M.; Tak, P.P., 2012:
Synovial tissue response to treatment in rheumatoid arthritis

Jie, J.; Wang, G.; Wang, Q.; Chen, Y.; Han, X.; Wang, X.; Hou, J.G., 2004:
Synthesis and Characterization of Aligned ZnO Nanorods on Porous Aluminum Oxide Template

Al-Issa, S.A., 2013:
Synthesis and anticancer activity of some fused pyrimidines and related heterocycles

Tavallali, H.; Zahmatkesh, S.; Aalaei, M.; Abdardideh, D., 2012:
Synthesis and application of glutaric dihydrazide modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes for selective solid-phase extraction and preconcentration of Cu(II), Zn(II), Ni(II), and Fe(III), S.; D.C.pua, A.; Saviano, M.; Della Moglie, R.; Aloj, L.; Tarallo, L.; Pedone, C.; Morelli, G., 2007:
Synthesis and biological evaluation of cyclic and branched peptide analogues as ligands for cholecystokinin type 1 receptor

Sun, H.; Ning, Y.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, J.; Yang, B., 2009:
Synthesis and characterization of CdTe nanoparticle/polymer functional composites

Wan, Y.; Zhao, H.; Yu, R.; Lan, M., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional iron oxide nanoparticles

Zhang, L.; Li, J.; Ma, F.; Yao, S.; Li, N.; Wang, J.; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Yao, Q., 2013:
Synthesis and cytotoxicity evaluation of 13-n-alkyl berberine and palmatine analogues as anticancer agents

Ferlin, M.Grazia.; Borgo, C.; Deana, R., 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of platelet aggregation inhibitory activity of some 3-phenyl-pyrroloquinazolinones

Alabaraoye, E.; von Eschwege, K.G.; Loganathan, N., 2014:
Synthesis and kinetics of sterically altered photochromic dithizonatomercury complexes

Ha, Y.Mi.; Uehara, Y.; Park, D.; Jeong, H.Oh.; Park, J.Young.; Park, Y.Jung.; Lee, J.Yeon.; Lee, H.Jin.; Song, Y.Min.; Moon, H.Ryong.; Chung, H.Young., 2013:
Synthesis and preliminary in vitro biological evaluation of 5-chloro-2-(substituted phenyl)benzo[d]thiazole derivatives designed as novel antimelanogenesis agents

Paul, S.Shankar.; Selim, M.; Saha, A.; Mukherjea, K.K., 2014:
Synthesis and structural characterization of dioxomolybdenum and dioxotungsten hydroxamato complexes and their function in the protection of radiation induced DNA damage

Graf, K.M.; Tabor, M.G.; Brown, M.L.; Paige, M., 2010:
Synthesis of (S)-jamaicamide C carboxylic acid

Xu, H.; Guan, J.; Wu, S.; Kan, Q., 2008:
Synthesis of Beta/MCM-41 composite molecular sieve with high hydrothermal stability in static and stirred condition

Abedin, M.Joynal.; Liepold, L.; Suci, P.; Young, M.; Douglas, T., 2009:
Synthesis of a cross-linked branched polymer network in the interior of a protein cage

Merino, Eíbaliz., 2011:
Synthesis of azobenzenes: the coloured pieces of molecular materials

Frawley Cass, S.M.; Reid, G.E.; Tepe, J.J., 2010:
Synthesis of diazo functionalized solid supports and their application towards the enrichment of phosphorylated peptides

Hyder, M.Nasim.; Gallant, B.M.; Shah, N.J.; Shao-Horn, Y.; Hammond, P.T., 2014:
Synthesis of highly stable sub-8 nm TiO2 nanoparticles and their multilayer electrodes of TiO2/MWNT for electrochemical applications

Grauer, A.A.; König, B., 2009:
Synthesis of new Calpha-tetrasubstituted alpha-amino acids

Vugts, D.J.; Vervoort, A.; Stigter-van Walsum, M.; Visser, G.W.M.; Robillard, M.S.; Versteegen, R.M.; Vulders, R.C.M.; Herscheid, J.Koos.D.M.; van Dongen, G.A.M.S., 2012:
Synthesis of phosphine and antibody-azide probes for in vivo Staudinger ligation in a pretargeted imaging and therapy approach

Schäfer, G.; Bode, J.W., 2014:
Synthesis of sterically hindered N-acylated amino acids from N-carboxyanhydrides

Cameron, N.R.; Spain, S.G.; Kingham, J.A.; Weck, S.; Albertin, L.; Barker, C.A.; Battaglia, G.; Smart, T.; Blanazs, A., 2008:
Synthesis of well-defined glycopolymers and some studies of their aqueous solution behaviour

Yang, X-Hui.; Xiang, L.; Li, X.; Zhao, T-Ting.; Zhang, H.; Zhou, W-Ping.; Wang, X-Ming.; Gong, H-Bin.; Zhu, H-Liang., 2012:
Synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular docking studies of 1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-amide derivatives as novel anticancer agents

Phokha, S.; Pinitsoontorn, S.; Chirawatkul, P.; Poo-Arporn, Y.; Maensiri, S., 2012:
Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of monodisperse CeO2 nanospheres prepared by PVP-assisted hydrothermal method

Kalinin, D.V.; Pantsurkin, V.I.; Syropyatov, B.Ya.; Kalinina, S.A.; Rudakova, I.P.; Vakhrin, M.I.; Dolzhenko, A.V., 2013:
Synthesis, local anaesthetic and antiarrhythmic activities of N-alkyl derivatives of proline anilides

Sheng, J.; Hassan, A.E.A.; Zhang, W.; Zhou, J.; Xu, B.; Soares, A.S.; Huang, Z., 2011:
Synthesis, structure and imaging of oligodeoxyribonucleotides with tellurium-nucleobase derivatization

Cho, H.Mo.; Weissman, H.; Moore, J.S., 2008:
Synthetic applications with use of a silica-supported alkyne metathesis catalyst

Ikeda, S.; Shibuya, M.; Kanoh, N.; Iwabuchi, Y., 2009:
Synthetic studies on daphnicyclidin A: enantiocontrolled construction of the BCD ring system

Muthukumar, N., 2012:
Syringomyelia as a presenting feature of shunt dysfunction: Implications for the pathogenesis of syringomyelia

Myers-Turnbull, D.; Bliven, S.E.; Rose, P.W.; Aziz, Z.K.; Youkharibache, P.; Bourne, P.E.; Prlić, A., 2014:
Systematic detection of internal symmetry in proteins using CE-Symm

Leong, A.; Dasgupta, K.; Bernatsky, S.; Lacaille, D.; Avina-Zubieta, A.; Rahme, E., 2014:
Systematic review and meta-analysis of validation studies on a diabetes case definition from health administrative records

Leopardi, D.; Hoggan, B.L.; Fitridge, R.A.; Woodruff, P.W.H.; Maddern, G.J., 2008:
Systematic review of treatments for varicose veins

Sriram, B.; Agarwal, P.K.; Tee, N.W.S.; Rajadurai, V.S., 2016:
Systemic Candidiasis in Extremely Low Birthweight (ELBW) Neonates Despite the Routine Use of Topical Miconazole Prophylaxis: Trends, Risk Factors and Outcomes over an 11-Year Period

Batura-Gabryel, H., 2009:
Systemic features in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Bloomer, R.J.; Fisher-Wellman, K.H., 2011:
Systemic oxidative stress is increased to a greater degree in young, obese women following consumption of a high fat meal

Cevenini, E.; Bellavista, E.; Tieri, P.; Castellani, G.; Lescai, F.; Francesconi, M.; Mishto, M.; Santoro, A.; Valensin, S.; Salvioli, S.; Capri, M.; Zaikin, A.; Monti, D.; de Magalhães, J.P.; Franceschi, C., 2010:
Systems biology and longevity: an emerging approach to identify innovative anti-aging targets and strategies

Sharma, A.; Chen, Q.; Nguyen, T.; Yu, Q.; Sen, J.Misra., 2012:
T cell factor-1 and β-catenin control the development of memory-like CD8 thymocytes

Eriksson, C.; Rantapää-Dahlqvist, S.; Sundqvist, K-Gösta., 2010:
T-cell expression of CD91 - a marker of unresponsiveness to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Vidarsson, L.; Cunningham, C.; Gold, G.E.; Pauly, J.M., 2007:
T2-selective magnetization preparation pulses

Cameron, C.; L.V., H.; Choi, J.; Bilgrami, S.; Zukerman, M.; Kang, M., 2005 :
TCP over OBS - fixed-point load and loss

Marek, A.; Zagierski, M.; Liberek, A.; Aleksandrowicz, E.; Korzon, Mł.; Krzykowski, G.; Kamińska, B.; Szlagatys-Sidorkiewicz, A., 2010:
TGF-beta(1), IL-10 and IL-4 in colostrum of allergic and nonallergic mothers

Anonymous, 1920:
THE MEDICAL REGISTER: CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Names of Practitioners who have not Responded to Inquiries

Goto, Y.; Ogawa, K.; Nakamura, T.J.; Hattori, A.; Tsujimoto, M., 2014:
TLR-mediated secretion of endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase 1 from macrophages

Goral, J., 2009:
TNF-alpha and carbohydrate and lipid parameters in overweight and obese children

Cury, N.M.; Ferraz, V.Ef.; Silva, W.A., 2014:
TP53 p.R337H prevalence in a series of Brazilian hereditary breast cancer families

Wolfberg, A.J., 2018:
Conflict of interest related to clinical practice is under-reported: the case of non-invasive prenatal testing

Haraguchi, K.; Kawamoto, A.; Isami, K.; Maeda, S.; Kusano, A.; Asakura, K.; Shirakawa, H.; Mori, Y.; Nakagawa, T.; Kaneko, S., 2012:
TRPM2 contributes to inflammatory and neuropathic pain through the aggravation of pronociceptive inflammatory responses in mice

Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Duan, Y.; Yin, S.; Zhang, H.; Huang, L.; Kang, Z., 2013:
TaAbc1, a member of Abc1-like family involved in hypersensitive response against the stripe rust fungal pathogen in wheat

Rouxel, A-M.; L.T.ux, G.; Misery, L., 2011:
Tacrolimus mouthwash as second-line treatment for erosive oral lichen planus

Valtchev, V.; Majano, G.; Mintova, S.; Pérez-Ramírez, J., 2013:
Tailored crystalline microporous materials by post-synthesis modification

Nguyen, M-Chanh.; Kaeser, P., 2011:
Takayasu's disease associated with Crohn's disease: two identical diseases at different sites?

Gao, H.; Cao, H.; Zhou, Y.; Xu, Y.; Feng, Y.; Wang, F.; Chen, Y., 2014:
Taking pleasure at another's misfortune: the implicit Schadenfreude of disaster spectators

Yli-Kauhaluoma, S.; Hänninen, H., 2014:
Tale taming radioactive fears: Linking nuclear waste disposal to the "continuum of the good"

Escalante, L.; González-Rodríguez, C.; Varela, Jús.A.; Saá, C., 2013:
Tandem Brønsted acid promoted and Nazarov carbocyclizations of enyne acetals to hydroazulenones

Staahl, C.; Drewes, Aørn.Mohr.; Jensen, N-Henrik., 2011:
Tapentadol is a new, strongly efficative analgeticum with dual effect mechanisms

Lu, P.J.; Sims, P.A.; Oki, H.; Macarthur, J.B.; Weitz, D.A., 2007:
Target-locking acquisition with real-time confocal (TARC) microscopy

Dorando, J.J.; Hachmann, J.; Chan, G.Kin-Lic., 2007:
Targeted excited state algorithms

Bhattacharya, K.; Maity, M.; Mondal, D.; Endo, A.; Chaudhury, M., 2012:
Targeted synthesis of heterobimetallic compounds containing a discrete vanadium(V)-μ-oxygen-iron(III) core

Queiroz, K.C.S.; Spek, C.Arnold.; Peppelenbosch, M.P., 2013:
Targeting Hedgehog signaling and understanding refractory response to treatment with Hedgehog pathway inhibitors

Bröning, S.; Wiedow, A.; Wartberg, L.; Ruths, S.; Haevelmann, A.; Kindermann, S-Sophie.; Moesgen, D.; Schaunig-Busch, I.; Klein, M.; Thomasius, R., 2012:
Targeting children of substance-using parents with the community-based group intervention TRAMPOLINE: a randomised controlled trial--design, evaluation, recruitment issues

Schreiber, H.; Rowley, J.D.; Rowley, D.A., 2011:
Targeting mutations predictably

Nayar, U.; Lu, P.; Goldstein, R.L.; Vider, J.; Ballon, G.; Rodina, A.; Taldone, T.; Erdjument-Bromage, H.; Chomet, M.; Blasberg, R.; Melnick, A.; Cerchietti, L.; Chiosis, G.; Wang, Y.Lynn.; Cesarman, E., 2013:
Targeting the Hsp90-associated viral oncoproteome in gammaherpesvirus-associated malignancies

Xu, Z.; Chen, Y-Wen.; Battu, A.; Wilder, P.; Weber, D.; Yu, W.; Mackerell, A.D.; Chen, L-Mei.; Chai, K.X.; Johnson, M.D.; Lin, C-Yong., 2012:
Targeting zymogen activation to control the matriptase-prostasin proteolytic cascade

Kendrick, M., 2009:
Tasting the light

Huang, Q.; Briggs, B.R.; Dong, H.; Jiang, H.; Wu, G.; Edwardson, C.; D.V.aminck, I.; Quake, S., 2016:
Taxonomic and functional diversity provides insight into microbial pathways and stress responses in the saline Qinghai Lake, China

Pitkajarvi, M.; Eriksson, E.; Kekki, P., 2011:
Teachers' experiences of English-language-taught degree programs within health care sector of Finnish polytechnics

Klingensmith, M.E., 2008:
Teaching ethics in surgical training programs using a case-based format

Van Ongeval, C.; Van Steen, Aé.; Bosmans, H., 2008:
Teaching syllabus for radiological aspects of breast cancer screening with digital mammography

Konrad, A., 2012:
Tech RX for overcrowded waiting rooms?

Santos, A.S.; Jerónimo, E.; Ferreira, L.M.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Bessa, R.J.B., 2013:
Technical note: fatty acids and purine profile of cecum and colon bacteria as indicators of equine microbial metabolism

Önol, F.Fatih.; Antar, B.; Köse, O.; Erdem, M.Remzi.; Önol, Şinasi.Yavuz., 2011:
Techniques and results of urethroplasty for female urethral strictures: our experience with 17 patients

Packman, A.; Meredith, G., 2011:
Technology and the evolution of clinical methods for stuttering

Pan, H-C.; Shen, Y-Q.; Loers, G.; Jakovcevski, I.; Schachner, M., 2015:
Tegaserod, a small compound mimetic of polysialic acid, promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury in mice

Staton-Tindall, M.; Wahler, E.; Webster, J.Matthew.; Godlaski, T.; Freeman, R.; Leukefeld, C., 2013:
Telemedicine-based alcohol services for rural offenders

Garden, R., 2010:
Telling stories about illness and disability: the limits and lessons of narrative

Nowak, R., 1997:
Telomeric length variation in human testicular germ cell tumours

Tu, C-Hsiang.; Lo, S-Shou., 2012:
Temperature dependence of silver nanostructure for surface enhanced Raman scattering application

Carlson, D.G.; Rothfus, J.A., 1978:
Temperature-based Prediction of egg-mass production by Meloidogyne incognita

Kim, J.; Lim, H-June.; Hwang, Y.Kyun.; Woo, H.; Kim, J.Woong.; Char, K., 2012:
Template-free uniform-sized hollow hydrogel capsules with controlled shell permeation and optical responsiveness

Stewart, C.; Conwell, C., 2009:
Temporal changes in contaminated sediment: a neglected aspect of ecological risk assessment?

Dassarath, M.; Yin, Z.; Chen, J.; Liu, H.; Yang, K.; Wu, G., 2011:
Temporal lobe necrosis: a dwindling entity in a patient with nasopharyngeal cancer after radiation therapy

Bengtson, L.G.S.; Chen, L.Y.; Chamberlain, A.M.; Michos, E.D.; Whitsel, E.A.; Lutsey, P.L.; Duval, S.; Rosamond, W.D.; Alonso, A., 2014:
Temporal trends in the occurrence and outcomes of atrial fibrillation in patients with acute myocardial infarction (from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Surveillance Study)

Kinderknecht, K.E.; Thomas, C.A., 2012:
Temporomandibular disorders: a practical screening process

Aune, G.; Torp, S.H.; Syversen, U.; Hagen, Børn.; Tingulstad, S., 2012:
Ten years' experience with centralized surgery of ovarian cancer in one health region in Norway

Moss, J.A.; Baum, M.M.; Malone, A.M.; Kennedy, S.; Kopin, E.; Nguyen, C.; Gilman, J.; Butkyavichene, I.; Willis, R.A.; Vincent, K.L.; Motamedi, M.; Smith, T.J., 2012:
Tenofovir and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate pharmacokinetics from intravaginal rings

Pickwell-MacPherson, E.; Huang, S.; Sun, Y.; Kan, K.W.C.; Zhang, Y-ting., 2009:
Terahertz image processing methods for biomedical applications

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Use of materials derived from cattle in human food and cosmetics; reopening of the comment period. Interim final rule; reopening of the comment period

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Videos to help farmers reduce TB risk

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Vignettes: mother and child

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Welfare Work in Jeopardy

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WMA president calls for closer cooperation between doctors and vets

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Wards in good cheer

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Water beds for unconscious and bedridden patients necessary

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We can reduce dietary sodium, save money, and save lives

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Well and good

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West Nile virus - where did it come from and where might it go?

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What Can Be Done?

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What happened to our prosthodontic advocates?

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What is a moron?

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What is the future for niacin after the AIM-HIGH study?

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What is the role of the aorta in directing coronary blood flow?

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What is your diagnosis? Unexpected finding in sedimented urine from a dog

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What options does the supine-standing-supine test offer to patients with hypertension? Demonstrations of examples

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What the HITECH Act means for you. Data breach rules require new procedures

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What will it take to stop maternal deaths?

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What's in your all-hazards plan? In Boston they were prepared. Are you?

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What's wrong with chemoprevention of prostate cancer?

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When epigenetics meets alternative splicing: the roles of DNA methylation and GC architecture

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Where next in oral cancer prevention and control?

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Who are you calling a squirt?

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Who says bedside glucose measurement is simple (or always accurate)?

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Whole body, regional fat accumulation, and appetite-related hormonal response after hypoxic training

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Whole-body magnetic resonance neurography

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Why 11-cis-retinal? Why not 7-cis-, 9-cis-, or 13-cis-retinal in the eye?

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Why are we drug testing adolescents?

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