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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56183

Chapter 56183 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tinker, M.B., 1922:
The End Results of Treatment in Certain Forms of Malignancy of the Neck

McGue, M., 2008:
The End of Behavioral Genetics?

Lakin, J.M., 2010:
The End of Insurance? Mexico's Seguro Popular, 2001 - 2007

Anonymous, 1954:
The End of Rationing

Anonymous, 1954:
The End of Spens?

Wells, S., 1893:
The End of a "Practical Cure."

Anonymous, 1954:
The End of an Era

Anonymous, 1946:
The End of the Bill

Anonymous, 1945:
The End of the European War

Anonymous, 1947:
The End of the I.M.S

Anonymous, 1947:
The End of the Poor Law

Sington, H.S., 1922:
The End-Results of Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids

Glover, J.A.; Wilson, J., 1932:
The End-Results Of The Tonsil And Adenoid Operation In Childhood And Adolescence

Anonymous, 1927:
The End-Results of the treatment of "Shell-Shock."

Hine, M., 1944:
The End-Results of Operation for Detachment of the Retina

Kim, Y.; Evangelista, L.S.; Phillips, L.R.; Pavlish, C.; Kopple, J.D., 2010:
The End-Stage Renal Disease Adherence Questionnaire (ESRD-AQ): testing the psychometric properties in patients receiving in-center hemodialysis

Loggers, E.Trice.; Prigerson, H.G., 2014:
The End-of-Life Experience of Patients With Rare Cancers and Their Caregivers

Glasser, L., 2009:
The Ende brothers and the arcane history of the first umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Waksman, R., 2005:
The Endeavor Stent System: will it be the new kid on the block?Numero uno, first among equals or equal?

Don, W.G., 1880:
The Endemic Continued Fevers of Subtropical Latitudes

Krenkel, C.; Grunert, I., 2009:
The Endo-Distractor for preimplant mandibular regeneration

Leonardo, R.de.Toledo.; Tuttle, R.D.; Baghoomian, I., 2010:
The Endo-Eze TiLOS system

Gilbert, J.M., 2009:
The EndoAssist robotic camera holder as an aid to the introduction of laparoscopic colorectal surgery

Sugiyama, K.; Takahashi, N.; Kohjitani, A., 2009:
The EndoFlex tube enhances navigability through the nasal cavity during nasotracheal intubation

Müller, B.Maria.; Keil, E.; Lehmann, A.; Winzer, K-Jürgen.; Richter-Ehrenstein, C.; Prinzler, J.; Bangemann, N.; Reles, A.; Stadie, S.; Schoenegg, W.; Eucker, J.; Schmidt, M.; Lippek, F.; Jöhrens, K.; Pahl, S.; Sinn, B.Valentin.; Budczies, J.; Dietel, M.; Denkert, C., 2013:
The EndoPredict Gene-Expression Assay in Clinical Practice - Performance and Impact on Clinical Decisions

Qin, Z.; Linghu, E., 2014:
The EndoResect study: endoscopic full-thickness resection of gastric subepithelial tumors

Schoeffel, G.John., 2008:
The EndoVac method of endodontic irrigation, Part 3: System components and their interaction

Schoeffel, G.John., 2008:
The EndoVac method of endodontic irrigation, part 2--efficacy

Schoeffel, G.John., 2009:
The EndoVac method of endodontic irrigation: Part 4, Clinical use

Schoeffel, G.John., 2007:
The EndoVac method of endodontic irrigation: safety first

Fonseca, B.M.; Correia-da-Silva, G.; Almada, M.; Costa, M.A.; Teixeira, N.A., 2013:
The Endocannabinoid System in the Postimplantation Period: A Role during Decidualization and Placentation

Zuckerman, S., 1936:
The Endocrine Control of the Prostate: (Section of Urology)

Turci, R.; Sturchio, E.; Businaro, J.; Casorri, L.; Imbriani, M.; Minoia, C., 2011:
The Endocrine Disruptors. Monographies. 6. Chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl

Wilson, J.L., 1923:
The Endocrine Factor in Mental Disease

Broderick, F.W., 1922:
The Endocrine Factor in the Production of Immunity and Susceptibility of the Teeth to Caries

Collip, J.B., 1937:
The Endocrine Glands and Their Products - The Hormones

Polese, B.; Gridelet, V.; Araklioti, E.; Martens, H.; Perrier d'Hauterive, S.; Geenen, V., 2014:
The Endocrine Milieu and CD4 T-Lymphocyte Polarization during Pregnancy

Anonymous, 2007:
The Endocrine Society 2007 Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2009:
The Endocrine Society 2009 Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2011:
The Endocrine Society 2011 Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2012:
The Endocrine Society 2012 Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2014:
The Endocrine Society 2013 Laureate Awards

Braunstein, G.D., 2007:
The Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline and The North American Menopause Society position statement on androgen therapy in women: another one of Yogi's forks

Vigersky, R.A.; Bhasin, S.; Martin, K.A., 2013:
The Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines: a self-assessment

Anonymous, 2009:
The Endocrine Society Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2011:
The Endocrine Society Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2012:
The Endocrine Society Laureate Awards

Anonymous, 2014:
The Endocrine Society Laureate Awards

Brito, J.P.; Domecq, J.P.; Murad, M.H.; Guyatt, G.H.; Montori, V.M., 2013:
The Endocrine Society guidelines: when the confidence cart goes before the evidence horse

Schmidt, C.W., 2013:
The Endocrine Society issues statement of principles

Wight, E.C.; Baqir, M.; Ryu, J.H., 2018:
Constrictive Bronchiolitis in Patients With Primary Sjögren Syndrome

McKercher, D.G., 1942:
The Endocrine System and Hormones

White, M.M., 1944:
The Endocrine Treatment of Sterility

Davidson, A., 1921:
The Endocrines and their Influence on the Skin

Spalding, C.H., 1938:
The Endocrines and Behavior in Puberty

Ball, H.A., 1932:
The Endocrines and Cancer

Timme, W., 1930:
The Endocrines and the Vegetative Nervous System

Anonymous, 1936:
The Endocrines in Hypertension

Hainer, V.; Stárka, L.; Vondra, K.; Hampl, R., 2007:
The Endocrinology Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary. How is the Institute poised for the next 50 years?

Meirelles, R.M.R., 2009:
The Endocrinology and Metabolic Brazilian Society in third millenium

Obermer, E., 1928:
The Endocrinology of Tuberculosis

Augustenborg, C.Carrara., 2010:
The Endogenous Feedback Network: a new approach to the comprehensive study of consciousness

Di Giorgio, L.; Touloupakis, G.; Simone, S.; Imparato, L.; Sodano, L.; Villani, C., 2013:
The Endolog system for moderate-to-severe hallux valgus

Susuki, S.; Sato, T.; Miyata, M.; Momohara, M.; Suico, M.Ann.; Shuto, T.; Ando, Y.; Kai, H., 2009:
The Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Degradation of Transthyretin Variants Is Negatively Regulated by BiP in Mammalian Cells

Pond, R.H., 1904:
The Endosperm Enzyme Of Phcenix Dactylifera--Preliminary Report

Goodale, J.L., 1902:
The Endothelial Phagocytes gof the Tonsillar Ring

Kheirandish-Gozal, L., 2012:
The Endothelium as a Target in Pediatric OSA

Darling, S.T., 1914:
The Endotrypanum of Hoffman's Sloth

Desgranges, P.; Kobeiter, H.; Castier, Y.; Sénéchal, Mélanie.; Majewski, M.; Krimi, A., 2010:
The Endovasculaire vs Chirurgie dans les Anévrysmes Rompus PROTOCOL trial update

Serra, S.; Corona, A.; Caddeo, G.; De Lisa, A., 2016:
The Endovision technique in renal percutaneous lithotripsy

Anonymous, 1916:
The Endowment Of A Medical School At The University Of Chicago

Anonymous, 1926:
The Endowment Of An Individual

Capel, K.; Shih, R.Dee., 2018:
Constrictive bronchiolitis presenting with a mixed obstructive and restrictive pattern, associated with acid reflux

Anonymous, 1903:
The Endowment Of Applied Science At Harvard University

Pickering, E.C., 1904:
The Endowment of Astronomical Research

Anonymous, 1883:
The Endowment Of Biological Research

Chamberlain, A.F., 1909:
The Endowment of Men and Women, a Check to the Institutional "exploitation" of Genius

Hollick, A., 1902:
The Endowment of Research

Clayton, H.H., 1902:
The Endowment of Research

Welch, W.H., 1906:
The Endowment of Research

Liddell, M.H., 1923:
The Endowment of Scientific Research

Anonymous, 1916:
The Endowment Of The Medical Department Of The University Of Chicago

Hyhlik-Dürr, A.; Weber, T.F.; Kotelis, D.; Rengier, F.; Gahlen, J.; Böck, S.; Köhler, Jürgen.; Ratusinski, C-M.; Böckler, D., 2011:
The Endurant Stent Graft System: 15-month follow-up report in patients with challenging abdominal aortic anatomies

de Beaufort, H.; Zandvoort, H.J.; Moll, F.L.; Van Herwaarden, J.A., 2015:
The Endurant stent graft for endovascular aneurysm repair

Martin, M.J.; McCarthy, B.; Conger, R.D.; Gibbons, F.X.; Simons, R.L.; Cutrona, C.E.; Brody, G.H., 2011:
The Enduring Significance of Racism: Discrimination and Delinquency Among Black American Youth

Beeler, J.A.; Petzinger, G.; Jakowec, M.W., 2013:
The Enemy within: Propagation of Aberrant Corticostriatal Learning to Cortical Function in Parkinson's Disease

James, W., 1907:
The Energies of Men

Jason, L.; Muldowney, K.; Torres-Harding, S., 2008:
The Energy Envelope Theory and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Hill, A.V., 1932:
The Energy Exchanges in Muscle and Nerve: Samuel Hyde Memorial Lecture

La Mer, V.K., 1937:
The Energy of Activation of Protein Denaturations

Weaver, W., 1920:
The Energy of Small Oscillations

Steinmetz, C.P., 1892:
The Energy-Function of the Magnetic Circuit

Guilfoy, W.H., 1917:
The Enforcement of Registration of Births and Deaths in Metropolitan Areas-History, Methods, Results and Checks

Anonymous, 1901:
The Enforcement of the Muzzling Order

Roosa, D.B., 1888:
The Engadine and Davos

Yeung, A.; Trinh, N-Ha.T.; Chang, T.E.; Fava, M., 2011:
The Engagement Interview Protocol (EIP): improving the acceptance of mental health treatment among Chinese immigrants

Durand, W.F., 1925:
The Engineer and Civilization

Bush, V., 1937:
The Engineer and his Relation to Government

Humphreys, A.C., 1906:
The Engineer as a Citizen

Stevenson, W.L., 1924:
The Engineer in Public Health Work

Baekeland, L.H., 1921:
The Engineer; Human and Superior Direction of Power

Price, M.; Weber-Jahnke, J.H., 2009:
The Engineering 4 Health Challenge - an interdisciplinary and intercultural initiative to foster student engagement in B.C. and improve health care for children in under-serviced communities

Tarbett, R.E., 1926:
The Engineering Aspects of Oyster Pollution

Anonymous, 1911:
The Engineering Building Of The University Of Cincinnati

Anonymous, 1942:
The Engineering College Research Association

Stelle, A.M., 1954:
The Engineering Design of the North American Aviation Homogeneous Graphite Research Reactor

Anonymous, 1940:
The Engineering Foundation

Talbot, H.P., 1911:
The Engineering School Graduate: his Strength and his Weakness

Anonymous, 1940:
The Engineering Societies Library

Borenstein, J.; Drake, M.J.; Kirkman, R.; Swann, J.L., 2010:
The Engineering and Science Issues Test (ESIT): a discipline-specific approach to assessing moral judgment

Anonymous, 1941:
The Engineers' Council For Professional Development

Anonymous, 1941:
The Engineers' Defense Board

Anonymous, 1929:
The England Of Harvey: Extracts From Sir Wilmot Herringham's Harveian Oration

Moratti, S., 2010:
The Englaro Case: withdrawal of treatment from a patient in a permanent vegetative state in Italy

Anonymous , 1938:
The English Abortion Trial

Stewart, D., 2011:
The English Army surgeon in the sixteenth century

Anonymous, 1893:
The English Colleges

McCoog, T.M., 2008:
The English Jesuit mission and the French match, 1579-1581

Demakakos, P., 2013:
The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA): Depressive symptoms and physical performance

Simms, I.; Talebi, A.; Rhia, J.; Horner, P.; French, R.S.; Sarah, R.; Macintosh, M., 2009:
The English National Chlamydia Screening Programme: variations in positivity in 2007/2008

Macintosh, M.; McKee, M., 2013:
The English National Chlamydia Screening Programme: where next?

Cox, A., 1930:
The English Panel System

Lilford, R., 2010:
The English Patient Safety Research Programme: a commissioner's tale

Metcalf, J.; Ondaatje, M., 2009:
The English Patient: Michael Ondaatje's characterization of the nurse-patient relationship

Anonymous, 1925:
The English Plantain And Hay Fever

Anonymous, 1946:
The English School Health Program

Lyon, A.K.; Davies, T.; Tahir, M.; Spraggett, B., 2008:
The English Seasonal Flu Immunization Programme for Poultry Workers 2007: a challenging task

Reese, A.M., 1905:
The English Sparrow as Embryological Material

Cockerell, T.D., 1902:
The English Sparrow in new Mexico

Rufner, W.H., 1892:
The English Sparrow and Other Birds

X, X., 1892:
The English Sparrow and our Native Birds

Resch, C., 2010:
The English Sweating Sickness' of 1529 in Augsburg: a challenge to body and soul and the printer

Brasch, F.E., 1926:
The English Translation of De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium

Ritter, P.L.; Lorig, K., 2015:
The English and Spanish Self-Efficacy to Manage Chronic Disease Scale measures were validated using multiple studies

McNulty, C.A.M.; Nichols, T.; Boyle, P.J.; Woodhead, M.; Davey, P., 2010:
The English antibiotic awareness campaigns: did they change the public's knowledge of and attitudes to antibiotic use?

Cieza, A.; Oberhauser, C.; Bickenbach, J.; Jones, R.N.; Üstün, T.Bedirhan.; Kostanjsek, N.; Morris, J.N.; Chatterji, S., 2015:
The English are healthier than the Americans: really?

Watson, M., 2009:
The English diaspora: discovering Scotland's invisible migrants - 1945 to 2000

Mølgaard, C., 2011:
The English disease--a disease which should be history!

Viebig, R.Guilherme.; Pardini, F., 2010:
The English language is necessary

Storm, C.; Storm, T., 2005:
The English lexicon of interpersonal affect: Love, etc

Moran, B.J.; Holm, T.; Brannagan, G.; Chave, H.; Quirke, P.; West, N.; Brown, G.; Glynne-Jones, R.; Sebag-Montefiore, D.; Cunningham, C.; Janjua, A.Z.; Battersby, N.J.; Crane, S.; McMeeking, A., 2014:
The English national low rectal cancer development programme: key messages and future perspectives

Scanlon, P.H., 2008:
The English national screening programme for sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy

Weis, J., 2009:
The English patient

Tarr, R.S., 1885:
The English sparrow

James, J.F., 1885:
The English sparrow

Shufeldt, R.W., 1886:
The English sparrow

Ingersoll, E., 1886:
The English sparrow

Mackenbach, J.P., 2011:
The English strategy to reduce health inequalities

Christiansen, J., 2010:
The English sweat in Lübeck and North Germany, 1529

Terluin, B.; Smits, N.; Miedema, B., 2015:
The English version of the four-dimensional symptom questionnaire (4DSQ) measures the same as the original Dutch questionnaire: a validation study

Anonymous, 1962:
The English-speaking commonwealth: Some facts

Bauer, F., 2018:
The English; are they an older race?

Drummond, J., 1948:
The Englishman's food to-day

Cheng, Y.; Sudarov, A.; Szulc, K.U.; Sgaier, S.K.; Stephen, D.; Turnbull, D.H.; Joyner, A.L., 2010:
The Engrailed homeobox genes determine the different foliation patterns in the vermis and hemispheres of the mammalian cerebellum

Middlebrook, S.; Mackenzie, L., 2012:
The Enhanced Primary Care program and falls prevention: perceptions of private occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Bryan, S.; Dukes, S., 2010:
The Enhanced Recovery Programme for stoma patients: an audit

Vargas, E.D.; Sanchez, G.R.; Kinlock, B.L., 2017:
The Enhanced Self-Reported Health Outcome Observed in Hispanics/Latinos Who are Socially-Assigned as White is Dependent on Nativity

Chow, A.Ka-Man.; Ng, L.; Lam, C.Siu-Chi.; Wong, S.Kit-Man.; Wan, T.Ming-Hun.; Cheng, N.Shiu-Man.; Yau, T.Chung-Cheung.; Poon, R.Tung-Ping.; Pang, R.Wen-Chi., 2014:
The Enhanced metastatic potential of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells with sorafenib resistance

Jiang, L-na.; Yao, C-yan.; Jin, Q-li.; He, W-xin.; Li, B-qing., 2012:
The Enhanceing effect of IL-12 on phagocytosis and killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by neutrophils in tuberculosis patients

Westberg, J.; Jason, H., 1981:
The Enhancement of Teaching Skills in US Medical Schools: An Overview and some Recommendations

Baker, R.H.; Kuehl, J.V.; Wilkinson, G.S., 2012:
The Enhancer of split complex arose prior to the diversification of schizophoran flies and is strongly conserved between Drosophila and stalk-eyed flies (Diopsidae)

Lewis, F.Marcus.; Brandt, P.A.; Cochrane, B.B.; Griffith, K.A.; Grant, M.; Haase, J.E.; Houldin, A.D.; Post-White, J.; Zahlis, E.H.; Shands, M.Ellen., 2016:
The Enhancing Connections Program: a six-state randomized clinical trial of a cancer parenting program

McAlister, F.A.; Fradette, M.; Majumdar, S.R.; Williams, R.; Graham, M.; McMeekin, J.; Ghali, W.A.; Tsuyuki, R.T.; Knudtson, M.L.; Grimshaw, J., 2010:
The Enhancing Secondary Prevention in Coronary Artery Disease trial

Goldenberg, S.D.; Edgeworth, J.D., 2016:
The Enigma ML FluAB-RSV assay: a fully automated molecular test for the rapid detection of influenza A, B and respiratory syncytial viruses in respiratory specimens

Hallam, R., 1931:
The Enigma of the Chilblain

Anonymous, 1960:
The Enigma of Benign Fibroblastic Hyperplasia

Anonymous, 1951:
The Enigma of Disseminated Sclerosis

Phillips, C.W., 1950:
The Enigma of Peptic Ulcer

Preta, G.; de Klark, R.; Gavioli, R.; Glas, R., 2010:
The Enigma of Tripeptidyl-Peptidase II: Dual Roles in Housekeeping and Stress

Anonymous, 1922:
The Enlarged Journal

Ish, G.W., 1927:
The Enlarged Prostate

Coyte, R., 1927:
The Enlarged Prostate: Its Diagnosis and Treatment

Mayo, W.J., 1929:
The Enlarged Spleen

Morgan, T.H., 1902:
The Enlargement of the Naples Station

Anonymous, 1943:
The Enrichment Of White Flour

Yates, A.; Beal, K.; Keenan, S.; McLaren, W.; Pignatelli, M.; Ritchie, G.R.S.; Ruffier, M.; Taylor, K.; Vullo, A.; Flicek, P., 2015:
The Ensembl REST API: Ensembl Data for Any Language

Hertz, R.; Tovy, A.; Kirschenbaum, M.; Geffen, M.; Nozaki, T.; Adir, N.; Ankri, S., 2014:
The Entamoeba histolytica Dnmt2 homolog (Ehmeth) confers resistance to nitrosative stress

Katz, S.; Kushnir, O.; Tovy, A.; Siman Tov, R.; Ankri, S., 2012:
The Entamoeba histolytica methylated LINE-binding protein EhMLBP provides protection against heat shock

Abhyankar, M.M.; Shrimal, S.; Gilchrist, C.A.; Bhattacharya, A.; Petri, W.A., 2012:
The Entamoeba histolytica serum-inducible transmembrane kinase EhTMKB1-9 is involved in intestinal amebiasis

Anonymous, 1898:
The Enteric Fever Epidemic at Paisley

Ferreyra, J.A.; Ng, K.M.; Sonnenburg, J.L., 2015:
The Enteric Two-Step: nutritional strategies of bacterial pathogens within the gut

Shankar, J.; Walker, R.G.; Ward, D.; Horsburgh, M.J., 2012:
The Enterococcus faecalis exoproteome: identification and temporal regulation by Fsr

Bizzini, A.; Zhao, C.; Auffray, Y.; Hartke, A., 2010:
The Enterococcus faecalis superoxide dismutase is essential for its tolerance to vancomycin and penicillin

Top, J.; Paganelli, F.L.; Zhang, X.; van Schaik, W.; Leavis, H.L.; van Luit-Asbroek, M.; van der Poll, T.; Leendertse, M.; Bonten, M.J.M.; Willems, R.J.L., 2014:
The Enterococcus faecium enterococcal biofilm regulator, EbrB, regulates the esp operon and is implicated in biofilm formation and intestinal colonization

Evans, E.H., 1958:
The Enteroviral Epidemics

Chute, C.G.; Beck, S.A.; Fisk, T.B.; Mohr, D.N., 2010:
The Enterprise Data Trust at Mayo Clinic: a semantically integrated warehouse of biomedical data

Chavarría, M.; Nikel, P.I.; Pérez-Pantoja, D.; de Lorenzo, Víctor., 2014:
The Entner-Doudoroff pathway empowers Pseudomonas putida KT2440 with a high tolerance to oxidative stress

Patra, T.; Koley, H.; Ramamurthy, T.; Ghose, A.C.; Nandy, R.K., 2012:
The Entner-Doudoroff pathway is obligatory for gluconate utilization and contributes to the pathogenicity of Vibrio cholerae

Aime, M.Catherine.; Largent, D.L.; Henkel, T.W.; Baroni, T.J., 2010:
The Entolomataceae of the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana IV: new species of Calliderma, Paraeccilia and Trichopilus

Reinhardt, K., 2015:
The Entomological Institute of the Waffen-SS: evidence for offensive biological warfare research in the third Reich

Bradley, J.C., 1909:
The Entomological Society of America

Macgillivray, A.D., 1912:
The Entomological Society of America

Macgillivray, A.D., 1914:
The Entomological Society of America

Macgillivray, A.D., 1915:
The Entomological Society of America

Anonymous, 1943:
The Entomological Society Of America

Anonymous, 1932:
The Entrance Upon Practice

Ellerkmann, R.K.; Soehle, M.; Riese, G.; Zinserling, J.; Wirz, S.; Hoeft, A.; Bruhn, J., 2010:
The Entropy Module and Bispectral Index as guidance for propofol-remifentanil anaesthesia in combination with regional anaesthesia compared with a standard clinical practice group

Anonymous, 1889:
The Enumeration Of The Deaf

Slemons, J.M., 1927:
The Environment During Pregnancy

Trasande, L.; Niu, J.; Li, J.; Liu, X.; Zhang, B.; Li, Z.; Ding, G.; Sun, Y.; Chen, M.; Hu, X.; Chen, L-Chi.; Mendelsohn, A.; Chen, Y.; Qu, Q., 2014:
The Environment and Children's Health Care in Northwest China

Honda, J.; Hohashi, N., 2016:
The Environment and Support Needs of Japanese Families on Temporary Work Assignments in the United States

Waugh, T.R., 1935:
The Environment of Cells as a Factor in Tumour Growth

Astalos Chism, L.; Magnan, M.A.; Helmer, S.R., 2016:
The Environment of care model: a paradigm shift in comprehensive breast care

Boffey, P.M., 1969:
The Environment: ACS Report Is Practical Anti-Pollution Guide

Halliday, G.; Snowdon, J., 2010:
The Environmental Cleanliness and Clutter Scale (ECCS)

Carrico, A.R.; Spoden, M.; Wallston, K.A.; Vandenbergh, M.P., 2013:
The Environmental Cost of Misinformation: Why the Recommendation to Use Elevated Temperatures for Handwashing is Problematic

Johnson, S.Bennett.; Lee, H-Seung.; Baxter, J.; Lernmark, B.; Roth, R.; Simell, T., 2011:
The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study: predictors of early study withdrawal among participants with no family history of type 1 diabetes

Anonymous, 2007:
The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study: study design

Hagopian, W.A.; Erlich, H.; Lernmark, A.; Rewers, M.; Ziegler, A.G.; Simell, O.; Akolkar, B.; Vogt, R.; Blair, A.; Ilonen, J.; Krischer, J.; She, J.; Rewers, M.; Barriga, K.; Baxter, J.; Eisenbarth, G.; Frank, N.; Gesualdo, P.; Hoffman, M.; Ide, L.; Norris, J.; Robinson, J.; Waugh, K.; She, J-Xiong.; Schatz, D.; Hopkins, D.; Steed, L.; Choate, A.; Silvis, K.; Shankar, M.; Leggett, J.; English, K.; McIndoe, R.; Dequesada, A.; Haller, M.; Anderson, S.W.; Ziegler, A.G.; Boerschmann, H.; Bonifacio,, 2012:
The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY): genetic criteria and international diabetes risk screening of 421 000 infants

Stewart, K.L., 2013:
The Environmental Enrichment Committee

Forster-Cox, S.C.; Mangadu, T.; Jacquez, Bín.; Fullerton, L., 2010:
The Environmental Health/Home Safety Education Project: a successful and practical U.S.-Mexico border initiative

Checconi, P.; Sgarbanti, R.; Celestino, I.; Limongi, D.; Amatore, D.; Iuvara, A.; Alimonti, A.; Garaci, E.; Palamara, A.Teresa.; Nencioni, L., 2013:
The Environmental Pollutant Cadmium Promotes Influenza Virus Replication in MDCK Cells by Altering Their Redox State

Chulada, P.C.; Vainorius, E.; Garantziotis, S.; Burch, L.H.; Blackshear, P.J.; Zeldin, D.C., 2012:
The Environmental Polymorphism Registry: a unique resource that facilitates translational research of environmental disease

Zartarian, V.G.; Schultz, B.D.; Barzyk, T.M.; Smuts, M.; Hammond, D.M.; Medina-Vera, M.; Geller, A.M., 2012:
The Environmental Protection Agency's Community-Focused Exposure and Risk Screening Tool (C-FERST) and its potential use for environmental justice efforts

Jasanoff, S., 1990:
The Environmental Protection Agency. Asking the Wrong Questions. Marc K. Landy, Marc J. Roberts, and Stephen R. Thomas. Oxford University Press, New York, 1990. xvi, 309 pp. $29.95

Sarisky, J.P., 2009:
The Environmental Public Health Performance Standards: strengthening the nation's environmental public health infrastructure and improving environmental health practice

Delwiche, C.C., 1990:
The Environmental Record in Glaciers and Ice Sheets. H. Oeschger and C. C. Langway, Jr., Eds. Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1989. xvi, 400 pp., illus. $98. Dahlem Workshop Physical, Chemical, and Earth Sciences Research Reports. Based on a workshop, Berlin, March 1988

Armento, M.E.A.; Hopko, D.R., 2007:
The Environmental Reward Observation Scale (EROS): development, validity, and reliability

Martin, K., 2015:
The Environmental and Human Security Nexus: an extraordinary opportunity for change

Kortmann, H.; Chasanis, P.; Blank, L.M.; Franzke, J.; Kenig, E.Y.; Schmid, A., 2009:
The Envirostat - a new bioreactor concept

Marzo, S.J.; Sappington, J.M.; Shohet, J.A., 2015:
The Envoy Esteem implantable hearing system

Smith, G.N.; Worrel, C.S.; Lilligren, B.L., 1949:
The Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Chloramphenicol (Chloromycetin)

Altschul, A.M.; Persky, H.; Hogness, T.R., 1941:
The Enzymatic Link Between Dihydro-Diphosphopyridine Nucleotide and Cytochrome C

Wald, G., 1949:
The Enzymatic Reduction of the Retinenes to the Vitamins A

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The European Commission hides behind experts with conflicts of interest to delay, again, the regulation of endocrine disruptors

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The European Commission proposes new measures against cross-border health threats

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The European Commission publishes call for proposals under the 2012 Ideas work programme of the 7th Framework Programme

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The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction publishes the European Drug Report 2013: trends and developments

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