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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56042

Chapter 56042 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kepler, K.; Vladimirov, A., 2013:
Survey of compliance with European acceptability criteria for HVL and AEC

Ushijima, K.; Higuchi, S.; Fujimura, A., 2013:
Survey of compliance with oseltamivir phosphate therapy in Japan

Ponchel, C.; Arné, J.L.; Malecaze, F.; Fournié, P., 2010:
Survey of complications in Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty in 32 eyes

Qu, X-yan.; Li, Z-shan.; Xie, X-yuan.; Sui, Y-mei.; Yang, L.; Chen, Y., 2009:
Survey of composition and generation rate of household wastes in Beijing, China

Kharuzhyk, S.A.; Matskevich, S.A.; Filjustin, A.E.; Bogushevich, E.V.; Ugolkova, S.A., 2010:
Survey of computed tomography doses and establishment of national diagnostic reference levels in the Republic of Belarus

Tsai, H.Y.; Tung, C.J.; Yu, C.C.; Tyan, Y.S., 2007:
Survey of computed tomography scanners in Taiwan: dose descriptors, dose guidance levels, and effective doses

Suliman, I.I.; Abdalla, S.E.; Ahmed, N.A.; Galal, M.A.; Salih, I., 2012:
Survey of computed tomography technique and radiation dose in Sudanese hospitals

Anraku, A.; Jin, Y-Ping.; Trope, G.E.; Buys, Y.M., 2009:
Survey of conflict-of-interest disclosure policies of ophthalmology journals

Albayrak, Çiğdem.; Kaştaş, Gökhan.; Odabaşoğlu, M.; Frank, Ré., 2012:
Survey of conformational isomerism in (E)-2-[(4-bromophenylimino)methyl]-5-(diethylamino)phenol compound from structural and thermochemical points of view

Baer, H.R.; McBride, H.E.; Caviness, A.C.; Demmler-Harrison, G.J., 2015:
Survey of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) knowledge among medical students

Knoderer, C.A.; Anderson, E.M.; Cox, E.G., 2008:
Survey of congenital heart surgeons' preferences for antimicrobial prophylaxis for pediatric cardiac surgery patients

Behr, M.; Proff, P.; Leitzmann, M.; Pretzel, M.; Handel, G.; Schmalz, G.; Driemel, O.; Reichert, T.E.; Koller, M., 2011:
Survey of congenitally missing teeth in orthodontic patients in Eastern Bavaria

Taljaard, M.; Chaudhry, S.H.; Brehaut, J.C.; Weijer, C.; Boruch, R.; Donner, A.; Eccles, M.P.; McRae, A.D.; Saginur, R.; Zwarenstein, M.; Grimshaw, J.M., 2014:
Survey of consent practices in cluster randomized trials: improvements are needed in ethical conduct and reporting

Efron, N.; Morgan, P.B.; Woods, C.A.; Efron, N.; Morgan, P.B.; Woods, C.A.; Barr, J.T.; Belousov, V.; Bendoriene, J.; Chandrinos, A.; Erdinest, N.; Fine, P.; Gonzalez, M.Y.; Gonzalez-Meijome, J.Manuel.; Grein, H-Jurgen.; Grupcheva, C.N.; Helland, M.; Hreinsson, H.Ingi.; Hsiao, J.; Hung, L.Kai.; Itoi, M.; Jones, D.; Knajian, R.; Mack, C.J.; Marani, E.; Marx, S.; Montani, G.; Nichols, J.J.; Ong, A.; Pesinova, A.; Phillips, G.; Radu, S.; Ravn, O.; Runberg, S-Erik.; Santodomingo, J.; Silih, M.S.; Ta, 2011:
Survey of contact lens prescribing to infants, children, and teenagers

Aoki, J-ya.; Nagae, M.; Takao, Y.; Hara, A.; Lee, Y-Don.; Yeo, I-Kyu.; Lim, B-Soo.; Park, C-Beom.; Soyano, K., 2010:
Survey of contamination of estrogenic chemicals in Japanese and Korean coastal waters using the wild grey mullet (Mugil cephalus)

Fischer, J., 1949:
Survey of contemporary individual psychotherapy in children

Davis, D.A., 1982:
Survey of continuing medical education in Ontario: the perspective of the provider

Gregorová, P.; Weiss, P.; Unzeitig, V.; Cibula, D., 2010:
Survey of contraceptive behaviour and attitude of Czech women towards different types of contraception

Ryu, H.Geol.; Choi, J-Eun.; Lee, S.; Koh, J.; Bae, J-Myon.; Heo, D.Seog., 2015:
Survey of controversial issues of end-of-life treatment decisions in Korea: similarities and discrepancies between healthcare professionals and the general public

Yu, F.; Nie, J., 2008:
Survey of coping style and mental health status of patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

Smith-Laing, G., 2014:
Survey of core medical trainees in the United Kingdom 2013

Tasker, F.; Newbery, N.; Burr, B.; Goddard, A.F., 2014:
Survey of core medical trainees in the United Kingdom 2013 - inconsistencies in training experience and competing with service demands

Chen, J.; Ni, Z.; Gu, X., 2012:
Survey of coronary stents development for restenosis prevention

Hepp, N.M.; Mindak, W.R.; Gasper, J.W.; Thompson, C.B.; Barrows, J.N., 2014:
Survey of cosmetics for arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, mercury, and nickel content

Block, L., 2011:
Survey of costs in schools of nursing

Yoneyama, A., 2010:
Survey of costs of laboratory tests aiming at revision of medical treatment fees and improvement of work

Poovarodom, N.; Tangmongkollert, P.; Jinkarn, T.; Chonhenchob, V., 2011:
Survey of counterfeit melamine tableware available on the market in Thailand, and its migration

Parron-Rubio, Mía.Eugenia.; Perez-García, F.; Gonzalez-Herrera, A.; Rubio-Cintas, Mía.Dolores., 2018:
Concrete Properties Comparison When Substituting a 25% Cement with Slag from Different Provenances

Noohi, E.; Karimi-Noghondar, M.; Haghdoost, A., 2013:
Survey of critical thinking and clinical decision making in nursing student of Kerman University

Dighe, A.S.; Jones, J.B.; Parham, S.; Lewandrowski, K.B., 2008:
Survey of critical value reporting and reduction of false-positive critical value results

Rose, L.; Redl, L., 2008:
Survey of cuff management practices in intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand

Lindsay, B.; Pop, M.; Antonio, M.; Walker, A.W.; Mai, V.; Ahmed, D.; Oundo, J.; Tamboura, B.; Panchalingam, S.; Levine, M.M.; Kotloff, K.; Li, S.; Magder, L.S.; Paulson, J.N.; Liu, B.; Ikumapayi, U.; Ebruke, C.; Dione, M.; Adeyemi, M.; Rance, R.; Stares, M.D.; Ukhanova, M.; Barnes, B.; Lewis, I.; Ahmed, F.; Alam, M.Taifur.; Amin, R.; Siddiqui, S.; Ochieng, J.B.; Ouma, E.; Juma, J.; Mailu, E.; Omore, R.; O'Reilly, C.E.; Hannis, J.; Manalili, S.; Deleon, J.; Yasuda, I.; Blyn, L.; Ranken, R.;, 2014:
Survey of culture, goldengate assay, universal biosensor assay, and 16S rRNA Gene sequencing as alternative methods of bacterial pathogen detection

Wang, C-ying.; Li, Y-qiang.; Huang, M-ju., 2008:
Survey of current condition of occupational hygiene technology service organizations in Guangxi Province

Wu, Q-Li.; Liang, X-Chun., 2007:
Survey of current experimental studies of effects of traditional Chinese compound recipe on diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Rieger, J.M.; Tang, J.A.Lam.; Harris, J.; Seikaly, H.; Wolfaardt, J.; Glaum, R.; Schmelzeisen, R.; Buchbinder, D.; Jacobson, A.; Lazarus, C.; Markowitz, E.; Okay, D.; Urken, M.; Aitasalo, K.; Happonen, R-Pekka.; Kinnunen, I.; Laine, J.; Soukka, T., 2011:
Survey of current functional outcomes assessment practices in patients with head and neck cancer: initial project of the head and neck research network

Wilding, L.; O'Brien, J-Anne.; Pagliarello, G.; Friedberg, E., 2008:
Survey of current injury prevention practices by registered nurses in the emergency department

Thelen, B.; Byham-Gray, L.; Touger-Decker, R.; O'Sullivan Maillet, J.; Khan, H., 2010:
Survey of current job functions of renal dietitians

Blando, J.D.; Lefkowitz, D.K.; Valiante, D.; Gerwel, B.; Bresnitz, E., 2007:
Survey of current lead use, handling, hygiene, and contaminant controls among New Jersey industries

Vanspauwen, R.; Seman, E.; Dwyer, P., 2010:
Survey of current management of prolapse in Australia and New Zealand

Sugihara, S.; Sasaki, N.; Kohno, H.; Amemiya, S.; Tanaka, T.; Matsuura, N., 2005:
Survey of current medical treatments for childhood-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus in Japan

Suehiro, E.; Fujisawa, H.; Koizumi, H.; Yoneda, H.; Ishihara, H.; Nomura, S.; Kajiwara, K.; Fujii, M.; Suzuki, M., 2011:
Survey of current neurotrauma treatment practice in Japan

Davids, T.; Sommer, D.D.; Armstrong, D., 2009:
Survey of current perspectives on laryngopharyngeal reflux among Canadian otolaryngologists

Rushton, A.; Wright, C.; Heap, A.; White, L.; Eveleigh, G.; Heneghan, N., 2015:
Survey of current physiotherapy practice for patients undergoing lumbar spinal fusion in the United Kingdom

Quaglietta, A.; Nicolucci, A.; Accorsi, P.; Pompa, A.; Pierelli, L.; Iacone, A., 2013:
Survey of current practice for monitoring and management of platelet refractoriness in Italy

Smith, D.; Lu, Q.; Yuan, S.; Goldfinger, D.; Fernando, L.P.; Ziman, A., 2010:
Survey of current practice for prevention of transfusion-transmitted cytomegalovirus in the United States: leucoreduction vs. cytomegalovirus-seronegative

Maleszewski, J.J.; Kucirka, L.M.; Segev, D.L.; Halushka, M.K., 2012:
Survey of current practice related to grading of rejection in cardiac transplant recipients in North America

Lannin, N.A.; Clemson, L.; McCluskey, A., 2011:
Survey of current pre-discharge home visiting practices of occupational therapists

Davies, H.Dele.; Wilmott, R.; McAndrews, L.; Harris, J.Mitchell., 2008:
Survey of current relationship and perceived areas of conflict between pediatric academic department chairs and chief executive officers of children's hospitals

Natcheva, H.N.; Silberzweig, J.E.; Chao, C.P.; Cohen, A.M.; Collins, J.D.; Dauer, L.T.; Dixon, R.G.; Gross, K.; Haskal, Z.J.; Statler, J.D.; Stecker, M.S.; Winick, A.B.; Nikolic, B., 2015:
Survey of current status and physician opinion regarding ancillary staffing for the IR suite

Noguchi, Y.; Nishimura, R.; Kawara, H.; Omori, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Tokuyama, Y.; Uchiyama, K.; Shimizu, Y., 2013:
Survey of current status of adverse ocular reactions to paclitaxel and a retrospective analysis for aiding in early detection of adverse reactions

Wu, Q.; Liang, X., 2010:
Survey of current studies of effects of traditional Chinese medicine on nerve growth factor and diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Hager, K.M.; Fox, J.W.; Gunthorpe, M.; Lilley, K.S.; Yeung, A., 1999:
Survey of current trends in DNA synthesis core facilities

Kikura-Hanajiri, R.; Uchiyama, N.; Goda, Y., 2011:
Survey of current trends in the abuse of psychotropic substances and plants in Japan

Cardoso, R.C.; Gerngross, P.J.; Dominici, J.T.; Kiat-amnuay, S., 2014:
Survey of currently selected dental implants and restorations by prosthodontists

Montgomery, P.C.; Kiat-Amnuay, S., 2010:
Survey of currently used materials for fabrication of extraoral maxillofacial prostheses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Jančula, D.; Straková, L.; Sadílek, J.; Maršálek, B.; Babica, P., 2015:
Survey of cyanobacterial toxins in Czech water reservoirs--the first observation of neurotoxic saxitoxins

Zhang, Z.; Qi, H.; Ren, N.; Li, Y.; Gao, D.; Kannan, K., 2011:
Survey of cyclic and linear siloxanes in sediment from the Songhua River and in sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants, Northeastern China

Meyer, D.; Price, P.L.; Rossow, H.A.; Silva-del-Rio, N.; Karle, B.M.; Robinson, P.H.; DePeters, E.J.; Fadel, J.G., 2011:
Survey of dairy housing and manure management practices in California

Bernier, A.; Le Goaster, C.; Peigue-Lafeuille, H.; Floret, D., 2013:
Survey of delivery of prophylactic immunoglobulins following exposure to a measles case

Hosono, S.; Tamura, M.; Kunikata, T.; Wada, M.; Kusakawa, I.; Ibara, S., 2016:
Survey of delivery room resuscitation practices at tertiary perinatal centers in Japan

Bogorodsky, S.V.; Alpermann, T.J.; Mal, A.O.; Gabr, M.H., 2016 :
Survey of demersal fishes from southern Saudi Arabia, with five new records for the Red Sea

Alikhan, A.; Ghods, M.; Armstrong, A.W., 2012:
Survey of demographic and educational factors among dermatology chairs and chiefs

Ohtani, M.; Chiba, T.; Yoshioka, N., 2010:
Survey of dental diseases in forensic autopsy cases

Teraoka, K.; Kawahara, K., 2007:
Survey of dental healthcare system preparedness for large-scale disaster

Ceballos, D.M.; Fent, K.W.; Whittaker, S.G.; Gaines, L.G.T.; Thomasen, J.M.; Flack, S.L.; Nylander-French, L.A.; Yost, M.G.; Reeb-Whitaker, C.K., 2011:
Survey of dermal protection in Washington State collision repair industry

Alghamdi, K.M.; Khurram, H.; Taïeb, A., 2016:
Survey of dermatologists' phototherapy practices for vitiligo

Peace, J.; Wilson, N.; Hoek, J.; Edwards, R.; Thomson, G., 2009:
Survey of descriptors on cigarette packs: still misleading consumers?

Di Napoli, A.; Valle, S.; d'Adamo, G.; Pezzotti, P.; Chicca, S.; Pignocco, M.; Spinelli, C.; Di Giulio, S.; Di Lallo, D.; Adessi, M.A.; Ajam, M.F.; Alfarone, C.; Ancarani, E.; Apollinari, E.; Baldinelli, G.; Balducci, A.; Barbera, G.; Barone, P.; Beraldi, M.P.; Biagini, M.; Boccia, E.; Bravi, M.; Brunetti, G.; Buono, A.; Busicchio, P.; Canulla, F.; Caschera, M.; Cecilia, A.; Chamoun, G.M.; Cherubini, C.; Chiappini, M.G.; Clemenzia, G.; Colombo, R.; Colonnelli, R.; Concolino, L.; Costantini,, 2010:
Survey of determinants and effects of timing of referral to a nephrologist: the patient's point of view

Dhanani, S.; Ward, R.; Hornby, L.; Barrowman, N.J.; Hornby, K.; Shemie, S.D., 2012:
Survey of determination of death after cardiac arrest by intensive care physicians

Chen, Y-ping., 2007:
Survey of development on study of nephropathy in integrative medicine

Marhatta, A.; Messina, D.; Petrini, J.R.; Lecaj, A.; Ahmadi, R., 2014:
Survey of developmental milestones in internal medicine among residents and faculty

Boyd, L.D.; Hartman-Cunningham, M.L., 2008:
Survey of diabetes knowledge and practices of dental hygienists

Domeika, M.; Babayan, K.; Ismailov, R.; Shimanskaya, I.; Chudomirova, K.; Brilene, T.; Kvlividze, O.; Deak, J.; Askarova, G.; Mamajeva, G.; Kucinskiene, V.; Frigo, N.; Savicheva, A.; Krasnoselskich, T.; Mavrov, G.; Kasymov, O.; Izvekova, O.; Unemo, M.; Ballard, R.Campbell., 2011:
Survey of diagnostic services for genital herpes in fourteen countries in Eastern Europe

Quamilè, I.; Rogerie, Fçois.; Grandadam, M.; Teyssou, R.; Nicand, E.; Koeck, J-Louis.; Fejzia, I.; Buisson, Y.; Rey, J-L., 2010:
Survey of diarrhoea survey in Kosovo Mitrovica. August 2001

Yin, P.; Zhang, M.; Li, Y-chong.; Chen, X-rong.; Wang, L-min.; Jiang, Y.; Bao, H-ling.; Zhao, W-hua., 2013:
Survey of dietary intake of Chinese adults in 2010

Kamimura, N.; Shiokawa, T.; Yogi, A.; Akazawa, S.; Shimazaki, N.; Ohta, T., 2010:
Survey of difference in appearance between multiple-specifications press-through-package drug products and an attempt to evaluate their effectiveness based on dispensing incidents

Stefanelli, P.; Girolimetti, S.; Santilio, A.; Dommarco, R., 2011:
Survey of dimethyl fumarate in desiccant products during 2009 in Italy

Owen, H.R., 1949:
Survey of diphtheria immunization of 5661 pupils in the Philadelphia public schools

Kacmarek, R.M.; Barnes, T.A.; Durbin, C.G., 2012:
Survey of directors of respiratory therapy departments regarding the future education and credentialing of respiratory care students and staff

Thiels, C.; Pätel, J., 2008:
Survey of disordered eating and behaviour in children and adolescents

Teinilä, T.; Grönroos, V.; Airaksinen, M., 2010:
Survey of dispensing error practices in community pharmacies in Finland: a nationwide study

Keramati, H.; Alidadi, H.; Parvaresh, A.R.; Movahedian, H.; Mahvi, A.H., 2009:
Survey of dissolved air flotation system efficiency for reduce of pollution of vegetable oil industry wastewater

An, Y-Wu.; Pang, X-Li.; Liu, J-Bing.; Huang, S-Yu.; Li, K.; Deng, Z-Hui.; Ruan, C-Wen.; Liu, X-Ning.; Ren, W-Feng.; Xu, C-Hui., 2014:
Survey of distribution of Enterobius vermicularis infection of children in Huadu District, Guangzhou City

Huang, Y-Chen.; Huang, S-Jean.; Ko, W-Je., 2010:
Survey of do-not-resuscitate orders in surgical intensive care units

Lee, W.; Price, A.; Rayner, L.; Hotopf, M., 2009:
Survey of doctors' opinions of the legalization of physician assisted suicide

Panatto, D.; Gasparini, R.; Vitale, A.; Sasso, T.; Lugarini, J.; Cremonesi, I.; Sensi, S.; Badolati, G., 2010:
Survey of domestic accidents in the elderly in the Province of Genoa (northern Italy)

Sprah, L., 2008:
Survey of domestic violence among young adolescents in Slovenia

Akinlade, B.I.; Farai, I.P.; Okunade, A.A., 2013:
Survey of dose area product received by patients undergoing common radiological examinations in four centers in Nigeria

Rotter, H., 2018:
Survey of drinking habits, incidence, manifestations, treatment and legislation of alcoholism in Austria

Yuen, H.K.; Burik, J.K., 2011:
Survey of driving evaluation and rehabilitation curricula in occupational therapy programs

Lám, J.; Rózsa, Eébet.; Kis Szölgyémi, Mónika.; Belicza, E., 2011:
Survey of drug dispensing errors in hospital wards

Ipema, H.J.; Lodolce, A.E.; Mancuso, C.E., 2012:
Survey of drug information activities of ASHP-accredited pharmacy practice residency programs

Snow, T., 2013:
Survey of dying patients proves value of palliative care specialists

Enshaei, A.; Masoudi, N., 2015:
Survey of early complications of primary skin graft and secondary skin graft (delayed) surgery after resection of burn waste in hospitalized burn patients

Duncan, H.P., 2007:
Survey of early identification systems to identify inpatient children at risk of physiological deterioration

Nishigori, H.; Tanno, K.; Fukushima, A.; Kanasugi, T.; Haba, G.; Fujiwara, J.; Ogasawara, T.; Imai, T.; Sugiyama, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Yoshizumi, N., 2012:
Survey of early preterm singleton live births in Iwate Prefecture as a provincial model of the medical situation in Japan

Cohen, L.R.; Greenfield, S.F.; Gordon, S.; Killeen, T.; Jiang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Hien, D., 2010:
Survey of eating disorder symptoms among women in treatment for substance abuse

Casieri, L.; Anastasi, A.; Prigione, V.; Varese, G.Cristina., 2010:
Survey of ectomycorrhizal, litter-degrading, and wood-degrading Basidiomycetes for dye decolorization and ligninolytic enzyme activity

Wang, F.Y.; Kogan, J.R., 2018:
Concrete Steps for Empowering Learners to Create a Feedback Environment

Matsuda, O., 2010:
Survey of educational practice to understand mental illness in public junior high schools of the metropolitan area

Brajtman, S.; Fothergill-Bourbonnais, F.; Fiset, V.; Alain, D., 2009:
Survey of educators' end-of-life care learning needs in a Canadian baccalaureate nursing programme

Tuyttens, F.A.M.; Sonck, B.; Staes, M.; Van Gansbeke, S.; Van den Bogaert, T.; Ampe, B., 2011:
Survey of egg producers on the introduction of alternative housing systems for laying hens in Flanders, Belgium

Tomitsch, J.; Dechant, E.; Frank, W., 2010:
Survey of electromagnetic field exposure in bedrooms of residences in lower Austria

Krone, L.M.; Brown, C.M.; Lindenmayer, J.M., 2015:
Survey of electronic veterinary medical record adoption and use by independent small animal veterinary medical practices in Massachusetts

Frank, R.; Stonefield, K.I.; Luyken, H.; Suda, P., 1986:
Survey of elemental contents in two organs of slaughtered bovine, porcine and avian specimens, Ontario, Canada 1980-83

Chung, S.; Monteiro, S.; Ziniel, S.I.; Kalish, L.A.; Klaman, P.; Shannon, M., 2012:
Survey of emergency management professionals to assess ideal characteristics of a photographic-based family reunification tool

Sam, S.; Pekmezaris, R.; Nouryan, C.N.; Tan, R.; Conrardy, A.; Ward, M.Frances.; Schwalberg, A.; Vij, B.; Silverman, H.; Guzik, H.J.; Lesser, M.L.; Wolf-Klein, G.P., 2012:
Survey of emergency medical services professionals' experience with advance directives and medical orders for life-sustaining treatment

Perry, J.J.; Goindi, R.; Symington, C.; Brehaut, J.; Taljaard, M.; Schneider, S.; Stiell, I.G., 2012:
Survey of emergency physicians' requirements for a clinical decision rule for acute respiratory illnesses in three countries

Burkitt, K.H.; Sinkowitz-Cochran, R.L.; Obrosky, D.Scott.; Cuerdon, T.; Miller, L.J.; Jain, R.; Jernigan, J.A.; Fine, M.J., 2010:
Survey of employee knowledge and attitudes before and after a multicenter Veterans' Administration quality improvement initiative to reduce nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections

Saha, S.; Hunter, W.B.; Reese, J.; Morgan, J.Kent.; Marutani-Hert, M.; Huang, H.; Lindeberg, M., 2013:
Survey of endosymbionts in the Diaphorina citri metagenome and assembly of a Wolbachia wDi draft genome

Yang, F.; Zhang, T.; Hu, Y.; Wang, X.; Du, J.; Li, Y.; Sun, S.; Sun, X.; Li, Z.; Jin, Q., 2012:
Survey of enterovirus infections from hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak in China, 2009

Köksal, N.; Çelik, M.; Kahraman, H.; Ekerbiçer, H.Ç.; Dağlı, C.E.; Özkan, F., 2016:
Survey of environmental exposure to asbestos in the town of Buyuktatlar, Turkey

Harris, V.; Ford, C.M.; Jiranek, V.; Grbin, P.R., 2008:
Survey of enzyme activity responsible for phenolic off-flavour production by Dekkera and Brettanomyces yeast

Mair, T.S.; Smith, L.J.; Withers, J., 2008:
Survey of equine castration complications

Jurković, S.; Diklić, A.; Kasabašić, M.; Radojčić, D.Smilović.; Svabić, M.; Ivković, A.; Faj, D., 2012:
Survey of equipment quality control in radiotherapy centres in croatia: first results

Shao, X-Ling.; Wen, G.; Ma, J., 2009:
Survey of estrogenic activity of Songhua River water and drinking water of Harbin

Rose, A.; George, K.; T, A.Dhas.; Pulimood, A.Benjamin., 2015:
Survey of ethical issues reported by Indian medical students: basis for design of a new curriculum

Taur, S.R.; Bavdekar, S.B.; Thatte, U.M., 2011:
Survey of ethics committee protocol approval letters: compliance with Schedule Y/ICMR guidelines 2006

Caffrey, N.; Mounchili, A.; McConkey, S.; Cockram, M.S., 2011:
Survey of euthanasia practices in animal shelters in Canada

Roitman, J.N.; Merrill, G.B.; Beck, J.J., 2011:
Survey of ex situ fruit and leaf volatiles from several Pistacia cultivars grown in California

Tsang, M.B.; Lee, J.; Su, S.C.; Dai, J.Y.; Horoi, M.; Liu, H.; Lynch, W.G.; Warren, S., 2009:
Survey of excited state neutron spectroscopic factors for Z=8-28 nuclei

Faiman, B.; Miceli, T.S.; Richards, T.; Tariman, J.D., 2012:
Survey of experiences of an e-mentorship program: Part II

Sreekantam, S.; Denniston, A.K.O.; Murray, P.I., 2012:
Survey of expert practice and perceptions of the supporting clinical evidence for the management of uveitis-related cataract and cystoid macular oedema

Koh, L.M.; Mumdzjans, A.; Pradhan, A., 2016:
Survey of external cephalic version services in the East of England region: comparison of services in 2007 and 2012

Heimesaat, M.M.; Haag, L-Maxie.; Fischer, Aé.; Otto, B.; Kühl, A.A.; Göbel, U.B.; Bereswill, S., 2013:
Survey of extra-intestinal immune responses in asymptomatic long-term Campylobacter jejuni-infected mice

Ligges, C.; Blanz, B., 2007:
Survey of fMRI results regarding a phonological deficit in children and adults with dyslexia: fundamental deficit or indication of compensation?

Alani, A., 2010:
Survey of facial laceration closure in the ED: physicians' and nurses' choice of closure method

Lim, G.Hian.; Lim, B.Leong.; Vasu, A., 2013:
Survey of factors affecting health care workers' perception towards institutional and individual disaster preparedness

Dale, V.H.M., 2008:
Survey of factors affecting participation in CPD

Park, S.A.; Lee, S.Jin.; Choi, G.Un., 2012:
Survey of factors associated with nurses' perception of patient safety

Bilan, N.; Shva, S.; Ghaffari, S., 2009:
Survey of factors effective on outcome of weaning from mechanical ventilation

Bilan, N.; Ghaffari, S.H., 2009:
Survey of factors effective on re-intubation among children admitted to pediatric intensive care unit

Renberg, W.C.; White, B.J., 2012:
Survey of factors influencing faculty decisions on international veterinary work

He, J.; Volinn, E.; Zhao, Y.; Li, J., 2008 :
Survey of factors of the patient with lumbago seeking for acupuncture treatment and observation on the therapeutic effect of acupuncture at early days

Mehrpour, O.; Karrari, P.; Sheikhazadi, A., 2014:
Survey of factors related to criminal behavior in a sample of Iranian substance abusers

Aziz, S.R.; Ziccardi, V.B., 2011:
Survey of faculty educator development award recipients

Eisenberg, R.L.; Cunningham, M.L.; Siewert, B.; Kruskal, J.B., 2014:
Survey of faculty perceptions regarding a peer review system

Yoshimoto, Y., 2010:
Survey of fall cases in ambulance service records of fire departments in Japan

Millá, E.; Mañé, Bña.; Duch, S.; Hernan, I.; Borràs, E.; Planas, E.; Dias, M.de.Sousa.; Carballo, M.; Gamundi, Mía.José.; Gutiérrez, E.; Montero, M.; Abreu, Jé.; Cabarga, C.; Vendrell, C.; Jiménez, S.; Almela, M.Angel.; Loscos, J.; Martínez Bello, C.; Vinuesa, I.; Martínez, R.; Ibáñez, T.; Iglesias, L.; Viñallonga, P.; Soler, L.; Carrasco, C.; Gil, R., 2013:
Survey of familial glaucoma shows a high incidence of cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily B, polypeptide 1 (CYP1B1) mutations in non-consanguineous congenital forms in a Spanish population

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Survey of inspection and palpation rates among spine providers: evaluation of physician performance of the physical examination for patients with low back pain

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Survey of intestinal nematode infections in Yangzhong City from 2003 to 2011

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Survey of knowledge and practices of West Virginia providers regarding enteric pathogens and laboratory testing, 2011

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Conculcation or Inoculation?

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Survey of nursing evidence website

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Survey of obstetrician-gynecologists in the United States about toxoplasmosis: 2012 update

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Survey of ophthalmic abnormalities in the labradoodle in the UK

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Survey of opinions on operative management of adhesive small bowel obstruction: laparoscopy versus laparotomy in the state of Connecticut

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Survey of opinions on the management of pleomorphic adenoma among United Kingdom oral and maxillofacial surgeons

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Survey of optometric low vision rehabilitation training methods for the moderately visually impaired

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Survey of oral chemotherapy safety and adherence practices of hospitals in Spain

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Survey of oral health practices among adults in a North Carolina Hispanic population

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Survey of orbital tumors at a comprehensive cancer center in the United States

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Survey of organizational job stress among physical education managers

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Survey of organophosphorus pesticide residues in virgin olive oils produced in Chile

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Survey of the fatty acid composition of retail milk in the United States including regional and seasonal variations

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Survey of the frequency and perceived stressfulness of ethical dilemmas encountered in UK veterinary practice

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Survey of the h index for all of academic neurosurgery: another power-law phenomenon?

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Survey of the home sewage disposal systems in northeast Ohio

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Survey of the knowledge and behavior of Italian adolescents in the face of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases

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Survey of the literature on mechanoluminescence from 1605 to 2013

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Survey of the livestock ticks of the North West province, South Africa

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Survey of the management of acute asthma in children

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Survey of the management of acute pancreatitis in surgical departments in Sweden

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Survey of the management of antithrombotic therapy in cataract surgery patients

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Survey of the management of pancreatic pseudocysts in Sweden

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Survey of the management of patients with genital dermatological problems in genitourinary/sexual health clinics in the UK

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Survey of the medico-statistical literature 1945 and 1946

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Survey of the mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) of Mayotte

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Survey of the number of Acanthamoeba keratitis cases in Japan

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Survey of the number of eggs in Taenia asiatica gravid proglottids in Dali Prefecture of Yunnan Province

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Survey of the occurrence and identification of delirium in the intensive care unit

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Survey of the occurrence of equine deep digital flexor tendon contraction (clubfoot) in the main thoroughbred breeding area in Japan

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Survey of the occurrence of pharmaceuticals in Spanish finished drinking waters

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Survey of the opinions on the occupational health system in Turkey expressed by patients of the Istanbul hospital of occupational diseases

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Survey of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii in human consumed ovine meat in Tunis City

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Survey of the perceived professional, educational and personal needs of physiotherapists in primary care and community settings

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Survey of the perceived quality of healthcare in some countries of the former Soviet block

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Survey of the performance of commercial dose calibrators for measurement of ¹²³I activity

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Survey of the perioperative prophylactic use of antimicrobial agents in 118 hospitals in China

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Survey of the pharmaceutical care situation of the HIV patient in Spain

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Survey of the phosphorylation status of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB) family

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Survey of the potential environmental and health impacts in the immediate aftermath of the coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee

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Survey of the practice of spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal analgesic delivery implants for management of pain in Canada

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Survey of the preoperative smoking cessation in patients for elective surgery in a university hospital

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Survey of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in meat products sold in retail

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Survey of the presence of patulin in fruit juices

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Survey of the prevalence of burnout, stress, depression, and the use of supports by medical students at one school

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Survey of the prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in Kurdish women

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Survey of the professors of child neurology: neurology versus pediatrics home for child neurology

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Survey of the provision of crowns by dentists in Ireland

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Survey of the quality of experimental design, statistical analysis and reporting of research using animals

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Survey of the quality of leprosy diagnosis in Madagascar

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Survey of the reactivity of O(2)(a (1)Delta(g)) with negative ions

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Survey of the reasons for dental extraction in eastern Nigeria

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Survey of the recent literature on tics in children

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Survey of the relationship between metabolic syndrome and myocardial infarction in hospitals of Urmia University of medical sciences

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Survey of the reporting characteristics of systematic reviews in rehabilitation

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Survey of the rural allied health workforce in New South Wales to inform recruitment and retention

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Survey of the sales of contraceptives by pharmacies of Dacca, East Pakistan

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Survey of the seroprovalence of HTLV I/II in hemodialysis patients and blood donors in Urmia

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Survey of the serum hepatocellular carcinoma marker Golgi glycoprotein (GP73) among Qidong residents and correlation analysis to outcome at two-year follow-up

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Survey of the situation of infertile women seeking in vitro fertilization treatment in China

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Survey of the sodium and potassium content of foods and waters by the flame photometer

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Survey of the state of health and health behavior among medical students in Hungary

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Survey of the therapeutic approach and efficacy of pentosan polysulfate for the prevention and treatment of equine osteoarthritis in veterinary practice in Australia

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Survey of the therapeutic management of rheumatoid arthritis in France: the OPALE study

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Survey of the total fatty acid and triacylglycerol composition and content of 30 duckweed species and cloning of a Δ6-desaturase responsible for the production of γ-linolenic and stearidonic acids in Lemna gibba

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Survey of the transcriptome of Aspergillus oryzae via massively parallel mRNA sequencing

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Survey of the transcriptome of Brevibacillus borstelensis exposed to low temperature shock

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Survey of the treatment of syphilis

Smith, A., 2014:
Survey of the treatment of traumatic corneal ulcer, 1941-1944, Royal Hospital, Sheffield

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Survey of the use of corticosteroids among neonatal intensive care units for the prevention or treatment of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Jose, R.; Clesham, G.J., 2007:
Survey of the use of epinephrine (adrenaline) for anaphylaxis by junior hospital doctors

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Survey of the use of massage for children with cerebral palsy

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Survey of the use of nonheart-beating kidneys in pediatric practice in the United kingdom

Bartelstone, H.J., 2014:
Survey of the use of radioactive isotopes in dentistry

Ahmed, A.; Cascarini, L.; Sandison, A.; Clarke, P., 2012:
Survey of the use of tests for human papilloma virus and epidermal growth factor receptor for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck in UK head and neck multidisciplinary teams

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Survey of the use of therapeutic hypothermia post cardiac arrest

Choi, J.C.; Dibonaventura, M.D.; Kopenhafer, L.; Nelson, W.W., 2014:
Survey of the use of warfarin and the newer anticoagulant dabigatran in patients with atrial fibrillation

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Survey of the utility of once-monthly bisphosphonate treatment for improvement of medication adherence in osteoporosis patients in Japan

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Survey of the utilization of regional and general anesthesia in a tertiary teaching hospital

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Survey of the value of neurosurgical treatment for the relief of intractable pain

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Survey of the visual exploration and analysis of perfusion data

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Survey of the year 2007 commercial optical biosensor literature

Falconer, R.J.; Penkova, A.; Jelesarov, I.; Collins, B.M., 2010:
Survey of the year 2008: applications of isothermal titration calorimetry

Falconer, R.J.; Collins, B.M., 2011:
Survey of the year 2009: applications of isothermal titration calorimetry

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Survey of thermophilic Campylobacter species in cats and dogs in north-western Nigeria

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Survey of thoracic anesthetic practice in Italy

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Concurrency of partnerships, consistency with data, and control of sexually transmitted infections

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Survey on awareness of knowledge of health and occupational hygiene behavior