Section 57
Chapter 56,032

Surgical management of hepatic hydatid cysts in children

Shangareeva, R.K.; Gumerov, A.A.; Mirasov, A.A.; Makushkin, V.V.

Khirurgiia 4: 38-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-1207
PMID: 18454107
Accession: 056031951

Analysis of surgical treatment of children with multiple hepatic hydatid cysts is presented. The age of patients was from 4 till 14 years. Desensibilization, hemodynamic adjustment and treatment with hepatoprotectors were used on purpose of preoperative preparation. The general anesthesia was carried out on the basis of sevofluran and propofol. Anesthesia with sevofluran has advantage. It was proved by definition of level of stress hormones. One-stage surgical management is more preferable. In case of combination with hydatid disease of lung term between the operations has made 2-3 weeks. Treatment with hepatoprotectors, enzymes, antiparasitic therapy with albendozol, physiotherapy were used in postoperative period. Postoperative complications, lethal outcomes were not observed. Relapse has been revealed at 1 (2%) patient.

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