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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56006

Chapter 56006 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Vance, D.E.; Moneyham, L.; Farr, K.F., 2008:
Suicidal ideation in adults aging with HIV: neurological and cognitive considerations

Dong, X.; Chen, R.; Wong, E.; Simon, M.A., 2014:
Suicidal ideation in an older U.S. Chinese population

Rodriguez, K.A.O'Neil.; Kendall, P.C., 2014:
Suicidal ideation in anxiety-disordered youth: identifying predictors of risk

Kang, H-Ju.; Stewart, R.; Jeong, B-Ok.; Kim, S-Young.; Bae, K-Yeol.; Kim, S-Wan.; Kim, J-Min.; Shin, I-Seon.; Yoon, J-Sang., 2014:
Suicidal ideation in elderly Korean population: a two-year longitudinal study

Mula, M.; Sander, J.W., 2007:
Suicidal ideation in epilepsy and levetiracetam therapy

van Bergen, D.D.; Smit, J.H.; van Balkom, A.J.L.M.; van Ameijden, E.; Saharso, S., 2009:
Suicidal ideation in ethnic minority and majority adolescents in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Kim, S.; Yang, E., 2015:
Suicidal ideation in gay men and lesbians in South Korea: a test of the interpersonal-psychological model

Furlanetto, Lícia.M.; Stefanello, B., 2012:
Suicidal ideation in medical inpatients: psychosocial and clinical correlates

Fan, A.P.C.; Kosik, R.O.; Mandell, G.A.; Tran, D.Trieu.; Cheng, H.Min.; Chen, C.Huan.; Su, T-Pying.; Chiu, A.W.H., 2013:
Suicidal ideation in medical students: who is at risk?

Cheatle, M.D., 2015:
Suicidal ideation in patients with chronic pain: The risk-benefit of pharmacotherapy

Calandre, E.P.; Navajas-Rojas, M.Angustias.; Ballesteros, J.; Garcia-Carrillo, J.; Garcia-Leiva, J.M.; Rico-Villademoros, F., 2016:
Suicidal ideation in patients with fibromyalgia: a cross-sectional study

Balci, V.; Sevincok, L., 2010:
Suicidal ideation in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Hocaoglu, C.; Babuc, Z.Tekin., 2010:
Suicidal ideation in patients with schizophrenia

Mok, C.Chiu.; Chan, K.Li.; Cheung, E.Fuk.Chi.; Yip, P.Siu.Fai., 2014:
Suicidal ideation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: incidence and risk factors

Newport, D.J.; Levey, L.C.; Pennell, P.B.; Ragan, K.; Stowe, Z.N., 2007:
Suicidal ideation in pregnancy: assessment and clinical implications

Recklitis, C.J.; Zhou, E.S.; Zwemer, E.K.; Hu, J.C.; Kantoff, P.W., 2015:
Suicidal ideation in prostate cancer survivors: understanding the role of physical and psychological health outcomes

Govender, R.D.; Schlebusch, L., 2013:
Suicidal ideation in seropositive patients seen at a South African HIV voluntary counselling and testing clinic

Pietrzak, R.H.; Russo, A.R.; Ling, Q.; Southwick, S.M., 2011 :
Suicidal ideation in treatment-seeking Veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom: the role of coping strategies, resilience, and social support

Chakravorty, S.; Grandner, M.A.; Mavandadi, S.; Perlis, M.L.; Sturgis, E.B.; Oslin, D.W., 2015:
Suicidal ideation in veterans misusing alcohol: relationships with insomnia symptoms and sleep duration

Raja, M.; Azzoni, A., 2009:
Suicidal ideation induced by episodic cannabis use

Carrico, A.W.; Neilands, T.B.; Johnson, M.O., 2010:
Suicidal ideation is associated with HIV transmission risk in men who have sex with men

King, C.A.; Jiang, Q.; Czyz, E.K.; Kerr, D.C.R., 2014:
Suicidal ideation of psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents has one-year predictive validity for suicide attempts in girls only

Carrey, N.; Pharm, A.Virani., 2008:
Suicidal ideation reports from pediatric trials for paroxetine and venlafaxine

Ortega-Albás, J.Jose.; López-Bernabé, R.; García, A.Luis.Serrano.; Gómez, J.Ramón.Díaz., 2010:
Suicidal ideation secondary to sodium oxybate

Wetzler, A.Juven.; Elias, R.; Fostick, L.; Zohar, J., 2007:
Suicidal ideation versus suicidal obsession: a case report

Dieris-Hirche, J.; Gieler, U.; Kupfer, J.P.; Milch, W.E., 2009:
Suicidal ideation, anxiety and depression in adult patients with atopic dermatitis

Ponte, C.; Almeida, V.; Fernandes, L., 2015:
Suicidal ideation, depression and quality of life in the elderly: study in a gerontopsychiatric consultation

Logan, J.E.; Crosby, A.E.; Hamburger, M.E., 2012:
Suicidal ideation, friendships with delinquents, social and parental connectedness, and differential associations by sex: findings among high-risk pre/early adolescent population

Vance, D.E.; Struzick, T.; Burrage, J., 2009:
Suicidal ideation, hardiness, and successful aging with HIV: considerations for nursing

Hardt, J.; Herke, M.; Schier, K., 2011:
Suicidal ideation, parent-child relationships, and adverse childhood experiences: a cross-validation study using a Graphical Markov Model

Zhang, J.; Zhou, L., 2011:
Suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts among rural young Chinese: the effect of suicide death by a family member or friend

Wenzel, T.; Rushiti, F.; Aghani, F.; Diaconu, G.; Maxhuni, B.; Zitterl, W., 2010:
Suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress and suicide statistics in Kosovo. An analysis five years after the war. Suicidal ideation in Kosovo

Mark, L.; Samm, A.; Tooding, L-Mai.; Sisask, M.; Aasvee, K.; Zaborskis, A.; Zemaitiene, N.; Värnik, A., 2013:
Suicidal ideation, risk factors, and communication with parents. An HBSC study on school children in Estonia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg

Barroilhet, S.; Fritsch, R.; Guajardo, V.; Martínez, V.; Vöhringer, P.; Araya, R.; Rojas, G., 2013:
Suicidal ideation, self-directed violence and depression among Chilean school adolescents

Bebbington, P.E.; Minot, S.; Cooper, C.; Dennis, M.; Meltzer, H.; Jenkins, R.; Brugha, T., 2011:
Suicidal ideation, self-harm and attempted suicide: results from the British psychiatric morbidity survey 2000

Subramaniam, M.; Abdin, E.; Seow, E.L.S.; Picco, L.; Vaingankar, J.Ajit.; Chong, S.Ann., 2016:
Suicidal ideation, suicidal plan and suicidal attempts among those with major depressive disorder

Chamberlain, P.; Goldney, R.; Delfabbro, P.; Gill, T.; Dal Grande, L., 2009:
Suicidal ideation. The clinical utility of the K10

Lemstra, M.; Neudorf, C.; Mackenbach, J.; Kershaw, T.; Nannapaneni, U.; Scott, C., 2009:
Suicidal ideation: the role of economic and aboriginal cultural status after multivariate adjustment

Sigfusdottir, I.Dora.; Asgeirsdottir, B.Bjork.; Gudjonsson, G.H.; Sigurdsson, J.Fridrik., 2014:
Suicidal ideations and attempts among adolescents subjected to childhood sexual abuse and family conflict/violence: the mediating role of anger and depressed mood

Unni, S.K.; Mani, A.J., 1996:
Suicidal ideators in the psychiatric facility of a general hospital - a psychodemographic profile

Rhodes, A.E.; Bethell, J., 2008:
Suicidal ideators without major depression--whom are we not reaching?

Crane, C.; Shah, D.; Barnhofer, T.; Holmes, E.A., 2012:
Suicidal imagery in a previously depressed community sample

Balaji, S.N.; Trivedi, V., 2014:
Suicidal inactivation of methemoglobin by generation of thiyl radical: insight into NAC mediated protection in RBC

Kinomoto, N., 2009:
Suicidal incidents at psychiatric departments and civil liability

Korkut, E.; Saritas, A.; Aydin, Y.; Korkut, S.; Kandis, H.; Baltaci, D., 2013:
Suicidal ingestion of potassium permanganate

Zhang, J.; Jia, C., 2011:
Suicidal intent among young suicides in rural China

Lindqvist, D.; Nimeus, A.; Träskman-Bendz, L., 2007:
Suicidal intent and psychiatric symptoms among inpatient suicide attempters

Lindqvist, D.; Träskman-Bendz, L.; Vang, F., 2008:
Suicidal intent and the HPA-axis characteristics of suicide attempters with major depressive disorder and adjustment disorders

Norbury, W.B.; Jeschke, M.G.; Herndon, D.N., 2007:
Suicidal intention and self-immolation: what is the outcome?

Bjornaas, M.A.; Hovda, K.E.; Heyerdahl, F.; Skog, K.; Drottning, P.; Opdahl, A.; Jacobsen, D.; Ekeberg, O., 2010:
Suicidal intention, psychosocial factors and referral to further treatment: a one-year cross-sectional study of self-poisoning

Bak, M.; Bernas, S.; Sliwkiewicz, K.; Winnicka, R.; Kołaciński, Z.; Krakowiak, A., 2012:
Suicidal intoxication with digoxin--still actual problem in clinical toxicology--case report

Sein Anand, J.; Barwina, Młgorzata.; Zajac, M.; Kaletha, K., 2013:
Suicidal intoxication with potassium chlorate successfully treated with renal replacement therapy and extracorporeal liver support

Wiergowski, M.; Galer-Tatarowicz, K.; Krzyzanowski, M.; Jankowski, Z.; Sein Anand, J., 2013:
Suicidal intoxication with sodium azide--a case report

Zeman, J.; Pavelka, T.; Matějka, J., 2011:
Suicidal jumper's fracture

Ruder, T.D.; Ketterer, T.; Preiss, U.; Bolliger, M.; Ross, S.; Gotsmy, W.F.; Ampanozi, G.; Germerott, T.; Thali, M.J.; Hatch, G.M., 2011:
Suicidal knife wound to the heart: challenges in reconstructing wound channels with post mortem CT and CT-angiography

Tzimas, I.; Bajanowski, T.; Pollak, S.; Trübner, K.; Thierauf, A., 2014:
Suicidal ligature strangulation using gymnastics bands

Sorokin, V.; Persechino, F.; DeRoux, S.J.; Greenberg, M.J., 2012:
Suicidal ligature strangulation utilizing cable ties: a report of three cases

River, J., 2013:
Suicidal masculinities: understanding the gendered nature of male suicide

Mirnikjoo, B.; Balasubramanian, K.; Schroit, A.J., 2009:
Suicidal membrane repair regulates phosphatidylserine externalization during apoptosis

Gentile, S., 2011:
Suicidal mothers

Straka, L.; Novomesky, F.; Gavel, A.; Mlynar, J.; Hejna, P., 2014:
Suicidal nitrogen inhalation by use of scuba full-face diving mask

Aukst-Margetić, B.; Margetić, B.; Marsanić, V.Boricević., 2012:
Suicidal obsessions as dose dependent side-effect of clozapine

Mansfield, A.J.; Bender, R.H.; Hourani, L.L.; Larson, G.E., 2011:
Suicidal or self-harming ideation in military personnel transitioning to civilian life

Magdalan, J.; Zawadzki, M.; Słoka, T.; Sozański, T., 2014:
Suicidal overdose with relapsing clomipramine concentrations due to a large gastric pharmacobezoar

Manzanedo Sagredo, Mía.Isabel.; Ortiz Fernández, Mía.Inmaculada., 2012:
Suicidal patient identification

Schneider, B., 2007:
Suicidal patient: how can suicide be prevented? (interview by Dr. Thomas Meissner)

Grudet, Cécile.; Malm, J.; Westrin, A.; Brundin, L., 2015:
Suicidal patients are deficient in vitamin D, associated with a pro-inflammatory status in the blood

Carlén, P.; Bengtsson, A., 2007:
Suicidal patients as experienced by psychiatric nurses in inpatient care

Garthwaite, D., 2012:
Suicidal pediatric patients

Nagesh, K.R.; Menezes, R.G.; Rastogi, P.; Naik, N.R.; Rasquinha, J.Marian.; Senthilkumaran, S.; Fazil, A., 2011:
Suicidal plant poisoning with Colchicum autumnale

Kobayashi, K.; Fukushima, H., 2008:
Suicidal poisoning due to hydrogen sulfide produced by mixing a liquid bath essence containing sulfur and a toilet bowl cleaner containing hydrochloric acid

Hossain, K., 2011:
Suicidal poisoning in Calcutta

Kanchan, T.; Menezes, R.G., 2007:
Suicidal poisoning in Southern India: gender differences

Foryś, Z., 2007:
Suicidal poisoning in relation to use of psychoactive substances in adolescents

Sommerfeld, K.; Łukasik-Głebocka, M.; Górny, J.; Tobolski, Jław.; Zielińska-Psuja, B., 2013:
Suicidal poisoning with cyanide bought on the internet--case report

Thierauf, A.; Gnann, H.; Bohnert, M.; Vennemann, B.; Auwärter, V.; Weinmann, W., 2009:
Suicidal poisoning with mercaptodimethur-morphological findings and toxicological analysis

Glaizal, M.; Gazin, V.; Aymard, I.; Messina-Gourlot, C.; Richard, N.; Mallaret, M.; Saviuc, P.; de Haro, L., 2012:
Suicidal poisonings with methadone in France: results of a two year national survey by the Toxicovigilance network

Wasserman, D.; Tran Thi Thanh, H.; Pham Thi Minh, D.; Goldstein, M.; Nordenskiöld, A.; Wasserman, C., 2008:
Suicidal process, suicidal communication and psychosocial situation of young suicide attempters in a rural Vietnamese community

Lester, D., 2015:
Suicidal protests: self-immolation, hunger strikes, or suicide bombing

Singh, S.; Manjula, M.; Philip, M., 2013:
Suicidal risk and childhood adversity: a study of Indian college students

Machado, Ré.Andrade.; Espinosa, A.García.; Melendrez, Dán.; González, Y.Remón.; García, Víctor.Frades.; Rodríguez, Y.Quintana., 2011:
Suicidal risk and suicide attempts in people treated with antiepileptic drugs for epilepsy

Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.L.A.; Wijesinghe, C.A., 2009:
Suicidal risk assessment and depression

Baldessarini, R.J., 2011:
Suicidal risk during antidepressant treatment

Yoshimasu, K.; Kiyohara, C.; Miyashita, K., 2009:
Suicidal risk factors and completed suicide: meta-analyses based on psychological autopsy studies

Undurraga, J.; Baldessarini, R.J.; Valenti, M.; Pacchiarotti, I.; Vieta, E., 2012:
Suicidal risk factors in bipolar I and II disorder patients

Zhu, Y.; Zhang, H.; Shi, S.; Gao, J.; Li, Y.; Tao, M.; Zhang, K.; Wang, X.; Gao, C.; Yang, L.; Li, K.; Shi, J.; Wang, G.; Liu, L.; Zhang, J.; Du, B.; Jiang, G.; Shen, J.; Zhang, Z.; Liang, W.; Sun, J.; Hu, J.; Liu, T.; Wang, X.; Miao, G.; Meng, H.; Li, Y.; Hu, C.; Li, Y.; Huang, G.; Li, G.; Ha, B.; Deng, H.; Mei, Q.; Zhong, H.; Gao, S.; Sang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Fang, X.; Yu, F.; Yang, D.; Liu, T.; Chen, Y.; Hong, X.; Wu, W.; Chen, G.; Cai, M.; Song, Y.; Pan, J.; Dong, J.; Pan, R.; Zhang, W.; Shen, Z, 2014:
Suicidal risk factors of recurrent major depression in Han Chinese women

Kornreich, C.; Dan, B.; Vandriette, Y., 2010:
Suicidal risk in a patient receiving tamoxifen treatment for breast cancer

Courtet, P., 2011:
Suicidal risk in recurrent depression

Klimes-Dougan, B.; Lee, C-Yuan.S.; Ronsaville, D.; Martinez, P., 2008:
Suicidal risk in young adult offspring of mothers with bipolar or major depressive disorder: a longitudinal family risk study

Florenzano, Rón.; Rodríguez, J.; Sieverson, C.; Cataldo, E.; Pastorino, S.; Fernández, L., 2014:
Suicidal risk, depression, and religiosity: a study of women in a general hospital in Santiago de Chile

Gohier, Bénédicte.; Richard-Devantoy, Séphane.; Denès, D.; Garré, J-Bernard., 2010:
Suicidal risks in adults: identification and care

Raynaud, J-Philippe.; Olliac, B., 2011:
Suicidal risks in children, teenagers

Linert, B.; Regnier, J.; Doyle, B.W.; Prahlow, J.A., 2010:
Suicidal shotgun wound employing a shotgun barrel, a shotgun shell, and a BB

Nikolić, S.; Zivković, V.; Babić, D.; Juković, F., 2012:
Suicidal single gunshot injury to the head: differences in site of entrance wound and direction of the bullet path between right- and left-handed--an autopsy study

Le Blanc-Louvry, I.; Laburthe-Tolra, P.; Massol, V.; Papin, Féderique.; Goullé, J.Pierre.; Lachatre, Gérard.; Gaulier, J.Michel.; Proust, B., 2013:
Suicidal sodium azide intoxication: An analytical challenge based on a rare case

Zorro, A.R., 2014:
Suicidal strangulation by double ligature: a case report

Pramod Kumar, G.N.; Arun, M.; Manjunatha, B.; Balaraj, B.M.; Verghese, A.J., 2013:
Suicidal strangulation by plastic lock tie

Ferrer, L.; Kirchner, T., 2015:
Suicidal tendency in a sample of adolescent outpatients with adjustment disorder: gender differences

Toda, H.; Nomura, S., 2013:
Suicidal thinking and behavior

Nelson, J.Craig.; Delucchi, K.; Schneider, L., 2007:
Suicidal thinking and behavior during treatment with sertraline in late-life depression

Gaskill, A.; Foley, F.W.; Kolzet, J.; Picone, M.Ann., 2011:
Suicidal thinking in multiple sclerosis

Chen, C-Sheng.; Yang, M-Sang.; Yang, M-Jen.; Chang, S-Jen.; Chueh, K-Hsin.; Su, Y-Ching.; Yu, C-Yun.; Cheng, T-Chun., 2008:
Suicidal thoughts among elderly Taiwanese aboriginal women

van der Heijden, F.; Dillingh, G.; Bakker, A.; Prins, J., 2008:
Suicidal thoughts among medical residents with burnout

Quill, T.E., 2008:
Suicidal thoughts and actions in cancer patients: the time for exploration is now

Lowry, R.; Crosby, A.E.; Brener, N.D.; Kann, L., 2014:
Suicidal thoughts and attempts among u.s. High school students: trends and associated health-risk behaviors, 1991-2011

Braden, J.Brennan.; Sullivan, M.D., 2008:
Suicidal thoughts and behavior among adults with self-reported pain conditions in the national comorbidity survey replication

Gibbons, R.D.; Brown, C.Hendricks.; Hur, K.; Davis, J.; Mann, J.John., 2012:
Suicidal thoughts and behavior with antidepressant treatment: reanalysis of the randomized placebo-controlled studies of fluoxetine and venlafaxine

Crosby, A.E.; Han, B.; Ortega, L.A.G.; Parks, S.E.; Gfroerer, J., 2011:
Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among adults aged ≥18 years--United States, 2008-2009

Chiu, H.F.K.; Dai, J.; Xiang, Y.T.; Chan, S.S.M.; Leung, T.; Yu, X.; Hou, Z.J.; Ungvari, G.S.; Caine, E.D., 2013:
Suicidal thoughts and behaviors in older adults in rural China: a preliminary study

Johnston, A.K.; Pirkis, J.E.; Burgess, P.M., 2009:
Suicidal thoughts and behaviours among Australian adults: findings from the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Samm, A.; Tooding, L-Mai.; Sisask, M.; Kõlves, K.; Aasvee, K.; Värnik, A., 2010 :
Suicidal thoughts and depressive feelings amongst Estonian schoolchildren: effect of family relationship and family structure

Demyttenaere, K.; Desaiah, D.; Raskin, J.; Cairns, V.; Brecht, S., 2014:
Suicidal thoughts and reasons for living in hospitalized patients with severe depression: post-hoc analyses of a double-blind randomized trial of duloxetine

Ragolsky, M.; Shimon, H.; Shalev, H.; Weizman, A.; Rubin, E., 2014:
Suicidal thoughts are associated with platelet counts in adolescent inpatients

Nyberg, U.; Gentzel, H., 2010:
Suicidal thoughts can be put in words

Stefanello, S.; Marín-Léon, Lícia.; Fernandes, P.Teixeira.; Min, L.Li.; Botega, N.José., 2010:
Suicidal thoughts in epilepsy: a community-based study in Brazil

Wherry, J.N.; Baldwin, S.; Junco, K.; Floyd, B., 2014:
Suicidal thoughts/behaviors in sexually abused children

Fernández-Cabana, M.; García-Caballero, A.; Alves-Pérez, M.T.; García-García, M.J.; Mateos, R.; Monroe, M., 2014:
Suicidal traits in Marilyn Monroe's Fragments: an LIWC analysis

Zhao, D.; Ishikawa, T.; Quan, L.; Li, D-Ri.; Michiue, T.; Maeda, H., 2008:
Suicidal vehicle-assisted ligature strangulation resulting in complete decapitation: an autopsy report and a review of the literature

Curran, J.; Ritchie, S.D.; Beardy, J.; VanderBurgh, D.; Born, K.; Lewko, J.; Orkin, A.M., 2018:
Conceptualizing and Managing Medical Emergencies Where No Formal Paramedical System Exists: Perspectives from a Remote Indigenous Community in Canada

Rezaeian, M., 2014:
Suicidal, homicidal and non-intentional immolations

Wolfersdorf, M., 2008:

Wein, S., 2013:

Lindfors, P.M.; Meretoja, O.A.; Luukkonen, R.A.; Elovainio, M.J.; Leino, T.J., 2009:
Suicidality among Finnish anaesthesiologists

Nrugham, L.; Herrestad, H.; Mehlum, L., 2011:
Suicidality among Norwegian youth: review of research on risk factors and interventions

Haarr, R.N., 2010:
Suicidality among battered women in Tajikistan

Rau, T.; Plener, P.; Kliemann, A.; Fegert, Jörg.M.; Allroggen, M., 2015:
Suicidality among medical students - a practical guide for staff members in medical schools

Fanning, J.R.; Pietrzak, R.H., 2014:
Suicidality among older male veterans in the United States: results from the National Health and Resilience in Veterans Study

Stuart, H., 2008:
Suicidality among police

Taussig, H.N.; Harpin, S.B.; Maguire, S.A., 2014:
Suicidality among preadolescent maltreated children in foster care

Blosnich, J.R.; Mays, V.M.; Cochran, S.D., 2014:
Suicidality among veterans: implications of sexual minority status

Crumpacker, D.W., 2008:
Suicidality and antidepressants in the elderly

Capron, D.W.; Gonzalez, A.; Parent, J.; Zvolensky, M.J.; Schmidt, N.B., 2012:
Suicidality and anxiety sensitivity in adults with HIV

Caplan, R.; Siddarth, P.; Levitt, J.; Gurbani, S.; Shields, W.Donald.; Sankar, R., 2010:
Suicidality and brain volumes in pediatric epilepsy

Ndetei, D.M.; Khasakhala, L.I.; Mutiso, V.; Mbwayo, A.W., 2010:
Suicidality and depression among adult patients admitted in general medical facilities in Kenya

Matlin, S.L.; Molock, S.Davis.; Tebes, J.Kraemer., 2011:
Suicidality and depression among african american adolescents: the role of family and peer support and community connectedness

Marshal, M.P.; Dietz, L.J.; Friedman, M.S.; Stall, R.; Smith, H.A.; McGinley, J.; Thoma, B.C.; Murray, P.J.; D'Augelli, A.R.; Brent, D.A., 2011:
Suicidality and depression disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual youth: a meta-analytic review

Redden, L.; Pritchett, Y.; Robieson, W.; Kovacs, X.; Garofalo, M.; Tracy, K.; Saltarelli, M., 2011:
Suicidality and divalproex sodium: analysis of controlled studies in multiple indications

Kanner, A.M., 2009:
Suicidality and epilepsy: a complex relationship that remains misunderstood and underestimated

Grudnikoff, E.; Soto, E.Callahan.; Frederickson, A.; Birnbaum, M.L.; Saito, E.; Dicker, R.; Kane, J.M.; Correll, C.U., 2016:
Suicidality and hospitalization as cause and outcome of pediatric psychiatric emergency room visits

Riechers, R.G.; Ruff, S.E.; Ruff, R.L., 2014:
Suicidality and injury of the prefrontal cortex in multiple incidents of mild traumatic brain injury

Shim, E-Jung.; Park, J-Hyun., 2012:
Suicidality and its associated factors in cancer patients: results of a multi-center study in Korea

Manalai, P.; Woo, J-Min.; Postolache, T.T., 2010:
Suicidality and montelukast

Mikolajczak, G.; Desseilles, M., 2013:
Suicidality and musical preferences: a possible link?

Panagioti, M.; Gooding, P.A.; Triantafyllou, K.; Tarrier, N., 2015:
Suicidality and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Suicidality and risk of suicide--definition, drug safety concerns, and a necessary target for drug development: a brief report

Meyer, R.E.; Salzman, C.; Youngstrom, E.A.; Clayton, P.J.; Goodwin, F.K.; Mann, J.John.; Alphs, L.D.; Broich, K.; Goodman, W.K.; Greden, J.F.; Meltzer, H.Y.; Normand, S-Lise.T.; Posner, K.; Shaffer, D.; Oquendo, M.A.; Stanley, B.; Trivedi, M.H.; Turecki, G.; Beasley, C.M.; Beautrais, A.L.; Bridge, J.A.; Brown, G.K.; Revicki, D.A.; Ryan, N.D.; Sheehan, D.V., 2010:
Suicidality and risk of suicide--definition, drug safety concerns, and a necessary target for drug development: a consensus statement

Anonymous, 2013:
Suicidality and schizophrenia

DiStefano, A.S., 2008:
Suicidality and self-harm among sexual minorities in Japan

Wang, J.; Häusermann, M.; Wydler, H.; Mohler-Kuo, M.; Weiss, M.G., 2012:
Suicidality and sexual orientation among men in Switzerland: findings from 3 probability surveys

Mihanović, M.; Restek-Petrović, B.; Bodor, D.; Molnar, S.; Oresković, A.; Presecki, P., 2010:
Suicidality and side effects of antidepressants and antipsychotics

Santra, R.; Chaudhuri, P.Ray.; Dhali, D.; Mondal, S., 2013:
Suicidality and suicide attempt in a young female on long-term sertraline treatment

Economou, M.; Madianos, M.; Peppou, L.E.; Theleritis, C.; Stefanis, C.N., 2012:
Suicidality and the economic crisis in Greece

Bácskai, E.; Czobor, Pál.; Gerevich, József., 2008:
Suicidality and trait aggression related to childhood victimization in patients with alcoholism

Brenner, L.A.; Homaifar, B.Y.; Adler, L.E.; Wolfman, J.H.; Kemp, J., 2010:
Suicidality and veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury: precipitants events, protective factors, and prevention strategies

Stübner, S.; Grohmann, R.; von Stralendorff, I.; Rüther, E.; Möller, H-Jürgen.; Müller-Oerlinghausen, B.; Engel, R.R.; Horvath, A.; Greil, W., 2011:
Suicidality as rare adverse event of antidepressant medication: report from the AMSP multicenter drug safety surveillance project

Harbauer, G.; Ring, M.; Schuetz, C.; Andreae, A.; Haas, S., 2014:
Suicidality assessment with PRISM-S - simple, fast, and visual: a brief nonverbal method to assess suicidality in adolescent and adult patients

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