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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56128

Chapter 56128 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pitkajarvi, M.; Eriksson, E.; Kekki, P., 2011:
Teachers' experiences of English-language-taught degree programs within health care sector of Finnish polytechnics

Christophel, E.; Gaschler, R.; Schnotz, W., 2014:
Teachers' expertise in feedback application adapted to the phases of the learning process

Skaalvik, E.M.; Skaalvik, S., 2011:
Teachers' feeling of belonging, exhaustion, and job satisfaction: the role of school goal structure and value consonance

van Roermund, T.C.M.; Tromp, F.; Scherpbier, A.J.J.A.; Bottema, B.J.A.M.; Bueving, H.J., 2011:
Teachers' ideas versus experts' descriptions of 'the good teacher' in postgraduate medical education: implications for implementation. A qualitative study

Baudson, T.Gabriele.; Preckel, F., 2013:
Teachers' implicit personality theories about the gifted: an experimental approach

Paterson, D., 2007:
Teachers' in-flight thinking in inclusive classrooms

Persson Osowski, C.; Göranzon, H.; Fjellström, C., 2014:
Teachers' interaction with children in the school meal situation: the example of pedagogic meals in Sweden

Papp, B.; Láng, Aás., 2014:
Teachers' knowledge about suicide and its connection to burn-out and avoidant coping

Akpan, M.U.; Ikpeme, E.E.; Utuk, E-Oe., 2013:
Teachers' knowledge and attitudes towards seizure disorder: a comparative study of urban and rural school teachers in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Nemutandani, M.S.; Yengopal, V.; Rudolph, M.J., 2011:
Teachers' knowledge of emergency management of traumatised teeth in preschools

Hurtado, A.; Katz, C.; Ciro, D.; Guttfreund, D., 2014:
Teachers' knowledge, attitudes and experience in sexual abuse prevention education in El Salvador

Jarque Fernández, S.; Tárraga Mínguez, Rúl.; Miranda Casas, A., 2007:
Teachers' knowledge, misconceptions, and lacks concerning Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Dickinson, D.K., 2011:
Teachers' language practices and academic outcomes of preschool children

Spear-Swerling, L.; Brucker, P.Owen.; Alfano, M.P., 2007:
Teachers' literacy-related knowledge and self-perceptions in relation to preparation and experience

Groff, P., 1991:
Teachers' opinions of the whole language approach to reading instruction

Silverstein, S.C.; Dubner, J.; Miller, J.; Glied, S.; Loike, J.D., 2009:
Teachers' participation in research programs improves their students' achievement in science

Jackson, J.N.; Campbell, J.M., 2008:
Teachers' peer buddy selections for children with autism: social characteristics and relationship with peer nominations

Bordoni, N.; Cadile, Mía.del.Carmen.; Sotelo, R.; Squassi, A., 2007:
Teachers' perception of oral health status. Design and validation of an evaluation instrument

Kaiser, L.; Rosenfield, S.; Gravois, T., 2009:
Teachers' perception of satisfaction, skill development, and skill application after instructional consultation services

Gehris, J.S.; Gooze, R.A.; Whitaker, R.C., 2015:
Teachers' perceptions about children's movement and learning in early childhood education programmes

Stasinos, D.P., 1995:
Teachers' perceptions of adolescent behaviour problems in school: findings from Greece

Zacharias, S.R.C.; Kelchner, L.N.; Creaghead, N., 2014:
Teachers' perceptions of adolescent females with voice disorders

Spruijt, A.; Wolfhagen, I.; Bok, H.; Schuurmans, E.; Scherpbier, A.; van Beukelen, P.; Jaarsma, D., 2013:
Teachers' perceptions of aspects affecting seminar learning: a qualitative study

Crume, P.K., 2014:
Teachers' perceptions of promoting sign language phonological awareness in an ASL/English bilingual program

Overby, M.; Carrell, T.; Bernthal, J., 2007:
Teachers' perceptions of students with speech sound disorders: a quantitative and qualitative analysis

Robinson-Cimpian, J.P.; Lubienski, S.Theule.; Ganley, C.M.; Copur-Gencturk, Y., 2014:
Teachers' perceptions of students' mathematics proficiency may exacerbate early gender gaps in achievement

Eriks-Brophy, A.; Whittingham, J., 2013:
Teachers' perceptions of the inclusion of children with hearing loss in general education settings

Shimizu, F.; Katsuda, H., 2015:
Teachers' perceptions of the role of nurses: caring for children who are technology-dependent in mainstream schools

Hinton, D.; Kirk, S., 2016:
Teachers' perspectives of supporting pupils with long-term health conditions in mainstream schools: a narrative review of the literature

Alisic, E., 2012:
Teachers' perspectives on providing support to children after trauma: a qualitative study

Aransiola, J.O.; Asa, S.; Obinjuwa, P.; Olarewaju, O.; Ojo, O.O.; Fatusi, A.O., 2014:
Teachers' perspectives on sexual and reproductive health interventions for in-school adolescents in Nigeria

Wood, J.C.; Heiskell, K.D.; Delay, D.M.; Jongeling, J.Ann.S.; Perry, D., 2009:
Teachers' preferences for interventions for ethnically diverse learners with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Pyzalski, J., 2009:
Teachers' psychosocial burdens at work resulting from student misbehavior

Hodgins, S.; Larm, P.; Ellenbogen, M.; Vitaro, F.; Tremblay, R.E., 2013:
Teachers' ratings of childhood behaviours predict adolescent and adult crime among 3016 males and females

Kieffer, V.; Longaud, A.; Callu, D.; Laroussinie, Fçoise.; Viguier, D.; Grill, J.; Dellatolas, G., 2012:
Teachers' report of learning and behavioural difficulties in children treated for cerebellar tumours

Giannopulu, I.; Escolano, S.; Cusin, F.; Citeau, H.; Dellatolas, G., 2007:
Teachers' reporting of behavioural problems and cognitive-academic performances in children aged 5-7 years

Goebbels, A.F.G.; Nicholson, J.M.; Walsh, K.; De Vries, H., 2008:
Teachers' reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect: behaviour and determinants

Wong, E.M.Y.; Cheng, M.M.H.; Lo, S.K., 2011:
Teachers' risk perception and needs in addressing infectious disease outbreak

Boulton, M.J., 2015:
Teachers' self-efficacy, perceived effectiveness beliefs, and reported use of cognitive-behavioral approaches to bullying among pupils: effects of in-service training with the I DECIDE program

Silva, A.Aparecida.; Fischer, F.Marina., 2014:
Teachers' sick leave due to mental and behavioral disorders and return to work

Haynes, C.; Hook, P.; Macaruso, P.; Muta, E.; Hayashi, Y.; Kato, J.; Sasaki, T., 2011:
Teachers' skill ratings of children with learning disabilities: a comparison of the United States and Japan

Adriaanse, H.; Van Reek, J., 1986:
Teachers' smoking worldwide: a review of nineteen countries (1966-1983)

Martini, J.Gue.; Furegato, A.Regina.Ferreira., 2008:
Teachers' social representations on drug use in a secondary school

Poorman, S.G.; Mastorovich, M.L.; Webb, C.A., 2008:
Teachers' stories: how faculty help and hinder students at risk

Zhang, L-fang., 2008:
Teachers' styles of thinking: an exploratory study

Luckner, J.L.; Bowen, S.K., 2011:
Teachers' use and perceptions of progress monitoring

Putwain, D.W.; Symes, W., 2011:
Teachers' use of fear appeals in the mathematics classroom: worrying or motivating students?

Troop-Gordon, W.; Ladd, G.W., 2015:
Teachers' victimization-related beliefs and strategies: associations with students' aggressive behavior and peer victimization

Kochenderfer-Ladd, B.; Pelletier, M.E., 2009:
Teachers' views and beliefs about bullying: influences on classroom management strategies and students' coping with peer victimization

Allan, H.T.; O'Driscoll, M.; Simpson, V.; Shawe, J., 2015:
Teachers' views of using e-learning for non-traditional students in higher education across three disciplines [nursing, chemistry and management] at a time of massification and increased diversity in higher education

Lyberg Åhlander, V.; Pelegrín García, D.; Whitling, S.; Rydell, R.; Löfqvist, A., 2015:
Teachers' voice use in teaching environments: a field study using ambulatory phonation monitor

Heath, J.P., 1956:
Teachers, Second Class?

Velkov, T.; Roberts, K.D.; Nation, R.L.; Wang, J.; Thompson, P.E.; Li, J., 2015:
Teaching 'old' polymyxins new tricks: new-generation lipopeptides targeting gram-negative 'superbugs'

Hinton, L., 2008:
Teaching 'origins of depth psychology': overview and candidate-members' experience

Anderson, W., 2009:
Teaching 'race' at medical school: social scientists on the margin

Hopple, J.P., 2011:
Teaching 'restraint'. Improper technique risks injury and lawsuits

Solt, I.; Acuna, J.G.; Ogunyemi, D.; Rotmensch, S.; Kim, M.J., 2011:
Teaching 3-dimensional fetal ultrasound: a randomized study

Koning, W.F., 2015:
Teaching 3D computer animation to illustrators: the instructor as translator and technical director

Cingi, C.; Oghan, F., 2012:
Teaching 3D sculpting to facial plastic surgeons

Hennen, B.K.; Blackman, N., 1992:
Teaching About Culture and Health in Ontario Medical Schools: Learning about culture and health through patient-centered care

Goldstein, A.O.; Calleson, D.; Bearman, R.; Steiner, B.D.; Frasier, P.Y.; Slatt, L., 2009:
Teaching Advanced Leadership Skills in Community Service (ALSCS) to medical students

Chafer, T., 2008:
Teaching Africans to be French? France's "civilising mission" and the establishment of a public education system in French West Africa, 1903-30

Thayer, W.S., 1916:
Teaching and Practise

Beal, W.J., 1895:
Teaching Botany one Topic at a Time, Illustrated by Suitable Materials at Any Season of the year

Carpenter, K.M.; Watson, J.M.; Raffety, B.; Chabal, C., 2003:
Teaching Brief Interventions for Smoking Cessation via an Interactive Computer-based Tutorial

Dubois, N.A., 1909:
Teaching by the Lecture System

McCluskey, D.; Moore, P.; Campbell, S.; Topping, A., 2011:
Teaching CPR in secondary education: the opinions of head teachers in one region of the UK

Curtis, H.A., 1917:
Teaching Chemistry and Teaching Chemists

Simons, J.H., 1936:
Teaching Chemistry for its Cultural and Training Values

Roberts, L.J., 1925:
Teaching Children to like Wholesome Foods

Kuhn, M.R.; Schwanenflugel, P.J.; Morris, R.D.; Morrow, L.Mandel.; Woo, D.Gee.; Meisinger, E.B.; Sevcik, R.A.; Bradley, B.A.; Stahl, S.A., 2006:
Teaching Children to Become Fluent and Automatic Readers

Ledford, J.R.; Wehby, J.H., 2015:
Teaching Children with Autism in Small Groups with Students Who are At-Risk for Academic Problems: Effects on Academic and Social Behaviors

Serrano, M.Sylvia.Campos.; Doren, F.Márquez.; Wilson, L., 2010:
Teaching Chilean mothers to massage their full-term infants: effects on maternal breast-feeding and infant weight gain at age 2 and 4 months

Fan, Q.; Yu, J.; Ross, C.A.; Keyes, B.B.; Dai, Y.; Zhang, T.; Wang, L.; Xiao, Z., 2012:
Teaching Chinese psychiatrists to make reliable dissociative disorder diagnoses

Guiou, N.M., 1943:
Teaching Compatibility Tests for Blood Donors

Gajewski, B.J.; Jiang, Y.; Yeh, H-Wen.; Engelman, K.; Teel, C.; Choi, W.S.; Greiner, K.Allen.; Daley, C.Makosky., 2014:
Teaching Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Non-Statisticians: A Case Study for Estimating Composite Reliability of Psychometric Instruments

Potthoff, C.J., 1945:
Teaching Correctness of Thinking in Matters of Health

Van Duyne, G.D., 2009:
Teaching Cre to follow directions

Roy, R., 2007:
Teaching Cultural Sensitivity through Literature and Reflective Writing

Klein, J.L.; Macdonald, R.F.P.; Vaillancourt, G.; Ahearn, W.H.; Dube, W.V., 2010:
Teaching Discrimination of Adult Gaze Direction to Children with Autism

Coulehan, J.; Winfield, H., 2011:
Teaching Dr. Hiram Winfield how to practice

Fineout-Overholt, E.; Stillwell, S.B.; Kent, B., 2009:
Teaching EBP through problem-based learning

Williamson, K.M.; Fineout-Overholt, E.; Kent, B.; Hutchinson, A.M., 2012:
Teaching EBP: integrating technology into academic curricula to facilitate evidence-based decision-making

Kent, B.; Fineout-Overholt, E., 2007:
Teaching EBP: part 1. Making sense of clinical practice guidelines

Kent, B.; Fineout-Overholt, E.; Wimpenny, P., 2007:
Teaching EBP: part 2 - making sense of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Fineout-Overholt, E.; Williamson, K.M.; Kent, B.; Hutchinson, A.M., 2010:
Teaching EBP: strategies for achieving sustainable organizational change toward evidence-based practice

Bresler, J.B., 1968:
Teaching Effectiveness and Government Awards: Study shows that publication and government awards are good indicators of ability in teaching undergraduates

Sara, K., 2009:
Teaching English at Damascus University Medical School

Keselman, A.; Levin, D.M.; Hundal, S.; Kramer, J.F.; Matzkin, K.; Dutcher, G., 2012:
Teaching Environmental Health Science for Informed Citizenship in the Science Classroom and Afterschool Clubs

Cruz, J.W.; Woychik, N.A., 2015:
Teaching Fido new ModiFICation tricks

Liu, M.Mengyue.; Kim, J.; Jabbour, N., 2015:
Teaching Furlow palatoplasty: the sticky note method

Ahluwalia, S.; de Silva, D.; Kumar, S.; Viney, R.; Chana, N., 2014:
Teaching GP trainees to use health coaching in consultations with patients: evaluation of a pilot study

de Souza, D.G.; de Rose, J.C.; Faleiros, T.C.; Bortoloti, R.; Hanna, E.Seixas.; McIlvane, W.J., 2009:
Teaching Generative Reading Via Recombination of Minimal Textual Units: A Legacy of Verbal Behavior to Children in Brazil

Anonymous, 1963:
Teaching Genetics

Gardner, J.; Kjolhaug, J.; Linde, J.A.; Sevcik, S.; Lytle, L.A., 2013:
Teaching Goal-Setting for Weight-Gain Prevention in a College Population: Insights from the CHOICES Study

Ling, L.J., 2014:
Teaching Goldilocks to supervise: not too much, not too little, but just right

Primack, B.A.; Wickett, D.J.; Kraemer, K.L.; Zickmund, S., 2010:
Teaching Health Literacy Using Popular Television Programming: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Schwartz-Bloom, R.D.; Halpin, M.J.; Reiter, J.P., 2011:
Teaching High School Chemistry in the Context of Pharmacology Helps Both Teachers and Students Learn

Tobia, A.; Bhatt, S.; Grigo, H.; Katsamanis, M., 2013:
Teaching Housestaff to Enhance Student Education with the Use of Fantasy Sports (THESEUS)

McCarthy, R.M.; Hilmer, S.N., 2014:
Teaching Junior Medical Officers safe and effective prescribing

Campbell, E.T., 2009:
Teaching Korean RN-BSN students

Binger, C.; Kent-Walsh, J.; Berens, J.; Del Campo, S.; Rivera, D., 2008:
Teaching Latino parents to support the multi-symbol message productions of their children who require AAC

Elias, N.Chamel.; Goyos, C.; Saunders, M.; Saunders, R., 2008:
Teaching Manual Signs to Adults With Mental Retardation Using Matching-to-Sample Procedures and Stimulus Equivalence

Griffin, J.D., 1964 :
Teaching Medical History in Canadian Universities

Henderson, J.G.; Merkel, W.T.; Cohen, J.D., 1986:
Teaching Medical Students How to Talk with Patients about Cardiovascular Risk Factor Modification

Ng, W., 2013:
Teaching Microbial Identification with Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) and Bioinformatics Tools

Abele, M.; Brown, J.; Ibrahim, H.; Jha, M.K., 2016:
Teaching Motivational Interviewing Skills to Psychiatry Trainees: Findings of a National Survey

Choi, H.; Lee, J.; Koh, S-Ho.; Lee, Y.Joo.; Lee, K-Yong., 2013:
Teaching Neuro Images: CSF leaks and spontaneous intracranial hypotension

Franco, M.J.; Vendrame, M.; Haneef, Z.; Azizi, S.Ausim., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Acute spastic monoplegia secondary to spinal epidural venous engorgement in pregnancy

Katirji, B.; Kesner, V.; Hejal, R.B.; Alshekhlee, A., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Axial muscle atrophy in adult-onset Pompe disease

Muehlschlegel, S.; Goddeau, R.P.; Sims, J.R., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Cerebral T-waves from an aneurysmal cardunculus compression

Lin, C-Chun.; Chiu, M-Jang., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Cervical cord atrophy with dorsal root ganglionopathy in Sjögren syndrome

Weber, K.P.; Thurtell, M.J.; Halmagyi, G.Michael., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Convergence spasm associated with midbrain compression by cerebral aneurysm

Roh, J.H.; Kim, J.H.; Koo, Y.; Seo, W-K.; Lee, J-M.; Lee, Y.H.; Park, M.H., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Diverse MRI signal intensities with Wernicke encephalopathy

Kumar, A.; Singh, A.Kumar., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImage: Inverted V sign in subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord

Cianfoni, A.; Luigetti, M.; Madia, F.; Conte, A.; Savino, G.; Colosimo, C.; Tonali, P.A.; Sabatelli, M., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImage: MRI of diabetic lumbar plexopathy treated with local steroid injection

Revilla, F.J.; de la Cruz, R.; Khardori, N.; Espay, A.J., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Oculomasticatory myorhythmia: pathognomonic phenomenology of Whipple disease

De Bonis, P.; Novegno, F.; Tamburrini, G.; Anile, C.; Pompucci, A.; Mangiola, A., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Prepontine-suprasellar arachnoid cyst presenting with signs of normal pressure hydrocephalus

Barroso, B., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Pulmonary arteriovenous fistula and top of the basilar infarction

Fernández-Torre, Jé.L.; Leno, C., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Simple partial frontal status epilepticus with recurrent asymmetric tonic seizures

Montano, N.; Nucci, C.G.; Doglietto, F.; Cianfoni, A.; Lucantoni, C.; De Bonis, P.; Tamburrini, G.; Visocchi, M., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Spontaneous idiopathic spinal subdural hematoma

Miley, J.T.; Rodriguez, G.J.; Hernandez, E.M.; Bundlie, S.R., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Traumatic internuclear ophthalmoplegia

Kim, J.S.; Jeong, S-H.; Oh, Y-M.; Yang, Y.Soon.; Kim, S.Y., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: Wall-eyed bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia (WEBINO) from midbrain infarction

Tondelli, M.; Mandrioli, J.; Ficarra, G.; Pentore, R.; Girolami, F.; Ghidoni, I.; Agnoletto, V., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: When right atrial myxoma meets patent foramen ovale: a case of paradoxical brain embolism

Kuo, S-Han.; Kwan, J.Y., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: corticospinal tract

Scozzafava, J.; Block, H.; Asdaghi, N.; Siddiqi, Z.A., 2007:
Teaching NeuroImage: cryptococcal brain pseudocysts in an immunocompetent patient

Sankhyan, N.; Sharma, S.; Kamate, M.; Subramanian, S., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy syndrome: sequential MRI follow-up

Montano, N.; De Bonis, P.; Doglietto, F.; Cianfoni, A.; Pallini, R.; Lauriola, L.; Maira, G., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: hemorrhagic ependymoma in the elderly: a rare cause of headache and gait imbalance

Ko, S-Bae.; Bae, H-Joon.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Yoon, B-Woo., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: hippocampal involvement in a patient with hypoglycemic coma

Lowden, M.R.; Gill, D., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImage: idiopathic hypertrophic spinal pachymeningitis

Theeler, B.J.; Keylock, J.B.; Yoest, S.M., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: isolated intracranial Rosai-Dorfman disease mimicking a meningioma

Samkoff, L.M.; Monajati, A.; Shapiro, J.L., 2008 :
Teaching NeuroImage: nocardial intramedullary spinal cord abscess

Espinosa, P.S., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: one-and-a-half syndrome

Smith, P.D.; Cook, M.J.; Trost, N.M.; Murphy, M.A., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: open-ring imaging sign in a case of tumefactive cerebral demyelination

Sharma, P.; Eesa, M.; Poppe, A.Y.; Goyal, M., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: posttraumatic palatal tremor

De Bonis, P.; Lucantoni, C.; D'Angelo, L.; Doglietto, F.; Romano, D.; Visocchi, M., 2008:
Teaching NeuroImage: spinal extradural arachnoid cyst: a rare cause of back pain

Prasad, S.; Kasner, S.E., 2007:
Teaching NeuroImage: subclavian steal syndrome

Katirji, B., 2007:
Teaching NeuroImage: the L5 spinal cord segment

Halterman, M.W.; Vates, G.Edward.; Riggs, G., 2007:
Teaching NeuroImage: tremor in aqueductal stenosis and response to endoscopic third ventriculostomy

Choi, H-Y.; Lee, M.G.; Ye, B.S.; Cho, H.J.; Kim, D.J.; Heo, J.H., 2007:
Teaching NeuroImages bilateral cerebellar infarction in dominant superior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries

Mehta, S.; Singh, G.; Paul, B.Singh., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: 5-FU-induced acute leukoencephalopathy

Roohi, F., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Acquired Chiari malformation with syringohydromyelia caused by posterior fossa

Naqshabandi, A.M.; Srinivasan, J., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Acute calcific tendinitis of longus colli mimicking meningismus

Kumar R, S.; Kuruvilla, A., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImages: Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis after mumps

Spalice, A.; Del Balzo, F.; Nicita, F.; Papetti, L.; Ursitti, F.; Salvatori, G.; Zicari, A.M.; Properzi, E.; Duse, M., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Acute necrotizing encephalopathy during novel influenza A (H1N1) virus infection

Di Filippo, M.; Balucani, C.; Parnetti, L.; Cardaioli, G.; Floridi, P.; Calabresi, P., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImages: Acute tetraparesis: Mind the brain

Madey, J.; Lehman, R.K.; Chaudry, I.; Vaillancourt, S.L., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: Atypical Wyburn-Mason syndrome

Brunetti, V.; Ferilli, M.Ada.Noris.; Nociti, V.; Silvestri, G., 2014:
Teaching NeuroImages: Autosomal dominant leukodystrophy in a sporadic case

Plantone, D.; Renna, R.; Grossi, D.; Plantone, F.; Iorio, R., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: Basal ganglia involvement in facio-brachial dystonic seizures associated with LGI1 antibodies

Rosa, S.; Davagnanam, I., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Bilateral pedicular fractures in severe lumbar dural ectasia

Verro, P., 2010:
Teaching NeuroImages: Brain air embolism due to YAG laser bronchoscopy

Das, A.; Kesavadas, C.; Radhakrishnan, V.V.; Nair, N.Suresh., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImages: Bruns syndrome caused by intraventricular neurocysticercosis

Narayanan, N.S.; Sheriff, F.; Boyce, J.M., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: CNS actinomycosis in an immunocompetent patient

Thangarajh, M.; Mar, S.Soe., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: CNS involvement in systemic anaplastic large-cell lymphoma

Dhamija, R.; Keating, G., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: CT scan of congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Dababneh, H.; Shikhman, A.; Moussavi, M.; Guerrero, W.R.; Panezai, S.; Kirmani, J.F., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: Comatose patient with bilateral thalamic infarct due to internal carotid artery occlusion

Jain, P.; Ramesh, K.; Mohamed, A.; Kumar, A.; Gulati, S., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Distinct neuroimaging features of fucosidosis

Jang, K-S.; Jang, D-K.; Han, Y-M.; Lee, A.H.; Park, Y.S., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Dual-phase 3D multislice CT angiography for the detection of intracranial pseudoaneurysm

Rouhl, R.P.W.; Postma, A.A., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Duret hemorrhage due to bilateral subdural hematomas causing internuclear ophthalmoplegia

O'Gorman, C.; Cascino, G.D., 2014:
Teaching NeuroImages: EEG pattern associated with a skull osteolytic lesion in breast cancer

Renard, D.; Collombier, L.; Castelnovo, G.; Labauge, P., 2010 :
Teaching NeuroImages: FDG-PET in progressive supranuclear palsy

Tan, X-L.; Yang, Q-D.; Liu, X-J.; Xiao, B.; Tang, B-S., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: False-positive magnetic resonance sign in spontaneous spinal CSF leak

Li, Y.; Clauser, G.; Jenny, D.; Castaldo, J., 2010:
Teaching NeuroImages: Falsely disappearing stroke secondary to isodense subdural hematoma

Blondin, N.Alfred.; Schindler, J.Laurence., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: First-order Horner syndrome due to ipsilateral thalamic hemorrhage

Karam, C.; Quinn, C.C.; Paganoni, S.; David, W.S., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Ganglion cyst causing pure sensory ulnar neuropathy at the wrist

Singh, P.; Goraya, J.Singh.; Ahluwalia, A.; Saggar, K., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Glutaric aciduria type 1 (glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency)

Jadhav, A.Prabhakar.; Venna, N., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Gravity reverses paradoxical herniation in the sinking brain syndrome

Armstrong, R.J.E.; Downer, J.; Evans, N.; Anslow, P.; Ebers, G.C., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Headache with pulsatile tinnitus

Sugie, K.; Hayashi, Y.K.; Kin, T.; Goto, K.; Nishino, I.; Ueno, S., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImages: Hemiatrophy as a clinical presentation in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy

Schreuder, F.H.B.M.; Hamers, R.M.P.T.; van Domburg, P.H.M.F., 2010:
Teaching NeuroImages: Holmes tremor after midbrain stroke

Cappellari, A.M.; Tardini, G.; Bona, A.R.; Belli, M.; Triulzi, F.; Fossali, E.F., 2014:
Teaching NeuroImages: Infantile herpes simplex encephalitis

Dardiotis, E.; Patramani, G.; Ralli, S.; Hadjigeorgiou, G.M., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Isolated bilateral trigeminal nerve palsy

Westwood, A.J.; Burns, J.D.; Kase, C.S., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: Isolated pineal hemorrhage

Chen, W.; Fang, J.; Dong, Y.R.; Di, Y.; Li, W., 2012:
Teaching NeuroImages: Isolated vertigo and imbalance due to deep border zone cerebellar infarct

Yabe, I.; Nishimura, H.; Tsuji-Akimoto, S.; Niino, M.; Sasaki, H., 2009:
Teaching NeuroImages: Lumbar nerve roots metastasis from prostatic adenocarcinoma

Bouvy, W.H.; Leijten, F.S.S.; Ramos, L.; Wokke, J.H.J., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: MRI changes of ictal cortical edema and tumor progression in a patient with astrocytoma

Chabot, R.H.; Wirtz, P.W., 2011:
Teaching NeuroImages: MRI findings in varicella zoster brachial plexus neuritis

Schicks, J.; Schöls, L.; van der Knaap, M.S.; Synofzik, M., 2013:
Teaching NeuroImages: MRI guides genetics: leukoencephalopathy with brainstem and spinal cord involvement (LBSL)

Oh, D.; Park, S-Ho., 2010:
Teaching NeuroImages: MRI in Ramsay-Hunt syndrome after trigeminal zoster

Shiva Kumar, R.; Keerthiraj, B.; Kesavadas, C., 2010:
Teaching NeuroImages: MRI in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

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Teaching NeuroImages: Ma2 encephalitis presenting as acute panhypopituitarism in a young man

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Teaching NeuroImages: Macrocephaly with subcortical calcifications in vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation

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Teaching NeuroImages: Menkes kinky hair syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: Molar tooth sign with hypotonia, ataxia, and nystagmus (Joubert syndrome) and hypothyroidism

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Teaching NeuroImages: Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome) in a previously undiagnosed infant

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Teaching NeuroImages: Nasu Hakola syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: Pisa syndrome in Parkinson disease

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Teaching NeuroImages: a neuroendocrine rarity: Wolfram syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: armored brain

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Teaching NeuroImages: brain mass with hilar adenopathy: the importance of histologic diagnosis

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Teaching NeuroImages: caudal regression syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: central retinal artery occlusion with cilioretinal artery sparing in giant cell arteritis

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Teaching NeuroImages: differential diagnosis of scapular winging

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Teaching NeuroImages: diffuse cerebral neurosarcoidosis mimicking gliomatosis cerebri

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Teaching NeuroImages: diffuse posterior leukoencephalopathy in MELAS without stroke-like episodes

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Teaching NeuroImages: disappearing intraluminal thrombus of the carotid artery in reactive thrombocytosis

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Teaching NeuroImages: dorsal midbrain (Parinaud) syndrome with corectopia

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Teaching NeuroImages: hemispheric enhancement in Sturge-Weber syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: hemispheric-onset Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with concordant MRI and EEG findings

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Teaching NeuroImages: herpes zoster ophthalmicus-related oculomotor palsy accompanied by Hutchinson sign

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Teaching NeuroImages: honeycomb appearance of the brain in a patient with Canavan disease

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Teaching NeuroImages: leptomeningeal lung carcinoma

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Teaching NeuroImages: lipoid proteinosis (Urbach-Wiethe disease): typical findings in this rare genodermatosis

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Teaching NeuroImages: long-term outcome of untreated Rasmussen syndrome

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Teaching NeuroImages: macaroni sign

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Teaching NeuroImages: mind the gap! Postfixational blindness due to traumatic rupture of the optic chiasm

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Teaching Neurophysiology to Undergraduates using Neurons in Action

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Teaching NonPhysician Anesthesia Providers in Tanzania: a movement toward sustainable healthcare development

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Teaching Object-Picture Matching to Improve Concordance between Object and Picture Preferences for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Pilot Study

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Teaching Obstetrics -- the phantom of the pocket

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Teaching Of Chemistry And Physics In The United States

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Teaching of Chemistry in Schools--1876, 1901

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Teaching of Chemistry in State Universities

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Teaching Of Hygiene And Temperance In Public Elementary Schools

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Teaching of Hygiene in Elementary Schools: a Report on the Present Conditions and Prospects of Education in Hygiene in Schools in the United Kingdom

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