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The Aurora Of May 14, 1921

Science 54(1383): 14-14

The Aurora Of May 14, 1921

Accession: 056166879

PMID: 17771970

DOI: 10.1126/science.54.1383.14

Related references

Russell, H.N.; Slipher, V.M.; Lampland, C.O., 1921: Observations Of The Aurora At The Lowell Observatory May 14, 1921. Science 54(1392): 183-187

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Anonymous, 1921: Law of May 6, 1921, concerning the export and import of Potatoes from and to Denmark with orders and regulations of September 13 and October 2O, 1921, and regulations of October 18, 1921, concerning a Plant Inspection Service. The orders concerning the export and import of potatoes of September 13, 1921, came into force on October 1 last. All consignments of potatoes for export must be accompanied by a certificate issued by the 'Committee for examining the commerci...

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