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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 56136

Chapter 56136 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Staton-Tindall, M.; Wahler, E.; Webster, J.Matthew.; Godlaski, T.; Freeman, R.; Leukefeld, C., 2013:
Telemedicine-based alcohol services for rural offenders

Isetta, V.; León, C.; Torres, M.; Embid, C.; Roca, J.; Navajas, D.; Farré, R.; Montserrat, J.M., 2014:
Telemedicine-based approach for obstructive sleep apnea management: building evidence

Fortney, J.C.; Pyne, J.M.; Kimbrell, T.A.; Hudson, T.J.; Robinson, D.E.; Schneider, R.; Moore, W.M.; Custer, P.J.; Grubbs, K.M.; Schnurr, P.P., 2015:
Telemedicine-based collaborative care for posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized clinical trial

Li, Z.; Wu, C.; Olayiwola, J.Nwando.; Hilaire, D.St.; Huang, J.J., 2012:
Telemedicine-based digital retinal imaging vs standard ophthalmologic evaluation for the assessment of diabetic retinopathy

Schou, L.; Østergaard, B.; Rasmussen, L.S.; Rydahl-Hansen, S.; Jakobsen, A.Svarre.; Emme, C.; Phanareth, K., 2016:
Telemedicine-based treatment versus hospitalization in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and exacerbation: effect on cognitive function. A randomized clinical trial

Koertke, H.; Zittermann, A.; Wagner, O.; Secer, S.; Sciangula, A.; Saggau, W.; Sack, F-Udo.; Ennker, Jürgen.; Cremer, J.; Musumeci, F.; Gummert, J.F., 2016:
Telemedicine-guided, very low-dose international normalized ratio self-control in patients with mechanical heart valve implants

Larsen, M.E.; Turner, J.; Farmer, A.; Neil, A.; Tarassenko, L., 2011:
Telemedicine-supported insulin optimisation in primary care

Majerowicz, A.; Tracy, S., 2010:
Telemedicine. Bridging gaps in healthcare delivery

Palsson, T.; Brekkan, A., 1999:
Telemedicine. Information technology and health-care planning.

Versel, N., 2009:
Telemedicine. Mobile video systems link ED with ambulances to jump-start triage

Anonymous, 2011:
Telemedicine. New technologies take health care beyond the clinic

McKinney, M., 2008:
Telemedicine. Without leaving the city, pharmacists fill void at rural hospitals

Murias, G.; Sales, B.; García-Esquirol, O.; Blanch, L., 2010:
Telemedicine: Improving the quality of care for critical patients from the pre-hospital phase to the intensive care unit

Whitten, P.; Holtz, B.; Laplante, C., 2010:
Telemedicine: What have we learned?

Syburra, T.; Genoni, M., 2008:
Telemedicine: Who, what, with what aids, where, why, how, when?

Strinden, W., 2015:
Telemedicine: a brave new world

Morland, L.A.; Raab, M.; Mackintosh, M-Anne.; Rosen, C.S.; Dismuke, C.E.; Greene, C.J.; Frueh, B.Christopher., 2014:
Telemedicine: a cost-reducing means of delivering psychotherapy to rural combat veterans with PTSD

Versluis, M.A.C., 2011:
Telemedicine: a dream come true?

Dasgupta, A.; Deb, S., 2008:
Telemedicine: a new horizon in public health in India

Mariani, A.Wasum.; Pêgo-Fernandes, P.Manuel., 2013:
Telemedicine: a technological revolution

Sharma, A.Kumar., 2012:
Telemedicine: a technology in waiting

Alamartine, E.; Thibaudin, D.; Maillard, N.; Sauron, C.; Mehdi, M.; Broyet, C.; Mariat, C., 2010:
Telemedicine: an unfruitful experience of tele-expertise in nephrology

Medeiros de Bustos, E.; Vuillier, F.; Chavot, D.; Moulin, T., 2012:
Telemedicine: application in the neurological emergencies

Taub, S.; Parsi, K., 2001:
Telemedicine: assisted self-treatment at the South pole

Humphreys, M., 2012:
Telemedicine: climate change and mosquito-borne disease: a historical perspective

LeRouge, C.; Lerouge, C.; Tulu, B., 2008:
Telemedicine: creating the value-added paradigm for medical video conferencing

Rao, B.; Lombardi, A., 2009:
Telemedicine: current status in developed and developing countries

Borgmeyer, K.; Whitten, D.; Kayworth, T., 2007:
Telemedicine: developing a framework to classify technology strategies

Shoaib, M.; Noorani, M.Muslim.; Khaliq, M.Farhan., 2013:
Telemedicine: distance matters not now

Berger, E., 2010:
Telemedicine: has its time come?

Matusitz, J.; Breen, G-Mark., 2007:
Telemedicine: its effects on health communication

Siegal, G., 2012:
Telemedicine: licensing and other legal issues

Jackson, J.Zen., 2012:
Telemedicine: long-arm jurisdiction over healthcare providers

Clark, P.A.; Capuzzi, K.; Harrison, J., 2011:
Telemedicine: medical, legal and ethical perspectives

Weinstein, R.S.; Lopez, A.Maria.; Krupinski, E.A., 2014:
Telemedicine: news from the front lines

Page, D., 2012:
Telemedicine: now it's a must

Tarasenko, G.N.; Lipova, E.V.; Glazko, I.I., 2011:
Telemedicine: opinions of dermatovenerologist and patient

Hertz, B.Thomas., 2013:
Telemedicine: patient demand, cost containment drive growth. Joining the trend may not be as expensive or time-consuming as you think, experts say

García Jordá, E., 2011:
Telemedicine: shortening distances

Sharma, L.K.; Rajput, M., 2009:
Telemedicine: socio-ethical considerations in the Indian milieu

Zanni, G.R., 2012:
Telemedicine: sorting out the benefits and obstacles

LeRouge, C.; Garfield, M.J.; Collins, R.Webb., 2013:
Telemedicine: technology mediated service relationship, encounter, or something else?

Eron, L., 2010:
Telemedicine: the future of outpatient therapy?

Scalvini, S.; Rivadossi, F.; Comini, L.; Muiesan, M.Lorenza.; Glisenti, F., 2011:
Telemedicine: the role of specialist second opinion for GPs in the care of hypertensive patients

Moncrief, J.W., 2014:
Telemedicine: the slow revolution

Zannad, F.; Maugendre, P.; Audry, A.; Avril, C.; Blaise, L.; Blin, O.; Burnel, P.; Falise-Mirat, Béatrice.; Girault, Dèle.; Giri, I.; Goehrs, J-Marie.; Lassale, C.; L.M.ur, R.; Leurent, P.; Ratignier-Carbonneil, C.; Rossignol, P.; Satonnet, E.; Simon, P.; Treluyer, L., 2015:
Telemedicine: what framework, what levels of proof, implementation rules

Lally, J.F., 2013:
Telemedicine: winners and losers

Lawrence, D., 2009:
Telemedicine: with limited specialists, more area to cover, and better reimbursement models, many hospitals are embracing telemedicine

Morrissey, J., 2014:
Telemedicine:'If you aren't doing anything now, you're way behind'

Ellington, E.; Repique, R.John.R., 2014:
Telemental health adoption can change psychiatric-mental health nursing practice

Siemer, C.P.; Fogel, J.; Van Voorhees, B.W., 2011:
Telemental health and web-based applications in children and adolescents

Southard, E.P.; Neufeld, J.D.; Laws, S., 2016:
Telemental health evaluations enhance access and efficiency in a critical access hospital emergency department

Nieves, J.Edwin.; Candelario, J.; Short, D.; Briscoe, G., 2010:
Telemental health for our soldiers: a brief review and a new pilot program

Jefee-Bahloul, H., 2014:
Telemental health in the middle East: overcoming the barriers

Goldstein, F.; Myers, K., 2014:
Telemental health: a new collaboration for pediatricians and child psychiatrists

Myers, K.M.; Lieberman, D., 2014:
Telemental health: responding to mandates for reform in primary healthcare

Crawford, I.; McBeth, P.B.; Mitchelson, M.; Tiruta, C.; Ferguson, J.; Kirkpatrick, A.W., 2011:
Telementorable "just-in-time" lung ultrasound on an iPhone

Challacombe, B.; Wheatstone, S., 2010:
Telementoring and telerobotics in urological surgery

Snyderman, C., 2012:
Telementoring at UPMC. Interview by Mark Hagland

Irizarry, D.; Boedeker, B.H.; Bernhagen, M.; Miljkovic, N.; Nicholas Iv, T., 2012:
Telementoring for airway management between a far forward special operations location to a major medical center using inexpensive telemedicine solutions

Sereno, S.; Mutter, D.; Dallemagne, B.; Smith, C.D.; Marescaux, J., 2007:
Telementoring for minimally invasive surgical training by wireless robot

Bogen, E.M.; Augestad, K.M.; Patel, H.Rh.; Lindsetmo, R-Ole., 2014:
Telementoring in education of laparoscopic surgeons: An emerging technology

Santomauro, M.; Reina, G.Anthony.; Stroup, S.P.; L'Esperance, J.O., 2013:
Telementoring in robotic surgery

Wachs, J.P.; Gomez, G., 2014:
Telementoring systems in the operating room: a new approach in medical training

Rosser, J.C.; Young, S.M.; Klonsky, J., 2007:
Telementoring: an application whose time has come

Ponce, B.A.; Jennings, J.K.; Clay, T.B.; May, M.B.; Huisingh, C.; Sheppard, E.D., 2014:
Telementoring: use of augmented reality in orthopaedic education: AAOS exhibit selection

Dellacà, R.; Montserrat, J.M.; Govoni, L.; Pedotti, A.; Navajas, D.; Farré, R., 2011:
Telemetric CPAP titration at home in patients with sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome

Abdullah, J.Malin.; Rafiqul Islam, M., 2013:
Telemetric EEG and the rat: a guide for neuroscientists

Kiefer, M.; Antes, S.; Leonhardt, S.; Schmitt, M.; Orakcioglu, B.; Sakowitz, O.W.; Eymann, R., 2012:
Telemetric ICP measurement with the first CE-approved device: data from animal experiments and initial clinical experiences

Behan, A.L.; Hauptman, J.G.; Robinson, N.Edward., 2013:
Telemetric analysis of breathing pattern variability in recurrent airway obstruction (heaves)-affected horses

Martin, S.S.; Bakken, R.R.; Lind, C.M.; Reed, D.S.; Price, J.L.; Koeller, C.A.; Parker, M.D.; Hart, M.Kate.; Fine, D.L., 2009:
Telemetric analysis to detect febrile responses in mice following vaccination with a live-attenuated virus vaccine

Seide, K.; Aljudaibi, M.; Weinrich, N.; Kowald, B.; Jürgens, C.; Müller, J.; Faschingbauer, M., 2012:
Telemetric assessment of bone healing with an instrumented internal fixator: a preliminary study

Dmitrieva, N.; Faircloth, E.K.; Pyatok, S.; Sacher, F.; Patchev, V., 2012:
Telemetric assessment of referred vaginal hyperalgesia and the effect of indomethacin in a rat model of endometriosis

Helms, T.M.; Pelleter, Jörg.T.; Ronneberger, D.L., 2007:
Telemetric care of patients suffering from chronic heart failure with special reference to the Telemetric Care and Education Program "Telemedizin fürs Herz" ("Telemedicine for the Heart")

Mahnken, A.H.; Urban, U.; Fassbender, H.; Schnakenberg, U.; Schoth, F.; Schmitz-Rode, T., 2009:
Telemetric catheter-based pressure sensor for hemodynamic monitoring: experimental experience

Frischholz, M.; Sarmento, L.; Wenzel, M.; Aquilina, K.; Edwards, R.; Coakham, H.B., 2007:
Telemetric implantable pressure sensor for short- and long-term monitoring of intracranial pressure

Floerkemeier, T.; Aljuneidi, W.; Reifenrath, J.; Angrisani, N.; Rittershaus, D.; Gottschalk, D.; Besdo, S.; Meyer-Lindenberg, A.; Windhagen, H.; Thorey, F., 2011:
Telemetric in vivo measurement of compressive forces during consolidation in a rabbit model

Shamloul, R., 2008:
Telemetric intracavernosal and intraspongiosal pressure monitoring

Kawoos, U.; Meng, X.; Huang, S-Min.; Rosen, A.; McCarron, R.M.; Chavko, M., 2014:
Telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring in blast-induced traumatic brain injury

Tate, M.K.; Lawrence, W.S.; Gourley, R.L.; Zavala, D.L.; Weaver, L.E.; Moen, S.T.; Peterson, J.W., 2011:
Telemetric left ventricular monitoring using wireless telemetry in the rabbit model

Angle, T.Craig.; Gillette, R.L., 2012:
Telemetric measurement of body core temperature in exercising unconditioned Labrador retrievers

Nishio, M., 2010:
Telemetric monitoring of cardiovascular function in drug discovery

Abi-Nader, K.N.; Mehta, V.; Shaw, S.W.Steven.; Bellamy, T.; Smith, N.; Millross, L.; Laverick, B.; Filippi, E.; Boyd, M.; Peebles, D.M.; David, A.L., 2011:
Telemetric monitoring of fetal blood pressure and heart rate in the freely moving pregnant sheep: a feasibility study

Kloppe, A.; Lemke, B.; Zarse, M., 2010:
Telemetric options for diagnostic and treatment in heart diseases

Xia, M.; Li, P-Lan.; Li, N., 2008:
Telemetric signal-driven servocontrol of renal perfusion pressure in acute and chronic rat experiments

Coolen, A.; Hoffmann, K.; Barf, R.Paulien.; Fuchs, E.; Meerlo, P., 2012:
Telemetric study of sleep architecture and sleep homeostasis in the day-active tree shrew Tupaia belangeri

Kalavrouziotis, G.; Karanasios, E.; Konstandopoulou, G.; Paphitis, C., 2008:
Telemetrically adjustable pulmonary artery banding: first application in Greece

Pan, Q-Wan.; Zhu, Z-Man.; Li, J.; Li, M.; Zhou, H-Min., 2015:
Telemetry EEG of parietal association cortex in heroin-induced CPP rats

Papastamatiou, Y.P.; Meyer, C.G.; Carvalho, F.; Dale, J.J.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Holland, K.N., 2014:
Telemetry and random-walk models reveal complex patterns of partial migration in a large marine predator

Perkins, J.; McCurdy, M.T.; Vilke, G.M.; Al-Marshad, A.A., 2014:
Telemetry bed usage for patients with low-risk chest pain: review of the literature for the clinician

Katz, P.O.; Matheus, T., 2009:
Telemetry capsule for ambulatory pH monitoring: is it time for a change?

Woo, S.H.Arman.; Mohy-Ud-Din, Z.; Cho, J.H., 2013:
Telemetry capsule for measuring contractile motion in the small intestine

Al-Zaben, A.; Al-Refaie, S.N.; Hamad, H., 2012:
Telemetry design of a vital sign recording system

Li, M.; Zhu, Z.; Li, J.; Pan, Q., 2015:
Telemetry electroencephalograph changes of temporal association cortex in heroin-induced conditioned place preference rats

Percie du Sert, N.; Chu, K.M.; Wai, M.K.; Rudd, J.A.; Andrews, P.L.R., 2010:
Telemetry in a motion-sickness model implicates the abdominal vagus in motion-induced gastric dysrhythmia

Hilbel, T.; Helms, T.M.; Mikus, G.; Katus, H.A.; Zugck, C., 2008:
Telemetry in the clinical setting

Kurisu, S., 2010:
Telemetry monitoring artifact associated with Adams-Stokes attack

Dhillon, S.K.; Rachko, M.; Hanon, S.; Schweitzer, P.; Bergmann, S.R., 2009:
Telemetry monitoring guidelines for efficient and safe delivery of cardiac rhythm monitoring to noncritical hospital inpatients

Hendrix, C.E., 1964:
Telemetry of Dolphins

Teunissen, L.P.J.; de Haan, A.; de Koning, J.J.; Daanen, H.A.M., 2012:
Telemetry pill versus rectal and esophageal temperature during extreme rates of exercise-induced core temperature change

Saito, T.; Fujiwara, S-etsu.; Hisakura, K.; Ohkohchi, N.; Akema, T.; Sasamori, S.; Konno, K.; Kobayashi, E.; Yamaguchi, T., 2011:
Telemetry system for recording neural activities in pigs-Comparison with cable system

Woo, S.H.; Cho, J.H., 2011:
Telemetry system for slow wave measurement from the small bowel

Dondelinger, R., 2013:
Telemetry systems

Vanderzee, S.; Boston, T., 2010:
Telemetry via Wi-Fi: a case study

Bassett, L.; Troncy, E.; Pouliot, M.; Paquette, D.; Ascah, A.; Authier, S., 2015:
Telemetry video-electroencephalography (EEG) in rats, dogs and non-human primates: methods in follow-up safety pharmacology seizure liability assessments

Akhtar, N.; Cooke, M.W., 2014:
Telemetry--heartbeat of the system

Koeners, M.P.; Ow, C.P.C.; Russell, D.M.; Abdelkader, A.; Eppel, G.A.; Ludbrook, J.; Malpas, S.C.; Evans, R.G., 2013:
Telemetry-based oxygen sensor for continuous monitoring of kidney oxygenation in conscious rats

Orphanidou, C.; Clifton, D.; Khan, S.; Smith, M.; Feldmar, J.; Tarassenko, L., 2010:
Telemetry-based vital sign monitoring for ambulatory hospital patients

Scheid, P.; Lam, D.M.; Thömmes, A.; Zöller, L., 2007:
Telemicrobiology: a novel telemedicine capability for mission support in the field of infectious medicine

Terry, M., 2011:
Telemicroscopes and point-of-care diagnostics team up with smartphones

Taleb, C.; Nectoux, E.; Liverneaux, P.A., 2008:
Telemicrosurgery: a feasibility study in a rat model

Thokala, P.; Baalbaki, H.; Brennan, A.; Pandor, A.; Stevens, J.W.; Gomersall, T.; Wang, J.; Bakhai, A.; Al-Mohammad, A.; Cleland, J.; Cowie, M.R.; Wong, R., 2013:
Telemonitoring after discharge from hospital with heart failure: cost-effectiveness modelling of alternative service designs

Smith, S.M.; Brame, A.; Kulinskaya, E.; Elkin, S.L., 2011:
Telemonitoring and intermediate care

Steurer, J., 2010:
Telemonitoring and self management of the treatment for patients with arterial hypertonia are effective

Kaambwa, B.; Bryan, S.; Jowett, S.; Mant, J.; Bray, E.P.; Hobbs, F.D.Richard.; Holder, R.; Jones, M.I.; Little, P.; Williams, B.; McManus, R.J., 2015:
Telemonitoring and self-management in the control of hypertension (TASMINH2): a cost-effectiveness analysis

McManus, R.J.; Mant, J.; Bray, E.P.; Holder, R.; Jones, M.I.; Greenfield, S.; Kaambwa, B.; Banting, M.; Bryan, S.; Little, P.; Williams, B.; Hobbs, F.D.Richard., 2010:
Telemonitoring and self-management in the control of hypertension (TASMINH2): a randomised controlled trial

Giansanti, D.; Macellari, V.; Maccioni, G., 2008:
Telemonitoring and telerehabilitation of patients with Parkinson's disease: health technology assessment of a novel wearable step counter

McKinstry, B.; Hanley, J.; Wild, S.; Pagliari, C.; Paterson, M.; Lewis, S.; Sheikh, A.; Krishan, A.; Stoddart, A.; Padfield, P., 2013:
Telemonitoring based service redesign for the management of uncontrolled hypertension: multicentre randomised controlled trial

Purcell, R.; McInnes, S.; Halcomb, E.J., 2014:
Telemonitoring can assist in managing cardiovascular disease in primary care: a systematic review of systematic reviews

Steurer, J., 2011:
Telemonitoring does not improve outcome of patients with heart failure

Pfeiffer, S.; Schneider, H.; Kaiser, M.; Mursina, L., 2013:
Telemonitoring for COPD Patients: Standardized Bluetooth Interface Between Medical and Mobile Devices

Marshall, H., 2015:
Telemonitoring for COPD does not reduce hospital admissions

Casas, J-Pablo.; Kwong, J.; Ebrahim, S., 2012:
Telemonitoring for chronic heart failure: not ready for prime time

Fairbrother, P.; Ure, J.; Hanley, J.; McCloughan, L.; Denvir, M.; Sheikh, A.; McKinstry, B., 2015:
Telemonitoring for chronic heart failure: the views of patients and healthcare professionals - a qualitative study

Cleland, J.G.F.; Lewinter, C.; Goode, K.M., 2009:
Telemonitoring for heart failure: the only feasible option for good universal care?

Piumelli, R.; Nassi, Nò.; Liccioli, G.; Ernst, C.M.; Donzelli, G., 2012:
Telemonitoring for infants at risk of apnoea, bradycardia and hypoxaemia: transmission of data improves the family compliance during home monitoring

Jordan, R.; Adab, P.; Jolly, K., 2013:
Telemonitoring for patients with COPD

Cowie, M.R.; Lobos, A.Acosta., 2012:
Telemonitoring for patients with heart failure

Cowie, M.R., 2014:
Telemonitoring implants for patients with heart failure

Golbeck, A.L.; Hansen, D.; Lee, K.; Noblitt, V.; Christner, J.; Pinsonneault, J., 2012:
Telemonitoring improves home health utilization outcomes in rural settings

Hasan, A.; Paul, V., 2012:
Telemonitoring in chronic heart failure

Jarad, N.A.; Sund, Z.M., 2011:
Telemonitoring in chronic obstructive airway disease and adult patients with cystic fibrosis

Bertini, S.; Picariello, M.; Gorini, M.; Renda, T.; Augustynen, A.; Villella, G.; Misuri, G.; Maluccio, N.M.; Ginanni, R.; Tozzi, D.; Corrado, A., 2013:
Telemonitoring in chronic ventilatory failure: a new model of survellaince, a pilot study

Riley, J.P.; Cowie, M.R., 2009:
Telemonitoring in heart failure

Dierckx, R.; Pellicori, P.; Cleland, J.G.F.; Clark, A.L., 2015:
Telemonitoring in heart failure: Big Brother watching over you

Sousa, C.; Leite, Sérgio.; Lagido, R.; Ferreira, L.; Silva-Cardoso, Jé.; Maciel, M.Júlia., 2015:
Telemonitoring in heart failure: a state-of-the-art review

Holzgreve, H., 2013:
Telemonitoring in hypertension

Pedone, C.; Incalzi, R.Antonelli., 2013:
Telemonitoring in older adults: does one size fit all?

Chaudhry, S.I.; Mattera, J.A.; Curtis, J.P.; Spertus, J.A.; Herrin, J.; Lin, Z.; Phillips, C.O.; Hodshon, B.V.; Cooper, L.S.; Krumholz, H.M., 2010:
Telemonitoring in patients with heart failure

Inglis, S.C.; Clark, R.A.; Cleland, J.G.F., 2011:
Telemonitoring in patients with heart failure

Swedberg, K.; Wolf, A.; Ekman, I., 2011:
Telemonitoring in patients with heart failure

Boyne, J.J.J.; Vrijhoef, H.J.M.; Wit, R.de.; Gorgels, A.P.M., 2011:
Telemonitoring in patients with heart failure, the TEHAF study: Study protocol of an ongoing prospective randomised trial

Mc Kinstry, B.; Hanley, J.; Lewis, S., 2015:
Telemonitoring in the management of high blood pressure

Pecina, J.L.; Vickers, K.S.; Finnie, D.M.; Hathaway, J.C.; Hanson, G.J.; Takahashi, P.Y., 2011:
Telemonitoring increases patient awareness of health and prompts health-related action: initial evaluation of the TELE-ERA study

Jones, C.P., 2011:
Telemonitoring made easy and inexpensive

Tabak, M.; Vollenbroek-Hutten, M.M.R.; van der Valk, P.D.L.P.M.; van der Palen, J.; Tönis, T.M.; Hermens, H.J., 2012:
Telemonitoring of Daily Activity and Symptom Behavior in Patients with COPD

Helms, T.M.; Zugck, C.; Pelleter, Jörg.; Ronneberger, D.L.; Korb, H., 2007:
Telemonitoring of cardiovascular diseases in Germany. Standing position and perspectives

Krum, H., 2011:
Telemonitoring of fluid status in heart failure: CHAMPION

Schwarz, K.A.; Mion, L.C.; Hudock, D.; Litman, G., 2008:
Telemonitoring of heart failure patients and their caregivers: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Heidbuchel, H., 2011:
Telemonitoring of implantable cardiac devices: hurdles towards personalised medicine

Bosch, R.F.; Krause-Allmendinger, H.; Villena, P.; Kruck, I., 2010:
Telemonitoring of implantable devices. Practical aspects and ongoing studies

Zimmerman, N., 2013:
Telemonitoring of medication adherence in patients with major mental illness: watching the patient as well as the pills

van Veldhuisen, D.J.; Maass, A.H., 2012:
Telemonitoring of outpatients with heart failure: a search for the holy grail?

Piro, N.E.; Baumann, L.; Tengler, M.; Piro, L.; Blechschmidt-Trapp, R., 2015:
Telemonitoring of patients with Parkinson's disease using inertia sensors

Riley, J.P., 2010:
Telemonitoring or structured telephone support for people with chronic heart failure reduces CHF-related hospital admissions; telemonitoring also reduces all-cause mortality

Yarrow-Jenkins, A.; Lemon, T.I., 2013:
Telemonitoring should have a central role in future health care

Neubert, S.; Behrendt, S.; Rieger, A.; Kumar, M.; Thurow, K.; Stoll, R., 2012:
Telemonitoring system and central real-time data processing for preventive medicine research

Galarraga, M.; Serrano, L.; Martinez, I.; de Toledo, P.; Reynolds, M., 2007:
Telemonitoring systems interoperability challenge: an updated review of the applicability of ISO/IEEE 11073 standards for interoperability in telemonitoring

Morrissey, J., 2013:
Telemonitoring vulnerable patients in their homes

Wade, M.J.; Desai, A.S.; Spettell, C.M.; Snyder, A.D.; McGowan-Stackewicz, V.; Kummer, P.J.; Maccoy, M.C.; Krakauer, R.S., 2011:
Telemonitoring with case management for seniors with heart failure

Zartner, P.A.; Toussaint-Goetz, N.; Photiadis, J.; Wiebe, W.; Schneider, M.B., 2012:
Telemonitoring with implantable electronic devices in young patients with congenital heart diseases

Javelot, Hé.; Spadazzi, A.; Weiner, L.; Garcia, S.; Gentili, C.; Kosel, M.; Bertschy, G., 2015:
Telemonitoring with respect to mood disorders and information and communication technologies: overview and presentation of the PSYCHE project

Junais, A.; Innes, A.; Morice, A.H.; Barrett, D.I.; Stephenson, G., 2012:
Telemonitoring, COPD and cough counting

Schiff, A., 2010:
Telemonitoring--or better follow-up?

Stoddart, A.; Hanley, J.; Wild, S.; Pagliari, C.; Paterson, M.; Lewis, S.; Sheikh, A.; Krishan, A.; Padfield, P.; McKinstry, B., 2013:
Telemonitoring-based service redesign for the management of uncontrolled hypertension (HITS): cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomised controlled trial

von Grätz, P.Grätzel., 2010:
Telemonitoring. Patient contact: what can be accomplished electronically?

Johnson, S.E.; Fedor, M.A.; Hoban, M.Beth., 2008:
Telemonitoring: a positive impact on patient outcomes

Sivakumaran, D.; Earle, K.Anthony., 2014:
Telemonitoring: use in the management of hypertension

Kalamatianos, T.; Faulkes, C.G.; Oosthuizen, M.K.; Poorun, R.; Bennett, N.C.; Coen, C.W., 2010:
Telencephalic binding sites for oxytocin and social organization: a comparative study of eusocial naked mole-rats and solitary cape mole-rats

Faldini, E.; Stroobants, S.; Lüllmann-Rauch, R.; Eckhardt, M.; Gieselmann, V.; Balschun, D.; D'Hooge, R., 2011:
Telencephalic histopathology and changes in behavioural and neural plasticity in a murine model for metachromatic leukodystrophy

Baizabal, Jé-Manuel.; Valencia, Cón.; Guerrero-Flores, G.; Covarrubias, L., 2011:
Telencephalic neural precursor cells show transient competence to interpret the dopaminergic niche of the embryonic midbrain

Northcutt, R.Glenn., 2009:
Telencephalic organization in the spotted African Lungfish, Protopterus dolloi: a new cytological model

Patzke, N.; Manns, M.; Güntürkün, O., 2012:
Telencephalic organization of the olfactory system in homing pigeons (Columba livia)

Brickner, R.M., 1948:
Telencephalization of survival characteristics

Durán, E.; Ocańa, F.M.; Gómez, A.; Jiménez-Moya, F.; Broglio, C.; Rodríguez, F.; Salas, C., 2009:
Telencephalon ablation impairs goldfish allocentric spatial learning in a "hole-board" task

Minton, S.; Allan, M.; Valdes, W., 2014:
Teleneonatology: a major tool for the future

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Congenital heart disease in pregnancy

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Telithromycin: visual disorders, myasthenia. Case fatalities: this macrolide has a negative risk-benefit balance; its use not justified

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Tell Him He Has A Job

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Tell It How It is

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Tell Me a Story About Healthy Snacking and I Will Follow: Comparing the Effectiveness of Self-Generated Versus Message-Aided Implementation Intentions on Promoting Healthy Snacking Habits Among College Students

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Tell me not

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Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are ...

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Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are ... and I will advise the best

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Tell me, doctor, what is it that you really need to know?

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Tell me, where nursing is, where has it stayed?

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Tell me--what do you do?

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Tell me. Don'T tell me

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Tell public about brain death

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Tell the Doctor Your Views

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Tell the Government--'hands off Medicare'

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Tell the negative committee to shut up

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Tell the truth, but be gentle

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Tell them what they need to know

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Tell us about humor

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Tell us how it was for you

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Tell us more

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Tell us what you think about your regulator

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Teller, chu "boost" cold fusion

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Telling True Stories Is an ISMP Hallmark: Here's Why You Should Tell Stories, Too …

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Telling Weathermen When to Worry: Research meteorologists are coming up with ways to alert weather forecasters when they have a bad prediction or a particularly good one; the result should be more credible forecasts

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Telling a digital story

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Telling a friend goodbye

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Telling a story with supply cost data

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Telling it like it is

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Telling one from another

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Telling our stories of practice through the genre of the case report

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Telling sperm to sort themselves out

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